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Update October 6th, 2016:  Patch 16.1 is now live for PS4!

Here are the notes for Patch 16.1:

Bug Fixes

  • Added a fix for Bonus Missions not rewarding Defender Medals if we've already used that mission in the past. This should fix this week's mission (but not reset it unfortunately). 
  • Fixed the Pet Affection bug from The Journey Begins update. 
  • Dark Torment towers should no longer spawn in the sky.
  • Additional Difficulties for Maps should now only unlock at the end of the Campaign.
  • The Obelisk no longer produces giant grey boxes when attacking with Call to Madness.
  • Demon's Lair should show the correct iPWR now.

The PS4 patch contains these additional changes:

  • Fixed the issue where deleting a hero from the Hero Deck tab in the Inventory would always delete the first hero from the Hero Deck.
  • Added the ability to allocate 50 SAS points with Triangle. (Sorry for the hand cramps!)
  • Pet Rerolls now allow you to choose any stat rather than the first one.

The Journey Begins Now!

The Journey Begins now! Login to Steam or PS4 to play our latest update!

The Journey Begins update is the first step on a journey to finish the game. Our next step: Improving the endgame! We’re excited to share more details on what that means over the next few weeks.

The Mystic

  • New Hero: The Mystic! Watch her hero trailer.

  • A reformed thief with a dark secret, the Mystic struggles to control the ancient Serpent God in her gauntlet. Summoning powerful strikes, the Mystic harvests the souls of her fallen enemies, appeasing the slithering deity. But without a constant stream of enemy souls, who knows what her master might do?

  • Abilities

    • Snakes?

    • Ability One - Lash Out:  The Mystic summons the Serpent God to lash out at her enemies, which deals massive poison damage.

    • Ability Two - Call to Madness:  The Mystic summons the serpent’s screech causing nearby enemies to turn on each other.

    • Snakes!?  

    • Ability Three - Dark Torment:  Hurls a dagger into a single enemy, which causes nearby Sand Viper towers to focus on the foe. Enemies defeated under Dark Torment turn to sand and get reborn as a friendly tower that hurts nearby enemies.

    • Ability Four - Serpent’s Coil: The now immortal Mystic has no need for traditional healing. With Serpent’s Coil, she hurls a dagger into the ground, and a snake wraps around it. The dagger deals damage to nearby enemies, and when the enemy dies, it turns into a healing orb that any hero can collect.


  • Defenses

    • Defense One - Snaking Sands:  When an enemy trips this sand trap, a vortex appears and slows enemies down as they sink into the ground.


    • Defense Two - Sand Viper:  The Mystic summons a slithering incantation that fires an increasingly damaging beam at an enemy. When the Mystic uses her Dark Torment ability, any nearby Sand Viper focuses its beam on the tormented foe.

    • Defense Three - Viper’s Fangs:  The Mystic’s barricade. Not only does it stop enemies in their tracks, it also fires a poison bubble that lifts enemies into the air. Pop the bubble to create poisonous rain on any poor sucker caught underneath it. 

    • AHHHHHHH!!!!!

    • Defense Four - The Obelisk:  Inflicts up to five debilitating status effects on enemies across the battlefield while potentially shielding heroes. When the Mystic is fully appeased with souls, the Serpent God himself appears on the Obelisk to breathe unholy fire upon enemies.

    • Everything isss fine. Life is better now. All hail our new ssslithering overlords.

New Story and Progression

  • We have moved the awesome animated intro video from the tutorial to the game’s startup.

  • 18 maps have been tied together under one unified storyline divided into Acts.

    • We redesigned the Game Browser map list to scroll vertically. Map selection should be much clearer in the new sequence. The map order of campaign becomes the map order across the game.

  • New “Next Map” Button on Campaign

    • Want to just keep going through the Campaign without being kicked back to the Tavern or Hub? Just hit “Next Map”!

  • New Campaign Story-centric Loading Screens

    • Check out the new chunks o’ story on our awesome looking loading screens.  Then click to continue whenever you’re finished reading!

  • New Campaign Quest Line

    • New to the game?  Visit the Knight Commander to get started!

    • Start out as a Squire or Apprentice, then unlock the Huntress/Monk on the first quest!

    • If you previously completed part of the Campaign quest line, we have translated your progress into an appropriate quest in the new quest line.

  • All of the NPCs and their functionality is unlocked from day one. None of this unlocking item upgrading at level 34 business. We want you to have access to everything from day one so you can decide what you want to do and when. It’s your game; play it how you want.

  • The game modes are Campaign, Defense, Incursions, and Onslaught. Difficulty for Campaign is Normal and Hard. None of this Freeplay/End Game/Insane monkey business.

  • The Campaign now takes all the heroes in your hero deck from level 1 to 50.

    • You may find yourself gaining 2-3 levels in one map! Be wary though, because the enemies get harder too.

  • SAS points have been reset and are now awarded every five levels.

  • New Rewards from Campaign

    • The way loot drops has been changed on every Campaign level.

    • Earlier levels have slightly higher drop rates of items to help you get started.

    • We’ve added specific loot into chests throughout the game to ensure you have important pieces to be successful as things heat up.

    • Lower-tier items now have more stats on them to make them a little more helpful.

    • Pet eggs drop earlier in the game

    • At the end of Campaign, you’ll be geared for the bottom end of Nightmare I.

    • Each win rewards Gold, Exp, and DM, especially for that first play through when you’re knocking out the campaign quest for the first time.

  • Sell and repair are now available at level 1!

Early Game Enemies and Difficulty

  • Campaign Normal and Campaign Hard are both harder than what they used to be based on the feedback we’ve received from our community during Early Access.

    • Enemy spawns are punchier. You should see more enemies out at once.

    • Many Campaign maps have less waves, but less means harder.

    • Enemy health and damage are also increased.

  • We completely redid all enemy introductions. What is a tough enemy early becomes the norm later.

  • We rebalanced Defense Mana and Defense Unit budgets in the campaign revamp. Your defense placement choices and strategies are more meaningful and tougher.

Quality of Life and General Improvements

  • New Main Menu

    • We’ve completely redesigned the Main Menu with a focus on our fantastic world art and easier-to-understand navigation options.

    • We’ve added clearer social buttons, a news panel and a new ticker to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest from Dungeon Defenders II.

      • By adding the news panel on the Main Menu, we’ve killed it from where it used to be, which was an annoying popup that showed up when you entered the Town or Tavern for the first visit of a session.

    • Now you can continue the campaign from where you left off, straight from the Main Menu.

  • Warmup Phase Change

    • When you enter a map, we’ve reworked how the warmup phase timer works. Now you can hit “G” to end the warmup phase and kick off the first build phase.

  • Changed the size and decay of damage numbers to clean up some of the UI clutter in our game.

  • New Options Menu Features

    • We’ve added new controller options on the PS4:

      • Look Sensitivity -- Change how fast the screen scrolls when you move the targeting reticle with the right thumbstick

      • Dead Zone -- Change how far you have to push the right thumbstick to move the targeting reticle

    • Play the Tutorial as many times as you want, now located on the Options Menu. (Bigger Tutorial changes coming soon!)

    • Region Selection is now in the Options Menu; however, you can only change the setting while you are on the title screen.

  • Passives on gear have been slightly tweaked.  They now roll in different amounts on different rarities of gear.

    • Worn through Powerful have no passives.

    • Epic and Mythical have two passives.

    • Legendaries have three.

  • New Create a Hero screen

    • We even added some fancy-schmancy voice overs tell you about each hero.

  • We tweaked the “Create Game” pop-up to be a little easier to understand.

  • We greatly increased the timer at the end of matches so you can go through your loot at your own speed.

  • Music Updates

    • We’ve added a new Victory track that plays whenever you complete a match. #nostalgia

    • We’ve also added a new track for the Town!

  • PS4 - Several Options moved to the profile so they can be supported in split-screen

    • Invert Y-Axis

    • Scavenger Level (it’s a PS4 thing that will hopefully go away soon with the new inventory)

    • Show Hints

    • Coalesce Damage Numbers

    • Show Damage Numbers on Dummy

    • Show Damage Numbers

  • Cleaned up many UI messages to only show more relevant announcements.

  • You can now sort your bags by iPWR.

  • Enemy intro videos have been removed… for now.

  • The Relic Hunter and Petrinarian have new dialogue.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed more issues with the coalescing damage numbers to increase game performance.

  • Fixed Poison Dart Towers being able to shoot through walls.

  • Ogres can no longer be teleported by Null Void to get stuck behind the spawns.

  • Fixed the Oiling Strikes and Chilling Strikes skill spheres not applying.

  • Fixed the Medium Experience Bonus II Skill Sphere.

  • Fixed an issue with the Explosive Guard and Shielding Guard Ubers not functioning on Squire Blockades.

  • Fixed an issue with the Lavamancer where Molten Core would cost more Molten Power when wearing a Helm of Storms.

  • Fixed an issue with the Lavamancer’s Volcano where you could teleport around while moving the Volcano to new locations.

  • Fixed an issue where Volcano would stop shooting after casting Eruption several times.

  • Fixed an issue where EV2 would have full heat at the start of a Combat Phase.

  • Fixed some issues with displaying the proper stats when inspecting towers.

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t close some UI elements with the B button on controllers.

  • Fixed an issue where some enemy spawns didn’t have the correct minimap icons to show where enemies were coming from.

  • Fixed an issue with Drakin pathing on Nimbus Reach.

  • Fixed an issue where Betsy wouldn’t spawn if you hit G in certain areas.

  • Fixed some text issues on the Hero Creation screen

  • Fixed when “Flameburst Tower Destroyed” would spam the UI when a series of EV2 nodes would get destroyed.

  • Fixed an issue with the Gun Witch’s Ice Needle being able to cause Altar Assassins to fall into pits while invulnerable.

  • Fixed an issue with Frosty Towers trying to shoot into the ground. (More Frostbite fixes incoming.)

  • Fixed an issue where Harbinger would just walk off of his ship if a player used Lavamancer’s Submerge.

  • Fixed the Bling King randomly pausing during animations

  • Fixed the Power Surge Incursion not loading the correct music during the warm up phase.

  • Fixed an issue on Ramparts and added Ogres on Nightmare.

  • Cleaned up the collision on Arcane Barrier to have more placement options of other defenses near it.

  • Fixed some broken animations on the Huntwitch and Black Magic Ops Gunwitch skins.

  • Fixed a typo in the Abyss Lord’s Explosive Arrows passive.

  • PS4 - Fixed some issues with some player specific popups getting cut off in split screen.  Still needs more work, but a partial fix went in.

Known Issues With This Update

  • PS4 PLAYERS - DO NOT DELETE HEROES USING THE HERO DECK TAB IN THE INVENTORY SCREEN. My Heroes is the place to manage your roster on PS4. Using the Hero Deck Tab in the Inventory Screen to delete your heroes will delete the hero in your first slot EVERY TIME.

  • The Intro videos are not currently playing sound on PS4.

  • Profile options (listed in “Quality of Life and General”) will stomp main menu options.  This should not affect region selection. Also Main Menu Options Menu navigation will be a targeted area of improvement for navigation in a patch coming soon.

  • We disabled Victory Chest re-rolling for now to prevent an existing loot bug. It will return in the future!

  • Towers have decided to show solidarity with the Old Ones’ army and will not display their health bars if enemy health bars are turned off. Stand strong brothers and sisters.

  • The region setting will not display what region you’re in the options menu once you are in game if you did not open the options menu on the title screen first. (even if you didn’t change the default setting)


The Journey Begins on September 27th! The only thing bigger than the changes coming next Tuesday is how excited we are to see your reactions (seriously, Benny is so excited we’re scared he’s going to pull a Jesse Spano). On top of the Mystic, you’ll play the game-changing Campaign Revamp, the expanded story and the wealth of early game changes we’ve been brewing for the last month. 

