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It’s finally here! The Lycan’s Keep Update is live on PC/Steam and Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch (as of August 24th, 2021). We’ve been testing, revising, retesting, and re-revising this update for a couple of months. Now, we can’t wait for all Defenders to experience the big (and small) changes to Etheria.

We don’t want to keep you in the intro too long, so get scrolling! Read about all the goodies (and new baddies) included in The Lycan’s Keep Update.



First thing’s first, to celebrate the launch of The Lycan’s Keep Update and DDA on Nintendo Switch on the same day, Defenders who log in to the game will be rewarded with this fancy Royal Shroomy Hat. This login event will only last for two weeks, so go go go!

Since this is a login reward for the new update, Nintendo Switch Defenders will have two weeks from the release of the update on that console to earn that reward. Don’t worry; we wouldn’t let anyone miss out on the Shroomy hat fun.

New DLC - Supporter Packs

You asked, and we’re delivering, introducing our purchasable Supporter Packs! Have you always wished to look like a Gator while defending the Crystal? Well, us either, but now we can’t think of a better way to scare the baddies. You can grab the full Gator Gear Weapons and Accessories set for $9.99 USD. You’ll also find the Chromatic Costume set and DD1 Original Hero Paper Masks set for $4.99 USD. We can’t wait to see you all in your new gear!

Gator Gear Weapons and Accessories


Chromatic Costumes


Original Hero Paper Masks


New Heroes

This update introduces two new defendin’ heroes to Etheria - The Warden and The Rogue! On top of the new heroes, we made some changes to the Hero Deck, including expanding it and making the active hero incentives stronger.

The Warden


A guardian of the forest that was banished to the realm our heroes find themselves in, The Warden joins our roster to help push back the evils that stand in your way with plant-like defenses and a Wrath Mode to scare even the toughest enemies. In our prior surveys and roadmap voting, the Dryad from Dungeon Defenders II was one of the most requested heroes. The Warden is her spiritual successor, using the power of the forest to take down any foe that approaches.

Attacks and Abilities

Primary Attack: The Warden swings her mighty polearm like a scythe clearing a field, destroying foes that stand before you in melee range.

Secondary Attack - Sprout: The Warden calls forth a sprout that erupts from the ground, dealing low AoE damage to nearby enemies, shooting a seed a short distance away.

  • Normal Form: Picking up the seed instantly regenerates 15% of the Warden’s mana.
  • Wrath Form: The seed grants increased damage and movement speed for 5 seconds.

Ability 1 - Mushroom Circle: Beckons forth a burst of mushrooms from the desired location.

  • Normal Form: Mushrooms heal allies within the circle, while slowing enemy movement speed and reducing attack rate.
  • Wrath Form: Enemies take damage while within the circle. After 10 seconds, the mushroom circle erupts, dealing damage and stunning all enemies within the circle.

Ability 2 - Wrath Form: Calls upon the power of the forest causing the Warden to surge with energy. Wrath Form increases the strength of all her abilities and defenses while active, regardless of range.


Defense 1 - Roots of Purity: Summons a blockade that can take a beating from enemies. Blesses the ground with the Zone of Purity around the roots that allows the Warden’s other defenses to be constructed. The Zone of Purity restores 1% HP per second to any hero within its coverage.

  • Mana Cost: 20 Build Mana
  • Defense Units: 1 DU
  • Wrath Form: The Zone of Purity becomes the Zone of Wrath, dealing damage over time to enemies within its boundaries, while also slightly reducing enemy damage.

Defense 2 - Wisp Den: Opens a portal, pulling through three wisps that focus down enemies within its range, always prioritizing high-threat targets.

  • Mana Cost: 50 Build Mana
  • Defense Units: 4 DU
  • Wrath Form: Wisps become enraged, attacking enemies for more damage.

Defense 3 - Beaming Blossom: Grows a flower that collects solar energy that then goes crazy towards enemies within its range, shooting a pure continuous beam of solar energy that deals high damage.

  • Mana Cost: 70 Build Mana
  • Defense Units: 5 DU
  • Wrath Form: The beam becomes magically empowered, piercing through enemies.

Defense 4 - Shroomy Pit: A pit appears that spawns a Shroomy, a brave mushroom warrior of the forest. Shroomies don’t have a lot going on in their heads, and as a result they do two things. Idly stand still, and as they spot an enemy, charge legs first (they’re a bit off-balance) and explode into enemies, dealing damage in a large area.

  • Mana Cost: 40 Build Mana
  • Defense Units: 5 DU
  • Wrath Form: Shroomies enter their own Wrath Form, applying a damage over time effect to enemies hit by their explosion.

Defense 5 - Sludge Launcher: Vines and logs are infused together, pulling in toxins from the ground, shooting out giant globs that explode on contact, dealing a large amount of damage to the first enemy hit and heavily coat them in sludge, lightly covering nearby enemies in sludge, slightly slowing them.

  • Mana Cost: 80 Build Mana
  • Defense Units: 7 DU
  • Wrath Form: If the Warden attacks heavily sludge covered enemies, they can be stunned for 1.5 seconds.

The Rogue


This highly-trained elven warrior is the last remaining elite soldier from an ancient elven army, meaning he comes ready to battle enemies head on as a melee and ranged dual-wielding hero. As a combat-only defender, the Rogue is agile, dashing in and leaping out of battle as he sees fit.

A lack of defense towers does not mean the Rogue is without protection. Activating Umbral Form makes him invisible and his arsenal of devices combine to disable, enfeeble, and slow your enemies’ advances.

Attack and Primary Abilities

Weapons of Choice: Dual-wielding: Melee (Right hand) and Crossbow (Left hand)

Primary Attack - Melee Attack: The Rogue swings his equipped sword, dealing damage based on the weapon’s stats.

Secondary Attack - Ranged Attack: The Rogue fires his equipped crossbow, dealing damage based on the weapon’s stats.

Primary Ability 1 - Swift Assault: Dashes forward and deals AoE damage once reaching his destination.

  • From Umbral Form: The Rogue throws a single piercing deadly knife at an enemy, dealing massive damage to up to 3 targets.

Primary Ability 2 - Disengage: Throws a spread of daggers forward dealing AoE damage and applying Rogue’s Mark to all enemies hit during attack. The Rogue leaps backwards out of the danger, providing a gap between him and his foes.

  • From Umbral Form: Daggers deal more damage and pin enemies to the ground, immobilizing them for a short period.

Devices and Utility Abilities

Passive - Rogue’s Mark: Marks are applied to a maximum of 8 enemies while using Swift Assault, Disengage, or Primary and Secondary attacks. The Rogue can then activate debilitating Devices on Marked enemies.

Device 1 - Arcing: Snares Marked enemies with nets of lightning, disabling their attacks and abilities, as well as dealing a large amount of lightning damage.

Device 2 - Napalm: Incinerates Marked enemies, dealing a large amount of fire damage over a short time. Enemies also take increased damage from other attacks and abilities while Napalm is active.

Device 3 - Noxious: Injects Marked enemies with a highly potent toxin that slows movement and deals poison damage while Noxious is active.

Utility Ability 1 - Umbral Form: The Rogue becomes invisible for a short duration. While invisible, the agile hero has increased movement speed, damage, and empowered non-Device abilities. He cannot be targeted by enemies, but he can still take damage from their attacks if he gets within damaging range.

  • Damage: Increased by 10-50%
  • Movement Speed: Increased by 25-100%
  • Healing: up to 5% HP every 0.5 seconds
  • Duration: 5-10 seconds
  • Cooldown: 20-12 seconds

Utility Ability 2 - Carnage: The Rogue throws a flurry of deadly piercing daggers, dealing AoE damage every half a second throughout its duration. Defenders can move while this ability is activated and it can be channeled until you’re completely out of mana.

  • From Umbral Form: AoE damage radius is increased.

Hero Deck and Hero Level Changes

Hero Deck Changes

Now having four heroes is great and all, but based on prior survey results, we knew our Defenders wanted to build bigger hero decks. With the addition of the Warden and the Rogue, we knew this need would be even greater. Instead of 4 heroes in your deck, you’ll now have 6 HERO DECK SLOTS!


A larger hero deck called for some changes to the Hero Deck Bonuses too. Defenders wanted more incentives for keeping heroes in their hero deck, so we did just that by revamping the bonuses. Check out those changes below:

New Deck Bonuses

  • XP is equally earned across all active heroes in Hero Deck.
  • Set Bonuses and Item Effects are only active in the Hero Deck.
  • Tower Damage for all heroes in the Hero Deck is increased by 20%.

Hero Level Changes

We have one more hero-related change for our Defenders. For all of you who feel reaching Level 100 wasn’t difficult enough, we’re increasing the level cap for all heroes to 105. The best items in The Lycan’s Keep update require Level 105 to equip, meaning you’ll need to conquer many foes on your journey to utilize the strongest gear available.



New Pet - Happy Hera

  • Shoots exploding projectiles that deal damage to nearby enemies.
  • Restores HP for each enemy hit while attacking.

New Pet - Raging Zeus

  • Shoots exploding projectiles that deal damage to nearby enemies.
  • Chance to stun while attacking.

New Pet - Lycan Prince

  • Provides bonus armor to nearby heroes.

New Pet - Demon Duke

  • Attacks enemies both with melee and ranged attacks.


  • Increased chance to spawn with max projectiles (3).
  • Now shoots its projectiles at different targets if more than 1 target exists.
    • For example, with up to 3 projectiles, the targeting changes depending on the number of enemies:
      • 1 Target - 3 projectiles on the one enemy
      • 2 Targets - 2 projectiles on the first enemy, and 1 on the second
      • 3 Targets - 1 projectile on each enemy


  • Increased chance to spawn with max projectiles (3).
  • Increased attack damage by 20%.
  • Now always rolls with Fire damage.
  • Updated projectile appearance.


  • Increased base damage by 500%.
  • Increased melee extent by 185%.


  • NEW: While the hero with this pet equipped is ACTIVE in play the Hero Deck Builder bonus is increased by 5%.
  • Reduced Hero Stat scaling by 10%.


  • Increased chance to spawn with max projectiles (3).
  • Increased attack damage by 20%.
  • Now always rolls with Lightning damage.
  • Updated projectile appearance.

Little Wizard

  • Now has 1 projectile.
  • Increased attack damage.
  • Rolls for any elemental damage, except Fusion.
  • Projectile travels through all map elements for a set duration, dealing damage to all enemies hit on path.

Mega Chicken

  • Increased projectile AoE by 15%.
  • Increased melee extent by about 43% Increased attack damage.
  • Increased scaling for hero stats.
  • Added VFX for projectile and melee attacks.

Mista Mine

  • NEW: While the hero with this pet equipped is ACTIVE in play the Hero Deck Builder bonus is increased by 10%.
  • Reduced Hero Stat scaling by 10%.

Monkey King

  • Decreased damage buff to 10% from 15%, while increasing the number of times it can stack to 10 from 5.
  • Increased base damage by about 1000%.
    • When fully buffed, he will now have about 260% more damage.


  • Increased base damage by about 2800%.


  • Increased base damage by about 500%.
  • Increased melee extent by 185%.

Steam Robot

  • Increased base damage by about 400%.
  • Increased melee extent by 330%.

Fusion Pets

  • Fusion pets will now drop on Encore maps in Rifted Campaign victory chests, Survival Wave 14 victory chests, Survival Wave 25 victory chests, and Bonus Wave victory chests.
    • Magus Quarters: Paddleball
    • Endless Spires: Monkey King
    • Glitterhelm: Mega Chicken
    • Foundries and Forges: Demon Duke

All Melee Pets

  • Increased chance to drop with a max attack rate of 0.33 seconds.
  • Increased target range.
  • Increased stat scaling on Vitality by 8%.
  • Removed Knockback from all attacks.

All Ranged Pets

  • Increased chance of spawning with a max attack rate of 0.63 seconds.
  • Increased target range by 50%.
  • Increased all projectile speeds by 300%.
    • No longer target Siren. NEW Target Priority: Djinn > Copter > Ogre/Sharken/Lycan/CopterOgre > Spider > Warrior > Bosses > Everything else

Act IV Maps

We added in another round of maps for our Defenders to test their combat and tower-building skills, that also include NEW ENEMIES and a NEW BOSS. Keep scrolling for all the details on this juicy, new content. (Maps are listed in order.)

The Mill


The Mill is the first stop the heroes make upon leaving the castle to continue their journey. They enter a bright and vibrant forest that used to be used to provide lumber and materials for building the castle and nearby towns. Though it seems calm and peaceful, an army of enemies awaits to prevent our heroes from pushing onward with their journey.

If you squint REALLY hard you’ll notice that this map is a remake of a fan favorite, and highly requested map, Mistymire. We made a couple of changes to make building defenses feel better, as well as modified some lanes to make things play out more smoothly.

  • # of Cores: 3
  • DU: 140

The Outpost


The Outpost is a remake of the Drakenfrost Resort map from Dungeon Defenders II, a map that not many people have had the opportunity to explore and defend. It hangs on a cliff, overlooking where you’ve previously come from, and acted as a barracks of sorts to keep soldiers of Etheria stationed outside of town, with a giant belltower to warn of incoming threats.

  • # of Cores: 2
  • DU: 140

The Keep


The Keep’s sheer size is a challenge in itself. Do you focus on pushing enemies into tight lanes to maximize AoE damage? Do you find the perfect hiding spot for your DSTs? Guess we’ll have to wait and see what The Keep has in store for defenders.

  • # of Cores: 3
  • DU: 145

Bonus Map: Foundries and Forges


This bonus map probably looks like another familiar remake of one of DD1 Defenders’ favorites. The gorgeous (and deadly) lava that turn up the heat within the Foundries and Forges aims to give Defenders a bit of nostalgia with renewed fun.

  • # of Cores: 1
  • DU: 80


Any good update also brings in some new baddies to liven up combat. Act IV introduces the baddest of them all - werewolves! Try not to get too scared while learning more about them.



Using this feral foe’s signature ability, “Howl,” the Lycan empowers himself and nearby enemies, reducing the damage of incoming attacks, and increasing their health and damage each time they’re attacked while howling. Lycan enemies show up on each of the new maps, but they show up in earlier waves as you progress through Act IV.

Lycan King


Once you maneuver your defenses and combat to get around the Howling Lycan, you have one more challenge to save Etheria - the Lycan King! You’ll run into the King after defeating the final wave on The Keep. We won't spoil this for you, you'll have to experience it yourself!

Gear Changes

Gear has gotten a major facelift in this update, and for a lot of reasons. We took a heavy look at what Defenders are doing with gear, how well they understand it, and what that means for metas. The prior meta was boost-only to succeed. Boost builds are fun, but they shouldn’t be the only way to experience the game. We’re keeping boosting viable, but we’ve also added options to help give our ever-expanding roster of heroes and content more ways to be enjoyed.

Stat Changes

There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s focus on the specific changes to each hero and tower stat.

  • Ammo and Reload Speed Removed
    • Crossbow alternate fires have been updated!
    • NEW - Grenade Shot: The Huntress gains the ability to shoot an arcing explosive that deals damage to enemies hit. If the Huntress is in the explosion radius, she gets launched based on her orientation to the explosion.
  • Agility
    • Cannot be upgraded, but instead scales from levels 1 - 50.
    • At Level 50, the movement speed increase is equivalent to 100 agility stat points from before Episode 1.
  • Block
    • Scales based on the source of the attack, with smaller enemies taking less block resources and stronger enemies taking more.
  • Casting
    • Scales based on your hero level up to a cap. The higher your level, the faster you build, repair, and upgrade defenses.
  • Charge Rate
    • Baked into abilities that charge (e.g. Apprentice Secondary Attack)
  • Knockback
    • Scales off specific weapons innately.
  • Melee Attack, Ranged Attack, and Elemental Attack
    • Merged into one “Damage” stat.
    • Damage scaling is the same as before.
  • Projectile Count (Polearms)
    • Scales with Monk’s level.
    • Start the game with a single projectile, and this number increases with Monk’s progression, with a max of 7 projectiles.
      • Unique boss weapons still change the shot pattern and scale with level.
  • Projectile Speed
    • Scales off specific weapons innately.
  • Skill and Boost
    • Merged into one “Ability” stat.
    • Scales all abilities based on this single stat.
  • New “Crit” and “Crit Scaling” Stats - Melee Only
    • Added Critical Strike and Critical Scaling stats to melee heroes weapons (Swords and Polearms).
    • Scaling applies to primary attacks only (not abilities or secondary attacks).

Item Stat Changes

Now that we have changes to the stats laid out, the presentation of stats are different now too. In the prior meta, a lot of players felt forced to only play with their defenses. Of course, we love a strategic, effective tower build to take on challenges in DDA, but it shouldn’t be the only way to take down the toughest baddies. Instead of forcing Defenders to choose between a defense-focused hero only and a damage-focused hero only, you now have the option for both.

Where stats show up changes within this update and we wanted to provide a breakdown of their new homes:

Hero Stats

  • Damage: Weapons, Pets
  • Attack: Weapons, Pets, and Offhands
  • Ability: Weapons, Pets, and Offhands
  • Vitality: Weapons, Pets, and Offhands
  • Armor: Helmets, Gloves, Chest, and Boots
  • Firing Solution: Crossbows, Staves, and Pets
  • Projectile Count: Crossbows and Staves
  • Critical Chance: Polearms and Swords
  • Critical Severity: Polearms and Swords

Tower Stats

  • Fortitude: Helmet, Gloves, Chest, Boots, Masks, Bracers, and Brooches
  • Power: Helmet, Gloves, Chest, Boots, Masks, Bracers, and Brooches
  • Def. Rate: Helmet, Gloves, Chest, Boots, Masks, Bracers, and Brooches
  • Range: Helmet, Gloves, Chest, Boots, Masks, Bracers, and Brooches


All heroes that do not dual wield weapons have an Offhand slot. These are as follows:

  • Ammo Pouch: Crossbow heroes
  • Shield: Sword heroes
  • Tome: Staff heroes
  • Whetstone: Polearm heroes

Item Effects


This is a new system for all gear in DDA. Item effects are unupgradable additional stats and effects that are applied on all your gear. For Episode 1, our goal has been to lay it out as a foundational system that we are going to continue to build upon.

They’re additional effects that roll on your gear. There are a ton of these (with more added each episode) that should help boost your strength. Some only roll on specific item types. Here’s the list of the new item effects:

Stat Types

  • These roll additional stats on pieces of gear that those stats could appear on.
    • Example 1 - “Increases your Power by X” rolls on armor and accessories.
    • Example 2 - “Increases your Attack by X” rolls on weapons and offhands.

Elemental Increases

  • These roll additional elemental damage increases.
    • Example 1 - “Increases your hero’s Fire damage by X%” rolls on weapons and offhands.
    • Example 2 - “Increases your defenses’ Fire damage by X%” rolls on armor and accessories.

On Attack

  • When using your Primary Attacks, these have a chance to activate.
    • Example 1 - “Your Primary Attacks have X% chance to Enrage enemies for Y seconds”.
    • Example 2 - “Your Primary Attacks have X% chance to explode, damaging all enemies in range. Y seconds cooldown”.

Impact on Current Heroes

With all of these big changes to gear, Defenders should notice a change in your current gear. To make sure everything scales correctly, upgrades have changed since stats are altered. As a result, we’ve removed the upgrades from all of your gear and refunded a plethora of gold based on those upgrades. We know this seems tedious to have to go through this, but this also lets you choose how to upgrade your gear within this new system.

Set Bonuses

Set Bonuses are additional stats and functionality that you get out of wearing pieces of a specific set at the same time. Not much is changing other than there’s more of them! Check out what’s new.

New Bonuses

Thundering Defense

  • Increase your defenses' Lightning damage by 50%.
    • Armor Set, 4 pieces
    • Like Fusion gear, your item stats are still increased, but by a lesser percentage.
    • This increase will make your Lightning Defenses your strongest defenses for this hero.

Plagued Defense

  • Increase your defenses' Poison damage by 50%.
    • Armor Set, 4 pieces
    • Like Fusion gear, your item stats are still increased, but by a lesser percentage.
    • This increase will make your PoisonDefenses your strongest defenses for this hero.

Erupting Defense

  • Increase your defenses’ Fire damage by 50%.
    • Armor Set, 4 Pieces
    • Like Fusion gear, your item stats are still increased, but by a lesser percentage.
    • This increase will make your Fire defenses your strongest defenses for this hero.

Deadly Defense

  • Increase your defenses' Physical damage by 30%.
    • Armor Set, 4 Pieces
    • Like Fusion gear, your item stats are still increased, but by a lesser percentage.
    • This increase will make your Physical defenses your strongest defenses for this hero.

Inspired Defense

  • Increase your defenses' damage by 25%.
    • Armor Set, 4 Pieces
    • Like Fusion gear, your item stats are still increased, but by a lesser percentage.
    • This increase will make your defenses your strongest defenses for this hero.

New Weapon Sets

Thundering Assault

  • Increases your hero’s Lightning Damage by 50%.
    • Weapons, 2 Pieces (Weapon and Offhand)
    • New to weapons, but plays off Lightning weapons you acquire.

