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Today we announced yesterday that tomorrow we want to pivot our goals with any future games within our studio. There’s a lot to talk about, so for now we’ll just go over the big bullet points, because who even reads these things? The text is all bold because everything is important. Our artists are too busy, so we're going to draw these things for you in MS Paint to the best of our ability, which are the peak of art. Let’s smash that like and subscribe button:

  • After our Kickstarter succeeds, we will be launching a second Kickstarter for a new Dungeon Defenders dating simulator. It is currently known as Project: Smooches, it is 9 years into development, and all the characters are mo-capped (motion captured) by Steve Buscemi in a fat suit (a true professional).

  • New company mascots, the Chromie Bois. We got all three of the good ones:

  • Our current Kickstarter has received so much support so quickly in such a short amount of time. We want to reward our players with an accelerated experience. Instead of our next project being Dungeon Defenders III, we’re going to blow away YOUR expectations by making the next installment in the Dungeon Defenders series being Dungeon Defenders VII. Here is an illustration of our new and main hero of DD7, Nimbus Conflict:
    You already love him!

  • We realize that being Chromatic Games, some people have a hard time reading our text and logo. We’ll be creating a more colorblind friendly sister studio, Monochromatic Games, with the logo being specifically black and white.

  • To provide the best Dungeon Defenders experience, we are now working on the Chromatic Launcher. This will have all your favorite Dungeon Defenders games in one place. No more pesky Steam, Epic, Uplay, Origin, MyGames, or any other launchers, you just have to use ours. Surely you don’t play other games, ours are the only ones to play.This is only available on your phone. Do you guys not have phones? We’ve got you covered.

  • cPhone One. How’s it said? Don’t worry about it. Buy the phone and use the launcher.

  • Everyone in the studio is going to legally change their last name based on the survey results taken at the beginning of this post.

  • Gator sword.

  • We’re looking to hire about 30 voice actors with no experience that can help us recreate every episode of Seinfeld in a special Dungeon Defenders VII map called “Jerry’s Apartment”. Here's the concept probably:

  • Oh cool, a gun with legs. Too bad we have a fire-breathing muscle gun. (final concept art):

  • Smell-o-vision update coming to all products once Oculus releases their new N-VR (nasal virtual reality).

  • The Apex Legends pinging system, that’s pretty cool.

  • No silly April Fool’s day posts.

There’s a lot that we’re hard at work on and are really trying to churn out to provide the best experience possible. We want you to join us on our journey and hopefully make the best Project: Smooches errrr Dungeon Defenders game possible. Follow us on our social platforms, you know the ones.

To make all of this potentially but probably not possible, but to make Dungeon Defenders: Awakened the best experience possible, check out our Kickstarter by clicking this whole paragraph. There’s less than two days left. Also there’s a secret link somewhere in this text.


Chromatic and Monochromatic Games


Our first PS4 content update is here! When you load up the game, expect to see more content, more green mana, better solo play balance and so, so much more. How much more? Scroll down through this monster list of changes!

We hope you enjoy this update. Because of the sheer size of this update, expect to find many bugs and balance issues. This is not the final state of the game, but it is a large step for mankind. People will look back on this moment and note it as a true changing point for humanity. Tears will be shed. Babies will be named after us and not just because most of us have very common names. Oh, no.


Wipe Rewards

    • Apprentice, Squire, Huntress, and Monk Survivor Costumes have been added to the game. You will find these in your Mailbox for each hero class you had at level 25 before the Wipe. 

    • The Corrupted Welp has been added to the game. You will find him in your Mailbox if you levelled a hero to 25 before the Wipe.

    • Gems have been added to your Mailbox, based on how many Wyvern Tokens you earned before the Wipe:

      • 20-39 Tokens = 150 Gems

      • 40-79 Tokens = 300 Gems

      • 80-119 Tokens = 500 Gems

      • 120+ Tokens = 1,200 Gems

  • These rewards will be going out slowly throughout the day. If you have not received your rewards by the end of day Wednesday, please contact our Support TeamWe will be looking at your account information to verify that you do qualify for the rewards.

The Wipe

  • All progress has been reset. When you start the game, you will be immediately launched into our new tutorial. As soon as you unlock the Tavern, you will find all your Early Access, Wipe and other Rewards in your mailbox. Good luck defending!



Pets 2.0. Expect more from your awesome, scary and cute companions!

  • Added pet tiers!  Unlock new tiers by evolving your pet.

    • Hatchlings

      • Each pet begins its life as a hatchling. Never, ever shake a hatchling.

    • Fledgling

      • What? Hatchling is evolving! Your beautiful pet gains increased stats and an active ability when evolving to a Fledgling.

    • Veteran

      • Veteran pets gain increased stats and, where appropriate, a visual evolution.

      • Visual evolution is only available on Token and premium pets.

    • Elder

      • The current maximum evolution for pets. Elder pets have the maximum stats available.

      • Also, pets at this stage will call you only when they need something and will blame all of their problems on you.

  • Added Pet Rarities.  

    • The base stats of a pet are determined by its Rarity.

    • There are four pet rarities:  Powerful, Epic, Mythical and Legendary. Each pet has a set rarity, except for premium pets which can spawn at any rarity.

    • When transforming an egg to a premium egg, it will roll at the same rarity with the same stats as it would have with a standard egg, only this time your pet will look dope.

  • Added new evolution reagents and containers.

    • Evolution Containers can be collected from Victory Chests and in Onslaught mode.

    • Open containers to collect evolution reagents.

    • Each pet has a specific evolution recipe and specific required evolution reagents.

    • Max out your pet’s Power and Affection Levels to evolve your pet to the next tier.

    • When pets rot, they are now transformed into a unique material that you can use to evolve your pets! Pet cannibalization complete. You win Twitch.

  • Added new Pet Reroll Items.

    • Reroll Containers can be collected from Victory Chests, enemy kills, and in Onslaught mode.

    • Reroll items are consumed on the Reroll menu to replace one pet stat or ability with another.

  • Added new premium pets!

    • Get Katkarot, Shinobi Kitty and Table Flip Demon by collecting a Gato or Creeper egg and transforming them into a premium egg! These premium pets will roll at the same rarity with the same stats as it would have with a standard egg, only this time your pet will look dope.

    • For those of you asking for premium pets to be more powerful than normal pets… um… just no.

  • Added new monthly pet rewards starting with Thunder-O! You can find him on your Missions screen.

    • Monthly pet rewards have a unique ability and guaranteed rarity.

    • Abilities for monthly pets grow in power as they evolve.

  • Changed Feed to Powerup for clarity.

    • Players powerup their pets by feeding them pet food and buying base pet food.

    • Powering up your pet increases its stats. Premium and Standard pets both powerup the same way. (Even though Katkarot should require way more food.)

  • Added help strings to the Hatchery (where players turn eggs into pets) and Stable (where players equip, power up, evolve, and reroll pets). Sometimes we do want to help.

  • New Pet Abilities

    • Added 25 new pet abilities! These abilities are unlocked when you evolve your pet into a Fledgling. 

    • Some abilities are unique to their species (Creeper, Dragon, Gato)

    • There is an elemental ability pool in which all pets can also pull from.

    • Exciting new abilities such as the following:

      • Curse Aura: Boost your speed and curse enemies while you are near them.

      • Blizzard: Summon a blizzard that slows enemies while dealing damage.

      • Fire Pillar: Create a pillar of fire that deals fire damage to every enemy it touches.

    • The rest of the abilities you will need to discover for yourself!

War Table

We completely updated the War Table! You no longer need to switch taverns to change what you want to play. All Game Modes are available from the War Table no matter where you are. Also it’s about a million times prettier. Thank you art team.

  • Match Type:  Quick Match and Private.

    • Quick Match will match the player and party to others looking to complete the same content.

    • Private:  No change in functionality.

  • Game Mode:

    • We’ve released new game modes! Complete the Campaign, then progress through Free Play to increase your Item Power. Once you’ve reached level 50, you can enter our end game content in the End Game game modes.

  • Difficulty

    • Introduced 4 new Difficulties for end game:  Nightmare I, Nightmare II, Nightmare III, Nightmare IV.

    • Each difficulty has a different Item Power reward. Complete harder difficulties for better rewards. Are you up to the challenge? Butter isn’t.

  • Map Selection

    • New: Select any Map

    • Selecting the Any Map button will queue the player for any available map for the Game Mode and Difficulty.

  • Queueing

    • Players will now see a countdown when using Quick Match. After the countdown has elapsed, the map will launch.

    • Countdown timers are disabled for private matches.

  • Minimum Party Counts

    • When queueing for these maps, the server will wait until enough players are matchmaking to that map.

    • Instead of a countdown, players will see the time elapsed, until a full party is formed.

    • Players can exit this queue at any time.

Onslaught Mode and Onslaught Loot

  • You’ve been waiting, and now it’s go time! Onslaught is an infinite survival mode where players pick a reward at the beginning of the match and play to their heart’s desire. (Or until that one Javelin Thrower pierces your heart. I mean, core.)

  • Onslaught plays out over a series of rounds and waves. There are three waves to every round. At the beginning of a round, you’ll have an unlimited Build Phase. Between each wave in a round, you’ll have a time-limited Build Phase.

    • The rounds are themed to specific enemies. So look out for the Spooky Skeletons and Kobold Rushes.

    • The rounds will also have secondary traits that will change per round. These are  buffs to the enemies during the round that will keep you on your toes. These will change with the themes and be different each round. This means round 1 could be speedy goblin hordes. But this also means you could have a healthy Dark Mage round at some point.  *Shudders*

  • Once you unlock your first Onslaught map, you will be able to start playing for that sweet new item you’ve been wanting. Want an awesome new weapon? Select the weapon reward category and start running through Onslaught. You’ll get your selected category round at the end of each round. Keep your wits about you though, as Onslaught will be no cakewalk. How far can you get?

  • There are unique pet and weapon rewards you can only find in Onslaught mode. But we’re not going to tell you what they are, because that’d ruin the fun.

Additional Difficulties

  • Campaign - Easy, Normal

    • Campaign will only support Easy and Normal. Players that are new to the game will play through the Easy difficulty. Easy allows players to get used to the game mechanics while still presenting some challenge. Normal Campaign is for those who are somewhat familiar with Dungeon Defenders. While still explaining the mechanics of the game, you can expect a moderate challenge while playing Campaign Normal. Normal Campaign can be completed with 1 hero type.

