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Greetings, Defenders!

Welcome back to Influence, where you help us make decisions about Dungeon Defenders II!

Our next patch, Loot & Survive, is coming soon™. It contains pretty much everything you could want while defending Etheria -- a new leveling/progression curve, level cap increase to 50, rewards & Skill Sphere choices as you level up, a completely new loot/stat system, Onslaught Mode, Nightmare mode, an economy balance to make gold more meaningful, and oh so much more.

Because of the scope of these changes, we must wipe some of the profile data for the game. This data will simply not exist anymore after the update. However, we’ve received feedback from many of you that a full wipe (reset) would be preferred to a partial wipe. So, we’d like to put this decision up to you -- the players most invested in Dungeon Defenders II.

For the full details of the upcoming wipe and to make your voice heard, head to the Influence voting page!


The Spring Forward Update is available now on PC & PS4!

We’re getting ready to leave Early Access (which we’ll talk about in more detail in the near future). We’re tying up loose ends, fixing the biggest issues, squashing the biggest bugs, and polishing the most visible areas. The Spring Forward Update is the beginning of this process, and you’ll see more improvements in our regular patches after the update lands.

Here’s what’s in the update!

Features & Changes

Two New Chaos Tiers
This update adds Chaos VI and VII, and with it comes two new enemies, better loot, new Shards and the return of many Shards that were unavailable since Patch 19.5!

New Enemy:  Hex Throwers

With their mighty javelins, Hex Throwers curse your defenses from long range! You’ll first encounter these Olympic rejects in Chaos VI.

New Enemy:  Kobolts

Keep your eyes on the skies! These flying EMP Kobolds disable your defenses when they explode! You’ll first encounter what is sure to be everyone’s new favorite enemy in Chaos VII.

Weekend Event:  Free Ascension Resets!
To celebrate the release of the new Chaos difficulties, we are removing the cost of Ascension Point Resets this weekend!  Tweak, test and get turnt* to your heart’s content while you hone your new builds. This event will run from Friday afternoon to Monday morning EDT.

*Trendy Entertainment is not responsible for any turnt-related injuries.

Tower Skins

Finally! This was by far the biggest system we needed before our Early Access exit since many of you purchased a certain Collector’s Pack a long time ago and have been patiently waiting on certain Tower Skins. This update includes 8 sets of Tower Skins available for purchase and the Collector’s Pack Tower Skins given to owners of the pack and to our Defense Council members.

  • Tower Skins come in Sets, and each Set includes 4 Tower Skins -- one for every defense in a hero’s kit! The first sets are for the Squire, Monk, Huntress and Apprentice, and you can find these Tower Skins available for purchase in the new Emporium shop (available in the Heroes Marketplace or via the Pause Menu). Tower Skins for the other heroes are coming soon!

  • We've added a new Cosmetics tab in the Inventory, and this is where you'll equip Tower Skins (and eventually Costumes). In this tab, you can individually select which skin you want on which defense -- so if you want the Corrupted Poison Dart Tower Skin and the Defense Council Blaze Balloon on the same Huntress, go for it!

Defense Council/Collector’s Pack Tower Skins

On the Store Page, we said we were going to make 4 Tower Skins for the Collector’s Pack -- one tower skin apiece for the four original heroes. Well, we’re giving you 16 Tower Skins -- that’s a skin for every Squire, Monk, Huntress and Apprentice defense! If you own the Collector’s Pack or if you’re a Defense Council member, you’ll find these Tower Skins when you login. Thanks for the support!

PC Controller Support

We’ve added near-total PC controller support! Controllers will natively work for every command and every in-game menu except for the Options menu, which we’re hoping to get setup very soon!

Bag Auto Sorting

In this update, we’ve added an Auto Sort option to bags! When you select Auto Sort, items in the bag will re-organize by type (Weapons, Armor, Consumables, etc.), and within that type sorting, items will organize by rarity (for example:  Legendary Weapons, Mythical Weapons, Legendary Armor, Mythical Armor, Consumables, etc.) While this option is on, items will automatically sort based on these rules. If you wish to move items around in the bag, you’ll need to turn off the Auto Sort function.

Defense Against the Dark Assassins

We’ve added a 5-second protection between Assassin attacks while playing and a 10-second protection from Assassins after respawning. No more permanent chain-silencing!

Open Trials Matches on the Game Browser

Now you can view every open public Trials match on the Game Browser! This is perfect for finding the map to begin your win streak.

New Town Marketplace

Our world artists really went to town on the marketplace! *badumtish* But seriously, it’s amazing. New out-of-bounds scenery. New buildings. New skybox. It’s just one of those polish areas our world artists wanted to get in before we left Early Access!

The Emporium

Another feature we’ve been putting off is a unified shop, and as we’re approaching our exit from Early Access, now is the time to add it in! From this one single shop, you can find almost all of our in-game purchases. The Emporium is also available anywhere via the Pause Menu.

Other Changes

  • Added a kill timer for Ogres and Siege Rollers that get stuck in the spawners.

  • Removed the Victory Chest cutscene at the end of a match.

  • Removed teleporting to Victory Chest at the end of a match.

  • Added a new Victory splash and new victory hero animations at the end of a match.

  • Selecting “To Tavern” at the end of a private match will take you back to the Tavern rather than the Town.

  • Items picked up manually will now follow your auto-collect filtering rules.

  • Added Forest Biome as a Forest map for Daily Missions.

  • Changed Item Interact keybind on PC to Ctrl + Left-Click.

  • We have removed Practice maps for the time being to reduce confusion while we work towards improving the overall endgame experience.

  • Removed the Forge now that all of the Forge UI is accessible via the Pause Menu.

  • Changed anything that said “Slow X%” to “Slow to X%.”

  • Added the War Recruiter (DM Shard Shop) to the Tavern. (He was previously only in the Heroes Marketplace.)

  • Betterfied the left side of the inspect tooltip. All numbers should now truncate properly and shortened numbers now show an additional decimal place.

  • Accessory upgrades can now be purchased and equipped from the Costume Shop.

  • Betsy Cluster Nades Shard is now a Weapon-slot Shard.

  • Updated various UIs to the new UI format.


Buried Bastille Map

  • Increased Buried Bastille’s starting mana to 2400 and DU limit to 2000.

    • Buried Bastille was consistently coming in as one of the hardest maps to complete in Chaos Trials. As a result, we’ve increased the starting mana and DU to allow for more defenses and to minimize the amount of hero intervention needed in distant lanes.

Skyguard Tower

  • Fixed the Skyguard’s rotation time to always exceed its firing time. This allows the Skyguard to fire as quickly as intended by its Attack Rate.

Defense Crit Damage

  • Adjusted the Defense Crit Damage Ascension Power per-point value to +20, matching the value used by the Hero Crit Damage Ascension Power.    

    • This update should have rolled out with Patch 19.5, but we missed it. Previously, this power had inflated per-point values to make it more useful. With the rebalance to Defense Crit Damage scalars in every defense, this power should have been updated to provide the same benefits as the Hero version.

Poison Dart Tower

  • Poison Dart Tower Damage Ascension Power now correctly increases Defense Power, rather than raw damage, making this power useful.

Slime Pit

  • Slime Pits now scale with Defense Speed, which means faster-attacking Slime Pits that scale much better in Chaos Trials!

  • Alos increased base scaling from Defense Power and Defense Crit Damage.

Skeletal Orc

  • Reduced the Orc Skeleton Direct Command’s damage bonus from Ability Power from 12 to 9.

    • This Direct Command has proven quite excellent at smashing single targets, and even after this update, the potential damage output is still quite monstrous with the correct shards.

Sandstorm Warrior Shard

  • The Sandstorm Warrior’s buff no longer stacks with itself.

    • Unfortunately, the stacking effect of this Shard was never intended and was caused by a technical issue. This is actually a bug fix, but since it has an impact on certain strategies, we’ve documented it here in the balance section.


Heavy Cannonball Shard

  • Greatly increased the damage of the Heavy Cannonball Shard, but reduced the duration of the stun and slightly reduced the proc rate.

    • During our last update, we modified many Shards that added stun, slow, and other utility effects to defenses. Unfortunately, we missed the Heavy Cannonball shard in that update. As such, we've gone back and updated it, bringing it more in-line with our other defense proc shards. The stun duration has come down a good bit, but it has been accompanied by a substantial increase in damage to help ensure it remains competitive against other Shards.

Bug Fixes

Thanks to all of the players submitting bugs on our Bug Reporting Site! As we get closer to our exit from Early Access, it’s vital that everyone is reporting bugs to the site and upvoting the bugs you feel are the highest priority to fix. Together, we’re going to fix as many bugs as possible! Let’s do this.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur while opening and closing the Scavenger’s...shop? Is it a shop? He’s just fishing around in his jacket and giving you back your loot. That reminds us:  Wash that loot off. Thoroughly. You’ve been warned.

  • Fixed an issue where the Abyss Lord’s secondary attack could fire faster than intended. This attack now has a proper absolute maximum attack rate like other ranged attacks.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dark Torment damage over time effect did not appear.

  • Enemies should get stuck less often in the Echoing Tunnel on Dragonfall Sewers.

  • Fixed a bug where Cyborks were not properly affecting the Fissure of Embermount.

  • All decked heroes should now heal to maximum health when entering Build Phase.

  • Taser Suit Shard now works on Assassins that are bound to the player.

  • Life Leech Shard now works on the Abyss Lord’s primary and secondary attacks.

  • Sundering Blows Shard works properly now.

  • Abyss Fountain Heal Ascension Power now works properly.

  • Power of Embermount Shard properly works, it does.

  • ‘ey, you remember the Fire for Effect Shard? We hear it’s working now. And properly, too! Crazy, right?

  • Betsy Cluster Nades Shard. Work? Properly? Now? Yes. A thousand times yes.

  • Fixed a bug on the Water Elemental Shard where it was doing 30% additional damage of your Defense Power rather than 30% additional damage of the defense itself. In most cases, this was resulting in lower damage than intended.

  • Oil Geyser Slow Ascension Power wasn’t giving any additional benefit after 15 points; it does now.

  • The Trials Victory screen no longer erroneously tells players to Replay Map when there is no “Replay Map” button.

  • Fissure of Embermount now displays on the minimap.

  • Fissure of Embermount’s upgrade tier now displays above it.

  • Fixed a bug where the Angry Nimbus base Defense Speed was a teensy tiny bit higher than intended. Does not impact gameplay, just makes his stats less mildly infuriating to look at.

  • Several shards with stacking effects have had their descriptions clarified to reflect that they stack off any attack rather than only primary attacks.

  • Changed the description of the Overwhelm Shard to match the effects. This Shard procs off of both primary and secondary attacks (the old description only said primary attacks). Added a 3 second delay between procs to prevent issues with certain secondary attacks.

  • Unequipping Shards from an item while your Inventory is full will now tell you they were sent to the Scavenger.

  • Snipe Critical Power Shard no longer incorrectly increases the Critical Damage of primary attacks.

  • Fixed a bug where Flying Kobolds will always dive bomb Abyss Stones. They are now wise to the tricksy Abby.

  • Fixed an issue where Tomes could generate with elemental damage stats even though they weren’t being applied. This fix only affects Tomes generated going forward and will not reroll previously generated Tomes.

  • The Mystic’s Appeasement buffs now work properly again.

  • Fixed a bug where the Confuse effect in the Forest Biome was set to 60s rather than the intended 5s. Players were exploiting this to perma-cc the whole map.

  • Power Bolts Shard can now be equipped on non-Legendary Relics.

  • Fixed a bug where an area would become unbuildable if you kicked a player who’s in the middle of building a defense there.

  • Adjusted some spawners to properly block towers in the Assault on Throne Room.

  • Betsy’s name splash no longer stays on the screen after she comes down on wave 5.

  • The icon of the Monk's Chi Blast no longer shows up near the Scavenger.

  • Items are now successfully removed from the Blacksmith/Relic NPC shops when purchased.

  • Fixed the Fire Mushroom buff stacking issue.

  • Updated Earthshatter to correctly deal single-target damage on all attacks.

  • Shards that increase stats for defenses will now update the Inventory screen stat display for your current hero (fix for the other decked heroes coming soon).

  • Fissure of Embermount now plays upgrade SFX when upgraded.

  • Fixed some incorrect names and descriptions for maps on the Any Map section of the War Table.

  • Fixed an issue where enemies were walking through sub-objective lanes too soon before the lane fully opened on Greystone Plaza.