Plagued Assault

  • Increases your hero’s Poison Damage by 50%.
    • Weapons, 2 Pieces (Weapon and Offhand)
    • New to weapons, but plays off Poison weapons you acquire.

Erupting Assault

  • Increases your hero’s Fire Damage by 50%.
    • Weapons, 2 Pieces (Weapon and Offhand)
    • New to weapons, but plays off Fire weapons you acquire.

Deadly Assault

  • Increases your hero’s Physical Damage by 30%.
    • Weapons, 2 Pieces (Weapon and Offhand)
    • New to weapons, but plays off Physical weapons you acquire.

Inspired Assault

  • Increases your hero’s damage by 20%.
    • Weapons, 2 Pieces (Weapon and Offhand)

Etherian Champion

  • Increase the Damage, Crit Bonus, and Attributes of all equipped Set Pieces by 30%.
    • Weapons, 2 Pieces (MeleeWeapon and Offhand)

Etherian Marksman

  • Increase the Damage, Attack Rate, and Attributes of all equipped Set Pieces by 20%.
    • Weapons, 2 Pieces (Ranged Weapons and Offhands)

New Hero Weapon Sets


Apprentice’s Rearmed

  • Mana Bomb triggers 1 additional explosion for additional damage.

EV-A’s Protean Cannon MK II

  • Protean Surge deals 200% increased damage and ensnares enemies by 20% for 10 seconds.

Huntress’s Flock of Searing Gulls

  • Phoenix Shot now fies 2 additional projectiles that deal additional damage.

Monk’s Aura of Pain

  • Hero Boost deals additional damage to all enemies within the aura every second.

Rogue’s Marked for Death

  • Swift Assault reduces all enemy armor by 25% for 8 seconds.

Squire’s Spinning Steel

  • Circular Slice unleashes 4 Piercing Slashes dealing additional damage to all enemies in a line.

Warden’s Enraging Spores

  • Mushroom Circle has a 50% chance to enrage enemies. Effect persists for 10 seconds after Mushroom Circle ends.

Woodland Weapons


This new forest-themed set features the following weapons:

  • Woodland Sword
  • Woodland Polearm
  • Woodland Axe 
  • Woodland Crossbow
  • Woodland Staff

Wolfsbane Weapons


  • Drops after defeating Lycan King in Massacre Campaign and Survival.
    • Staff: Max 3 Projectiles with large AOE radius.
    • Bow: Max 1 Projectile with piercing.
    • Polearm: large damage and attack rate boosts.
    • Sword/Mace: increased crit bonus and large damage boosts.

Inventory Layout Update

One of the details we’ve been anxiously waiting to add to the live game is the new Inventory layout and information. Especially with all the changes in this update, we knew we needed to deliver information on items, stats, set bonuses, heroes, etc. better than before. We did this by optimizing the layout with updated organization, better sorting options, and more and more helpful information in the tooltips.

We’ve optimized our layout so that everything is together, making it easier to understand what you’re doing within your inventory.




You’ll notice at the top there are a plethora of bags. We added additional iconography that allows you to change the visuals for your bags, making it easier to know what each contains based on your personal preferences. That means that you need to have specific filters for specific bags. We’ve got you covered:




Wow that’s so much for the Inventory! But wait, maybe you’re asking “Weren’t there other tabs?” and you’d be right. The way character stats are displayed and upgraded are all in one convenient location on the Stats Tab:



The Spellbook tab explains what your abilities and towers do for your selected hero. We’ll continue to expand on this feature in the future, but for now it should be made more clear what your heroes can do:


NEW Item Reforging


Reforging allows you to reset an item’s assigned upgrades and re-upgrade that item in a different way. Reforging the item doesn't take gold but you will have to repurchase any upgrades that you wish to add back on. This is great for if you accidently upgrade the wrong stat or if you want to try something new.

“Tests” Game Mode

We let loose a NEW GAME MODE! This new mode is called “Tests” because it’s one defender being tested against one big baddy. The “big baddy” can be any of DDA’s infamous bosses, and you fight one-on-one to defeat them on their own map. One more small detail - you fight the bosses with zero defenses. Wait! You can’t use your heroes to do this, either. You must choose to fight with one of two predetermined heroes, built by your favorite devs.


Each fight has a 3-minute timer, so you need to be skilled and quick. We’ve spent our PTR phasing honing these different tests so each battle feels fun, tough, and fair. Those of you who were testers during the PTR probably felt those changes throughout testing, and now we’re super excited to show off this new mode with AWESOME NEW REWARDS! Keep reading on to learn all about the new Tests.

Test of the Demon

  • Available Heroes:
    • Huntress
    • Series EV-A, with staves
  • Demon Lord specials:
    • Demon Lord is immune to damage unless stunned by the Generators
    • When Demon Lord is stunned, goblins and/or orcs rain from the sky
    • Deadly mechanic: Fireball

Test of the Mech

  • Available Heroes:
    • Apprentice
    • Series EV-A, with bows
  • Goblin Mech specials:
    • Mech has increased movement speed.
    • Mech takes reduced damage from hits that don’t hit the weak point.
    • Dark Elf Warriors periodically spawn.
    • Deadly mechanic: Melee attacks.

Test of the Ancient

  • Available Heroes:
    • Monk
    • Squire
  • Ancient Dragon specials:
    • When flying around the map, the Dragon can only be damaged by the Ballista.
    • Wyverns spawn after Dragon is shot by the Ballista.
    • Deadly mechanic: Fireballs


The tests all provide a reward for our brand new WINGS transmog slot. Wings are only unlocks through transmog, and do not provide an item that goes in your inventory. It's a fun cosmetic piece that we'll continue to incorporate into rewards with future updates.

Changes to Rifted

Rifted Portals

Another fun addition is Rifted Portals. What the heck are portals?!


Rifted Portals are alternate spawn points for enemies that appear at set locations and times on Rifted Act IV maps. Enemies are removed from their original lane and ported to the alternate location. What defenses they miss along the way, nobody knows.

How do you deal with these pesky portals?? Lucky for Defenders, these can be destroyed by your hero. There’s a catch, of course. Portals cannot be destroyed by your hero’s defenses. So, choose your hero wisely!

An added benefit to destroying a portal is the loot that drops once it’s gone. There’s always that incentive to take it down. If you don’t destroy it before the wave is over, it will quietly disappear and a fresh portal will reappear on the next wave, but you won’t receive any loot. Gotta work for the goods.

Rifted Enemies

After Update 1.3 where we reduced the number of enemies across the board to boost game performance, the experiences in Rifted were impacted more than we (and Defenders) wanted. Rifted was designed to challenge the most dedicated Defenders, but as the enemy counts reduced, this mode kind of felt like a punishment rather than an exciting challenge. The long runs that resulted weren’t an intentional design choice and we’ve fixed that to make Rifted all it was meant to be.

To meet this goal, Rifted no longer spawns normal enemies. Now, only Rifted enemies show up when you choose this mode. The enemy counts, attack damage, and HP stay exactly the same. You just won’t need to bat off the normies anymore.

Bonus Waves

These are one of those spicy additions we’ve added for late-game defenders who are itching for that extra challenge. With an extra challenge comes extra rewards in the form of a chance to get max quality gear from EVERY MAP. What’s the point of a Bonus Wave? To earn extra awesome gear, of course! And you should believe us when we say these rewards are extra awesome.

Unlocking Bonus Waves

Defenders can only unlock Bonus Waves in each Act after completing Survival Wave 25 on the Boss maps on Nightmare and Massacre difficulties. We want to make sure Defenders are rewarded for attempting (and completing) more difficult maps, too. So, once you complete a Boss map, that boss’ named Bonus Wave is unlocked for all prior maps. For example, defeating the Goblin Mech at the end of Act 2 will unlock the Goblin Mech Bonus Wave for all Act 1 and Act 2 maps (minus the Throne Room and Endless Spires).


This gives defenders freedom to choose the battle that’s appropriate for your style of play. If you want to skip over the Demon Lord and Goblin Mech maps, heading straight to Ancient Dragon to open the Bonus Waves for all three Acts, you’re able to do that. You may be asking, “Why bother with these extra waves if they’re just tougher challenges?” Well, we left out some important pieces of information…

Loot Drops on Bonus Waves

We hope you’re ready for some AWESOME rewards because that’s what Defenders are getting from these Bonus Waves. As with all other loot drops, the loot quality increases according to the level of the boss associated with the Bonus Wave. Basically, Act 1 Bonus Wave loot drops will increase in quality after you defeat Demon Lord, and Act 1 and 2 Bonus Wave loot drops will increase (again) after you defeat Goblin Mech. Activating Hardcore and/or Rifted further adds to the quality of Bonus Wave loot drops on all maps.


You asked for it, and we thought it was a great idea. Now there are even more achievements to unlock as you defend your way through Etheria - 18 new achievements for Defenders on both platforms, to be exact. Enjoy!

Hero Balance



  • Magic Missile Tower
    • Projectile damage was increased by 60%.
    • Projectile speed was increased by 50%.
  • Flameburst Tower
    • Projectile damage was increased by 75%
    • Projectile speed was increased by 50%.
  • Lightning Tower
    • Projectile damage was increased by 80%.
    • Bounce range increased and set to 600 units.
      • Previously at base level was 275 units, and fully upgraded to 350 units.



  • Overlock Beam
    • Decreased minimum DU cost to 3 from 4.
    • Increased width to 25 from 20.



  • All traps
    • Reduced attack rate cap to 0.65 from 2.
  • Explosive Trap
    • Increased damage by 10%.
  • Inferno Trap
    • Increased damage by 100%.
  • Thunder Spike Trap
    • Increased damage by 50%.
    • Decreased reset time by about 40%.


Secondary Attack

  • Now scales from Primary Attack Damage.
  • Increased max projectile to 8 from 6.
    • Projectiles now scale with hero level.
  • Updated attack to hit for 50% of melee damage per projectile.
  • Decreased attack rate scaling.



  • Harpoon Turret
    • Projectile damage was increased by 33%.
    • Projectile speed increased by 50%.
  • Bowling Bowl Turret
    • Projectile damage increased by 45%.


Melee Attacks

  • Melee attacks no longer deal damage based on the enemy getting hit by the weapon’s model. Instead there is now a (pretty generous) hitbox that deals damage.
    • Developer’s Note - This was change made because:
      • Melee is already punishing to play. Increasing the range gives a little more safety and a lot more consistency with damage.
      • Various animations would make it so attacks would sometimes not hit. The animations pull from a pool of options, so sometimes RNG animations could punish you if their attack range didn’t extend as far.
      • Transmogging a weapon would change the range at which it hit, and made the transmog system potentially punish players that weren’t using the biggest weapons.
      • It’s just more fun.

Enemy Balance

Multiplayer Enemy HP

  • Reduced HP scaling for most enemies when in multiplayer mode
  • Add 50% HP to each enemy for each additional player:
    • Ogres
    • Copter Ogres
    • Siren
    • Lycan
  • Add 25% HP to each enemy for each additional player:
    • Sharken
    • Djinn

Survival Rifted Boss HP

  • Increased HP for all Survival Bosses to be 100% more in Rifted.

Bug Fixes

On top of the new content, we fixed lots of bugs reported by the community for PC and Xbox platforms. Here is the list of those fixes:


  • Fixed a bug where transmog tooltips weren’t showing.
  • Updated buff count to scale properly from rolling.
  • Fixed an issue where healing may not have worked properly.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause leaving the inventory to crash the game.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when upgrading then swapping heroes in the inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where Ability Count effects were not correctly counting shots fired from ranged weapons.
  • Fixed a bug where Upgrade / Repair / Sell weren't canceling each other when activated so you could have multiple activated at once.
  • Fixed an issue Repair / Upgrade / Sell abilities were not cancelling after swapping to Build Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Sirens were getting stuck when fleeing to their spawn points.
  • Survival: if you beat a certain wave on a harder difficulty, you can now play the same wave on a lower difficulty.
    • Example: if you beat Wave 20 on Massacre you can play up to Wave 20 on all lower difficulties.
  • Fixed an issue where repair times were incorrect and taking longer on some defenses.
  • Fixed an issue where Hero Stat points were resetting after upgrading an item and then returning to the Hero Stat menu.
  • Fixed an issue where Vitality would not show as increasing when adding points.
  • Fixed an issue where Crossbow weapons did not continue firing while holding the button to attack after double-clicking.
  • Fixed an issue where Clients could see their own HP bar above their head.
  • Fixed an issue where the Megachicken was showing incorrect projectile count.
  • Fixed an issue where the pointer was missing from the main menu.
  • Adjusted various accessory placements on heroes.
  • Fixed an LOD issue with the Baby Phoenix Pet’s VFX.
  • Fixed an issue where Level, XP, and Unspent Points didn’t update when you swapped heroes while on the stats tab in the inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where IE ability passive abilities were not restarting on defender death and respawn.
  • Fixed an issue where Map Selection wasn't selecting your last map’s difficulty.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Sell All” function wasn’t working on PC.
  • Fixed an issue where the Wave 25 victory chest would not automatically open in bonus wave build phases.
  • Fixed an issue where Num5 and Num6 were not default to the binds for Slot 5 and Slot 6 of the hero deck for swapping.
  • Fixed an issue where rotating a Defense after selecting placement caused issues with placing towers close together.
  • Fixed an issue where no Repair and Upgrade were not ending animations when complete.
  • Fixed an issue where regeneration effects were lingering on death.
  • Fixed an issue where defenses were not showing any damage dealt in their tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where the compare tooltip showed up for slots that didn't have anything equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where the transmog was displaying item tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where the pause between melee attacks was too long.
  • Fixed an issue where some Ranged DPS pets could hit max stat on damage.
  • Fixed an issue where Clients would not see the correct value for stats when inspecting built traps.


  • Decreased delay on the spawn of the last Ogre on Ancient Mines on Massacre Survival.
  • Fixed an issue where Ogre Copter’s hat was too large.
  • Fixed an issue where Copter Ogres would get stuck after their Copter was shot down.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crystals could be attacked on Alchemical Labs while the boss timer was counting down, resulting in an instant stun when the Demon Lord spawned.
  • Fixed an issue where Rifted Ogre's Kobold projectile was exploding too soon.


  • Squire
    • Fixed an issue where the Squire lost his base mana regen value.


  • Fixed an issue where the Southernmost Tornado Valley billboard was partially stuck in the spawn door.
  • Fixed an issue where defenses were unable to be placed on the pipes in Lava Mines.
  • Fixed a lighting issue on Deeper Well.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies were stuck on Endless Spires near the Northwest spawn point.
  • Fixed some issues with collision and lighting on Endless Spires.
  • Fixed an issue where Ogres weren’t spawning in Promenade Massacre Survival.
  • Fixed an issue where Defenders would instantly die in a specific spot on Ancient Mines after using melee attack.

What Else?

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch port for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened launches today! Check out the eShop page: Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on Nintendo Switch.

We weren’t able to get this update through Nintendo’s Lot Check before the official launch, but it will be downloadable for Switch Defenders as soon as possible! We’ll update the community once that date is available.

PlayStation Update

For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 ports, we don’t yet have a release timeline. We previously announced we’re aiming for DDA to be out on all consoles by the end of the year. That will still be our goal, but we need some more time to figure out what tasks we need to complete to get DDA through Sony’s certification.

Social Defenders

To stay up-to-date on the latest news from Chromatic Games and the Dungeon Defenders franchise, follow us on all our social channels:

For Etheria!
Chromatic Games


Defense Council

Etheria Needs a Hero

Only a handful of Eternia Crystals remain. The rest have shattered, and the Old Ones--a threat believed to be contained--are now free. In a brief period of time, theyve organized armies and conquered much of Etheria. We need the most valiant heroes to band together and form Etherias first Defense Council--the Sunderguard--to prepare for the fight against the relentless hordes!

Your Feedback Influences the Game

Next week, starting Monday, November 11th, 500 of you will have the opportunity to join this Defense Council. As Council members, you will gain access to bi-weekly sessions where youll get to play the game and give feedback on systems, maps, heroes, and more. Youll also be granted access to an exclusive forum and blog, where you can deliver your feedback directly to the development team.

As we get closer to alpha, your responsibilities will grow and you will have more opportunities to play the game and impact development in exciting new ways (sorry, we cant reveal what they are just yet!). Then, when the game launches, youll serve the first term of the in-game Defense Council, influencing decisions that shape the war against the Old Ones!


One of the maps Council members will be the first to play later this year!

Council Seats Are Available November 11th

Were proud to announce that were partnering with Humble Bundle and Childs Play to bring you the Defense Council. There are three ways you can obtain a place in the Council:

    1. Donate $30 or more to Childs Play by using the Humble Widget above starting at 6pm EST on Monday, November 11th. There are only 500 of these slots available, so act quickly!

    2. Bid on additional seats on our Trendy eBay page found HERE.

Once again, all proceeds will go to Childs Play, an organization that provides video games to improve the lives of hospitalized children around the world.


Our heroes receiving their Council emblems.

Miss Your Chance? Theres One More Way to Join

The final slots will be given through the community itself, so stay tuned to these forums over the next week to find out more ways you can get a spot on the council. Who knows, maybe a comment on this thread will earn you a seat!

If you have any questions about the Defense Council or how to enter, ask in the comments below. You can also find more questions answered here, in our FAQ. Were excited to see our Defenders come through for Childs Play and we cant wait to get you playing Dungeon Defenders II!

[CG] HiggsBosonic


Today we released the PRIME INCURSIONS update on all platforms! We wanted to provide a challenge to our tested Defenders that was separate from Onslaught, and Prime Incursions are just that. There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s get into it!



What are they?

They are the highest and newest tier of incursions, selectable from the Incursions tab on the War Table. There are six different groups of incursions to play through that are releasing over time. You are able to play them as they are unleashed, the only thing that can hold you back is your own skill!

What are the rewards?

Prime Incursions have three different rewards associated with them.

Chaos VIII Ampoules
Each Prime Incursion has the chance to drop a Chaos VIII Ampoule. As you continuously progress, the Incursions get more and more difficult. As such, we wanted to increase the drop rate of Chaos VIII Ampoules to match that increase in difficulty. These Incursions can get pretty tough, which led us to making the hardest of these challenges have the highest drop chance for Chaos VIII Ampoules.

Chaos VIII Weapons
We’ve added a whole new slew of weapons with new weapon models that are only available through Prime Incursions. There’s over 25 new weapons to collect, sure to scratch that collector’s itch!


That’s not all there is to these weapons. Each weapon is upgraded to Chaos VIII, at the full 5/5 upgrade quality! That means they are perfectly upgraded, letting you focus on using Chaos VIII Amps to upgrade your relics and armor instead. Alongside these upgrades, we’ve curated these weapons to be what you really want. They have some of the most alluring shot and swing types many of you enjoy. ALONGSIDE THAT, included are curated mods specific to these weapons that really ensure these drops feel good and pack a punch!

Hyper Shards
Hyper Shards are something every player wants to boost up their arsenal. Previously, they were only acquired through Mastery completion, requiring a specific amount of Mastery Stars. Now, in Prime Incursions, you earn a Hyper Shard for every group you complete. There are six groups total, so if you complete all six of the groupings, you earn the seventh Hyper Shard as a capstone reward! This means you can now have up to TWO of each Hyper Shard in your ranks, pushing back the Old Ones forces more hyper-er than before.
When Do They Release?


Today we released the first two groups of Prime Incursions, Prime I and Prime II. Each of these groups contains 3 incursions, for a total of 6 to conquer. Every week, on Wednesday @ 9AM ET, we are releasing a new incursion. This is going until early November, giving you content to come back each week to enjoy. Here’s the schedule

Prime I & II:  TODAY!
Prime III Malthius:  September 4th
Prime III Power Surge:  September 11th
Prime IV Dark Awakening:  September 18th
Prime IV Return to Maldonis:  September 25th
Prime IV Bastille Master:  October 2nd
Prime V Altar of the Athame:  October 9th
Prime V Revenge of the Yetis:  October 16th
Prime V Spectral Assault:  October 23rd
Prime VI Dawn of the Blood Moon:  October 30th
Prime VI BETSY:  November 5th

New Costume
The Ascended Initiate is now available for purchase in-game at 800 Gems!


Social Defenders
To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

The team had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon!

For Etheria!

Chromatic Games


It’s here! It’s finally here! For months, we’ve been itching to get the Terraria crossover into your hands. (Paws? Mitts? Cybernetic robo-arms?) The Terraria Update, out now on PC and PS4, is one of our largest content patches to date. We hope you have fun with those badass Terraria weapons while we continue working on Phase 3 of our Journey to Release Plan, which contains updates to Endgame, Loot, Inventory and much more that you’ve been asking for.

We had the pleasure of working with Re-Logic this year on this fun collaboration, and we can’t say enough about how amazing and talented they are. We’re so thankful to call them our friends. But we’ve even more thankful for you, our dear Defenders. Whether you’re just joining our community today or you’ve been with us for years, we appreciate your support!