  • Freeplay - Easy, Normal, Hard

    • Free Play Easy - This is what you graduate into after completing Campaign Easy. This will be content cruising and allow you to experience Dungeon Defenders 2 at a non-threatening pace. As this will be easy, you won’t see huge leaps in Item Power as you progress. You can expect to play this content with one hero type.

    • Free Play Normal - This is what you will graduate into after completing the Campaign on Normal. This is a standard challenge for those who are confident with the game’s mechanics. To go along with this challenge, you will see a bump in Item Power as you progress. This will be where players will start to want to play with different heroes. While it isn’t required, different hero types will definitely make things easier.

    • Free Play Hard - Now we’re talking. Free Play Hard will be a considerate challenge to those who are well-versed in the game’s mechanics. Those who are willing to tackle Free Play Hard will need to know how to combat the resistances, they will need the right gear, and they will need to have some solid builds. Good luck.

  • End Game - Easy, Normal, Hard, Nightmare I - IV

    • End Game Easy - So you made it through the Campaign Easy and Free Play Easy, but you wanna see some different stuff? Move onto End Game Easy! You will be able to see some new gametypes, some incursions, and some standard maps.

    • End Game Normal - Now that you are max level, it’s time to start getting your builds together. Wanna move onto End Game Hard? It would be a good idea to start here. Look out for different special enemies, more waves, more enemies and more rewards.

    • End Game Hard - Well now, aren’t we proud of ourselves? Made it all the way to End Game Hard, did ya? Well godspeed Defenders, because things are getting to be a little crazy. The Old Ones are sending more special enemies and more Ogres at you than you’ve seen previously. Now with more waves!

    • End Game NIGHTMARE I

      • So it begins. Nightmare. They don’t call it Nightmare for nothing. Here starts the hardest challenge you will face in Dungeon Defenders II yet. The Old Ones are pretty sore you’ve made it this far and will be throwing everything they can at you. Only the most prepared and skilled heroes can make it through such daunting odds.

    • End Game NIGHTMARE II

      • I guess that difficulty wasn’t enough for you, brave Defenders. Never fear, the challenge is only increased in Nightmare II. Get higher Item Power to even think about surviving Nightmare II.

    • End Game NIGHTMARE III

      • Let the games begin. Now that you’ve conquered Nightmare II, Nightmare III presents it’s own set of challenges. Bring your gear and skills to Nightmare III and pray to make it past Wave 1.

    • End Game NIGHTMARE IV?!?!

      • What’s this? You dare challenge the Old Ones?! Be afraid. Be very afraid. Be as afraid as a ‘90s middle school kid watching Are You Afraid of the Dark at night. As the hardest challenge you can attempt in DD2, you certainly will need the right Item Power and guts to face Nightmare IV.

Billboard Update

  • A new coat of paint on the billboards, in both default and detailed view.

  • Trait System - Bonus buffs and resistances are now applied to entire lanes. These are showcased on the new indicators on the billboards!

NPC Dialogue Boxes

  • NPCs can now talk! And boy, are they chatty.

  • Players can approach NPCs in Tavern for happy talk fun times.

  • Please keep in mind that Etherians are just now learning to speak and might have their text changed in a future update as they become more eloquent.


  • Tutorial Map

    • To help all your friends learn to use their green mana before readying up.

  • Quests

    • New rewards like Skill Spheres, pet eggs, loot, stuff, and monkeys.

    • Shops are unlocked in an order that helps introduce the game bit by bit instead of everything in your face at once. And yes, this means you have to save The Keeper & The Stable Boy before hatching your cuddly friends.

Daily Missions

  • You can now stack up to three Daily Missions!

  • New UI! This will pop up the first time you enter the Tavern so you know what’s up!

  • You can also access your Daily Mission & Quest menu from the Forge by selecting the big red exclamation mark! It pulses (a little too much)!

  • Quests are now in! The intent is to guide players through our game and introduce all the cool stuff in a more digestible manner.

  • We added a bunch of new Daily Missions, and the Daily Mission system will now unlock after completing the Campaign.

  • Monthly Missions! Cool new rewards that will update monthly!

Hero Deck

  • Added a fourth Hero Deck slot!

  • Hero Deck slots are unlocked as you progress.

  • Players can now buy more Hero Creation Slots with premium currency! Early Access players start with 6 Hero Creation Slots.

  • Heroes that are maxed out and in your Hero Deck will give an XP boost to your other Heroes!

New Ubers

  • 6 New Ubers! Like the Ubers you’re playing with for towers, these may adjust the style of which you play. They’re not meant to be direct upgrades, but situationally better for certain builds and times in combat.

  • All Heroes:

    • Chance when a defense gets hit to be shielded for a percentage of your Defense Health Stat.

    • Chance when a defense gets hit to deal damage around it based on a percentage of your Defense Power Stat.

    • You can pick one of these Ubers when you hit level 50 with your first hero or buy them from Gran’Masta.

  • Huntress:

    • Sticky Grenades

      • The Huntress’s concussive shots no longer stun but stick to surfaces now. When an enemy triggers one, the enemy takes damage based on a percentage of your Ability Power Stat. Cooldown reduced but cost increased.

  • Squire

    • Empowered Sword Beam

      • The Squire’s Sword Beam now returns back to the Squire. When it reaches the Squire, it detonates causing damage in an area around him. The more enemies the Sword Beam hits as it travels, the more damage it will deal.

  • Apprentice

    • Empowered Tornado

      • The Apprentice’s Tornado no longer hits multiple targets. The Tornado now stops on the first target hit lifting that target into the air and dealing more damage to that target. The tornado also picks another nearby enemy and does the same amount of damage to that enemy.

  • Monk:

    • Shielding Wave

      • The Monk’s healing ability no longer heals heroes but instead shields nearby defenses for a percentage of the Monk’s Defense Health stat.

  • Hero specific Ubers can be purchased with Betsy tokens.

Loot/Item Revamp

  • Items are now entirely based on the new Item Power system!

  • Based on the Tier and Item Power of an item, it calculates what the stats for that item should be.

  • You can always expect an item with higher Item Power of the same Tier to have higher numbers. You can also expect items with similar Item Power to have similar numbers.

  • Tier adds some variation on the stats on top of the Item Power system.

  • In the new system, a Legendary item of Item Power X will be equivalent to a Powerful with a higher Item Power, ensuring that you always get some upgrades.

  • Maps now have a suggested/required Item Power number

    • Suggested:  In Private Matches, you can still play a map that you do not have the suggested Item Power for, but good luck with that.

    • Required:  For public games, you cannot join a game that you do not have the required Item Power for.

  • Different maps, difficulties, and game modes now drop different Item Power ranges.

    • The Item Power range on a map is split into three buckets:

      • Common: lower end

      • Uncommon: mid range

      • Rare: higher end

    • This means that you are less likely to see an Item Power 200 item in a bucket between 150 and 200.

  • Secondary and Primary Stats on items have been reworked

    • Secondary Stats should now roll with similar numbers if you have two secondaries on an item. They will have the same number value associated with them but different stats. This was done to help you better understand and equate items to one another.

  • Passives have been rebalanced with the new Item Power & Level Cap increase - this is still a work in progress.

  • Stats on items have been reworked:

    • Defense Attack Rate has been removed as a Primary and Secondary stat that can appear on items.

    • Defense Attack Rate Skill Spheres are still in the game.

    • Four new stats were added to the game:

      • Defense Critical Damage

      • Defense Critical Chance

      • Hero Critical Damage

      • Hero Critical Chance

    • Critical Chance does not appear on items as a primary or secondary stat but can appear on Skill Spheres and passives.

    • Defenses and Heroes have a Crit Chance cap.

    • Critical Damage can now appear as a Primary or Secondary Stat.

    • Critical Damage can appear on Skill Spheres as well.

    • Critical Damage is additive rather than multiplicative.

    • Crit Explained:  Whenever you hit a target, there is a chance that you would deal critical damage to that target. The chance is based on your Crit Chance stat and the damage is based on your Crit Damage stat. Heroes, abilities and defenses have different potentials for Crit Damage. Some have a high Crit Damage potential and some have a lower Crit Damage potential.

    • We’d love to hear some feedback on the new Crit System as we intend to refine the balance in a future update.

  • Passive rebalance in the works:  We’re gradually transitioning to have defenses, abilities and passives scale based on a percentage of your state. As an example, the new Slayer Legendary Weapons will increase in effectiveness the more points you have in a specific stat. This transition allows us to better explain to all of you just how these passives work and what exactly you need to do to make it better. We feel this will result in cooler builds emerging over time. We’ve only done this on a select handful of items, defenses and abilities (read balance changes), but we’ll be transitioning the rest in a future update. Let us know how you feel about this.

  • A note on Item Power:  With the Item Power system and balance changes, the game should feel very different than it did before. Old strategies may not be as effective as more and more new strategies start to emerge. Our goal is to provide you all with as many tools as possible to be as creative as you possibly can in coming up with cool fun builds. We’re one huge step closer with this update, and we hope you’ll enjoy it.

Resistance Rework & Trait System

  • Certain enemies used to be classified as Physical Resistant, Magical Resistant or Neutral. We’ve done away with that system in favor of a new trait system.

  • Under the new trait system, all enemies can appear as Physically Resistant, Magically Resistant or Neutral.

  • The spawners that enemies come out from now have the potential to have:

    • One Primary Trait

    • Multiple Secondary Traits

  • Primary Traits are always resistance buffs

    • These buffs increase in intensity based on your difficulty getting as high as 75% resistant in Nightmare mode.

  • Secondary Traits are more flavorful traits that are meant to provide new challenges.

  • This update has the following traits:

    • Mighty: enemies that spawn deal +X% attack damage

    • Trollblood: enemies that spawn regenerate X health every 5 seconds

    • Grounded: enemies that spawn cannot be knocked up

    • Speedy: enemies that spawn move X% faster

    • Healthy: enemies that spawn have X% more health

    • Tenacious: enemies that spawn have X% resistance to crowd control effects

    • Chrome: you all know what this is!

  • In the future, we’ll be expanding on this trait system to add more interesting traits -- some that can even benefit the player!

  • To see what traits a spawner has, you can press Shift to read the new billboards.

  • Enemies that spawn from a spawner will have all the Traits associated with that spawner.

  • Traits start coming online gradually as you play through the Campaign and different difficulties.


  • The balance of the game has shifted to almost entirely pivot on Item Power. So much has changed! But we still have a LOT more changes coming in future updates! For the time being, we’d like to gather some of your feedback on some of the recent changes but keep in mind the balance is not yet final. Also thank Blacksmith and the whole rest of the team if you can! They’re killing themselves for you guys.