  • Fixed an issue with the Orb display in the Relic shops.

  • Gran Ma'ster and War Recruiter Shard Packs now use the right Shard Pack mesh (previously they all used the Chaos 1 Mesh).

  • Fixed minimap icon issue for the air lanes in Little-Horn Valley.

  • Galactic Weapons no longer drop 100% from Throne Room in any Chaos difficulty.

  • Fixed an issue where Shards were using the wrong tooltips when in the Scavenger’s dirty little hands.

  • There is now a visual indicator for activating Pet Abilities when using gamepad.

  • Fixed a bug where opening a consumable box with a full Inventory would send those items to the Scavenger; now there’s a pop-up telling you that your Inventory is full.

  • Fixed an inspect tooltip issue with the Hornet's Nest.

  • Minor update to the description text for Lightning Strikes Aura to indicate that it does Storm damage.

  • Tier 1-3 Abyss Lord Tomes now have names and should persist between map loads.   

  • Fixed a bug where the titles of certain consumables were not wrapping. This was most obvious with unidentified Shards.

  • Fixed a UI issue with the Session List.

  • Fixed typos in several Shard descriptions.

  • Fixed the descriptions for Dawn of the Blood Moon and Buried Bastille.

Known Issues

  • (PC/PS4)  Navigation of the Costume Shop with the controller has issues.

  • In some cases, the Emporium UI might get stuck. Hit ESC or Back on your controller to exit out as a workaround right now.

  • Ascension - Movement Speed power doesn't change the hero movement speed value on the left side of the inventory. Just a visual thing.

  • Heroes for Hire Board - All hero images link to the Dryad in the Create Hero screen.

  • If the user has more than 8 inventory bags, then the price of the "max out bags" bundle will go negative. (Nothing bad happens from it.)

  • Controller Input: With the controller active, if you cancel a purchase from an NPC shop the cursor moves to the top of the list instead of staying where it is.

  • The Costume Shop will not close correctly (leaving the character stuck) when you access it via the Emporium and close it by selecting the yellow "X" close button. Just open the shop again, and you’ll be ok.

  • Shards - Annoyance Shard effect stays in last location the equipped hero was present.

  • Haunting Shard - Gains stacks from secondary attacks, but does not shoot the ghosts.

  • Sandstorm Warrior - Bubble showing the buff does not last the full duration of the upgraded Shard.

  • The hatch button doesn't pop up when the egg is ready to hatch. Closing the UI or leaving/re-entering the tavern or marketplace should cause this UI to refresh properly.

  • On the PS4, opening the Emporium shop via the Colonel NPC and then selecting Browse All will cause the Emporium shop to not close correctly when you exit the Costume Shop/Create Hero screen. If you experience Emporium shop problems, transitioning to another map or pressing the circle button twice in the Emporium shop will correct the issue (fix incoming later this week).

Greetings Defenders,

As we teased a few Devstreams ago, some big changes to Nightmare are coming with the Alpha & Beyond patch. These changes are meant to make Nightmare something both fun and challenging. They will begin a process of making a much larger swatch of Nightmare meaningful, not just Liferoot NM 4.

Nightmare Improvements

Here are some of the changes that will be included in the patch:

  • Free Play & Nightmare maps will be re-organized into 3 blocks. Each block represents a different map difficulty and will award progressively better loot and XP. Map order here is very different from Campaign. For example, Forest Crossroads is in the first block of maps and Liferoot Forest is in the second.

  • Nightmare maps have been rebalanced for solo play. We have reduced the number of threat lanes for solo players on more complicated maps compared to the live version of the game. We have also increased the reduction in enemy level for less than 4 players.

  • Loot will drop from all enemies after Wave 1. On the first wave, loot will only drop from Special Enemies.

  • Nightmare 1-3 will be different than Nightmare 4.Our current goal is that players will be theorycrafting and creating strong builds while playing 1-3 in order to take on the challenge that is Nightmare 4.

Nightmare Rollback

When these changes roll out, there will also be a rollback for Nightmare gear. All gear with iPWR 241+ will be rerolled to iPWR 240. This gear will be the same type (bows will still be bows), but the stats and the passives on the gear will be rerolled and may be different from what you had. Once the patch is live, you’ll be able to take all your gear and start your assault on the new Nightmare modes. We can’t wait to hear your feedback on our latest Nightmare changes!

Nightmare Pioneer Rewards

As a reward for venturing into the depths of Nightmare early, any player who has at least one piece of gear with iPWR 241 or greater before Alpha & Beyond releases* will receive these 4 exclusive accessory variants:


Good luck, Defenders! We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these Nightmare changes this September.

*We will be providing an exact cutoff date and time for these rewards in the future.


Greetings, Defenders! Lots of exciting changes are coming to Dungeon Defenders II. Get ready.

On October 13th, the Steam version is entering Open Alpha! This is when the game will be free for anyone to join in the Early Access period. To this point, the feedback from our Early Access players have led to major changes to core features, and we’re excited to extend this opportunity to everyone. Players who join in during Open Alpha and beyond will not receive the currency or exclusive goodies unless they purchase one of the packs on Steam. When we move into Open Alpha, there will be no more full wipes, but we may still have limited resets/rerolls depending on what we add or change to the game.

But before Open Alpha happens, we’re releasing our next major update:  Ascension! (Current tagline:  “Ascend to even greater heights of power, courage, awesomeness and friendship!” ...we’re still working on it.)

This update will release in two parts. The first part releases on October 7th, and the second part tentatively releases on October 27th. Part One contains:

  • Experimental bigger towers and clustering changes

  • New ranged/melee weapon variety

  • Stat Allocation System:  choose where you put stat points when you level up!

  • A new Huntress build

  • New costumes

  • Enemy rebalancing and more!

Part Two contains:

  • Two new maps!

  • A new Incursion

  • New minibosses

  • Four new hero builds

  • New spooky costumes and more!

To see the Ascension update in action, check out today’s Devstream below.


Our next patch, Loot & Survive, is coming July 28th. It's a massive patch, with a new levelling/progression curve, level cap increase to 50, rewards & Skill Sphere choices as you level up, a completely new loot/stat system, Onslaught Mode, Nightmare mode, an economy balance to make gold more meaningful, and so much more.


Because of the scope of these changes, we have to wipe some of the profile data for the game. This data will simply not exist after the update. While all of you have been voting on the kind of wipe you’d prefer for Wipeaggedon, we’ve been furiously reading your comments and opinions. We’ve noticed some confusion over the reward structure for the upcoming wipe, and decided to make some changes:

Corrupted Welp

Everyone who has leveled up at least one hero to level 25 will be awarded a unique, custom pet. To obtain this award, you must complete this challenge by 5 PM EDT, July 26th.


4 Survivor Hero Costumes [updated 7/18]

Everyone who has leveled up at least one of each hero class to level 25 will get a unique hero costume for that class. To obtain these awards, you must complete this challenge by 5 PM EDT, July 26th.





It’s our hope that everyone will log in post-Wipeaggeddon, ready to level up anew with their new costumes and pets!

Wyvern Token Rewards

Finally, for the past week, all of you have been using your Influence points on which kind of wipe you’d like to see -- a Full Wipe or Partial Wipe. As of the writing of this post, Full Wipe is 7000 points ahead -- but, we recognize this could change at any moment.

We’ve received a ton of feedback from the Partial Wipe camp, asking us to create a reward for the hard-earned Wyvern Tokens they’ve obtained. Well look no further! IF the Full Wipe wins, we will be awarding the following amount of gems based on the amount of Wyvern Tokens you’ve earned by 5 PM EDT, July 26th:

Wyvern Tokens Earned

Gems Rewarded

20 - 39


40 - 79


80 - 119


120 +


Thank you for all of your suggestions over the course of this Influence Vote! At Trendy, we believe that this will reward players who’ve earned Wyvern Tokens while keeping with the spirit of those voting for a “Full Wipe”.

Watch our last Devstream below for some exciting reveals about Loot & Survive -- including a sneak peek at new pets, our first premium pets, and how Wyvern Tokens will be easier to obtain. Also, tune in next Friday at 5pm EST for the complete unveiling of the Loot & Survive patch, launching July 28th!


Greetings Defenders

Today we announce the next chapter of Dungeon Defenders II, the Power of the Ancients Expansion, releasing next month! Within our Expansion are some legendary additions to the game:

  • Onslaught, our new game mode that is your main focus of progression.

  • Ancient Power, our new character progression that allows you to push the limits as defenders and increase your strength.

  • The Lost Temple, our new HUGE map that changes its layout every time you attempt to conquer it.

  • Defender Packs, a new way to unlock unique flair, costumes, and pets.

  • And much more!

We are going to be revealing more Power of the Ancients info soon, and talking about Power of the Ancients on our Devstream this Friday at 3PM EST! To give insight into what we’ve been working on, we’re having some of our epic developers chime into the work they’ve put into Power of the Ancients, experiences throughout our development process, as well as what we’re most hyped about! Let’s get started:

Alec Saare, Community Manager (Lawlta)

For those of you who don’t know me from our different social platforms, I’m Community Coordinator turned Community Manager for Dungeon Defenders II. My focus has been taking all the feedback that you, our courageous, strong, glorious community, have provided to help make sure that Power of the Ancients is a behemoth of an expansion that you all want to conquer. This means taking your feedback and wants, meeting with designers, discussing the things that defenders enjoy, molding our new content to the things you enjoy, and then testing the beastly content that is created. You’re in for a wild ride!

Onslaught provides something for everyone to enjoy, from those who have just completed campaign, to the grizzled veterans of Chaos Trials 7. The progression feels so incredibly solid and polished. You steadily get gear and shards that are improvements as you progress. Trials now drop MORE gear and shards than before, making them more rewarding for taking on harder enemies sooner than you would in Onslaught. You can choose to progress through Trials to unlock Onslaught floors, or through Onslaught floors to unlock Trials, which just feels great having the option to go between the two and still progress. On top of this you also can increase your Ancient Power (a new form of character progression), which just offers a slew of benefits and choices that provide meaningful character advancement.

Besides putting time into our new expansion, I’m constantly working on ways to make our community a better place to be. I’ll be rolling out some new initiatives to make our social spaces an even better place to interact with one another; give our streamers a single banner to fly under, transparent requirements, maybe even some incentives; and everything I can to spotlight the greatness that is the Dungeon Defenders II community. There’s more to come soon!

Colin Fisher, Associate Producer (Elandrian)

FINALLY.  I’ve probably been teasing most of our players for too long about our new “end-game mode” and “update” that we’re working on, but now I can finally talk about it!  Huzzah!  It’s not just a “game expanding update” anymore… It’s an expansion.

I remember a day, where I was just a baby armchair developer, playing the old version of Onslaught, wishing for checkpoints and some sort of save system that would keep my progress.  Whelp, I wish I could say those were the “good ol’ days”, but this new version of that game mode is far beyond anything I could have expected.

We’ve taken several pain points of gameplay that players have been experiencing and kicked them to the curb!  Facing off against the same enemies every map and the build never changes? CURBED. Tired of smart loot being weird? CURBED. Wanted more things to do in the game, but Trials was the only option? CURBED?  (DISCLAIMER: Trials is still an option, but we tried to make Onslaught a better option. I mostly just wanted to use the “kicking to the curb” analogy but it may not have been the right choice.  The aforementioned “CURBED” features still exist in the game in the Trials game mode, we’re just building future content in a better way.)

To give a really quick “Elandrian’s TL;DR” set of bullet points about this expansion:

  • Onslaught is a brand new game mode that completely changes our end game progression and is nothing like the previous version of Onslaught.

  • Onslaught features new loot progression that makes sense.  Higher Floor Number = Higher Loot Stat Numbers.

  • Onslaught features enemies and modifiers that will make your defense different each time.

  • Onslaught will save which floors you were able to beat, you can then immediately play the next floor in your progression.

  • Ancient Power is a way to do a limited reset on your account but keep progressing over time.

  • The new map is unreal.  You’ll have different lanes and cores each time you load in.

We’ll go over the specifics about each feature in future Devstreams and posts, so make sure to stay tuned for more specifics! You could also probably join our Remote Playtesting Group, sign an NDA, and check out the new content early, but I’m sure Dani will mention that below!

John Muscarella, Lead Animator (Muskie4242)

Howdy defenders.  It’s been a while.  

This milestone the animation team has been pretty focused on some very ambitious cinematics to announce our awesome release. Hope you enjoyed them. As well as an in-game event piece that you end game players will be seeing very soon...