(Before you read on, we wanted to let you know that we're doing a Dryad giveaway on Twitter!)


Terraria Crossover

  • New Hero: The Dryad
    • The Dryad is the physical manifestation of the will of Terraria itself. With the wisdom of untold ages, she takes up arms to protect and defend her home against evil and corruption. Her World Tree is an anchor for all of her ferocious defenses.
    • Abilities
      • Ability One - Dryad’s Blessing:  Blessing surrounds the Dryad with leaves, shielding her and increasing her armor. When corrupt, Blessings deals damage around her.
      • Ability Two - Powder Toss: Purification mushrooms heal nearby allies and slow enemies. Corrupt mushrooms deal damage and stun when they expire.
      • Ability Three - Starfall: Starfall damages enemies and leaves behind a star that Dryads gather to replenish their mana. When corrupt, the star explodes and deals damage to enemies in its range.
      • Ability Four - World Tree: The World Tree provides the power that the Dryad needs to summon her defenses. It restores 5% of a hero's max HP over time while giving +20% Hero Crit Damage and +10% Hero Crit Chance to nearby heroes.
    • Defenses
      • Defense One - Moss Hornet’s Nest: The Dryad summons a hornet's nest that periodically summons a hornet which viciously attacks an enemy. When corrupt, it spawns more hornets.
      • Defense Two - Harpies’ Perch: The Dryad summons a dangerous Harpy that hurls feathers. When corrupt, the feathers pierce enemies in their path.
      • Defense Three - Slime Pit: Slime Pits spawn slimes that targets enemies and explodes, dealing damage to enemies on impact. When corrupt, they deal more damage in an area and oils enemies.
      • Defense Four - Angry Nimbus: The Angry Nimbus follows enemies, dealing damage over time and drenching enemies. When corrupt, it periodically zaps enemies for high storm damage.
  • New Map: Forest Biome
    • Experience the new Terraria themed map that includes some new mechanics that can change up your defense! (Can you say crafting stations?)
  • New Incursion: Dawn of the Blood Moon
    • The Blood Moon has come to the Forest Biome and brings a host of different enemies and a new larger threat...
  • New Enemy: Demon Eye
    • These pesky critters will fly around and poke you to death in the Forest Biome! Make sure you have some anti-air ready!
  • New Boss: Eye of Cthulhu
    • Have you seen his final form!? (2spooky5me)
  • New Weapons: Cranked up to ELEVEN
    • We added at least one new weapon for each hero in the game. Check out the Wayfarer to see all the new Terraria-themed weapons!
  • New NPC: Wayfarer
    • The Wayfarer has traveled far to peddle goods from the recent Incursion for all heroes to enjoy! Say “Hello!” to him in the Heroes Marketplace.

Try the Dryad Right Now!

  • Want to try out the Dryad before you unlock her? Head to the portal in the Heroes Marketplace and select Normalized Mode! This will let you experiment with the Dryad’s defenses and abilities in the Forest Biome.

Enhanced Training Dummies

  • We’ve added new training dummies in the Heroes Marketplace and the Private Tavern.
  • These new dummies will provide significantly better ways for players to track their BIG DEEPS.

Item Stacking Changes

  • Multiple items now stack higher than they did previously. Just a little preview of our upcoming Inventory UI revamp hotness.

Updated My Heroes UI

  • Much more informative and interactable (Google says this isn’t a word, but we don’t care) Hero UI while we work on our new UI improvements. Tooltips are finally working on this menu for PS4!

Loot Change

  • Any gear with class specific passives will now be locked to that class. This is in preparation for much larger itemization changes coming in future patches!



  • Base resistances buffed to make Monk more viable in melee.
  • All root motion has been removed from combat animations.
  • Sky Dragon’s Fury and Thunderball got a balance pass.
    • Damage Range increased from 100-200% to 140-200% Hero Damage.
    • Thunderball now procs 100% of the time with an 8 second internal cooldown.
    • Thunderball damaged once per second, instead of three times per second.


  • Base resistances buffed to make Squire more viable in melee.
  • Root motion removed from Light and Heavy attack stances.

Bug Fixes

🔥 Community Bug Fixes 🔥

This section is dedicated to bugs reported on our Bug Reporting site! Bugs labeled “Hot Issues” are next on our priority list. More community bug fixes coming in the next patch!

  • Every time Frostbite Towers would try to attack the same enemy, or if an enemy would die, they’d have to re-target, which caused their firing to break. This is no longer the case. Ice to meet you, bug.
    • Thanks, Zimmermann!
  • Buff beams were able to buff other buff beams. (Buff-beam-ception?) AND Buff auras buff Buff Beams which no longer buff buff beams, which no longer buff buff buff when you buff buff your buff buff.
    • Zimmermann crushing it with the buff bug reports!
  • EV2’s Heat now resets to 0 when build phase begins.
    • Thanks for staying on top of this bug, K-ToF!
  • “Hide Enemy Health Value” was causing Health to not display on towers and cores. Now it’s always visible.
    • Thanks for the report, Ancient Ogre!
  • Some Steam achievements were not unlocking after completing the requirement.
    • So glad to finally crush this bug. Thanks,K-ToF!
  • Mystic’s Dark Ritual blade was only dropping with set passives.
    • Good looking out, Hom-Sha-Bom!
  • PS4 - The Logo and Intro Video did not have any sound. Now you can hear their velvety goodness.
    • There’s still a sound issue where you can hear the Main Menu music during these cutscenes. We’ll get that one next. Thanks for the report, Plic!
  • Hero Critical Damage no longer bugs out when swapping characters, which caused some serious damage discrepancies. 
    • We came, we saw, we CRUSHED that bug. Thanks, Pandynator!
  • Updated some text warning people that Mystic’s Split Vipers Skill Sphere does not overwrite the reduction of damage of Slow Death.
    • Good catch, Dreamanime!
  • The toggle checkbox in the Options Menu for turning Damage Coalescing on and off now works correctly.
    • Pandynator is life. Pandynator is love.
  • The Abyss Lord’s Colossus would attack slower after being upgraded.
    • Thanks, JoghurtDipper!
  • Mystic’s Sand Viper tooltip no longer contains the “Enemies Chilled” stat.
    • Thanks for pointing that out, Talis Cat. Maybe we should add some random stuff to other defense tooltips just to keep you on your toes...
  • Activating the Trick or Treat chest on the wave 7 of the Temple of the Necrotic would spawn an invulnerable skeleton.
    • Uhhhh, surprise? Good catch, Klaga!
  • Abyss Lord’s Orc Blockade’s base would become displaced during Frenzy.
    • Thanks, Buddyvv!
  • The Apprentice’s Harbinger Staff was spawning anon-textured AoE graphic on the ground.
    • Graphic is now TEXTURIZED thanks to Dreamanime!
  • The Spooky Event title was not being rewarded.
    • A spoopy thanks to Virydis!
  • Altar Assassins now primarily target players. If they can’t find a player, they will attack cores.
    • Thanks for the report, o0Exile0o!
  • On Altar of Athame, it was possible to place defenses floating above the altar.
    • Thanks, geo981010!
  • Sky Dragon’s Fury passive typo fixed.
    • And with this report, Zimmermann takes the cake with the most reported bugs fixed in this update!

General Bug Fixes

  • The toggle checkbox in the Options Menu for turning Damage Coalescing on and off now works correctly.
  • New Defender Medal Monthly Pets no longer show up as regular monthly pets at the Petrinarian.
  • Hotswapping characters properly resets pet ability cooldowns.
  • Skeletons no longer spawn in non-combat phases.
  • Skeleton enemies no longer leave a lingering purple visual effect after death.
  • EV2’s passive “Torpedo Range” got a language pass.
  • The Challenge “Defender of Etheria” can only be completed in campaign and had its description updated to reflect thatintention.
  • Keybinds now save when you rebind keys at the title screen
  • Returning Players occasionally had the Monk and Huntress still locked when returning to the game after being inactive for awhile.
  • Mystic’s Dark Torment towers would not despawn.

PS4-Specific Fixes

  • When a Split-Screen player joined, sound effects stopped working until you opened the Options Menu.  There might still be occasions where this occurs. Please let us know on the Bug Reporting Site!
  • The Reward Select screen in Onslaught wouldn’t show up correctly in Split-Screen.
  • Scaled up the R3 button icon so that it’s more readable.
  • Tooltips weren’t showing up on Item Enhancement.
  • The Main Menu was interactable (dang it, Google, we’re making this a word) while the Intro Videos were playing.

Known Issues

  • Watermelon is spelled with two “L’s” in Etheria…
  • Phoenix projectiles spawned from Blaze Balloons via the From Ashes Passive are travelling along the ground… we’re trying to build their self-esteem back up and playing some Kenny G so they can soar once again.
  • Split-screen players loading into Curse of the Blood Moon Incursion (especially on Normalized) may be missing ability icons. Hotswapping resolves this.
  • My Heroes screen has some issues. We’re aware and working on them.
  • Nature’s Growth does not buff other World Trees at the moment.
  • If you jump mid spawn animation, the Mystic will become invisible… use that information how you will…
  • We saw an issue - once - with hero decks missing heroes when loading into the normalized Curse of the Blood Moon Incursion. We couldn’t repro it, but if you manage to figure out how to reliably produce this result let us know please.
  • The pressure sensitivity on some controller faceplate buttons can create some weird ‘intermediate’ press states in the newer UIs and on the Dryad’s jumping to flying transition.  TL;DR - Press hard or go home.
  • If you cast a Dryad ability while transforming it will resolve as though it were cast in the starting form rather than the ending form.
  • Frostbite Tower does not attack the training dummies in the tavern(s). (Don’t lie Zimmermann, you were going to report this if we didn’t call it out).
[CG] Brittani


Things are getting exciting here at Chromatic Games! With the official launch of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, we’re celebrating with even more good news—a Day 1 Update with LOTS of exciting changes to both Xbox and PC (this will appear as 1.2.1 on Xbox, but it’s actually Update 1.3). Last week we teased some of the additions, revisions, and fixes included in this latest update in our Update 1.3 Preview post. Now that it’s here, let’s break down what you can expect to see in Etheria after you’re all updated.




We’ve updated the tutorial! With the addition of new tasks and tooltips, any player can enter the Deeper Well to brush up on their defending skills. Even the most experienced defenders can reap the benefits of a new tutorial, too. Everyone who makes it to the end of the new tutorial is rewarded with the exclusive Summoner’s Hood mask to show off their mastery of the basics!


You’ll also notice there’s a new objective tracker part of the tutorial. Expect to see this throughout the entire game in future updates!

Massacre Additions
After completing the tutorial, defenders can now test their skills in the new Massacre levels within Pure Strategy and Mix Mode. These new difficulties introduce immunity-granting Siren enemies to the game modes, and defenders are handily rewarded for their successes. Here are the new loot details:

  • Quality of item drops was adjusted in Pure Strategy to be equal to Survival mode.
  • Quality of item drops was increased in Mix Mode at Massacre difficulty.


Enemy Counts
To improve performance for all defenders across all platforms, we felt reducing the number of enemies on all maps in Survival, Mix Mode, and Pure Strategy would do the job. We specifically focused on lowering the amount of our weakest enemies first—goblins, archers, and wyverns—because they were jamming up the lanes and unnecessarily dragging out the time it took to complete waves. After we were happy with the improved performance from those changes, we moved on to lowering the enemy counts in Survival Mode. With fewer enemies, we also adjusted wave schedules, which should result in dramatically faster wave times. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to see in the improved Etheria:

  • 70% reduction in enemy counts for Wyverns, Archers, and Goblins on all maps.
  • 50% reduction in enemy counts for Orcs, Mages, Warriors, Kobolds, and Spiders on all maps.
  • Adjusted wave schedules to decrease wave lengths.

Did you think you were going to get away with fewer enemies without any catches?? Of course you didn’t. We wanted to make sure the difficulty levels remained relatively the same even with the reduction in enemy counts, so active enemies are now beefier, meaning each enemy’s HP has been increased to compensate for the smaller crowds. With such a big change, we’re going to monitor the community feedback to make sure players are happy with the new balance.

Nameplates are looking nifty now. We added missing nameplates above some enemies, heroes, and crystals, as well as cleaned up the general display of nameplates in game. Players should see a significant difference in the quality of the displays with this change and have a much easier time keeping track of enemy HP, a necessary feature to accompany the increased HP of enemies. Cleaning these had some nice performance gains for all platforms, so on top of looking great, they are also helping make the game run better!


Damage Numbers
Get ready for some new and improved damage numbers during combat! Last week we showed you what changes were to come in this area, and now they’re finally here. Players should notice clearer and more consistent displays of damage numbers when attacking, and fusion hits on Rifted enemies will stand out with larger number displays. Like nameplates, we hit some optimizations here as well, so your performance is better while it’s also easier to read damage numbers than before.

Limited Login Event - St. Patrick’s Day Reward!

While today is already a super special day for us at Chromatic with the official launch of DDA on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, we haven’t forgotten it’s also St. Patrick’s Day. To celebrate, we’re giving out a special green-themed goody to players who download Update 1.3 and log in to DDA by Monday, March 22. This special gift will be available for PC players today through Monday, while Xbox players will receive the patch with this cosmetic in a few days. We’ll make sure to let the Xbox defenders know when they should expect their gift!


Steam Trading Cards

You read that right - we’ve got Steam trading cards for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened now. Because we’re feeling generous today, here’s a sneak peak of a couple of the cards you’ll be able to collect:

FG-5zHYuZzSlB26zkOx5CFfVAIXaWITVFD02BCDh t2Q_XtPeBcinBd1Ov3U_70nTOqvtal-plVG93xmi

Bug Fixes

Along with all of the exciting changes mentioned already, we also fixed a whole bunch of bugs that were bothering players (or helping them a little too much…). Here’s are the fixes defenders can see in the game.


  • Adjusted mask positions to better fit heroes.
  • Fixed an issue where Steam Family Share accounts could play Online.
  • Fixed an issue where “WASD” keys still functioned as movement inputs even when replaced.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple players simultaneously swapping in heroes with Gem boosts allowed them to stack.
  • Fixed an issue where accessories didn’t fade out when cameras switched to first person while players were backed up against a wall.


  • Fixed an issue where enemies were stuck in Magus Quarters.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies were stuck in Endless Spires.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies were getting stuck in the Throne Room.
  • Fixed an issue where Sirens would not attack heroes.
  • Fixed an issue where Skeletons would not show they had full health when resurrected by themselves.


  • Fixed an issue where defenses were able to be placed above the spawn door in Glitterhelm Caverns.
  • Fixed an issue where defenses were able to be placed near the bottom of Lava Mines.
  • Fixed an issue where some tooltips would not appear after cancelling the placement of multiple defenses.
  • Fixed an issue where the inferno trap was not affecting enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where leaving and rejoining a match to let players place multiple Fusion defenses wasn’t working properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Gem pet boost flickered on and off periodically.
  • Fixed an issue where traps with Use Scale after swapping would have a very small scale.

Known Issues

  • Some players are crashing on Xbox, we're currently investigating the issue.
  • Some clients on Xbox are having issues healing. We're currently investigating this issue.
  • Using gamepad, players are having issues selecting the pet and bracer slot.
  • On gamepad, when pressing R3 (right joystick), your character's attribute allocation can get reset.

What’s Next?

While we’ll be monitoring this release and update, addressing any issues that may arise, we’re currently hard at work on getting our other ports for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation out the door to many eager Defenders. That’s not all, as we’re also getting a ton of work done on brand new content, including heroes, maps, enemies, and so much more! We’ll be getting word out soon to give all Defenders insight into what’s coming for DDA, and maybe a tease or two along the way.

Social Defenders

To get reliable updates on all things DDA, make sure to follow us on all our social platforms:

For Etheria!
Chromatic Games



Greetings Defenders,

Patch 1.0.3 is available now on all platforms! Login now to get your FREE Beat the Heat Bundle, which is available from the in-game shop. The free bundle will disappear on August 10th, so don’t miss out!

FREE Beat the Heat Bundle & Double Gold Weekend Events

Login for the next two weeks and get free, exclusive items! You’ll find your free bundle at the in-game Shop (accessible through the Shop menu on the Pause screen). These items are only available until August 10th!

  • A free 4,000 Defender Medal gift!

  • An exclusive Purrville the Helicatter pet!

  • An exclusive Squilbur the Squid hat for the Squire!

  • An exclusive PAWS the Corgi shoulder pal for the Squire!

  • An exclusive shirtless beach Squire accessory!

  • An exclusive Squire beach shorts accessory!

Plus we’re doing TWO Double Gold Weekend events! The first event begins this weekend!

  • July 28th to July 31st:  Double Gold Weekend Event

  • August 4th to August 7th:  Double Gold Weekend Event

Once you redeem the bundle, you'll find your medals in your Inventory as an item. WARNING:  Make sure you have fewer than 8,000 Medals before redeeming or you will not get the full 4,000 Medal gift!

To find your accessories after redeeming the bundle, go to the Costume Shop, go to the Wardrobe, select the Squire, choose his Default costume, and you'll find his new accessories in the appropriate slots!

Loot Drop Updates

After reviewing player feedback and diving into the data, we agree that item progress, especially in Chaos 4-7, was too slow. There were too many items spawning that only gave very small increases in power. This was making it take far too long to beef up all your characters, and the problem grew worse as you played in the later Chaos difficulties.

So with this patch, in all Chaos difficulties (but especially in Chaos 4-7), items now drop with larger power increases than before, and we’ve increased the chances of finding items with larger power increases. Not only that, but we’ve added in the occasional chance for a ‘super drop,’ which gives you a chance at items that are substantially more powerful. There’s still a good bit of randomness in the system, so don’t expect to get loads of high-powered legendaries dumped on you in your first game. But there are now far more opportunities for ‘big wins’ than there were before, and we hope players really feel it!

While we don’t consider this a blanket ‘fix’ to all the known item issues the community has highlighted, we do consider it a great step in the right direction. More changes coming soon!

Four More Chaos VII Trials Maps

We’ve added four maps to the Chaos VII Trials rotation! These maps are:

  • Little-Horn Valley

  • Assault on Throne Room

  • Buried Bastille

  • The Dead Road

You’ll encounter 8 total maps when you tackle the C7 Trials. More Trials improvements to come!


Wall Collision & Range Indicator Updates

We’ve increased the collision size on our blockades!

  • The Spike Blockade collision volume is 37% larger on the X axis and 20% larger on the Y axis.

  • The Volcano's square collision volume is 37% larger.

  • The Training Dummy's square collision volume is 18% larger.

  • The Arcane Barrier's collision volume is 66% larger on the X axis.

  • The Maw of the Earth Drake's collision volume is 25% larger on the X axis.

  • The Viper's Fangs collision volume is 11% larger on both the X and Y Axis.

  • The Colossus' collision volume is 33% larger on its Y Axis.

In addition to this, we’ve added new range indicators on blockades to help you seal your lanes.


Trap Range Indicator Updates

All traps now display two ground decals during placement and inspection modes:  one decal displaying the trigger radius, and another decal displaying the damage range! 


Minimap Improvements

The minimap now displays damage states for defenses. On top of the flashing when they get hit, towers will change colors from green, to yellow, to flashing red when below predefined health thresholds. Defenses that have been destroyed will also show up on the minimap with a blinking icon for 3 seconds for a better at-a-glance view of your moment-to-moment action.

Optimization Improvements

This patch includes several optimization improvements to the game, which should improve framerate on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC versions. We’re exploring more optimization changes to improve framerate, particularly on the console versions. Stay tuned for more information!

Xbox One Crash Fixes

This patch includes more Xbox One crash fixes!

Inventory Improvements

We’ve added a number of Inventory improvements in Patch 1.0.3:

  • Items can now be moved into bags with Auto Sort active.

  • Added a Hero Level/Ascension experience bar to the Inventory.

  • More Shards have unique icons now! This will help you find the Shard you’re looking for.

  • The Inventory now highlights any new item that the player didn't previously own until the player focuses on the new item. This includes auto-equipped items, items that have been manually picked up by the player, and bundled items like Shards.

  • Items selected in your Inventory will now highlight any valid slots on the left side Hero Manager screen, making it easier to determine which items can be equipped where.

  • The number of weapons a hero can equip is now accurate, which means only the Squire has two weapon slots now!

Disable Controller Vibration Option

For those who don’t like to play with your controller shaking like an earthquake, we’ve added the option to disable controller vibration!

Game Browser Gamepad UI Changes

We’ve made several usability changes to the Game Browser UI to make it easier to join and create games on gamepads!

  • When using a gamepad, the Join Game, Create Game and Refresh List options are now permanent keybinds on the Game Browser rather than physical UI buttons you have to navigate to. This should make joining and creating games MUCH easier.

  • On gamepad, individual game information will now update on highlight rather than on interact.

Xbox One Vsync Option

We’ve added a Vsync option for the Xbox One version in this patch!

Controller Deadzone Updates

Thanks to a wonderful Reddit post, we’ve updated our controller joystick deadzones. In case you don’t know, deadzones relate to how far you have to move the joystick from its central resting place before the game registers movement. A large deadzone means you have to push the joystick really far to the edge before movement begins; a small deadzone means very little joystick movement is needed. The result of these changes should improve overall joystick movement and give you more useful deadzone options.

