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Greetings Defenders,

Our first Xbox One patch is here! This patch fixes the biggest Xbox One crashes and bugs you’ve reported to us:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the loading screen crashes.

  • Fixed the Town crashes.

  • Fixed the Series EV2 proton beam crash.

  • Fixed a number of crashes that would happen when placing certain Dryad defenses, Lavamancer defenses and auras.

  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to properly equip costumes.

In addition to these fixes, this patch includes a number of features and improvements from the 1.0 Update that were not available at launch, including tutorial improvements, new Campaign gameplay updates and more. With this patch, Xbox One is now fully up-to-date with the PC & PS4 versions! You can find the full 1.0 patch notes here.

Thanks for your overwhelming support! We’re continuing to work on server stability and improvements, and we’re also cooking up our first big post-launch update. Stay tuned for more information!

The Trendy Team


Our next patch, Loot & Survive, is coming soon™. It contains pretty much everything you could want while defending Etheria -- a new leveling/progression curve, level cap increase to 50, rewards & Skill Sphere choices as you level up, a completely new loot/stat system, Onslaught Mode, Nightmare mode, an economy balance to make gold more meaningful, and oh so much more.

It will also include a wipe of your heroes and some of your other progress. Since we’re going to miss your heroes too (nooo Portario56235!), we decided to go the extra mile and put together some EXCLUSIVE items for your hard work:

Corrupted Welp

Everyone who has leveled up at least one hero to level 25 will be awarded a unique, custom pet. To obtain this award, you must complete this challenge by 5 PM EDT, July 26th.


4 Survivor Hero Costumes [updated 7/18]

Everyone who has leveled up at least one of each hero class to level 25 will get a unique hero costume for that class. To obtain these awards, you must complete this challenge by 5 PM EDT, July 26th.


We hope these make up for this heroic sacrifice ever-so-slightly more than a colorized icon. We appreciate all of your hard work helping us build Dungeon Defenders II-- together we are going to make the best Action Tower Defense game there is.

Wyvern Token Rewards [updated 7/18]

Finally, for the past week, all of you have been using your Influence points on which kind of wipe you’d like to see -- a Full Wipe or Partial Wipe. As of the writing of this post, Full Wipe is 7000 points ahead -- but, we recognize this could change at any moment.

We’ve received a ton of feedback from the Partial Wipe camp, asking us to create a reward for the hard-earned Wyvern Tokens they’ve obtained. Well look no further! IF the Full Wipe wins, we will be awarding the following amount of gems based on the amount of Wyvern Tokens you’ve earned by 5 PM EDT, July 26th:

Wyvern Tokens Earned

Gems Rewarded

20 - 39


40 - 79


80 - 119


120 +


Come back Monday for an Influence Vote on the exact details of the wipe

P.S. It’d look something like this if we transferred your hero data over. Also, we’re fully aware of going a bit overboard on the rewards for this wipe. But what can you say, we all got excited about these costumes (thanks Dan!).

DD2 beta code winners chosen!

The winners of the DD2 beta code giveaway are Narica, Vidurr, xjoshieboox, upwake and bobbysinger! Winners, keep an eye on your PM inbox tomorrow for your code.


Original post:


Want a Dungeon Defenders II beta code? How about a Razer mouse and keyboard and some awesome Dungeon Defenders swag? Enter the giveaway here!

Post a comment below for your chance to win a DD2 beta code! Winners will be chosen on Tuesday.


We’re giving away a custom Dungeon Defenders II PC to one lucky fan! Just visit our Facebook page and follow the instructions to enter. That’s it. So easy an Ogre can do it.

One grand-prize winner will receive a prize pack valued at more than $1,300 that features a limited-edition Dungeon Defenders II PC courtesy of Avatar Gaming! Custom built to give you the optimal DD2 experience.

Other goodies included with the new computer are:

  • Razer Naga Hex Mouse
  • Razer Black Widow Mechanical Keyboard
  • A Dungeon Defenders II pre-alpha code
  • A Dungeon Defenders II lanyard
  • A Dungeon Defenders II poster, signed by the Dev Team
  • A Dungeon Defenders II T-shirt of your choice
  • A Dungeon Defenders II mousepad of your choice

In addition to one grand-prize winner, we will be giving away 20 seats on the Defense Council, where you will access the pre-alpha and work alongside the developers to create the best DD2 possible. The first 10 seats will be given away on the Facebook wall post, and the other 10 seats will be given to those who enter the giveaway. Giveaway winners will be selected on March 21st, and Facebook wall post winners will be selected February 28th.

From everyone here at Trendy, have fun and good luck!

The random winner of our Relics blog is Dagarath!

After you stop by Facebook, leave a comment below for an extra chance to win a Dungeon Defenders II pre-alpha code! We’ll announce a random winner in our next blog post. We're also giving away a DD2 pre-alpha code on our Twitter page. Good luck!
When it comes to choosing a hero, there's a lot of things we look forward to. How do they look, what towers they have, and what abilities they have are some things that may affect your choices. Some people find it very handy to have their hero to go into a Blood Rage in the middle of battle, cutting through foes like butter. Other people want the satisfaction of being able to conjure up projectiles that go pew pew.

This is your chance to tell us what abilities you use and how often. Just take this Hero Ability Survey and tell us what you think. Let us know why you voted that way in the comments. You can even suggest some new abilities and let us know who should have it and why. I'll be sending these results to the Dungeon Defenders 2 design team sometime next week so hurry up and let us know what you think!

Greetings Defenders,

Welcome to the new forums! There's quite a bit of changes that had to happen in order to facilitate this move so please read everything to hopefully answer any questions you may have.

  • Logging In
    • Email/Password Login: Your password did not carry over from the old forums and must be reset by going here: https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/lostpassword/ . Make sure to check your email junk/spam folders in case the reset email goes there.
    • Steam Login: You must login with email first and re-link your Steam account to your forum account.
  • Post Counts
    • Since the new forum had to re-index everything during the migration, post count numbers will be to what posts you do have and not include any deleted posts, non-copied over old forum posts, or forum restore numbers.
  • Messages
    • Messages between members on the old forums were not moved to the new one. Sorry 😞
  • Threads with pages that show "There are no posts to show"
    • Older threads that had deleted/bad spam bot posts in them were cleaned up which may cause the error message above. Once new posts are added or you go to an earlier page instead of last post should work fine. New forum posts started on the new forums will not have this issue.
  • Reporting forum issues
  • Titles/Ranks
    • We're working on bringing back some custom groups and post count promotion fully. Right now after you make a post you should see yourself get the correct rank updated on your account.

Thank you!


From: Colin “Elandrian” Fisher, Creative Director

What’s up, Defenders!  Welcome to our first post as Chromatic Games!  If you’re new to the community, an extra helping of “welcome” is in store for you.  If you’re a veteran Defender, then welcome back. Let’s get right to it!

It’s been a wild ride these past couple months, but the cat’s out of the bag now!  There’s been a lot of news about our rebranding, new Kickstarter campaign, and what all of it means for you as a player.  I want to just take a brief moment to provide a little extra context about what’s going on. We’re #indieAF now, so it’s time to get the info straight from the horse’s mouth!  (Or maybe it’s beans time? Company beans? Who knows. Let’s do this.)

So What Happened To Trendy Entertainment?
For the more official take, you can check out the press release here.

For the realest take, keep reading!

In December of this past year, Augi Lye, one of the original founders of Trendy, came back as CEO to help return Trendy to its indie roots.  

The development team and I worked with him to figure out how we can have a good plan to move forward and start creating Dungeon Defenders games in the way they were meant to be made: for our players.  One of the things we wanted to make clear was that Trendy was no longer really Trendy.  There’s brand-new leadership, a new creative direction, and new energy at the studio that was just waiting to be released.  So we decided that we’re not really Trendy anymore.

Chromatic Games is our final form.  We’re over power level 9000 now, and we’re ready to rock.

We’re not answering to external people anymore.  We’re in control of our own destiny. We were able to keep the majority of the development team around, but we had some people move on to newer pastures. We’re so grateful for their years of service.  We love and respect all of our previous Trendy family, but now the Chromatic team is focused on the future — and that future is to keep improving DD2 and crafting Dungeon Defenders: Awakened.

What Does This Mean For Dungeon Defenders II?
Dungeon Defenders II will keep going!  Development is going to slow down, but we still plan on maintaining limited updates and content.  What do I mean by limited updates? We’re going to be focused on smaller quality of life updates, bug fixes, improvements and some occasional new cosmetics.  When I say smaller QoL, I mean in the development time aspect — we still plan on our quality of life features to be super impactful for players.  

We’re going to be releasing an update soon on all platforms that will have a vendor where you can get the Shards you’ve been looking for or looking to gild — a highly requested player feature!

There’s some extra morsels of dopeness in that update as well.  Most of the changes are gameplay related. We’re trying to make the fixes and improvements that everyone has been asking for.

Supporting Dungeon Defenders II will still continue to support the team at Chromatic and support our ability to continue to patch and grow DD2.  Our team is dedicated to figuring out how we can keep evolving the game in the right direction.

We’re going to keep making Dungeon Defenders II better and better, just as we’ve been committed to doing in the past.

So Why Dungeon Defenders: Awakened?
I’m just going to begin by addressing the elephant in the room:

“Elan, Dungeon Defenders: Eternity already happened.  Isn’t this just the same thing?!?”

The short answer is no. The long answer is HELL no.  DD:E was a different product entirely. We have no plans to repeat history when it comes to that.

We came up with Dungeon Defenders: Awakened as our first smaller-scope project as a new team. If we want to remain employee-owned/controlled (which is the dream!), we needed to prove that we’re the capable stewards and re-earn that trust before diving right into Dungeon Defenders III (which we have SO many slick plans for).

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened started as a plan to do a modern remake of the original Dungeon Defenders for the Nintendo Switch, but then it evolved from there.  We didn’t want the game to feel like some sort of weird attempt at Dungeon Defenders: Eternity again. We wanted to make a new game, a new experience, a new story.