There is a lot more to come, but until then, please enjoy one of my favorite cosmetic flairs we’ve been working on over here.


Creepy right? Almost like it’s going to reach out and grab you…

Dani Moore, Remote QA Lead ([[25251,users]])

Our testing teams have been hard at working getting Onslaught up and going, and we’re ready to expand testing to our Remote Playtesting Group to get our community feedback and gut checks before we push for release.

Our playtesters are great folks and have helped make our releases better. If you want to get early access to Onslaught in exchange for giving us feedback and helping us iron out issues before release, we want you! 

If you are 18 or over (sorry you need to sign our NDA so we can’t bend on this rule) and wish to help (PC only help for now, sorry console bros!), email me dani.moore(at)trendyent.com and let me know. We’re hoping to start testing this week, so you’ll want to be there when we do!

Steven Collins, Level Designer (Esorath)

Holy frick, this map was a challenge and a half. This isn’t your grandpappy’s old Dungeon Defenders II level.

Since there are so many different possibilities that can happen in this game mode, I wanted to be really intentional with everything this map has to offer. We ran through scenarios and tests as to what combinations of the different Onslaught elements could appear and made sure that these combinations came together in a meaningful manner.

When the lanes open and cores are different each time, you get to have a different experience with different core and lane combinations. These two things working alongside the enemy modifiers make this one of the top experiences for Dungeon Defenders II.


Mark Telfer, Technical Designer (TrendyMark)

Hey Defenders!

I can’t tell you how fun it has been to watch all of you play Mastery each week, and I am incredibly grateful for the positive feedback you’ve given me. I’m still hard at work revamping the loot generation system (it’s going to make sense, dammit) and designing out some new and exciting things coming in the future. I can’t wait to see the final weeks of Mastery and to watch you guys conquer Onslaught and beyond!



Zack Smith, 3D Artist 

My first thought when looking at the concepts for the Onslaught expansion was, “whoa! I get to create these amazing concepts in 3D?!” I was very excited to create a variety of the 3D models and textures for the Onslaught Expansion. I enjoyed creating a wide range of assets ranging from a dragon to a tiling floor texture. The goal was to create a look that was mysterious, fun, and vibrant with bold colors.


Jose Villegas, Technical Designer (TrendyJose)

Hey Everyone!

My name Jose and I’m a Technical Designer here at Trendy. Over the past couple of milestones, I have been working as the designer for the new Onslaught game mode. It has been a long and tiring endeavor, but we are so happy to finally have reached the point where you can see what we made for you.

Let me go over a few points to give you insight on our expectations for Onslaught and the immediate future of DD2. For this I need to go back to the somewhat-distant past of March 2017 and the release of Trials. While we enjoyed what Trials provided to the game, as a recurring game mode, it was evident that we needed a true end game with a longer life, and clearer progression.

This led us into thinking about how to create a new game mode that will keep you engaged with exciting content and challenges, regardless of how much time you put into the game. Onslaught, at its core, is just that: an ever-increasing challenge that will grow alongside the player, for as long as they want.

The main obstacle in front of us to achieve this goal was how to ensure a satisfying replayable experience. The immediate answer for us was the enemy selection, and how to mix them effectively. So far, every game mode in DD2 has run the same enemy types in each lane whenever you load into a map. However, for Onslaught, each lane will have different enemies coming through them. For example, one lane may have Cyborks and the other one may have Vanguard Goblins. That means that the same build will not work in every situation, and you will have to react independently to each lane. We gave each schedule of enemies a distinctive name, which you can use to strategize and share your best builds online on how to counter them.

As a secondary way to achieve replayability, we are bringing back enemy Mutators with full force. In the past, Mutators are modifiers that have been used to affect the performance of a given lane. A few months ago, I asked people in the forums to give me ideas for exciting new Mutators, and they did not disappoint. I’m pleased to say we have made roughly 35 new Mutators, all of them impacting gameplay in many ways. None of them are going to be boring flat number increases, but our goal was to provide you with fun challenges to overcome. In fact, some Mutators act as double-edge swords for the enemies by making them stronger in some way, but weaker in another.

Finally, the best example of Onslaught’s replayability lies in the new map we made for it: The Lost Temple. The Lost Temple is the biggest DD2 map yet, with 30 lanes and 10 cores! Of course, these are not going to be all open at the same time, but different lane/core combinations will be selected each time you play it.

Alongside replayability, our priority from Design was to help clarify the game’s gear progression. For this we are dividing Onslaught into Floors that will guide players in an upwards ladder of power progression and enemy difficulty increase. No longer will you have to worry about whether or not you should be playing a given Chaos difficulty to progress effectively, you now can just simply play the next floor in Onslaught and you will know you are on the right track.

My job was to design, balance, and work on the implementation of all the systems that I have talked about in this log. Anyway, I think I wrote way too much already. I don’t use twitter, but you can reach me on the official Discord. I hope you will enjoy all the exciting content we are preparing for you in the expansion =).

More Info Soon

We'll be talking more about Power of the Ancients over the next few weeks. To make sure you get the most up-to-date information, check out our social media platforms:

Also visit our Devstream this Friday at 3PM EST on Twitch, where we'll be showing off some Power of the Ancients goodness.

As always, we are incredibly grateful for the support that you, our glorious community, provide us. Get ready to dive deep into Onslaught, it’s going to be here before you know it!

For Etheria!

The Dungeon Defenders II Team


Greetings Defenders,

Trials: The Endgame Update comes out February 28th!

It’s been a busy couple of months here at Trendy, and we’re finally putting the finishing touches on the update (gold accents, chandeliers, at least one marble statue of a mostly naked person, you get the idea). This update represents our shared vision of the core Dungeon Defenders II gameplay experience. It’s the culmination of two years of new features, bug fixes, and conversations with you about where the game should go. As a result, this update is MASSIVE. Here’s a preview to tide you over till the end of the month. Keep in mind that these details are subject to change between now and the update release.

New Systems and Changes

Shards:  A New Way to Build Your Hero

  • Goodbye Passives and Skill Spheres; hello Shards!

  • Shards are upgradeable artifacts that slot into your Defense Relics, Armor and Weapons.

  • Shards give you extra buffs, bonuses and sometimes even new functionality!

  • Most Shards can be moved between gear. No more leaving your Passives behind when you find an iPWR upgrade!

  • Defense Relics can hold up to 3 Shards and can only equip Defense Shards.

  • Armor and Weapons can hold up to 2 Shards and can only equip Hero Shards.

  • Shards drop in Victory Chests.

  • Shards can be upgraded straight from the all-new Inventory to further augment your dominance on the battlefield.

  • When you first log in, you’ll find yourself ahead of the game with a complementary bundle of Shards we’re giving all Defenders as a thank you for your continuing patience and support while we polish this update to be something truly special. You’ll also find that all the Skill Spheres you’ve previously purchased have been replaced by a bounty of gold! (Trust us, you’ll need it.)

Ascension:  Go Beyond Level 50!

  • How far past 50? Your imagination is your only limit in Ascension. That and the code that comprises the system...

  • With this update, heroes at the level cap will generate account-wide Ascension XP that accrues towards Ascension Points.

  • Ascension Points are invested on a per-hero basis in Ascension Powers that bestow additional bonuses and augmentations.

  • Some Ascension Powers are universal for all heroes; some are unique to each hero.

  • Harder challenges award greater sums of Ascension XP.

Defense Relics, Plus the Return of Defense Speed & Defense Range Stats!

  • Now you can build powerful defenses AND be a fearsome combatant at the same time!

  • All Relics are now Defense Relics and will roll with up to three Defense stats. Armor and Weapons will roll with up to two Hero stats.

  • Heroes can now customize each of their defenses’ strengths individually by attaching a Defense Relic to them.

  • Gobus will have nowhere to hide because Defense Range and Speed are returning as stats!

Chaos Difficulty and the Trials

  • Nightmare is over. Now is the time of CHAOS!!!

  • This update scratches the surface with five levels of Chaos, but don’t get too comfortable because we have more Chaos levels in store. (queue maniacal laugh track)

  • As you descend through the levels, new threats will appear and combine to lay waste to your heroes and defenses. Following us on social media may or may not give you some indication of what’s to come. (SHAMELESS CROSS PROMOTION!)

  • Chaos is unpredictable and can only be thwarted through conquering the Trials.

  • In the Trials, the Knight Commander assigns you a defense commensurate with your power. Survive enough Trials at a specific difficulty and you will accumulate the experience, gear, and resources needed for the Knight Commander to deploy you on even more dangerous fronts.

  • If certain Trials prove to be too much initially, you can perfect your strategies by practicing on any map at any difficulty. Remember, though, that the Trials are the only path to glory, gear, and gold (among other valuables).

Five New Enemies

  • The Siege Roller was just the beginning. Whatever horrors Chaos brings, rest assured that they will push you to experiment, adapt, and overcome. You will need to achieve perfect hero/defense unity to best what awaits you in the Trials.

New Inventory

  • Everyone (and we mean everyone) is getting a brand-new inventory UI!!

  • We’ve streamlined the loot management process by: putting more stuff in fewer bags, consolidating item management to a single UI, and bringing hero and item management under one roof.

  • Additionally, we have expanded the item sorting and management options to empower you to interact with, compare, and save/sell loot more easily, efficiently, and expediently.

  • Added the ability to lock items on PC and making Locking do what it should have done in the first place on PS4 (oops).

Item Enhancement

  • Now you can enhance your loot (and Shards) without leaving your Inventory (or putting on pants)!

  • Also, no more silly “plus 5 pieces of loot in” nonsense. Just upgrade with Gold or Defender Medals!

Siege Roller Updates (Because we listen and care deeply about you)

  • We’re reducing the maximum number of Siege Roller spawns. This applies to both solo and multiplayer matches.

  • Siege Roller rockets can no longer damage the core. The Siege Roller must hit the core with the roller to hurt it.

  • The hitbox on the weak point is being adjusted so that melee heroes and certain defenses can hit it more easily.

Balance Changes

  • The entire game has been rebalanced. No… really, we didn’t just nerf PDTs and call it a day. Dan and Brett have been doing nothing but re-balancing since New Year’s. Well… that and shards and eating and I think sleeping? Maybe?

Bug Fixes

  • Check! And the update after this will have even more.

Quick Hits: What’s Happening To…?

The Skill Sphere System

  • We converted most of our old Skill Spheres into Shards.

  • Some Skill Spheres were turned into Ascension Powers.

  • Some Skill Spheres were removed from the game.

  • Those who’ve purchased Skill Spheres with either Gold or Defender Medals will receive a Gold refund when the update comes out. Our goal is to make sure that your choice to invest in your hero’s power is translated over into this new system -- you’ll need all the Gold you can get to upgrade your Shards and your Loot. We’ll have the exact figures of how much Gold you’ll receive on release day.

The Passives System

  • Passive have been changed into Shard Slots on gear.

  • Many of the bonuses previously offered by Passives can now be found in Shards.

  • Others can be found as Ascension Powers.

  • A select few item-specific passives have turned into special LOCKED shards that come with the item and cannot be removed.

  • Some Passive effects were lost along the way (the flu hit really hard this year).

  • The exact details will be listed in the patch notes on release day.

The Stat Allocation System

  • The current Stat Allocation System is retiring.

  • You will be able to find many similar options in the Ascension system and level them to the MAX.

Nightmare Difficulty

  • It’s gone to make room for new better things.

My Inventory

  • Bags are being consolidated to fit more items in fewer bags.

  • Converting to this system has been constructed to ensure that you will receive the same if not more item slots when you log in for the first time.

My Current Gear (In case you missed it in all the previous stuff)

  • Most Passives are turning into Shard Slots; some weapons will keep their unique passive as a locked Shard.

  • Relics are now used for Defense stats. Weapons & Armor are now used for Hero stats.

  • Medallions and Totems will retain their primary stats and gain a random secondary and tertiary stat. Rings will be rerolled with defense stats.

  • Weapons & Armor with hero stats will remain the same. Weapons & Armor with defense stats will be rerolled into hero stats.

  • Loot XP boosters are going away, so use them now!


  • A handful of balance changes, otherwise the same… for now!

Terraria Weapons and Wayfarer

  • The weapons are still in the game, but the way you acquire them is something we’re still discussing.

Guaranteed Drops

  • The only guarantee in Chaos is your doom!!!


  • Will remain in game as a fun way to earn Defender Medals.

  • For the time being they will only be at Campaign Hard difficulty.