  • Added Deadzone option to PC

  • Deadzones are now circles instead of squares

  • Updated the Deadzone slider to provide more useful deadzone options

Defense Balance Updates

Explosive Trap

While this trap has always had high damage potential, both its trigger and effect ranges limited its practical usage. We've made some quality-of-life improvements to the defense along with a slight power increase.

  • Trigger Range increase 150 -> 225 (+50%)

  • Base Effect Range increased 200 -> 300 (+50%)

  • Defense Power ratio increase 4.5 -> 5.5 (+22%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change

Cannonball Tower

Our stalwart Cannonball Tower now has slightly more reach, slightly faster firing, and slightly more punch.

  • Range increased 2000 -> 2,500 (+25%)

  • Base Attack Rate improved 3.0s -> 2.5s (17% Faster)

  • Defense Power ratio increased 9.5 -> 11.5 (+21%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change

Harpy's Perch

While the Harpy has good range and attack speeds, it needs a lot more punch to be competitive.

  • Defense Power ratio increased 1.9 -> 4.5 (+136%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power changes

Angry Nimbus

Angry Nimbus is now a much longer-range defense, more akin to an Earthshatter, with a wide radius. We've made it cheaper to be easier to deploy. It doesn't have as much raw DPS as other single-target defenses, but its immense range / radius should give it placement options that higher-DPS defenses can't use.

  • Range increased 2,500 -> 4,000 (+60%)

  • DU Cost decreased 80 -> 60 (25% Cheaper)

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 47.5 -> 40 (-16%)


Oby's one of our most-fun defenses, but with an extremely high cost coupled with a primary attack that only deals damage to 1 target very slowly, it was pigeonholed into a very narrow role. We've radically rebalanced the Obelisk by making it cheaper, faster, and at upgraded tiers, apply its cool effects more frequently.

  • Cost decreased 100 -> 40 (60% Cheaper)

  • Base Attack Rate improved 4.0s -> 3.0s (33% Faster)

  • Attack Rate maximum improved from 2.0s max -> 0.75s max

  • Duration of CC effects slightly reduced (to counterbalance the defense having a much faster rate of fire)

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 50 -> 27.5 (-45%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated (uses custom critical damage scaling equal to Defense Power ratio)


Range has been increased for the Ballista, along with a slight rate-of-fire increase.

  • Range 2500 -> 3000 (+20%)

  • Base Attack Rate improved 5.0s -> 4.0s (20% Faster)

Earthshatter Tower

Earthy's undergone a major facelift, drastically reducing its cost and improving its rate-of-fire. Its per-hit damage has come down slightly, but given that it was overkilling many smaller enemies by large values, these net changes should help reduce its massive overkilling problem.

  • Cost decreased 80 -> 60 (25% Cheaper)

  • Base Attack Rate improved 4.0s -> 3.0s (25% Faster)

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 31 -> 25 (-20%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change


Sand Viper

Sand Viper was pretty flexible, but it lacked enough punch to be worth it (Split Vipers aside). We've improved it to keep it competitive in its base form with other defenses.

  • Defense Power ratio increased 4.0 -> 5.5 (37.5%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change

Lightning Strikes Aura

The Lightning Strikes Aura received a bit more of a serious redesign. We have a lot of high-cost, high single-target damage defenses already. We're changing the LSA to have much lower cost, giving it more flexibility of placement, rather than focusing on massive damage per hit.

  • Cost decreased 40 -> 20 (50% Cheaper)

  • Base Attack Rate improved 5.0s -> 4.0s (20% Faster)

  • Attack Rate maximum improved 2.0s max -> 1.0s max

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 21 -> 13 (-39%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change

Hornet's Nest

  • Now properly scales with Defense Speed!

  • Defense Power increased from 1.6 -> 2.8

  • Attack Rate decreased from 0.6 base to 1.2 base

  • Maximum Attack Rate updated to 0.3


Blaze Balloon

The Blaze Balloon has a strong overall damage output, but a high cost that makes it difficult to slot. We've pulled down the cost significantly to make it easier to work into existing builds.

  • Cost decreased 80 -> 60 (25% Cheaper)

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 22.5 -> 17.5 (-22%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change


Poison Dart Tower

When we updated the PDT's targeting, it went from being a 'mostly' single-target tower to a multi-target death machine, and our balance did not really sync well with that functional change. We've revised its balance to bring it down closer to other multi-target defenses like the Flame Aura, while still giving it some punch against single enemies.

  • Dart Defense Power ratio increased 1 -> 1.25 (+25%)

  • Poison Defense Power ratio decreased 4 -> 2 (-50%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated (uses custom critical damage scaling of 3.0)


Serpent's Coil

While the impact of Serpent's Coil is small, we want Mystic players to leverage it and have boosted its power to make it a relatively safe choice.

  • Defense Power ratio increased 3.0 -> 4.5 (+50%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change


Skeletal Archers

Archers were decent, but they weren’t quite strong enough to compete with some of our stronger defenses. We've given the twins some more 'muscle' behind their bows, as much as skeletons can use muscle...

  • Defense Power ratio increased 9.0 -> 11.5 (+27%)

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change


Weapon Manufacturer

Well, apparently the weapon manufacture was mostly manufacturing auras, but very few weapons. We've reduced the overall damage output of its auras in the hopes that it still sees some use, but leans more heavily on the weapon aspect and a little less on the aura aspect.

  • Defense Power ratio decreased 4 -> 3.25 (-19%)

  • Fixed a bug where the node increase Shard effect would remain on built WMs after removing the Shard from the relic

  • Critical Damage ratio updated to match relative Defense Power change

Other Balance Changes

Tiny Ogres (Campaign)

  • Tiny Ogres (Campaign) now have the same rough health/dps as a T3 Drakin

Abyss Stone

Abyss Stone has been refactored. We've enabled proper Criticals and drastically increased the damage-per-hit but reduced its duration. The net result is roughly the same total damage, but with much higher damage-per-second. Additionally, Abyss Stones no longer interfere with the placement of future Abyss Stones.

  • Ability Power ratio increased 6.0 -> 11.0

  • Criticals properly enabled (uses default 15x ratio and proper Hero Crit Chance)

  • Duration decreased 8s -> 6s

  • Attack Rate slowed 0.5s -> 1.0s

Knight of the Abyss

KoA has been almost exclusively the go-to ability for the Abyss Lord, even after our last round of changes, and we're trying to breakup his combat gameplay a bit more by reducing his reliance purely on KoA for both damage and stuns by making this change alongside the Abyss Stone refactor.

  • Ability Power ratio slightly decreased 21.5 -> 20.0

Shatter Combo/Frosty Proton Node

We’ve also finally made some updates to the Shatter combo effect. While we’re super happy to see players using Frosty Proton Node to setup this combo, we felt that the potential damage output of the Shatter effect was a bit too strong. We really didn’t want to nerf Frosty Proton Node, and there was certainly no call to nerf the Cannonball Tower, Earthshatter Tower, etc., so we went with a reduction to the Shatter effect itself. Shatter will still obliterate weaker enemies like Goblins, but after this patch, it will no longer be a guaranteed kill on tougher enemies like Drakin and Berserkers. We’ve also fixed it so it can now damage minibosses / special enemies, instead of just consuming the Freeze and having no effect.

Geode Prime Special Enemy

Geode Prime now has been updated to be a correct special miniboss.

  • Health and Tenacity increased substantially

  • Size and Collision increased as well

  • Loot fixed to have the same loot drops/chances as other specials/minibosses

Other Changes

  • Betsy weapons have been added to the Wayfarer shop.

  • Monk’s Pole Smash can be activated in mid-air.

  • When the Inventory is full and auto-collect is set to pick up items, those items are now sent to the Scavenger.

  • A text announcement will now display when opening an individual Shard Pack letting you know what Shard you received.

  • Updated the Xbox One and PS4 Options menu UI.

  • Increased the placement range of EV2’s nodes.

  • Volume will now update in real-time when adjusting the sliders in the Options menu.

  • Ground lane wisps will now only appear in Campaign Normal.

  • Updated Explosive Trap VFX and scaled them up a bit.

  • Updated melee impact VFX for Squire and Monk.

  • Buff Beam description updated to mention Defense Crit Damage effect.

  • Increased Summary Screen timer to 90 seconds.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an item duping bug. All duped gear has been removed. Thanks for reporting this, Defenders! You da real MVPs.

  • Made multiple changes to reduce the likelihood of seeing an infinite loading screen.

  • Added a possible solution for inventory data getting wiped.

  • Fixed a memory leak related to defenses.

  • Relics will now properly drop while playing as the Gunwitch.

  • The Zapper special enemy will appear in Chaos VII Trials once again! Mwahahaha!

  • Fixed a stuck Siege Roller spawning issue in the Ramparts.

  • Fixed a bug where the Invert Y Axis option wasn’t working properly.

  • Fixed a bug where the Apprentice, Gunwitch and Lavamancer auto-collect options weren’t working properly.

  • Fixed a bug where loot could drop without stats if it dropped while loading into a map.

  • Fixed a bug where Abyss Stones couldn’t be placed in the same spot as a previous Stone.

  • Fixed a bug where Slime Pits and Hornet's Nests would occasionally ignore enemies within range.

  • Fixed multiple bugs where Shards weren’t dealing the correct damage type (Ability Power vs. Hero Damage, etc.)

  • Slime Pit Slimes no longer try to attack flying enemies.

  • Fixed a bug where the mouse cursor set itself to the upper-left corner instead of centered on screen when entering into menus.

  • Fixed a bug where interacting with an item before the tooltip of the item loaded caused the tooltip to never unload.

  • The Use Key context icon no longer appears enabled and usable on the open Lockbox UI when you don't have a key.

  • Fixed a bug where the victory hero waving animations didn’t always play.

  • Fixed a bug where the reticle didn’t correctly change colors for players, NPCs and objectives.

  • Fixed a camera issue with the Seamstress.

  • Fixed animation flickering issues with the Initiate’s Chi Stomp.

  • The Monthly Mission pets from the DM shop are now display their proper meshes when viewed in the Petrinarian UI.

  • Incursion weapons that drop in maps now have the correct level requirements.

  • Fixed a bug where the Gunwitch's weapon wasn’t now properly displaying to other players.

  • Fixed an issue where some cutscenes weren’t rendering properly.

  • Fixed a bug where the Apprentice’s right-click animation wouldn’t play in mid-air.

  • Fixed the name of the Glaive of Storms in the Wayfarer shop.

  • Fixed a bug where purchasing a premium egg and then incubating it right afterward would cause a temp/placeholder icon to appear in Hatchery UI.

  • Fixed a bug where Inventory Tooltips for Weapons, Gear and Pets in the top Inventory rows would get cut off in the comparison view.

  • Fixed a bug where attempting to bind ` or Tab would break all functionality on the controls screen.

  • Fixed several visual bugs and collision issues on the Hot Springs map.

  • Fixed a bug where the controller users couldn’t scroll the Summary Screen on 4:3 resolutions.

  • Fixed a bug where the Haunting Shard VFX was off center of weapon. Now spawns from center of player.

  • Fixed a bug where the Siege Roller would get stuck when killing a blockade with a node nearby.

  • Fixed a bug where the Call of the Kobold Shard VFX was not deactivating properly.

  • Fixed a bug on PC where changing the Graphics Quality Preset option using a gamepad caused it to stick there.

  • Removed some non-obscene phrases from the profanity filter.

  • Fixed a visual bug with the Lockbox UI.

  • Fixed a visual bug with the Initiate’s Defense Boost aura where the VFX would remain after the ability was finished.

  • Fixed a visual bug with the Empowered Beam projectile.

  • Fixed a bug where Hero Crit DMG and Elemental DMG sorting wasn’t accessible by gamepad.

  • Fixed a bug where the hatchery UI would become unusable if a player incubated a Defender Medal egg but closed the UI without actually hatching it.

  • Fixed a VFX bug with EV2’s Proton Charge ability.

  • Bag Inventory warning no longer overlaps Quest UI.

  • The Level Up popup no longer overlaps with the Build Phase/Combat Phase/Wave Complete popups.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dryad World Tree’s “Damage Taken” stat wasn’t accurately displaying.

  • PS4 - The Reset to Defaults popup in the Options menu no longer gets cut off with split-screen active.

  • Fixed a bug where the Lavamancer’s right-click could move players into spawn points.

  • Fixed a bug where a Weapon Manufacturer node could be placed inside a Flame Aura by inspecting the aura.

  • Fixed a typo in the Sandstorm Warrior tooltip to accurately reflect its damage.

  • Fixed a VFX issue with the Blaze Balloon while using the Corrupted Tower Skin set.

  • Fixed a bug where hotswapping heroes would cause the hero to die.

  • Automeow & G4-T0 are now able to roll their unique pet abilities again.

  • Fixed a bug where the Inspiring Strikes Shard could trigger from defense attacks.

  • Fixed a bug where certain special enemies weren’t spawning on the Forest Poachers Incursion.

  • Fixed a bug where the Overwhelming Buster weapon Shard could be equipped to non-weapons.

  • Fixed a bug where the Charged Shot weapon Shard could be equipped to non-weapons and incompatible weapons.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes keybindings couldn’t be rebound.

  • Fixed a bug where the top bar UI currency element would disappear.

  • Fixed a bug where the Apprentice marks wouldn’t clear properly if the Apprentice is hotswapped to another hero,

  • Fixed a bug where the Fiery Brimstone Shard would appear to be equippable for non-Tomes.

  • Fixed a bug where Harbinger Shards were dealing more damage to Siege Rollers than intended.

  • Fixed a bug where Inspect Defense could not be used on EV2 defenses in certain situations.

  • Fixed a bug where volume options when opening certain menus.

  • Fixed a bug where the Skeletal Ramster would not hit targets close to it while under the effects of Direct Command.

  • Fixed a bug where Shards in the World Tree would not get reapplied if the Tree was rebuilt after being destroyed.

  • Fixed a bug where using Pole Smash on larger enemies that can’t get knocked up would still let the Skyguard attack them.

  • Fixed an inventory icon VFX issue.

  • Fixed a bug with flying enemy icons on the minimap.

  • Fixed a bug with shop item tooltips not displaying correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where the Ascension button would sometimes not be active when opening the Inventory.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dryad was able to use abilities during transformation.

  • Fixed a bug where using the Dryad’s Starfall immediately after transforming would cause the ability to malfunction.

  • Fixed a bug where enemies would occasionally spawn under the map on Greystone Plaza.

  • Fixed a bug where the Skeletal Orc blockade would incorrectly accept Direct Command before fully spawning in.

  • Fixed a projectile firing issue with single-shot Polearms where the projectiles weren’t going towards enemies properly.

  • Fixed a VFX problem with Legendary weapons on the Shard Equip screen.

  • Fixed a VFX problem with the Flamethrower tower.

  • Fixed a bug where enemies were able to walk up walls and around light posts on Little-Horn Valley.

  • Fixed a bug where the Harbinger’s ranged attack wasn’t properly damaging certain defenses.

  • Fixed a bug where the Dryad could get visually stuck in corrupt form when hotswapping.

  • Fixed a VFX issue at the Costume Shop.

  • Fixed a bug where the Split Vipers Shard could also grant the Constrictor Shard bonus without having the Constrictor Shard equipped.

  • Fixed a VFX issue with the “New” icon on maps after unlocking them.

  • Fixed a bug where the Fissure defense would remain “busy” if the wave ends while recharging.

  • Fixed an issue with enemies getting stuck in spawners on Nimbus Reach.

  • Fixed a text issue with the Fissure of Embermount.

  • Fixed various text issues with the Heroes Marketplace.

  • Fixed various text issues with the Emporium.

  • Fixed a bug where one of the Buried Bastille cores did not have the correct health value.

  • Fixed a bug where the Campaign boss timers were appearing in Chaos Trials.

  • Fixed a bug where the gamepad controls would sometimes appear on the Game Browser while using mouse/keyboard.

  • Fixed a bug where the full size of the buttons on the Summary Screen were not fully interactable.

  • Fixed a bug where players using gamepads would be unable to join Public Games on the War Table if the auto-collect message would appear.

  • Fixed a bug where players could get trapped inside the falling ships on the Betsy map.

  • Fixed an issue where the flying lane icons would not appear on the Dawn of the Blood Moon Incursion.

  • Fixed a VFX issue with the Ghastly Halberd.

  • Fixed an issue with the taunt VFX from Shards.

  • Fixed a VFX issue on the Create Hero screen.

Known Issues

  • The Minimum Ascension Filter does not work when using the Continue function. This is something we’re going to fix in our upcoming patches.

  • (PC) The controller will not work if you turn on the controller while on the Main Menu after a fresh boot of the game. Rebooting the game or waiting until you reach the Tavern or Town to turn on the controller will get around this issue.


Dungeon Defenders II is officially out of Early Access and free-to-play on Xbox One, PC & PS4! With this major milestone in our game’s history, we’re releasing Update 1.0.

Update 1.0 focuses on our New Player Experience. This update fixes a ton of bugs, adds a lot of polish, introduces more quality-of-life changes, improves our early-game experience, and gets new players through Campaign and deep into Chaos. After today, we’re spinning up on features and changes you’ve been asking for (Endless Mode says hi).

We’ve been in Early Access for more than two years. With more than 60+ updates, Dungeon Defenders II has grown up before our very eyes. It’s been exciting and, quite frankly, a little unnerving to develop a game with you watching every step of the way. Our growth and improvement is because of your support, your feedback and the dedicated members of our team who went above and beyond to drive our game forward. We’re proud of where Dungeon Defenders II is today, but launch is just the beginning. With your support, Dungeon Defenders II is only going to get bigger and better!

Here are the notes for Update 1.0:

Xbox One Version Available Now!

Brewed in secrecy, the Xbox One version is finally here! Download the game for free here.

The Xbox One version includes:

  • All of the content & features from the other versions of the game

  • A limited-time exclusive map & Incursion:  Yeti’s Revenge

    • This map and Incursion will be available on PC & PS4 in our next major update!

  • An exclusive pet

  • An exclusive weapon




The Initiate

Come on and SLAM!

The Initiate is our first gender-swap hero. This powerful Chi-wielding warrior is the gender swap of our bald friend, the Monk. She uses the same defenses as the Monk, but she comes with a suite of new abilities:

  • Chi Stomp:  A powerful slam that can be activated in mid-air!

  • Crippling Chi Wave:  The Initiate builds up a glowing ball of Chi and launches it at her enemies, which damages and debuffs any enemies hit!

  • Talisman of Empowerment:  The Initiate places a talisman on the ground that temporarily boosts the power of nearby defenses!

The Initiate is available at a lower Gem and Defender Medal price than other heroes. And don’t worry:  The Barbarian will have his time to shine soon.

Updated Tutorials

Play our all new Tutorial map and check out our new Tutorial videos with the new How To Play Menu! The new videos and map cover a variety of helpful hints, tips, and tricks that will aid in your defense of Etheria!


Updated Story and Campaign

Etheria has never felt so alive! Play through the updated story in our revamped Campaign experience and stave off the Old Ones advance. Prepare for new threats and twists that will appear. Make sure to keep an eye out during Build Phase!


New Summary Screen & Score System

At the end of each map, whether you win or lose, there’s a new summary screen that will score you based on your performance. Our new scoring system includes many different modifiers and bonuses to help you tweak your builds and get higher and higher on your personal mental leaderboard. Shortly after the release of score, we’ll add some form of score tracking for players to see!


Updated HUD & Health Bars

We’ve updated a number of our Heads-Up Display elements to make the UI cleaner while providing more information. The biggest change is the addition of hero deck hotkeys above the Health Bar. Now you can easily see which hero is in which hero deck slot hotkey, which is especially handy if you’re the kind of player who constantly rotates heroes in and out of your Hero Deck!


New Tower Skins

Check out the all new Bit Crush Dryad, Woodland Apprentice, and Hypno Abyss Lord Tower Skins! (Time for an Abyss Lord/Monk defensive DANCE PARTY! Unce unce unce #hype)


New Shard Icons

We’ve added new iconography for some of the most popular Shards in the game. We’ll continue to improve on our Shard icons after launch!

  • Channel - Icon Type Change

  • Inspiration - Icon Type Change

  • Hero Critical Strike - Minor Border Change

  • Life Leech - Icon Type Change

  • Speed Boost - Icon Type Change

  • Superconductor - Icon Type Change

  • Construction - Icon Type Change

  • Explosive Guard - Icon Type Change

  • Defensive Critical Damage - Minor Border Change

  • Destruction - Minor Border Change

  • Fortification - Minor Border Change

  • Deadly Strikes - Icon Type Change

  • Panic Fire - Icon Type Change

  • Press Your Luck - Icon Type Change


Incursions & Legendary Weapons

As part of our New Player Experience, we’ve introduced Incursions into Chaos! The goal of our Incursions is to provide variety and progression milestones as players progress through Chaos.