  • Green mana is given out more generously now! Trust us, you’ll need it.

  • All Defenses got a substantial Defense Health increase based on the type of defense they are. Towers received a good boost, and blockades received a substantial boost.

  • Adjustments have been made to solo play as well. When playing solo, you will notice only 1 or 2 high “threat” lanes. Look for this information using Left Shift and seeing where the problem enemies coming. This is where you will need to focus your attention as a hero. The other lanes will generally take care of themselves with solid tower setups.

  • Enemies now like to stick together. You will see less “globs of every enemy in the game coming down the lane” and more “We are Warboars, fear our numbers” sort of deal.

  • All enemy scalars have been redone. All enemy stats are now based around the Item Power of the content, which should make balancing and providing a fair challenge much, much easier.

  • To match the new Item Stat & Item Power system, many Defenses and Abilities have been rebalanced.

  • Reduced Electrocute stun duration from 2.5 to 1.0 seconds. Did we take it too far this time?

  • The Dark Mage is cultivating mass, bro. Increased Dark Mage mass 300 -> 400. Now he is no longer interrupted by Squire/Monk melee attacks. Just try and move him!


  • Cannonball Tower (Squire)

    • Damage increased by 28%

    • Minor adjustments to projectiles

  • Flamethrower Uber (Apprentice)

    • Its numbers were redone to make it more powerful and viable for end game play - it has reduced crit damage scaling but higher flat DPS output.

  • Heavy Cannonball Tower (Squire)

    • Damage at max range compared to Cannonball is now +30% if AoE is utilized

    • Damage at min range compared to the Cannonball is now -36% if AoE is utilized

    • This should reward players that place the Heavy Cannonball Tower effectively and punish those that do not

  • Lightning Aura (Monk)

    • Scaling for upgrades adjusted to match other defenses

    • Damage increased by about 10%

  • Lightning Strikes (Monk)

    • Adjusted scaling for upgrades to match other defenses

    • Damage reduced by about 50%

    • Has higher Crit Damage scaling

  • Explosive Trap (Huntress)

    • Damage reduced by 25%

    • Has higher Crit Damage scaling

  • Elemental Chaos Uber (Huntress)

    • Base Damage Buffed by about 18%

    • Crit Damage scaling is high

    • Found a bug with the fire proc effect not dealing any damage. Fixed the bug.

    • Fire Damage Over Time now deals 100% of your Defense Power as damage over 1 second before fading - the DoT can crit, too.

  • Napalm Balloon (Huntress)

    • Damage increased by 20%

    • Crit Damage set to moderate

    • Upgrade scaling adjusted to match other defenses

  • Poison Dart Tower (Huntress)

    • Damage increased by roughly 50%

    • Crit Damage is very low

    • Fixed some upgrade scaling issues

  • Geyser Trap (Huntress)

    • Damage increased substantially! (+400% since it is on such a long cooldown)

    • Crit Damage is very low

  • Skyguard Tower (Monk)

    • Skyguard Damage buffed by 100%

    • Crit Damage is high

    • Upgrade scalars fixed to match other defenses

  • Earthshatter Tower (Apprentice)

    • Damage increased by 76%

    • Crit Damage is moderate

    • Upgrade scalars fixed to match other defenses

  • Arcane Blockade (Apprentice)

    • Damage increased by 100%

    • Critical Chance high

    • Upgrade scalars fixed to match other defenses

  • Training Dummy (Squire)

    • Damage reduced to 25%

    • Critical Damage is moderate

    • Upgrade scalars fixed to match other defenses

  • Spike Blockade (Squire)

    • Damage increased by 55%

    • Critical Damage is moderate

  • Harpoon (Squire)

    • Base damage increased by 72%

    • Critical Damage high

    • Range increased by 10%

    • Upgrade scaling reduced to match other defenses


  • Arcane Volley (Apprentice)

    • Damage reduced by about 10%

    • Crit potential set to high

  • Tornado (Apprentice)

    • Damage reduced by 50%

    • Damage potential is still relatively high if it hits a marked target

    • Crit Damage potential is high

  • Mana Bomb (Apprentice)

    • Massive damage buff: 300% if used with Arcane Marks

    • Crit potential is moderate

  • Concussive Shots (Huntress)

    • Damage increased by over 50%

    • Crit potential is low

  • Oil Flask (Huntress)

    • Damage increased by 23%

    • Crit potential is low

  • Piercing Shot (Huntress)

    • Damage increased by 250%

    • Crit damage set to high

  • Pole Smash (Monk)

    • Damage increased by 47%

    • Crit potential is low

  • Chi Blast (Monk)

    • Damage increased

    • Crit potential is moderate

  • Sword Beam (Squire)

    • Damage doubled (almost)

    • Crit potential is high

  • Taunt (Squire)

    • Duration scaling reduced slightly

    • Damage buff increased slightly

  • Seismic Slam (Squire)

    • Damage increased by 250%

    • Crit scaling pretty low

    • Stun duration reduced to 2.5 seconds

    • Stun duration now scales with ability power (0.001% increase per point) - theoretical max is 6 seconds

  • Frostbite Tower (Apprentice)

    • Now reduces enemy attack speed by 20% but does not scale with anything

New Passives

  • Slayer passives can now be found in Onslaught Mode! *guitar riff!*

  • Slayer passives appear on hero-specific items.

    • Added tooltips for Slayer passives. Then removed them. Then put something else in and called it done. It's "functional."

  • Added Drakin Slayer passive on Legendary Shields. Killing Drakins gives charges, and blocking uses those charges to spawn fireballs. Half of the time. The other half of the time it just doesn't work... at all.

  • Dark Mage Slayer passive added on Legendary Magic Staves. With this passive, killing Dark Mages gives charges, and fully-charged secondary attacks use those charges to stun enemies.

  • Lady Orc Slayer passive added on Legendary Bows: Killing Lady Orcs gives charges, and fully-charged secondary attacks use charges to deal extra damage, you monster. Also this passive has no visual feedback. Maybe we'll add it eventually.

  • Kobold Slayer passive appears on Legendary Polearms. Killing Kobolds gives charges, and secondary attacks use charges to spawn death-dealing fireworks and something hilarious we'll let you discover for yourself.

  • Taser Suit passive can now appear in Victory Chests. You'll never want to leave home without it!

Passive Bug Fixes & Changes

  • Removed more useless passives from high-end gear! So now, XP passives can't roll on end-game gear.

  • Gave passives names for the first time. Look out for Apple, Blue and North. They're our favorites. (Don't tell Moses.)

  • Made Life Leech leech less life. Reduced heal value by ~60% and reduced max heal value at level 25 to 60.

  • Banned Dancing: Footloose (Movement Speed) values normalized and completely rebalanced. Met Kevin Bacon. Increased Movement Speed in the ~7.5 - 20% range depending on level and tier.

  • Created the ultimate pair of boots. Proud of our creation, like new parents, we slipped our toes into their soles. Words cannot describe what happened next. Sprint passive disabled and removed from boots until further inspection (and less fear).

  • Made stuff in the game better match stuff in the editor. You'd think they'd be the same, but...

  • Made Heroic Presence more heroic. Increased Heal component scaling of Heroic Wave 1.01 -> 1.5. Side effect: Shielding Wave is now dope.

  • Superconductor (Ability Cost) passive values slightly reduced. Why? Because we felt like it.

  • We broke the Radiance (Aura Range) passive. Then we fixed it. And then it broke again (all by itself, we swear!). So in anticipation of fixing it next patch, we reduced its values.

  • Disciplined the Victory Smell (Blaze Balloon Burn Rate) passive. Reduced its values to more closely match DPS increase of other defense-focused passives.

  • Vector Corrector (Defense Range) passive’s increase of projectile tower range reduced so you can find more of it!

  • In case you haven't caught on yet, passives were broken. How broken? Post-Disney Channel broken.

  • Retribution passive increased a TON. It now appears on Torso and Shield items like it always should have.

  • Black Arrow (Ballista Damage Magic) passive bonus damage doubled. Then doubled again. Then divided by four, multiplied by three point five, squared, thrown in a blender, and added to pi. After all of this we lost track of how much we increased and wrote the patch note "Black Arrow Special Stat bonus greatly increased." We also learned to hate fractions.

  • Fault Line (Earthshatter Radius) radius bonus slightly increased.


  • Various optimizations across all maps.

  • So, how about that War Table? Viewable in all of its 3D glory, and you’ll be able to select maps from there or from the UI on the left. We can’t wait to expand the world further!

  • Pets!

    • There are a lot of new pets. Like, 4x the previous number.  

    • Evolution is unlocked, but to clarify, only token pets (Betsy) and premium pets will evolve visually at the moment.

    • You may see some abilities get more impressive as they change form, though.

    • Watch for the monthly and weekly reward pets to get your shot at rare content, some with enhanced visual effects. We won’t spoil which. You’ll just have to watch!

  • Premium Pets!

    • Table Flip Demon

    • Kakarot

    • Shinobi Kitty

  • New Costumes!

    • Cap’n Monk

    • Farmboy Apprentice

    • Tiguar Monk

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players who were too high were unable to place towers. We mean... too high up.

  • Map screen should now handle split-screen better.

  • Increased the mana crystal cap that can be present in the world. Also, we added a 2-unit mana crystal. Hey, every unit counts, amirite guys?

  • Purchased bags should now properly display the inventory space that they’re adding.

  • Fixed one of the issues that was causing items to be lost in the inventory. It was all Tony’s fault. [[4968,hashtags]] (We don’t even have an employee named Tony, but we’d like one so we can blame him. Are you a Tony? We’re hiring!)

  • Lane billboards should now properly display when pressing L3.

  • Fixed an issue with the Token Shop UI where the items could scroll outside of the window. That's just not allowed. Geez.

  • Players should now be able to create heroes when joining into any type of session if they do not have one currently.

  • Apprentice’s secondary attack now pops the Blaze Balloon. Upcoming updates will add “locking” and “dropping” functionality to his newfound popping feature.

  • Numerous audio issues have been fixed. We said, NUMEROUS AUDIO ISSUES HAVE BEEN FIXED.

  • Hunted down that pesky fox stealing your eggs before they hatched. Sadly, that means we can’t have that Dora crossover like we planned.

  • Fixed an issue where the Drakin could get stuck in the River High Path on Little-Horn Valley. Now to fix the million and one other places they get stuck. Sewers, we’re looking at you.

  • Fixed an issue where the bow could appear incorrectly for the Huntress when swapping Heroes. Don't worry, we haven't fully eliminated Franken-heroes yet.

