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Here's our first PlayStation 4 hotfix!

Hotfix 1:

  • Background music and new art assets for the content information screen.

  • Can activate tower interactions while holding R1.

  • Inventory now properly displays previews while scrolling over filters.

  • Unlocked costume embellishments should now be properly purchasable.

  • Collector's Edition titles now able to be redeemed and used.

  • In-game item inspection pop-up controls are now more visible.

  • No more black screen when player 2 logs out of PSN while in the process of loading into the game.

  • Fewer crashes (we hope)

  • Added four new spooky costumes to the Costume Shop

Warning:  This patch will seem very large for how few changes are in it.  We are actively investigating ways to reduce patch sizes and keep download times to a minimum.  We appreciate your ongoing patience with us as we iron out some technical issues.

Hotfix 7.7 for Steam

Today’s hotfix is focused on putting the Monthly Mission requirements back to their intended values. We're still working to fix the Invite issue and are hopeful to have a fix in later today, but we're not quite there yet. We’ll have more news soon.

Bug Fixes

  • Reduced the criteria numbers for the October Monthly Mission back to 35 Legendaries, 35 Skeleton Special Enemies and 10 Incursions.

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing some players from launching the game.


  • We’ve heard you, Defenders. You don’t want to sit through the tutorial. Even though it’s educational and good for you. So go ahead, skip it. Players who skip the tutorial will be sent to the Easy version of The Gates of Dragonfall without the tutorialized elements. If you select Play and not Play Private from the Main Menu, you may have other players in your first match.

Danny Araya, Creative Director (DannyAraya)

Frantically storyboarding.

Tim Shannon, PS4 Producer (TimmyTrashTier)

Getting HF1 out the door, Content Update 1 & 2 planning, and trying to take over the world.

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer (TrendyJayT)

Finishing up some final touches on some new challenges for the event. Otherwise brainstorming some new builds, and an idea for skill spheres for Freeplay and beyond.

Jeffrey Bickel, Technical Level Designer (TE_Jeff)

This week I’m doing some much-needed overhauling of our tutorial, making sure our INSANELY SCARY BEWARE spooky event is good to go, and setting up for this week’s internal playtest of our new boss fight.


Many thrills and chills await y’all in less than a week! I’m looking forward to hopping on and playing with some of you during the event, watching some streamers tackle it (if they’re brave enough - it’s pretty scary), and seeing if anyone can uncover all the spooky secrets hiding in the maps.

Steven Collins, Level Designer (Esorath)

Look, spooky is getting closer and closer. Making sure all those bugs are fixed. Can’t wait to see people playing on the brand new maps. The Incursion is gunna be super dope.

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

Trying to test the Spooky Event and also the constant influx of hotfix builds. So far behind.

Abraham Abdala, Lead Tech Animator (Broham)

R&D for future rigs and setups for skins. Prep work for Carl, sniping bugs as they come. Polishing and finalizing the Spooky Maps and any content related to it.

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist (javahawk)

I love cookie crisp cereal! They’re GRRRRRREAT!

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (TE_Stow)

Trying to upgrade some last minute visuals.  Normally I veto these things... but I’ll look the other way this time.  Wait, I want to look at the visuals.  What do I do!?

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer (javo)

Troubleshooting the live game is part of my day to day now. I think it’s worth noting we almost have no server crashes; this means less random disconnections from the user’s standpoint.

We’ve encountered some matchmaking issues that are only being exposed now because of the amount of users… we are working on it. I have to confess that when they started showing up I went into a frenzy mode and started cutting stuff up… of course none of that made it in but we did learn a few things from that: first; keep it cool (always keep it cool), secondly; there is quite the room for improvement.

Last but not least … we have another engine programmer working with us: welcome Matt!

He is actively working on client optimization (you guys probably noted that the win32 os clients are working again!... for the most part). Expect further improvements there as we have already identified some of the problems you guys are having.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Working on a new boss level (temporary name carl), creating basic geo such as walls, floors and trims.

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

We're working side by side with the artists/designers team on the new boss level, Carl.

The level is coming along pretty fast and furious!.

Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager (Dani)

Bug juggling! Trying to get the Playtest Group going for this milestone, whilst keeping the RQA folks stomping on the bugs.


Patch 7.6 for Steam

Here are the notes for Patch 7.6!

Free Gem Offer

  • As thanks for being patient while we work through our Open Alpha growing pains, we’re giving everyone 100 free gems! In order to receive the gems, you’ll need to login to the game between now and Tuesday, Oct. 27th.


  • Item icons in the Inventory now have colored frames depending on its rarity. For example, Legendary icons now have orange frames. Hipster icons have black, bold frames. [[7869,hashtags]] [[7870,hashtags]]

  • You can create characters in the group tavern now.

Bug Fixes

  • Put in a potential fix for the issue where the matchmaking service was doing wonky things when we hit a high number of concurrent users. We wanted to get this fix in before the weekend, so the speed at which we needed to get this in has a side effect. We are dividing our matchmaking into three different regions:  Oceanic, United States and Europe. For a short period of time, players will not be able to change regions or matchmake with a friend who is in a different region. Tentatively next week, we plan on releasing a way to change regions manually, and shortly after that, a way to change regions dynamically based on a friend invite (this work is in-progress now).

  • Fixed an issue where Bearkira’s slowing effect wasn’t wearing off on some enemies.

Known Issues

  • You won’t be able to skip the introductory cutscene on the first viewing. If it shows up again, you’ll be able to skip it.

  • Fugazi is still on indefinite hiatus. Not a known issue with the patch. Just a known issue with life.


Are you tired of your Hero having boring old flesh? Do you long to feel the wind on your ribcage? Do you believe that thin is in? I mean, really, REALLY believe it? If so, then take a look at our Grave Danger Costume Pack!

From now until Novemeber 2nd, you can pick up the Grave Danger Costume Pack. It includes:

  • 3000 gems

  • 4 Skeleton Costumes [Limited Edition Costumes]

  • Headless Horseman Premium Pet

  • Exclusive “Bone Collector” Title

Shake a leg bone, Defenders! This pack won't last long!


Our team worked over the weekend and into today to fix the server issues occurring on Steam. We have a solution that will go into a Steam patch targeted for Wednesday. As thanks for being patient while we work through our Open Alpha growing pains, we’re giving everyone 100 free gems! You rock, and we can’t wait to keep squashing these bugs together. 

In order to receive your gems, you’ll need to login to the game on Steam between Wednesday (after the patch goes live) and Tuesday, Oct. 27th. 