    • Will these be updated? Only the shadow knows… and Jason because he sets the schedule.

Wyvern Tokens

  • Wyvern Tokens were disabled last May, but with this update, they’ll be fully removed from the game. Spend them now!


  • Onslaught is finally taking the rest we’ve been talking about. In the future, we have plans for an Onslaught revamp or a new system to take its place. It shall be reborn!


  • We’re sorry, Billy. Grandma left us yesterday. But don’t worry, she’s having fun in nice big Vegas upstate where she can spend lots of time with other grandmothers and play slot machines all day! No, sorry, we can’t go see her. We’re not allowed back in Vegas. No I can’t explain why honey, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


New Reveal: The DD2 Tavern!


Welcome back, Defenders!

You may have caught a sneak peek at the Tavern in our one-year of development anniversary post. Well, we’re finally ready to reveal the whole thing! There’s still work to be done, but we’re off to a good start:



One of our major goals while creating the DD2 Tavern was to provide a robust matchmaking experience that allows players to enjoy the game how they want, whether it’s playing with your friends, by yourself or with new people you haven’t become friends with quite yet!

When you first load into the Tavern, you’ll see the War Table. From here you can launch a private game that you can control or use the group finder to find new players in your level range to play with. As you progress, you’ll unlock new group finder tiers that include fresh missions and difficulties you can play. If you like, you can stick with your group as you play mission-to-mission, and for public games, the matchmaking system will bring in fresh players to fill open spots as they leave to do other activities. Public games also have a leader that is selected each round who can decide what map the group plays. The leader rotates, so as the group continues, everyone gets a chance to select what is played.

We know it’s going to be quite a task to make public games fun in DD2, and we’re just starting down this path. We’ve prototyped a few other features to help encourage positive public play, like upvoting, downvoting and MVP voting other players at the end of a match. Our goal is to experiment with different ideas, refine our implementations and add new features to create the most positive, fair and engaging experience we can. We look forward to working with all of you to create the best matchmaking and map progression system for a Dungeon Defenders game.

Hero & Item Management

Yes, hero and item management is back and better than ever! You can create new heroes, edit your Hero Deck and swap heroes in the Tavern. You can also access the Forge for all your loot management needs. Right now you can only edit your Hero Deck at the hero management table, but we may introduce this functionality to the Forge in the future.


And DD2 wouldn’t be a Dungeon Defenders game without some serious item upgrading. Just like the original, every item spawns with a set of upgrade levels. This time around, we wanted to put a new spin on things. Instead of just dumping mana into your items, you can fuse other items with them, too! We really wanted to make every item have a purpose in DD2, even the “trash loot.” So depending on the class (weapon, relic) and type (swords to swords, medallions to medallions), you get different XP bonuses. Now that low-stat sword can do you some good!

Right now we only have the most base functionality of the upgrading wheel in place. We have a lot of other cool ideas we are going to add in the future, and we’re currently getting feedback from the Defense Council to polish and improve what we currently have to be as fun and easy to use as possible.

Yes, you can skip it if you want. *click*


A bunch of interesting characters have moved into the DD2 Tavern. So far only two have set up shop, but as we continue development you may notice some NPCs leave their cozy barstools and set up shops of their own.

Right now, there’s both a weapon and a relic vendor to purchase loot from. Their shops refresh on a timer, so you can always see when to come back for new options. Each shop will also have an extra rare bonus item that’s often great AND expensive.

What’s Left?

As you can see, there’s still a ton of work left to do on the Tavern. After we’ve set up all the shops and spent significant time improving the matchmaking flow and map selection process, we hope to move on to some of the fun (and more memorable) aspects of the Tavern… like super-awesome-dope-fantastic Tavern customization. We’d love to hear all your thoughts about the Tavern in its initial state, and more importantly, we have a very specific question for you:

Do you think public Taverns (or a different, visual hub area) have a place in Dungeon Defenders II? We are very split in the office but would love to introduce some way for more than four defenders to interact. Right now some of us think it would be cool to start everyone in a social tavern type area and then give players the option to enter their own private tavern or join a group. What do you think?

The DD2 pre-alpha code winners from our previous blogs are:

  • DD2 Status Update Blog: FlamingTomato
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  • NVIDIA Winners Blog: ToxicCaterpillar
  • NVIDIA Winners Blog: Tdarnok
  • The winners of the Spec Nodes blog will be selected next week!

Answer the question above about public Taverns in the comments, and you could win a pre-alpha code for Dungeon Defenders II! We’ll pick TWO random posters and reveal the winners next week. You have a full week to leave a comment. Don’t have a forum account? It takes less than a minute to join the community!

Just over a year ago, we left the MOBA behind and restarted development on Dungeon Defenders II.

We’ve had a blast, with over 750 Councillors enjoying our in-development game and guiding us on decisions big and small. We missed putting up our anniversary post last month, but we’d still like to take this opportunity to revisit the pillars we’ve built our game around and discuss a few updates on how we think we’re doing on each.

But before we dive into that, thanks for your detailed feedback on account leveling! We’ve been reading through the posts and are really excited by the positive reception. We also gained valuable insights on issues we need to carefully consider when creating this type of system. With all of this in-mind, we’ve decided to move forward with the concept.

To that end, we’re taking a few steps to ensure we get the best feedback on what we build. This fall, we’ll unveil new opportunities for players to become part of the Defense Council. Then, we’ll introduce the account leveling feature in a Test Realm of sorts, allowing us to get feedback at an early stage before committing to the feature. We want to ensure that changes of this scope are what you want, and we will provide many avenues for you to influence our development process in the near future.

Now, on to our pillars! If you all remember, we defined five core pillars at the onset of development last year. We’ll walk through each one and grant some insight into where we are right now.

The Pillars: One Year Later


This is a major, active focus for our team. Over the past few months we’ve been evaluating our features and overhauling our UI to make them more intuitive. We’re still in the first phase of our UI revamps and are fixing bugs and improving functionality.

We’ve also started adding the first tutorials to the game, including enemy introduction and tutorial videos. These give brief explanations of enemy behaviors and game features as players are exposed to them. We also have a very exciting (non-video) tutorial experience we’re planning to do in the future, once we’re happy with our core features and interfaces!

To help you see some of what we’re doing, here’s an evolution of one of our UIs. You can see how far we’ve come till today, and trust me, we’re not done yet.



We’re always talking about replayability at Trendy. It keys into one of the core tenants of game design: small, medium and large rewards. We finally have some of these reward systems in-place, and we’re iterating on them as we speak. These systems define and create the game’s replayability (awesome loot!).

We also have some new ideas that will encourage replayability, like the prestige and account leveling systems we mentioned in the last blog post. These are currently in the design phase.

Here are some other things we are currently working on to encourage replayability:

  • Creating an engaging balance for our maps
  • Adding more depth into character leveling with the new Spec Nodes system (which we’ll talk about in more detail later!)
  • Evolving our item enhancement system
  • Creating special stats for loot (also, more info coming soon!)

We’ll be talking with you often on how we improve the replayability of DD2 as we go. We’re not there yet, but we have created good building blocks for us to expand on, and we can’t wait to get your input on where our efforts will be best focused.

Well-Paced Rewards

This too has finally started to come together in the last few weeks. We’re constantly working to refine our reward loops so they create a sense of progression and excitement. We’re also constantly working to empower players with meaningful choices they can make throughout the game experience.

Right now, we’re iterating on how and when specific tiers of loot drop in our maps so players are always engaged, excited and getting good upgrades. We’re also iterating on our Spec Nodes feature for character growth (I think we’re on version 3 right now!) so that you have engaging decisions to make throughout the progression curve.

Our current goal is to get all of the reward systems we’ve implemented working in concert together. After that, we will look into adding in new layers on top, like daily missions and better in-match goals. Once we expand the Defense Council, we look forward to gathering feedback on which reward systems we can improve and introducing the reward systems that you want first… first.


Gameplay Depth

When we first started working on DD2 over a year ago, we were exploring how we wanted heroes to work in the sequel. We created a set of defenses and abilities, iterated on them, and, more importantly, played with them a ton. We’ve learned quite a bit since then about what works and what does not. With that knowledge, we will be doing major passes on each of the heroes to better focus all aspects of their gameplay, including regular attacks, abilities and towers.

Our goals here are to increase the gameplay depth of each hero individually and to expand the interactions among heroes. We’re calling these passes Hero Revamps. We’ve already completed the first revamp, for the Apprentice, and over the coming months will be working through the rest of our heroes, leveraging your feedback.

We have many other irons in the fire too, like adding a renewed focus on magic and physical resist enemies, iterating on our hero spec nodes for better choices, and much more.

Action, Tower Defense and Role Playing Work Together

One of our biggest challenges as developers is creating fun new ways for these three elements to synergize while maintaining an equal emphasis on each of these elements.

When we started developing DD2 we identified action as one of our weakest components and put a lot of effort towards making combat feel more visceral and making abilities more exciting to use. This is also why we enabled player movement while executing defense interactions like repair, upgrade and build.

However, as we continued forward we continuously received feedback from the Council that the tower defense component of DD2 seemed to take a second stage. So recently, we’ve put a lot of effort into bringing the tower defense aspect of gameplay back into focus. The game feels much more satisfying when both you and your defenses are devastating the Old One’s hordes.

Finally, this is also a big inspiration for the Hero Revamps. We’ll be fixing defenses that are broken, throwing out bad ones while replacing them with new options with better strategic choice, and creating new interactions between the tower defense, action and role-playing elements of the game.

Final Thoughts

It’s been quite humbling to look back over the past year as a team and see how far we’ve come. The great experiment of the Defense Council has been extraordinary, from the live streams to the forum posts, and even though it might not always seem obvious to our Councillors, we talk about the notes often and use them every day to influence the decisions we make. As we get ready to expand the Defense Council, we can’t wait to see what new perspectives these players will bring to the table.

So as we continue to work hard at creating the best Dungeon Defenders experience we can, jump into the forums and give us a few of your favorite moments from the past year for inspiration! We’d also love to hear what you’re looking forward to the most, and here’s to another great year of Dungeon Defenders II!

Since the delay between blogs, we're selecting 10 winners from our Share Your Feedback blog! The winners are Senacherub, Tammy, Wylbhr, rawrsair, SnakeChips, Sirpennywise, mattster365, tosado, Low Ceiling and Warmonger! Winners, keep an eye on your forum PMs for more information.

Share your honest feedback about this blog in the comments below, and you could win a pre-alpha code for Dungeon Defenders II! We’ll pick TWO random posters and reveal the winners next week. You have a full week to leave a comment. Don’t have a forum account? It takes less than a minute to join the community!
Its that wonderful time of the year where we are all glued to our computer screens enthusiasticallyawaiting everything E3 has to offer.

This year, we thought we should do something special for our fans who wait eagerly every week to learn more about the Cooperative part of our game through our Co-op Confidential blogs. Thats why we have partnered up with our good friends at Twitch TV to bring you some exclusive first looks at our Dungeon Defenders II Cooperative mode.


After an intense battle of rock, paper, scissors, our very own Philip Asher was chosen to go to Los Angeles and share a very early, pre-alpha build of the game. Want to see new towers, a new level and a whole new take on Etheria? Tune in to Twitch TV at 12:20 p.m. Pacific Time, 3:20 p.m. Eastern time.


Whatre your thoughts? What would you like to see during the livestream? Have any questions you want to ask us regarding the game? Want us to continue this sneak peaks into the development of DD2? Let us know in the comments below. Our favorite comments will receive DD2 beta codes! Winners will be chosen on June 17.

Update 1.2 Released

We wanted to ease players into our early game by making hero-specific loot drop more frequently on early maps. We like ramping our loot system to the player. As such we want early players to very frequently find immediate rewards. Later on when we’ve introduced more game concepts, we drop more variety of loot to show players the possibility space. There are a lot of options in the DD2 loot system for you to play with. We found a bug that was preventing hero-targeted loot from dropping on certain maps (mainly Town Entrance and Market) As a result, you’ll see more loot drop for your hero across the board:

  • Resolved an issue where items were not dropping at the intended frequency for the selected Hero.

Many of you have been pointing at easy mode Monk for awhile. We listened. What we found is that the Monk’s Lightning Damage Spec Node was adding an additional 100% damage every time the Spec Node activated. We’ve fixed the issue and Monks are fitting better into our hero balance paradigm:

  • Resolved an issue where the Monk’s Lightning Damage Spec Node did significantly more damage than intended.