  • Fixed several issues with the Costume Shop. Introduced several other ones, which are arguably way worse.

  • Matinees should now properly play on every wave, not just the first.

  • Costume shop should no longer run into trouble with unequal numbers of costumes per hero

  • Inventory should now display the proper limit and current number of items.



Greetings Defenders,

Protean Shift Patch 3.2 is now live on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! We’ve been hard at work ever since Professor Proteus made his glorious arrival in Etheria! The feedback from all of you has been tremendous and we greatly appreciate it. We’re addressing requests that players have wanted both for a while now and recently with the Protean Shift expansion. Let’s get into it!

Multiplayer Bonuses

Defenders love playing together, there is strength in numbers after all. Previously, when playing in multiplayer settings, enemies became stronger, but did not offer any additional rewards for the harder challenge. This is a pain point that you as a community have voiced to us for a long time, and with gear in a much better spot, we now have a way to reward the increased difficulty!

Previously, when playing in multiplayer sessions, enemies gained additional health without offering any increased rewards. Now when teaming up with fellow Defenders, you now gain additional Gear from Victory Chests. You may be asking, “how much?”, and the answer is A LOT. Here’s the breakdown you can expect to see when playing with multiple Defenders:

  • One Defender:  Remains the same.

  • Two Defenders:  +125% additional Gear drops!

  • Three Defenders:  +275% additional Gear drops!

  • Four Defenders:  +425% additional Gear drops!

When playing solo, the Escape/Options menu shows:


When in a group of two:


This pattern increases the more Defenders in your session. To have our bases covered, Gear is specifically armor, weapons, and relics. These additional pieces of gear offer players multiple opportunities on finding perfect stats and Mods while taking on stronger enemies. This means you have more gear to use or sell, boosting Defender strength and our player economy substantially. As a result, we’ve slightly tweaked sell prices to vendors. With the increased loot drops, you’ll be making on average the same amount of gold when selling to vendors. However, we maintained previous minimum Player Shop sell value of items to offset this. You’re now provided more opportunities to sell more gear between one another to obtain greater mountains of wealth than ever before!

We were able to get these changes out now to provide a feature the community highly requested thanks to the feedback we received via a survey many of you participated in. One concern that several Defenders brought up was in regard to party control and functionality. These will be coming in our next Update among a slew of new features not too far from now. We’ll touch on some additional changes later on in these notes!

Material Vault

In Protean Shift, we introduced a good chunk of crafting materials for Defenders to have more control over their gear. There’s a ton of new materials and one bit of feedback that we’ve received quite often, is about storing these spoils of combat.


Enter the Material Vault! It’s a new vault that will be available to players that want to be able to store extra crafting materials. This special vault allows you to hold 999 of every crafting material and access to materials saved in your Material Vault regardless of where you are. Want to pump up the strength of your gear, or move some Mods around, but you put the materials in your Material Vault? You can now do it on the fly without pulling the materials out! When doing anything that requires crafting materials, Inventory Materials are used first before using crafting materials in your Materials Vault.

What’s Coming?


In our last Check-In post, we outlined some short, medium, and long term goals. In our next update, here’s a sneak peek as to what you can expect to see:

  • Onslaught floors are always one map floors.

  • Extra rewards as you climb through Onslaught.

  • Improvements to Ancient Power

  • Increased party control and functionality


As development continues, we’re going to be providing opportunities to test this content and earn “Tester Only” rewards, such as Betsy White, a true friend and confidant to any Defender.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved enemy spawn and pathing logic so enemies getting stuck in spawns will now have a better chance of finding their way out of the spawner.

  • Fixed additional cases where Berserker Orcs would get around blockades and walls.

  • Fixed an issue in Player Shops that caused a visual duplication while moving items.

  • Fixed an issue with Abyss Stone and Abyss Fountain giving an incorrect error message when there’s not enough mana available to use them.

  • Updated Shard Dust description to explain how it’s acquired.

  • Fixed a bug where the Jackpot shard increases gold reward upon wave completion.

  • Fixed an issue with comparison tooltips remaining when closing the Vault UI.

  • Fixed the text size of “LIST IT!” on 4k resolutions.

  • Fixed an issue with Gilded Colossal Fissure Shards receiving a negative increase.

  • Fixed an issue with Campaign Boot tinkering requiring an Iron Hammer.

  • Fixed an issue with Chaos V Boot upgrades requiring weapon crafting materials.

  • Fixed an issue with buy back items going to the wrong location in the inventory.

  • Fixed an issue where items claimed at the Scavenger while the inventory is full would look like it had been claimed but was still in the Scavenger.

Remember, if you run into any bugs, please let us know at our bug site. Also, check us out on social media for additional updates and game discussions with our awesome community:

We have much more on the way and will be spilling some beans in the coming weeks!

For Etheria,

The Dungeon Defenders II Team


Server Improvements

  • We’ve made multiple improvements to our servers that should help reduce the overall number of disconnects.

Zapper Boss Changes

The goal of the Zapper boss is to disable a large amount of defenses at once; however, its damage was causing defenses to instantly die -- and in some cases, the core, too. With the below changes, the Zapper should be more in line with how we want it to affect the battlefield.

  • Damage radically decreased to very, very low values.

  • Health slightly decreased.

  • Has a very large radius that stuns all Defenses hit for 45s.

  • Size slightly reduced, and AI updated to make kamikaze mechanics target more correctly and be less easy to trick into kamikazing into a Hero.

Split Viper Shard

The Split Viper Shard was turning Sand Viper into a bit of a runaway monster. With this change, we wanted to keep the net DPS of hitting 3 targets pretty high, but a slight Defense Power penalty allows us to keep it closer to the intended benefits (it's still really, really good though).

  • Split Viper Shard at max level now applies a small Defense Power penalty, ending at -20% at maximum level.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Defense Speed stat wasn’t accurately applying unless players unequipped/re-equipped their Shards/Relics. Everyone should see accurate Defense Speed stats now.

  • Fixed an issue where the Earthshatter Tower was unable to hit smaller enemies. We gave it some new glasses, and it now hits them properly.

  • You can now pick up the golden ingot from the Forest Biome map in all game modes.

  • The Mystic has regained the Snake God’s favor. Appeasement buffs are working again.

  • Kobold Fliers and EMP Kobold Fliers have death animations once again. Now they should crash into the ground and dissolve out when killed, rather than instantly disappearing. Good for you; bad for them.

  • If a player has more than 8 inventory bags, the price of the "max out bags" bundle will no longer appear negative.

  • Added some collision to the scroll cauldrons behind the Gran Ma’ster in the tavern.

  • PS4/Controller - Fixed an issue where unequipping all shards was not working while using a controller. Players no longer have to go into the upgrade UI to unequip shards individually.

  • PS4 - Dark Assassins will no longer become invisible after using their demon kiss ability for the 3rd time.

Known Issues

  • There’s an issue with the End-of-Match screen where it sometimes won’t let players Continue. We’re looking into it now and hope to have a fix very soon.


The Mystic swept Round Two, but it's not over yet! Both the Barbarian and Man & Machine have one more round to take the lead. If you're [[11237,hashtags]] or [[11238,hashtags]], now's your chance to win it. Go vote!

Here's the current tally of votes as of the end of Round Two:

  1. The Mystic:  58,031
  2. Man & Machine:  23,674
  3. Barbarian:  19,667

Meet our final round contenders:

The Man & Machine. The master of contraptions. Good things come in small sizes, especially when those small sizes then build large sizes and get inside those sizes and destroy EVERYTHING! The man inside the machine (the Gnomish Inventory) is small in size, but instead of building static defenses, he prefers to erect massive war mechs that he can pilot around the battlefield. When he is not inside one of his war mechs, they do have some intelligence to them, but they truly shine in the hands of a capable pilot. Ever wanted to pilot defenses and move them around? Well the Man and Machine is the hero for you!

The Barbarian. The ruthless brawler. The Barbarian is an unstoppable force that is yet to be unleashed on the Old Ones’ army. He prefers to rely on his own two hands and use his two weapons and a multitude of abilities to decimate hordes of enemies. Most heroes hide behind their walls and defenses; the Barbarian hides behind nothing.

Who will you choose?



Greetings Defenders and Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone has been enjoying our most recent update, Drakenfrost! It was definitely a new experiment into how we deliver content, and I can’t wait to see all the feedback about it. How did you feel about our recent release of the Drakenlord? Let us know your thoughts in this thread!

I didn’t come here entirely for feedback… I may have an ulterior motive… to deliver some tremendous news!

I have recently been promoted to Creative Director on the Dungeon Defenders team!

I’ll be leading the direction of Dungeon Defenders into the future with the help of our amazing team!

We’re going to make the changes that you, our Defenders, want to see. We’ll also be able to make even more exciting new content and features for Dungeon Defenders II than we ever have before.

But what does this mean for the players?

Well let’s recap a little bit. I started as a community member, Caster’s Guild streamer, and Dungeon Defenders player. My tenure at Trendy started off with an internship that grew into an Associate Producer position, where I was eventually able to mold and shape some of our most recent updates - for example Protean Shift, Isle of Dread, and the Drakenfrost update.  

Josh comes into all of this with deep knowledge of the original Dungeon Defenders title, the aspects of it that players enjoyed, and is a master of the technical arts.  

Our primary goal and focus is to build upon recent successes through continuing to evolve DD2 into the game we all know it can and should be.

So what are some of the things we’re thinking about?

We’re looking at our pain points:

We’ve been improving Ancient Power since its release and we know that everyone is still not as stoked about it as we were hoping.  In 2019 we will continue to iterate and expand upon this feature until it hits the mark we’re all hoping for.

We also know there are some Inventory pain points that players have with stacking Shards, amount of free space, and clunky navigation. We’ve already made significant improvements to finding Mods and sorting your inventory, but we’re always looking at doing more to make it easier and easier.

In the near future:

We’re looking at expanding our elemental combo system. The goals for this are to add intuitive and interesting combinations between damage types, setting you up for some mad alchemy with new and beefier elemental interactions (what if poison exploded when hit with fire damage?).  Elemental interactions entered Dungeon Defenders II before our Free-to-Play launch and while our old plans to expand upon them have grown dusty on the shelf, I have never forgotten how excited they made me about the potential for DD2. We want to rekindle that excitement and realize this feature’s potential.

We’re also looking at acquisition methods for all of your loot and rewards in the game. We know people are looking for specific Shards, 10/10 Qualibean™ MODS, crafting materials, re-roll items...basically all the things. Our new Lead Designer (Mark Telfer) has made appeasing you his primary goal in life and loot acquisition is where he’s decided to start. Much like with recent changes to MOD roll and drop rates, your feedback will be essential to this process — so keep reaching out and letting us know your thoughts.