Since we’re in Early Access, here’s a little more information on what happened with our service: 

It wasn’t the actual servers (we have plenty of those). The problem was our matchmaking service bottlenecked while handling the requests for new server instances. And oh boy, there were a TON of requests for new instances coming in very fast. We tested for this before launch using way higher numbers than what happened over the weekend, but the organic behavior of live players is unpredictable and exposed bottlenecks our testing didn’t show. What we’re releasing should solve the immediate problem, but there’s more work to be done, so expect further improvements in the future.


Greetings Defenders,

Welcome to our first Open Alpha Devstream! This time we showcase the first of Ascension: Part II’s two maps, give you a special sneak peek at our next boss, and more!

Also, this weekend Madwick is back! This time Madwick is a guaranteed drop from Incursion minibosses or from Round 5 in Onslaught on Free Play Normal and Free Play Hard. The event will run until Monday at 12pm EDT.





  • Campaign normal is now more “normal.” What does “normal” even mean? T-shirts and jeans? A polo? Beer by the pool? Warsong Commander giving minions with 3 or less attack charge? Check out our influence vote later today to help decide what “normal” means.

Bug Fixes

  • Restored our loading screens to their formal, non-pixelated glory. I mean, former. It’d be really cool if they were wearing a suit though, right?

  • Fixed one of the many issues with full-screen windowed mode. We wish that read “full-screen mode,” but it doesn’t. That fix is next! Stay tuned.

  • Stopped monthly missions from resetting when you join a Social Tavern.

  • Put together a plan to give everyone affected by the bug above a free Bearkira. Have a look!

  • Chopped October’s monthly mission requirements in half. IN HALF. Actually, more than half. But you get the drift.

Patch 7.4 for Steam

Here are the notes for Patch 7.4!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a texture streaming issue that was causing the game to always crash on 32-bit systems. Unfortunately, this made loading screens blurry for all users. We have faith our 64-bit players will accept this temporary loss in loading-screen fidelity to assist our 32-bit brethren in defending some dungeons.

  • Fixed an issue where the Jump Key wasn’t working if it was rebound.

  • Fixed an issue with cutscene audio.
  • Fixed an issue where the item tooltips took fooooorever to popup while managing the inventory. Well, it took 2 seconds, but still. Way too long.

  • Homing projectiles now properly home in on targets.

  • Grabbed a dictionary to see if it was “home in” or “hone in” on targets. Apparently both are correct. [[7363,hashtags]]

  • Fixed an issue where dragging an item from one bag to another wouldn’t re-sort the bag.

  • Fixed an issue where entering Sell Mode while choosing a Bag Icon did terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things.

  • The Random Egg reward wasn’t displaying correctly on the Mission reward tooltips.

  • The Mission reward tooltips were missing when you tried to reroll that one Daily Mission for that other Daily Mission.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing other issues. Our servers now ride bicycles! Biii-cycle. Biiiiiiiii-cycle. I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike. Keep it going in the comments!

  • There was a grey box on the Mission reward tooltips. There is no longer a grey box on the Mission reward tooltips.

  • Fixed an issue where we didn’t say Mission reward tooltips enough. That has now been fixed.

  • Melee goblins couldn’t hit the broadside of the Dragonfall Bazaar cores. That’s not a weird diss. They literally couldn’t. Now they can.

  • Pets will now attack Betsy. Betsy fears not your puny pets and laughs at danger.

  • Fixed issue where Betsy would not properly fear player pets. Still laughs at danger -- will fix in future patch.

  • Fixed an issue where the lightning grenade pet ability wasn’t dealing damage. Now it does!
  • Fixed the issue where the in-game notification for the game going down wasn't appearing. But since it's in this patch, you wouldn't have seen it this time. It should be there next time!

Oh my glob, the floodgates have opened! The whole team did the Carlton as we watched our concurrent player records get shattered. And not only are there a bajillion of you playing our game right now, but as of today, you have collectively played more than one million hours of Dungeon Defenders II since our Early Access launch. One million! That’s incredibly humbling.

If you’re one of our newest Defenders and this is your first time reading a Dev Log, welcome! Each week in this little bit of Internet space, we talk about what we’re working on. Some of us like to let down our luscious locks and share a little about ourselves. Our goal is to let you in on who we are as Real Human Beans and to shine a little more light on our development.  

Daniel Haddad, Creative Director (Blacksmith)

Working with the level designers on the spooooooooooky encounters that you will all get to experience later this month. Designing the four spooky weapons and helping implement them. Keeping a close eye on our F2P launch and identifying some potential issues our new players may be experiencing. I’ll also be taking a look at iPwr distribution over the different buckets and what we can do to make that better.

For those of you who are just now joining us, for the past couple of weeks I’ve been posting

a small riddle/quiz or puzzle for you all to figure out. The winner gets a short imaginary super special surprise from myself later in the week!

So Defenders! For this week’s fun little participation tidbit, I have a hypothetical question I’d like you all to answer…

If the world-famous composer Tchaikovsky were alive today and was a Defender like you and I:

What would his favorite DD2 hero be?

What would his favorite defense be?

and Why?

The Defender that replies correctly first gets another special imaginary surprise! Good luck Defenders and see you all next week...

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer (TrendyJayT)

Free-to-play! Working on the Ascension 2 update coming at the end of the month. Working on a couple new features on the War Table, some work on the new builds, and prepping for some scary stuff!

James Reid, Software Programmer (Driscan)

For all the new Defenders checking out the Dev Log for the first time:  WELCOME TO OUR AMAZING GAME!!! :-) My name is James Reid, and I’m the main UI guy. To clarify, I program the UIs. It’s our amazing art team who makes them look pretty. Usually when I write in these Dev Logs, I have all kinds of pretty pictures to show but not this week. This week has been interesting because as you might have noticed….we are now FREE TO PLAY!!  

As I mentioned above this week has been interesting. For the first half of the week I was focused on hammering out as many bugs as possible. Also, the PS4 team is onsite and I’ve been meeting with them about UI development for PS4 and PC. Namely, how to bridge the gap for UI controller support on PC. The rest of my week will be focused on some spooky related features.

In closing, OMG we’re Free To Play NOW!!!!

Jeffrey Bickel, Technical Level Designer (TE_Jeff)

Free-to-play is here, and spookiness is right around the corner! Truly an exciting and bone-chilling time to be working on DD2.


This week I’m going to be working on the finishing touches for our haunting new maps & event, and continuing work on an exciting gameplay prototype that I can’t share details on quite yet. Just know that I can’t wait to be able to show it to y’all!

Steven Collins, Lead Level Designer (Esorath)

Getting pumped to push out these sick new spooky maps. Can’t wait to show them off in their full spooky glory. Also gathering all the feedback on the latest update. We have some knobs to dial on the campaign as well as Free Play/End game. Other than that, having tons of fun running around on the maps with the Valhalla Knight (light weapons are my favorite) smiting down some “Meaty Skeletons.”