Clarity is critically important. We identified certain stats and tooltips that were unclear or had bugs and cleaned them up:

  • The Apprentice’s Reduce Cooldown Spec now displays the correct percentage in the Spec Node page. There were some additional edge cases that were fixed in this patch.
  • The special stat “% chance to drench on hit for # seconds” was displaying different number of seconds depending on if the item was equipped or in the inventory. The tooltip should now display the correct number in all places.
  • Physical and Magical Armor have been renamed to Physical and Magical Resist for items.

General Bug Fixing:

  • Switching between characters with an item that has the lifesteal special stat no longer breaks the functionality of lifesteal. 
  • Resolved an issue where the “Chance on Damage Taken for Fire Explosion” special stat on items would never trigger. 
  • The special stat "% chance to stun a target for # seconds" no longer applies to the Monk's Lightning Aura.[/list] 

The Power Surge update is live now on PC and PS4! Here are the patch notes:


  • New Challenge:  Power Surge!

    • Storm’s a-brewin’ at Dragonfall Bazaar! While the storm rages, towers gain supercharged attack speed, instant upgrading and instant build time during Combat Phase, but the intensity causes towers to explode after a short time. Can you survive the storm?

  • Glaive of the Storms Monk Weapon

    • Guaranteed drop from the Power Surge Challenge.

    • Walking Tempest - 40% increased movement speed.  Basic attacks deal [20-40%] Hero Damage as Magical Storm Damage.

    • Storm Rider - Glide on a Storm Cloud for [15-35] seconds drenching enemies under you. Every 2 seconds, the Storm Cloud strikes targets for [1000-2000%] of your Ability Power as Magical Storm Damage. While gliding, primary attacks are ranged lightning bolts that deal [250-450%] of your Ability Power as Magical Storm Damage.

  • iPWR 750 Boots:  

    • Complete the Power Surge challenge for your chance to get iPWR 750 Boots from the Victory chest!

  • Game Browser UI Updates

    • Updated the filters to reduce confusion on Public vs. Private Game creation. Public vs. Private Game creation is handled on the Create Game screen.

    • The Create Game button will always remain active. If a player is unable to create a game, clicking the button will inform the player of what hasn’t been selected yet in order to create a game.

    • Daily Bonus icon should now appear for Challenges in the Game Browser.

    • Increased the size of map icons to improve map readability.

    • Docked the buttons to fix aspect ratio issues where the buttons would appear in odd locations.

  • New EV2 Costume:  Mark 3

    • Remember the days of dressing up like a Bounty Hunter? EV2 remembers.

  • Other Changes

    • Increased the AFK timer to improve Maximum Pooping Efficiency.

    • Changed the Inspect Defense tooltip to factor in critical hits.

    • Improved party invites to stop nefarious players from spamlocking players in the Heroes Marketplace.

    • Level and difficulty should now show up on the Pause screen in every map, mode and difficulty.

    • Added links to Hero Videos on the Create Hero screen. These are only available if you have not unlocked the hero.


  • Huntress Poison Dart Tower

    • Poison Dart Tower Skill Sphere Change

      • Changed Poison Dart Tower’s “Poison Stacks” sphere to “Poisonous Fangs,” which improves poison damage by 30%.

    • Viper’s Bite Rebalance

      • Viper’s Bite now rolls between [50 - 80] instead of [110 - 150] of Defense Power as damage in an AoE radius

      • Range reduced from [1500 - 2000] to [700 - 1500]

  • Abyss Lord Skeletal Archer

    • Damage Buff

      • Archers damage has been increased from 3.85x your Defense Power to 4x

    • Angle Buff

      • Angle increased from 120 to 165

    • Speed Rebalance

      • Rate of fire decreased from 1.67/s to 2.2/s

    • Range Rebalance

      • Base range reduced from 4000 to 3250

    • Targeting Rebalance

      • Archers used to pull less aggro than Flamethrowers. They are now equivalent to Flamethrowers.

    • Upgrade Damage Strength Rebalance

      • The amount of damage upgrade per upgrade level has been rebalanced.

        • For example: Tier 2: 1.65 is now 1.5 and Tier 5: 3.6 is now 3.0

    • Explosive Arrow Rebalance

      • The passive roll range has been reduced from [185-325] to [85-200]

  • Abyss Lord Skeletal Ramster

    • The Ramster is meant to be ridiculously good at one thing, massive AoE burst. His weakness is… pretty much everything else.

    • Damage Buff

      • Increased Defense Power gain from 3.0 to 3.2

    • DU Buff

      • Ramster is cheaper now at 50 DU instead of 60

    • Attack Rate Rebalance

      • Rate of fire decreased from 1.87/s to 2.5/s

  • Apprentice Earthshatter

    • Upgrade Damage Buffed

      • T2: 1.4 to 1.5

      • T3: 1.8 to 2

      • T4: 2.2 to 2.5

      • T5: 2.6 to 3.0

    • Range Buff

      • Range increased from 3600 to 4000

      • No longer gains range from upgrades

    • Defense Power Scaling Buff

      • Damage scaling increased from 15 to 22

  • Squire Ballista

    • Defense Power Scaling Buff

      • Increased DP scaling from 9.5 to 12

    • Defense Units Rebalance

      • DU increased from 50 to 60

  • Series EV2 Proton Beam and Reflect Beams

    • Crit Damage Scaling Rebalance

      • Reduced the base crit damage from 245 to 70

  • Lucky Salves Rebalance

    • Lucky Salves now increase crit chance by 25% (additive) instead of multiplying current crit chance by 6x. This affects Defense and Hero salves.

Bug Fixes

  • The Frosty Power staff (Chilling Touch) drops again on the Forest Poachers Challenge. HUZZAH!

  • Fixed an issue when a player would get a 5002 error when attempting to transition to a map with a party and all subsequent attempts to matchmake would result in errors.

  • Fixed an issue where if matchmaking times out after player has elected to return to Tavern from the Defeat/Victory window, the player would be unable to close the window or access the Options menu normally.

  • Fixed a bug where attack rate was not properly scaling with Attack Speed SAS points. Previously, putting 1 point into Attack Speed would set it to max. Now players must max out the Attack Speed stat to achieve max value. The maximum value has not been changed.

  • Fixed an issue where the Abyss Lord’s Orc Blockades and Colossus health would show up differently in tooltips and their HP bar.

  • Fixed a discrepancy between the tooltip health value and the actual health value of the Colossus and Orc Blockades. They were off by 150 points.

  • Fixed an issue where the leader of a party who initiates the decision to move to another match/tavern would receive the stay together/stay behind party prompt.

  • Filters should function correctly for Challenges now.

  • The Squire will no longer display his default shield graphic under the newly equipped one.

  • Adjusted the Huntress’s Bling Bow primary fire splash AoE graphic to more accurately match the size of the AoE. It’s now a little smaller.

  • Added some jumping sound effects to the Black Magic Ops costume.

  • Fixed some animation issues with jumping and using abilities on the Gun Witch.

  • Reduced the volume on electric buffs by about 40%.

  • Increased volume of the Broomnado ability SFX.

  • Increased collision on Dragonfall Sewers mana nodes.

  • Fixed an issue with the Storm Gloves projectile when equipped on EV2 or Huntress.

  • Repositioned the Ghastly Halberd on the Item Enhancement wheel.

  • Fixed an issue where the VFX balls that spawn when the player is interacting with towers did not remain static when the Ghastly Halberd is equipped.

  • PS4 - Fixed an issue when you would jump and cast an ability with the same button press for target ground abilities.

  • PS4 - Fixed an issue where the split screen player could not navigate the Inspect Deck UI.

  • PS4 - Fixed some UI issues with opening and closing the Playstation menu while the Hero Information screen was open and the Hero Deck and Session List were layered on top.

  • PS4 - Fixed texture quality streaming for the UI.

Our Commitment To You


As we get closer to expanding our Defense Council (which you’ll hear more about very soon!), we wanted to reiterate our commitment to you: Dungeon Defenders II will never offer gameplay advantages for real money. You will never be able to purchase shortcuts using real money. You will never be able to pay for power or stats in the game.

We will be working closely with all of you as we develop the kinds of microtransactions that will be available. We want our F2P model to be spoken in the same breath as other praised models, and with your help, we will achieve this.

What games do you think do F2P right? What types of monetization would you like to see in DD2? What types should we avoid at all costs? Please let us know! We’ll have more info on the Defense Council expansion for all of you next week!



The winners of our last blog are mblitzp and Scellow! Winners, keep an eye on your forum PMs for more information.

Answer the questions above about F2P monetization, and you could win a pre-alpha code for Dungeon Defenders II! We’ll pick TWO random posters and reveal the winners next week. You have a full week to leave a comment. Don’t have a forum account? It takes less than a minute to join the community!

The Unholy Catacombs update is out now! Here are the patch notes:

Mission Madness Weekend Events

  • Starting this weekend, we’re having a Mission Madness event every weekend in May! Get a new Daily Mission every 8 hours during the weekends!

  • Remember:  You can hold up to 3 Daily Missions at a time, so be sure to login and finish your dailies to take full advantage of these events.


  • New Map:  Unholy Catacombs

    • It’s the return of Foundries and Forges from Dungeon Defenders!

    • More DD1 map remakes are on the way! We hear everybody loved Sky O’ Love...

  • New Spectral Knight Incursion

    • Available only on Nightmare I-IV.

    • Complete the incursion for a chance to receive two exclusive drops:  the Squire’s Sword of Unholy Fire and the first iPWR 750 chest piece!

  • Sword of Unholy Fire (Squire)

    • Found only in the Spectral Knight Incursion. (We put this here again because we know someone, somewhere, didn’t read the bullet point above. WE’RE LOOKING AT YOU, TRAVIS.)

    • Adds a friggin’ flamethrower to the Squire’s shield block.

    • Taunts nearby enemies every few seconds.

    • Drops up to iPWR 750.

    • Scales off of Ability Power.

    • Grants +10 Charisma, which doesn’t exist in our game but you’ll swear it does when you wield this sword.

  • iPWR 750 Chest Piece

    • Found only in, you guessed it, the Spectral Knight Incursion.

    • Can roll up to iPWR 750, so not every piece will be a perfect 750.

  • Guardian of the Storm Monk Elemental Variant Costume

    • Show your support and help us keep cool new stuff comin’ by splurging 4,800 gems on the Guardian of the Storm elemental variant! Thanks to all of the dedicated Defenders who help support our development. Because of you, DD2 will continue to grow and improve!

  • Other Changes:

    • Blank Hero Cards are now available for 2,000 Defender Medals.

    • All four Hero Deck Slots are available immediately.

    • Item Enhancement Levels now gives a flat rate of 2 enhancement points per upgrade level. This is retroactive so all players will have their allocated points reset. Some items will have more points now, some will have less. Be sure to reallocate your points upon entering the game.

    • If you have an unlocked costume and you create a hero with that costume selected, the created hero will now equip that costume.

    • Lockboxes with accessories for the Abyss Lord’s default costume can now drop in-game.


Hero / Melee Gameplay Update

  • Reduced the speed of enemy melee attacks

    • Slower attacks give melee heroes slightly more time to interrupt them

    • Warboar, Orc, Javelin Thrower, and Drakkin melee attacks take 0.1 - 0.2s longer to animate

    • Revised Warboar and Orc damage values to keep DPS consistent

  • Increased the frequency of hero melee attacks causing knockback (interrupt)

    • Affects Monk and Squire, all weapon stances (Light/Medium/Heavy)

    • Should generally be slightly easier to consistently lockdown opponents in melee

  • Rebalanced Hero Damage for non-Huntress Base Heroes

    • Apprentice +25% Hero Damage Ratio

    • Monk +20% Hero Damage Ratio

    • Squire +7% Hero Damage Ratio

Bug Fixes

  • Added a potential solution for the black screen issue that happens on startup (usually after the Trendy logo appears). If you’re still getting this issue, please let us know.

  • Clicking between the Inventory and the Hero Deck tabs in the Forge will no longer cause a long delay before the UI refreshes.

  • Fixed the broke-ass scrollbar in the Session List.

  • Removed the Abyss Stone placement spam. Removed the Abyss Stone placement spam. Removed the Abyss Stone placement spam. Removed the...

  • Fixed an issue where flying enemies were getting stuck on Little-Horn Valley.

  • For some reason, Skyguards were shooting at the guards and core in Throne Room. Maybe they know something we don’t…

  • Fixed spelling and grammar issues on the Abyss Lord’s accessories.

  • Fixed spelling and grammar issues on the Squire’s accessories.