Want to see this update in action? Check out our Devstream tomorrow at 3PM EDT (our new time!) to check it out.

This update is the first step on a journey to finish the game. Our next step:  Improving the endgame! We’re excited to share more details on what that means over the next few weeks.

But this week, Elliot gives you a few more details about our Campaign Revamp, Dan shows off a new Training Dummy and Dani only has eyes for you:

Elliot Cannon, Creative Director (Myscha_Sleddog)

The existing campaign and new user quest chain was excruciatingly long, and quite simply, it wasn’t fun. Its initial creation came about during the game’s early development period when things transitioned from level 25 to 50 sometime last summer with the idea that the game should direct the player’s every move. The campaign itself only took players to maybe level 20-25 or so, it concealed a lot of game features behind level walls, and it was in essence a connect-the-dots linear sequence that sent you back and forth from game maps to the NPCs in the tavern and so on. In addition to this, it created an odd parallel set of difficulty scales that attempted to bridge the gap between completing the campaign and working towards Nightmare difficulties. This in essence controlled what you could do in the game for days on end as opposed to getting you into the game maps and letting you start obliterating enemies that challenge you and your tower defense strategies.

Today, everyone has access to each of their Hero’s abilities and towers from level one. The game is no longer single-hero focused thanks to the Hero Deck changes where you can play, gear, and level four heroes at once with hotswapping. You also have an expanding library of heroes with unique themes, cool abilities, and zany defenses to choose from. When the first campaign and new user experience went in, there were only four heroes and no intention of making new ones.

Let’s look back to our original goal this year of “Finish the Game” and get out of this Early Access Alpha stage. This means things such as this odd campaign flow needed reimagining properly with players in mind. Once that’s done, we can jump back on making loot better and more meaningful, and expanding the game’s difficulty curve much further so those hero choices make a huge difference. That in turn means tinkering with builds, gear, enchants, and deck comps to beat harder challenges. Once all that is in place, then we can expand the enemy library, and get back the list of cool things you really want to see happen next. (We have a massive list with everything you’ve told us we keep alive.)

Enough history. Let’s break down the cool stuff of the Campaign Revamp in more detail than the video.


Story and Presentation

  • The Campaign is 18 maps long, kicking things off with the intro video and culminating with the climax against the Harbinger. We’ve tied the maps together under one unified storyline sub divided into Acts.

  • We tell the story through the intro video, in game videos at key moments, and new loading screens with cool art! You can check the loading screens out as long as you want and control when to continue when you’re ready to play.

Early Game Progression, Loot and Reward Changes

  • The pacing is frenetic and rapid. It makes such a difference. It’s fun. Even if you beat the campaign ages ago, go give it a try with a deck of level 1 heroes. You may find yourself having a lot of fun! I dare say it should have always been this way.

  • The Campaign now takes all the heroes in your hero deck from level 1 to 50.

  • With how quickly you level up, we’ve changed the SAS points to award and popup every 5 levels so you’re not constantly dogged by the popup.

  • We reworked all iPWR drops for the campaign so progression is fast. Once you beat the campaign, you’re geared for the bottom end of Nightmare I. The campaign remains unlocked forever, so you can go back and play any map in any order once you’ve beaten that first quest chain.

  • Once in the campaign, quests automatically update and complete based on a map victory. Once you get in the flow of playing, you never need to leave the maps for any reason. Once you win a map, you can select the next map, replay, or head to town. This is great because you can just keep playing as long as you want. Once you start winning some of the harder maps, it’s hard to stop as it’s super fast paced.

  • We’ve added specific loot into chests throughout the game to ensure you have important pieces to be successful as things heat up.

  • You may find yourself gaining 2-3 levels in one map! Be wary though, because the enemies get harder too.

  • Each win rewards Gold, Exp, and Dm, especially for that first play through when you’re knocking out the campaign quest for the first time.

  • The game modes are Campaign, Defense, Incursions, and Onslaught. Difficulty for campaign is Normal and Hard. None of this Freeplay/End Game/Insane monkey business.

  • You can obviously play the campaign in multiplayer. Your quest completion status is your own though. You won’t be able to skip anything, but it’s a ton of fun burning through it with friends.

  • If you were part the way through the campaign and never finished it, we set you up right where you need to be so you don’t have to start over, but are ready to go forward.

Early Game Enemy and Difficulty Changes

  • We completely redid all enemy introductions. What is a tough enemy early becomes the norm later.

  • Many maps have less waves, but less means harder.

  • Enemy spawns are punchier. You should see more enemies out at once.

  • We rebalanced Defense Mana and Defense Unit budgets in the campaign revamp. Your defense placement choices and strategies are more meaningful and tougher.


Early Game Quality of Life and General Changes

  • We’ve redesigned the main menu screen. It’s cleaner, concise, and beautiful. It uses real time flythroughs that really highlight the levels, which are the coolest levels in the game industry! If you’re playing the campaign, you can continue from this screen as opposed to having to remember where you were. All social media icons are there and we’ve made sure our information pane is much snappier.

  • When you enter a map, we reworked how the ready up timer works. Now you can run around and do whatever you want for as long as you want. Forgot to check for loot upgrades a hero? Need to compare those three relics? Go for it. Hit “G” to end warmup and kick off the first build phase. (This also means you no longer have to wait for the warmup timer to end before the first build phase!)

  • Everything in town is unlocked from day one. None of this unlocking enchanting at level 34 business. We want you to have access to everything from day one so you can decide what you want to do and when. It’s your game; play it how you want.

  • We redesigned the Game Browser map list to scroll vertically. It reads much nicer in the new sequence. The map order of campaign becomes the map order across the game.

  • The Create Hero screen has voice over now and better hero descriptions!

  • You can access the game’s tutorial from the options menu.

  • The Hub has a new tune. I tried my best to get Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes back together from the 2005 Fused album, but they were booked. Heh heh.

  • Once you win a map, we give you as much time as you want to sort through loot, as you will get tons of upgrades in a single map. (Pay close attention to those core stats each hero’s abilities and towers anchor around. For example, I’m a Gun Witch nut, Sweeper Cannon blasting Double Tap III spastic who double jumps and mows down lanes. Hero Power is king for me followed by Hero Crit Chance + Crit Damage. With the Locked and Loaded Skill Sphere gives me more of my favorite rotation: Broom Nado + Book Drop to hold heavy groups in place, followed by a point blank Blunder Broom Buster + Scatter Sweep combo. That means I want that cooldown on Broom Nado back up as soon as possible. Each hero has subtle little tricks like this, so make sure your gear is getting you the most bang for your buck!)

And all of this is in addition to the Mystic, who is also coming out in this update. Here's her hero trailer if you missed it:

Nightmare I-IV are untouched for now. We have big plans on reworking Nightmare with dynamic scaling and harder skill levels, leaderboards, smart loot and such, but that’s a little ways away until we finish that. More details soon.

The feedback on the Campaign and early game changes has been superb. I am super proud of the team’s dedication and work to find the real fun buried in the sand here. I want to give a big shoutout to Steve Collins, Brett Norton, and Josh Javaheri for pushing the boat out and helping drive the gameplay and the player’s experience. Dani Moore and Josh Isom for working with me on the story along with our former intern from SMU Guildhall, Lauryn Ash. Jason Yu for helping keeping it all glued together while we continued to do everything else in other branches, and of course, the entire team, who jammed away on the Mystic and the future releases as we cranked on this much needed cohesive reimagining of the game’s heart and soul.

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)

So in this week’s Dev Log I’m going to talk about something a little different. I want to talk about Dummies.

Dummies have been in Dungeon Defenders since its inception; unfortunately, our current dummies are a little out of date for anyone seriously trying to figure out their DPS and plan accordingly. I thought it would be a fun project to add a better dummy to DD2. Check this sucker out!


This new and improved dummy starts calculating your DPS the minute you start attacking it. It stops calculating a few seconds after the last attack (it removes the dead time from the calculations in the end). I also thought it would be neat if the Dummy had a random name based on the development team, so expect to see a lot of our names appear over the new Dummies as you proceed to beat the ever loving @*%# out of them!!!

This thing is not yet ready for launch. I’m going back and forth on whether it should be instanced (you only see the damage you deal to it) or if it should be shared damage… Eventually I hope to release a handful of new and improved Dummies in a future update. What do you all think of that?

Dani Moore, Remote QA Lead (Dani)

Just concluded two solid testing periods with RQA and RPG putting both the Mystic and the new campaign stuff under the testing, balance and bug finding microscope.

Wanted to share one of the most interesting visual bugs we’ve ever come across.


Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

This week we are doing a deco pass to the Heroes Marketplace level, which includes also some cool changes in the background!

Daniel Diaz, World Builder

We're working on a new seasonal pass for the Heroes Marketplace! Expect some terrifying changes in the level. It will scare more than one defender!


Here are the notes for Patch 15.5 on PC and PS4!

  • Added a potential fix for the missing Daily Mission bug.

    • If you received a Daily Mission yesterday and you login today less than 24 hours after you got yesterday's Daily, you won't get a Daily today until 1AM EDT.

    • If you login 24 hours after you got your Daily yesterday, you will get one when you login.

    • If you didn't get a Daily yesterday, you will get one today when you login.

  • Added a potential fix for the Altar of the Athame Incursion not finishing.

  • Added a fix for the stuck tutorial bug. If you're still getting stuck in the tutorial, please blink twice.


Our newest hero, the Mystic, is near and dear to our hearts because she’s so similar to Trendy itself. Like Trendy, the Mystic has made a deal with an omnipotent cosmic force to drive her success. And, like Trendy, this “Serpent God” demands a regular stream of souls in exchange for bad-ass-ness. Oh dear… I believe I’ve already said too much. 

Before her arrival later this month, watch her hero trailer above and then check out the Dev Log below for more details:

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)

Long ago, there was an Influence Vote:  Mystic vs Man & Machine! At the time we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted the Man & Machine to be, and to be perfectly honest we were all expecting M&M to win. Josh called me on a Saturday morning while I was driving and asked me to describe what the Mystic would be. We hadn’t really put too much thought into that, so I yolo’ed some stuff about a serpent god and a gauntlet. It doesn’t matter. Man & Machine is going to win right? Nope… she ended up winning! It seems the Serpent God had other plans…


The design team brainstormed a bunch of neat concepts for the Mystic’s towers and abilities, but we needed to make sure we nailed her theme. The fantasy of a hero is something we try to pay a lot of attention to here at Trendy, and she had such a powerful and interesting story behind her that we wanted to make sure we got that struggle and darkness across in all her kit. Here is a quick overview of her story:

“The Mystic was once an exceptional thief. If you wanted something stolen, you went to her. She amassed a massive fortune over her lifetime and had no problem flaunting it with ornate gems, but especially with gold -- she loved gold. One dark evening, she received a contract to steal a golden gauntlet from the Grand Magus’s quarters. It seemed like a simple enough job for one so skilled. When she found the gauntlet, she couldn’t help but admire it. It seemed to almost speak to her. Now the Mystic was an honorable thief. She never kept what someone else wanted her to steal… but it wouldn’t hurt to try this fancy golden gauntlet on before she gives it away, right? Unfortunately, the gauntlet contained the ancient spirit of a serpent god. The gauntlet took over her arm, and the Serpent God took over her soul.