There may or may not be hints about the maps in this passage.



May Not………..

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

Finishing up work in a couple of hotfixes and getting ready to jump into the Halloween stuff.

Abraham Abdala, Lead Tech Animator (Broham)

Getting the Skoopy [Ed. Note:  2skoopy5me] patch ready with amazing content and two sweet maps! Also, working on some new rigs, weapons, and of course, Carl… Excited for the F2P release!

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist (javahawk)

Getting ready for a big week for DD2. Been working on Dungeon Defenders for over 5 years now... Wow :)

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (TE_Stow)

Where we’re going in the future is solidifying much more as of late, and love is in the air. I will swear though, that there will not be another Sky of Love (DD1). I’ll openly admit that the concept was my idea, and I’m a little ashamed -- was it our worst DLC? Was the idea sound and we should have just executed it better? Should Goblin Cupid return!?

Jason Yu, Associate Producer (urfyness)

This week, we’re working hard to finish our Halloween-related event by the end of the week. At this stage, we try to get functionality in first so that QA can start testing. Next, we’ll start plugging in all the art, and we usually don’t get everything in until the very end. This makes our QA department very, very happy. /sarcasm. The following week, we go into full testing and bug fixing mode, which is never enough time to fix everything, but we try to get the most flagrant ones. And the week after that, all of our awesome fans will get a chance to check out all of our hard work!


Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer (javo)

F2P … … … I’m thinking about leaving my column at that. We worked tirelessly for this moment, and it’s finally here. I’m not sure what to make of it. I think I’m excited but at the same time exhausted. There’s probably some psychological name for this mixed feelings, but i'm not a physiologist so … clueless.

I’ve been monitoring our servers since we went live and … oh my; the activity! Our servers are behaving normally and look pretty healthy .. except for some random rogue ones that we are investigating.

PS: I’ve been working on stabilization for a while now … and still am.

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Been working on adding tons of details to a level to make it more fun!

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

Ready to get scared? Been working on some fun and scary stuff that will come really soon!

Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager (Dani)

I’ve been busy expanding our QA and Playtesting groups and looking forward to start testing on our upcoming Spooky content.

A beefy big thank you to all of our players and testers for helping us get to Open Alpha and beyond.

Philip Asher, Marketing Director (pmasher)

Right now, we’re preparing all of our promotion for the Grave Danger Costume Pack over the next two weeks! This is our first limited edition costume pack, and we’re really interested in seeing how well it is received and sold. What do you think of the costumes?

Now that DD2 is finally free, part of our team’s focus is to make sure everyone knows about and is satisfied with our in-game purchases. As part of this effort, we’re going to be tracking the $/DAU for the Grave Danger Costume pack over the next 3 weeks corresponding to various marketing efforts. It will be really interesting to discover how people find out about the costumes and decide to purchase them (or not).

We’re also gearing up for Ascension: Part II promotion. It’s so exciting to finally be releasing these maps, given that we first teased them last Halloween on the Devstream! Speaking of which, this Devstream is going to have an extra special tease. I highly suggest you tune in! Maybe I’ll even let Tim show up ;).

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

So. Much. Feedback. Busy running around making sure everyone knows about the current crop of technical and gameplay issues. Also, pretty stoked for the first Trendy Weekly Defense since Open Alpha! The TWD is our weekly game night on Thursdays from 5PM to 7PM EDT. Hopefully I’ll see you there. :)

Also, I’m super happy with the first round of Remote Playtesting Group feedback! It’s great to get another volunteer group up-and-running. That brings our total number of Trendy-supported volunteer groups to five! (Six in the future. I’m working on building a moderation team for the Dungeon Defenders II subreddit.) Interested in volunteering? Here’s how to get involved!

  • Remote QA Team:  Bug hunters. If it’s broken, they’ll find it! Interested? Contact dani.moore[at]trendyent[dot]com.

  • The Casters Guild:  Our collective of Twitch streamers! Want to join? Fill out an application!

  • The Wardens:  Official forum moderators. The backbone of the forum community. If you’re interested, send me or I_PASS_BUTTER a forum PM.

  • The Wiki Council:  The collectors of knowledge. The main editors and administrators of the Official Wiki. If you’re interested, make contributions to the wiki, and our admins will reach out to the most active members.

  • Remote Playtesting Group:  Our newest group! The RPG plays our newest content before its release and offers feedback. Email dani.moore[at]trendyent[dot]com if you’re interested!


Dungeon Defenders II on Steam is now in Open Alpha. You can download our game for free on Steam. Please tell your friends!

“But Trendy, what does this mean?” you cry out!

Well, our friends, it means:

  1. NO MORE full wipes. All of your heroes are secure. Unless of course, [[7280,hashtags]].

  2. Lots of new players. Welcome them in and show them the ropes!

If you’re new to the community, here’s a breakdown of some of our regularly scheduled programming:

  • Wednesday:  Dev Log. The Dev Log is a weekly blog where various members of the Trendy Team talk about what we’re working on that week. The idea is that you just tapped us on the shoulder in the studio and asked, “Hey, what’s going on?” We like being able to share things in a laid-back style, and we hope you’ll appreciate it.

  • Thursday:  Trendy Weekly Defense. Every Thursday from 5PM to 7PM EDT on the TrendyEnt Twitch channel, Community Manager iamisom plays DD2 with the community, talks about current community topics and gives away free schtuff. Think of this as our weekly Game Night with the community.

  • Friday:  Devstream. Every Friday from 5PM to 6PM EDT on the TrendyEnt Twitch channel, we host our Devstream where we’ll talk more in-depth about upcoming changes to the game or about feedback given to us during the week. This is where our biggest giveaways happen.

And finally, here are some important links to keep in mind:


Hotfix 7.2 for Steam

Here are the notes for Hotfix 7.2!


  • Auto-Collect Per Wave!

    • Auto-Collect now also runs at the beginning of Combat Phase starting on wave/round 2.

    • It leaves items on the ground once the Auto-Collect bags are full.

    • A chat message appears to let the player know how many items were picked up.

  • Pet Hatching Timer Change

    • Thanks to player feedback, pets will now always hatch after one second!

  • Pet Bag Slot Purchase

    • Players can now buy more slots for the Pet Bag! The Pet Bag size can be increased up to 80 slots.


  • Added 4 Skeleton Costumes, one for each hero! [Limited Edition]

  • Added the Grave Danger Costume Pack to the Steam store

    • Includes the above Skeleton Costumes, plus

    • Exclusive “Bone Collector” Title

    • Headless Horseman Premium Pet

    • 3000 gems (+20% bonus gems)


  • Item Enhancement was very costly at the high end. In a first step towards improving the system, the cost of enhancing items was reduced by ~66%.