As we began looking into what we could build with Unreal Engine 4, we found that we’ll need to rebuild a lot of the systems and code that supported the Dungeon Defenders games.  Fortunately, our engineers are rockstars. We’re taking a lot of the hard lessons we learned about building games over the years from DD1 and DD2 and now have the freedom to make these systems in newer, more optimized and scalable ways for DD:A.

We don’t just want the game to look better in UE4 — we want it to run and feel better.

We want controlling your character to feel “crispy.”  For some context on what that means, you should check out Ben Brode’s PAX Keynote from last year.  We love to draw inspiration from other games and developers, and that is one of my personal favorite talks that describes some of these key aspects of making games have that polished and responsive feel.

Then when it comes to content, we’re exploring ways of using and importing some of our existing content in new ways that we can use as a springboard to accelerate development.  

This is one of the things we show off in the Kickstarter.  Deeper Well is definitely still the same map effectively, but it has a completely new look and will play a little differently.  It will still be a familiar and recognizable location, but there are new things going on in these familiar spots and new gameplay that comes with it.

This is what will allow us to make our aggressive October timeline.  By using the content and assets that we’ve been developing over the years, the content team can go CRAZY and make the game look and run amazingly well while our design team focuses on bringing the gameplay into 2019.

Our goal is to bring Dungeon Defenders: Awakened to as many platforms and players as possible.  We want to make a game that everyone can enjoy, and enjoy together. It just takes additional support to get there, and that’s why we have our Kickstarter campaign.

Why Go To Kickstarter?
We JUST became fully independent again.  We want to build the game in a way that we can fully be in control of.  Obviously going to a publisher is an option that we can explore to get additional funding, but there’s always a bit of “loss” associated with that.  We’re really trying to move forward and make new games. We don’t want to have a publisher — we want to make Dungeon Defenders games that are fun, weird, engaging, meme-tacular, challenging, charming and magical.

By going to Kickstarter, we can maintain FULL control over development and the future of the Dungeon Defenders franchise.  Your support here is VITAL.

The “dream” is to add as much content to this game as possible and to make a game that you can enjoy as a solo player or as a co-op player, strategizing against new challenges, maps, defenses, and gameplay.  We love it when people make interesting builds that even baffle our internal designers. We love when people find cool ways to make defenses and heroes more powerful than we ever could have imagined. We want to give you more of that.

So we need your help.

In Conclusion
We’re here to make a game that communicates our passion for Dungeon Defenders. We want to fulfill the expectations of our followers both new and old.  At this moment, we’ve had about a month of focused pre-production development time so far, and look how much progress we’ve has been made already!

We can’t wait to give people more news and updates about Dungeon Defenders: Awakened as we make more progress. We’re focusing on having a player-first mentality be our driving force at Chromatic.  

We’re here for you, if you’ll be here for us.

Support our Kickstarter, spread the word, help us make the dopest Dungeon Defenders game of all time.


As always, feel free to hit me up on Twitter:  @LordElandrian

Welcome to our community.  Stay a while.


We’ve received intelligence that the enemy is clandestinely moving a shipment of Legendaries through Free Play. We must get our hands on these weapons, Defenders! It could be the difference between failure and total annihilation.

Our sources have confirmed that, starting right now until Monday at 11AM EDT, the drop chance for Legendaries in the Free Play, Incursion, and Onslaught game types will be doubled (this does NOT affect End Game game types). Many Wardens died to bring us this information. We must ensure their sacrifice was not in vain.

A raid behind enemy lines will be dangerous, Defenders, but we need that gear. Legendary gear will allow you to venture deeper into conflict and withstand tougher enemies.  

Success is not guaranteed, and neither is your survival. Do we have any volunteers for this mission? Step forward...


Greetings, Defenders!

A few weeks ago, a mysterious portal opened in Etheria. Today, we’re excited to reveal the portal’s secret: It’s a Terraria and Dungeon Defenders II crossover! This isn’t a one-way crossover, either. We’re adding Terraria content into our game, and Re-Logic is adding Dungeon Defenders content into Terraria!

The mystifying portal of mystery spurred a number of wild guesses. Some of your conclusions were accurate (eerily so); some of them not so much. Our favorite was from a member of the Terraria community who thought Re-Logic was adding a flaming baked potato boss. The image of a villainous flaming potato won’t leave our head. Re-Logic, you have to add it to Terraria. YOU HAVE TO!

So what’s coming to Dungeon Defenders II and when? We’re not adding a flaming potato boss (yet), but we do have something tasty cooked up for you:


The Terraria Update

The Terraria Update is scheduled to launch on November 15th. When it arrives, it’ll include:

  • The Dryad, a new Hero Balancing Corruption and Purity

  • A Decidedly Deciduous Map

  • An Ever-Watching Boss

  • A Bloodshot Enemy

  • Weapons For Every Hero!

    • A Purrfect Sword

    • A Bow of Seismic Destruction

    • A Great White Machine Gun

    • The Eat Your Green Beams Sword

    • A Staff That Came From the Moon!

    • This Book Really Cuts Us Up

    • Santa’s Favorite Staff

    • The Party Starter

    • We Have a Bone to Pick With You Gloves

    • This Knife Really Gets Around

  • A Howling Incursion

  • An Eclectic Collector

    • A morph dwarf by the wharf.

  • All of Your Hopes and Dreams

    • As long as all of your hopes and dreams are about Terraria coming to Dungeon Defenders II

      • And as long as it’s only the select things we’re bringing from Terraria into Dungeon Defenders II

        • And as long as your name is Ricky or Taneka. Only the people named Ricky or Taneka who had the specific desires of certain Terraria elements coming into Dungeon Defenders II will have their hopes and dreams fulfilled with this update.


Reveals & Streams

What does all of that mean? We’re sure you can figure them out, but if you need some help, keep an eye on our Twitter. We hear that Re-Logic has their own secrets to reveal, too.

If you want to see the update before it comes out, mark your calendars for Friday, November 11th at 3PM EST for the Terraria Update Devstream. We’re going to show off the new Dryad hero, walk through the new map, show off the new boss, wield the new weapons and more.

This Friday at 3PM EDT, we’re going to play vanilla Terraria on our Twitch channel! Tune in to hear more about the Terraria update and for your chance to win the Dryad!

Try Out the Dryad For Free

Speaking of the Dryad, we’re excited about an experiment we’re doing in this update. When the update comes out, you can try out the Dryad for free by visiting the portal in the Heroes Marketplace! We’ve setup a custom version of the Dryad to use in the new Terraria map, so you can test out all of her defenses and abilities before plopping down your hard-earned medals or your gems. It’s something you've been asking for with our new hero releases, and we hope you enjoy the experiment. We’re going to pay attention to the data to see how successful this is.

The Second Phase to Release

The Terraria Update marks Phase 2 of our journey to release Dungeon Defenders II out of Early Access. The goal behind The Terraria Update is to get lots of exposure for our game. More people playing = the more we can develop. We’re gathering lots of great data on our early game changes from Phase 1, and with this update, we’ll have more data to look at from other kinds of new players. And, of course, it’s just really awesome for DD2 to be in one of our favorite games, and Re-Logic is just as excited to see Terraria content in a game they love. (In fact, they’re the ones who reached out to us first! They have hundreds of hours in DD2! *fanboys*)

After The Terraria Update comes Phase 3:  endgame changes. We’ll have more to share soon. Stay tuned.

The Trendy Team


The Casters Guild is streaming the Pets & Dragons update today and tomorrow! They're exploring new maps, discovering new pets and trying to defeat our first DD2 boss, Betsy! Tune in to prepare yourself for the launch of the update on Tuesday, April 28th. Use the team page or the schedule below to learn when you can watch the update in action!

Sunday, April 26th

Dagnom, 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM EDT

djbouti_dan ft. LovinDaTacos, 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT

LovinDaTacos, 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM EDT

PhoenixHydra, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT

Elandrian, 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM EDT

oISketcHIo, 1:00 AM to 3:00 AM EDT

Monday, April 27th

Kiraeyl, 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM EDT

Dagnom ft. Victoryoftheppl, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM EDT

LovinDaTacos, 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM EDT

Kraith88 ft. Piggyteehee, 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM EDT

Piggyteehee ft. Kraith88, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT

VitamiinB, 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM EDT


This past week, all of us at Trendy have been hard at work on passion projects for Dungeon Defenders II. Now it’s time for you to help decide which make it into the game!


While we love all of these ideas, the realities of game development mean we can’t get them all in. So your votes will help us decide which are implemented. Now you can help us make the tough choices between focusing more on cleaning up the UI or getting an awesome combo ability feature in. 

Keep in mind that we’re excited about all of these ideas, as we’re sure you are too. The challenge is which to choose. So while it may seem like ties will help show us how you like everything (and trust me, we like them all too!), it’s more important to know what your favorites are. So the big winners are going to tell us the most!



The visual style of the original Dungeon Defenders was quite memorable, but not really for the right reasons. More in the “Wow those colors sure are… Noticeable!” way. The running joke was that the visuals of the game sometimes reminded everyone of a bag of Skittles that had materialized out of one of those jet-powered blenders. Part of this was because the development cycle only allowed for time to create and commit visual effects (VFX), not necessarily polish them. While I’m extremely proud of my work, I felt the finished product could have been more cohesive overall.

For DD2, we’re taking the extra time to ensure the highest possible quality in our game. Even before the pre-production phase started, our artists were determined to deliver visual effects that were extremely stylistic, elegant, and polished. VFX in DD2 would be unique and recognizable, acting as an accent to the art and immersing players in the experience.

Creating Visually Satisfying Combos
When it came time to develop DD2’s combat, we wanted players to seek out and look forward to complex interactions. To do that, we created a combo system for devastating enemy minions that was both visually rewarding and fun to use.

Our first challenge was to conceptualize how these interactions might look. My personal favorite is the water + electricity combo. In this combo, once a minion is hit by the drenched debuff, it becomes vulnerable to electric-type damage and is stunned while lightning arcs through it.


Yes, that’s a lightning elemental sword. And yes, it actually does something cool now!

In this particular example, our FX team had to come up with a solution for not only an emitter-based electricity effect that would play on the enemy, but also a material-based electrocution overlay, as depicted in the GIF above.