In the slightly farther future:

We’re looking at creating a better “purpose for play.” Some people call this a “chase” in a game. We know some people enjoy getting to high floors of Onslaught, and some enjoy getting fully kitted out with Chaos VIII gear, Gilded Shards, all Ancient Powers, etc. but we also know that we can do even better than that.

We want our players to have a more meaningful reason for getting all the new loot and levels in our progression systems. One avenue we’ve been playing with is an “ultimate boss” style encounter. The Lost Eternia Shard DLC packs proved the concept for the franchise, and we are currently exploring ways we can hit that emotional high-point in the contemporary DD2 format.  Modern MMO’s and RPG’s have taken big strides when it comes to designing boss fights and we’re looking to mirror their modern, elegant style.

There’s also an ongoing conversation about adding additional ways to acquire heroes and premium currency via gameplay. We really want to make sure that all our players are feeling adequately rewarded for playing our game. We’re going take a look at what our Gem purchases and pricings are like, and evaluate ways that we can make these more “player-first.”

We’re here to make a dope experience for you, and we’re going to double-down on that as our direction moving forward.  (My first act as Creative Director was to declare “we’re going to make dope s***” as the new modus operandi.)

Real Talk:

We have a small, but dedicated team working on delivering Dungeon Defenders to everyone in the best way that we know how. We’re people (just like you!) making a free to play game, so there will always be monetization and occasionally we’ll make some mistakes with features.  Additionally, change does not always occur at the speed at which you wish it would. We have processes for improving, but they remain what they are — a process. That being said, our ultimate goal is always to make a game that you guys want to play, and to continue to experiment with finding new and interesting content and release methods.

Do not forget that each and every one of you are an essential part of DD2 now and the shape of what it becomes in the future. Continue to give us all your feedback, opinions, and ideas using the appropriate methods.

We’ll do our best to fix bugs, add content, and provide new features to the game as we keep developing in 2019.

Join me, and the entire team, in making Dungeon Defenders II, and all our future Dungeon Defenders games, into the best games they can possibly be.


Colin “Elandrian” Fisher and the entire Dungeon Defenders II Team.


A strange celestial phenomenon is causing our pet eggs to hatch quicker than normal. Much quicker. Our Petrinarian is not quite sure what’s causing it.

For this weeklong event, all pets will hatch in seconds instead of 8 hours. Seize the opportunity, Defenders! Go forth and hatch pets! Hatch ‘em all!

In other news, our Loot Cave 2.0 event was a huge success! Defender feedback was overwhelmingly positive -- so positive that these drop rates are now the norm! We’ve also made two additional changes to the new drop rate based on some of the feedback we received. First, we’ve removed loot drops on wave 1 in End Game playlists, and we’ve slightly reduced the Legendary drop rate in NM3 and NM4 from what they were in the Loot Cave 2.0 event (so higher than before the event but lower than during the event).

You’re amazing, Defenders! We’re thrilled at the enthusiastic response and looking forward to more collaborations in the future!


Greetings, Defenders! This weekend we'll be recapping all of our Hero Focus events! It's a mashup!

From Friday to Monday, all Hero Focus Weapons will have 3x the drop rate, and Legendaries will have their drop rates doubled. If you haven't tried any of the new Hero Focuses, now is the time! We want to see what you come up with!

This event will run from Friday 1 PM EDT to Monday 11 AM EDT. Hero Focus weapons will drop on all maps in Free Play and End Game modes. 

Have fun this weekend, Defenders! May the RNG gods smile upon you!


Each week, were revealing more information on our cooperative tower defense campaign mode. Today, were lifting the curtain off of a design change in DD2 enemies -- enemy variants.

Currently in the game, every enemy has two additional variants. These extra variants will behave differently from the original enemy type.

For example, lets look at the Kobold.


You remember the Kobold -- small, terrified, suicidal. Once he lights the stick of dynamite on his back, hell run toward something and explode. With that in mind, variants of the kobold could be a kobold that moves slower because the bomb on his back is enormous! Because of this larger explosive, this Kobold variant would explode in a bigger radius than a normal Kobold. Another variant could be a kobold on rollerskates who is twice as fast as a regular kobold but carries smaller sticks of dynamite and thus does less damage.

All three of the kobolds are the same enemy in essence, but the fact that they behave in different ways causes the player to have to strategize against these new challenges. The towers that you would use to defeat normal Kobolds might not be as effective against the rollerskate variants, so you and your friends will have to choose your towers wisely.


Have an idea for a DD1 enemy variant? Let us know in the comments. Our favorite enemy variant ideas will get a DD2 beta code! Winners will be chosen on Friday by Skott.

Next week, well take our first look at DD2 levels.


The visual style of the original Dungeon Defenders was quite memorable, but not really for the right reasons. More in the “Wow those colors sure are… Noticeable!” way. The running joke was that the visuals of the game sometimes reminded everyone of a bag of Skittles that had materialized out of one of those jet-powered blenders. Part of this was because the development cycle only allowed for time to create and commit visual effects (VFX), not necessarily polish them. While I’m extremely proud of my work, I felt the finished product could have been more cohesive overall.

For DD2, we’re taking the extra time to ensure the highest possible quality in our game. Even before the pre-production phase started, our artists were determined to deliver visual effects that were extremely stylistic, elegant, and polished. VFX in DD2 would be unique and recognizable, acting as an accent to the art and immersing players in the experience.

Creating Visually Satisfying Combos
When it came time to develop DD2’s combat, we wanted players to seek out and look forward to complex interactions. To do that, we created a combo system for devastating enemy minions that was both visually rewarding and fun to use.

Our first challenge was to conceptualize how these interactions might look. My personal favorite is the water + electricity combo. In this combo, once a minion is hit by the drenched debuff, it becomes vulnerable to electric-type damage and is stunned while lightning arcs through it.


Yes, that’s a lightning elemental sword. And yes, it actually does something cool now!

In this particular example, our FX team had to come up with a solution for not only an emitter-based electricity effect that would play on the enemy, but also a material-based electrocution overlay, as depicted in the GIF above.

Our minion materials were already designed so that when an enemy is set on fire, oiled, drenched, or poisoned, you see the effect on the character model itself. Because we wanted a similar debuff effect for electrocution, we needed to add that state for each minion’s material.


This orc is just doomed to die a horribly painful death.

This material effect went through two iterations. Initially, we decided to depict it so that lightning played over a dark ‘scorched’ enemy, but in our first FX review, we realized this was too subdued and wasn’t giving enough incentive for players to activate the combo. So we decided to add a pulsing electric overlay to the minions. That coupled with particle-based glow and lightning beams allowed us to reach something pretty cool and immersive.

This process was a great example of a multidisciplinary effort coming together successfully. With everyone on the team dedicated to polishing the visual effects, we achieved something we feel is a great example of what’s to come in Dungeon Defenders II.

We can’t wait for you to experience the immensely satisfying combos we’ve got in store for you. Leave a comment below and tell us what combo you’d most like to see and you could win a spot on the Defense Council!

The random winner of our DD2 at PAX East blog is abbazabba!

Leave a comment to get your hands on the Dungeon Defenders II pre-alpha. We’ll pick a random poster and reveal the winner in our next blog post!

Dev Log 10: Feb. 11, 2015

Daniel Haddad, Creative Director ([[48971,users]])

Talking to people about pets and tweaking the design as needed. Playing lots of DD2 with all of you AND planning future events and content patches. Also looking into Flameburst spec adding ONLY 2% and fixing it. (Thanks for bringing this to our attention, [[66619,users]]!)

Danny Araya, Creative Director ([[64026,users]])

Working on some of the particulars of the first mini arc! Having some conversations about pets and working out some issues with our latest map with the team.

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer ([[67667,users]])

Working with Engineering on improvements to our matchmaking. We’re specifically looking at Hero Deck management this week and how it relates to parties and solo players. I’m also monitoring Foundation: Part 1 health and reading all of your feedback on the forums, Steam forums and other avenues. If you haven’t thanked our Community team or your Council members, shoot them a quick “Thanks.” I couldn’t do what I do without yours and their support.

Thanks guys, and keep Defending!

Chris James, Lead Level Designer ([[63955,users]])

We did a team playtest with one of the maps in the pipeline last week and received some great internal feedback on it, which is my focus for this week. Otherwise we will be playtesting a map that is currently in the greyblock phase to get the team’s eyes on it as early as possible. 

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer ([[72964,users]])

A week for “Creative Destruction.” Sometimes you gotta do it. Cleaning up the support for multiple death animations, helping out with the PS4 build, reviewing/helping designing future systems and working with QA on the new Live bugs. Our last hotfix is not as stable as we would like it to be. We are working on it!

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist ([[23,users]]) 

I'm working this week on some really fun trap and subcore sequences for our new map in production. It’s some of the best collaborative art I’ve seen produced in the 5 years that I’ve been here with Trendy. :) Just imagine a giant tornado in the middle of all of the chaos!

Chris Flores, QA Lead ([[59727,users]])

Looking at user reported issues and preparing for the next sprint.

Abraham Abdala, Lead Technical Animator ([[59787,users]])

Final implementation of all four heroes embellishment rigs. Setting up environment assets in the windy map. Researching, training and implementing animation blending systems for our cores, subcores and traps. Aaand getting ready for my missions trip to Guatemala at the end of the month! :D

Eduardo Lev, Engine Programmer ([[57155,users]])

Helping investigate server lag, doing some metrics adjustments and planning out the next stage in our matchmaking flow changes.

James Reid, Software Programmer ([[56071,users]])

Tweaking the item upgrade menu a bit to allow you to skip to the last level up. You’re welcome. ;-) Also, plotting out how to improve our forge UI. Lots of nice UI tweaks coming down the pipe.

Enrique Rivera, Concept Artist ([[56240,users]])

Refining pet designs, possibly starting on the eggs!

Jesus Diaz, World Builder ([[39450,users]])

Working on the spooky levels. Making some large changes to the maps to make them play better.

Daniel Diaz, World Builder ([[33096,users]])

Same as Jesus. Doing visual passes on spooky levels to improve the gameplay.

Philip Asher, Marketing Director ([[14,users]])

Wrapping up our working on Foundation: Part 1. Brad killed it with the key art. Getting ready to spin up on the next update as well as wrapping up planning and timing for the rest of the years updates. It’s gonna be fun!