Each Chaos tier will now have its own unique Incursions. After completing an Incursion, you’ll unlock unique Legendary weapons at the Wayfarer! The Wayfarer will forge these unique weapons based on your highest powered hero. The Wayfarer will sell these weapons for Defender Medals, so be sure to sell those Souls4Gold when the update comes out!

As for long-term gameplay variety in our endgame, we have a number of interesting changes and features we’re going to add post-launch. Stay tuned!


New Weapons

In addition to the Wayfarer weapons, we’ve added many new weapon models to the game across many of our different heroes. Go forth and get that sweet new loot!


PS4 Optimization

This update improves PS4 framerate, especially when a lot of enemies are on-screen at once. This is just the first of our optimization updates for the PS4 -- shortly after launch, we have a litany of other changes that should improve framerate even more!

Quality of Life

  • Added a new Minimum Ascension Level host option.

  • Added the ability to rename your heroes for free in the Inventory.

  • Added controller sensitivity option on PC.

  • Revamped range indicator decals for visibility.

  • Now you can play and access everything on PC with a controller, including the Options Menu!

  • Added the names of defenses under relic slots.

  • Added Server Region display to the Main Menu.

  • Improved the Flamethrower Tower’s visual effects.

  • Added a minimap and NPC blips to the Heroes Marketplace.

  • Improved player name display with proper capitalization!

  • Added a “Hold <blank> to rotate tower” for PC controller users.

  • Improved and unified the look of many different UIs.

  • Updated the first quest in the game to have smarter text and a better UI.

  • Victory chests show up on all minimaps.

  • The War Table in the Private Tavern should now default to Private Games. Such private. Many seekrits.

  • Updated the game icon to the Squire’s Head. This was the most important change of all.



Core Health

  • Increased the core health in Chaos to protect against enemies one-shotting the core



  • Ballista - Black Arrow damage increased from 50% to 60%.

  • Cannonball - Stun Fire proc increased to 25% and stun duration from 2.4 to 3.0 seconds.

  • Cannonball - Heavy Cannonball damage increased from 950% to 1250%.

  • Earthshatter - Earth Toss proc chance increased from 35% to 100%. Knockup duration increased slightly.

  • Fire for Effect chance increased from 25% to 45%

  • Flame Aura - Encroaching Flames proc chance increased from 25% to 30% and damage increased from 40% to 60%.

  • Skeletal Archer - Explosive Arrows proc chance increased from 15% to 30% and damage increased from 110% to 450%.

  • Snakes on a Plane - Proc chance increased from every 5 seconds to every 3 seconds and damage increased from 525% to 3000%.

  • Enduring Bubble - Levels increased from 8 to 10. Buff duration decreased from +5 seconds to +2 seconds.

  • Lateral Blast - Damage increased from 725% to 2250%.

  • Mega Rock - Proc chance increased from every 10 volleys to every 5 volleys. Damage increased from 1150% to 4000%.

  • Frosty Proton Node - Proc chance increased from 5% to 25%, duration decreased from 5 to 2 seconds.

  • Gunwitch’s Hunting Blind Tower damage unchanged from 0% to 0%.


Betsy Weapons

  • Betsy weapons now have their shards locked in a shard slot to mimic their old, pre-shard passive effects.

  • Apprentice and Huntress Betsy Weapons have had updated firing rates and damage to better match our new balanced solutions.

  • Updated Betsy’s Empowered Lightning Shard description to make more sense.


Bug Fixesss

  • Fixed another magical Proton beam crash. Huzzah!

  • Fixed an issue with an endless black screen after multiple loading screens.

  • Hero Information and Currency indicators should no longer overlap.

  • Improved fullscreen and windowed game display modes.

  • Fixed another Siege Roller stuck issue.

  • Power Transfer Shard functions when equipped to Boost Aura now.

  • “Speeds” are “Orbs” again.

  • “Skulls” are “Marks” again. We have no idea how that happened.

  • This also means the Orb and Mark filters work again!

  • Abyss Lord’s Abyss Stones are now able to crit.

  • This update fixes a bug where multiplayer enemy health scaling was scaling higher than intended. Per-player enemy health scaling is now +25% rather than +50%. Go forth and defend with friends!

  • Fixed an issue where you could not drop a Shard onto a bag icon.

  • Shard Packs and Shards should go through the proper auto-collect flow now.

  • Fixed a text pop up at a really high Ascension level.

  • Jumping and using the right click dash on the Lavamancer should work properly now while dashing around the map. No more randomly hitting invisible walls! HOORAY!

  • The Ogres on the Forest Ambush Incursion thought it’d be really cool to just T-pose for fun. We set them straight.

  • The crosshair reticle should now turn the correct colors when targeting allies and other things in game. It will be colors other than red now! ADDITIONAL HOORAYS.

  • Updated several error message text to make more sense.

  • The resolution selector in the Options Menu is now scrollable with scroll wheels.

  • The World Tree now properly gets destroyed during the Victory animation if it’s too close to the Victory Chests.

  • Updated the description on the Shadowflame Dagger.

  • Updated the consumable tooltip to use the new UI.

  • Combined Power - Serpent’s Coil beams will now attack training dummies.

  • Updated the error text if there are no marked targets for Arcane Volley.

  • Gunwitch’s Snipe Critical Damage Shard no longer applies to all elemental damage.

  • Fixed the Level 50 Level Up Pop Up to show Level 50 instead of “Level 0”.

  • Renamed the default hero names to their classes.  Squire is now “Squire.”  Monk is now “Monk.”  Barbarian is now “Pete.”

  • Fixed a challenge display issue where it would render completed challenges twice in the UI.

  • Flame Aura properly calculates crit damage and chance into its inspected DPS number.

  • Fixed a matchmaking issue where if Player 2 declines, then Player 1 gets an “Unknown Error.”

  • Fiery Brimstone Shard now only works for the Abyss Lord as originally designed and fixed the critical damage scaling on the procs from 100% to 12% where it should be.

  • Unequipping items will go through the auto-collect flow and go to the bags that they should be.

  • Fixed an issue where swapping to EV2 Mark III was causing a rogue torso to display.

  • Fixed Drakken’s eyes and mouths to be glowing properly.

  • Added a notification that a party request has been sent to another player.

  • The “Could not authenticate with Steam… try again?” pop up was missing some buttons.  We gave them back.

  • Fixed a crash if you had selected Exit on a menu screen while an immediate message was being displayed.

  • Mystic’s Dark Torment damage over time critical effect is no longer scaling inversely with hero damage.

  • Fixed a billboard issue on Siege of the Throne Room.

  • Fixed an area where Kobolds could get stuck in the Ruins.

  • G4T0’s facial animations have been restored! Beep boop. Bloop.

  • Fixed a boost aura description typo.  “Precentage” is right… right?

  • Fixed small lighting issues on the Dryad Hornet’s Nest and Slime Pit.

  • Monk’s alternate attack is no longer blocked by towers.

  • Fixed the wyvern death animation.

  • The Weapon Filter on the Filter By… bag no longer has defense stat options.

  • Fixed a spot on Dragonfall Plaza where the Dryad could exit the map.

  • Fixed several small issues with tower damage challenges.

  • Fixed a massive performance issue with Shield Geodes.  Should be most noticeable on PS4.

  • PS4 - Dark Torment’s visual effects now display properly.


Known Issues

  • No “Press G to End Match” message is displayed after beating wave 4 on Airship Battle. This is only a visual problem and G still functions correctly.

  • Glaive of Storms isn’t currently purchasable in the wayfarer shop. It still unlocks and drops from the Power Surge Incursion.

  • Glaive of Storms’ unique shard is missing its icon.



Greetings Defenders,

It’s been a busy few weeks! We were absolutely blown away by the launch reception. As more players dove into the game, we scrambled to put out the server fires. You may have noticed several patches and maintenance updates since launch, which we’re pleased to report have greatly improved our server stability. On the Xbox One side, these server issues also caused several crashing issues -- most of which were fixed in last week’s patch! There’s still work to do, but things are looking brighter by the day.

Alongside Xbox One and server fixes, our team is working on Patch 1.0.3! This patch contains loot tweaks, balance changes, optimization updates, quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes based on the feedback we’ve seen since launch. It also includes a little something special for sticking with us through the launch madness! We’re still finalizing and testing the patch, so we don’t have a release date for Patch 1.0.3 yet. We’ll have a release date for you soon!

Here’s what’s coming in the patch:

FREE Beat the Heat Bundle & Weekend Events

In Patch 1.0.3, we’re giving away some exclusive gifts for hanging with us through our launch kinks. These items will only be available for a limited time once the patch comes out:

  • A free 4,000 Defender Medal gift

  • A free, exclusive Purrville the Helicatter pet!

  • A free, exclusive Squilbur the Squid hat for the Squire!

  • A free, exclusive PAWS the Corgi shoulder pal for the Squire!

  • A free, exclusive shirtless beach Squire accessory!

  • A free, exclusive Squire beach shorts accessory!

  • And our eternal gratitude, which is the most priceless gift of all. Literally. It has absolutely no real-world value. Damn you, society!

Plus we’re doing TWO Double Gold Weekend events when the patch comes out! Keep your eyes peeled for more details on these free items!

Xbox One Crash Fixes

This patch will include more Xbox One crash fixes. It’s also our goal to release another hotfix before this patch releases with even more crash fixes!

Loot Drop Updates

After reviewing player feedback and diving into the data, we agree that item progress, especially in Chaos 4-7, is too slow. There are too many items spawning that only give very small increases in power. This is making it take far too long to beef up all your characters, and the problem gets worse as you play in the later Chaos difficulties.

So with this patch, in all Chaos difficulties (but especially in Chaos 4-7), items will drop with larger power increases than before, and we’re increasing the chance of finding items with larger power increases. Not only that, but we’re adding in the occasional chance for a ‘super drop,’ which gives you a chance at items that are substantially more powerful. There’s still a good bit of randomness in the system, so don’t expect to get loads of high-powered legendaries dumped on you in your first game. But there are now far more opportunities for ‘big wins’ than there were before, and we hope players really feel it!

While we don’t consider this a blanket ‘fix’ to all the known item issues the community has highlighted, we do consider it a great step in the right direction. More changes coming soon!

Four More Chaos VII Trials Maps

We’re adding four maps to the Chaos VII Trials rotation! These maps are:

  • Little-Horn Valley

  • Assault on Throne Room

  • Buried Bastille

  • The Dead Road

You’ll encounter 8 total maps when you tackle the C7 Trials. More Trials improvements to come!

Wall Collision & Range Indicator Updates

We’re increasing the collision size on our blockades!

  • The Spike Blockade collision volume is 37% larger on the X axis and 20% larger on the Y axis.

  • The Volcano's square collision volume is 37% larger.

  • The Training Dummy's square collision volume is 18% larger.

  • The Arcane Barrier's collision volume is 66% larger on the X axis.

  • The Maw of the Earth Drake's collision volume is 25% larger on the X axis.

  • The Viper's Fangs collision volume is 11% larger on both the X and Y Axis.

  • The Colossus' collision volume is 33% larger on its Y Axis.

In addition to this, we’ve added new range indicators on blockades to help you seal your lanes.

Trap Range Indicator Updates

All traps now display two ground decals during placement and inspection modes:  one decal displaying the trigger radius, and another decal displaying the damage range!

Minimap Improvements

The minimap now displays damage states for defenses. On top of the flashing when they get hit, towers will change colors from green, to yellow, to flashing red when below predefined health thresholds. Defenses that have been destroyed will also show up on the minimap with a blinking icon for 3 seconds for a better at-a-glance view of your moment-to-moment action.

Balance Updates

We’re making numerous balance updates to specific defenses with this patch, with a special focus on a few of our less frequently used defenses.

Most of our fixed-target towers (Cannonball Tower, Harpy’s Perch, Earthshatter Tower, etc.) will see a substantial increase in their overall DPS. This is a straight stat boost to these towers, trying to make them competitive with defense that can hit many targets. We want to see these towers leveraged more, especially in Chaos difficulties where projectile towers are expected to shine.

Defenses with extremely slow ATK Rates (Earthshatter, Lightning Strikes Aura, etc.) will see some improvements in their ATK Rate. While we’re not expecting every defense to hit as fast as the Flame Aura, the slow ATK Rates on these defenses has lead to a lot of ‘overkill’ damage and general targeting failures. These defenses will fire faster by roughly a second or so than they are currently, with corresponding adjustments to Defense Power and Crit Damage ratios.

Next up, many of our defenses with very high DU/Mana costs will see their base costs come down. Defenses like the Blaze Balloon have proven hard to use, despite their relatively high DPS outputs, and we want to get them back into regular usage. This change is intended to be more of a usability improvement and not a straight stat buff, so we’re accompanying these changes with corresponding reductions to their Defense Power and Crit Damage ratios when appropriate.

There’s a few bug fixes going in that will affect balance as well. Swapping shards to temporarily increase the max nodes on some of EV2’s defenses has been eliminated; you must leave the shard on the defense or the extra nodes are removed. We’ve also fixed a terrible bug with Hornet’s Nest that was crippling its DPS, and it should result in it being quite a powerful defense again!

We’ve also finally made some updates to the Shatter combo effect. While we’re super happy to see players using Frosty Proton Node to setup this combo, we felt that the potential damage output of the Shatter effect was a bit too strong. We really didn’t want to nerf Frosty Proton Node, and, there was certainly no call to nerf the Cannonball Tower, Earthshatter Tower, etc., so we went with a reduction to the Shatter effect itself. Shatter will still obliterate weaker enemies like Goblins, but after this patch it will no longer be a guaranteed kill on tougher enemies like Drakin and Berserkers. We’ve also fixed it so it can now damage minibosses / special enemies, instead of just consuming the Freeze and having no effect.

And while the reign of the Weapon Manufacturer (and to a lesser extent, the Poison Dart Tower) has been interesting, it’s proven to be too much of a ‘one stop shop’ solution to many Chaos difficulties. As such, we’re making some adjustments to reduce its dominance, with the hopes of seeing diversity increase with these changes plus our numerous defense buffs.

We hope these changes will improve diversity and flexibility amongst builders in all Chaos difficulties! Fans of the Mystic and the Obelisk will want to take special note, as it’s undergoing some pretty radical balance updates with this patch. (It’s basically hit by every one of our core changes listed above!)

Optimization Improvements

This patch includes several optimization improvements to the game, which should improve framerate across all three platforms but particularly on the PS4 and Xbox One versions. We’re exploring more optimization changes to improve framerate on the console versions. Stay tuned for more information!

Inventory UI & Shard Icon Tweaks

We’re adding a number of Inventory UI improvements in Patch 1.0.3:

  • More Shards have unique icons now! This will help you find the Shard you’re looking for.

  • The Experience/Ascension bar is now permanently located on the Inventory screen

  • The Inventory now highlights any new item that the player didn't previously own until the player focuses on the new item. This includes auto-equipped items, items that have been manually picked up by the player, and bundled items like Shards.

  • Items selected in your Inventory will now highlight any valid slots on the left side Hero Manager screen, making it easier to determine which items can be equipped where.

  • The number of weapons a hero can equip is now accurate, which means only the Squire has two weapon slots now!

Disable Controller Vibration Option

For those who don’t like to play with your controller shaking like an earthquake, we’re adding the option to disable controller vibration!

Game Browser UI Changes

We’re making several usability changes to the Game Browser UI to make it easier to join and create games on controllers!

Xbox One Vsync Option

We’re adding a Vsync option for the Xbox One version in this patch!

Controller Deadzone Updates

Thanks to a wonderful Reddit post, we’re exploring updates to our controller joystick deadzones. In case you don’t know, deadzones relate to how far you have to move the joystick from its central resting place before the game registers movement. A large deadzone means you have to push the joystick really far to the edge before movement begins; a small deadzone means very little joystick movement is needed. The result of these changes should improve overall joystick movement and give you more useful deadzone options. This is a stretch goal for the patch, so if it doesn’t come out in this patch, it’ll come out in the patches following.

Bug Fixes

Finally, this patch will contain a number of bug fixes, including a fix for the auto-collect options not working properly.

Thanks for your support, Defenders, and stay tuned for more information on Patch 1.0.3 and the FREE Beat the Heat bundle!

The Trendy Team


Hey all! We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Sony to bring Dungeon Defenders II exclusively to the PlayStation 4! In fact, you’ll be able to play the game tomorrow on PS4 at the PlayStation Experience. If you’re going, be sure to stop by Sony’s booth to say hi. We’ll have various people at their booth all day showing off the game.

Stay tuned to our blog for more details on the PS4 version in the future. We still have a ton of work to do, but we’re excited to finally be bringing Dungeon Defenders back to a console. We’ve just completed our first controller pass (it needs a bunch of work!) and are exciting to dig into some other features, like local co-op and a controller-based UI. And yes, all of those features will also be coming to the PC version!

[CG] Brittani


The Dungeon Defenders II update you’ve been patiently waiting for is here for Steam and Xbox (with PS4 releasing after we pass certification)! In our update preview post, we let you, our glorious defenders, in on some of our juicy secrets, but of course we had more up our sleeves. It’s time to throw away those parkas because winter is gone—don’t worry, though. Ol’ Peepers will be there to spread the gift-giving spirit YEAR ROUND. We also fixed a ton of bugs, nipped a bunch of exploits in the bud, and introduced lots of new bundles for heroes and items. Now, let’s get into all the deets!!

Winter is Over

The great thaw has begun and we will finally see an end to the polar vortex that ran amok on the Town Hub of our beloved Defenders. The Winterfest Tree and Father Winter have gone into hiding, the snow has finally melted away, and there appears to be a new character who has taken up residence here.

New Daily Login Rewards and Ol’ Peepers


Ol’ Peepers is a long-time friend of the Etherians and is finally ready to venture into the urban lifestyle this update. He’ll be delivering daily gifts and consumables for the low low price of 1000g to the good Defenders visiting the Town Hub ALL YEAR LONG. Along with the gifts you all normally expect to see when you log in daily, Ol’ Peepers will also have a chance to drop Carnival consumables. What kinds of Carnival consumables, you may ask? Check them out:

  • Trust me Disguise
    • Gives the player the ability to deal 1.25x more damage for a limited time.
  • Lucky Bunny Mask
    • Gives the player the ability to jump 1.5x higher for a limited time.
  • Rainbow 'Fro
    • Gives the player the ability to spawn cat projectiles for a limited time.
  • Snow Liger
    • Gives the player the ability to go 1.25x faster for a limited time.
  • Imperial Grin
    • Gives the player 25% extra damage resistance for a limited time.

Introducing Two New Shards and a New Pet

Keep an eye out for the Lava Warrior Shard and the Boosted Beam Shard, newly added to the game. The Lava Warrior shard generates additional lava charges on successful melee attacks, bolstering the abilities of our Lavamancer. While the Boosted Beam Shard will increase the damage boost given by the Buff Beam, an exciting addition to EV-2’s arsenal.

Also, hidden among the loot of the Wyvern Den Prime Incursion is a Crystalline Betsy!

New Bundles


Let’s get pumped for some ridiculously awesome hero bundles! We felt our current offerings didn’t meet all defenders’ needs, so we went back to the drawing board and came up with a more player-focused approach to bundling that will get you more bang for your gems. Have you ever wished for the Dryad to magically pop into your hero inventory, or had your younger sibling spend all your gems behind your back without adding the must-have Gunwitch? Well, you’re in luck because our All Heroes Bundle will get you both the Dryad AND the Gunwitch AND so much more.

If you’re adding new heroes to your plate, you’ll definitely need some skins to customize your vibe. There are several new hero skin bundles to choose from now, including “Heating Up” with Molten skins and “Out of This World” with Galaxy skins. Here is the full list of new bundles:

All Heroes Bundle

  • Contains the Abyss Lord, EV2, Gunwitch, Lavamancer, Mystic, Dryad, Initiate, Adept, Barbarian.
  • Available for 3,200 gems for a limited time.

Hero Skin Bundles

  • Legendary Guardian Supporter
    • Contains Guardian of Fire Huntress, Guardian of the Molten Citadel Squire, Guardian of the Dead Apprentice, Guardian of the Storm Monk.
  • Technological Upgrade
    • Contains EV2 Mark 3, Techwitch Gunwitch, and Cybermancer Lavamancer costumes.
  • Heating Up
    • Contains the Molten Master Abyss Lord, Molten Juggernaut Lavamancer, and Doomfire Regalia Adept costumes.
  • Out of This World
    • Contains Galaxy Apprentice, Galaxy Squire, Galaxy Huntress, Galaxy Monk costumes.
  • Very Far Away
    • Contains Dark Disciple Squire, Arcanatrooper Apprentice, Galactic Assassin Huntress, and Dark Shawl Monk costumes.

New Tower Skins

You asked for more tower skins, and we’re delivering with this Hypno Tower Skin bundle! We teased these on our social page yesterday and they’re now ready for defending. Look how perrrrrty they are (pic below) - how could you NOT grab these, like, right now? The bundle will include skins for all towers and defenses, so no excuses allowed.