Our minion materials were already designed so that when an enemy is set on fire, oiled, drenched, or poisoned, you see the effect on the character model itself. Because we wanted a similar debuff effect for electrocution, we needed to add that state for each minion’s material.


This orc is just doomed to die a horribly painful death.

This material effect went through two iterations. Initially, we decided to depict it so that lightning played over a dark ‘scorched’ enemy, but in our first FX review, we realized this was too subdued and wasn’t giving enough incentive for players to activate the combo. So we decided to add a pulsing electric overlay to the minions. That coupled with particle-based glow and lightning beams allowed us to reach something pretty cool and immersive.

This process was a great example of a multidisciplinary effort coming together successfully. With everyone on the team dedicated to polishing the visual effects, we achieved something we feel is a great example of what’s to come in Dungeon Defenders II.

We can’t wait for you to experience the immensely satisfying combos we’ve got in store for you. Leave a comment below and tell us what combo you’d most like to see and you could win a spot on the Defense Council!

The random winner of our DD2 at PAX East blog is abbazabba!

Leave a comment to get your hands on the Dungeon Defenders II pre-alpha. We’ll pick a random poster and reveal the winner in our next blog post!

Greetings Defenders! Our special Veteran Defender promo is coming to an end! If you own DD1 or DDE, you have until 9:00am EDT this Friday, August 21st to purchase DD2 and get 600 gems and an exclusive "Veteran Defender" title! Don't miss out.


NOTE: This reward was redeemed automatically in your mailbox when you first started the game or when you re-started the game after Wipeaggedon.


In Dungeon Defenders II, were exploring new ways to create a fun and engaging cooperative experience. Instead of focusing your attention on one or two main objectives, youll now have the option of protecting sub-objectives that can drastically alter the flow of the game.

Good Co-op Play Comes From Variety

In DDI, many players told us that the best strategies involved clustering defenses around crystal cores.

This style of defense is known as turtling.

Its a valid strategy, but one that shuts down mobility across the map and encourages players to remain in one location. We believe a strong co-op experience benefits from multiple stimuli that call for dedicated attention from players. In the original game, so long as you protected the crystal core there was little incentive to do much else as a coordinated team. Moving forward, we want to encourage a greater variety of co-op experiences, and we believe that starts by giving players some reason to spread beyond the core.

Sub-Objectives Divert Resources and Draw Attention

To facilitate this, we decided to create a sub-objective system. You can lose these objectives and still win the match, but once a sub-objective falls, its meant to divert the attention of the players within the level. It forces them to make hard choices and divide up critical defense tasks. And as many of our Defense Councillors already know, it takes a coordinated effort to win a game once a sub-objective has fallen.


The destruction of a sub-objective also provides meaningful feedback for how youre progressing in a match. In DDI, players were either in control or they were dead. Sub-objectives introduce a buffer between these two points. Its a chance for players to rally their team and reconsider their strategy as lanes shift and new enemies head straight for the core.

Losing a Sub-Objective Is Noticeable, But Manageable

However, building a feature and using that feature are two very different things. We felt we had a great gameplay concept, but instead of creating balanced cooperative play, it was just leading to a frustrating experience. During our first prototypes we used too many sub-objectives, and it created a snowball effect. If players were already losing control of the map, the addition of more enemies almost guaranteed a loss. Were currently addressing this problem by having sub-objective enemies spawn during the next combat phase, but this approach isnt without its own issues. It doesnt have the impact we want, and it doesnt make it clear to the player that the loss of a sub-objective is what opened the new lane. Were still trying out a few ideas to address this, including releasing a few enemies right after the sub-objective falls. Were open to ideas from you guys, as well, so please let us know if you have any thoughts!


We cant wait for you and your friends to experience the sub-objective system. We truly feel it will create a much more exciting experience for everyone involved, and we look forward to seeing your feedback as we approach release. In the meantime, what would you like to see added as a sub-objective in Dungeon Defenders II? Let us know in the comments below!

Without further delay, the winner of our holiday loot naming contest is Bladedtaco! When everyone finds a Vilethorn in the game, theyll look to the heavens and curse your name for beating them in this contest...we mean, theyll forever praise your name!

Leave a comment to get your hands on the Dungeon Defenders II pre-alpha. Well pick a random poster and reveal the winner in our next blog post!


Update:  The Calling All Heroes update is coming out on Thursday, June 2nd!

The Calling All Heroes PS4 update includes our first new hero, the Abyss Lord, the Unholy Catacombs Incursion update, major changes to the Hero Deck and more! For more information, check out the Calling All Heroes and Unholy Catacombs trailers below:

Here’s the best part:  The next PS4 update will include Series EV2 + the Bling King incursion, and the PS4 update after that will sync up the PS4 and PC versions! From that point on, updates will come out around the same time for both PS4 and PC -- most likely about a week or so apart.

This update also includes some PS4-specific changes like enlarged item tooltips, reduced fullscreen takeovers in split-screen, the ability to access the Inventory/Forge anywhere on the battlefield, a number of crash fixes and more!

We’re super excited to be so close to PS4 and PC update parity. Almost there, Defenders.

See you next week.

The Trendy Team

P.S. Remember to use your Carnival passes and tickets before the Carnival disappears! If you don't use them all, don't worry:  The Carnival will be back in the future!




Our next update, the Defender-Centric Update, is upon us! This update contains a whole lot of love to a lot of foundational systems within Dungeon Defenders II. These changes are based off of feedback many of you have provided, and as Chromatic, we wanted to really give our GLORIOUS Defenders something that demonstrated how much we value our community. Without further ado, let's get into it!


Shards are such an integral part to Dungeon Defenders II when it comes to empowering your heroes with great strength to take out the waves of enemies constantly thrown at you. Currently there is a lot of RNG regarding which shards you get, and to help cut down the randomness, farming lower tiered content is the easiest way to go.

We don’t want that. We want you playing content you find engaging, while being able to acquire the Shards you want. With this update, you can! We're adding in the Shard Shop, a service that the Gran Ma'ster now offers. Visiting her allows you to purchase Shards directly from her, from Campaign to Chaos VII. There is also search functionality so you can search for the Shard you want and cut down the hunt!


Chaos VIII Shards are a new tier of shard, that some of you may have snagged before. We went through and found a way to make these shards feel like a good reward for climbing higher Onslaught, and have them compete with similar Shards. You can get them after a certain point in Onslaught, similar to when you start receiving Chaos VIII Ampoules.


We want players enjoying Ancient Power as much as they can, and our big goal was making sure that Defenders could play content they found engaging, while working towards a specific goal. Enter Material Conversion. Material Conversion allows you to take a Pristine quality material and convert it to the same type of material of a lower quality. This makes it so that if you are climbing Onslaught, or playing higher Chaos, you're always gaining usable materials to acquire Ancient Power.

That's not all though! As you play Chaos VII and above, you can take your Chaos VII Ampoules and convert them into CHAOS VIII AMPOULES! We want players upgrading and getting Chaos VIII gear, so this is a step towards making that process feel good and not entirely beholden to RNG.


One thing that we love is the ability to customize the heroes in Dungeon Defenders II. Weapons are part of the epic-ness (or silliness) that can really show off your own personal taste. This update provides over 30 NEW Weapons that are currently unobtainable. These weapons are gained by climbing through different tiers of Onslaught. The higher you go, the more epic the weapons become! There's a ton to hunt down, and if you happen to get the same weapon repeatedly, no worries — you can trade it to your friends!


Poison Mods in the form of Chips are coming with this update. Poison can be applied to weapons to give them an additional damage over time effect. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! If earth damage is dealt to a poisoned enemy, they now become PETRIFIED, freezing them in place, turning them to stone, and causing their fellow enemies to attack them


To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon!

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team


Update 1.2 Released

We wanted to ease players into our early game by making hero-specific loot drop more frequently on early maps. We like ramping our loot system to the player. As such we want early players to very frequently find immediate rewards. Later on when we’ve introduced more game concepts, we drop more variety of loot to show players the possibility space. There are a lot of options in the DD2 loot system for you to play with. We found a bug that was preventing hero-targeted loot from dropping on certain maps (mainly Town Entrance and Market) As a result, you’ll see more loot drop for your hero across the board:

  • Resolved an issue where items were not dropping at the intended frequency for the selected Hero.

Many of you have been pointing at easy mode Monk for awhile. We listened. What we found is that the Monk’s Lightning Damage Spec Node was adding an additional 100% damage every time the Spec Node activated. We’ve fixed the issue and Monks are fitting better into our hero balance paradigm:

  • Resolved an issue where the Monk’s Lightning Damage Spec Node did significantly more damage than intended.

Clarity is critically important. We identified certain stats and tooltips that were unclear or had bugs and cleaned them up:

  • The Apprentice’s Reduce Cooldown Spec now displays the correct percentage in the Spec Node page. There were some additional edge cases that were fixed in this patch.
  • The special stat “% chance to drench on hit for # seconds” was displaying different number of seconds depending on if the item was equipped or in the inventory. The tooltip should now display the correct number in all places.
  • Physical and Magical Armor have been renamed to Physical and Magical Resist for items.

General Bug Fixing:

  • Switching between characters with an item that has the lifesteal special stat no longer breaks the functionality of lifesteal. 
  • Resolved an issue where the “Chance on Damage Taken for Fire Explosion” special stat on items would never trigger. 
  • The special stat "% chance to stun a target for # seconds" no longer applies to the Monk's Lightning Aura.[/list] 
[CG] HiggsBosonic


It’s been a little while since we last spoke, but what we’ve lacked in words, we’ve been making up for in hard work! There’s a ton of stuff that we’re continuously chugging away on:  Update 1.2, console ports, and even our major content updates. We’re breaking the silence and ready to talk about our work with Update 1.2. Let’s get into it!

Console Development Check-In
We’re currently making a ton of great strides and getting a lot of performance out of our console work. There’s a lot with this type of development, not only in getting the game to run properly and at a decent frame rate but also in meeting the technical requirements of each specific platform before we submit for certification. As we continue to progress, we’ll keep you all posted.

Update 1.2
We’re going to be splitting this update into two parts to make sure everything we add is in the best state possible. The first part of this update includes additional gameplay, features, rewards, and bug fixes; the second part includes additional features and Kickstarter rewards. The goal with Update 1.2 is to put a bow on what we consider the baseline DD:A experience before we move onto major content updates.

