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Hit the lights. Pull the curtains. Its time to reveal the first brand-new DD2 hero.

Meet the Man and Machine!


Who is the Man? What is his Machine? Why do the Elves hate him so much? Check out his hero page to learn more, including his competitive abilities! His wallpaper can be downloaded via the Media page.

The next hero reveal is at 45,000 Facebook fans. How do you feel about this way of releasing information? Let us know in the Comments section below!

DD2 beta code winners chosen!

The winners of the DD2 beta code giveaway are Narica, Vidurr, xjoshieboox, upwake and bobbysinger! Winners, keep an eye on your PM inbox tomorrow for your code.


Original post:


Want a Dungeon Defenders II beta code? How about a Razer mouse and keyboard and some awesome Dungeon Defenders swag? Enter the giveaway here!

Post a comment below for your chance to win a DD2 beta code! Winners will be chosen on Tuesday.

Meet the Apprentice


Thanks to you, the DD2 information flood has begun. We reached 9,000 followers on Twitter, and if youve been paying attention, you know what that means -- were revealing our first hero, the Apprentice! You can check out his hero page here. These pages double as the tutorials for each hero in the beta, so youre really getting a sneak peak at beta information. Were revealing the next hero at 40,000 Facebook likes. Who would you like to see next, a new hero or an old one?

You can find the sexy Apprentice wallpaper in the Media section.

In the competitive section of the hero page, you can see the Apprentices abilities and Hero Spell. Hero Spells are additional abilities that have long cooldown times, comparable to Ultimate abilities. In the beta, Hero Spells are unlocked when you reach Hero Level 10. Every hero has one spell to unlock. Once unlocked, they can be used with any hero.

You might notice on the hero page that the co-op button is greyed out and the showcase has a large coming soon image. All in due time. When that button lights up, youll learn about the Apprentices stats, towers and abilities for the cooperative mode. Well be releasing the video when its ready.


Why are we revealing heroes this way? Are we just farming for Facebook likes and Twitter followers? The answer is yes, very much so! Unfortunately, youre the ones getting the loot. Were told we can trade these stats for food and shelter.

But seriously, instead of releasing information on an ambiguous marketing timeline, we think it makes more sense for you to know when information is coming and for the information to release as our community grows. More people will be talking about the game, and hopefully, more people will be playing the game on day one. If youre in the beta and are having trouble finding a game, this strategy will help once we open the beta code floodgates.

Want to see another hero? Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and tell your friends!

PAX East 2013 Recap

The sights. The sounds. And yes, even the scents. It's been more than a week since we left PAX East, but her presence still lingers in our hearts.

If you werent in Boston for the expo, weve got you covered. Above, you can watch a teaser trailer for our epic Trendy at PAX video cavalcade thats going to wash over you soon. We've also posted a Facebook album of our journey. Thanks to Jesse Scanlon for tagging along with the Trendy Team to capture the heart of the moment.

3rd person

If you were in Boston, you may have noticed a significant change to our game. Our isometic MOBA evolved into a 3rd-person MOBA! Based on the feedback from our community beta team, we crafted a prototype of the new camera change. We sent the changes to our beta team, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Judging from the feedback at PAX, wed say it was the right change. Heres what the press thought:

Best of all, TotalBiscuit rubbed his British hands all over our PAX build when he stopped by the booth. Catch his 23-minute (!) hands-on preview of the game here. Thanks again for stopping by the booth. There are rumors floating around that he might not cover expos anymore. For shame, we say! Get on Twitter and tell him that you want him to grace future expos with his presence.


On Saturday night, we hosted our annual PAX East Dungeon Defenders Community Meetup. It was great to mix it up with some of our loyal fans. As always, our CEO gave a rousing speech that brought everyone to tears. Think Mel Gibson from Braveheart but without a skirt on.

While we didnt have skirts for sale at our booth, we did have beautiful hero T-shirts, iPhone cases and mousepads! Each hero T-shirt we sold at PAX came with an in-game pet. We have a ton of leftover merchandise that will be going on sale online soon.

But like all good things, PAX came to an end. Thanks to everyone at who played the game, who participated in the raffle and who made this our favorite PAX event yet.


At Trendy, our goal is to push tower defense to its limits. From random loot to persistent hero progression, weve taken the reins of hybrid tower defense and rode that beautiful stallion into the nectarine sunset. But where do we go from here?

After a strenuous design meeting, the future of tower defense was clear.

Kart racing.


As spotted by thebamboobear, we're hard at work on Dungeon Defenders Super Kart, the next DLC for Dungeon Defenders. DDSK blends the action-RPG/tower defense gameplay you love with the hilarious hijinks of kart racing.

Tower building dynamically changes the way you play. Use Spike Blockades to block off that annoying shortcut your brother uses. Place a Deadly Striker Tower at the end of a ramp to zap airborne foes. The possibilities are endless.


Like most of our DLC, this expansive step forward in tower defense is free for two weeks. Download it during the free window, and it will be yours forever.

Let us know what you think about this new DLC in the comments section!



Dungeon Defenders II is here.

Get ready for more heroes, more towers and more loot. The cooperative mode you know and love is in pre-alpha and shaping up to be something really special. We'll be providing the community with updates and welcoming feedback on a routine basis. Come back here Friday, March 22 for your exclusive first look at gameplay.

But wait, there's more? Well, first Dungeon Defenders II has a new competitive mode and... it's in closed beta as of today. Yes, it's a MOBA. Yes, you can play it at PAX East. And yes, you can sign up to join the waiting list for a beta key over in the little wood box in the top-right corner. For more on why we wanted to create a MOBA and how it's different, check out our FAQ page here.

Oh, and did we mention Dungeon Defenders II will be FREE! And yes, by that we mean free-to-play. No, it will not be pay to win. The exact details are in flux, but we'll have several opportunities for you to provide feedback both in and outside the beta. Our goal is to provide the same amount of content at around the same price as the original game.


There's some other things like playverse, cross-platform play and all that jazz. We'll be giving more information on those soon. Dungeon Defenders II is currently being developed for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Web. You can find more info in our FAQ page.

Sound off in the comments! We can't wait to hear what you think and are excited to work with you to build Dungeon Defenders II.
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