For years the Mystic struggled to maintain her sanity as the serpent god gently gnawed away at her soul. When the Old Ones’ army attacked Etheria, the Mystic saw an opportunity to buy herself some time. She asked the Serpent God to give her his power and help her overcome this evil, and in return, she will give him as many souls from the Old Ones’ army as she can manage. She didn’t really care about the looming threat to Etheria; she wanted to buy herself time. The Serpent God agreed and she joined the battle with our heroes.”

With such an interesting story, we wanted her kit to exemplify this struggle. It was hard coming up with ideas. I went away from Trendy and traveled far. I found a pit of snakes, and I sat in it for a while and communed with them. A few seconds later, I realized this was a terrible idea and returned to work. We wanted her mana resource to represent her feeding the Serpent God some souls. The mana bar degenerates over time, and the Mystic can fill it by collecting souls. The more souls she feeds the gauntlet, the more powerful the Serpent God gets and so the more powerful she gets.


The Serpent God bestows upon her powerful buffs based on the appeasement meter. She can gain:

  • Stat buffs that boost her Health, Defense Power, and Ability Power

  • A lifesteal buff that heals her for a percentage of her health for each hit

  • A buff that reduces the cooldown of her abilities with each melee hit

If she reaches 100% appeasement, the Serpent God manifests around her damaging nearby enemies and giving her a movement speed boost.

If she has 0 appeasement, the Serpent God begins to siphon her soul dealing 3% of her health as damage every second until she generates some appeasement. If she dies, the Serpent God will consume her.


The animation team did a phenomenal job with her animation suite -- especially her death.

Since she was a thief, we thought it would be fitting for her to wield daggers. Instead of her actually cutting things with her daggers, we wanted her to use the dagger as a vessel to unleash the serpent god’s powers. Based on the attack variation of the dagger, the Serpent God will manifest himself in different forms from speedy purple wisps to full on tail smacks.



You can find out more about her kit by watching the reveal video, but I wanted to call out two aspects of her kit before I go:  her Dark Torment and her Obelisk.

Her strongest ability doesn’t have a lot of fanfare to it, but there is more to it than meets the eye. She hurls a purple spectral dagger that impales the target and deals damage to them over time. If the target dies while impaled by the dagger, a temporary defense spawns in its place. The defense persists for about 15 seconds and damages nearby enemies.

Last but certainly not least, her Obelisk stands as a testament to the great Serpent God. At tier 1, it periodically picks an enemy across the battlefield and zaps it dealing damage to the target. As you upgrade the Obelisk, it begins to do more and more things:

  • At Tier 2 it has a chance to target a second target bubbling them into the air and has a chance to shield a target ally boosting their hero damage and ability power stats

  • At Tier 3 the chances for the bubbling and shielding effect increases

  • At Tier 4 it has a chance to confuse a target enemy causing it to fight for you for a few seconds

  • At Tier 5 it has a chance to polymorph a random enemy into a serpent for a few seconds

At 100% appeasement, the Serpent God himself appears around the Obelisk and breaths fire down on nearby enemies. You can reposition the Obelisk while this effect is taking place!


We hope you all enjoy the Mystic. We certainly had fun putting her together, and we can’t wait to see how you all choose to use the dark god’s powers!

Tim Shannon, PS4 and Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

It’s stabilization time here for the next milestone update, so it’s bug time at Trendy. This next update should contain the rest of the controller updates I mentioned last month (look sensitivity, dead zone tuning, split-screen options support) and will also make some of your options portable across devices (full list in forthcoming patch notes). We’re also going to look into the Daily Mission and Incursion issues that cropped up last week and hopefully get to some of the other bugs you guys have brought up on the Official and Steam Forums (special thanks to K-ToF for that awesome list -- we're going to try to get to them!).

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

With the updated Campaign flow right around the corner, I am taking some time to go through and amp up the difficulty of both normal and hard campaigns. This should give even some experienced players a bit of a challenge as they make their way through the campaign.

We also adjusted the way enemy introductions happen. Aside from moving which enemies are introduced where, we also amped up their introduction to be different per enemy. Instead of just seeing one Orc on Dragonfall Bazaar when he is introduced, one major orc will appear at each spawn point.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

This week we finished the visual pass to a new level! We proceed to work now on the collision pass to make sure it's fully playable. Can't show anything yet but we are really happy about how the level looks.

Also I've been working on the background of the frosty level, best known as the Frost Keep...yeah the one that lost against the Crumbled Bulwark and Molten Citadel levels. This won’t come out in the next update, but I wasn't happy with the mountains in the background so I redid them. Below you can check out the differences. I hope you like the changes! (Click the image for a larger version.)



The Dark Altar is live now on PC & PS4! Here are the patch notes:


New Map:  Crumbled Bulwark

  • As selected by you in our Influence Vote, our newest map is the Crumbled Bulwark!

  • Crumbled Bulwark is a remake of DD1’s Ramparts. Medium-sized map. Three cores.

New Incursion:  Altar of the Athame

  • Includes a special new Incursion Enemy:  the Altar Assassins. Complete this Incursion to receive...

New Mystic Dagger:  The Dark Ritual Blade

  • Drops from the Victory Chest in the Altar of the Athame Incursion

  • This dagger is for the Mystic, who will arrive in our next update!

New iPWR 750 Ring

  • Has a chance to drop in the Victory Chests in the Altar of the Athame Incursion

Bug Fixes

  • Added more fixes to the Daily Mission and Daily Map Bonus bugs. If you’re still not receiving your Daily Missions or Daily Map Bonuses, please let us know. (It’s possible that you won’t receive a new daily until the next refresh at 1AM EDT, so if you don’t see your Daily Mission or Daily Map bonus after this update, please wait until the refresh to see if this fixes the issue.)

  • Made a code change to damage numbers to improve client/server stabilization.

  • Fixed a keybinding error where re-binding “Activate” to a different key would break EV2 node placement on the newly bound key.

  • Added a fix for the minimap not showing up on Liferoot Forest. Let us know if it’s still not working for you.

  • Fixed a crash that would happen with the Apprentice Armageddon Staff.

  • Fixed a graphical error on the tooltip for inspecting defenses.

  • Fixed the Molten Citadel Incursion to include a Nightmare I version.

  • Fixed a bug where a very particular instance was rewarding more Defender Medals than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where an extra daily reroll was being given.

  • Fixed a bug where if a player fired Ice Needle while still rising during a double jump, the projectile misfired.

  • PS4 - Corrected text on bag purchases to be less confusing. (All bags let you rename and set custom icons.)

  • PS4 - When wearing the Black Magic Ops with split screen active, a cluster of yellow polygons off to the side of the gun arm no longer appears when jumping.


The Dark Altar

  • Altar of the Athame Incursion

    • The Altar Assassins’ dark ritual has been revealed. Stop them at all costs! Beware the shanks!

  • The Dark Ritual Blade Mystic Weapon

    • Earn a weapon for the upcoming hero, the Mystic!

  • The Don't Die Community Challenge

    • Complete the Altar of the Athame Incursion on Nightmare 4, without dying and other restrictions, for a chance to win a skin of your choice!

    • Nightmare 4, No Deaths, Incursion Only, Can Bring Friends, Can't Use EV2, Barricades ONLY.

  • Black Tea with Blacksmith

    • We had a brief discussion with Daniel Haddad about how he dove head first into the games industry and the process of creating the heroes within the game. Watch the dev stream to find out more!

What We're Working On Now

  • Campaign Revamp

    • Leveling, Loot, Reward, Structure, and some Quality of Life Changes  

    • Step one of getting the enemy changes into the game is restructuring our Campaign and laying the groundwork there.

    • While we're diving into Campaign, we're also taking a look at the new user experience and making rewards and experience more frenetic and enjoyable.

  • New Hero:  The Mystic:  We'll have more details for you in our next Devstream!

  • Upcoming End Game Changes: Check in with our DevLog posts for hints and updates about what we're working on to improve the end-game experience for players.


This is a quick fix for the current issue with daily mission reset and completion, and we’ll have a better fix for this on Tuesday.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the daily mission refresh to continue giving new daily missions and map bonuses.

Known Issue

  • Anyone that comes into the patch with three existing quests, and you complete one quest, you’ll get another daily quest that was meant for the following day.  Then ON that following day, you will not receive a new quest.  It’s a little wonky, but we’re working on it.

If you’re playing on PS4, all of these changes will be in the Dark Altar Update on Tuesday.

The Dark Altar update arrives on Tuesday, September 13th! Watch the trailer above, and then read this week’s Dev Log below to learn more about our haunting new update:

Elliot Cannon, Creative Director (Myscha_Sleddog)

Altar of the Athame Incursion

Next week we have something especially evil heading your way, laying the groundwork for the arrival of the Mystic. In this Incursion, Altar of the Athame, you’ll find yourselves in what may remind you of the Ramparts map from Dungeon Defenders; however, the Diaz brothers, Daniel Diaz and Jesus Diaz, reimagined this place as Steve Collins created the latest Incursion on the new map, the Crumbled Bulwark. I want to share some inside information on this map as it is actually insane to play and things can get out of control VERY quickly. Bring your “A” game for sure.



Once the base of operations for a mysterious order of Old Assassins, the location appears empty. Don’t be fooled. Eons ago, they took part in a ritual that ascended them into an ethereal and almost ghostlike state, making them powerful additions to the Old Ones’ army. The altar where that ceremony took place, Altar of the Athame, stands before you now on top of a magnificent and evil fortress overlooking dead valleys. Two Eternia Crystals rest here, unprotected. Take a look around:  Rumor has it previous cavaliers, perhaps hoping to stop the ritual, tried and failed. Perhaps they left clues as to what to expect.


What DD2 session is complete without hordes of baddies? After all, Eternia Crystals hanging around in unprotected spots simply won’t do! Be sure and set up your best defenses, but be prepared because your arrival will not go unnoticed.


Your presence is an affront to the assassin order. The Altar Assassins will rise up and come for you. That’s right, you! Not your defenses, not the Eternia Crystal. Your presence must end, and they will pursue you slowly and relentlessly. At times like these, mobility and player control is king. Be aware of where you are as you defend the crystals and keep a mental note of where the assassins are or you may find yourself in a world of hurt. There are bells in the map that when you ring them, send out a shockwave that stuns all the Altar Assassins in the map, but that’s only temporary in case you need to catch your breath. There is a way to defeat them, but that requires you to use their power against them. Read on.


Dark Prophets Have the Key

Amongst the hordes of enemies are servants of the Old Assassins, the Dark Prophets. These fanatical Warboars are evangelists of the Altar of the Athame, and they know the secrets to the ritual that carried the Old Assassins over from the world of living and into the ethereal realm. Wipe the Dark Prophets out and loot their Dark Tomes. Only upon placing the right number of Dark Tomes on the altar will you be ready to activate it, but before you do, gather your allies on top of the altar because a DPS race is about to begin.

All Guns Blazing

You’ve placed the right number of Dark Tomes on the altar and gathered your allies together. Stand on the altar and activate the ritual. As you do, you’ll enter their distorted world so watch for which of the ancient statues emanates the ghostly image of the Old Assassins and destroy it! Do so quickly because the ritual does not last long. Watch the timer! It may take a few tries unless your power and skill is true. Once the statue crumbles to rubble, the ethereal Old Assassin become corporeal again. Kill them all to win the wave.


The Inside Peek for a Laugh

Playing this reminded me of raiding in World of Warcraft back in Wrath of the Lich King. Ever jump into a raid with your crappy guild, when half the people are clueless ding-dongs and you wipe horribly on a new fight you’ve never done, mostly because no one bothered to read up on how to do beforehand? Hey, it’ll be fun, let’s just wing it! The raid leader’s yelling instructions he got from the web, some goofy hunter never misdirected, half the dpsers are padding the meters on trash, the tank doesn’t turn the boss, or some silly healer stands there and gets beaten on by adds, or better yet, stands in black stuff! That’s what this Incursion is like the first time. I was laughing myself silly as Steve yelled out what to do over Skype as literal twenty Altar Assassins started pulverizing us swarming the Altar. Get on the altar he said! Press the button he said! Splat!