  • Increased the sell value of Legendary items by 75%.

  • Pet Costs and XP:

    • Reduced the gold cost required to level up Pet Power

    • Reduced the gold cost required for Pet Rerolling

  • Increased the health of the Campaign Throne Room Ogre.

  • Multiple projectile weapon critical damage change:  Technically a bug fix, but including here in the balance section for visibility. Each projectile now gains a relative portion of Hero Critical Damage depending on how many projectiles were fired. Before, each projectile gained the full bonus of Hero Critical Damage.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a few server crashes.

  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip text for the third stat on an item was too small.

  • Flying enemies in Little-Horn Valley no longer get stuck in the spawner.

  • Lane wisps in Throne Room should now have the correct resistance color.

  • Fixed an issue where other players could easily obstruct the view in the Costume Shop.

  • Fixed an issue where after rebinding the Mana Drop keys, the keys would no longer work.

  • Added a potential fix to the black tower graphics bug.

  • Fixed an issue where pet stats could reroll its Empowerment Stats to the same type.

  • Fixed an issue with the chance rate in the Dragon egg.

  • Fixed an issue where Throne Room Onslaught had incorrect lane spawner billboards.

  • Fixed an issue where all heroes would appear invisible while at the Hero Deck in the Forge.

  • Fixed an issue where players could purchase and have 2 Serenity Range Gambit Skill Spheres even though it's a Large Sphere.

  • Added missing VFX to the Tier 3 Ranged Goblin.

  • Fixed an issue where some Small Skill Spheres were showing up as IV when they were actually III.

  • Fixed an issue where, with a controller active, the keybinds for actions assigned to the keyboard all say "[No Key]" in the options menu.

  • Fixed an issue where there is no VFX in the Petrinarian for the Dragolich pet.

  • Fixed an issue with hero lighting at the Forge.

  • Fixed an issue where the Headless Horseman's attack animation does not play if he kills an enemy and then immediately attacks another.

  • Fixed an issue where the tooltips no longer stated which item is the currently equipped one.

  • Fixed an issue where rapidly clicking on the right-click attack with 1/second ranged weapons while holding down the primary attack will give a huge, unintended Ranged DPS Boost.

  • Fixed an issue where Attack Damage is showing as Max HP in the Inspect Defense for the Training Dummy.

  • Fixed an issue where the default Huntress bow had a grey box in the tooltip for the projectile type icon.

  • Fixed an issue where the Serenity Aura range gambit Large Sphere reduced the health of ALL auras.

  • Fixed an issue where minimizing a bag in Customize mode made the UI display incorrectly.

  • Fixed an issue where after unlocking an NPC via progression, that HUD text showing the unlock requirement was still shown.

  • Fixed an issue where the "Confirm Controller Support" prompt always displayed when a player made a change and clicked Apply in the Options while the controller was active.

  • Fixed an issue where the Blizzard pet ability buff was not playing sounds.

  • Fixed an issue where Defense Range Skill Spheres were not affecting Uber Defenses.

  • Fixed a bug where pet VFX would disappear in the Pet Shop UI after evolution.

  • Fixed a bug where eggs would get their stat points reset, causing the UI to display a rot timer after incubation has finished.

  • Fixed an issue with the Tier Orc icons not appearing correctly on the Mini-map.

  • Fixed an issue with one of the Squire’s medium melee attack swings playing sound too early.

  • Fixed a visual issue with the Headless Horseman.

  • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to purchase anything.

  • Fixed an issue with NPC unlocking after completing all of the quests.

  • Fixed a visual bug in the Pet Shop.

  • Fixed an issue where a pet wouldn’t appear after loading into a map.


Hello Defenders! In this Devstream, Phil, Tim and Jay reveal changes to the pet system and answer your questions! What changes to the pet system, you ask? 

  • We've removed the hatch timer and will be switching to a standard inventory system. 
  • All players who have purchased or played the game before Open Alpha will start with 40 pet slots. 
  • Any players that come in after this will start with 16 pet slots.
  • Players will be able to buy up to 80 pet slots using gems
  • 8 slots will cost 200 gems and 16 slots will cost 320 gems.  
  • We will be looking to expand normal inventory bags in the future. 

What do you think about these changes to pets, Defenders?


Hotfix 7.1

Here are the notes for Hotfix 7.1:


  • Refunds for missing Skill Spheres! If you purchased Skill Spheres before the Ascension update that were taken away with the Stat Points System change, you’ll find a gold refund when you launch the game after this patch.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a server crash that could occur while traveling to another map.

  • Fixed an issue where elemental weapons VFX could display improperly.

  • Fixed an issue where the chance rate for the legendary dragon egg was much higher than intended.

  • Fixed the issue where some pets would flicker.

Known Issues

  • Due to how quickly we’re putting in the gold refunds for Skill Spheres, there’s a small bug that some of you may run into. Just a small one. Some players may get the Gold Popup message, and then it’ll pop up again, and then it’ll keep popping up for eternity. Just close the game and relaunch it to fix the problem.

  • If you clear out your .ini files before launching the game for the first time after this update, you’ll receive your gold but you won’t receive the popup. 

Open Alpha. October 13th. That’s the moment when anyone can jump into our Early Access period for free and hammer away at the game. While some of us are head down in prep for this frightening moment, the rest of the team is working on some truly spooky content:

Daniel Haddad, Creative Director ([[48971,users]])

Wrapping up some work on part one of our spooky update then starting work with Mr. Collins on the upcoming part 2!

So last week we had a riddle, this week we have a “Fill in the blanks”

Cattle die,

Friends die,

So, too, must you die.

I know one,

That never dies;


Most amusing answer gets another very special imaginary prize (I’m working on a budget here guys n gals)!

Jay Twining, Senior Game Designer ([[67667,users]])

Balancing multiple pans on the oven. Working on an economy balance proposal that focuses on pets and item enhancement. Taking a stab at an outline for an event system and finally working on a couple of builds.

Just back from vacation. It’s great to get out and see other parts of the world. Provides new perspective and a fair bit of adventure.

James Reid, Software Programmer ([[56071,users]])

Trying to polish up the SAS system and fix a bunch of other bugs. I don’t have any pretty pictures to show this time, so here’s a picture of what's in my mind’s eye right now.


Jeffrey Bickel, Technical Level Designer ([[61256,users]])

It’s the first week of the spookiest month of the year! Getting ready for all the thrills, chills and frights that come along with our SPOOOOOOOOOOKY HALLOWEEEEN EVEEEENT. I’m incredibly excited for you guys to get your hands on our new maps, but I hope y’all are prepared to be spooked beyond all reason.