  • Fixed spelling and grammar issues on the Huntress’s accessories.

  • Forced every Trendy employee to take spelling and grammar lessons.

  • Fixed an icon issue with the Abyss Lord’s Healing Fountain.

  • Pet Boxes and Lockboxes can now be opened when accessing the Inventory through the ESC Menu. Players no longer have to access the Inventory through the Forge to open these.

  • Fixed an issue where having repair/upgrade/sell defense active while looking at an enemy that died would cause their HP bar to remain.

  • Fixed an issue where if you built multiple Colossi in a map with separate Abyss Lord heroes (say you have multiple with different gear/builds) and then tried to move each with the respective builder, you could only move the first one built from the first Abyss Lord. The other units from the other Abyss Lords will not respond.

  • When players are in a party together, there is now an icon next to their name in the Session List along with a specific text color to indicate they are party members.

  • Fixed some issues with accessory rarity in the lockboxes.

  • Abyss Lord’s right click will now spin the Squire's Training Dummy right round, baby, right round like a record, baby.

Known Issues

  • Several of the tooltips for accessories in the Costume Shop have grammar errors or incorrect “unlocked from” descriptions.

  • All unlockable objects from the Carnival Lockboxes are listed as Epic tier.

  • When cleansing a Spectral Knight in the Foundries Incursion, no sound effects will play.

  • Ranged enemies (most noticeably Javelin Throwers and Lightning Bugs) sometimes like to get hung up around corners in the Foundries map.

  • Spectral Knights will not be cleansed if the player is standing still. You must run into them to cleanse them.

  • The Skull VFX on shields applied by the Unholy Fire stat will not show up the first time you block after a transition while the sword is equipped.

  • The fire VFX from the Unholy Fire stat will display incorrectly for the first second of its effect.

  • The spawn icons for air lanes on the Foundries map on Free Play Easy go away before the wave starts.

  • Walking into the Abyss Lord’s Healing Fountain while the cleansing buff is active will temporarily cause the timer to display 0 seconds left.

  • Heroes cannot be deleted using the Escape Menu flow while in a map.

  • Loot gained from Victory Chests are not respecting the iPWR range on certain maps.


Greetings, Defenders!

Before any of the lush environments, gnarly villains and dashing heroes step into the third dimension, we need to make them look like something -- preferably something cool! So how do we create concepts for new additions to the game? I figured we could go back to one of our recently revealed enemies, the Javelin Thrower, and see what it took for this abomination to come into fruition. (I also want to use this blog post as an excuse to melt your eyes with tons of art.)


Design, Reference, Brainstorming

So where do we start? Usually there is a to-do list for each development milestone for things that need art -- animation poses, VFX, environment paintovers, and weapons to name a few -- but my favorites are the enemy concepts. Usually we work on those that need priority first, but most often we pick the fun things! So when we first start, we need to know the enemy’s role in the game. At this stage, a design document has already been approved by the higher-ups with the information we need. Below is just a brief excerpt from the Javelin Thrower’s doc:

Design Goals
  • Ranged, smaller version of the Orcs
  • Uses massive javelin that pierces through targets and damages them
  • Varies minion wave composition
  • Switches to melee on close range

Makes sense. After we have a clear grasp of what our goal with this guy is, we start gathering reference and spend some time thinking of our design goals. Our main job as concept artists is to solve visual problems, so in this instance we ask ourselves a few questions: What would a heavy ranged enemy look like? How do you throw a javelin? Is he intimidating, or can we inject humor? At this point my mind is already brewing with endless possibilities. I start going through the list of ideas in my head, exploring different shapes and personalities while still keeping in mind the design goals.

Our initial goal is to generate enough ideas and concepts to get people talking. Sometimes we hit the nail right on the head, and the first concept we make is the one that everyone likes. We celebrate, shake hands, and party. Unfortunately, this is not one of those times. After we’ve exhausted our brain and poured our initial concepts onto digital paper, we usually gather with our Creative Director Daniel Araya, our Art Director Rusty Drake, and the rest of our art team, and pitch ideas back and forth until we are clear on what the game needs.

Form Follows Function

One of the great things about games is the amalgamation of so many talented folks coming together to illustrate a single idea. Oftentimes, if done really really well, you know what that idea is by glancing at it, without guessing or having someone explain it to you.

With the Javelin Thrower, we really wanted that to be apparent. We wanted the player to have a sense of what this character was just by looking at him. Hopefully we did our job right. In the initial concepts, everyone really latched on to the idea that his throwing arm is all he uses, so it’s ripped and huge! If this guy throws something at you, it will obliterate anything in its path. We wanted that to be the focus, so he is extremely out of shape, disfigured and malnourished in certain parts. He has basically neglected everything else… but that arm, though.


We are getting close! So at this stage, we couldn’t decide what to go with exactly in terms of personality. Should he be angry like the Orcs? Alarmed? Mysterious? Perplexed?

Ultimately, we agreed to have him be a little more fun and show more personality than his angry and intimidating Orc counterpart. B3 (see illustration above) was definitely the way to go. He seems super excited to get into the map and just throw things with wreckless abandon.


So there he is: the Javelin Thrower! He is perfect, the kind of enemy Etheria deserves -- except we are not quite done yet.


Tiers and Tears

So here is the part where we take the design and break it only to mold it again into perfection. Most enemies in Dungeon Defenders II have tiers, which means this guy goes from tough to tougher to ridiculous. Visually, one of the things we really care about when it comes to tiers is the character’s silhouette. Will you be able to tell this guy apart from the others? If so, how much will his silhouette change when he is in a higher tier? Is he still visually interesting, or is it boring?

Normally enemies need to look more aggressive and intimidating. With the Javelin Thrower, it needed to be that plus we had to maintain his essential dorkiness. There is a lot of back and forth in this stage. We move things around, try a lot of different shapes, armors, colors, and horns, lots of horns, until ultimately…


Like Brad Pitt in Troy

Bear with me here! We have a bit more time just before our deadline. Now after the design and the tiers have been approved, we need to make sure that all of our ideas are clear for everyone to be on the same page. We make a call out sheet to go over a few details and ideas we might have missed to make the 3D modelers and animators’ lives easier.

Now this little guy is ready to step into...


The Third Dimension

Our buddy Dan Pingston made sure of that, and he turned out very presentable, wouldn’t you agree? After this comes rigging, animation, materials, and finally those ones and zeroes can run through their veins. We have a ton of cool things to show you, so until the next one! Cheers!

The random winners of our previous blogs are:
  • Early Access Blog: Wyldbill
  • Early Access Blog: Ramzilla
  • Concept to Creation Blog: TehOwn
  • Concept to Creation Blog: xPi
  • A Bold New World Blog: Basston
  • A Bold New World Blog: Ratiasu

What did you think of the concept art process? Tell us in the comments below, and you could win a pre-alpha code for Dungeon Defenders II! You have a full week to leave a comment. We’ll pick a random poster and reveal the winner next Friday. Don’t have a forum account? It takes less than a minute to join the community!


“I have seen the gathering Chaos… the thundering footsteps… the spine-chilling roar… oh woe, oh terror, the green sea that descendeth upon us! Wait, do you hear that, Billy? By Grabthar’s hammer, run! Get out of here! Our insurance won’t cover this!”   

- Prime Scout Andrelian, as recounted by his second-in-command, Billy

Andrelian's death was not in vain, for along with that… err… pleasant anecdote came a detailed drawing and a brief description of a new addition to the Old Ones’ army:

“Later phases of Chaos contain these enormous brutes. They appear to be powered by the evil sky magic called electricity. I can only speculate on the exact impact of their hammers, but I’m sure whatever they do will be positively shocking!

Even in the face of death, I cannot ignore a good pun.”



The Buried Bastille is now live on both PC and PS4! From this point forward, our goal is to have the PC and PS4 releases be no more than a week apart!

Update:  Looks like our Hero Balance Changes for the next patch got out early! They have not been properly tested, so we're reverting them. If you wish to continue testing them before the next patch, please join our Remote Playtesting Group by emailing dani.moore[at]trendyent[dot]com! 

So what are these Hero Balance Changes? Here's a tentative list of the changes! Keep in mind these are subject and very likely to change as our community testers in the RPG get their hands on them.

Here are the full patch notes for The Buried Bastille:


  • New Map -- The Buried Bastille:  As selected by you in our Influence Vote, we’re releasing The Buried Bastille in this update! This sprawling, ancient prison is a remake of DD1’s Glitterhelm Caverns. Four cores lurk in these shadows for you to protect. The Buried Bastille is the biggest map released in Dungeon Defenders II to date, so we’re eager to see how you feel about its size and complexity.

  • New Incursion -- The Bastille Master:  It’s a race against time to kill all of the enemies in The Bastille Master Incursion! Not only is time and the size of The Buried Bastille working against you, but you only have a limited number of lives, too!

  • Improved Daily Missions: In our last update, we introduced Bonus Missions as part of our ongoing effort to increase the earn rate of Defender Medals for all players. In this update, we’re doing two things. The first is improving the Daily Missions themselves. Our Daily Missions will now be about winning a certain amount of maps (some with extra provisions, some without). No more Daily Missions like “Ignite X Enemies” or “Gain X Pet Affection Levels.” It’s all about winning and being rewarded for winning. Play how you want to play and get rewarded for it -- unless how you want to play is to lose, in which case, we’re sorry. The second thing is...

  • Temporary Change -- Increased Daily Mission Payouts: For the next two weeks, we’re increasing the amount of Defender Medals gained to 225 - 450 Defender Medals apiece. We’re going to pay close attention to the number of people completing Dailies and how these new reward amounts are affecting the Medal earn rate for all players. So please login, play with the Daily Mission changes and let us know on the forums how you feel.

  • New iPWR 750 Apprentice Weapon -- The Ghastly Halberd:  If you complete The Bastille Master Incursion, you’ll earn the new Ghastly Halberd Apprentice weapon! Using this weapon turns the Apprentice into a ghost, reducing damage taken by enemies from 35%-90%! Using the alternate fire of the weapon will spawn a variable number of halberds that will attack nearby enemies.

  • New iPWR 750 Helmet: This Incursion will have a chance to drop an iPWR 750 Helmet from the Victory Chest.

  • New Apprentice Elemental Variant Costume -- Guardian of the Dead: The Apprentice is joining the Monk and the Huntress in getting an elemental variant costume of his own!

  • New Steam Pack:  The Hero Army Pack:  The Hero Army Pack arrives later today! Now you can complete your roster with an incredible collection of our newest playable Heroes with multiple high-end Costumes in one mega-package!

  • Other Changes:

    • Summary Screen will now display Defender Medals earned from Daily and Bonus Missions.

    • Summary Screen will now display XP gained from Daily Bonuses.

    • June 22nd is your last chance to get the Collector’s Pack on Steam!

    • When you reroll a Daily Mission, a new Daily is automatically selected for you.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that would happen while inspecting another player’s Hero Deck.

  • Amped Up, Snowstorm, Curse of Weakness, Envenom and Breaker are now working properly. These were previously doing the opposite of their intended function (e.g. Amped Up was decreasing attack rate instead of increasing it).

  • Fixed a visual bug where Hearty Blockade was dropping at 0%.

  • Fixed an issue where Panic Fire was unintentionally working for the Proton Beams. (Press Your Luck works for now but will get disabled in a future patch. Please let us know how Proton Beams feel now.)

  • Bling-O-Midas enemy hit VFX should now be properly golden and not some weird muddy color.

  • Bling-O-Midas projectile VFX now properly matches the width of the bow’s cone of damage.

  • Fixed an issue where Defender Medal purchases during a round were being tallied on the Summary Screen.

  • Fixed an issue where Wyverns were getting stuck in the Dragonfall Bazaar Market Skies air lane.

  • Proton Flame Charge Skill Sphere now properly adds extra damage.

  • Fixed some issues with NPC dialogue and tutorial dialogue.

  • Fixed an issue where the Abyss Lord’s towers would remain on the Create Hero screen.

  • Fixed more collision issues with EV2’s Death From Above ability.

  • The Bling King now idles after he destroys the Inn, peasants!

  • Fixed an issue where the Ranged Goblin’s attack trails were showing up as grey boxes.

  • Fixed an issue where some Huntress bow attacks were showing up as grey boxes.

  • When swapping accessories for the Mantis Striker costume while a canister is equipped, the new accessory will now properly conform to the color of the canister. #peerpressure

PS4-Specific Bug Fixes

  • Added a potential solution for the War Table bug where players will only see the first map.