Part I:  Enter the Rift
Rift Mode
We’ve been teasing it for a bit, but we’re ready to talk about our newest game mode coming in Update 1.2 — Rift Mode!

What is it?
Rift Mode is an option, similar to Hardcore, that players opt into throughout Campaign and Survival. Rift Mode serves to evolve the challenge and experience of DD:A, providing players something new, regardless of their experience with Dungeon Defenders, to take on. Here are the main takeaways:


  • The number of total enemies is halved.
  • Some enemies become Rift Enemies, providing additional functionality and difficulty.
    • All enemies can become Rift Enemies.
    • The Siren is already a Rift Enemy.
  • A new weapon type called Fusion is dropped to take on Rift Enemies.
    • This will make taking Sirens on considerably easier.
  • New armor set bonuses that can be target farmed to take on Rift Enemies.
  • Increased loot quality dropped in Massacre.
    • This is not an increase in item caps, but rather dropping better quality loot in general to progress faster.
  • Over 20 new accessories added only available in Rift Mode.

Where does it occur?
It is available at ALL difficulties for Campaign and Survival.

What are Rift Enemies?
Rift Enemies are considerably stronger monsters that have greatly increased health, increased damage, and additional mechanics. Here are three of the enemies’ new mechanics:

  • Goblins:  They’re 33% larger, making them more of an imposing threat, and potentially blocking higher priority targets from getting hit.
  • Archers:  They’re attack range has been increased and now they shoot homing missiles.
  • Ogres:  They’ve cleared up their sinuses and instead of throwing snot, they throw Rift Kobolds that have a huge explosion.

This is just a sneak peek into the additional mechanics, as EVERY enemy can become a Rift Enemy.

What are the rewards?
As mentioned above, we’re adding in new weapon variations, new armor sets that help you take on these new enemies, new accessories to spruce up your character, and increased loot drops to progress even faster.

What’s the point?
In Dungeon Defenders Awakened we’ve got multiple types of players. There are Defenders who enjoy the traditional Dungeon Defenders experience, want to spend tons of time farming for that perfect drop, and like to set up an intricate grid of defenses that they can set and forget. Then there are Defenders who want an additional challenge, want better loot faster, and want somewhat shorter play sessions. With every one of our updates, the first group will get what they want, but for the second group, Rift Mode is our chance to provide an option to the second group.

This isn’t a one-and-done mode either. It’s a Rift, and as we progress further and further into DDA with our major updates, the Rift continues to tear more and more open, introducing new mechanics and challenges for players to overcome. Every new enemy added to the game will have a Rift version as well, diversifying the gameplay and introducing a new obstacle to overcome.

Really it’s just a mode to provide a reward that decimates the Siren.

Also, there’s a ton of new accessories to hunt down in this update! Why does that matter? Let’s get into the next big feature of this update — Transmog.

This feature looks to provide players the option to make their hero look how they choose. It’s similar to the Flair system that was in Dungeon Defenders II that many players enjoyed, with similar elements to customization systems you may have seen in other games.

What is it?
You might get a fancy mask that drops that looks cool, but really you want to live out your dream of wearing a goblins face without sacrificing the godly-tier stats on your perfectly dropped fancy mask. Now you can! This system is pretty robust and is something we’re going to continue to build upon it over time.

Your Transmogs will exist independently of your actual equipment, so feel free to mix-and-match to your heart’s content! As you change your equipped items, your Transmog appearance will go untouched. No longer must beauty come at a price.

What can I do with it?
There’s multiple changes to the system. First, you can change the model of your equipped items in the following equipment slots:


  • Weapons (you can only Transmog weapons that your hero can use)
    • EV, won't be able to Transmog her weapons, as they are not visible
  • Masks (can be hidden or transmogrified to look like any other mask)
  • Brooches (can be hidden or transmogrified to look like any other brooch)
  • Bracers (can be hidden or transmogrified to look like any other bracer)

There’s over 20+ new accessories for you to hunt down, and we know what you’re thinking: yes you will be able to look like a Sharken with some of these new accessories.

However, the customization does not stop there. We’ve opened up additional colorization options on the heroes, giving you even more control of their appearance. It doesn’t even stop THERE! You can also recolor your WEAPONS & ACCESSORIES to look however you want. We’re making it so that all items  drop with their default colors, and the icons now reflect that as well.

All items can have their hue (color), saturation, and brightness adjusted. Black katana? Easy. Red Shield? Done. Neon green mask for that sweet rave in Deeper Well? No problemo!

You can preview how certain colors get converted to HSB with this nifty tool:

Bug Fixes? Bug Fixes!
There are a TON of bug fixes coming with this update. It’s a little complicated, but basically patching while we’ve been working on our console ports has been a very difficult endeavor, requiring a lot of additional work and potentially breaking a lot more, leading to delayed patch releases and console releases. We’re sorry we haven’t got these out sooner, but there are a lot coming and we’ll make sure to have detailed notes of ALL OF THEM.

Part 2: Give Me That!
We’re not a very large team, so when it comes to getting things done, we have to be really efficient and smart with what we work on. Our team has been hard at work on getting our console versions ready (work is still going on as of this post), which is a very time consuming and incredible engineering feat to accomplish. As such, there’s a couple features that we want to give a little bit of additional time and focus on to make sure they release fully functional.

This is going to be a pretty straightforward feature to many. Trading will allow players to open up a UI with other players to trade items that they have acquired throughout their journeys,for an agreed upon price. We’re wanting to spend additional time on this feature to make sure it not only has transactions working without a hitch, but also to remove any potential exploits that can ruin the experience of other Defenders.

Item Reforging
Sometimes you get a good drop and invest a ton of points into a piece of gear, only to want to reallocate the Upgrades that you’ve spent after acquiring more gear to really Min/Max your perfect setup. With Item Reforging, you can do just that! Just take a trip to the Blacksmith, and for a fee, he will allow you to reinvest your items’ upgrade points..

Kickstarter Rewards
Part of this update is putting a bow on the base game, and that includes fulfilling our in-game Kickstarter, Backerkit, and Preorder rewards. We’ve got most of the skins out, but will be adding in:

  • Custom enemy names
  • Custom weapon names
  • Custom armor names
  • Legends Tablet
  • Credits/Special Thanks
  • Hero Titles

We’re wanting to get a few weeks of testing done to make sure that Part I is good to go. Once we’re happy with where it’s at, we’ll get it out to you ASAP. Do you want to be part of that process? You can apply to join our Cavalry testing group to get a sneak peek as well as provide important feedback or report any pesky bugs that may be hiding from us. Part II will come out shortly after that. Our goal is to make sure it works before setting a release date.

Social Defenders

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Keep an eye out for more info!
For Etheria!
Chromatic Games


Update 1.1 Released

Thanks for all of your feedback and bug reports! We will be addressing some of your biggest feedback in a video later this week. We’re incredibly excited to work with you to build the best Action Tower Defense game possible. 

This patch primarily addresses bugs that have been sent to us through our forums and our bug reporting form. Keep sending those bugs in to the Tavernkeep! 


  • Several actions have been added to the controls in the Options menu. Activate, Alt. Activate, Ready Up, and Suicide can now be rebound to any key. Additionally, this implementation fixed a bug where rebinding other keys to the ‘e’, ‘f’, ‘g’, and ‘l’ key would prevent these actions. 
  • Pressing left-shift with the item comparison tooltip will now display the currently equipped item.
  • The AutoReporter has been added to help us debug crashes.

Bug Fixes

  • Several users were reporting that transitioning from a gameplay map to the entry tavern would occasionally delete their profiles. This issue should now be resolved.
  • Resolved a UI-related crash. 
  • The ‘Right Arrow’ key can now be bound.
  • Combo Feats no longer reward currency and experience due to an exploit. These rewards will be re-added when the Combo Feats are reworked in an upcoming patch.
  • Skyguard Towers will now attack enemies that are close to the ground.
  • The Squire's Powerful Spears Spec was not dealing the full damage to subsequent targets. This should now be working as intended. 
  • The Huntress’ Long Range Spec no longer affects her Oil Flask and Concussive Shots abilities.
  • The Apprentice’s Reduce Cooldown Spec now displays the correct percentage in the Spec page.
  • Special Stat Procs, such as Drenched, now only apply to hero attacks and not defense attacks.
  • Mana Nodes no longer start out in the activated state if a player joins the match after the build phase started.
  • The item comparison tooltips with special stats no longer clips off the screen.
  • The scroll bar for the Codexes page now functions properly when the arrows are pressed and the scroll bar is dragged.
  • Removed the green glow from the War Table in the Group Tavern.
  • The Crystal Cores in the Gates of Dragonfall and The Throne Room are no longer brighter than the sun.
  • Resolved an issue in The Ramparts where the air lanes would fail to spawn. This was preventing the players from finishing the match. 

Known Issues

  • We are still investigating several known launcher crashes and issues. If you’re experiencing launcher issues, please go to this page, try the possible solutions listed, and if you’re still having issues, follow the instructions listed at the bottom of the page.
  • If you’re experiencing lag, please go to this page and follow the instructions listed.
  • If you’re getting stuck on the Searching for Session screen, please wait a few minutes and try again. If you’re unable to get past this screen, please email supporttrendyent.com!
  • Players have reported entering a black tavern and falling through the game world. This is hilarious, but we’ll fix it.
  • We’re aware that players’ in-game name is different from their Steam name. We’re looking into this issue. For the time being, we can change your name for you! Email supporttrendyent.com with the name you’d like and a link to your Steam profile page.
  • Some players are reporting that items purchased in the tavern are not appearing in their inventory. Be sure to check every bag that you own. Sometimes, leaving the tavern or entering a map will make the item appear. We’re investigating the issue.
[CG] HiggsBosonic


Nat “Higgsbosonic” here, wanted to bring you an update regarding our next patch!

1.1 Patch Update

The Update 1.1 patch is going to be released in August. We’ve seen a few comments regarding the patch arriving in July and that it has been delayed. This post is the first official statement regarding the patch and its timeline. This is a standard content patch and not a paid DLC.