Once the laughing died down, we settled in and focused. Not only do you have to defend two cores, but picking out Dark Prophets from the crowd, snatching up Dark Tomes and running them to the altar is a riot. Communication is key. If you play this one with friends, use VOIP! Once the tomes are in place, don’t activate the ritual until everyone is ready, hot swap to your best single target DPS, and burn the RIGHT statue down fast. Once you crush that, you can blast all the Altar Assassins, as they will no longer be immune.


Sounds easy, right? Now imagine you and your buddies all jumping on the altar ready to go but 10-20 Altar Assassins are buzzing round two-shotting people, like our VFX/Technical Artist Brian Goodsell. Once you figure out how to kite them away and use a little teamwork, you’ll be slaughtering this Incursion with tons of moment-to-moment improvising for your movement and shooting skills. What’s so fun is learning all the little tricks and playing with different people and using different heroes. The locations of the new enemies changes everything as they constantly track you.

The Dark Ritual Blade:  Mystic Dagger

The Mystic is just around the corner, so this time around we wanted to give players a chance to snatch up a cool weapon for her before she goes live. We’ve got a proc-style effect on a very evil dagger lined up for her. The effect is serpentine to say the least, dominating the crap out of mobs in an AOE near her. I won’t spill the beans too much more on weapon so the other folks can show off the deserty-cobra-coolness.

We’re still shooting for our Mystic release in late September, and with that comes the Campaign Revamp and UI Improvements we’ve been chatting about. After these two releases, we’re digging in deep to many long-term goals to get this game done!

John Muscarella, Digital Puppet Master (Muskie4242)

Speaking of the Mystic:  While she’s not in this update, here’s a little sneak peek at some of her animations.

Hero run cycles are built from two base runs.  Forward and Back are then adjusted to fit the other directions.


Make sure to keep your snake god appeased, because if not, then this may happen to you…


Snake gods are not known to be very forgiving.

Tim Shannon, PS4 and Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

UPDATES! GET YOUR UPDATES! It is update-a-palooza.  Last week we put out the first patch since the Lavamancer release on PC and PS4 + an additional patch for PS4 that fixed a problem with the campaign. This week’s patch hopefully improved client/server communication, which we’re hoping to get more updates on soon. Then, next week, we’re releasing another content update with an Incursion that will straight one shot your core. Then, two weeks after that we have another major update scheduled that will totally, like, change the way you see the world and yourself and… like… reality… bruh?!?  

In between all these releases we’re working on all sorts of secret projects the government doesn’t acknowledge the existence of (Thanks Obama!) and assembling our grand plan for world domination and happy hour from 7-9pm each day because, seriously, who gets off work 3 each day?

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Coordinating some serious polish on the updated campaign flow. I’m having a blast playing through each new iteration. Alongside campaign polish, we are also pushing forward on the latest Crumbled Bulwark Incursion. This one is going to be pretty intense and more complex than previous versions.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Really excited with the new level we are working on! Prepare yourself for exploring a vast land full of player-only paths!

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKami)

Working on a fresh new level! We started it last week so right now we have all pf the layout blocked out and have just started to decorate it like there's no tomorrow!


Here are the notes for Patch 15.2! (It's a small patch for a small week.)


  • We have optimized the way in which buffs replicate between the client and server.  Ask Javo (lead programmer) if you want more details, but this will hopefully be the first of several improvements in connection stability and performance.
  • The Awakening Weapons have been re-added to drop tables and all four are now available in the Throne Room.
  • Metrics stuff added and fixed behind the scenes because every move you make / we'll be watching you...

Bug Fixes

  • R3 now opens the pop-up shop in the pet menu again on PS4.
  • Lavamancer Shine Spark (Fissure) Passive now spawns on items with defense power.
  • Some enemies have finally left the nest and will no longer be hiding in spawn behind their mother's wing.
  • We changed two descriptions (one for EV2 and one for Lavamancer) which means its time for a treasure hunt!!!
  • Scorched Tome should now spit even moar hawt fiyah since it will only spawn with hero stats (if it knows what's good for it that is...)

That's it for the moment, but stay tuned for next week's Patch of Flying Daggers (nailed it! I should totally get to name stuff in game now -TimmyTrashTier).



The patch is now live on both Steam and PS4! Here are the patch notes:

Series EV2 Hero Sale!

  • For the next two weeks, Series EV2 and the EV2 bundle are on sale!

    • Series EV2 Hero:  900 Gems

    • Series EV2 Hero + Costume Bundle:  1,400 Gems


  • Defense Medal cost reduced to 10,000!


  • Map-specific item drops (like the Toxic Shock bow) can drop up to iPWR 700 in NM4, regardless of the iPWR of the map.

  • Loot drops for the Gun Witch, Abyss Lord, Series EV2 and Lavamancer now have Loot V2 stat pairing hooked up.  This was fixed for the Molten Tome. We're working on getting this fixed for the new heroes! 

  • Players kicked from a public game can no longer rejoin the game.

  • Added a DPS Numbers Only option for Target Dummies in the Options Menu.

  • Reduced the number of enemies in an Onslaught Horde wave.

  • Controller:  Interacting with NPCs and picking up items is now bound to R3. Ping is now functioning properly on L1 > R1.

  • Earthshatter Fault Line passive changed to have a chance to knock enemies up.


  • Fissure of Embermount starts dealing damage to enemies at Tier 2 now.

Bug Fixes

  • Several memory leaks that caused players to fall through the game world have been plugged. If you are still experiencing this issue, please contact our customer support and attach your client log from the session where it occurred. Directions for this can be found here.

  • Material and texture loading optimized to decrease loading times.

  • Maw of the Earth Drake no longer gives nearby towers attack speed boosts when under the effect of Eruption.

  • Incursions should now drop the correct rewards.

  • Fixed a bug where the Earthshatter was still causing AoE damage.

New Weapon Drop Locations

  • The Wyvern Den 

    • All Betsy Weapons

  • Harbinger’s Warship

    • Squire Harbinger Shield

  • Nimbus Reach

    • Storm Boots

    • Apprentice Harbinger Staff (Hero)

  • Greystone Plaza

    • Storm Chest

    • Squire Harbinger Sword (Hero)

  • Assault on Throne Room

    • Storm Gloves

    • Huntress Harbinger Bow (Hero)

  • Buried Bastille

    • Storm Helm

    • Monk Harbinger Polearm (Hero)

  • Wyvern Enthusiasts Incursion

    • Huntress Phantom Phoenix Bow

    • Huntress Harbinger Bow (Defense)

  • Malthius Incursion

    • Monk Infernal Combustor Polearm

    • Apprentice Armageddon Staff

    • Squire Scarlet Enforcer Sword

    • Huntress Armored Cleanser Bow

  • Griblok’s Horde Incursion

    • Squire Impaling Cutter Sword

    • Squire Harbinger Sword (Defense)

  • Chrome Enemies Incursion

    • Huntress Toxic Shock Bow

    • Monk Harbinger Polearm (Defense)

  • Forest Poachers Incursion

    • Apprentice Chilling Touch Staff

    • Apprentice Harbinger Staff (Defense)

  • Unholy Catacombs Incursion

    • Squire Sword of Unholy Fire

  • Kobold Bling King Incursion

    • Huntress Bling O’ Midas Bow

  • Bastille Master Incursion

    • Apprentice Ghastly Halberd Staff

  • Power Surge Incursion

    • Monk Glaive of the Storms Polearm

  • The Demon’s Lair Incursion

    • Abyss Lord Molten Tome

PS4 players will get these changes later this week!



Elliot Cannon, Studio Creative Director (Myscha_Sleddog)

Upcoming Campaign Changes

While a number of folks continue with new Incursion maps, new gear, and the Mystic, another strike team continues to work with me on overhauling the existing campaign, game structure, and experience into something much smarter and more cohesive. This will affect all players, but mostly brand new and returning players. If you have heroes that have not hit 50 and beaten the campaign or geared well enough to enter Nightmare I, you’ll definitely want to check this out. These changes are slated to release at the same time as the Mystic (tentatively slated for late September) so it’s not far off.

Overview of Campaign Changes

Here’s a brief overview. Look for much more visuals from the team soon here, on social media, and on our Devstreams:

  • All maps (18 in total) are in a new order and interconnected by an overarching story thread. It all starts with the intro video and ends with your climactic defeat of the Har… er… main bad guy.

  • Story elements appear on both map-specific loading screens and in-game videos at key moments. We added a continue button to the map specific loading screens so you have a chance to check them out.

  • The campaign takes you from 1-50. Yep, 50!

  • The new campaign gears you for Nightmare I by the time you’re done. Finish the campaign and you’re a walking wave of destruction ready to get into much harder content right away.

  • You can play through the campaign in 9-10 hours if you don’t lose and rush through everything. We’ve found most folks play through in around 16 hours or so, by doing extra activities such as meticulously upgrading four heroes along the way, enchanting, testing, goofing around with pets, etc.

  • We have unlocked all NPC shops in the Heroes’ Marketplace at Level 1. Enchanting, Pets, Relics, Blacksmith, have at thee.

  • Many minor things that the game used to lock out by an arbitrary level is gone and ready for you from the moment you start.

  • A super brief starter quest points brand new players to the War Table, explains the Hero Deck, multiple heroes, how to unlock them, how to earn Defender Medals then sends you on your first chapter of the story. Brief, to the point, get playing.

  • The flow of first install to playing is much cooler, cleaner, and faster. We’re cleaning up the Create Hero UI so you can jump to heroes faster and improving the flows.

  • Over the course of the campaign, you need to win each map before you can play the next. We do this with a self-contained quest so you never have to go back to town! If you already beat campaign, nothing is gated.

  • We’ve added a NEXT MAP button to every map in the campaign and in defense mode so you can keep playing. All the maps have the same story-driven order.

  • We’ve adjusted the warm-up timers and end game timers. Warmup is immediate and controlled by you now. End game timers are gone, so you can collect loot, gear up, and take your time before you go to your next map. We felt that having to go back to town all the time killed fun and momentum. We use the “G” up type mechanic here at better spots to promote smoother play on your terms.

  • When you win maps in the campaign, you get Defender Medals and gems! By the time you win that 18th map, you’ll easily have about 5,000 Defender Medals to give you a boost before you jump into Nightmare I, work on heroes, or horde them for future goodies.

  • Freeplay and Endgame are gone! Campaign prepares you for Nightmare I. /flex

  • The Campaign rewards much better gear drops, and at key chapters, tailored gear.

  • We’ve remapped the old quest chain so if you were midstream in that or sub 50 previously, we put you in a great spot to go forward. Since we’re leveling you faster and you’re earning gear that is much more powerful sooner, we place you in a spot based on your iPWR so you can keep making progression.

  • Enemy introductions fit the new progression of the story.

  • Pacing is snappier and more meaningful. Many maps have less waves and almost all have more boss-style climaxes.

  • Maps are harder, and we offer two difficulties for the campaign to choose from (Normal and Hard) which you can jump back and forth on with no penalty.

  • The game’s tutorial is freestanding and accessible off the main menu. We’re adding some V.O. here and there for personality for now. We have grander plans for an in-game strategy guide, but for now, this allows you to access the tutorial when you feel like it.

  • We’re redesigning the Main Menu with much more visual punch and a better flow for both console and PC (Continue Campaign, Go to Town, Go to Private Tavern, updates on the game, videos, social media, and all kinds of smart stuff). I’ll let visuals speak for themselves, so stay tuned!