We know defenders are yearning for more tower skins. Rest assured, we’re experimenting with other fun looks and hope to keep the good vibes going with more new tower skins in the future.

New Shards

The addition of the Shard Shop was such a huge success that we wanted to bring even more player-requested bundles to this space. Introducing brand-spanking-new bundles for the most in-demand shards in Etheria! Which bundle are you most excited to grab first?! That’s a serious question—we can’t decide which one to grab first for ourselves.

  • Starter Defense Shard Bundle
    • 5 Destruction, 5 Fortification, and 5 Defensive Critical Damage Shards
  • Advanced Defense Shard Bundle
    • 5 Deadly Strikes, 5 Defense Rate, and 5 Defensive Critical Strike Shards
  • Starter Hero Shard Bundle
    • 4 Speed Boost, 4 Construction, 4 Worm Scarf, and 4 Bulwark Shards
  • Advanced Hero Shard Bundle
    • 4 Critical Strike, 4 Inspiration, 4 Channel, and 4 Jackpot Shards
  • Golden Destruction Bundle
    • 11 Destruction Shards + 300,000g
  • Golden Fortified Bundle
    • 11 Fortification Shards + 300,000g
  • Golden Damage Bundle
    • 11 Defensive Critical Damage Shards + 300,000g
  • Golden Speed Bundle
    • 11 Defense Rate Shards + 300,000g

Persistent Tower Option

The excitement is real with this new quality of life update. With the Persistent Tower option, you can summon, upgrade, and sell towers by only activating each button once! We tested this out in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened and it’s been a huge success with the community. It was kind of a no-brainer for us to add it to DD2, as well. Can’t wait to hear how much you all love it!


This option will be on by default, but for those players who want to maintain the original tower placement/upgrade/sell experience, there is a menu option in Options under Gameplay called “Persistent Tower Interaction” that you can uncheck.

Balance Changes

We love hearing from the community about the good AND the not-so-good because it helps us make Etheria as enjoyable as possible for as many defenders as possible. With this, we’ve been listening to your feedback and fixed a bunch of bugs and issues reported by our dedicated defenders, and added in some fun elemental combinations to keep the game new and exciting for defenders of all levels. We also toned a few things down that were a bit too strong from overwhelming player feedback.


  • Maps
    • Onslaught
      • The Draken Lord no longer appears in Onslaught.
  • Mods
    • “Anti-” Mods
      • Damage has been reduced by 23%.
    • Controller Servo
      • Damage reduced by 16%.
    • Shocking Revelations
      • Is now “Stunning Revelations”
        • Now deals Magical Damage instead of Storm Damage.
        • Damage has been increased by 200%.
        • Now stuns for 2 seconds.
      • You can now include servos while using this mod.
  • Shards
    • Draining Strikes
      • Damage reduced by 75%.
      • Is now Multiplicative instead of Additive.


    • Pet damage now scales off Gear Score.
    • Rebalanced ALL pets!
      • Upgrades have been buffed.
    • NEW Crystalline Betsy Pet!
      • Can be found in The Wyvern Den Prime Incursion

    Elemental Combos

    • Fire and Oil Elemental Combo
      • Now melts enemy armor, increasing the damage they take from all sources by 25%
    • Ice and Earth Elemental Combos
      • No longer require crushing damage.
      • Hitting a frozen enemy with earth damage increases the earth damage dealt and also stuns them for 2.5 seconds


    Abyss Lord

    • Fiery Brimstone
      • Damage increased by 200%.


    • Defenses
      • Hailstorm Tower
        • Reduced the animation to have higher damage uptime.


    • Abilities
      • Siphon Stance
        • Base healing value reduced by 50%.


    • Defenses
      • Harpy Tower
        • Reduced the animation to have higher damage uptime.
      • Hornet’s Nest
        • Increased the number of hornets on a single enemy to 6 from 3.


    • Abilities
      • Piercing Shot Cast animation time reduced by 35%.
    • Defenses
      • Explosive Trap
        • Reduced damage dropoff by 35%.
      • Geyser Trap
        • Radius increased to 800 from 400.
    • Shards
      • Explosive Surprise
        • Damage radius updated to reflect Geyser Trap buff.


    • Shards
      • NEW Lava Warrior Shard
        • Lava Warrior Shard generates lava charges on successful melee attacks.

    Series EV-2

    • Defenses
      • Buff Beam
        • Increased the collision radius by 100%.
      • Reflect Beam
        • Damage done reduced by 80%.
        • DU cost per node is now 10.
    • Shards
      • NEW Boosted Beam Shard!
        • Increases the damage boost by the Buff Beam.


    • Shards
      • Unholy Fire
        • Damage increased by 81% and now scales off of armor.

    Bug Fixes


    • We have fixed several game-breaking exploits to make the DD2 world a better place. Like a lot of them. Like building way more than you should, getting too many hyper shards, upgrading exploits, and more.
    • Fixed an issue where Grave Infection and Frostfire Remnants were stacking.
    • Fixed an issue where players could kill other players in Hubs.
    • Fixed an issue where locked mods could be moved to other weapons.


    • Removed Gilding for Hyper Shards.
    • Fixed an issue where Grave Infection was dealing too much damage and dealing a second set of 1 damage ticks.
    • Fixed an issue where the Shackled mod did not work on normal Assassins.
    • Fixed a bug where the Geyser trap’s VFX was not scaling properly.
    • Fixed an issue where Ancient Power no longer resets Hyper Shard progression.
    • Fixed an issue where defenders could not play Floor 480.
    • Fixed an issue where Harpy Tower would continue to fire after being stunned.
    • Fixed a collision issue with Material Conversion Vendor.
    • Fixed Ascension Monk’s Boost percentage.
    • Fixed an issue where Oil Geysers were slowing Friendly players.
    • Fixed an issue with the shard shop persisting tooltips when the page changes.
    • Fixed a performance issue when using items with passives.

    Social Defenders

    To stay up-to-date on the latest news from Chromatic Games and the Dungeon Defenders franchise, follow us on all our social channels:

    For Etheria!
    Chromatic Games


    Greetings Defenders,

    Dungeon Defenders II:  Power of the Ancients is live for all platforms! This expansion is full of new progression, power, and challenges.

    The content released in this expansion is massive.  We’ve included the long awaited Onslaught game mode, our new largest map ever, The Lost Temple, and our new Ancient Power system.  There’s tons of things to share in these patch notes, so let’s get right to it!



    Onslaught introduces a new floor based progression, enemy Mutators, and unique enemy schedule and lane selection. You gain better loot with every floor, see different enemies in every lane, and have to tailor your defense to each and every threat. The deeper you descend, the stronger your opponents become, unleashing familiar Trials enemies, as well as progressively difficult Mutators and enemy schedules.

    In addition to the new systems, we’ve added some new Onslaught rewards!  For beating certain floors, you can unlock new Flair sets.  You might even be able to find a new companion from Victory Chests…

    Did we mention Victory Chests?  Onslaught will feature a new Victory Chest that is exclusive to Onslaught and is a little more visually impactful. You’ll see what we mean when you beat your first floor!

    Floor Progression

    In each floor of Onslaught, there can be 1-3 maps on each floor.  This will cycle between 1, 2, and 3 until you reach our end-game scaling around Floor 60.

    For Example:

    • Floor 1: 1 Map

    • Floor 2: 2 Maps

    • Floor 3: 3 Maps

    • Floor 4: 1 Map

    • Floor 5: 2 Maps

    And so on and so forth. In our end-game, every floor will be three maps.

    Each floor that you beat will have better and better loot up to our current maximum Chaos VII level.


    Mutators are a system that existed in the game previously, but now we’ve really cranked it up to eleven. There are over 20 different Mutators that will unlock as you progress deeper into Onslaught. These Mutators will be semi-randomly selected based on the enemies that they’re assigned to.  Mutators will shift and change how you need to build each lane, so pay attention to the enemy billboards that appear over each enemy spawn, and check out the new corresponding Mutator icons that will show up when you target an enemy that has one.  We’ve blacklisted certain combinations of Mutators from appearing together, but there are some crazy combinations that will definitely crank up the difficulty for players interested in strategizing.

    Some Example Mutators:

    • Berserker Mutator:  Enemies start off weak, but become stronger the longer they are alive.

    • Exhaustion Mutator:  Enemies start off strong, but become weaker the longer they are alive.

    • Detonator Mutator:  When enemies die, they explode, causing damage to heroes and defenses around them.

    New Enemy Schedules

    Groups of enemies within our game are referred to as “schedules” in our studio.  These schedules determine what types of enemies that spawn out of each enemy lane.  In Onslaught, each lane will spawn a different enemy schedule and will require you to build a set of defenses that is effective against that group of enemies.

    Example Enemy Schedules:

    • Game Ogre Enemy Schedule:  All enemies are Ogres.

    • Timmy’s Revenge Enemy Schedule:  Every type of Goblin in a lane. Gobu.

    • Cy-hex Lava-zerker Wompers: Cyborks, Hex Throwers, Lava Orcs, Berserkers, and Melee Goblins… have fun!

    • And many more!

    New Gating and Unlock Progression

    The choice is YOURS!... in regards to how you progress. As you unlock more floors through Onslaught, more tiers of Trials are unlocked, and on the flip side, the more Trials tiers you complete, the more floors you unlock. Current players that have completed certain difficulty levels of Trials will already have appropriate Onslaught floors unlocked. For example, players that completed Chaos VII have Onslaught Floor 55 available now. Here’s a list of where you’ll end up in this expansion when you first load in:

    • Chaos I:  Onslaught Floor 3

    • Chaos II:  Onslaught Floor 4

    • Chaos III:  Onslaught Floor 7

    • Chaos IV:  Onslaught Floor 10

    • Chaos V:  Onslaught Floor 16

    • Chaos VI:  Onslaught Floor 37

    • Chaos VII: Onslaught Floor 55


    Defenders can choose to progress through each Floor of Onslaught, or clear through our unlock progression via Trials and each Chaos difficulty.  Check the Challenges UI for details about when these unlock or check out the next Chaos level of Trials at the War Table and it will show you the requirement needed to unlock the next level.

    The Lost Temple


    It’s HUGE, it’s crazy, and it changes every time you play!  The Lost Temple is by far the largest and most interesting level we’ve ever made. During each visit to this humongous map, different lanes and cores will be selected and activated, providing a different experience upon each visit. As you are playing the map, keep an eye out for an additional lane opening up.  When a new lane opens up, we’ll give you more mana and Defense Units to be able to properly defend it.

    Another awesome addition to this map is the sheer number of enemies that will be able to be on the map.  Combat may be a little more chaotic with the huge waves of enemies that will be spawning on this map.  We cranked up the number of enemies on screen by almost 200%!  Maybe even more?  I don’t know, it’s insane… but also very fun.  We hope you’ll enjoy it.

    Ancient Power


    Get far enough into Onslaught, and unlock the ability to gain Ancient Power, an additional character progression system. Each time you gain Ancient Power, you will receive a number of permanent account buffs, raise the maximum cap of points that you can put into each Ascension talent, and keep/increase your new Minimum Ascension Level.  

    Minimum Ascension Level

    The Minimum Ascension Level is based on your Highest Achieved Ascension Level, your Highest Achieved Floor of Onslaught, and will increase each time that you push your limits.  You will gain +3 to your Minimum Ascension Level for each additional Floor of Onslaught that you beat over Floor 65 and for every 50 Ascension Levels that you have when you finally hit “Gain Ancient Power”.  When you gain Ancient Power, your new Ascension Level after the reset will be whatever your Minimum Ascension Level is.

    For example:

    On your first playthrough, you hit the minimum requirements to gain Ancient Power and have beaten Floor 65 and have 250 Ascension Levels.  Your Minimum Ascension Level will be 15.  You got +0 for beating Floor 65 since you didn’t push above it, and you gained +15 for your 250 Ascension Levels.

    On your second playthrough, you also only do the minimum requirements to gain Ancient Power.  You will gain +0 to your Minimum Ascension Level because you did not push any additional Floors past 65, and you didn’t gain any additional Ascension Levels that would have raised your “Highest Achieved Ascension” number.

    At this point you need to push Onslaught Floors or Ascension Levels over 250 to gain more Minimum Ascension Level.

    Permanent Buffs

    Each time you gain Ancient Power you will also yield permanent buffs:

    • +5% Permanent Experience Bonus.

    • +5% Permanent Gold Gain Bonus.

    • Ascension Talent Cap raised by an amount that corresponds with your progression.

    • Increase or Keep your new Minimum Ascension Level.

    Ancient Powers

    In addition to the permanent buffs, you will also receive one point that you can allocate into a number of additional unique Powers!  These are the ones that stack with other party members.  Some of these include:

    • Increased Tower Health %.

    • Increased Tower Damage %.

    • Lifesteal based of x% of Hero Damage dealt.

    • Reduced resurrection timer.

    • Increased resistances %.

    • And more!

    All the buffs can be used in every game mode!

    Limited Progression Reset

    When you gain Ancient Power, your progression will be reset back to Onslaught Floor 1 and Chaos I with your gear and shards reset to that appropriate level.  Using your new Powers, you’ll be able to reprogress back through our end-game at a quicker pace and push into deeper floors of Onslaught with your newfound strength!


    We are adding leaderboards to see who have progressed the furthest through Onslaught. There are two new boards that track different things. The first, our Onslaught Leaderboard, will track the furthest floor progressed similar to Mastery’s leaderboard (i.e. players completing the highest floor at the same are both listed as first).

    The second, our Ancient Power Leaderboard, will track which players have acquired the most Ancient Power. There is more info regarding these leaderboards down the road, but are currently used to see who is the best of the best!

    Defender Packs

    We’re introducing a new system, Defender Packs, to acquire flairs, costumes, pets, and accessories. We weren’t a fan of our old lock box system because it had limited accessories you could unlock, and required keys to open them. Defender Packs were made to always feel rewarding whenever you received one. There are various ways to acquire them, a couple include completing the campaign or progressing through Onslaught. They have a chance to drop from the highest floor you've completed, even when farming your highest floor. If you’ve already completed the campaign, you automatically receive the Defender Packs you would have earned.

    Defender Packs include a giant inventory of different skins and flairs, some being extremely rare and prestigious. If you happen to receive a flair, costume, or accessory you already own, you’ll be rewarded handsomely with gold instead!


    Forest Biome

    • Updated to give 1250 mana from 1000 mana.

      • Now matches the maps Defense Unit cap.


    • Updated to give 1250 mana from 1000 mana.

      • Now matches the maps Defense Unit cap.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a button display issue with Ev-2 when placing a defense with a controller.

    • Fixed an issue with Frosty Power not displaying Defense Power as a valid stat.

    • Fixed an issue where Serpent’s Coil was not displaying kills and damage dealt.

    • Fixed an issue where Automation was healing more than intended.

    • Frostbite Tower can now target training dummies.

    • Fixed a spelling error with The Dawn of the Blood Moon Incursion.

    • Fixed an issue where the “G-Up” sound was not playing correctly.

    • Fixed a pet unequip issue at the Petrinarian.

    • Fixed an issue where the town hub music was tied to the SFX slider.

    • Thunderbolts and Lightning can only be equipped to magic staves now.

    • Fixed Lavamancer Harden/Inflame VFX.

    • Fixed an issue with Start Campaign appearing after completing it.

    • Escape can now cancel pet rerolls.

    • Water spout trap now named properly.

    • Orbs should no longer drop during Campaign.

    • Less words are caught by the profanity filter now.

    • Glaive of Storms attack animation ends correctly now.

    • Fixed an issue where controller inputs could provide an extra daily mission.

    • Fixed an issue where EV2's Proton Charge was dealing around twice as much damage as it should have been.

    Known Issues

    • We are investigating an issue where Harpy’s Perch currently does not gain the pierce buff while corrupted.

    • We are investigating an issue where Angry Nimbus does not gain storm damage or change material while in Corrupt form.

    • Frosty Beams Shard affected enemies are not kept frozen through the entire duration.

    • Vampiric Empowerment Shard’s current stat boost is being displayed incorrectly.

    • Automation does not work on Snaking Sands, Slime Pits, Geyser Trap, and Angry Nimbus towers.

    • Tuskar is currently using Witherbeast's icon.

    • Assault on Throne Room with mini-Ogres has a chance to spawn at the core.

    • Mutator text descriptions are small and hard to read on consoles.

    This is just the start for what’s to come in Dungeon Defenders II! We poured a lot of love into Power of the Ancients and know you’ll enjoy Onslaught. We have a lot of planned for Dungeon Defenders II in 2018, and are grateful for the support you show us to make the game the best it can be.

    For Etheria!

    The Dungeon Defenders II Team


    Dungeon Defenders II is launching on Xbox One, PC & PS4 on June 20th!

    For more than two years, we’ve delivered 60+ updates during Early Access. We’re finally ready to tell the world that Dungeon Defenders II is officially here. And we’re excited to tell people that, yes, we’re bringing our game to the Xbox One!

    On June 20th, Dungeon Defenders II will be free-to-play on ALL platforms. If you’ve been waiting for F2P to jump into the PS4 version, or if you’ve been waiting for the Steam version to leave Early Access, that day is your day.

    When the Xbox One version launches, it'll come with an exclusive pet, an exclusive weapon and a limited-time exclusive map. The new map will make its way to the other versions shortly after the release of the Xbox One version! What is that new map? Perhaps the trailer above offers some clues.

    We know you have plenty of questions. We’ve tried to anticipate and answer the more popular ones below, but if you have another question, ask us in the comments!

    Your Anticipated Questions

    First of all, how hard was it to keep the Xbox One version a secret?

    SO DAMN HARD. You have no idea how many times we wanted to tell people. Yes, we love our Xbox fans, and we can’t wait for you to experience Dungeon Defenders II three weeks from now!

    Is Xbox One free-to-play?

    Yes! From the very first day, the Xbox One version is free-to-play.

    Is the Xbox One version up-to-date with the PC & PS4 versions?

    We’re working right now to get the Xbox One version as close to the PC & PS4 versions as possible. If it’s not at parity with the other versions on launch day, we’ll get the Xbox One version on parity shortly thereafter.

    Will the Xbox One version always be up-to-date with the PC & PS4 versions?

    On the Xbox One, we need to put our updates through a more stringent certification process than we do on PC or PS4. It’s our goal to release Xbox One updates as close to day-and-date as possible, but the cert process could mean that Xbox One updates could come out a little later.

    Is this the end of development?

    NO. With your support, we’re going to bring new content, new features, quality-of-life changes, optimization improvements, continued bug fixes and so much more to Dungeon Defenders II.

    What are you working on between now and launch?

    We’re going to share those details over the coming weeks, but the big picture is bug fixing, polish, feature completion, bringing back Incursions & Incursion weapons into our endgame, and a few extra surprises. Stay tuned for the full details!


    "Those who want Power must cast themselves into the Chaos." - A quote we totally didn't make up.

    Greetings Defenders,

    Trials: The Endgame Update is the systems update you’ve been waiting for. We’re improving progression, herocrafting, strategy, challenge and so much more. We’re pouring every ounce of ourselves into our most ambitious update yet, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do when it comes out soon.

    There’s a lot in this update, which also includes new threats, new difficulties, new ways to play, a new Inventory, balance updates, quality of life improvements, bug fixes and more, but this week, let’s focus on the new power you’ll find in the update:


    Shards: A New Way to Build Your Hero

    Our brave Etherian scouts ventured deep into the emerging Chaos. While evading fearsome new foes, they discovered powerful new artifacts called Shards! Shards slot into your Defenses, Weapons and Armor where your passives once were. Shards give you extra buffs, bonuses and sometimes even new functionality, which can be upgraded to augment your defensive capacity!

    Defenses can hold up to three Defense Shards; Weapons and Armor can hold up to two Hero Shards. When you enter the new update, you’ll find your previously acquired gear -- slightly modified -- alongside a complimentary collection of Shards to start you on your way. Those with iPWR 750 loot will initially venture further into Chaos than other players by leveraging these complimentary Shards, but all will eventually find their way to greater iPWR glory (more on this in a future report). Best of all, most Shards can be moved between gear, which allows you to modify and improve your builds without losing earned progress!

    Gone are the days when you bowed in tyranny to the RNGsus of Passives. Now you only need to bend one knee slightly to the Shard Gods!

    Summary of the Shards system:

    • Goodbye Passives and Skill Spheres; hello Shards!

    • Shards are gemlike artifacts that slot into your Defenses, Armor and Weapons

    • Shards give you extra buffs, bonuses and sometimes even new functionality

    • Shards are found as loot drops separate from your other gear

    • Shards are upgradeable

    • Most Shards can be moved between gear. No more leaving your Passives behind when you find an iPWR upgrade!

    • Defenses can hold up to 3 Shards and can only equip Defense Shards

    • Armor and Weapons can hold up to 2 Shards and can only equip Hero Shards

    • When you login, you’ll be given Shards to help you on your journey into Chaos, and depending on how many Skill Spheres you’ve purchased, you’ll be given a ton of gold (which you might think you have enough now, but you’ll need all the gold you can get for upgrading Shards)


    Ascension: Go Beyond Level 50

    While our scouts risked life and limb in the Chaos, our magical scholars made a discovery of their own -- you can now go beyond Level 50! They’re calling it the Ascension system, and they’re quite proud of the name. (They’re as smug as they are clever, those scholars.)