This week I’ll be working on increasing the spookiness of our Halloween event by as much as 33%. Our event maps are just about good to go, and just a little more work is needed on getting the event feeling great.

Steven Collins, Level Designer ([[48993,users]])

Working on those sweet spooky maps and getting those encounters super fun. We’ve got some really fun things planned for you guys to do on these maps!

Chris Flores, QA Lead ([[59727,users]])

Finishing up the update build for this week. Trying to get it playable!

Abraham Abdala, Lead Tech Animator ([[59787,users]])

Done with Weapon Variety for the moment. On to Spooky Maps, traps, cores, simulations, explosions, etc. Also, Carl :D

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist ([[23,users]])

Making things extra spooky for the next patch with our VFX and TA teams. ;)

Adam Stow, Associate Producer ([[50332,users]])

What Javahawk said. Except I don’t make the things, so I’m a little jealous right now. It’s like building Halloween Horror Nights and never getting to go. Man, that’s a depressing line.

Jason Yu, Associate Producer ([[56534,users]])

Getting the next big patch together!

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer ([[72964,users]])

Fixing scattered, hard-to-repro crashes we have encountered on our latest build.

I should post more pictures… =P

Jesus Diaz, World Builder ([[39450,users]])

Doing some visual fixes to the spooky levels.


Daniel Diaz, World Builder ([[33096,users]])

Doing world building related fixes on the Spooky levels and some new stuff for the incoming update! A preview of one of the Spooky levels. Does it scare you?


Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager ([[25251,users]])

Running around juggling both RQA and RPG groups. And learning. Much learning.
Just wanted to thank everyone involved in testing the patch content over the past week in the Remote Playtesting Group and giving us valuable feedback and constructive criticism. Your input has definitely had a measurable impact on the state of the Ascension Part 1 update, and I hope we can continue to work towards Part 2 and beyond.

If you wish to get involved in playtesting and join the Remote Playtesting Group, send me an email dani.moore(at)trendyent.com, and I will get back to you with more information and an invitation to join.

Philip Asher, Marketing Director ([[14,users]])

Super excited to see everyone’s feedback on Ascension: Part 1! Also, working on setting up everything for our Open Alpha release on October 13th!

Josh Isom, Community Manager ([[4370,users]])

Open Alpha. October 13th.

Tell your friends. Tell your enemies, your frenemies and that weird cousin nobody wants to talk to at family reunions.

I’m also super happy with the results of our first Remote Playtesting Group session! :)


Ascension Patch Notes

One week until Open Alpha. One week until you can run around and tell your friends about that cool game you’ve been playing. And once you stop telling them about Rocket League, could you maybe throw in the good word about Dungeon Defenders II being available for anyone to download for free, yeah? That’d be awesome.

All jokes aside, until that beautiful moment comes next week on October 13th, here’s an update full of delicious new features and balance! There are some things in this update that are experimental. You can find these things with our super-subtle EXPERIMENTAL marking. There’s also some things in this update that are AWESOME. We didn’t tag those, but we should have.

Also remember, this patch comes in two parts! Part II [AWESOME] will be releasing October 27th and launch with two new Spooky maps, Incursions, new minibosses, new build items and other awesomeness.


New Stat Points System!

  • This is an early-game system to improve investment, choice and progression for early-game players. We’ll be looking into ways of improving the system for endgame players in a future update.

  • When you level up, you’ll get points to invest into stats! The stat screen opens up whenever you level up. Clicking the plus button next to a stat adds 1 point, shift-click adds 5 points and ctrl-click adds 50 points!

  • Clicking feels good, right?

  • Added Defense Speed and Defense Range as stats you can invest in when you level up.

  • You can respec your stats for a flat gold cost.

  • You can close the window and choose to invest your stat points at a later time.

EXPERIMENTAL:  Larger Blockades, Ranged Towers and Auras

  • Blockades and Towers take up more space. Size increased by about 30-40%. Collision increases vary between 10-20%.

  • The defense footprint was increased by about 3x what it used to be, cutting the amount of defenses you can place alongside one another by about half in a 2-3 blockade lane. Damage was increased as a result (you can find these changes in the Balance section).

  • Adding a note to make sure you saw that damage was increased with those changes. [[7012,hashtags]]

  • Auras are just visually bigger. Kappa.

  • Traps were not affected by these changes (trap changes were reverted based on playtest feedback).

Melee Weapon Modifications for Squire & Monk

  • Newly dropped melee weapons can now roll as 3 stances - light, medium, and heavy.  Some weapons can roll as an either/or (ex. Light or Medium)

  • Each stance has a different ground attack pattern. The monk still has his same Chi shot, though. He’s been studying kung fu films -- not ninja anime about becoming a hokage or anything.

  • There are now random rolls for attack speed on most melee weapons in the game. Two medium swords may not have the same attack rate. Two heavy polearms may have wildly different attack rates.  

  • Air attacks are unaffected by stance.

  • New tooltip added to compare melee weapons.

Ranged Weapon Modifications for Apprentice & Huntress

  • Newly dropped ranged weapons now have vastly different behaviors!

    • Burst Fire - multiple shots per click, straight line.

      • For those sweet MLG noscopez.

    • Spread Fire - multiple shots per click, spread fire.

      • Can vary wildly.

      • Landing the entire spread will deal higher damage than normal, but harder to headshot.

    • Shotgun Fire - a LOT of shots in a click, low distance, low accuracy.

      • We don’t need to tell you how to use this. Go look up Evil Dead clips or something.

    • Homing Fire - Will gravitate towards your crosshair. Never miss a flying kobold suiciding on your core again!

    • Arc Fire - Rains death over an arc. Some may have Area of Effect impacts.

    • Not new, but slow firing single shot weapons now deal a LOT of damage...

  • Certain legendary weapons have unique behaviors. Find them!

  • Fixed attack rates will now roll on new weapons. We’ve balanced it such that you can find the weapon you want and succeed more than likely. So take that 40 projectiles a second weapon and go have fun, or the 1 projectile rifle and be precise for big damage.

New Passives and Skill Spheres

  • PDT Health (Passive):  X% extra Poison Dart Tower health based on your Defense Health stat.

  • PDT Speed (Passive):  Increases the Defense Speed of the Poison Dart Tower by +X.

  • PDT Explode (Passive):  When a target affected by the Poison Dart Tower’s poison dies, it explodes, dealing X% of your Defense Health as damage in an area around it. Also adds a stack of the PDT poison to targets hit by the explosion.

  • PDT Range (Sphere):  Poison Dart Tower’s range is increased by X%.

  • PDT Stack Increase (Sphere):  The Poison Dart Tower’s poison can stack X more times on a target.

Partial Controller Support

  • Partial Controller (Gamepad) support is in!