Josh Isom, Community Manager ([[4370,users]])

Working with Cat to send out the poster packs. Gathering all of the feedback from Foundation: Part 1. Helping QA get more info on the issues we’re seeing since our hotfix. (I’m looking at you, Incursion crash!) Working on the design for a potential Twitch streamer program. 


Devstream 2 and Dev Log 4

It's our last Devstream and Dev Log of the year! Watch the Devstream below, then read on to see what we worked on this week. Happy holidays, and we'll see you in January!

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer ([[67667,users]])

We recently completed a huge initiative that addresses and changes the entire experience from level 1 through our new Incursions modes. Specifically I was addressing how frequently and what type of loot heroes get in every map. This week and through January is implementing the Daily Mission system and our next iteration of Matchmaking flow. Finally we’re iterating on our combat balance. Happy Holidays, Defenders! I’ll see you in the New Year!

Chris James, Lead Level Designer ([[63955,users]])

I’ve been focusing on a few different areas of our production: Looking at current maps and how to improve them, providing feedback on the new maps that we have been making, and developing some of our internal level design documentation about how we can better approach building our spaces. Something I mentioned in the Devstream with Isom is that I am currently reviewing our Environment Traps and am planning on providing the community a design breakdown of them sometime early in the new year. Speaking of which, Happy Holidays!

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist ([[23,users]])

I just read that Hearthstone was released on Android tablets, so that’s a thing for me right now. Also making DD2 look awesome, with a focus on early 2015 content...

Chris Flores, QA Lead ([[59727,users]])

In addition to continuing to research user reported bugs, we’re testing some potential changes to the game. Plus, we’ve started prepping the next update, which will come in January sometime after we get back from our break.

Abraham Abdala, Lead Technical Animator ([[59787,users]])

Working on the traps and cores for a new spooky map.

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (@TE-Stow)

Creating a plan for a lot of progress on a set of new legendary weapons! We want to make loot more interesting per some of the design Dev Logs and videos you have seen, and that wouldn’t be possible unless we made some kick-ass visuals to go along with it, now would it?

Jesus Diaz, World Builder ([[39450,users]])

Working on the same level as the last Dev Log, but at this point I've already started elaborating on the level, placing small deco assets made by the art team.

Philip Asher, Marketing Director ([[14,users]])

Playing Hearthstone at work in between meetings, wrapping up my last day before break. Have a call with the fantastic PlayStation team about our PS4 SKU, and then I’ll see all of you on our second Devstream!

Josh Isom, Community Manager ([[4370,users]])

Wrapping up the end to this beautiful, wonderful, exhausting year. I honestly don’t know how to spend two weeks off. I feel like a child who’s left home alone and can’t decide which forbidden rule to break first. Except my rules are related to spending my time wisely. Am I going to stay up all night playing video games? (Yes.) Am I going to lay in the sun and read all day? (Most likely.) 

I’m really looking forward to playing the games I purchased this year but didn’t play -- Super Smash Bros. Wii U, Transistor, The Last of Us Remastered, Far Cry 4, Civilization V (I picked it up during the Summer Steam Sale and haven’t tried it!) -- and, of course, I’m still working on my lifesteal Squire build. By the way, if you haven’t played Shovel Knight, go out and get that game. It’s my personal Game of the Year. 

I’ll be off the grid for the next two weeks, but I can’t wait to see everyone again in January. Happy Holidays! Stay safe, Defenders.


Here are the notes for Hotfix 17.2 on Steam and PS4!


  • Reverted the check for restricting hero equipment to the heroes that they rolled for.

  • Create Hero Screen was focusing on costumes that you don’t own instead of just showing the regular hero creation causing some confusion.  

  • The Eye of Cthulu and Demon Eyes cannot be killed by making them follow you down pits and off the edge of the map.

  • The Poison Imbuement Buff from Vile Mushrooms no longer applies to the Eye of Cthulu.  (No more four-shotting, hope you already got your Meowmere)

  • Random Ogres don’t spawn together and get stuck anymore on the Forest Biome map.

  • Dryad’s Harpy’s Perch does not keep attacking if the World Tree near it is sold and then rebuilt.

  • Boots no longer generate with default stats for all heroes.  There was an issue where they were dropping with incorrectly rolled stats for Gunwitch, Abyss Lord, etc.

  • Abyss Lord’s Skeletal Orc was maintaining the Direct Command buff for wayyy too long.

  • Pressing X on the souls of the night consumable no longer removes them from the inventory.

  • Tooltips no longer stay on screen during the Item Enhancement process on PS4.
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to build near the World Tree.


  • Fixed an issue with not being able to build near the World Tree.

PC and PS4 are now on the same build.


The Unholy Catacombs update comes out tomorrow on Steam! Also, every weekend in May we're going to do a Mission Madness Weekend event, starting this weekend! Get a new Daily Mission every 8 hours during the weekends! 

This update contains:

  • The Unholy Catacombs map (our remake of DD1’s Foundries & Forges)

  • Spectral Knight Incursion

  • Unique Map Drop:  Sword of Unholy Fire (Squire). Unique Legendary item that adds a flamethrower to the Squire shield block and adds a chance to oil enemies (so you can activate the Ignite combo)! This sword can roll up to iPWR 750!

  • Unique Map Drop:  iPWR 750 Chest Piece. Drops for any hero!

  • Blank Hero Cards (formerly known as “hero slots”) will be purchasable for 2,000 Defender Medals!

  • Guardian of the Storm Elemental Variant Monk Costume

Starting tomorrow, we’re kicking off a studio-wide initiative called Influence Week! For the next week, everyone at Trendy will put their heads together to come up with the craziest, coolest, most badass ideas for Dungeon Defenders II. The festivities will be streamed and recorded for your viewing pleasure. At the end of the week, we’re presenting our best ideas to you, and you’ll be able to vote for your favorites using your Influence Points!

Here’s why we’re really excited: Anyone at Trendy can work on any idea. For example, an animator could design a gamemode prototype, a level designer could work on a UI concept or a community manager could design the most awesome, face-melting Dragon Hero who rides a Flaming, Defecating Unicorn. Yes, the poop explodes. You’re not ready for it. You might think you are, but you’re not.

Here’s the schedule for the week:

  • June 5th -- Kickoff Livestream, 12PM EDT: Influence Week begins with a brainstorming session! Our CEO, Darrell Rodriguez, gets things started before turning the floor over to Paul Osterhout, executive producer at Universal Creative with more than 35 years of experience in innovation and conceptual development. Then, the studio will divide into brainstorming teams. You’ll be a fly on the wall in one of these teams as it creates a cornucopia of ideas. Finally, each team will present their best ideas to the studio for everyone to mull over during the weekend.
  • June 8th to June 11th -- Making the Magic Happen (Just Ask Your Mom): After the weekend, the team will come back together to decide which ideas to work on. We’ll split into teams to work on the ideas that excite us the most. Teams are allowed to work on multiple ideas, and people are allowed to assist on multiple teams. For the next week, the teams will labor away on their passion projects.
  • June 12th -- Idea Presentation Livestream (Time TBD): Friday is the big day! Each team will present a two-minute idea presentation to the company and to you live on Twitch. Then, you’ll be able to use your Influence Points on Monday to vote on your favorite ideas! We’re all super excited about this, and we hope you are, too! 

The June 12th stream will take the place of our regularly scheduled Devstream for the week. Speaking of the Devstream, don’t forget that tomorrow we’re showing off the Onslaught prototype live! The stream starts at 5PM EDT. You won’t want to miss it!



Elliot Cannon, Creative Director

This week’s theme: more Abyss Lord, more Hero Deck, and more Strategy Revamp. Did hardcore and detailed battle testing on Abyss Lord over the last five days and got that out. He’s getting close. Can’t wait to jump on him again after the team has had a chance to nail the refinements to his visual effects, sound, and feedback. Active defending is fun. You can always tell when a Hero is starting to click because you start pulling off little tricks and combos in a risky way, so when you get away with it, it’s fun. I love the synergy between the Knight of the Abyss PBAOE and the Abyss Stones.  

Collins and Brett’s strategy revamp is gaining momentum with internal playtesting. What they’re doing really brings strategy back to tower choice, placement, and hero loadout. Playing it today with Jason and Phil made DD2 feel like a new game all over again, with a neat blend between tactical puzzle solving and responding to lanes overrun with baddies. It’s much more interesting mixing thinking and plotting with mass destruction!

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

We are already done with our first Dungeon type level! For those who didn't notice looking at previous pics of the level (or missed the image above), it's a remake of DD1 Foundries and Forges level but with a DD2 look! We can't wait to show off more in future Dev Logs.

Now we are doing some visual tests before we start working on the next level.

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)

With each passing day we get closer and closer to the Abyss Lord’s release. My primary focus is making sure the Abyss Lord is as fun and entertaining as possible before you all get your hands on him… her… erm… Not entirely sure what the Abyss Lord is as a matter of fact. At the same time I’m working with a handful of people on our upcoming heroes beyond the Abyss Lord and helping out with all the other initiatives we’re working on from shared experience for the hero deck and hotswapping.

We had our Remote QA and Remote Playtesting Group teams play the Abyss Lord this week and we are just now looking through their feedback and making some changes based on what they and people internally are saying. I’ll be having a one-on-one call with RQA later this week to talk to them directly about the Abyss Lord.

Jason Yu, Associate Producer (urfyness)

Thank you all for your interest and participation in the Abyss Lord playtests. There were limited spots available, and it filled up way faster than we thought. For those that made it into the playtest, please fill out the survey and share your thoughts. While we may not respond to every piece of feedback, we definitely spend the time and read through them. There is another update to the playtest build later this week so keep an ear out for that one. Also wanted to give a quick shout-out to two of our fans Cord McLennan and Grier Eutychus who helped us test an updated Abyss Lord build.

As some of you may have heard on the stream, we decided to go with the shared hero experience across the Hero Deck and combat hotswapping rather than moving forward with implementing account leveling. Thanks to Javier’s hard work on the account leveling prototype, we were able to test out the changes early. Although we shelved the prototype, we really loved being able to try out some of the things we’ve been wanting to do for a while.  

The shared experience across the Hero Deck and combat hotswapping are currently being implemented, and we will be playtesting these changes internally this week. To give a sneak peak at the test we’re running this week on the hero deck, the XP earned is awarded to the other heroes in your deck as well as your active hero. That means, if you got 100 experience at the end of a wave for your active hero, the other 3 heroes in your deck will also get 100xp each. As for combat hotswapping, we’re testing out things such as ability cooldowns ticking down when the heroes are swapped out, having a global cooldown for hotswapping, and mana not regening while the heroes aren’t active. I make no promises that we’ll keep these changes, but I wanted to share a bit more details of the really cool happenings here in the studio.