    Oh, and what’s the new limit, you ask?

    You’ll be delighted to know our scholars believe this path to be limitless! Trust us, our scholars have been testing it. They’re as thorough as they are smug.

    When a hero hits Level 50, any XP gained from that point forward goes towards your Ascension Level. Some of you might be wondering whether a deck of four Level 50 Heroes gives you four times the Ascension XP. Some of you might be on the right track! Having multiple level 50 Heroes and braving the toughest challenges rewards you with the greatest bounty.

    Earning an Ascension Level gives you points to invest in Ascension Powers. Some Ascension Powers are universal while others are unique to specific heroes. To be the best, you’ll need to rise off your laurels, test yourself, bring your A-game and choose your Powers wisely.

    Summary of Ascension:

    • Go beyond Level 50 with the Ascension system!

    • When a hero hits Level 50, all XP gained after that point goes towards your Ascension Level

    • Earning Ascension Levels gives you points to invest into Ascension Powers

    • Some Ascension Powers are universal for all heroes; some are unique to each hero

    • Harder challenges will grant more Ascension XP

    • Four Level 50 heroes in your Hero Deck = 4x the Ascension XP


    All Heroes Become Master Builders AND Master Fighters

    The Blacksmith and the Relic Hunter have something up their sleeves for you, too. You’ve seen them cozied up in the Marketplace, haven’t you? They’ve been working on updates to Relics, Armor and Weapons that will transform your heroes into simultaneous master defense strategists and combat experts!

    All Relics are now Defense Relics

    The Relic Hunter fashioned a method for attaching a Relic onto each of your Defenses. Rather than specializing all your gear towards a single Defense, you can now augment each of your Defenses individually! Want a Defense Health Blockade and a Defense Speed Ballista? Done.  Want Defense Range Cannonballs with Defense Power Training Dummies? Easy. You can do all of that with a single hero! Mix and match Relics, Defense Shards and Ascension Powers to make a build that is specifically you!

    And yes, you read that above correctly:  The Relic Hunter rediscovered Defense Speed and Defense Range! Be sure to stop by the Marketplace to thank him.

    Armor and Weapons Reforged

    In conjunction with the Relic Hunter, the Blacksmith reforged Armor and Weapons into Hero Gear!   Similar to Relics, Hero Gear will now allow you to empower and modify your raw combat potential and mystical abilities. Combine gear with Shards and Ascension Powers to make your mark in the annals of Etheria.

    Summary of Loot Changes:

    • Now you can build powerful defenses AND be a powerful fighter at the same time

    • All Relics are becoming Defense Relics

    • Defense Speed and Defense Range are returning as stats!

    • You can equip a Relic per defense, so you can customize the stats of each defense individually

    • Armor and Weapons will now roll with only Hero stats, which means you don’t have to choose between hero stats or defense stats!

    These loot changes combined with Shards and Ascension Powers provide new potential for hero builds, and we can’t wait to see what new builds you’ll create.

    Phew! That was a lot, and we haven’t described even half the changes coming in the update! In our report next week, we'll shine a light on the forces of Chaos that stand between you and your new power.

    Frequently Anticipated Questions

    You haven’t asked them yet, but we know you’re going to.

    Q:  Wait, there's even more coming in this update?

    Yep! This is hands down our most ambitious update. We're putting in long hours to make this the best update yet, and we hope you’ll enjoy our changes as much as we do.

    Q:  Does Trendy need feedback on these changes? How can I help with that?

    Yes, we do! The most useful feedback would be your hands-on impressions, and if you want to do that, you can join our Remote Playtesting Group. Email dani.moore[at]trendyent.com if you’re interested! Other than that, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

    Q:  What’s happening to the Passive and Skill Sphere systems?

    Most Passives and Skill Spheres are being converted into Shards and some are becoming Ascension Powers. When you login, you’ll be given a number of Shards to aid you on your journey into Chaos, and depending on how many Skill Spheres you’ve purchased, you’ll be given a ton of gold (which you’ll need for upgrading Shards). Those who have purchased more Skill Spheres than others will be given a big leg up here as gold will be key to upgrading Shards and getting further into Chaos faster than other players. And those who farmed iPWR 750 loot will be able to start deeper into Chaos than others.

    Q:  What happens to my current Relics, Weapons and Armor?

    The most important thing is that your iPWR will remain the same! Your Medallions and Totems will still be Defense focused. Any Defense stats on weapons and armor will be rerolled into Hero stats. Rings will become a Defense Relic and will contain Defense stats. And again, if you have iPWR 750 loot, you’re ahead of the curve.

    Q:  Does that mean that investing my time into Skill Spheres and farming gear was worthwhile?

    Yes! The more Skill Spheres you purchased, the more gold you’ll receive when this update comes out. Gold is essential to upgrading Shards and gear. And your iPWR will be untouched in the update, so those with higher iPWR gear will be able to start further into Chaos than other players when used in conjunction with the new Shard system! It’s always a little tricky when an in-development game makes big changes, but top-tier players now should remain our top-tier players when the update comes out.

    Q:  Will one Defense Relic give me the same amount of stats for a Defense as before?

    Maybe not perfectly 1:1, but the goal is that one Defense Relic along with your Shards and your Ascension Powers should give you all the power you need for an individual defense. Our overall goal is that you can have the power fantasy of being an awesome builder and an awesome fighter at once.

    Q:  Will I want to build multiples of the same hero now?

    We imagine that players will create different builds of a given hero using Shards + Gear Stats + Ascension Powers similar to other loot-driven RPGs.

    Q:  I have more questions! Where can I ask them?

    You can ask them in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to answer them. You can also join us on our Devstream this Friday at 3PM EST, and we’ll answer as many questions as we can!


    Our next patch, Loot & Survive, is coming soon™. It contains pretty much everything you could want while defending Etheria -- a new leveling/progression curve, level cap increase to 50, rewards & Skill Sphere choices as you level up, a completely new loot/stat system, Onslaught Mode, Nightmare mode, an economy balance to make gold more meaningful, and oh so much more.

    It will also include a wipe of your heroes and some of your other progress. Since we’re going to miss your heroes too (nooo Portario56235!), we decided to go the extra mile and put together some EXCLUSIVE items for your hard work:

    Corrupted Welp

    Everyone who has leveled up at least one hero to level 25 will be awarded a unique, custom pet. To obtain this award, you must complete this challenge by 5 PM EDT, July 26th.


    4 Survivor Hero Costumes [updated 7/18]

    Everyone who has leveled up at least one of each hero class to level 25 will get a unique hero costume for that class. To obtain these awards, you must complete this challenge by 5 PM EDT, July 26th.


    We hope these make up for this heroic sacrifice ever-so-slightly more than a colorized icon. We appreciate all of your hard work helping us build Dungeon Defenders II-- together we are going to make the best Action Tower Defense game there is.

    Wyvern Token Rewards [updated 7/18]

    Finally, for the past week, all of you have been using your Influence points on which kind of wipe you’d like to see -- a Full Wipe or Partial Wipe. As of the writing of this post, Full Wipe is 7000 points ahead -- but, we recognize this could change at any moment.

    We’ve received a ton of feedback from the Partial Wipe camp, asking us to create a reward for the hard-earned Wyvern Tokens they’ve obtained. Well look no further! IF the Full Wipe wins, we will be awarding the following amount of gems based on the amount of Wyvern Tokens you’ve earned by 5 PM EDT, July 26th:

    Wyvern Tokens Earned

    Gems Rewarded

    20 - 39


    40 - 79


    80 - 119


    120 +


    Come back Monday for an Influence Vote on the exact details of the wipe

    P.S. It’d look something like this if we transferred your hero data over. Also, we’re fully aware of going a bit overboard on the rewards for this wipe. But what can you say, we all got excited about these costumes (thanks Dan!).


    Hey Defenders,

    It’s finally back to your weekly Dungeon Defenders II programming! First up, we have a new DD2 teaser for you. We created this for a partner last week and wanted to share it with all of you:

    But more importantly, we have a question for you. When developing a game, there are often many different ideas that get pooled together. Sometimes the ideas are awesomely obvious, like the new combo system we’ve developed in DD2. Other times, ideas take a good amount of iteration to get right or are pretty clear to stay away from. For us, being a sequel to a beloved game, we’re always careful about big changes to something core to the game, and we have an idea that we’re really excited about and want to see if you will be, too!

    In Dungeon Defenders II, we’ve been talking about changing it so that, instead of having individual heroes you level up, you level up your hero deck instead. This means as you level up your deck, all the heroes are the same level. This idea came around because, internally, we’ve been playing the game this way since the beginning of development, and we often find it a lot of fun to switch between heroes seamlessly.

    We want to add a lot of fun aspects to leveling up your hero deck to give you more options for how you manage your heroes. For example, you’d receive a pool of stat points that you could place amongst all of your heroes, allowing you to focus your stat points in heroes you like the most. Also, when your deck reaches max level, you’ll have an option to reset your progress, like a prestige system. Each time through will give you exciting rewards, like additional stat points, magic find bonuses, special visual customization options, or maybe even a new gear slot! This gives almost limitless replayability and helps with solo play a ton, too.

    Why we want to do this:

    1. More Even Progression Curve: If you level up multiple heroes at a time in your hero deck with the old system, you’ll constantly be bouncing back to lower matchmaking brackets to get hero experience. With the new system, you get to choose how you spread your stat points amongst your heroes (making them powerful), but you can also use any of the heroes whenever you want without XP sharing concerns. If you're a hardcore player, aiming to max stats for all heroes, you still have to play multiple times just like you would before. However, now you can use all the heroes as you go!

    2. More Replayable: Quite simply, this system allows us to make Dungeon Defenders more replayable. If you prestige your hero deck, you can replay the experience for better rewards, or sync up with a new friend who just started the game. It works kind of like a New Game+ feature, and many members of our team talk about liking these types of systems in other games.

    3. Awesome Matchmaking: Though we have some cool ideas on how to make matchmaking work well with hero levels (i.e. no more lvl 2 Squire mooching off the 30s doing all the work), the new hero deck leveling system keeps matchmaking very simple. Instead of having to manage your hero deck to guarantee you have the right hero levels for the content you want to play, you can just pick a level range and go. We think this is faster, easier, and gets people playing together in positive ways.

    4. Encourages Play with New Heroes: When new heroes come out, you can play them instantly, having a good time experiencing the content without having to grind up hero levels to make them viable. We really like this idea, that when we release new heroes players aren’t forced to grind from the beginning to enjoy the new experience. Maybe you choose to respec to give points to the new hero, or maybe you just prestige to play from the beginning anyway, but now the choice for how to play is yours.

    5. More Flexible Solo Play: Each hero has their own unique role in Dungeon Defenders II as we’ve worked to expand the cooperative elements of the game even further. This means having access to multiple heroes in solo play, and leveraging interesting strategies without having to excessively grind is a big positive. You’ll still need to prestige to unlock enough stat points to fully empower multiple heroes, not to mention finding good loot for them too, but all heroes will be at the same level regardless, and can be used effectively with or without stat point bonuses.

    These are only the choice aspects of this new feature we love, and we have a lot of details to get sorted. At its core, we feel this can make Dungeon Defenders II a deeper, more approachable game, which meets up with many of our pillars we talked about when we started this journey together. However, we know this is a big change, and we want your feedback before we commit and start figuring out the specific bits. As we get closer to Early Access, we’re excited to build this game together, feature by feature, and your input is absolutely critical to us making the game you want to play.

    So what do you think? We’re eager to read your feedback and help make the choice on where we go from here. Love it, hate it, we’re all ears, so head to the comments section and let us know!

    The random winners from our Ambient Sounds of Etheria blog are The Osamodas and IGN_ejfaro!

    Share your honest feedback in the comments below, and you could win a pre-alpha code for Dungeon Defenders II! We’ll pick TWO random posters and reveal the winners next week. You have a full week to leave a comment. Don’t have a forum account? It takes less than a minute to join the community!

    Defenders, our first Beastmaster Contest has come to a close, but a new contest begins now. Our next Pet: Purrlin. Go find those magical little gatos, Defenders! You have until May 13th at 11:59 PM EDT to submit your Purrlins in this thread.

    There was a lot of awesome participation for the Growld contest. Thank you to everyone that participated. We understand that getting Growld in the timeframe was a little difficult, and we are adjusting the rules accordingly. Starting with this contest, we will pick the top 3 pets as winners, and their owners will all receive the “Beastmaster” title.

    Without further ado, the winners of the Growld Beastmaster contest are:

    Thank you to our winners for being such good sports and a huge thank you to Mapatti for making handy-dandy charts! We love data! Winners, keep an eye on your PMs early next week for your title code. 

    For full contest rules, see the previous post.



    The Isomicon reveals its first secrets! While you’ve been defending against the evil that threatens Etheria, Gran Ma’ster found a way to imbue certain shards with incredible power. These hyper shards contain a very unstable power so she is only providing them to defenders that prove their mastery of the defensive arts. At the Gran Ma’ster’s behest, the Defense Council devised a set of challenges for the heroes to overcome.

    With the aid of the Abyss Lord, Gran Ma’ster continues to delve deeper into the forbidden knowledge contained within the Isomicon. There’s still much more to decrypt, but there is a growing concern from what’s been revealed — dark forces are coming, and we are NOT ready. Go forth, Defenders! Prepare yourselves, and PROTECT ETHERIA!

    Greetings Defenders,

    It’s time to prove your strength, Ancient's Prelude (Update 1.2) is live! This is a monster of an update, introducing some amazing features that will push your limits. This patch has some awesome new content, a new additional cosmetic system, quality of life changes, balance, bug fixes, and kicks off the beginning of our seven week progression event. Let’s dive in!

    New Game Mode: MASTERY

    The new game mode, Mastery, provides access to all Chaos maps, allowing you to choose where and how you progress. Gran Ma’ster requires you to complete up to five challenges per map, each indicated with a star on the Mastery progress bar. She’s not going to be making it easy either. In order to earn the full five stars on each map, you’ll need to complete all of the challenges together. All stars are earned one time, so once you’ve five starred a map, you have mastered the challenges presented and will have earned all the rewards it has to offer. The power contained within the Hyper Shards is unstable, so only Defenders that prove their might may equip them.

    When conquering the Mastery game mode you’ll receive great rewards as you progress. Here’s what you can expect to earn as you decimate challenges:

    • Hyper Shards

    • Exclusive Flair

    • Golden Pets

    • Ascension levels

    • Defender Medals

    • Gold on gold on gold

    With the Mastery game mode, we’ll be releasing a new tier every week, for the next seven weeks at on Wednesday at 9 AM EDT! It’s a lot of content to conquer, here’s a look at the schedule:

    • Mastery 1:  October 11th (TODAY!)

    • Mastery 2:  October 18th

    • Mastery 3:  October 25th

    • Mastery 4:  November 1st

    • Mastery 5:  November 8th

    • Mastery 6:  November 15th

    • Mastery 7:  November 22nd

    The cap of earn-able stars will start at 105 with Mastery 1. Every additional tier will add an extra 105 stars to be earned, with the last week providing a total of 735 stars to be earned.

    To achieve absolute mastery, experimentation with new builds is required to overcome the tasks set before you, pushing your limits as a Defender. Over the coming weeks, the Defense Council will work diligently with the Gran Ma’ster and Abyss Lord to continue deciphering additional levels of challenges and rewards for heroes capable of proving their mastery. The amount of time needed to decipher and develop each new Hyper Shard is about a week. To fill that time, we’ll be providing a little competition to celebrate this new discovery!

    Special Event:  PROVE YOUR MASTERY

    We’re running a special event:  PROVE YOUR MASTERY over the next SEVEN weeks! This provides time for Gran and company to conjure the Hyper Shards that each tier rewards. The event showcases players on special weekly Mastery leaderboards. It lists the first 10 players to reach 105 stars per Mastery tier, per platform (PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4). If there aren’t 10 people to reach 105 stars at the end of the event, it ranks the furthest progressed players.

    The Mastery leaderboards will update every 15 minutes, and require defenders to reach at least 10 stars before appearing on the leaderboard. Click here to check out the Mastery leaderboard.

    The event starts at 9 AM EDT, and lasts until 9 AM EDT the following Wednesday. As the previous week-long event ends, the next event starts immediately after. Special prizes will be revealed soon after the event launches! These prizes do not give any powerful benefits, but provide visual bragging rights that spotlight defenders conquering the content the fastest. Teaming up is a huge benefit to dominating these challenges. If a team of two to four players claims the first spot, they’ll all be listed as first place. This means that second, third, and fourth place are still up for grabs. We’ll be sharing more information on the rewards soon!

    New Shards:  HYPER SHARDS

    Exclusive to the Mastery game mode are Hyper Shards, unique shards that you’ll only be able to claim if you are able to conquer the challenges Gran Ma’ster has provided for you. Hyper shards will be reminiscent of some of your favorite shards, except cranked way up in power. Each type of these shards will only be earned one time, and don’t worry — you can’t sell them.

    There are seven different shards that can be earned. Here is a look at the shards and where you can earn them:

    • 50 Stars:    Mass Destruction

    • 155 Stars:  Vicious Strikes

    • 260 Stars:  Radiant Critical Power

    • 365 Stars:  Explosive Shielding Guard

    • 470 Stars:  Thunderstruck

    • 575 Stars:  Destructive Pylon

    • 680 Stars:  Super Fortification

    These shards pack an extra punch, and can all be earned once. There is no limit to how many can be equipped at the same time. They are needed to bolster your strength to take on Gran’s challenges!

    New Cosmetic System:  FLAIR

    A new cosmetic system, Flair, allows your heroes to look even more legendary than before! Flair can be equipped over any existing costumes or looks on a hero and there’s currently four categories of flair:

    • Head (Halos, masks, and auras)

    • Back (Wings)

    • Waist (floating objects and auras)

    • Feet (auras, fire, and other effects)

    There’s more than one way to acquire this new cosmetic so you can look even more heroic on the battlefield. Flair is available through:

    • Collecting stars through Mastery

    • Future game content

    • In-game Shop

    • Platform Storefronts (Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network)

    Flair will unlock as you collect more stars through Mastery, future game content, and available through our various store fronts. One of the packs will be available outside of the game for a particularly demonic look, but we’ll discuss later in the blog. With such a wide variety of customizable ways to mix and match flair, you’ll be sure to stick out in the Heroes Marketplace!

    New pets: GOLDEN PETS

    Golden pets are BACK!  Well… some of them. Golden pets are pets that you will receive while playing through the Mastery game mode. It’s another way to show off just how great of a defender you are to those around you.

    You’ll be able to earn a single golden pet type multiple times, for a total of seven pets:

    • 90 Stars:    Golden Gato Egg

    • 195 Stars:  Golden Creeper Egg

    • 300 Stars:  Golden Dragon Egg

    • 405 Stars:  Golden Gato Egg

    • 510 Stars:  Golden Creeper Egg

    • 615 Stars:  Golden Dragon Egg

    • 720 Stars:  Golden Gato Egg

    With golden pets and the new flair system, you’ll be the envy of all that see you!

    Halloween in Etheria


    You’ll notice that your Private Tavern and the Heroes Marketplace have been decorated to celebrate Halloween. To add to the celebration, the Halloween-themed seasonal flair is now available! This flair is our first iteration of seasonal-themed flair, but it most definitely will not be our last — you have to look amazing year-round, right? With the Halloween set in particular, you’ll not only terrify your enemies on the battlefield, you’ll also be their worst nightmares!

    Our Halloween pack, The Bundle of the Beast, will become available closer to Halloween on Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network.

    Quality of Life

    Selling Equipment With Shards

    Implementing new shards that are acquired only once required some special attention. With this patch, if you sell a piece of loot that has shards inserted, the shards will be put into your inventory instead of being sold as well.

    If your inventory is full when you sell a piece of loot, the shards will go to the scavenger for 30 minute. If you close the game, go between the Town, Private Tavern, or a map, the Scavenger will still have it for 30 minutes. Once 30 minutes has past, you won’t be able to reclaim them from him.


    Orbs have been relics that we’ve received a ton of community feedback on. To keep things balanced and functioning, defense speed has a cap. Orbs specifically were avoided by defenders due to them not being effective in providing optimal stats throughout the entirety of progression. Every relic type should be useful in most levels of play, and Orbs were not able to do this to a level we were content with.

    Based off community feedback, we’ve removed Orbs from loot tables. This means that you won’t see orbs dropping, but instead another piece of gear will be dropping in its place. Current orbs will not be removed from your inventory or equipment. With orbs removed, you’ll be receiving more loot that will help you progress!

    Hero Changes


    • Call To Madness

      • Cooldown increased 10 seconds to 20 seconds.

        • Previously players were able to infinitely confuse a lane when using the inspiration shard.

    Series EV-2

    • Weapons Manufacturer

      • Adjusted range scaling with the introduction of Vicious Strikes Hyper Shard.