  • The Game Browser has a better linear flow for campaign, as each map is part of a 6-chapter story; we present each chapter in a linear sequence so you can get a feel for where you are in the bigger picture.

  • We’ve expanded the Create Game section with more room for game messages, images, cleaner flow, and less iPWR monkey business in your face. Less clicks to get playing for sure.

  • If you’ve previously finished the campaign on your account, you can still go back and play the campaign maps in any order you want to gear up which is actually pretty fun now that everything is connected better feeling more like a single-player RPG journey with meaning.

  • You can of course play the entire campaign with friends in multiplayer.

  • I could not convince the art team to make a DD2 style UT 99 Flak Cannon. Will keep working on them.

As we said earlier this year, making solid strides towards finishing the game is on point here. The content and changes we have planned through the rest of the year are even more compelling. Dynamic difficulty and enemy scaling, scaling for number of players, a huge range of difficulty to challenge players forever, hero specific gear, leaderboards, and tons more. Keep tuned in for more on the next Incursion, the Mystic hero, and the Campaign changes!

Tim Shannon, PS4 and Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

This week is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. We’re working on finalizing our next content update. From the PS4 side of things, we’re working on adding split-screen support to gameplay options as well as other improvements to controller configuration. On the live team side, we’re following up on a number of issues including: lag during matches, loading times on PS4, and adding Loot V2 support to all the new heroes. Next week should see a patch coming out that solves some of the issues with the Lavamancer release and the first round of controller updates.


This morning, iamisom came in with pep in his step and a glimmer in his eye. We all knew something was different. Something big was about to happen. Suddenly, Isom’s mouth opened. Our heart rates went up. Dogs started meowing. Cats started barking. Team Instinct, somehow, now ruled every gym in town. Was this the darkest timeline?

Time and space itself waited with bated breath.

And then, when it seemed like the very fabric of the universe couldn’t take the silence… Isom spoke:

“The plan:

  1. Ask 'Who wants us to start the 3x Medal weekend early?'

  2. Listen.

  3. Do what they tell us.

  4. Profit.”

And so, we did. And you responded. And we did what you said to do. And it is done.

3x Medal Weekend starts NOW, folks. 


Thank you, Isom. He’s not the hero we deserve, but he is the hero we got. Anyway, here's what we're working on this week.

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)

By day I am working with our awesome team on two upcoming new heroes. The Mystic is up next, and she is looking rather slithery. I’m helping direct John and Mel with their animations to make sure we capture her feel, and I’m working with the programmers as her abilities and towers start to come online. By day, heroess; by night, other things… I’m basically Batman I think:

  1. Enemy Redesign:  I am working on getting the enemy redesign in. Yao is programming their functionality, and I’m going over our new campaign and rebuilding the schedules. So far Gates, Market, and Greystone are done.

  2. Passives:  We’ve talked at length about some of the plans we have for a new and improved passive system. I’m first making an index on all the passives we have in game and categorizing them under: to be cut, to be improved, to be left alone. The ones that are cut will be removed from the game. This is mostly to remove superfluous passives that are not fun. To be improved is a category for passives that are theoretically cool, but in practice are rather boring. As an example, the gold gain passives can use some love. To be left alone is a category for passives that are doing just fine.

  3. Hero Balance: I’m working with the programmers to try and figure out a way to make balancing our game an easier task. The workflow to go in and balance a tower for example is rather inefficient and a lot of time is wasted and mistakes can happen because our process is not ideal. I’m trying to organize our data in a more intuitive way so that designers can at a glance figure out the specific problems with the balance, identify, and solve easily. Anyone and their mother can tell you something like “Tower X is OVER POWERED!” or “Ability Y is useless no one EVER uses it” -- figuring out why that is and how it should be solved to not introduce more problems is the tricky bit. This is a multi-step process that involves a lot of math, and a lot of talking with the community team to figure out the perception of balance.

Tim Shannon, PS4 and Live Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

After missing last week and getting deleted from the Dev Log like I don’t even exist [Ed. Note:  Suck it, Tim], we successfully shipped the Lavamancer update this week and have been tracking the issues with it since then. Our next update is pretty beefy, so I’m trying to bundle all of our fixes into that so we can remove the overhead of hotfixing and focus on making the campaign revamp as low impact on client stability and performance as we can. That being said, if something game breaking crops up, expect a fix.

In other news, we’re working on some updates to the controller that should alleviate a long standing concern with the controller layout, adding look sensitivity, and adding dead zone configurations to the options menu. We also will potentially be adding Loot V2 support for all the new heroes (fingers crossed), a DPS number only mode for tavern dummies, and making it where kicked players will no longer be able to rejoin the sessions they were kicked from (hasta la vista griefers).  

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

This week I've been doing some visual changes to the Crumbled Bulwark level that should be released soon, which includes finalizing the visual pass and doing a collision pass. Check it out:


Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Now that the Crumbled Bulwark has had its makeover, it’s time to start the engines on adding in the gameplay and Incursion.The map now has more character and connection to the world, and the Incursion will reflect that as well.

Brian Goodsell, VFX/Technical Artist (bgoodsell)

Post Lavamancer release, I've spent some time going through and fixing older issues from the past few milestones. Nothing absolutely game changing, but fixing and finalizing things on the backend so it better works with our workflow going forward.

Also working on getting all our content sorted so it lives in the correct place and is easy to find for our other developers. Our cooked game has numerous references to test packages in our content directory, which should be living in better locations.

Then there is the collisions issue that is forever ongoing. Since our characters can now double jump and fly, we've had to revise the way in which we build both collisions and geometry to support things from these views. Forest Crossroads is a good example of why it’s important to properly block your render meshes:


(The red geo should cover the cliff faces. It doesn't do that 100%.) This will be a side project of mine for the next few milestones at least.

Finally working on lighting issues for the new map. Working on separating the player-only space from the lane space using lighting.


James Reid, Software Engineer (Driscan)

Man, it’s been a busy past couple of months. I know I’ve missed a couple of these Dev Logs [Ed. Note:  It’s okay as long as you’re not Tim.]. Nose to the grindstone and all.

So, I worked on the volcano tower for the Lavamancer. I primarily focus on UI, so to get in and do some actual gameplay programming was super fun, rewarding, and stressful as all getout. The team came together and really built a tower that, I think, is super fun. The volcano went through so many iterations to get that “volcanoy” feel. Case in point:


Which then led to…


Then I started working on the eruption portion of the volcano…


Then there was more iteration on the firing mechanism.



Then finally, we got it to where it is now in game. This thing was really a team effort: Design, VFX, Programming, we all came together to make this tower pretty awesome!

Now that the Lavamancer is out the door, I’m working on some more UI related tasks. Namely, we’re working on improving the matchmaking UI to reflect the upcoming Campaign Revamp! (The UI changes are still very much work-in-progress.)



The Herald of Embermount update is out now! Here are the patch notes:


  • New Hero: The Lavamancer

    • Utilizing his Molten Power and the ability to quickly traverse the earth, the Lavamancer wields the power of magma and fire.  With new abilities and towers, the Lavamancer is ready to rumble!

    • For more information, see his full ability/defense reveal trailer.

    • The Embermount Bundle includes the Molten Juggernaut costume.

  • Daily Mission Cooldown Timer

    • Added a timer to show you when daily missions will reset.

  • New Coalescing Combat Text

    • Optimized combat text to reduce the spam and make your DPS more readable.

      • Damage types should now coalesce together.

      • I.e. Fire damage groups with fire damage, physical damage with physical, etc.

    • Crits should still be highlighted individually from other damage numbers and have increased size.

    • If you still want to see individual damage numbers, you can either fire at a slower pace, or turn off coalescing damage numbers in the Options Menu.

  • Added the Betsy Egg to the Defender Medal Store

    • You can now buy the Betsy Egg for 10,000 Defender Medals.

  • Lockbox Update

    • Lockboxes do not drop duplicate items anymore.

    • If you have everything unlocked from a lockbox, a message will appear letting you know that when you try to reopen it.

  • Other

    • Life Leech can now spawn on Guns, Canisters and Lava Arms.

    • Changed some inspect tooltips to show relevant stats now.  For instance:  The Skeletal Orc and Colossus now show DPS.

    • Moved Alpha watermark to just the Main Menu so that it won't get in the way of gameplay or clutter the screen.


  • Flamethrower and Flameburst Towers

    • Extra Flame Damage Skill Sphere now has a 20% chance to hit for 100% extra damage.

    • Flameburst Tower Defense Power ratio increased from 3.5 to 4.1

    • Flamethrower Tower Defense Power ratio increased from 0.625 to 0.7

    • The overall result of these changes is that the Flameburst and the Flamethrower deal more damage.

  • Other Changes

    • Black Arrow passive scales between 21% and 30% instead of 2.1% and 3.0%.

    • Karma Vortex can now roll up to 60%.

    • Fixed Frostbite Towers re-fire rate to work as intended. They were firing much faster than they were supposed to be. Maybe they were just excited.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some Inventory and Escape Menu memory leaks.

  • Fixed the "Game Is Already Running" launcher bug that prevented some players from playing.

  • Fixed an issue when you would re-bind the E key for tower placement. Now you can move AND it will work with EV node placement.

  • Fixed the Spectral Knights increasing the attack speed stat instead of stunning towers.  Improved the tooltip’s communication of this effect.

  • Fixed an issue where tooltips would stick around visually if you had a controller enabled but were still using mouse and keyboard.

  • Fixed an issue where you had to press E or I twice to open the Inventory screen.

  • Fixed the enemy health numbers not respecting the choice within the Options menu.

  • Fixed the Thorns spheres.

  • Fixed the Molten Citadel map icon.

  • Fixed the Demon Lord sticking around after winning or losing the Molten Citadel Incursion.

  • Fixed the dialogue text staying on screen for the duration of the Buried Bastille Incursion.

  • Fixed tooltips not refreshing on Hero Swap and Level Up.

  • Fixed the intro cinematic that plays on Ramparts Siege map.

  • Fixed some Incursions showing up as “Defense” maps on the Pause screen.

  • Fixed Sticky Grenades and Concussive Shots not damaging the Harbinger.

  • Fixed a grammar error with the Proton Charge Deflect skill sphere.  We change “it” to “its.”  Gamechanger.

  • Fixed the Power Surge Incursion Combat Phase timer craziness that was going on with multiple players pressing G or not pressing G.

  • Fixed the Skeletal Archers description in the Create Hero screen.

  • Fixed the issue where pressing Esc while sniping with a Gun Witch and changing weapons would break the Gun Witch.

  • A fix for inspected defenses not showing stats on the tooltip pop-up.

  • Earthshatter towers no longer appear to fire twice.

  • Fixed victory chests bloom levels so they will stop glowing at supernova levels.

  • Fixed an Abyss Lord tome that dropped as “Default Tome”

  • Removed all default weapons from being able to drop as a regular item.

  • Fixed the Character Stat screen to stop displaying decimals so that numbers stop overlappying each other.

  • PC - Players can now browse the What’s New screen with a controller.

  • PC - Fixed some overlapping HUD text issues when using a controller.

  • PS4 - Fixed some client crash issues.

  • PS4 - Fixing broken re-roll gear to roll with improved stats. Hopefully this will fix any gear that was previously broken.

  • PS4 - The green bar on health bars should now fill the entire bar when the bar is supposed to be at 100%.

  • PS4 - Fixed the Vote to Kick a player from a public map.

  • PS4 - Added text for when you fail to meet the requirements to equip gear.

  • PS4 - Fixed the Kill All Enemies timer on the Buried Bastille Incursion. It should not reset now when you enter Combat Phase for the first time.