Tim Shannon, PS4 & Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

In live land, we think we found one reason why people randomly stop being able to play the game after certain patches, so we’re looking into reproducing and resolving that. This week’s hotfix should also help out with ping spam and reduce the amount of bot farming going on in Onslaught matches.

In PS4 world, we’re cranking on UIs for the Carnival and trying to get everything fixed up. It’s slow but steady going because we’re trying to sort out some of the quirks in the game as we go along.   

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Watching and listening to all the feedback about the strategy revamp. We are just as excited as you guys to get some more strategic options in the game. With the removal of resistances, we can move forward with some more interesting tower / enemy relationships. Hoping to get a sneak peak next week into some of the more specifics.

James Reid, Software Programmer (Driscan)

Now that the Hero Deck UI flow has been hammered out, I’ve been heads down cranking these UIs out. So far, things are moving along nicely. Got a couple of screenshots to share with you.  Most of the big pieces are finished, and now it’s slotting everything into place and iterating on look and feel.







Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

Been working on finishing up test plans for the current milestoness for PC and PS4 as well as preparation for the upcoming weekly patch. I can’t hold all these builds.

On the testing side, we’re starting to get some fixes in for the Abyss Lord so hopefully that’ll open up more to test with him and get him a bit more functional. We’re in full swing with the shared XP feature and eagerly awaiting the implementation of the new UIs.

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

Working on a new visual test level. For this test I'm building some modular assets: arches, walls, columns and stairs to test some ideas. An old decrepit castle is awaiting you!


Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager (Dani)

I’ve spent the past week in the testing trenches with some of the finest and generous testers the community has to offer, and I want to thank them for all the help and support they have given so far and the support they will give until we finish playtesting.

Apologies to any later signups. We’ve hit our target numbers and our hands are full. We’ve created a preference list for late signups that didn’t make the cut-off point, and if we expand to include more testers we will hit up those of you that have pitched an email offering to help.

I’ve always been proud of the community we’re lucky to have, and yet again I am impressed by your dedication and support. The Abyss Lord is gonna rock.


Hotfix 5.12

It's time for another hotfix! Get all the succulent details below!


  • Added the next step in customizable builds to DD2 with new Passives and Skill Spheres! It's our hope to add Passives and Skill Spheres that change tower functionality to improve hero customization, player choice and hopefully Tower Defense satisfaction. Please play and let us know what you think of these. We’ll be adding more builds for all heroes in upcoming patches!

  • New Passives:

    • Hearty Harpoons:  Harpoon attack rate increased by [X-Y]% of your Defense Health.

    • 'Splody Harpoons:  Harpoons detonates on each enemy hit dealing [X-Y]% of Defense Health as Damage around it. (Edit: This also damages your blockades at the moment... We're working on a fix for a future update!)

    • Healthy Blockades:  X% of your Hero Health also applies as Defense Health to blockades.

  • New Skill Spheres:

    • Harpoons Oil Targets:  Harpoons deal less damage but guarantee oil enemies. (At the moment, the oil from the Harpoon does not activate the Ignite combo when hit with fire. We’re fixing this in a future update!)

    • Harpoon Pierce Increase:  Harpoon can pierce +X extra targets

    • Harpoon Range:  Increase Harpoon range increased

  • Special Enemies and Minibosses now have a chance to drop a new legendary weapon.

  • Weapons now have an equal chance to roll for all stats.


  • Removed fresnel effect from War Table button material (was resulting in ugly aliasing).

  • Added new sword idle animation.

  • Made minor updates to the Premium Currency purchasing screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where, if the pet you have equipped gets the last hit and kills the Miniboss or Special Enemy, the Miniboss/Special Enemy will not drop loot.

  • Double-clicking the Pet Reroll item in your Inventory no longer destroys it.

  • Potentially resolved an issue where evolved Grumpy pet wouldn't retroactively get its ability.

  • Daily Mission Prerequisite Update:  Moving several daily missions to unlock upon completing later quests

    • Incursion

    • Specific Incursions

    • Onslaught

  • Fixed a bug where players can matchmake into group taverns instead of gameplay maps under certain conditions.

  • There was an issue where changing the “Session Type” in a Group Tavern was not actually changing the session (from Public to Private, or visa versa). We have temporarily disabled the ability to change session types in group taverns, and will be fixing the problem and re-introducing the feature in a subsequent patch.

  • Map Dots do not display the "New Map" arrow icon if the map is locked.

  • Fixed some potential audio memory leak issues.

  • Fixed other memory leaks.


Dev Log 8: Jan. 28, 2015

Greetings, Defenders! We’re back from PAX South. If you didn't go to the event, you can watch The Future of Tower Defense panel and our Twitch interview from the beautiful, anonymous comfort of the Internet! If you watch the Twitch interview, you can see one of our new features pop up around the 9:30 mark...

Now that we’re back from PAX, we’re putting the finishing touches on our next content update, which is scheduled to go out next week. Until then, here’s what we’ve been working on:

Daniel Haddad, Creative Director ([[48971,users]])

Working on:

  • PETS! Had an awesome meeting with Danny Araya, Enrique, Rusty, and Dan Pingston, and we discussed some concerns and issues with the pet design. Will be iterating on the design and taking it from there.
  • BALANCE! Yes… We’re pretty much always working on balance… Wrapping up some concerns and just playing as much of the game as I can.
  • SWAG! Sorting through all the shirts and pins and stuff I got from PAX…
  • PROGRESSION! Working on some cool new progression ideas (special stats, spec nodes, etc.) and trying to see what our systems support and how to extend them.
  • CREATIVE DESIGNER WORK! Working with Danny Araya on defining some lore, story, and map info going forward!

Danny Araya, Creative Director ([[64026,users]])

Working on ideas for villains and discussing new approaches to future maps with the guys. We’re also starting to refine our direction for pets in DD2!

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer ([[67667,users]])

Got back from Pax South! I had such a great time talking with everyone and had a blast hearing your thoughts and opinions on DD2! Currently working on the final touches and tuning knobs of the balance patch. Finally, preparing our next milestone efforts for Matchmaking, Cosmetics and Pets!

Chris James, Lead Level Designer ([[63955,users]])

Just came back from PAX South - it was a FANTASTIC time meeting everyone who’s either a passionate fan of the Dungeon Defenders franchise or who has never played a DD game before. We’ve made notes, we’re writing and compiling them now, and they will definitely have an impact in the near future. 

Currently the Level Design team is working on new gameplay modes, working on bringing some maps currently in the pipeline to alpha, and also starting up some new layouts this milestone! We want to make sure that when we release new maps to the world that they bring something really fun to the table, meaning that we’re in the middle of creating our release plan. :)

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer ([[72964,users]])

Working on, working on, working on… mmm, I walked the dog this morning, cleaned up after it. Cleaned the balcony and then took a well-deserved shower. Upgrading my lease for the incoming baby …. OH YEAH! I’M BECOMING A DAD!

As for the game, we have some interesting incoming features that we are debugging against the most strange scenarios! (Consolidating older profiles and such.)

I’m going to be a dad...

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist ([[23,users]])

Our VFX team is spending some good time this week on investigating some wind FX strategies for an upcoming canyon map. Think tornados on crack... We’re also beginning the optimization process for our very spooky map this week as well. It’s a new milestone and that means new stuff! Oh yeah, my nice headphones broke so I had to order a new pair. Priorities.

Chris Flores, QA Lead ([[59727,users]])

Approaching the finish line on testing the new update. Should be fun!

Abraham Abdala, Lead Technical Animator ([[59787,users]])

Still working and finalizing Cores, Subcores and traps for our spooky map. Training our new Tech Animator. Excited to work on the feedback that we got from PAX South.

Eduardo Lev, Engine Programmer ([[57155,users]])

Fixing bugs for the upcoming update, and improving our server-side metrics.

James Reid, Software Programmer ([[56071,users]])

Getting ready for our content update and beginning work on some Forge UI improvements.

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (@TE-Stow)

Deploying a new structure for task management behind the scenes. Waging the Great Pets War and trying to figure out the fastest way to get the best pets out. I apparently minor in diplomatic relations.

Enrique Rivera, Concept Artist ([[56240,users]])

Creating and refining concepts for pets! Making sure that their style fits into the world of DD2. I could probably do this for the rest of my life. 

Jesus Diaz, World Builder ([[39450,users]])

Adding some nice touches to the spooky level and ready to start working on the collision pass.

Daniel Diaz, World Builder ([[33096,users]])

Still working on the rocky environment level: been polishing the level a bit more, some out-of-bounds work and lighting/collision passes. The world building work on this level is near to complete.

Philip Asher, Marketing Director ([[14,users]])

Spinning up marketing plans for our first update since Steam Early Access and getting excited to hear what you all think about it!

Josh Isom, Community Manager ([[4370,users]])

Preparing for the next update. Outside of that, my biggest priority is making our community more fun to be in. I’m looking into things inside and outside the game that will encourage you to come back and enjoy your time as a Defender: leaderboards, events, feedback discussions, etc. If you have an idea, I’d love your input! I’ve setup a thread on our forums where we can discuss this as a group. I can’t wait to hear your ideas!


Working in game development means bugs can crop up at any time, in any place, and for any reason. As we were finishing some tasks at the end of last month, we found a pretty amusing one. Internal changes were made to the format we used to save our Heroes’ character models, which led to… The Paralleltress:

At first I spawned into the map with a character that wasn’t affected, so this bug caught me off-guard. I was just doing my thing, setting up some defenses before starting the level over again as the Huntress. Then I did a double take.

Remember the first-person mode from DD1? At first I thought somehow an unfinished first-person mode found its way into the game. Naturally, I tried to jump and attack. After a solid minute of laughing, it was pretty clear this was no experimental perspective change, but instead a good, old-fashioned bug. Things move so quickly in game development that within a few hours, The Paralleltress only existed in my memory--and in that video!

And that’s our best bug for this month! Tune in next month to see what crazy new things we’ve captured and preserved forever on our hard drives. Are you curious about any of the bugs we’ve reported, or maybe you want to know more about how we find these pesky bugs? Let us know in the comments below!

The random winner of our Combat Improvements blog is Dougle101!

Leave a comment to get your hands on the Dungeon Defenders II pre-alpha. We’ll pick a random poster and reveal the winner in our next blog post!

Greetings, Defenders! This weekend, a phoenix is burning through Etheria, leaving Huntress build items in its charred path.