  • Use Controller must be manually enabled with the new checkbox at the Options -> Controls screen (scroll down and look right).

  • For the time being, enabling Use Controller will reset your keybinds. There’s a warning for this, and a future update will remove this limitation.

  • Note that many screens still do not support the Controller (yet). You’ll still have to keep your mouse handy for the cursor!

  • Future updates will allow for alternate control schemes and changing of stick sensitivity.

Daily Mission Changes

  • Daily Missions are now introduced after Dragonfall Sewers in the campaign. Some new, introduction-type missions accompany this earlier introduction, at least until you have a hero high enough to tackle the core daily mission set.

  • Added a new quest where the Knight Commander introduces missions between Dragonfall Sewers and Forgotten Ruins.

  • Monthly missions are still introduced in their old place after players complete the campaign.


Little-Horn Valley Updates

  • Little-Horn Valley has received an overhaul!

  • Realizing having 3 entrances to the pub is bad for security, they’ve removed one on the lower level. No bouncers’ jobs were compromised in the process.

  • A couple of the neighbors have renovated and are allowing you to build towers on their new lawn space. This means new defense opportunities! Just don’t stomp on the grass with your heavy toes, people.

  • Spring cleaning happened to the primary overpass, so tipsy patrons can now see through the level a little clearer/not like they’re drunk.

New Costume:  Valhalla Knight!

  • 1200 Gems

  • 3 Mythic Accessories

  • 3 custom animations:

    • New Heal Animation

    • New Spawn-In Animation

    • New Death Animation

New Premium Pet:  The Headless Horseman!

  • 400 Gems

  • He comes with 1 “Fiery Pumpkin Head,” 1 “Shiny Axe” and 1 “Evil Laugh”...can you handle the spookiness?

  • Can come with the unique ability skin: Tormented Thoughts

  • What is “Tormented Thoughts” one might ask?

    • Fire your fiery pumpkin head at your foes causing them to panic and move faster while taking damage over time, if you kill your target within the DoT, they will explode doing AoE damage to nearby foes!

New Monthly Quest for October! Teddy Bear Nightmare!

  • Conditions

    • Kill 75 Skeleton Special Enemies!

      • Kill events for monthly quests are now shared across the party meaning no more last hitting for credit.

      • Triggers on all people in match when either Plaguing Hulk or Skeleton are killed.

    • Find 75 Legendary Items!

    • Win 25 Incursions!

  • Rewards

    • Monthly Pet: Bearkira

    • 40 Wyvern Tokens

    • 30,000 Gold

    • Hero Title: “The Awakened”


  • Added tooltips to Daily Missions, Monthly Missions and Quests so you can now see how much of a reward you’ll receive!

  • Made changes to damage numbers. Damage numbers are now more readable since they linger longer and the magic damage color has changed to a more bright purple rather than a dark purple because dark purple was very difficult to read.

  • Rearranged interaction icons to sit to the right of the reticle

  • Increased interaction icon display time for towers to 2 seconds while in Combat Phase

  • The Eggs you’re protecting in Liferoot Forest and during the Betsy fight have changed slightly.  Foreshadowing?!

  • Lightning Rod Uber has been renamed to “Concentrated Cyclone Uber.”

  • Swapped currency and premium currency positions on the UI; expanded the Add Currency button to say “Add.”

  • Implemented Alienware FX lights support.

  • Removed the “Take Damage” section of the tutorial level.  We’re pretty sure you’ll figure that out.

  • Made improvements on camera fade-in/fade-out when objects get between the hero and the camera.


Enemy Rollouts

After reading many fantastic threads about enemy rollouts, we have made some updates to the way enemies will come down the lane. We updated the lanes so that players will be letting towers do a bulk of the work while players are taking down specific support enemies. To do this, we divided our enemies into different groups.

  • Standard Group

    • The standard group will be composed of Goblins (Melee and Bomb Lobbers), T1 Orcs, as well as T1 Warboars. These guys are going to be present in just about every lane. However, they should be taken down quite easily with a decent tower setup.

  • Support Group

    • These guys are gunna be the ones you as the player will need to take down. We have updated their minimap icons so they stand out and let players know where they need to go. Sometimes there will be more than one lane that has some of these support enemies in them, so player movement is going to be really the key to victory. The support group is made up of:

      • Kobolds

      • Witherbeasts

      • Lady Orcs

      • Javelin Throwers

      • Drakin

      • Dark Mages

  • Air Group

    • The air group remains the same enemies as before. Players will have more time to take down air enemies as well due to not needing to hold off an entire lane of Drakins.

Enemy Balance Changes

  • The health of most melee enemies has been noticeably reduced. This includes Goblins, Warboars, and Orcs. Bomb Goblins too, even though they’re not melee.

  • Meanwhile, Kobolds have gained both health and damage. Get ready for the era of boom-shaka-laka!

  • Dark Mages and Witherbeasts, annoyed at the Kobold, have been working out and have gained some health as well.

Small Skill Spheres

With the new Stat Points System in place, we’ve made changes to the Small Skill Spheres. The goal here is to make Small Spheres about specific specialization on a tower. For right now, we’re starting off with Defense Range. We also left in some of the old quest sphere rewards for funsies. Here is the new list:

  • Defense Crit Damage I

  • Defense Crit Damage II

  • Defense Crit Damage III

  • Hero Crit Damage I

  • Hero Crit Damage II

  • Hero Crit Damage III

  • Defense Crit Chance I

  • Defense Crit Chance II

  • Hero Crit Chance I

  • Hero Crit Chance II

  • Defense Power I

  • Hero Damage I

  • Defense Health III

  • Hero Health III

  • Hero Damage V

  • Defense Health V

  • Defense Power V

  • Defense Attack Rate V

  • Cannonball Range I

  • Heavy Cannonball Range I

  • Heavy Cannonball Range II

  • Harpoon Range I

  • Harpoon Range II

  • Flameburst Range I

  • Flamethrower Range I

  • Flamethrower Range II

  • Earthshatter Tower Range I

  • Earthshatter Tower Range II

  • Frostbite Tower Range I

  • Frostbite Tower Range II

  • Lightning Aura Range I

  • Serenity Aura Range I

  • Lightning Strikes Aura Range I

  • Lightning Strikes Aura Range II

  • Boost Aura Range I

  • Skyguard Tower Range I

  • Explosive Trap Damage Range I

  • Blaze Balloon Damage Range I

  • Poison Dart Tower Range I

  • Elemental Chaos Trap Range I

Defense Balance Changes

  • Defenses that fire projectiles have had their damage substantially increased to accommodate for larger size. In addition to this base increase due to the size changes, we’ve also made the following additional base damage increases:

    • Flamethrower Tower base damage increased substantially

    • Cannonball Tower base damage increased substantially

    • Earthshatter Tower base damage increased substantially

    • Poison Dart Tower poison damage increased drastically

    • Heavy Cannonball Tower damage increased substantially

    • Ballista base damage increased substantially

  • Arcane Barrier health brought up to match base Spike Blockade.