There are only two places for official announcements: the news posts on our website, and the Chromatic Games Dev streams (at twitch.tv/chromatic_games). Anything outside of that should not be considered official information, even if it comes from an official dev.

We know you are eagerly awaiting this patch and we're working at full capacity (without crunch) to bring you high-quality patches and content for DD:A. We care about our team and do everything we can to take care of them as we continue to make DD:A the game greater and greater with each update. We do not want to rush out patches or content. We are ruthlessly testing and incorporating the community during the entire process. Every week our RQA team and Ethereal Calvary which are all community members playtest our latest build and provide feedback. They help us find bugs and the fun! We thank all those who dedicate their time to us now, and in the future.

So what’s in it? 
There has already been a lot of information shared with the community about what is going to be in the patch in terms of features. I wanted to gather all of that in one place, confirm its existence and provide a few shiny screenshots. Please note, not everything included in Update 1.1 is listed on this post.

Massacre Survival 
Yes, it is on its way, we’ve been spending an immense amount of time to make sure this game mode feels right. Provide a challenge, proper progression curve, and rewarding loot. This is just the beginning of the late game and we hope you enjoy the challenge!


Skyward Challenges

Two new challenges await you! Take towards the sky as you tackle these new adventures in Tornado Valley and Promenade. Invade airships, defeat the ship captain, and dodge deadly mortar barrage; or play capture the flag against Copters of both the goblin and Ogre variety, meanwhile, there are missiles set to stun kill.



An old robot-friend has found her way into DD:A. Series EV is a beloved hero from the franchise, we wanted to bring her to DD:A along with her reflect and buff beams ^^. Something a little extra to help deal with the challenges that await in Massacre Survival and beyond.
*Hero name subject to change ;)


  •         Decoy
  •         Proton Charge

    Defenses (All the Beams):

  •         Proton beam
  •         Physical beam
  •         Reflect beam
  •         Shock beam
  •         Buff beam

Dual Weapon Equip:
Gain stats from both weapons
Only one weapon can be used at a time
Huntress and Apprentice weapons only

Check out some EV-A Gameplay over at JuiceBags Youtube channel!

Series EV.png



Oh, inventory management, where do I begin… Well, there was once a dev named Philtermancer, he was a wise engineer, privy to the plight of inventory management time sinks that plagued the community. His trusty friends Sir Sean “Shoryu” Ryan the UX wizard and Magister Mario “Luvcraft” Machado UI Art master devised a most wonderful solution. In Update 1.1 you are bestowed the blessed bag filters, making your adventures in Etheria easier, the end. 

Inventory Filter Bags:


New additional filters:



Fancy new tooltips:



There are additional features and changes coming your way in our 1.1 patch as well as hundreds of bug fixes.

Come say hello and chat about the upcoming content in our Discord!


Social Defenders

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Keep an eye out for more info!
For Etheria!
Chromatic Games


Greetings Defenders,

Update 1.1, the Wizards and Blizzards Update, has arrived! Our focus for this update is the arrival of the Adept (our new gender-swap hero), bringing Revenge of the Yetis Incursion to all platforms, updating many important systems, and paving the way for the addition of larger modes and variety to Etheria in our coming updates. Let’s dive into some chilling patch notes!

New Hero:  The Adept!

“A dedicated bookworm and talented mage, the Adept pursued the arcane arts from a young age. Unrivaled in her valley homeland, the Adept has come to Dragonfall to prove herself among the finest arcane masters and to take the fight to the Old Ones on the fields of battle.”

The Adept is our new gender-swap hero, and with her comes two new abilities and one new defense:

New Ability:  Arcane Bubble

The Adept creates a pulsing shield that reflects all enemy projectiles and periodically stuns all enemies within. It’s particularly useful against enemies that apply crowd control effects (*cough* Dark Assassins *cough*).

New Ability:  Arc Lightning

The Adept sends piercing bolts of devastating lightning that damage marked targets and enemies caught in-between her and her mark.

New Defense:  Hailstorm Tower

The Adept’s new defense is a powerful anti-air tower! The Hailstorm Tower fires a barrage of single-target damaging ice shards at flying enemies, which also weakens them to follow-up attacks.

Try the Adept for Free!

Perhaps best of all, with the update out now, you’ll be able to try the Adept for free by visiting the Portal in the Heroes Marketplace! Once you enter the Portal, you’ll be given access to a normalized version of the Adept decked out in gear. If you like being able to try out a premium hero for free, please let us know.  

Check the Adept’s section of our Hero section for more information on abilities, towers, and shards!

Revenge of the Yeti’s Incursion on PS4 & PC

This frosty Incursion is available on PS4 and PC in this update! Prepare to face the mighty Yeti and his abominable new minions on the Hot Springs map. Revenge of the Yetis is available in Chaos VII, prepare to overcome the cold or get frozen in your tracks.  Succeed in doing so, and gain the power that the Withering Blast Shard has to offer! 

Double EXP Weekend!

To help beat back this frozen behemoth and his horde of frozen allies, level up twice as fast this weekend!  The event runs from:

  • Start:  Friday 4:00 PM EDT
  • End:  Monday 4:00 PM EDT


User Interface

  • New Cosmetic Manager UI!

    • Shows costumes you have and do not have (including special events).

    • New ways to browse costumes, accessories, and towers.

  • Added a rotating preview model to hero customization.

  • Last hero focused in customization will now be the focus when returning to your inventory.

  • When going to hero details window, gamepad focus is set to the weapon slot.


This update implements some major backend matchmaking updates, which we’ll be able to grow and improve the matchmaking experience upon. With this particular update, we’ve been able to address the following:

  • Ascension minimum level requirement will be enforced when transitioning to the next map.

  • Joining nearly completed matches is now less likely.

  • Sticking with party members between maps has been improved.

  • Custom session name will now preserve between maps.

  • Default session name will change and update between maps.

  • NOTE: Periodically the ‘Next Map’ option will instead send you back to the Tavern / Town. This is a temporary server-relief measure that we hope to remove in a future patch.

There’s plenty more we want to do with this new backend system in the future (like improving the Party System), so stay tuned for more updates!

Gamepad Improvements

  • Pressing L1+R1 on PS4 or RB + LB on Xbox, in any order, will now use Ability 4 (Heal).

  • On Xbox, when aiming at a defense, pressing RB+B will sell the defense; while pressing Y will upgrade the defense.

    • Note: It will continue to function as before if you aren't aiming at a tower when you start interacting.

  • On PS4, when aiming at a defense, pressing R1+ Circle will sell the defense; while Triangle will upgrade the defense.

    • Note: It will continue to function as before if you aren't aiming at a tower when you start interacting.

  • Swapping Heroes, in both gameplay and at the Inventory screens, now uses D-Pad directions without the L1 (PS4) or LB (Xbox) combination.

  • Selecting an item automatically focuses a valid equipment spot.

    • Selecting a helmet highlights the helmet slot on the current selected hero.

    • Selecting a relic chooses the first relic slot.

  • Quest UI, Ping, etc. have been moved to L1 (PS4) and LB (Xbox) + D-Pad directions.

  • Controller key bindings have been updated in the Options menu.


We've introduced a new leaderboard feature on our site!  

  • Compare the top scores on individual maps.
  • Compare scores for both single and multiplayer sessions.

Click here to check it out and see where you rank!

General Balance and Features

  • Multiplayer Enemy Health Scaling

    • Enemies now only gain 20% health per additional player (was 25%).

  • Wisps are back on all game modes!

Hero Updates

Abyss Lord

Ascension Powers

  • Abyss Knight Talent increases damage dealt and scales with ability power.



  • Arcane Bubble: The Adept creates a pulsing shield that reflects all enemy projectiles and periodically stuns all enemies within.

    • Mana Cost: 80

    • Cooldown: 25 seconds

  • Tesla Coil: The Adept sends piercing bolts of devastating lightning that damage marked targets and enemies caught in-between.

    • Mana Cost: 35

    • No Cooldown


  • Hailstorm Tower: An anti-air tower that fires a barrage of damaging ice shards at flying enemies, which also weakens them to follow-up attacks.

    • Defense Cost: 40 DU


  • Wither Shield:  Arcane Bubble withers enemies inside it increasing the damage they take by X%.

    • Found in the Chaos 1 Shard Pack.

  • Sanctuary: Heroes inside the Arcane Bubble shield heal X% of their health per second during the duration of the bubble.

    • Found in the Chaos 2 Shard Pack.

  • Icefall:  Hailstorm Tower attacks have a X% chance on hit to freeze enemies for 2 seconds.

    • Found in the Chaos 2 Shard Pack.

  • Thunderwave:  Arc Lightning deals X% Ability Power as damage to all enemies around you.

    • Found in the Chaos 3 Shard Pack.

  • Arc Shielding: Arc Lightning places a shield on you that lasts 20 seconds that absorbs X% of your Ability Power. Enemies that hit the shield are damaged for a total of Y% of your Ability Power over 3 seconds.

    • Found in the Chaos 4 Shard Pack.

  • Marking Bubble: Arcane Bubble will place a Mark on all enemies in the initial spawn area and increases Mark count X.

    • Found in the Chaos 4 Shard Pack.

  • Thunderbolts and Lightning:  Increases the damage of Arc Lightning by X%.

    • Found in the Chaos 5 Shard Pack.

  • Explosive Finale:  Upon completion, the Arcane Bubble explodes dealing X% Ability Power damage to all enemies in and around the bubble.

    • Found in the Chaos 6 Shard Pack.

  • Glacier: Every 10 attacks, Hailstorm Tower fires an icy boulder that explodes on impact dealing X% Defense Power as damage in a small area.

    • Found in the Chaos 7 Shard Pack.

  • Withering Blast: Enemies damaged by Arcane Barrier take 20% increased damage for 3 seconds. 

    • Found in the Revenge of the Yeti Incursion.



  • Secondary Attack projectiles no longer magnetize to targets, ensuring they always travel in a straight line. This increases their accuracy when trying to pierce and Mark multiple targets. Adept’s secondary attacks have been updated to use this new targeting as well!


  • Arcane Volley

    • Due to an improvement in trajectory and visibility, projectiles reach their Marked targets sooner.