From Friday to Monday, the Phoenix Call Huntress Weapon is dropping at 3x its normal rate, and Legendaries are falling from the sky at 2x the normal rate! Combine these items, your Skill Spheres, and other heroes to create your own unique builds. And then share those with the community! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

We’ve also updated our Weekend Event list. Here are the upcoming events!

Event List

  • Weekend of 8/28 - 3x Phoenix Call Huntress Weapon Drop Rate + 2x Legendary Drop Rate

  • Weekend of 9/4 - Purging Evil Monk Weapon Drop Rate + 2x Legendary Drop Rate

  • Weekend of 9/11 - Hero Recap Weekend (3x Monk, Huntress, Squire and Apprentice Build Weapons) + 2x Legendary Drop Rate

Also, this weekend the Legendary Drop rate will apply to Free Play AND End Game! This way, you can grab as much iPwr 240 gear for the upcoming Nightmare changes!

All events will run from Friday 1 PM EDT to Monday 11 AM EDT. Weapon Drop Events will take place on all maps in Free Play and End Game modes. Legendary Drop Events will only take place in all maps on Free Play mode, with the exception of this weekend’s event which is also on End Game.

Tune in to this Friday’s Devstream at 5 PM EDT for a sneak peak at our new Monk build!


Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer (TrendyJayT)

The vast majority of my time, this and last week, has been tweaking the economy numbers. Things to note:  We’re making awards and dailies far more meaningful than before. You’ll want to check them out next patch! My goal is that you guys should feel an immediate improvement but be relatively invisible. Don’t be too surprised when you see gold values change everywhere in the game.

Otherwise I’ve been supporting the new War Table and new Pets. The new War Table is crazy exciting. The entire process of getting from the HUB to a match is much better. The War Table is more than a UI facelift. Let us know what you think when it’s out!

Pets are coming together super nicely. We’ve got active abilities, new pets, and stat rebalancing.  Pets can be focused towards a specific playstyle. So some species will be more suited to defense, primary attack or ability playstyles. We also have some hidden and secret shiny pets. Let’s see if you can find ‘em!

James Reid, Software Programmer (Driscan)

Wrapping up the matchmaking UI. Let’s see how far I progressed from last week….


Pretty significant progress if you ask me. Still gotta tighten up the graphics on level 3 a bit, but it’s getting there.  

You know that “coming soon” button over the upgrade option when hatching eggs?  Yeah, well I’m working on making that not “coming soon.”

Danny Araya, Creative Director (DannyAraya)

Dialogue Dialogue Dialogue Dialogue Dialogue Dialogue Dialogue Dialogue

Jeffrey Bickel, Technical Level Designer (TE_Jeff)

Testing, polishing, iterating our New User Experience. We’ve got some first-time players focus testing this week. It’s going to be great to get their feedback and continue to iterate on the NUE.

Steven Collins, Level Designer (Esorath)

Testing and iteration is the name of the game this week. Not literally, Dungeon Defenders II is the name of the game. You get it.

I’m testing and iterating on the difficulties we showed off on the last Devstream. Got some focus testers getting in and giving feedback. Really nice to make sure this difficulties pass goes off without a hitch.

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist (javahawk)

I’m hard at work with all the teams to deliver on a multitude of UI/UX improvements as well as working with the naming committee to get all the flavor text and item names hashed out!

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (TE_Stow)


Because that’s important to me.

Jason Yu, Associate Producer (urfyness)

All our hard work is finally getting to a point where we can evaluate them in-game. The next few weeks are going to be full of getting builds over to QA, making sure we’re executing on the changes we can get it (as opposed to want to get in), playtesting the new changes, and developing the schedule for the next Milestone.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Still working on the same level than previous week, just adding the final touches!

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

Still working on the matchmaking level. Yeah, this is the special level we were talking about last week. At this point we're almost done with it in terms of visuals. All the visible areas are fully polished now (it will be expanded in the future!).

Philip Asher, Marketing Director (pmasher)

Getting focus testers into the office and learning all sorts of new things about Dungeon Defenders II. Most notably easy and normal are way too hard. Finalizing details for the release of Loot & Survive and working on the launch plans for our next two patches. What YouTubers and Twitch streamers do you think would enjoy playing DD2?

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer (javo)

It feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve been here. I’ve been swamped for the most part working on Pet abilities and rerolls while also interviewing candidates to join our team. It has been exciting and exhausting ….. game development, amirite?

This week we’re wrapping up our features in preparation for the next release. There’s a lot coming in last minute and designers don’t like to compromise even the smallest detail; I can only hope you understand how much that entails.

For the programmers out there, you may find it interesting to know that maintaining and constantly updating a live game can be incredibly complex. Here are a few of those complex things:

  • Recursively updating users’ profiles from version to version (unless a wipe happens!)

  • Staging dynamic tables for the various versions of the game: live, dev, PS4, QA, etc.

  • Complying with API/Platform changes

  • Refactor systems to allow further changes and extending their life

  • Making sure newer features don’t change the min specs and the service still runs under the same constraints

  • Optimizing our servers and increasing capacity to reduce maintenance cost

  • … and more … It’s painful to think on all the things we do. I better get back to pets!

As always, thanks for all the support!

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

I’m at the Trendy office running around and helping out in any way that I can. I’m working on quest names and descriptions, costume/accessory naming, playtest feedback gathering and making sure that the major community bugs/concerns are on schedule to be addressed in the next few updates.

No community threads this week, but It’s Super Effective created an amazing video recap of Wipeageddon. Check it out!


Meet Series EV2 before she lands in Etheria on May 19th! Watch the trailer above for an overview of her defenses and abilities, and then watch our Devstream Friday at 5PM EDT to see her in action!

Series EV2 Bio

Power. To some, it comes naturally. For others, they must make it for themselves. Series EV, a childhood friend of the young heroes, left to find her creator when their power grew while hers stalled. She didn’t find her creator, but she found something even better:  his workshop. Outfitting herself with a new arm cannon, a titanium chassis and new defenses, Series EV2 will blast through anyone foolish enough to stand in her way. Let them say she’s not powerful enough now. She’s happy to prove them wrong.

Node Defenses

Series EV2 can chain multiple nodes together to make intricate beam defenses.

  • Proton Beam:  Zaps enemies and slows them down. Enemies that die within the beam disintegrate. We hear it’s quite painful.

  • Reflect Beam:  Build a reflective wall that sends enemy projectiles flying back at them. But it’s more than just a utility defense. A torpedo moves from node to node dealing explosive damage in a radius when it reaches a node -- the longer the chain, the more damage the torpedo will deliver at each node.

  • Buff Beam:  All defenses that pass through the beam gain additional Defense Speed and Defense Power.

  • Weapon Manufacturer:  Build an Atomic Launcher or a Mega Death Laser! Instead of placing nodes in a linear fashion, this defense has a central node (the weapon pickup station) and outward nodes that connect directly to the central node. The outward nodes act as mini-auras, damaging enemies and reducing their attack damage. As enemies die in these nodes, the central weapon charges. At 100%, EV2 can equip the weapon and use it to devastate foes. The pickup alternates between the Atomic Launcher and the Mega Death Laser after each full charge.


Each ability uses Heat. When the Heat Bar is full, she dispels Heat with her primary attacks.

  • Anti-Gravity Bots:  Flying buoys of death. Bots detonate when you shoot them. Any of your nearby bots caught in the explosion will also blow up, so you can cluster them and fire at one to make the whole thing go boom. Makes a great welcoming present for enemies.

  • Death From Above:  Super flying robot! EV2 leaps high into the air and leaves a holographic decoy on the ground that taunts nearby enemies. As she slowly floats back down, the decoy explodes. And it all looks really awesome.

  • Proton Charge:  With a series of twists and turns, EV2 transforms into a turret, firing a devastating beam at enemies.


Her weapons. Canisters correlate to a different weapon from another hero:  Sword, Bow, Tome, Polearm and Staff. EV2 inserts the canister into the Integrated Arm Cannon, changing both her primary and secondary attack. Each canister has a different firing pattern:

  • Sword Canister

    • Very short-range shotgun bursts

  • Bow Canister

    • Single target – high damage – long range

  • Polearm Canister

    • Spread shots – medium range

  • Staff Canister

    • Burst fire – long range

  • Tome Canister

    • Explode on impact – small AoE

Some say there are Legendary canisters that have unique firing patterns and effects...


Hello, Defenders! Thanks to your reports on our Bug Reporting Site, we’ve been able to track down some of the lag issues in our game! This patch for PC & PS4 should improve connection performance for a large number of players.

Please note that this is not a complete and total fix of all connection performance issues. You may still experience issues while playing, and our team is dedicated to crushing them. More fixes will come. Also note that some of these fixes may create additional issues, so please help us keep an eye out for any new bugs and report them to the Bug Reporting Site!

Connection Performance Improvements

  • Optimized towers to potentially fix the multi-builder lag issue. Please let us know if the issue still persists, or if your towers aren’t updating properly when you change items or hotswap between heroes.

  • Fixed several issues that were causing our servers’ CPUs to spike. These issues would cause what looked like lag in the game. Please let us know if your heroes are not properly getting XP after this change.

Holiday Event Complete

  • The Holiday Event is now over! We hope you enjoyed your presents!

  • Just like the real holidays, the decorations may be gone but the snowpocalypse lingers. Stay warm out there.

Hotfix 2.1

  • Fixed an issue where some players were experiencing unplayable lag.
  • Incursions: Now drops level 25 Legendary items.
  • Incursions: Added a high chance to gain Legendary items on waves 4 and 5.
  • Incursions: Added a small chance for Legendary items from waves 1-3.
  • Incursions: Removed Worn and Sturdy tier loot from Incursion drop tables.
  • Incursions: Removed Powerful tier loot from wave 5 drop tables.
  • 25++: Removed Worn and Sturdy tier loot.
  • 25++: Added a small percent chance at gaining a legendary on waves 4 and 5.
  • 25++: Increased Epic and Mythical drop chance.
  • 25+: Removed Worn tier loot.
  • 25+: Added a small chance at a legendary on waves 4 and 5.
  • Special enemies have a higher chance at dropping weapons and relics on 25+, 25++ and Incursions -- 1/3 chance at armor, 1/3 chance at a weapon, 1/3 chance at a relic.
  • Special enemies have a higher chance at higher item power loot relative to drops from regular enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where extra magic and physical special stats were substantially higher than intended.
  • Removed global announcement spam from the Social Tavern.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ogre was spawning under the map in Throne Room 25++.

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