  • Training Dummy:

    • Damage is now based off of Defense Health rather than Defense Power

    • Health values adjusted ever so slightly

    • Range is doubled

    • Mesh/Collision increased in size but not height so 3 dummies can cover what 2 blockades cover

    • [[5924,hashtags]]

  • Increased the Heavy Cannonball Tower's projectile movement speed by 50%

  • Note:  We will be taking another pass at trap/aura balance in the future. This update mainly focused on ranged tower balance.

Defense Range Changes

Players can now increase Defense Range by investing in Defense Range using the Stat Point System and equipping Small Skill Spheres that increase a specific defense’s range. All towers should have a larger max range than before through these changes.

Hero Balance Changes

  • Hero base health, base damage, and base ability power was reduced as now the majority of your progression should come from SAS points. You should hit a higher max than before this system, but this is still a work-in-progress.

  • Hero Health Stat Point System scaling varies based on the hero. Melee heroes scale substantially better than ranged heroes.

  • Apprentice's Mana Bomb damage mitigation buffed - when you are channeling you now only take 10% damage instead of the old 30%.

  • Reduced mark increase from Apprentice’s Arcane Mark Skill Spheres from 2.0 / 5.0 -> 1.0 / 2.0.

General Balance Changes

  • Removed resistances from miniboss lanes in Onslaught and Incursions

Bug Fixes

  • Improved performance on high-end machines based on community feedback by defaulting bSmoothFrameRate to false. Be smooth, framerate. Be smooth.

  • Potentially fixed a server crash.

  • Fixed an issue with nervousness for next week’s Open Alpha by purchasing a gigantic bottle of...of root beer. Yeah, root beer. Totally clams the nerves.

  • We meant calms the nerves, but clams sounds so much cooler.

  • Fixed an issue where pet stats can reroll their current stat value as both options.

  • Fixed an issue where the timing of Ogre spawns was causing infinite waves in Incursions. Because Incursions are hard enough, amirite?

  • Fixed an issue where, while playing in Windowed Mode, the Steam Overlay would not resize correctly if the user maximized or minimized the window.

  • Fixed an issue where enemy kill events weren’t triggered when a player’s pet killed the enemy.

  • Clammed down the map music on Campaign Gates so it no longer plays behind the introduction cutscene.

  • Fixed an issue where Betsy would immediately fly away after one egg volley attack from her nest. She will now stick around for a bit and attack any players in her vicinity. After a number of attacks from her nest, she will fly off to do her next air attack.

  • Fixed an issue where the Incubate button would incorrectly disappear.

  • Fixed a collision issue with a tree on Forgotten Ruins.

  • Fixed a bug where Daily Missions were not filtering in correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where the Dragonfall Tourist Daily Mission was causing the Victory Chest to generate more gold than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where wave completed experience was not sometimes given to the hero.

  • Fixed an issue where the player’s gem total wouldn’t update after purchasing an item with gems.

  • Fixed an issue with collision near the subobjective area in Forgotten Ruins that was stopping enemy pathing.

  • Fixed an issue with a spawn point in Nimbus Reach.

  • Fixed a bug where the Daily Mission icons would move when the progression was updated. Now it's perfectly aligned.

  • Implemented a potential fix for the dark towers bug.

  • Fixed an issue where the pet evolution popup would display the wrong color.

  • Implemented a potential fix for a Blaze Balloon decal issue.

  • Fixed an issue where the Monk’s Onslaught polearm was missing its stats on the tooltip.

  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t click on the purchase button for the first item under the Featured section without first clicking on a different item.

  • Fixed an issue where some Squire Shields had a graybox texture within the tooltip.

  • Fixed bugs with incorrect Skill Spheres being rewarded from a Gran’Masta quest.

  • Fixed an issue with an Oil Flask decal.

  • Fixed an issue where objects wouldn’t fade in properly.

  • Fixed an issue where intro matinees were not adhering to custom audio settings.

  • Fixed an issue where the Forge icon was rendering incorrectly on the minimap.

  • Fixed an issue where Orcs were not appearing properly on the minimap.

  • Fixed a texture issue in the Social Tavern.

  • Fixed a bug where the Purge Evil updated passive was referencing the old passive.

  • Fixed an issue where the pet egg given for the “Visit the Stable Boy” quest would go to the Scavenger and be automatically destroyed 30 minutes later.


You read that right -- The PS4 pre-alpha is coming to European players (and to players in Australia, Russia, New Zealand and the Middle East) on Wednesday! It'll be priced similarly to the American version of the game, but Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has the final say in pricing. 

The Defender's Pack (retail of $24.99 USD) will be available on Wednesday, and the Starter Pack ($14.99 USD) and the Collector's Edition ($74.99 USD) will be available on Friday. PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive a discount on these packs similar to the American discounts. The American discounts are 20% off for the Starter Pack and 30% off for the Defender's Pack and the Collector's Edition.


Greetings, Defenders! Lots of exciting changes are coming to Dungeon Defenders II. Get ready.

On October 13th, the Steam version is entering Open Alpha! This is when the game will be free for anyone to join in the Early Access period. To this point, the feedback from our Early Access players have led to major changes to core features, and we’re excited to extend this opportunity to everyone. Players who join in during Open Alpha and beyond will not receive the currency or exclusive goodies unless they purchase one of the packs on Steam. When we move into Open Alpha, there will be no more full wipes, but we may still have limited resets/rerolls depending on what we add or change to the game.

But before Open Alpha happens, we’re releasing our next major update:  Ascension! (Current tagline:  “Ascend to even greater heights of power, courage, awesomeness and friendship!” ...we’re still working on it.)

This update will release in two parts. The first part releases on October 7th, and the second part tentatively releases on October 27th. Part One contains:

  • Experimental bigger towers and clustering changes

  • New ranged/melee weapon variety

  • Stat Allocation System:  choose where you put stat points when you level up!

  • A new Huntress build

  • New costumes

  • Enemy rebalancing and more!

Part Two contains:

  • Two new maps!

  • A new Incursion

  • New minibosses

  • Four new hero builds

  • New spooky costumes and more!

To see the Ascension update in action, check out today’s Devstream below.


The October monthly quest may blow your mind, Defenders. There is disturbing news from the front. Many troops have had reports of terrifying nightmares. A mass of hulking skeletons, shambling towards a cache of legendary treasures. They are led by horrifyingly cute teddy bears.