  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would go back to the top of an item category in the Inventory when the “Are you sure” confirmation box popped up.

  • Fixed an issue where players could not cancel the Level Up pop-up box.

  • Fixed an issue where locking items in the Inventory accessed from the new Esc menu caused the cursor to jump randomly.

Known Issues

  • Some weapons that were 4-shots-per-second are now appearing at 2s or 1s. We're looking into it.

  • If you're unable to place EV2's nodes, you may need to reset your keybindings.

  • Idle Flow is currently not slowing enemies.

  • (PS4) Some PS4 users will not see the correct icon for placing EV nodes (Square is the correct button to place the node). Issue will be resolved in a future update but can, for now, be resolved by reinstalling the game.

PS4 players also received the Series EV2 hero and The Bling King update!


New Reveal: Spec Nodes!


Greetings Defenders,

In last week’s blog, we teased a new feature in the game called Spec Nodes. You may have asked yourself, “What are these mythical nodes? What do they do?”

A New Way to Upgrade Your Hero

The Spec Node system is our new hero upgrading system in Dungeon Defenders II. Spec Nodes allow you to pick and choose which aspects of your hero you want to empower and build around. You can change how a defense operates (a Flameburst Tower that shoots double fireballs!), how an attack works (stun enemies with the Monk’s ranged attack!) and much, much more.


Improving Player Choice

Putting points into individual stats was nice in DD1, but the system didn’t provide any choice beyond, “Which stats do I want to increase?” For DD2, we wanted to make a leveling system that provides meaningful, interesting choices for players from the first hour to the thousandth hour of play. We hope this system will provide a diverse set of options that will encourage alternate playstyles. Most importantly, we wanted to put the meta of the game in your hands so you can discover how Specs combine with different stats and special stats (see, future blog) to achieve a unique build for a hero.

How It Works

Starting at level five, you’ll earn at least one point to invest in these Specs. Every point you spend makes the Spec stronger based on a diminishing returns formula. You can perpetually put all your points into one Spec or spread them around. Going back to a previous example, imagine a Spec that has a chance to make the Flameburst Tower shoot two fireballs. Every point you invest increases that chance.

We will be introducing the system to the Defense Council with six unique Spec Nodes per hero. For example, the Apprentice has a Spec to improve his Earthshatter Tower. This is a long-range, area-of-effect tower, but if you invest points into the Earthshatter Spec, you’ll gain a percentage chance to knock enemies into the air. By knocking up enemies, you can slow their progress to the core and combo it with a frost + geyser freezing combo to shatter frozen enemies, dealing tons of damage. Or you could place Skyguard towers to destroy enemies flying in the air.

Or say you’re building a more tanky, damage-focused Squire (which is my go-to build at the moment). You can invest in the Riposte Spec, which grants a chance to hurt enemies when they strike you. Or you can invest in the Fight Me Not Spec, which gives defenses an extra bonus damage to enemies who are currently fighting you. This is great to use in concert with your Provoke ability, which taunts nearby enemies, to kite enemies around while your defenses wail on them. Or, why not both? The choice is up to you! (The names of these Specs are temporary. Our creative director/lead designer pulled them out of his butt on a dark and stormy night.)


The Rest is Up to You (and Us)

This is only the beginning for Spec Nodes. We still have a ways to go to achieve our goals. We are constantly adding new specs and removing unpopular ones. We still haven’t decided the final number of Specs for each hero. There are also many other systems that will tie into Specs (item upgrading, rare loot drops!) that we will be working on in the future, along with some other neat ideas that we’re still mulling about. One such idea is to give players a large pool of Specs to choose from and let them choose which ones to give to their heroes.

So, leave a comment here with some Spec Nodes ideas you would like to see in DD2! Danny and I will review all your posts and pick out our top 3 favorite suggestions. Not only will we give the top suggestors Defense Council codes, but we’ll also explore the potential of adding the suggestions into the game! No promises, though.

The Terraria Update comes out Tuesday, so in this's week Dev Log, we're pulling back the curtain. (And if you want to see the update in action, tune into our Terraria Devstream tomorrow at 3PM EST!)

Elliot Cannon, Creative Director (Myscha_Sleddog)

As a hardcore gamer myself, it’s a riot to peek behind the scenes of any developer’s curtain, so let’s cast that Oz barrier away for a moment. I’ve also tossed in some secrets for you at the end.

The Terraria Update update got its start back in January 22nd of this year. (10 months ago) At the time, we were mid-stream working on the Abyss Lord, along with creating a massive backlog of critical and important features and game improvements laid out for the whole year. (Such as the Game Browser, Hero Deck changes, Quick Swapping, Hero Designs, Incursions, etc.) Then we got this cool email from Ted “Loki” Murphy over at the Terraria camp.

“Greetings from the team at Re-Logic! A good number of the team are huge fans and avid players of DD2, so first off, thank you all for an amazing game that entertains our entire studio. Coming out of all of that, one of our lead coders - Yoraiz0r- has been chatting with one of your own (Blacksmith), and the topic of a crossover content collaboration between DD2 and Terraria came up.

Both parties seemed pretty interested, and so Yoraiz0r got in touch with me this evening and told me that I should go ahead and reach out to you (Blacksmith said that you were the person to contact) so that we can see where this could lead and if a collaboration could work. I know our team would certainly be on board - and we can just imagine all of the possibilities already!”

This type of collaboration does not happen often enough! Game developers all like each other, end up working together over the years, play each other’s games, and hang out together. We share cabs as E3, laugh and critique at each other’s bad GDC presentations, blow up each other’s bases, stunlock and zero each other’s kids, and cheer each other on when our games ship. This is because we are all big kids inside, dress like misfits, and absolutely love games, so doing something cool together means one thing – FUN!

A lot of the time, publishers and legal people with large mortgages get in the way of this core joy in life. (Imagine that!) They often see developers as a pack of wild Indians running amok on an island with spears, blowing into conchs to call meetings, and beating up the bespectacled chubby kid and using his cracked glasses to start a fire to dance around at midnight. (Golding, 1954) Trendy and Re-Logic don’t have big publishers getting in the way, so we were excited about doing a crossover and make it about FUN!

Terraria Secrets

Here are the parts that really make it neat in addition to all of the in-your-face-stuff you’ll see next week. The new map layout, inspired by the Terraria Forest Biome, is different from your run-of-the-mill Dungeon Defenders II map. Steve Collins added cool crafting secrets from Terraria, we have lane merges that are larger than most, double backs, three cores, and of course the entire look and feel is what you would expect if Terraria became a Pixar movie. This map has long line of sights, great sniper perches, and screams out for AoE. We offer this as Normalized and as an Incursion for Nightmare I-IV.


Play Now, Even if Brand New to Dungeon Defenders II

In Normalized mode, you play with a pre-generated deck of four max level and geared heroes including the Dryad! The Normalized mode is lovely, safe, happy, and good for brand new Dungeon Defenders II players who want to jump in and GO now! This is a great way to be part of the BIG THING. It’s also an ideal way to test-drive the Dryad hero before you pick her up with your earned Defender Medals or Gems stash.


Blood Moon Incursion

The Nightmare I-IV modes are actually Incursion versions and much tougher. You’ll need to bring your own knife to that gunfight along with your own heroes. It has the Blood Moon theme from Terraria and nasty pointy teeth. Steve has a very cool secret chest set up in the map. Who will get lucky AND be smart enough to figure it out!


Guns, Swords, Books, Bows, and Sharks

Besides all the other bells and whistles we usually do, we cranked out weapons for every one of our ten heroes as a homage to some of the most iconic Terraria weapons, all with over-the-top FUN special effects. You can buy these at different power ranges from the a new NPC near the portal in the Heroes’ Marketplace. He only accepts the Terraria currency called Souls of Night which you can find in Victory Chests in either version of the new Terraria map! (Normalized or Nightmare) Be sure you read the tooltips, because we have multiple heroes that use swords now. Each weapon is hero specific!


Gamer XSploitz, Sleddog Style

To reward you hardcore players for reading today’s entry, here is a cool tip. Each weapon always has the same top signature passive. Take the Gunwitch, for example. Her Megashark Terraria Gun Broom weapon will always have the signature Meteor Bullets passive, circled in the below image. However, the other two in the rectangles reroll randomly upon entering the Heroes’ Marketplace, so if you are really dying for a particular set up, just load a map and come back until you get the roll you want. That way you can focus on grinding up Souls of Night and spend them on exactly what works for you. Each one of these weapons have FUN and POWERFUL effects on them. Collect them all!

Daniel Haddad, Design Director (Blacksmith)

Nature hurl green leaves at your putrid feet Defender!

That’s a greeting in the Dryad tongue… Not really, I just made it up. I hope your feet aren’t putrid, you should probably have that checked to be perfectly honest.

For this Dev Log, we thought it would be a good idea to give you all some insight into some of the decisions we made in this Terraria crossover. When the Terraria crossover first came to be, we had just started our hero initiative so it made perfect sense to have a new hero be a part of it. A lot of us played a bunch of Terraria and we obviously had fond memories of the different NPCs we encountered while playing Terraria.


Terraria has a lot of NPCs so we had several options. The short list included: the Witch Doctor, the Dryad, and the Goblin Tinkerer. When we started exploring what their kit might look like, the Dryad stuck out a lot. She was already a favored NPC by a lot of Terraria fans and we loved her story, theme, and aesthetic. She felt like the perfect hero that would bring a part of the wilderness and magic of Terraria into Etheria. There was obviously a lot of depth to her that we can build an awesome hero around. We then started exploring what she might look like in DD2. We did many explorations before we settled on the final version.

An early exploration of the Dryad:


Another early exploration:


Eventually we settled on this aesthetic:


We wanted the Dryad’s fantasy to be a combination of classic dryad fantasy and her characteristics in Terraria. One of the weird things about her in Terraria is how she suddenly begins to sell corrupt powder while a Blood Moon is active. This was the source of inspiration for her corrupt form in Dungeon Defenders II. We wanted the Dryad to feel like she was bringing in pockets of Terraria into Etheria so the World Tree was created. We were also hyper focused on delivering an awesome experience for all the Terraria fans out there so we made sure all her towers and abilities were themed around familiar things in Terraria. Starfall had to make its way into DD2 since we’ve all had that moment in Terraria when a falling star devastates an enemy we are fighting. Slimes and Dryad’s Blessing obviously had to exist as well. The rest of her kit was chosen based on the sort of creatures you encounter while playing Terraria that we thought would make for good defenses.

There is plenty more to talk about when it comes to Terraria and the crossover. Next week I’ll talk about how the Terraria weapons made their way into DD2 and some neat enemies as well. Tune in to our Devstream tomorrow to hear more about the update! We will have a very special guest and divulge all the details.

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Greetings, Defenders!

We finally get to show off our nice new map. The team had tons of fun putting tons of small references here and there that we hope the Terraria fans appreciate. Can’t wait for everyone to jump in and explore the Forest Biome.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Hello, Defenders!

As you might know there's a new map coming to Dungeon Defenders II next week, a map we've been working secretly. So it's time to share with you some cool pics of the level. I hope you have fun playing and exploring it!




Daniel Diaz, World Builder (@Danimix1983)

Everyone in the team is really excited to show off some of the work we did and kept in secret for so long. So, if you don't have enough with the pics posted above, here's another one! I know! It's a really cozy place!


John Muscarella, Digital Puppet Master (Muskie4242)

I am so excited to finally show off some of the work we have been keeping so secret.  With the release of the Terraria crossover patch, we will be revealing a TON of cool stuff from the animation department.  Hopefully you have all seen the cinematic already.  If not, check it out here! Here are some of the other things we’ve been doing:





Yes that’s right!  You can play in both her Pure and Corrupt forms at will.  Transform whenever you please, and wreck face!


But of course, like all of our heroes, don’t take too much damage, or else…


Cool armor, bro...

Also, we have a new animator here at Trendy.  Jerzy Perez has been a part of this past milestone helping on a number of different things, such as:




We’re going to get Jerzy a forum ID in the near future.  You can expect to see more cool stuff from him soon!

Dani Moore, Remote QA Lead (Dani)

With the Terraria testing coming to an end (we still have one more final test tonight at the time of writing this on Tuesday!), the feedback of the RPG folks has been very solid and helpful as always. The bug hunting RQA folks found this little gem that they wanted to share.



Steam Early Access. Those three words inspire so much discussion. It’s no longer just the finished product that matters -- it’s how you get there that makes all the difference.