  • PS4 - Costume Shop screen now shows the function of the X button.

  • PS4 - Shortened the message that shows when a splitscreen player tried to join a full map.

  • PS4 - Fixed an issue with Skip text remaining on screen after enhancing an item.

  • PS4 - Fixed UI navigation bug with the Costume Shop

  • PS4 - In splitscreen, if a player fails to join while another player is loading, they can now try to re-join the game after a failed attempt.

  • PS4 - Cleaned up some of the tooltip positioning logic so tooltips don’t get cut off in splitscreen.

  • PS4 - Gear tooltips within the Inventory and Skill Sphere tabs now function for solo players.

  • PS4 - Fixed the color of the beam on the mana chests to be the proper green color.

  • PS4 - Received Skill Sphere fixes from the latest Hotfix. See details here.


Today at 5PM EDT on our Twitch channel, be the first to see the Herald of Embermount update!


We're showing off our newest Hero: the Lavamancer for the first half hour then talking Heroes, the future of the game, and more with a group of Trendy Devs. We’ll also be answering your questions live, so submit them early at this thread or live on Twitch & Twitter with #dd2devstream.

We’ll still giving away 10 Lavamancer Bundle codes to lucky viewers but to minimize Twitch #spam we’ll be doing it through Twitter (@TrendyEnt). Look for a special Devstream tweet around 5pm ET and retweet it to enter to win.


In even more free stuff news - this week our giveaway will DOUBLE to 20 if we manage to hit our 250k Steam Group membership goal before or during the devstream (on top of releasing the Monk's Crystalline Twin-Blade) - so join here if you haven’t and recruit your fellow Defenders!


Patch 14.5 for Steam

Here are the notes for Patch 14.5!

We fixed ALL the things.  And by things, I mean spheres… And also the Sky Dragon’s Fury Monk weapon.  

iamisom is on vacation.  All bets are off.  I have no idea what I'm doing.

Bug Fixes

  • Sky Dragon’s Fury

    • We fixed this weapon doing one damage.  It wasn’t cool, so we told it to stop.

  • Medium Sphere

    • Experience Bonus Sphere Fixed

  • Large Spheres

    • Bewitching Hour Sphere Fixed

    • Boost Blockade Health Sphere Fixed

    • Charge Primary Sphere Fixed

    • Crane Stance Sphere Fixed

    • Dragon Stance Sphere Fixed

    • Empowering Calm Sphere Fixed

    • Extra Flame Damage Sphere Fixed

    • Fire for Effect Sphere Fixed

    • Fight Me Not Sphere Fixed

    • Lightning Damage Sphere Fixed

    • Long Range Sphere Fixed

    • Powerful Spears Sphere Fixed

    • Shiny Spokes Sphere Fixed

    • Spiders Kiss Sphere Fixed

    • Steam Powered Sphere Fixed

PS4 players will receive these changes in the Lavamancer update.

You’re gonna lava the Herald of Embermount update when it erupts August 16th for PC and PS4! 

This update contains our first truly flaming hero - the Lavamancer. Lavamancer enjoys long walks on volcanic ash, magma puppies, and using his transformable magma arm  to simultaneously wound his enemies while cauterizing their wound! He’s a sweet sweet man, really. If you haven’t already, meet the Lavamancer in his official trailer below:

Want to see the Lavamancer in action? Tune into our Devstream this Friday at 5PM EDT! We're also giving away his costume to several lucky viewers!

The HoE update also heralds (see what we did there?) an option to display massive amounts of damage in a more streamlined way. With this option turned on, you’ll be able to see more of the beautiful world of Etheria as you hashtag rek AF (or whatever you kids are hashtaggin these days). See the handy GIF (that’s GIF with a hard G) below for an example!


Here’s what we’re working on this week:

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)

The Lavamancer is nearly complete. There are a few concerns we’re running some tests on, but otherwise he is ready to rumble. I am now out of the engine and back in documents. Working with the Mystic team as they start building her assets and animating them. The Lavamancer looks fantastic. The team did a wonderful job bringing that volcano to life. We hope you enjoy using him.

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

We're giving more love to the Crumbled Bulwark level. Visuals are turning into the right direction now! Only true defenders without fear will see the light on this dark place…


Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

We are still redoing the visuals of the Crumbled Bulwark level. At this point, it has even become more dark and gloomy...the perfect place to feature a new enemy, a really dangerous one.

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

The Demon Cache has been found! Congrats on hitting the books and getting some extra loots!

As for the next map, Crumbled Bulwark. The level design team was rather unhappy with the original theme that was done on this map. It lacked the character and depth that we want to push forward with our levels. So we decided to give Crumbled Bulwark a makeover. (Keep in mind the gameplay layout will remain unchanged.) This visual update will give the map more character as well as some of the updates will allow for a much more robust Incursion that we have planned for this map.

Brian Goodsell, VFX/Technical Artist (Other titles pending)

Wrapping up the last of the extended Lavamancer VFX work for the milestone. Had some time to modify my workflow in a way that allowed me to capture more gifs.

Oil Geyser Attack/Eruption



Charge VFX


Currently Listening To: Bonobo - "Nothing Owed (live version)"

John Muscarella, Digital Puppet Master

Finalizing the Lavamancer means that I have been full swing on our next hero, The Mystic!  I am extremely excited for this character, and hopefully you will be too.  Here is some of what I have been up too.



Keep an eye out for this lady in the future, she will be joining our cast of heroes soon.



The Lavamancer comes out this month on PC & PS4! Meet the Lavamancer in his official trailer below:

Elliot Cannon, Creative Director (Myscha_Sleddog)

We’re in the middle of a final push to get the Lavamancer wrapped up! Be sure and check out the hero video above for a fun look at his themes, abilities, and towers. Here’s a breakdown from me on the hero, designed by Dan Haddad with some images he snapped for me in one of our test map.

Resource – Molten Power

The Lavamancer uses a unique resource called Molten Power, which functions like mana for other characters except he resupplies this for himself through one of his towers, called a Fissure of Embermount. You can place up to three Fissures in the map, each generating a mana pick-up every twenty seconds. If you play it right and keep mental track, you’ll be max molten power non-stop and that means more fire!


Grab these burning meteors for more Molten Power!


These fissures burn the devil out of any enemies that come close. Where you place these is up to you depending on your aggressiveness during Combat Phase. If you put them behind a bunch of barricades, you’re missing out. His right click, Dash, allows you to zip across the battlefield like the flash and is super useful for getting in or out at a moment’s notice.


If you place your fissures in offensive spots, you can Erupt them (see Eruption later on), grab more molten power on the spot and Erupt again in an AOE fiery cataclysm. Use Dash to swoop out if you get swarmed, or swoop in the detonate. Think about how you place your Fissures of Embermount, as they are key to your resources.


The Lavamancer is our first from-scratch hero who no longer takes steps during his melee rotation. You’ll often hear us refer to this as root motion. This means you can move around independently of what melee strike he’s doing during a sequence, which is great for timing hits and gives you much better control over where you are. I know Dan and I were chatting about making the Lavamancer beastly for health, so he can actually throw down in Nightmare IV without being one-shotted. I know he’s tweaking that as I write this, so keep your eyes peeled on his final health numbers. When you pick up weapons for the Lavamancer, his arm morphs into an earth version, whether that’s a mace, sword, or his own special gauntlet drops.

Harden and Inflame

Another ability he has is Harden and Inflame. Think of these as stances or modes you toggle between. In this case, the Lavamancer controls his temperature by shifting between these two forms. When Hardened, he expels heat and cools into solid rock, reflecting projectiles and reducing damage taken. While in this form, Inflame reignites him with volcanic heat, buffing both movement speed and melee attack damage.



His signature ability is Eruption, which emits a fiery shockwave of molten energy, burning the crap out of enemies and buffing the Defense Power and Defense Attack Speed of all nearby defenses. Eruption causes cool effects to your nearby defenses, too, so if you can run up and hit it near your own defenses, the effect is a hilarious molten plasma soup of fiery death.


Submerge and Emerge

Lately we’ve been giving heroes different ways to move. The Gun Witch has her broom, EV2 had Death from Above, and we recently gave the Monk his own flying cloud with an Incursion weapon. This time, and fitting perfectly with the theme or volcanoes, earth, and molten destruction, is Submerge and Emerge. When activated, the Lavamancer burrows underground, gaining super-fast increased movement speed and healing over time. Pressing jump, primary attack, or the ability again launches the Lavamancer with a devastating uppercut, breaching the surface of the Earth and damaging nearby enemies. This type of mobility is fun because not only are you completely hauling butt, you're underground so you don’t fly off ledges. Similar to the Gun Witch’s Vroom Broom, a healing ability can take up key real estate on your action bar. Having an ability with multiple functionality just adds to its usefulness.

Although Dash is awesome, the immunity from submerge makes you think about your movement in different ways!

Maw of the Earth Drake

The Lavamancer shapes the Maw of the Earth Drake out of solid rock, which fires a molten beam slowing enemies over time until they turn to stone. Enemies in stone form taunt their former allies into attacking them. When under the effects of Eruption, the Maw fires two beams and turns enemies to stone faster. Great way to slow a lane down as opposed to just killzones.

Oil Geyser

The Lavamancer creates an Oil Geyser that spews out hot oil, slowing, damaging, and applying the oiled effect to enemies. If you use Eruption near these, the Geyser spews out a pillar of molten magma, burning all nearby enemies for increased damage.



His last defense is a massive volcano that rains burning meteors down on enemies exploding for massive damage. While under the effects of Eruption, the volcano spews out meteors at an accelerated rate with increased damage. Look for snaps of this in the video.

In summary, the Lavamancer would makeHendrix smile and Beavis have a brain aneurysm. So if you want to set the world on fire, grab him when he comes out this month! 

Tim Shannon, Live & PS4 Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

Molten Citadel went out on all platforms on Tuesday morning, and we’ve been singing Disco Inferno continuously since then and assuming everything is perfect.  Jk though… There are a couple of known issues we’re looking at right now (health bars being messed up on PS4 and some Skill Spheres not working) and we might be issuing a patch next Tuesday (but probably not since we’re in stabilization for the next milestone). Also, we’ve gotten a chance to take a peek at the passive re-roll issue on PS4 from when we accidentally rebalanced the game so expect something in the coming weeks there (if only a re-roll).

Live Team side, we’ve been working on a couple things. First, we’ve added in additional logging to client-event server communication so we can get better info on where connection issues are coming from. Second, our Playverse guru whipped up a tool that allows him to peer into time on all servers simultaneously so we can make sure that it’s not out of whack. Third, we did a deep dive into our Steam transactions code to try to improve the overall stability of the system and ferret out a couple of bizarre reports we received. Also, the new guy is looking at Tornados not working randomly, but we’re having trouble getting any sort of reliable information from that, so if you have any ideas of why Tornadoes occasionally just fail to knock up enemies, let us know.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Here's a pic of the current state of the Wild West level!


Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

Now that we're done with the Wild West level, we're moving on to the Crumbled Bulwark, the "winner" of the Influence Vote! We're going to do a visual pass in the level so it looks more interesting. We also want to add new features like new gameplay areas for just the players.

Lastly but not less important, you might meet with a certain creature in this dark level...

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Demon Lord is out and tossing boulders at everyone now. So that means, onward and upward to the next Incursion. Crumbled Bulwark was the “troll winner” of the Influence Vote, so that means it's time to make an exciting Incursion for that location. Any ideas on incursions you guys want to see on Crumbled Bulwark, be sure to leave those down in the comments.

As for the map itself, we are making 1 or 2 adjustments to the level to create some extra space for the player. We want to make sure the gameplay for these maps remains faithful to DD1, but also want to give players new things to explore!