This is the work of a gang of Bearkiras, psychic Creepers with frightening powers. Head to the Incursions, secure the Legendaries and destroy their skeletal minions. They’ll be forced to join us in our fight against the Old Ones.

Teddy Bear Nightmare

  • Kill 75 Skeleton Special Enemies

  • Find 75 Legendary Items

  • Win 25 Incursions

We hope you enjoy this month's quest, Defenders! What do you think of the monthly pets so far?



Patch 6.6 Notes

Here are the notes for Patch 6.6:

Bug Fixes

  • Possible fix for Daily Missions / Monthly Missions resetting issues.

  • Possible fix for several profile saving issues.

  • Possible fix for infinite black loading screen issues.

  • Fixed an issue where textures everywhere could turn black (display improperly).

Daniel Haddad, Creative Director (Blacksmith)

Working on the Defense changes, Stat Allocation System, and planning a cool upcoming event with the team.

Also here is a riddle:

I bask in the twilight

I strike from the shadows

The shadows writhe around me

I am the darkness

The darkness writhes

Twilight falls upon us all

What am I?”

Guess correctly and win a “correct!” reply that I will post! First to guess correctly gets an imaginary cyber cookie!

Danny Araya, Creative Director (DannyAraya)

Working on story outlining, Carl scripts and Carl storyboards!

James Reid, Software Programmer (Driscan)

Working on the SAS system as well as squashing some bugs.


Jeffrey Bickel, Technical Level Designer (TE_Jeff)

Continuing the prototyping work from last few weeks. Looking good so far, can’t wait to share more with you guys!

Steven Collins, Level Designer (Esorath)

Working with the world builders to make sure the updates to Little-Horn Valley are smooth.

Chris Flores, QA Lead (likethatwhenigothere)

Testing on the next milestone is in full swing. Scoping out some new costumes, some new attack animations and projectile types, and the new stat allocation system. Fun times.

Abraham Abdala, Lead Tech Animator (Broham)

All about the Weapon Variety System. And new skins! Lots of testing and iteration to this new system that hopefully will be a big hit!

Joshua Javaheri, Lead Technical Artist (javahawk)

Spending some time this week on polishing our latest patch content and determining priorities for the next milestone!

Adam Stow, Associate Producer (TE_Stow)

Signing off on adjustments to Little Horn Valley.  Let us know if they work for you when this goes live soon.

Jason Yu, Associate Producer (urfyness)

We’ve started Stabilization Week which is where we take a look at all the work we’ve done for the Milestone, figure out what makes it in and doesn’t, and fix as many bugs as we can in a week. We may have found the bug that was causing our social taverns to poop itself (Bad social tavern! Bad!)  which in turn, is causing a lot of issues that are affecting all of our wonderful fans. Some possible bugs this may fix are the Daily/Monthly Missions improperly resetting, some instances of the game failing to save, and infinite black loading screen.

Javier Barreto, Lead Software Programmer (javo)

Stabilizing a.k.a. bugfixing/polishing.

We have found and solved some nasty issues with our servers. I can’t really say everything is fixed, but we are looking good. Having said that … part of my job is preparing the team for what is to come:  NEW COOL STUFF!!! a.k.a. new features. Thus I’m working my head around what we need and how can we do it....… Yes; sometimes I feel I know what the designers will require next. Sometimes I’m totally lost. =P

Last but not the least:  We are out on PS4!!! Check that out! I can’t find enough words of gratitude for the team responsible for that -- the Human Head Studios guys. Those guys are busting their a… ehhh … killing it! Thanks!

Ok … enough said. Thanks for your support (and reading this).Keep your eyes/ears open for incoming announcements… And enjoy the game!

PS: Don’t forget to check out the PS4 version!

Jesus Diaz, World Builder (N3oDoc)

Still doing some visual changes to the Little-Horn Valley level, adding some more details to the social hub level and checking out a new "whitebox” level, which is the next level we're going to be working on!

Daniel Diaz, World Builder (DanielKaMi)

Same as Jesus, we are really excited about the new level, can't wait to start working on it!

Dani Moore, Remote QA Manager (Dani)

Just like Chris: Scoping out some new costumes, some new attack animations and projectile types, and the new stat allocation system.

Also organising and running our first playtest group, getting feedback on our next major release. Head to the forums and find the thread if you’re interested!

Philip Asher, Marketing Director (pmasher)

PS4 release. And… back to work!

Josh Isom, Community Manager (iamisom)

Helping Dani organize and setup the Remote Playtesting Group! This is a group of volunteer community members who will help us playtest new changes and provide feedback for the team. If you’re interested, email dani.moore[at]trendyent[dot]com.

And the PS4 pre-alpha is available for North American players! We’re working with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) to get the game to European players as we speak. As soon as we have a release date, we’ll share it with you.

If you find any issues with the PS4 version, or if you want to share feedback on the PS4 features, head to the PS4 Feedback forum!

For my riddle: Who has two thumbs and hates riddles?!



Greetings Defenders,

It’s finally here! Dungeon Defenders II pre-alpha is available now for North American PS4 players. Purchase a Starter, Defender’s or Collector’s Pack to get access to the game, and for a limited time, PlayStation Plus members can get these packs at a discount!

Some features, like Local Co-Op and controller support, will be ahead of the PC version, but other features and content will be rolling in after they are released on PC. Pre-Alpha Access will launch with Pets & Dragons content and be updated with the following PC Patches.

Pre-Alpha Access is available immediately with the purchase of any of the following packs:

Starter Pack - $14.99

  • Pre-Alpha Access

  • 2000 Gems

  • 4 Exclusive Hero Accessories

Defender’s Pack - $24.99

  • Pre-Alpha Access

  • 3000 Gems

  • 4 Exclusive Hero Accessories

  • 2 additional Hero Slots (will come in a future update)

Collector’s Pack - $74.99

  • Pre-Alpha Access

  • 10000 Gems

  • 4 Exclusive Hero Costumes

  • 4 Exclusive Hero Accessories

  • Exclusive “Dragonfall Defender” Title

  • 2 additional Hero Slots (will come in a future update)

European players will get access to the game in the coming days. We’re working with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe as we speak to get this to you as fast as possible. We’ll have more information right here on the website and on our social media channels (you can find the links to these in the Navigation Bar at the top of the site).

A PlayStation®Plus account is NOT required for online multiplayer. Find out more info, please read the PS4 FAQ!


Patch 6.5 Notes

Just a small update to prepare for October’s Monthly Quest. :)


  • October Monthly Quest has been added to the game. The event will start on October the 1st!

  • Happy Throne Room and Ramparts has new music!! Woot woot!

Bug Fixes

  • Plaguing Hulk and Reviving Skeleton can have their kill events be shared.
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