Since our Early Access launch in December 2014, we’ve released 9 major updates and 51 patches. We’ve added, removed and tweaked major systems thanks to your feedback. We’ve revealed the behind-the-scenes workings of our studio through weekly Development Logs and Devstreams. And many of you have dedicated your free time to help development in a variety of ways. It’s been an incredible experience working with you so far, and this year, we’re taking it to 11!

Here’s our big 2016 plan for Dungeon Defenders II on PC and PS4!

New Year, New Us

We’re super excited to share that Elliot Cannon is our new creative director! Elliot is a video game industry veteran with over twenty years of design leadership experience. He was one of the original designers on Unreal and Unreal Tournament, titles that launched Epic Games and the Unreal Engine as the most successful licensed game engine in the world. Elliot led multiple projects at Crytek Germany and Crytek Budapest during the development of the Crysis franchise and was the creative director behind Crysis Warhead. He has also worked as a lead designer on multiplayer titles such as Warhammer 40k – Dark Millennium Online and Steam-focused live update titles such as Killing Floor, Killing Floor 2, Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm. Prior to joining Trendy, he was the design director at id Software on Doom and an adjunct lecturer on video game design at Southern Methodist University’s Guildhall, one of the premier graduate video game education programs in the United States.

His experience brings a much-needed perspective to our team, and the impact since his arrival in early December has been incredible. Together, we’ve refocused the vision for Dungeon Defenders II, and it’s awesome.

So what’s the refocused vision for Dungeon Defenders II? Focusing on what makes our game great:  Tower Defense and Heroes. Let’s use that foundation and build upon it. Let’s improve the systems that aren’t up to par. Let’s get the PS4 and PC versions on the same update cycle. Overall, let’s finish the damn game, and then continue to build on it.

Our New Roadmap

With our refocused and reinvigorated vision, we needed a new roadmap for 2016. We’re still working out the details, but we wanted to share the big items with you right away.


Get the PS4 version in sync with the PC version.

In 2016, the PS4 and the PC will be on the same major update. It’s important that our PS4 players are right there with our PC players as we release new content and changes.

To do this, we will release the remaining updates that separate PS4 from PC in a shorter window. We’ve tentatively scheduled the next PS4 update for the beginning of February, which includes 3 major updates -- Alpha & Beyond, Ascension Part I and Ascension Part II.Then, we’re hoping to release The Harbinger Awakens update along with the current milestone together shortly after that. From this point on, the two versions will be in-sync. We’ll develop new updates for the two versions at the same time, and we’ll release the updates simultaneously.


Our first new hero... the Abyss Lord!

Make new heroes -- lots of them.

Our biggest goal for 2016 is to build a deep Hero Library. In fact, we’re working on our first new hero right now (tentatively called the Abyss Lord)!

We don’t plan to just make one or two heroes this year. We want to make lots of them. Right now, our team is doing pre-production work to get the design and play of our first hero right. We’re starting designs for more new heroes, too.Our goal is to release new heroes and expand your choices early this year, and we can’t wait to share more details with you.


Improve features. Adjust balance. Fix bugs.

Another big goal for us in 2016 is to improve what’s currently in the game. Just like our first hero, our design team is doing pre-production work right now to flesh out what changes they’d like to make to existing systems.

Our focus for early 2016 is refining the Hero Deck with a unified theme and new UI across major parts of the game. (Note:  The UI above is temporary and does not reflect any final changes to the system.) We also will be improving Matchmaking so you can play with your friends and others much easier, with greater control and cooler rewards. Our designers are knee-deep in figuring out the nitty-gritty details of the changes to these systems, and we’ll provide those details after the release of the current milestone.


Make new content.

While our designers and programmers are busy designing new heroes and changes to core features, our level designers and art team are working on some fun new content for you to play!

In our next major update in February, we’re releasing the Dragonfall Carnival. The Dragonfall Carnival contains a brand-new, limited-time event map full of madness and wonder. Don’t miss your chance to win exclusive costumes!

Along with the Carnival, we’re introducing a brand-new outdoor social hub called the Heroes Marketplace. It’s time to embrace the open air as you mingle with other players. The Heroes Marketplace gives us more flexibility in real estate expansion to include...well, you’ll just have to wait to find out.


Finally, let’s finish the damn game.

It’s our plan to leave Early Access this year. Really, Trondo? Really really. Everything we do this year will move us closer to this goal. You can expect more polish and higher production values to come on top of the new heroes, system changes, balance adjustments, bug fixes and new content that’s coming your way.

Our Progress So Far

To wrap things up, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on how the game has changed since our Early Access launch. Here’s a refresher on the major changes we’ve made to the game:

February 2015 (Foundation Part 1):

  • Campaign Mode

  • Daily Missions

  • Incursions

  • Social Tavern

  • Challenges, Titles & Steam Achievements

  • Defense/Hero Balance Changes

March 2015 (Foundation Part 2):

  • Hard Mode

  • Player Kicking

  • Forge/Inventory Overhaul

  • Removal of Downleveling (and Associated Changes)

  • Matchmaking Improvements

  • Defense/Hero Balance Changes

April 2015 (Pets & Dragons):

  • Betsy, Our First Boss Fight!

  • Three New Maps

  • Three New Incursions

  • Pet System

  • Skill Sphere System

  • Costume and Accessory System

  • Daily Quest System

  • Four New NPC Shops

  • Early Access Rewards

  • Lockboxes

  • New Challenges & Titles

  • Defense/Hero Balance Changes

July 2015 (Loot & Survive):


  • Pets 2.0

  • Fourth Hero Deck Slot

  • Loot/Item Overhaul (including Item Power System)

  • Major Matchmaking Overhaul

  • Onslaught Mode

  • Nightmare I, II, III and IV

  • Lane Trait and Resistance System

  • Tutorial

  • NPC Dialogue Boxes

  • Daily Mission System Overhaul + New UI

  • Defense/Hero Balance Changes

September 2015 (Alpha & Beyond):

  • Went Into Alpha (obviously)

  • Daily Map Bonus System

  • Build System

  • Inventory 3.0

  • New Onslaught Maps

  • Enter Private Tavern From Main Menu/Move Between Taverns In-Game

  • Skill Spheres UI Update

  • Difficulty/Loot/Pet/Passive/Skill Sphere/Defense/Hero/Economy Balance Changes

October 2015 (Ascension Part I and Part II):

  • Two New Maps

  • Spooky Event 2015

  • Steam Trading Cards

  • Auto-Collect Filter System

  • Stat Points Systems (stats on level up)

  • Increased Defense Size (+ Defense Balance Changes)

  • Melee Weapon Variety System

  • Ranged Weapon Variety System

  • Partial Controller Support

  • Enemy Rollout Changes (“Support” vs. “Standard” Enemy Changes)

  • New Passives and Skill Spheres

  • New Builds

  • Skill Sphere System Update

  • Defense/Hero Balance Changes

December 2015 (The Harbinger Awakens):

  • New Boss:  The Harbinger

  • New Map, Two Redone Maps

  • Loot V2

  • Endgame Progression Changes

  • NPC Shop Item Generation Changes

  • Accessory Progression Changes

  • New Challenges & Quests

  • Improved Controller Support

  • War Cache + Galactic Weapons Event

  • New Builds

  • New Cinematics

  • Difficulty/Loot Progression Changes

By the way, this list doesn’t include the hundreds of bug fixes, balance changes and quality of life improvements from our weekly patches.

2015 was a busy year, and this year is going to be even busier. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as the result. In the comments below, tell us:  What are you more excited to see in 2016?

The Trendy Team


Hotfix 7.7 for Steam

Today’s hotfix is focused on putting the Monthly Mission requirements back to their intended values. We're still working to fix the Invite issue and are hopeful to have a fix in later today, but we're not quite there yet. We’ll have more news soon.

Bug Fixes

  • Reduced the criteria numbers for the October Monthly Mission back to 35 Legendaries, 35 Skeleton Special Enemies and 10 Incursions.

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some players from launching the game.


  • We’ve heard you, Defenders. You don’t want to sit through the tutorial. Even though it’s educational and good for you. So go ahead, skip it. Players who skip the tutorial will be sent to the Easy version of The Gates of Dragonfall without the tutorialized elements. If you select Play and not Play Private from the Main Menu, you may have other players in your first match.


In the first Dungeon Defenders, players could swap between an unlimited number of heroes during a match. This had several benefits, including the ability for individuals to access more than just one set of defenses. It also encouraged players to create multiple heroes -- and sometimes specialized versions of the same hero -- to use in a single match.

But this system created a few issues. Leveling multiple heroes became the only way to play -- you couldn’t complete the late-game content using a single hero. In addition to this, it discouraged true, four-player co-op in which every player has the chance to contribute to the build strategy. Instead, designated builders would bring in their heroes and tell other players not to take part in the defensive setup.

Ultimately, we want players to embrace the strengths of their teammates. We also want to make it possible to complete the entirety of the online co-op game with a single hero, if that’s what you desire. To facilitate this, we’ve created the Hero Deck, which plays up the positives of the DD1 system while fixing some of the key issues.


The Hero Deck lets you bring a selection of heroes into battle. At the moment, players can add three individual heroes to their deck. Just like the first Dungeon Defenders, you can go to the Forge to swap between these heroes during the Build Phase. And your ability and defense mana now transfers between heroes when you swap, so no more dropping mana on the ground and cursing when someone walks by and swipes it!

The Hero Deck has encouraged teams in our Defense Council to develop strategies that involve all players, not just a designated builder. We’ve watched players use our revamped Ping system to ask each other to build blockades, auras, towers and traps, which is something that was rarely seen in DD1 public matches.

The Hero Deck is still in the early stages of development, and it’s already sparked some great discussion among our Councillors. For example: What if you’re playing solo and you want to access every defense and hero combination? Or what if you’re playing with friends, and you want one person to build everything like in DD1? We’re still working on how the Hero Deck system will address these concerns, but this feedback and perspective is invaluable to us as we move forward with development, so keep it coming!

How do you feel about the Hero Deck system? Let us know in the comments below, and you could win a seat on the Defense Council and a chance to try out the Hero Deck for yourself!

The random winner of last week's Ping System blog is MasterElodin!

Leave a comment to get your hands on the Dungeon Defenders II pre-alpha! You have a full week to leave a comment. We’ll pick a random poster and reveal the winner next Tuesday. Don’t have a forum account? It takes less than a minute to join!

Also, the random winner of our Javelin Throwers blog is going to be chosen on Friday, so there's still time to enter!

Defenders, our second Beastmaster Contest has come to a close. Are you ready for the next one? Bring out your Serpentinys. Go forth, and find the mightiest little dragons! You have until May 20th at 11:59 PM EDT to submit your Serpentiny in this thread.

As a reminder, please include a link to your Steam profile with your entry. Entries without a Steam profile will not be eligible to win. The pet must be in your profile at the time of verification in order to be eligible to win.

There was a lot of awesome participation for these contests. Thank you to everyone that got involved! Another huge thank you to Mapatti for corralling data and answering questions!

This contest was especially interesting, with one clear winner and a three way tie for second place! The newest Beastmasters are:

Thank you to our winners for being such good sports! Keep an eye on your PMs for your title code. 

For full contest rules, see the original contest post.


Dear Defenders,

We wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you. Your support for Dungeon Defenders II has helped it become the success it is today:

  • 1,000,000 Installs (!)

  • 11,000,000 Hours Played (!!)

  • 0 Old Ones Released (Priceless)

Give yourselves a round of applause! You’ve earned it.

Thank you for playing, and thank you for supporting our F2P model. Every dollar you spend and have spent helps us create new gameplay content for everyone, like the two Spooky maps and the Spooky Event we released yesterday. Thank you for cheering when Steam promotes our game (which we’re hoping they do with the Grave Danger Pack in the Steam Halloween Sale). Thank you for cheering when friends and strangers spend money on badass costumes. Together, we get to make the best Action Tower Defense game ever.

And we get to feed our families, which we’re sure they appreciate.

With Love,
The Trendy Team

Dungeon Defenders II PvP beta registration is now open. Go to www.playverse.com now to sign-up! Registration is limited, so get in while you can.

Once you're registered, download the bootstrapper to get started. Both Windows and Mac clients are available. If you get in, make sure to post your feedback and issues in the Beta Forums here. You must be logged into the forums via your playverse account to access the beta forums.

Keep in mind, the beta is still under NDA and some parts are very rough around the edges. We look forward to hearing your thoughts (in the beta forums).
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