Dani Moore, Remote QA Lead (Dani)

Testing and bug finding with the Lavamancer is a go. Speaking of go, been playing Pokemon Go recently and found this rare Dugtrio.

Ain’t he the cutest?



The Molten Citadel update is out now on PC and PS4! Here's what's in the update:


  • New Map: Molten Citadel

    • Thanks to your previous Influence vote, our next map is the Molten Citadel! Molten Citadel is a remake of DD1’s Magus Quarters. A fiery lava moat surrounds this explorable castle. Also, skeletons. Medium-sized map. One core.

  • New Incursion:  Demon’s Lair

    • Turn up the heat with the new Molten Citadel map and a superheated Incursion featuring Lava Guardians and the fierce Demon Lord. HE’S ON FIRE! Can you keep your cool?

  • New Abyss Lord Weapon: Scorched Tome of Molten Brimstone

    • You play with fire, you’re gonna get... The Scorched Tome of Molten Brimstone. Burninate foes with the power of earth and flame, then finish ‘em off with great balls of magma.

  • iPWR 750 Medallion on the Demon's Lair Incursion!

  • New Incursion Enemy:  Lava Guardian

    • The hot n’ heavy Lava Guardian enters the Demon’s Lair Incursion with attacks that are sure to get you hot and bothered.

  • New Squire Costume:  Guardian of the Molten Citadel

    • Think DD2 is hawt? Help keep cool, new stuff coming and wear your support by splurging on the Squire’s Guardian of the Molten Citadel variant! It comes with 27 accessories and 127° C of style.

  • Changing Terminology

    • We’re changing “Challenges” back to “Incursions” (because too many things in our game are called Challenges) and “Defense” back to “Campaign” (because in a few updates, this will feel more like a traditional Campaign). Deal with it (but seriously, we hope that’s the last time).

  • Additional Changes

    • Fixed a bug where some defenses weren’t attacking dummies in the Tavern. Sky Guards still don’t work, but maybe one day.

    • Added “Wave” and “Phase” to the Game Browser.


  • Skeletal Ramster targeting yaw increased from 10 to 17.

    • Skeletal Ramster should now be able to hit everything within its area of attack.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several server crash bugs. Fixing crashes and weird loading issues (like the falling through tavern bug) are our top technical priority!

  • Fixed an issue where some Nightmare IV maps had their recommended iPWR set too high.

  • Fixed the Squire’s Slamming Block to only apply on successful blocks.

  • Fixed some legacy pets having unexpectedly high stats.

  • Fixed some legacy gear having base stats that were in the stratosphere.

  • Fixed some spelling issues on the Forest Poachers Incursion. We ams gud spellarz.

  • Fixed an issue on Liferoot Forest where people could get out of the level with the Glaive of the Storms.

  • Fixed a bug with the Cooldown Reduction Sphere occasionally causing abilities without cooldowns to suddenly have them.

  • PS4 - Fixed some ability and tower icons appearing “zoomed in” on the UI.

This update also brings Patch 14.3 to the PS4. You can find those patch notes here.


Today at 5PM EDT on our Twitch channel, be the first to see the Molten Citadel update! 

We're showing off the Molten Citadel map, Demon's Lair Incursion, the Lava Guardian enemy, new Abyss Lord Weapon and more. We're also giving away 10 Guardian of the Molten Citadel Squire costume codes to lucky viewers. Tune in to win!


The Molten Citadel update will melt your face off next Tuesday, August 2nd! 

Here’s what's in this muy caliente (that’s very hot in Spanish) update:

  • New Map: Molten Citadel

    • Thanks to your previous Influence vote, our next map is the Molten Citadel! Molten Citadel is a remake of DD1’s Magus Quarters. A fiery lava moat surrounds this explorable castle. Also, skeletons. Medium-sized map. One core.

  • New Incursion:  Demon’s Lair

    • Turn up the heat with the new Molten Citadel map and a superheated Incursion featuring Lava Guardians and the fierce Demon Lord. HE’S ON FIRE! Can you keep your cool?

  • New Abyss Lord Weapon: Scorched Tome of Molten Brimstone

    • You play with fire, you’re gonna get... The Scorched Tome of Molten Brimstone. Burninate foes with the power of earth and flame, then finish ‘em off with great balls of magma.

  • New Incursion Enemy:  Lava Guardian

    • The hot n’ heavy Lava Guardian enters the Demon’s Lair Incursion with attacks that are sure to get you hot and bothered.

  • New Squire Costume:  Guardian of the Molten Citadel

    • Think DD2 is hawt? Help keep cool, new stuff coming and wear your support by splurging on the Squire’s Guardian of the Molten Citadel variant! It comes with 27 accessories and 127° C of style.

  • Changing Terminology: We Do What We Want!

    • We’re changing “Challenges” back to “Incursions” (because too many things in our game are called Challenges) and “Defense” back to “Campaign” (because in a few updates, this will feel more like a traditional Campaign). Deal with it (but seriously, we hope that’s the last time).

  • iPWR 750 Medallion on the Demon's Lair Incursion!

  • And a hot plate!

That completes my first dev log post EVAR. I'd like to thank my budding bromance with Isom, my mom, and every team off 11 year olds I've ever silently played Splatoon with. - Benny

Elliot Cannon, Creative Director (Myscha_Sleddog)

The Molten Citadel map lands next week! Old school Dungeon Defenders players will recognize the Magus Quarters layout, which as always, Jesus Diaz (N3oDoc) and Daniel Diaz (DanielKaMi) applied their incredible level design, world building, and art skills by taking the base BSP of the original map and transforming it into a place that makes Ragnaros jealous. Be sure and check out their DD2 Wild West map below they’re working on!

Steve and Lauryn did the design for the Molten Citadel Incursion, and it’s quite fun and really captures the complete theme and boss-fight/raid vibe while keeping true to the core of what makes DD2 unique.


On this map, a fiery Demon Lord emerges from the lava and bombards players with burning meteors, so be careful where you stand. If you are too close to your core, the splash damage will nail it so don’t be caught turtling. These meteors have a touch of homing on them too, so good dodging, movement, or line of sight breaking is necessary. He also cheats from time to time. Don’t get popped out of the sky and fall into lava! While he’s firing multiple meteors at you, his armies come in waves (infinitely) including flying enemies, so don’t forget anti-air towers unless you want to skeet shoot Wyverns non-stop with your Gun Witch or Huntress. (Always fun with a Double Tap II 1.5/s x3 Blunderbuss Duster!)


The waves go on forever unless you can spot a Lava Guardian and kill him. Steve has a fun snap of one below. On death, they break down into burning boulders, which work awesome as ammunition for the catapult on the upper bridge. Fire the catapult to stun the Demon Lord so you can get there and DPS him down (I suggest using the Gainesville 352 slap). Steve’s jamming balance, be sure and read his update below.


As with all our Challenges this year, we added a unique hero-specific weapon that always drops and has variable bonuses to the effects so you can work towards what you think is the ultimate version. This go round, the Abyss Lord gets the Scorched Tome of Molten Brimstone, which jams up your primary mana drain with extra damage and changes both right-click and right-click charge ups significantly. The charge up is rather nasty. Beavis would get excited. Fire!

Be sure and check our Patch Preview video at the top of the post for some action clips of everything!

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

The Upcoming Changes to the Game thread has been updated! Check it out if you’re curious about the near-term changes coming to Dungeon Defenders II.

Dani Moore, Remote QA Lead (Dani)

The Lavamancer will soon be burning his way through Etheria, and naturally we want to put him through his paces before he lands. We have a fantastic Remote Playtest Group that gets the chance to do just that, and we’re open to recruiting new members. So if you want to test out the Lavamancer and upcoming content before it releases come join us!

Also, if you have a few spare hours most days, we have a daily active group called the Remote QA team. This team takes a look at the game as it develops each day with a strong focus on bug finding and feedback - and we’re also recruiting on this team too.

Send an email to dani.moore[at]TrendyEnt[dot]com - and confirm you are 18 or above - and we’ll start the process of getting you into either group, just state which team you want to join. We’ll also provide more details before you jump in.

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

Working hard on the Wild West level! Adding new buildings and doing a full deco pass.


Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

This week I'm polishing the Wild West level by adding a ton of details, and also I'm working on the out-of-bounds areas creating some new funny buildings!


Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Incursion testing is well under way. The Molten Citadel is getting polished up, and the Incursion is getting balanced out. The lava guardians are getting restless…



Here are the notes for Patch 14.3!


  • Series EV2 Proton Beam

    • The end result of these changes should make the Proton Beam stronger than what it currently is but not as strong as it was before the Power Surge update:

    • Defense Power ratio increased 0.4 -> 0.6

    • Defense Crit Damage ratio increased 1.0 -> 1.15

    • Defense Power upgrade ratios decreased to 1.0 -> 1.3 -> 1.6 -> 1.9 -> 2.2

    • Defense Crit Damage upgrade ratios fixed and set to the same as Defense Power upgrade ratios

    • Fixed bug that was making Crit Damage scale incorrectly. It should now scale per upgrade instead of maxing out at Tier 1.

  • Series EV2 Reflect Beam

    • Defense Power ratio increased 12 -> 15

    • Defense Power upgrade ratios decreased to 1.0 -> 1.1 -> 1.2 -> 1.3 -> 1.4

    • Defense Crit Damage ratios fixed and set to the same as Defense Power upgrade ratios

    • Radius increased 250 -> 300

    • Fixed bug that was making Crit Damage scale incorrectly.

  • Weapon Manufacturer

    • Fixed a minor Defense Speed scaling bug (now properly scales, slightly, with Defense Speed).

  • Poison Dart Tower

    • Poison Dart Tower's Poison Damage can now exceed the 20,000 per tick, per stack Damage Cap. You should no longer hit a damage cap.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed unused values on the Inspect Defense tooltip for the Proton Beam, Reflect Beam and Weapon Manufacturer.

  • DPS, ATK Damage and several other values will now display on the Inspect Defense tooltip for the Proton Beam, Reflect Beam and Weapon Manufacturer. (DPS on Reflect Beam and Weapon Manufacturer is not calculated correctly and will be fixed in a future update.)

  • Buff Beam now displays proper fields on the Inspect Defense tooltip.

  • Special Delivery, Boom Headshot, Howdoken and Firing My Lazer challenges will now properly track progress.

  • Special Delivery Steam Achievement should now properly unlock once the requirements are met.

  • Fixed a bug where if a player did not answer the prompt when the party leader transitions, the leader eventually left the map but the party was not disbanded.

  • PS4 - Players that have not completed the campaign were able to access end game difficulties.

PS4 players will receive these changes in the Molten Citadel update, which we'll have more information on in tomorrow's Dev Log!


Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

The Power Surge update is out, and now we’re working on the Molten Citadel update! You’ll hear all of the hot details about that in next week’s Dev Log.

This week, we’re working on more balance changes based on the feedback we’ve received since the update. Some of the tentative changes include giving the Series EV2’s Proton Beams some love and removing the Poison Dart Tower’s damage cap. We’re hoping to have these changes in Tuesday’s PC patch (PS4 will get these changes in the next update).

Work is continuing on the Wiki. Ice has some nice changes to the front page coming in soon, and he’s cleaning up some of the templating to make editing a breeze. I’m gathering a list of data points that I need to investigate. Is there something you’d like the Wiki to tell you that’s not currently there? Let me know in the comments!

And by Friday, the Upcoming Changes to the Game document should be fully updated.

I know you’re all curious about that Orc GIF above. That’s a little present waiting for you in the Molten Citadel Challenge. But that’s not all. I’ll say more next week.