  • Added - Withering Blast: Enemies damaged by Arcane Barrier take 20% increased damage for 3 seconds. 

    • Found in the Revenge of the Yeti Incursion.

  • Magic Missile

    • Updated the description.



  • Oil Flask

    • Animation speed greatly increased.



  • Skyguard Tower: Skyguard Tower has been bugged for a while, firing 4 projectiles from a single barrel instead of 1 from each of its 3 barrels. It now fires correctly, and we had to rebalance the damage-per shot to balance out kill times on packs of enemies.

    • Defense Power ratio increased 5.5 -> 6.5 (+18%)

    • Projectiles per attack decreased from 4 to 3 (-25%)



  • Serpent's Coil:  Now affected by Defense Speed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue partially with mobs walking over blockades by increasing blockade height.  Please watch where you step.

  • Fixed multiple split-screen crashing issues.

  • Fixed multiple split-screen party invite issues.

  • Fixed multiple split-screen party continuity issues.

  • Fixed an issue where scrolling without a gamepad was not responding correctly.

  • Fixed an issue when trying to turn off gamepad control without having a gamepad connected.

  • Fixed an issue in sewers where North East sub-objective destruction was causing incorrect spawns the following waves.

  • Fixed an issue where tower skins for the Apprentice, Huntress, and Squire were not purchasable.

  • Fixed an issue where shop tooltips were appearing offscreen in 1920x1080.

  • Fixed a description issue with Dragon Stance; changed to “Each enemy hit with a primary attack.”

  • Fixed an issue where the Dryad controlled worse in the air than other heroes.

  • Fixed an issue where the 8-bit skin for Dryad was not purchasable.

  • Fixed an issue with the Weapon Manufacturer Damage talent display.

  • Fixed Scourge Dragon Pet ability tooltip to include it happens “for the first 5 hits.”

  • Fixed an issue where Initiate’s hand customization was not saving when exiting the shop.

  • Added description to Betsy shards to warn users that only one of the shards will be active at any given time. (Equipping a Betsy shard to a Betsy weapon does not duplicate the effect).

  • Fixed an issue where the Prince’s cannons were not dealing damage.

  • Fixed an issue where EV2’s Buff Beam would flash red on the minimap without being low health.

  • Fixed an issue where Drenching Broomnado shard’s drench was not working with storm damage correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where upgrading an item could increase its required level.

  • Removed unneeded tooltips for Hero Customization top row.

  • Fixed default Shinobi Monk Head’s eyes.

  • Fixed an issue where accessories descriptions weren’t displaying correctly.

  • Fixed an issue with PS4 shader cache.

  • Fixed an issue where the Xbox store was referencing the PlayStation store when attempting to purchase with insufficient gems.

  • Fixed an issue where Hero Levels and Ascension Levels were not displaying correctly on the HUD hero name-plate.

  • Concussive Chi shard now only affects one target at a time, has the same behavior as Overwhelm.

  • Fixed accessory tab segment bug.

  • Fixed several audio special effects that played louder out of the left channel, and all music playing louder out of the right channel.

  • Fixed several spelling errors with shards.

  • Added default skin names for towers.

  • Fixed a bug where Demon Scythe’s secondary fire was dealing incredibly high critical damage.

  • Demon Scythe’s secondary attacks should now fire in a straight line, using the same improvements as Magic Staves for the Apprentice / Adept.

  • Fixed an issue where the gamepad on Xbox incorrectly displayed the R and L button bindings.

  • Fixed several spelling errors with equipment.

  • Removed option for Gunwitch to select tower skins.

  • Lowered volume level of rivers.

  • Fixed an issue where a number of shards were using negative numbers in their tooltips.

  • Fixed an issue where loading screen pro-tip referenced practice maps.

  • Fixed a volume issue with critical hit and headshot sounds.

  • Fixed an issue with shop data and scrolling with gamepads.

  • Fixed a sound issue when choosing a location for a tower.

  • Removed an effect that was a remnant from Huntress’s Explosive Trap.

  • Fixed a material issue for forest maps.

  • Fixed a focus issue with the Petrinarian UI.

  • Fixed default skins to not have tooltips.

  • Added death volume in sections of Demon’s Lair/Molten Citadel map.

  • Fixed an issue with gamepad performance on the Hero Customization window.

  • Fixed an issue when opening the wartable when not in a party.

  • Demon’s Lair Incursion steps for completion typo corrected (previous Demon Slayer Incursion)


Update 1 Patch Notes

After weeks of hard work, our team is ready to release the first major content update for DD2 since the Council Expansion. This update contains some huge changes thanks to your feedback, so let’s break it down:

Armor and Relics


Armor is back! Helms, chest plates, gauntlets and boots -- these familiar treasures will drop from the bodies of your fallen foes. Players can equip one of each armor piece, along with one weapon and one relic (and one shield if you’re a Squire). There are six rarities of armor to discover, ranging from the raggedy Worn pieces to the awe-inspiring Legendary gear.

As for relics, these have been delegated to a single slot, and their purpose has changed dramatically. Relics are now used to amplify a specific playstyle. Each relic type has a specific primary stat:  

  • Totems: Defense Health
  • Medallions: Defense Power
  • Rings: Ability Power

Relics offer a significant stat bonus to their respective primary stat, similar to how weapons offer a significant Hero Damage bonus. We’re sure there will be many more changes to the loot system in the future, and look forward to your feedback on this new system!

Victory Chests


We still have a ton of work that we want to do to make victories in Dungeon Defenders II satisfying and meaningful. We’ve just completed the first phase of that work -- Victory Chests. These chests appear at the end of a map and reward you with awesome loot.

There are four different rarities of chests: Powerful, Epic, Mythical and Legendary. Each chest contains one piece of loot associated with its rarity and a TON of gold. There’s also a small chance something awesome will happen when you open one!

Stats and Special Stats Changes


Stats now roll in weighted combinations to help you get sets of stats that make sense for your hero. This means that Defense stats and Hero stats are more likely to roll together! This also reduces the amount of totally useless gear that drops, making it more likely that you’ll find the gear that you want to find.

We’ve also made a bunch of changes to special stats. These special stats now scale with rarity and item level. In addition, some of these stats are now tied to specific slots. For example, only boots can roll the special stat which has a chance on hit to double your movement speed!

We’ve added 9 new special stats and 3 legendary special stats to the game. Please note: Balance for these new stats is absolutely not final :). Have fun!

Mana Nodes


This is our long-awaited change to the Chest & Keys system. In the same four spots where chests were located before, you’ll now find mana nodes. Unlike chests and keys, mana nodes are linked together via magic that lets you know when and if mana is available for your hero! You only have to activate one mana node to get your portion of mana from a map. Once you get your mana, the remaining nodes on the map will deactivate. If a player drops or leaves the game, the mana nodes will reactivate to distribute the remaining mana to your team.

There are also some HUD changes associated with this new system. Most notably, you’ll now be able to see how much mana other players are holding on their portrait on the HUD!


You may have noticed that tomes were absent from the relics list above. That’s because tomes are now being used as… Codexes! These are unique lore items scattered throughout the world, containing stories and key information about the world of Etheria. We’ll be creating more of these stories in the future and some of the ones in the game right now are placeholders. Let us know what you think!

Part of this change has also affected the inventory. You’ll notice there is no longer a Costume tab on the inventory. This tab will be making a reappearance when we widen the inventory screen.


It’s our long term goal to create an awesome summary screen and score system that will let you know how you do in a match and incentivize you to play better (or differently) next time. There a lot of features needed to get this score system in, and we’ve just implemented the first--Feats!

Feats are awards you can earn during a match for performing specific actions like setting off environmental traps or repairing a bunch of Defenses in a row. Successful completion of these Feats will help you score bonus currency and XP in your matches, and will eventually become an important part in how we measure your performance in-game!


You can now earn player titles in Dungeon Defenders II. Check out the Collections tab to select these titles. In the future, we will be giving all of our Defense Councillors a code to redeem for a Defense Council title!

Full patch notes below:

Major Features

Armor System and Loot Changes

  • Weapons & Relics can only have 2 stats:
  1. 1 Primary 
  2. 1 Secondary
  • Armor was added to the game
  • Four additional equipment slots were added:
  1. Head Slot
  2. Chest Slot
  3. Hand Slot
  4. Foot Slot
  • Armor now carries your physical and magical resistance stats as its primary stat
  • Armor has two secondary stats that it will pick from
  • The number of Special Stats per item tier was adjusted
  • The number of Stats on items also was slightly adjusted
  • Players now have only one Relic slot
  • There are three types of Relics:
  1. Totems
  2. Medallions
  3. Rings
  • Each Relic has will spawn with a specific primary stat
  1. Totem: Defense Health
  2. Medallion: Defense Power
  3. Rings: Ability Power
  • Tomes are no longer used as Relics they are instead used as Codexes 

Victory Chests

  • When you win a map, a victory chest will now spawn
  • Each player will get one victory chest
  • There are four tiers of victory chests
  1. Powerful
  2. Epic
  3. Mythic
  4. Legendary
  • When you activate your chest it has a chance to upgrade to the next tier
  • Each tier of chest will guarantee one item of that tier and a lot of gold based on the level range you are in

Mana Nodes

  • Chests & Keys are now replaced with the new Mana Nodes
  • Mana nodes will occupy the same positions in all the maps
  • Players now need to activate only one mana node to get all their mana
  • Once you get your mana, all the remaining mana nodes deactivate. If a player disconnects or leaves without opening the node, the mana will be split among the remaining players and an additional node will activate


  • Feats are a new addition to Dungeon Defenders II
  • Feats are small repeatable challenges you can acquire while you play a map
  • Example: 8 enemies defeated with your hero in a 3 second window
  • There are a total of 24 feats in game right now
  • Some feats have minor rewards tied to them 

Player Titles

  • Titles are a new reward system for Dungeon Defenders 2. They are a great way to show off your accomplishments to other players! We’re looking very closely at how players are playing our game and designing rewards around those play styles. We hope you like them as much as we liked designing them.
  • Completing challenges unlocks titles. Titles display in front or following your name.
  • We provided an initial set of 6 titles. What titles can you earn? What titles would you like to see in the future?
  • Titles are accessed through the Collections menu. Goto your local forge, select Collections, next to your Hero Deck, and look through the list!
  • Select your title from the list then click Set Title.


  • Tomes are now used as Codexes
  • Codexes are small snippets of lore that we intend to use to provide some backstory on different characters and locations in Etheria
  • We have four volumes of codexes each having a variable number of them to collect
  • The four volumes will drop across the entire game at different level ranges
  • Note: some of the text is still a work in progress
  • Codexes can be picked up like ordinary loot and can be read under the new collections menu in the Forge

Loot Tier Feedback

  • We added additional feedback for different tiers of loot
  • This includes:
  1. Spawn In Sounds and Ambient Sound Effects
  2. HUD Indicators 
  3. Minimap icons
  4. Light
  5. Camera Shake
  • The intensity of the feedback varies based what tier of loot it is

More Features

  • Inventory items can now be moved to different slots within the same bag. This gives the player more control over where items are placed in bags.
  • Added functionality to support variable death animations for enemies. Enemies can now play different animations when slain.
  • Added a 1360x768 resolution for users on older HDTVs.
  • The Group Finder now notifies the player when a hero in the Hero Deck is not the appropriate level for the bracket. After displaying the popup, the Group Finder will automatically remove any restricted heroes from the Deck prior to entering the queue.
  • Added notifications about new level ranges when joining the Entry Tavern.
  • Added a button to transition the next level range on the summary screen after a completed game match.
  • The end-game timer has been increased by 25 seconds to accommodate the new end-game chests feature, 
  • Added a 250 denomination for currency in game.
  • The Weapon Shop is now a Blacksmith who sells weapons and Armor.
  • The Relic Shop sells relics only.
  • Updated loot profiles for relic drops.


  • Added a 1 second cooldown to the Heal ability.
  • Reduced the max number of Orc Skeletons per Dark Mage from 5 down to 2.



  • Updated the Huntress’ terrain impact sound for bows.
  • Updated lighting on the Huntress’ bows.
  • Tweaked the Huntress’ secondary attack animation.
  • Adjusted idle ground impact VFX for the Monk’s Lightning Aura.
  • Updated VFX for the Monk’s Lightning aura.
  • Updated VFX for the Monk’s Boost aura.
  • Tweaked art assets to prevent the Napalm Balloon's decal from popping out and fading properly as intended.
  • Slightly tweaked the Squire’s hand textures.
  • Tweaked the total frame count on run animations.
  • Tweaked the Apprentice’s secondary attack animation.


  • Updated the Skeleton Goblin’s SFX.
  • Updated the WarBoar’s SFX.
  • The Warboar’s VFX is now disabled when at full health. All regenerative VFX should function in this manner.
  • Revised the SFX for attack, death, and hurt animations for the Lady Orc.
  • Updated Ranged Goblin’s animations. 
  • Tweaked the Dark Mage’s various death animations.


  • Optimized graphic assets throughout the Entry and Group Taverns.
  • Updated the new SFX to the Forge.
  • Increased the volume of idle Forge sounds in Dragonfall Bazaar to match normal levels in other maps.
  • Updated the placement of the Forge in Nimbus Reach.
  • Updated the placement of certain chests in Nimbus Reach.
  • Adjusted fade-out times for combat and build phase music tracks in Nimbus Reach.
  • Repaired a wall in Nimbus Reach that was missing collision. 
  • Tweaked VFX in Nimbus Reach to resolve a few minor graphic bugs.
  • Resolved various issues with lighting in The Gates of Dragonfall.
  • Tweaked fade-out time of in-game music in The Gates of Dragonfall.
  • Tweaked ambient sounds in the Gates of Dragonfall.
  • Updated map music in Greystone Plaza.
  • Updated fadeouts of map music for the build phase and combat phase in Little-Horn Valley.
  • Updated shadow and lighting in Little-Horn Valley.
  • Resolved an issue where various ambient SFX were not playing correctly in Little-Horn Valley.
  • Tweaked minimap brightness to increase contrast, improving readability.
  • Updated shadow and lighting in Dragonfall Bazaar.
  • Tweaked fade-out times for map music in Dragonfall Bazaar.
  • Updated shadow and lighting in Dragonfall Sewers.
  • Tweaked fade-out times for map music in Dragonfall Sewers.
  • Increased the fade-out of build phase and combat phase music tracks on Siphon Site D.
  • Updated environment assets to improve lane readability in the Forgotten Ruins.
  • Updated textures and lighting in the Forgotten Ruins.
  • Tweak various VFX in the Forgotten Ruins to make them more consistent with DD2’s overall aesthetic.
  • Updated art assets in the Forgotten Ruins to increase lane readability. These changes affected lane decoration assets and color.
  • Updated lighting on trees in the Forgotten Ruins.
  • Updated map lighting on the Forgotten Ruins.
  • Tweaked the fade-out times of build and combat phase music tracks in the Forgotten Ruins.
  • Tweaked fade out times of combat and build phase music tracks in Battle for the Ramparts.
  • Resolved an issue where the East Dock spawn point lane wisp was missing in The Battle for the Ramparts.
  • Slightly reduced the volume of ambient SFX in Battle for the Ramparts.
  • Cleaned up collision on the War Table in the Group Tavern.
  • Optimized art assets in the Group and Entry Taverns.
  • Updated names of certain characters in the Entry Tavern.
  • Updated VFX for the core cart in Dragon’s Fall.


  • Updated lighting for all fire and storm elemental weapons.
  • Tweaked staves that have gems attached to them. Gems now light up to match their elemental attribute.
  • Tweaked art asset colors on elemental earth and ice staves.
  • Updated SFX for tier 3 and 4 items.
  • Tier 6 items now have a camera shake effect when dropped.
  • Updated the large piggy’s art assets.
  • Inventory bags names now have a max character limit of 40. 

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where playing in maximized windowed mode severely lowered the game resolution.
  • Fixed a bug where dying while viewing an item comparison tooltip caused the tooltip to linger on the player's death screen until respawn.
  • Removed the word "bigger" from the profanity filter.
  • Resolved an issue where shop items were not being refreshed.
  • Resolved an issue where Hero walk animations would continue while tutorial videos were being played. Players should no longer hear Heros walking during the tutorial videos.
  • Resolved an issue that occasionally prevented tutorial videos from being cancelled.
  • Resolved a crash that occurred while interacting with tooltips. Players would see this the most in the Item Enhancement Shop.
  • Fixed a bug where, while in tower placement mode, scrolling the camera upward while facing a spawn point resulted in the tower preview appearing behind your character.
  • Resolved an issue where enemy units would trigger the red targeting reticle through walls or when otherwise invisible.
  • Resolved an issue where exiting the Hero Creation UI while still spawning in a new Hero would cause the controller to get stuck.
  • Resolved an issue where players on steam were not consistently being placed in the correct Tavern after being invited to play with friends.
  • Resolved an issue where non-widescreen resolutions were being displayed incorrectly.
  • Resolved an issue where logging out with a full inventory allowed players to buy more things than they could hold.
  • Resolved an issue that caused sell costs to be calculated incorrectly when changing the premium bag's icon while selling.
  • Resolved an issue where selling a tower that was built by a disconnected teammate displayed an incorrect message.
  • Resolved an issue with the inventory UI that prevented clicking and dragging of the scroll bar.
  • Resolved an issue where the Apprentice's projectiles were colliding with dropped loot.
  • Resolved an issue which prevented the Dark Mages from summoning the proper amount of skeletons.
  • Resolved an issue where Goblin skeletons had no collision and were invulnerable.
  • Resolved an issue where air lane wisps would change from blue to red when sub objectives are lost in The Ramparts.
  • Resolved an issue where the Monk’s Boost Aura would sometimes lose health during the build phase.
  • Resolved an issue where the Monk's Pole Smash ability when used while standing on certain edges resulted in a momentary slowfall effect.
  • Resolved an issue which doubled the VFX on the flameburst tower and arcane barrier when upgrading. 
  • Resolved an issue where using Seismic Slam directly after using the Squire's Provoke would cancel the Provoke buff's effects.
  • Fixed an issue with destroyed subcores not playing idle spark sounds if a player joined the match after the subcore was destroyed
  • Increased fade out time of build and combat music tracks by 1 second
  • Resolved an issue with the lightning spec node which prevented it from correctly scaling player damage stats.
  • Resolved an issue which caused players to receive extra mana when a teammate left the game session.
  • Resolved a bug that allow players to fall outside of the Nimbus Reach map.
  • Resolved an issue where allowing a sub core to be destroyed triggered the defeat music theme in Nimbus Reach.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the main core's idle sounds from playing in Battle for the Ramparts.
  • Fixed an issue with core barriers not playing idle sounds in the Forgotten Ruins.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sentry Crystal was no playing idle sounds in the Forgotten Ruins.
  • Resolved an issue where endgame music and text messaging was missing from Battle for the Ramparts.
  • Resolved an issue where the Water trap wasn't working as intended in Dragonfall Sewers. Players should now always slide and (eventually) die if they fall or jump into the water.
  • Resolved an issue where players were able to climb a lantern in front of the Echoing Tunnel spawn point in Dragonfall Sewers.
  • Resolved an issue where players were able to build defenses in unreachable areas of The Gates of Dragonfall.
  • Resolved an issue where the "New Level Range" popups were showing up every time the player changed heroes.
  • Resolved an issue where players were able to get behind spawn points in Battle for the Ramparts. 
  • Fixed a bug that prevented subobjective SFX from playing after the subobjective was destroyed.
  • Resolved an issue where player counts in the Summary Screen were incorrect after a player left a match.
  • Resolved an issue where a leader selection warning was appearing in gameplay maps.
  • Resolved an issue where incorrect billboards were being displayed in Greystone Plaza.
  • Resolved an issue with certain old one eyes layering their sounds incorrectly in Dragon's Fall.
  • Resolved an issue where players would receive no game options if the group leader left the game during the summary phase of a private session.
  • Fixed a typo on the Monk's Serenity Spec.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented items from being deposited into the temporary item bag (TIB).
  • Resolved an issue where new players who had never played a game or created a character were unable to confirm their invitation to a game currently in progress.
  • Resolved an issue where upgrading the Boost Aura did not properly increase the damager per upgrade on nearby towers.
  • Resolved an issue where relic slot icons were not appearing in the appropriate place in the Inventory UI.
  • Resolved an issue where the clear button on the item upgrade UI was not clearing all items.
  • Resolved an issue where the ""Retry Map"" button was not working as intended.
  • Updated the "continuing in" message on the summary screen to read, "Returning to Entry Tavern in."
  • Resolved an issue where players who were invited to maps with a hero that did not meet level requiremnts failed to transition back to their Entry Tavern.
  • Resolved an issue where special stats would stop working when a player swapped heroes.
  • Resolved an issue where attempting to join a map during seamless travel would crash the game.
  • Resolved an issue with the forge idle SFX across all maps.
  • Resolved SFX issue in Siphon Site D that prevented subcore waterfalls from playing.
  • Resolved an issue where idle gas trap sounds were not playing in Siphon Site D.
  • Resolved an issue with the Old Man idle voice over not playing before he leaps onto the cart in Dragonfall Bazaar.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Wyverns in the center lane of Greystone Plaza from remaining in the correct lane.
  • Resolved an issue with Bell toll sounds not playing in Dragonfall Bazaar.
  • Fixed an issue with creepy monster sounds not playing in Dragonfall Bazaar.
  • Fixed an issue with forge idle sounds not playing in Dragonfall Sewers.
  • Fixed an issue with Twisted Metal ambient sounds not playing in Dragonfall Sewers.
  • Fixed an issue with the Main Core Water Tank idle sounds not playing in Dragonfall Sewers.
  • Fixed an issue with Subcore Waterfall sounds not playing in Dragonfall Sewers.
  • Resolved an issue where the Yak's SFX were not playing as intended in The Gates of Dragonfall.
  • Resolved a bug that unintentionally produced a light beam in the Tavern.