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)

The Lavamancer needs a good bit of love if he’s going to be ready. I’m working on getting his core kit functional and entertaining before we start doing our tests with the RPG and RQA groups and gathering their feedback. While working on him, we noticed that our melee combat system can use a bit of love, and so we came up with a solution that should give the designers a bit more control on how melee combat feels in order to make it nice and exciting.

John Muscarella, Digital Puppet Master (Muskie4242)

Speaking of the Lavamancer, here are some animations I made recently:



Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

We're making good progress in the Western level! This week, with the majority of the main buildings built we can start focusing a little more on the small details.

P.S. Kudos to MushroomCake28 for guessing the level! He was right, we're working on the DD1 Throne Room remake!


Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Working on the Western level! We already have all the main gameplay areas done, but there is still a lot of work to do yet. Here is a picture of a railroad car I did for the level.


Tim Shannon, Live and PS4 Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

This week is kind of a mixed bag. I’m mostly focused on the next PS4 Trophy update and getting approvals and everything in line there. When I’m not engaged with that, I’m working on balance updates and testing procedure for those and working on improving the re-roll system. There’s also some super-secret-hush-hush things going on behind the scenes that I’m heading up, which you may hear about in the future.

James Reid, Software Engineer (Driscan)

This week I’m working on one of the defenses for the Lavamancer. Once I get done with that I’ll be moving on to some iterative work on the Game Browser along with some metrics-related programming.

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Continued work on Molten Citadel Challenge. We’ve done some internal testing so making some pretty cool iterations moving forward.

The Power Surge update is live now on PC and PS4! Here are the patch notes:


  • New Challenge:  Power Surge!

    • Storm’s a-brewin’ at Dragonfall Bazaar! While the storm rages, towers gain supercharged attack speed, instant upgrading and instant build time during Combat Phase, but the intensity causes towers to explode after a short time. Can you survive the storm?

  • Glaive of the Storms Monk Weapon

    • Guaranteed drop from the Power Surge Challenge.

    • Walking Tempest - 40% increased movement speed.  Basic attacks deal [20-40%] Hero Damage as Magical Storm Damage.

    • Storm Rider - Glide on a Storm Cloud for [15-35] seconds drenching enemies under you. Every 2 seconds, the Storm Cloud strikes targets for [1000-2000%] of your Ability Power as Magical Storm Damage. While gliding, primary attacks are ranged lightning bolts that deal [250-450%] of your Ability Power as Magical Storm Damage.

  • iPWR 750 Boots:  

    • Complete the Power Surge challenge for your chance to get iPWR 750 Boots from the Victory chest!

  • Game Browser UI Updates

    • Updated the filters to reduce confusion on Public vs. Private Game creation. Public vs. Private Game creation is handled on the Create Game screen.

    • The Create Game button will always remain active. If a player is unable to create a game, clicking the button will inform the player of what hasn’t been selected yet in order to create a game.

    • Daily Bonus icon should now appear for Challenges in the Game Browser.

    • Increased the size of map icons to improve map readability.

    • Docked the buttons to fix aspect ratio issues where the buttons would appear in odd locations.

  • New EV2 Costume:  Mark 3

    • Remember the days of dressing up like a Bounty Hunter? EV2 remembers.

  • Other Changes

    • Increased the AFK timer to improve Maximum Pooping Efficiency.

    • Changed the Inspect Defense tooltip to factor in critical hits.

    • Improved party invites to stop nefarious players from spamlocking players in the Heroes Marketplace.

    • Level and difficulty should now show up on the Pause screen in every map, mode and difficulty.

    • Added links to Hero Videos on the Create Hero screen. These are only available if you have not unlocked the hero.


  • Huntress Poison Dart Tower

    • Poison Dart Tower Skill Sphere Change

      • Changed Poison Dart Tower’s “Poison Stacks” sphere to “Poisonous Fangs,” which improves poison damage by 30%.

    • Viper’s Bite Rebalance

      • Viper’s Bite now rolls between [50 - 80] instead of [110 - 150] of Defense Power as damage in an AoE radius

      • Range reduced from [1500 - 2000] to [700 - 1500]

  • Abyss Lord Skeletal Archer

    • Damage Buff

      • Archers damage has been increased from 3.85x your Defense Power to 4x

    • Angle Buff

      • Angle increased from 120 to 165

    • Speed Rebalance

      • Rate of fire decreased from 1.67/s to 2.2/s

    • Range Rebalance

      • Base range reduced from 4000 to 3250

    • Targeting Rebalance

      • Archers used to pull less aggro than Flamethrowers. They are now equivalent to Flamethrowers.

    • Upgrade Damage Strength Rebalance

      • The amount of damage upgrade per upgrade level has been rebalanced.

        • For example: Tier 2: 1.65 is now 1.5 and Tier 5: 3.6 is now 3.0

    • Explosive Arrow Rebalance

      • The passive roll range has been reduced from [185-325] to [85-200]

  • Abyss Lord Skeletal Ramster

    • The Ramster is meant to be ridiculously good at one thing, massive AoE burst. His weakness is… pretty much everything else.

    • Damage Buff

      • Increased Defense Power gain from 3.0 to 3.2

    • DU Buff

      • Ramster is cheaper now at 50 DU instead of 60

    • Attack Rate Rebalance

      • Rate of fire decreased from 1.87/s to 2.5/s

  • Apprentice Earthshatter

    • Upgrade Damage Buffed

      • T2: 1.4 to 1.5

      • T3: 1.8 to 2

      • T4: 2.2 to 2.5

      • T5: 2.6 to 3.0

    • Range Buff

      • Range increased from 3600 to 4000

      • No longer gains range from upgrades

    • Defense Power Scaling Buff

      • Damage scaling increased from 15 to 22

  • Squire Ballista

    • Defense Power Scaling Buff

      • Increased DP scaling from 9.5 to 12

    • Defense Units Rebalance

      • DU increased from 50 to 60

  • Series EV2 Proton Beam and Reflect Beams

    • Crit Damage Scaling Rebalance

      • Reduced the base crit damage from 245 to 70

  • Lucky Salves Rebalance

    • Lucky Salves now increase crit chance by 25% (additive) instead of multiplying current crit chance by 6x. This affects Defense and Hero salves.

Bug Fixes

  • The Frosty Power staff (Chilling Touch) drops again on the Forest Poachers Challenge. HUZZAH!

  • Fixed an issue when a player would get a 5002 error when attempting to transition to a map with a party and all subsequent attempts to matchmake would result in errors.

  • Fixed an issue where if matchmaking times out after player has elected to return to Tavern from the Defeat/Victory window, the player would be unable to close the window or access the Options menu normally.

  • Fixed a bug where attack rate was not properly scaling with Attack Speed SAS points. Previously, putting 1 point into Attack Speed would set it to max. Now players must max out the Attack Speed stat to achieve max value. The maximum value has not been changed.

  • Fixed an issue where the Abyss Lord’s Orc Blockades and Colossus health would show up differently in tooltips and their HP bar.

  • Fixed a discrepancy between the tooltip health value and the actual health value of the Colossus and Orc Blockades. They were off by 150 points.

  • Fixed an issue where the leader of a party who initiates the decision to move to another match/tavern would receive the stay together/stay behind party prompt.

  • Filters should function correctly for Challenges now.

  • The Squire will no longer display his default shield graphic under the newly equipped one.

  • Adjusted the Huntress’s Bling Bow primary fire splash AoE graphic to more accurately match the size of the AoE. It’s now a little smaller.

  • Added some jumping sound effects to the Black Magic Ops costume.

  • Fixed some animation issues with jumping and using abilities on the Gun Witch.

  • Reduced the volume on electric buffs by about 40%.

  • Increased volume of the Broomnado ability SFX.

  • Increased collision on Dragonfall Sewers mana nodes.

  • Fixed an issue with the Storm Gloves projectile when equipped on EV2 or Huntress.

  • Repositioned the Ghastly Halberd on the Item Enhancement wheel.

  • Fixed an issue where the VFX balls that spawn when the player is interacting with towers did not remain static when the Ghastly Halberd is equipped.

  • PS4 - Fixed an issue when you would jump and cast an ability with the same button press for target ground abilities.

  • PS4 - Fixed an issue where the split screen player could not navigate the Inspect Deck UI.

  • PS4 - Fixed some UI issues with opening and closing the Playstation menu while the Hero Information screen was open and the Hero Deck and Session List were layered on top.

  • PS4 - Fixed texture quality streaming for the UI.

Devstream 61 Recap

The Land of Uhz

  • Our new guy Benny said Uhh a lot. He has been admonished for his vocal crime. 

Power Surge Update

  • The Power Surge Challenge

    • Storm’s a-brewin’ at Dragonfall Bazaar! While the storm rages, towers gain supercharged attack speed, instant upgrading and instant build time during Combat Phase, but the intensity causes towers to explode after a short time. Can you survive the storm?

  • Glaive of the Storms Monk Weapon 

    • Ride the lightning with the Glaive of the Storms! The alternate attack lifts the Monk into the air and lets him ride in style on his own personal cloud. With the power of the cloud, the Monk can synergize and maximize his damage output for peak fiscal performance.

    • Uhh, we mean, become a lightning god! His cloud corvette drenches enemies that walk underneath it and periodically strikes them with lightning.

    • The main attack unleashes a powerful lightning attack!

  • Mark 3 Costume for Series EV2

    • Remember the days of dressing up like a Bounty Hunter? EV2 remembers.

  • Balance Changes

    • This update brings additional balance changes, including an Earthshatter buff, Skeletal Ramster buff, Skeletal Archer nerf and a Poison Dart Tower nerf.

  • And more!

New Map Influence Vote:  Least Votes Wins!

  • In recent months, several dungeons have been defeated at the hands of the Influence Vote. It’s time for one of these losers to finally win… but we’re switching things up. For this vote, the map with the LEAST amount of votes will be the one you see next!
  • Will you choose Frost Keep or Crumbled Bulwark? Vote now!

What We're Working On Now

  • Strategy Revamp:  New Enemy Abilities and Roles:  We're giving enemies new abilities and roles to increase the difficulty of the game and to provide more interesting encounters. These changes are going to take awhile to complete. It's a big task that we're working on, and it'll need a lot of iteration time before we get them right. If you're interested in testing these changes before they go live, join the Remote Playtesting Group! Email dani.moore[at]trendyent[dot]com if you're interested.
  • Campaign Revamp:  Leveling, Loot, Reward and Structure Changes:  Step one of getting the enemy changes into the game is restructuring our Campaign and laying the groundwork there. Part of these changes is changing the way we handle enemy spawning so that as we make squads and these new enemy changes, we can implement them into the game. While we're diving into Campaign, we're also taking a look at the new user experience and making rewards and experience more frenetic and enjoyable. After we're through with these changes, it shouldn't suck to level heroes to 50! Yay!
  • New Map:  Molten Citadel:  Our remake of Magus Quarters from the first game. It's real pretty. 
  • More DD1 Map Remakes:  Oh yeah, baby.
  • New Hero:  The Lavamancer:  We'll have more details for you in our next Devstream!
  • New Hero:  The Mystic:  You'll have to wait a bit longer for those details.

PS4 Online Update

  • In the update after the Power Surge update, multiplayer online play will only be accessible to players with an active PlayStation Plus account. If you do not have a PlayStation Plus account, you will still be able to play single player or local co-op online. When Dungeon Defenders II leaves Early Access, all players will regain access to multiplayer online play. To all of our PS4 fans, thanks for playing Dungeon Defenders II in Early Access on PS4. We're excited to continue to get your feedback as we continue to improve the game!
  • We're also working on PS4 Trophies. You should see those really soon!
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