One of the biggest questions we’ve heard from you since the Defense Council expansion is, “When will Early Access be available on Steam?” Today, we’re proud to announce that DD2 Early Access will be available on Steam on December 5th!

UPDATE 1: Armor and More!

Before we release Early Access on Steam, we will be releasing our first major update for DD2. This update will include a number of exciting new features, but today we wanted to highlight one important feature that our Councillors had a direct, major impact in deciding -- Armor! 

We have been debating Armor and its role in DD2 for a long time internally, and the recent Councillor feedback has helped us make our choice. With this next update, we’ll be introducing our first phase of stat-based armor. 

This will include a major revamp for how the current relic system works, as well as the beginnings of armor loot dropping in the world. While this armor will not visually change your hero, we’re still hard at work on our costumes feature that will be released in a future update. We’re really excited to share more information with you about costumes, which will not only give you choices in how you look, but will also allow your look to evolve as you progress through the game. 

A special thanks to Gutu and benjamminlaner for their threads on the subject and to everyone who spoke up there and in the survey. You all were a huge help in influencing this path, and we can’t wait to get even more feedback on everything we’re cooking up for you in this first update. We’ll have more information as we get closer to its release, which is currently slated for the end of November.

A Question For You!

And finally, we have a question for you: When we bring Early Access to Steam, should we extend the benefits of the Defense Council (forums, exclusive goodies) to the Steam audience, or should those remain something limited to our site? 


The Unholy Catacombs update comes out tomorrow on Steam! Also, every weekend in May we're going to do a Mission Madness Weekend event, starting this weekend! Get a new Daily Mission every 8 hours during the weekends! 

This update contains:

  • The Unholy Catacombs map (our remake of DD1’s Foundries & Forges)

  • Spectral Knight Incursion

  • Unique Map Drop:  Sword of Unholy Fire (Squire). Unique Legendary item that adds a flamethrower to the Squire shield block and adds a chance to oil enemies (so you can activate the Ignite combo)! This sword can roll up to iPWR 750!

  • Unique Map Drop:  iPWR 750 Chest Piece. Drops for any hero!

  • Blank Hero Cards (formerly known as “hero slots”) will be purchasable for 2,000 Defender Medals!

  • Guardian of the Storm Elemental Variant Monk Costume

The Unholy Catacombs update is out now! Here are the patch notes:

Mission Madness Weekend Events

  • Starting this weekend, we’re having a Mission Madness event every weekend in May! Get a new Daily Mission every 8 hours during the weekends!

  • Remember:  You can hold up to 3 Daily Missions at a time, so be sure to login and finish your dailies to take full advantage of these events.


  • New Map:  Unholy Catacombs

    • It’s the return of Foundries and Forges from Dungeon Defenders!

    • More DD1 map remakes are on the way! We hear everybody loved Sky O’ Love...

  • New Spectral Knight Incursion

    • Available only on Nightmare I-IV.

    • Complete the incursion for a chance to receive two exclusive drops:  the Squire’s Sword of Unholy Fire and the first iPWR 750 chest piece!

  • Sword of Unholy Fire (Squire)

    • Found only in the Spectral Knight Incursion. (We put this here again because we know someone, somewhere, didn’t read the bullet point above. WE’RE LOOKING AT YOU, TRAVIS.)

    • Adds a friggin’ flamethrower to the Squire’s shield block.

    • Taunts nearby enemies every few seconds.

    • Drops up to iPWR 750.

    • Scales off of Ability Power.

    • Grants +10 Charisma, which doesn’t exist in our game but you’ll swear it does when you wield this sword.

  • iPWR 750 Chest Piece

    • Found only in, you guessed it, the Spectral Knight Incursion.

    • Can roll up to iPWR 750, so not every piece will be a perfect 750.

  • Guardian of the Storm Monk Elemental Variant Costume

    • Show your support and help us keep cool new stuff comin’ by splurging 4,800 gems on the Guardian of the Storm elemental variant! Thanks to all of the dedicated Defenders who help support our development. Because of you, DD2 will continue to grow and improve!

  • Other Changes:

    • Blank Hero Cards are now available for 2,000 Defender Medals.

    • All four Hero Deck Slots are available immediately.

    • Item Enhancement Levels now gives a flat rate of 2 enhancement points per upgrade level. This is retroactive so all players will have their allocated points reset. Some items will have more points now, some will have less. Be sure to reallocate your points upon entering the game.

    • If you have an unlocked costume and you create a hero with that costume selected, the created hero will now equip that costume.

    • Lockboxes with accessories for the Abyss Lord’s default costume can now drop in-game.


Hero / Melee Gameplay Update

  • Reduced the speed of enemy melee attacks

    • Slower attacks give melee heroes slightly more time to interrupt them

    • Warboar, Orc, Javelin Thrower, and Drakkin melee attacks take 0.1 - 0.2s longer to animate

    • Revised Warboar and Orc damage values to keep DPS consistent

  • Increased the frequency of hero melee attacks causing knockback (interrupt)

    • Affects Monk and Squire, all weapon stances (Light/Medium/Heavy)

    • Should generally be slightly easier to consistently lockdown opponents in melee

  • Rebalanced Hero Damage for non-Huntress Base Heroes

    • Apprentice +25% Hero Damage Ratio

    • Monk +20% Hero Damage Ratio

    • Squire +7% Hero Damage Ratio

Bug Fixes

  • Added a potential solution for the black screen issue that happens on startup (usually after the Trendy logo appears). If you’re still getting this issue, please let us know.

  • Clicking between the Inventory and the Hero Deck tabs in the Forge will no longer cause a long delay before the UI refreshes.

  • Fixed the broke-ass scrollbar in the Session List.

  • Removed the Abyss Stone placement spam. Removed the Abyss Stone placement spam. Removed the Abyss Stone placement spam. Removed the...

  • Fixed an issue where flying enemies were getting stuck on Little-Horn Valley.

  • For some reason, Skyguards were shooting at the guards and core in Throne Room. Maybe they know something we don’t…

  • Fixed spelling and grammar issues on the Abyss Lord’s accessories.

  • Fixed spelling and grammar issues on the Squire’s accessories.

  • Fixed spelling and grammar issues on the Huntress’s accessories.

  • Forced every Trendy employee to take spelling and grammar lessons.

  • Fixed an icon issue with the Abyss Lord’s Healing Fountain.

  • Pet Boxes and Lockboxes can now be opened when accessing the Inventory through the ESC Menu. Players no longer have to access the Inventory through the Forge to open these.

  • Fixed an issue where having repair/upgrade/sell defense active while looking at an enemy that died would cause their HP bar to remain.

  • Fixed an issue where if you built multiple Colossi in a map with separate Abyss Lord heroes (say you have multiple with different gear/builds) and then tried to move each with the respective builder, you could only move the first one built from the first Abyss Lord. The other units from the other Abyss Lords will not respond.

  • When players are in a party together, there is now an icon next to their name in the Session List along with a specific text color to indicate they are party members.

  • Fixed some issues with accessory rarity in the lockboxes.

  • Abyss Lord’s right click will now spin the Squire's Training Dummy right round, baby, right round like a record, baby.

Known Issues

  • Several of the tooltips for accessories in the Costume Shop have grammar errors or incorrect “unlocked from” descriptions.

  • All unlockable objects from the Carnival Lockboxes are listed as Epic tier.

  • When cleansing a Spectral Knight in the Foundries Incursion, no sound effects will play.

  • Ranged enemies (most noticeably Javelin Throwers and Lightning Bugs) sometimes like to get hung up around corners in the Foundries map.

  • Spectral Knights will not be cleansed if the player is standing still. You must run into them to cleanse them.

  • The Skull VFX on shields applied by the Unholy Fire stat will not show up the first time you block after a transition while the sword is equipped.

  • The fire VFX from the Unholy Fire stat will display incorrectly for the first second of its effect.

  • The spawn icons for air lanes on the Foundries map on Free Play Easy go away before the wave starts.

  • Walking into the Abyss Lord’s Healing Fountain while the cleansing buff is active will temporarily cause the timer to display 0 seconds left.

  • Heroes cannot be deleted using the Escape Menu flow while in a map.

  • Loot gained from Victory Chests are not respecting the iPWR range on certain maps.

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