    • Shadowflame Dagger

      • Projectile life-time reduced to 2 seconds.

    Bug Fixes

    PC users will notice a command window opening with the game. This is a window to help us monitor any errors that might come with this update. If you close this window it will also close the game. It's only temporary and will be removed with our next patch.

    • Fixed an issue where comparing items on the ground was not properly appearing.

    • Fixed a homing issue with Shadowflame Dagger.

    • Fixed an issue where Dryad could build a third permanent hornet nest.

    • Fixed an issue with Deadly/Vicious Strikes being removed from a world tree, that allowed defenses to remain outside the reduced range.

    • Fixed an issue where pressing Esc to leave the Emporium or Inventory caused lag spikes.

    • Fixed an issue where clicking To Hub would freeze players and return them to the title screen.

    • Fixed an issue where Power of Storms shard was restoring 56 mana instead of 60.

    • Fixed an issue with the Limit Break challenge not properly awarding score bonuses.

    • Fixed an issue with the Heroic Power shard not performing correctly.

    • Fixed an issue where failing the Kobold Bling King map allowed you to continue playing the map.

    • Removed Consecutive Win row on scoreboard when it would appropriately show “0”.

    • Fixed an issue that disconnected players loading into Forest Biome on Xbox One.

    • Fixed an issue with various shards using incorrect values.

    • Fixed an issue where Join Game and Create Game were placed incorrectly.

    Even More On The Way...

    Mastery is just the tip of the iceberg for you, Defenders. While you conquer Gran’s difficult challenges and tests, you’ll attain the strength needed to protect Etheria and the citizens of Dragonfall from the darkness that lies ahead. We’ll learn more as Gran, the Defense Council, and the Abyss Lord decipher the Isomicon in the weeks to come!

    We are eternally grateful for your support, Defenders, and will be providing more information on the upcoming power of the Ancients over time.

    For Etheria!

    The Dungeon Defenders II Team



    Defenders, it’s finally time.  Protean Shift is launching and we could not have done it without you.

    We set out with some lofty goals, but with your help we were able to make some significant changes to Dungeon Defenders II. We wanted to give you greater attachment to your items, but also more options to share those items with your friends. We wanted to give you map choice while progressing through Trials, but also give you more ways to progress your gear while advancing through the tiers. We also wanted to give you some better options with your existing items so we added Shard Dusting and Gilding.  We also hear your concern about Gilding and we’ll keep an eye on it for iteration.

    We’re constantly tweaking and improving our game that we share with all of you, and we hope you will enjoy our enhanced direction for year two of this wonderful game.

    From everyone here at Trendy Entertainment, thank you for supporting Dungeon Defenders II and helping us continue to move the game forward.  We’re a small team in Gainesville, Florida and we appreciate every bit of excitement and support that you give us.

    We hope you enjoy this “Shift” in our game, and we can’t wait to focus on what we’re working on next.

    We know you want more maps, Onslaught changes and Ancient Power enhancements.

    We’re on it.


    Greetings Defenders,

    It’s finally here, Dungeon Defenders II:  Protean Shift is live on all platforms! Professor Proteus is now in Dragonfall and started a technomagical evolution throughout all of Etheria. Now the Defenders of Etheria can obtain new ways to fight off enemy forces, choose where they fight, and what equipment they want to use in order to ensure victory!

    The Protean Shift brings a slew of new features that Defenders can use to empower their defenses and Heroes, as well as choose the way they want to play. M.O.D.S. allow for custom builds to take on any foe that comes your way, Expeditions give Defenders the choice to play any map they want in any Chaos difficulty, and Player Shops let you buy and sell items with other Defenders. There’s so much more, let’s get into it!

    Statistic Changes

    This is our most foundational change in the expansion. Now your gear’s stats looks much different than before. The first change is making the damage from critical strikes scale off of the base damage for both your heroes and your towers. Critical Damage is no longer a secondary stat, but is a percentage that starts at +30% damage and increases through Gear, Shards, and Ascension Levels. Because of the change to Critical Damage, the Critical Chance cap of 33% has been removed — the sky’s the limit now!

    One of the goals of the Critical Damage change is to make damage more reliable. Critical Damage builds are still fun, but other playstyles should feel just as rewarding. Every hero and tower’s base damage has been increased to account for the changes made, making damage more consistent and allowing for even more unique builds!

    Since we changed how Critical Damage is understood, we decided to tackle another confusing area for players:  Defense Speed. The stat is now a percentage instead of being numbers that go into the thousands with no clear meaning. This change allows players to understand exactly how much faster their defenses attack rate will increase.


    Defenders now possess the opportunity to build however they want to fight off their foes. Gear is meant to feel more unique, instead of receiving a legendary that gives every stat. Your gear now provides choice and lets you decide how you play!

    Gear now has a primary and secondary stat. Your heroes maintain similar power as they had before the expansion, both offensively and defensively. This balance is a result of increasing base stats and the scaling of those stats. Here’s what you now find on gear:

    • Helmets, Gloves, Chest, and Boots

      • Primary Stat:  Armor

      • Secondary:  Health, Ability Power, or Hero Damage

    • Weapons

      • Primary Stat:  Hero Damage

      • Secondary Stat:  Armor, Health, or Ability Power

    • Medallions, Marks, and Orbs (if you have them still, you pack rat!)

      • Primary Stat:  Defense Power

      • Secondary Stat:  Defense Health

    • Totems

      • Primary Stat:  Defense Health

      • Secondary Stat:  Defense Power

    These changes allow players to customize their builds even more than before. If you want to maintain a similar amount of balance with damage output and health on your heroes, you can do that easily. However, if you want to make an unstoppable tank that requires an army to take down, or want a glass cannon that can obliterate every enemy on the map, that option is now yours as well!

    For relics, we wanted to make sure that defenses were reliable and also strong. These changes now make it so building auras and traps early do not feel punishing because they now have guaranteed Defense Health to keep them up much longer. Having Defense Power as a guaranteed stat also make damage more consistent and less frustrating when you don’t critically strike. This is just the baseline, with M.O.D.S., Shards, and Ascension Levels, you can radically change the type of damage you deal. All these changes are a shift to make Defenders stronger through the power of customization!


    Professor Proteus sent a shockwave out across all of Etheria upon his arrival, using his inventive intellect to alter every piece of gear! Magically Offense/Defensive Subroutines (M.O.D.S., or even simpler — Mods) provide the pathway of making gear your own! Mods come in a variety of power! Some are pure stat increases, from the stats you get on gear, to newly changed stats such as Critical Damage, Critical Chance, and Defense Speed. Some add elemental damage to physical damage towers, and have unique VFX depending on the element! Others offer the chance to change how your Defenses overcome specific Chaos enemies. Want to:

    • Have towers immune to Hex Thrower curses? You can do that.

    • Pierce a Shield Geodes shield? You can do that.

    • Make your Traps, Auras, and Nodes, immune to Cyborks?! You can do that!

    Mods bring a lot of additional power and customization that many Defenders have wanted for a long time. There are over 100 Mods to discover, with more coming down the road.

    Now that you have an idea of what Mods do, it’s time to discuss specifically where you have them. Mods are an extension of your gear, and are a brand new addition to various tiers of your equipment. They are an additional property to gear similar to Shards, and unlock in a similar fashion:

    • Uncommon

      • One open Mod slot

    • Epic:

      • One rolled Mod slot

      • One open Mod slot (two mod slots total)

    • Mythical

      • One rolled Mod slot

      • Two open Mod slots (three mod slots total)

    • Legendary:

      • Two rolled Mod slots

      • One open Mod slot (three Mod slots total)

    These changes make Legendary items contain two stats, three Mod slots, and three Shard Slots, and increased stats, making them truly legendary. These Mods are just the first of what’s to come. In future updates, we are releasing additional Mods. Have an idea for more, let us know by posting on our forums, we’d love to hear your ideas!

    Also, as a side note, Mods make things easier in Mastery, though they are scaled down to the appropriate Chaos tier.



    Professor Proteus, in his astounding intellect, wanted to really provide customization and options to not only the power of gear, but also to keeping the gear and/or Mods that you’ve obtained. That’s where Tinkering enters into the mix! Tinkering is the ability to move up to three Mods at a time from one piece of gear to another piece of gear at the same time. In order to take advantage of Tinkering, certain criteria needs to be met:

    • Must be the same type of gear.

      • Moving Mods from a weapon, to another weapon.

    • Gear that the Mods are being moved to must be the same Chaos tier or higher than where the Mod is coming from.

      • Moving a Mod from a Chaos III weapon has to be moved into a Chaos III or higher weapon.

    • Cannot add Mods of the same type, but can override Mods of the same type.

      • A +6% Anti-Goblin Servo on one relic, can override a +5% Anti-Goblin Servo on another tier-equivalent relic.

    • Have the materials and currency to complete the transfer of Mods.

      • Materials are now found in Expeditions and Onslaught. They can also be bought and sold in Player Shops.

    Tinkering allows you to continuously mix and match your Mods to create the build you enjoy the most. The amount of customization that Tinkering offers truly lets you play how you want. It doesn’t stop there. When combined with our new Upgrading and Evolving features, even more choices await you, even potentially choosing the look of the weapon you want!



    Upgrading gear is something that’s been a standard feature of Dungeon Defenders II to get additional power out of the gear you find. But this is Protean Shift, so we’re UPRADING THE UPGRADE! Most gear now has the ability to be upgraded 10 times. The cost for upgrading is greatly reduced from what it previously was, but now requires you to use materials that you find throughout your journeys in Etheria or that you bought from other Defenders through Player Shops. If you have a non-legendary piece of gear, through the genius of Professor Proteus, you can Advance that gear to the next quality!


    Remember that low quality flower staff we mentioned earlier? If you upgraded it to its highest level, you can now advance it to the next quality. All gear can now be upgraded from one quality to another, taking items from the lowly Worn quality all the way to Legendary status. This isn’t the only form of improving gear, Evolving allows even more power!


    Evolving is icing on the gear permanence cake. Independent of an items quality tier, if it is upgraded to it’s maximum Upgrade level, it can be pushed to the next Chaos tier. This allows you to take even the first items you find in the campaign to be Evolved all the way to Chaos VIII strength! It’s all about choosing the gear that you want to keep with you.

    Upgrading, Advancing, and Evolving applies to every piece of gear that drops — weapons, armor, and relics!


    New materials are added to customize your gear. With the introduction of these materials, we lowered the currency cost of upgrading gear. In your inventory, these materials are included under the current “Materials” inventory sorting option. There are some mats that drop on every map, but then there are also map-type specific materials that drop too. Here’s where you can find the materials you need:

    • Weapon Materials:  Sewer Maps

    • Helmet Materials:  Castle Maps

    • Chest Materials:  Forest Maps

    • Glove Materials:  Town Maps

    • Boot Materials:  Ruins Maps

    • Relic Materials:  Dungeon Maps

    Materials are shown on both the map listing and under the open sessions for specific maps. Don’t want to farm a specific map-type for a material you need? You can visit our Markets to find Player Shops selling the materials you need!

    New Game Modes

    We’ve added additional ways for both new and veteran Defenders to fight off the evil forces that encroach on Etheria’s safety! Adventures are new ways for up and coming Defenders to fight their way through the Campaign, while Expeditions are replacing Trials and providing map choice where previously there wasn’t!


    Adventures are aimed in giving new Defenders the choice of playing different stories after defeating Betsy. You can choose to take on the Bling King, or go knock down the Harbinger down a peg or two! Maybe you feel strong enough after beating Betsy, if you’re up for the challenge, you can go straight into Onslaught or Expeditions.


    Map choice, map choice, MAP CHOICE!! Something many of you have wanted is finally here! The Chaos Trials are finished, and Defenders can now go on Expeditions through various Chaos difficulties, choosing to play whatever map you want. The choice is yours!


    The Champion Score gating for various Expedition levels is different as well, they are now:

    • Chaos II: 580

    • Chaos III: 1050

    • Chaos IV: 1740

    • Chaos V: 2750

    • Chaos VI: 3800

    • Chaos VII: 5300

    Expeditions also provide the ability to acquire different materials needed Upgrading, Advancing, Evolving, and Tinkering. As noted above, different specific materials drop depending on the map-type your playing. These materials are earned both as you play a map and as you achieve victory!

    Player Shops and Markets

    Gear is no longer magically locked to each Hero Deck. Professor Proteus slightly alleviated the restrictions that existed previously on gear. As a result, Player Shops and Markets are here!

    All Defenders are now able to list their items for sale on their own personal Player Shops. Each Defender starts off with two slots to sell gear and can expand the amount of slots they have if they want to. Most items that have not been altered in some way (Upgraded, Advanced, Evolved, or Tinkered) are able to be added to your shop! You are not able to buy gear for a Chaos tier that you are not currently on (i.e. being Chaos III, you are not able to purchase Chaos V gear from other players). To make browsing easier, you can view player shops through the Player List in the Pause Menu, or by walking up to players in the Markets.


    Markets are a new area for players to gather in order to browse Player Shops. Head on over to the War Table and browse the list of active Markets! Markets are themed for various types of items that can be sold, but you can freely sell any item of choice regardless of the Market you’re in. If you don’t see a Market of the item type you’re looking for, you can always just Quickmatch and it automatically creates one for you!

    Shards Features

    Our new Shard systems were primarily focused on giving players more choices with their Shards.  For Shards that you don’t want to keep anymore, you can now Dust them to get a chance at more Shards of that type.  For Shards that you feel have more value, we wanted to provide a system to Gild and upgrade them a little bit further and protect them from Ancient Power resets.

    Shard Dusting
    Shards are a great way to really increase the power of the Heroes you play! Some players enjoy playing on a few select Heroes, and you can get Shards you aren’t interested in using. Instead of selling Shards for a little gold, you now Dust them instead. This creates one Shard dust of it’s equivalent Chaos Tier. You can take 10 Shard Dust of the same tier, and visit the War Recruiter to purchase an additional Shard container similar to what you receive at the end of winning a map. This process is to offer an additional chance to get the Shards you want, while giving an additional function to the ones you do not.

    Gilded Shards
    With gear getting pushed past its limits and receiving some nice improvements, it’s only fitting that Shards receive similar treatment! Gilded Shards provide additional upgrade levels to squeeze out more power, but most of all they are immune to being reset when you Ancient Power. In order to gild a Shard, you need to upgrade one Shard to its maximum upgrade level. You then have the option to Gild it by selecting 10 Shards of the same type, regardless of upgrade level, to fuse into your fully upgraded Shard. This is a focus for end-game players to grab additional power in order to take on the challenges in Onslaught, and also protect Shards from being reset when attaining Ancient Power!

    New Weapons

    Professor Proteus is a man of intellect, sophistication, and style. In Protean Shift every hero is receiving their own special weapons, with their own special appearances! Some of these weapons not only look legendary, but contain legendary power in the form of unique Mods. These Mods are found on the Prestigious weapons gained from attaining Ancient Power!


    Protean Weapons


    We’re now also selling Proteus weapons that have unique models and affects. When killing an enemy with any of these weapons, they are shrunk into oblivion! These new Death Animation VFX are indicated by a skull and crossbones icon on the weapon tooltip. These items start at Campaign tier and are Legendary quality, allowing you to put three mods into them. They do require Upgrading, Advancing, and Evolving in order to reach higher tiers. These unique weapon models can also be bought and sold on the Player Shops as long as they haven’t been altered (Upgrading, Advancing, Evolving, or Tinkering).

    New Areas and Target Dummies


    With a lot of customization here, and a gigantic wave of changes to stats, there are some improvements to our Target Dummies. In the Town hub we expanded the size of our Target Dummy area by quite a lot. There are also a new type of Target Dummy:  Aerial Target Dummies! These can be hit by any anti-air towers, so you can test the damage done by towers that you previously weren’t able to.


    Aerial Target Dummies are also in your Private Taverns!  You may also notice that there are some new Dummy names in the mix.

    Transferring into Protean Shift

    There’s a ton going on with the Protean Shift, and you’re going to notice a bunch of changes to your Heroes. We made sure that you are more or less as strong after Protean Shift as you were before it. As we mentioned earlier, base stats were raised and adjusted to compensate the removal of certain secondary stats. Here’s how things will transition as you load in with this expansion.

    For the gear you are wearing before Protean Shift, the Primary and Secondary stats follow the conventions mentioned above after the release. Your gear should look like this:

    • Weapons

      • Primary Stat: Hero Damage.

      • Secondary Stat: Whatever your highest secondary stat was previously between Ability Power, Armor, and Hero Health.

    • Helmets, Chest, Gloves, Boots

      • Primary Stat: Armor

      • Secondary Stat: Whatever your highest secondary stat was previously between Ability Power, Hero Damage, and Hero Health.

    Relics are all going to be uniform across the board as outlined above (Defense Power and Defense Health only, the primary and secondary versions dependent on if it’s a totem or not).

    Your current gear receives Mods depending on its quality, as an additional compensation for removing secondary stats. You receive one Mod for Epic and Mythical gear, and two Mods for Legendary gear. The Mods that are put onto this gear cannot roll the highest roll possible, but are going to make you stronger regardless of the roll. Transferring also provides some diversity with the Mods provided to your current gear, as the ones you receive pull from 60%+ of the total Mods added in Protean Shift.

    Hero Changes

    Every tower and Hero were affected by the changes brought in Protean Shift. As a result, base damage, speed, range, etc. were increased to compensate for the lack of additional secondary stats. Scaling was also greatly affected, meaning not only were the base stats increased, but also how much benefit a stat provides was also increased.

    Writing the notes for all of these would have resulted in an encyclopedia, and it may have broke the forums. TL;DR things are stronger and you have the potential to be much, much stronger.

    Shard Changes

    Shards follow the same idea as the Hero changes. While most shards remain the same, the amount of changes that Gilding offers affects every Shard. However, there are few notable Shards that have additional stats or were change to fit our new system (that we teased for a while):

    • Earth Toss

      • Added increased Defense Range [100 - 280 (320 Gilded)]

    • Corruption’s bargain

      • Added Ability Power [0 - 300 (420 Gilded)]

    • Power Transfer

      • Now increases the Defense Critical Chance by [18% - 30% (38% Gilded)] and reduces Defense Power by -10%.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue with Gorbstock not able to hit walls.

    • Fixed an issue where the Abyss Lord's Direct Command was not dealing critical damage.

    • Fixed an issue where one Deadly Strikes shard could be equipped to multiple defenses.

    • Fixed an issue where mobs with the Frosty mutator were not dropping green mana.

    • Fixed a bug where Hero Health was not maintaining the same ratio when changing equipment.

    • Fixed an issue with Beacon of Storms proccing when the Squire blocks melee or physical damage.

    • Fixed an issue with UI overlaps when splitscreen users joined a session.

    • Fixed an issue with additional pop-ups in the Emporium.

    • Adjusted the orc miniboss name in Wave 2 of Greystone Plaza of the New User Experience.

    • Fixed an issue with a huntress drap being destroyed in Greystone Plaza during New User Experience.

    • Updated old consumables to award +20% critical damage and critical chance instead of previous values.

    • Fixed an issue where tooltips occasionally stuck together.

    • Fixed an issue with new players not being sent into New User Experience maps.

    • Fixed an issue when trying to delete a hero that is assigned to your Hero Deck.

    • Fixed an issue where Broomnado was slowing enemies that were immune to slows.

    • Fixed a bug where EV2’s Cosmetic Manager lighting was darker than intended.

    • Added a warning when Defenders are matchmaking into a tutorial level.

    • Improved messaging on errors when not able to join a game mode that hasn’t been unlocked.

    • Fixed an issue with long enemy spawn times on the first tutorial map.

    • Clarified wording on the Serpent God’s Protection Shard.

    • Fixed an issue with Lavamancer’s Maw Petrify Duration talent not working.

    • Fixed an issue with the Hotsprings map on Floor 3 dropping a lot of sturdy or worn quality loot.

    Known Issues

    • Weapon Mods of the same type on weapons are currently stacking for the Barbarian. This will be changed down the road, so that only elemental damage mods stack.

    Want More Info on Dungeon Defenders II?

    Check us out on social media for additional updates and game discussions with our awesome community:

    Protean Shift is a giant endeavor that the entire team hope you enjoy. Thank you for defending Etheria with us, there’s only more to come. Stay tuned!

    For Etheria!

    The Dungeon Defenders II Team




    The Defender-Centric Update is now live on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! This update contains a whole lot of love to a lot of foundational systems within Dungeon Defenders II. These changes are based off of feedback many of you have provided, and as Chromatic, we wanted to really give our GLORIOUS Defenders something that demonstrated how much we value our community. Without further ado, let's get into it!


    Shards are such an integral part to Dungeon Defenders II when it comes to empowering your heroes with great strength to take out the waves of enemies constantly thrown at you. Currently there is a lot of RNG regarding which shards you get, and to help cut down the randomness, farming lower tiered content is the easiest way to go.


    We don’t want that. We want you playing content you find engaging, while being able to acquire the Shards you want. With this update, you can! We're adding in the Shard Shop, a service that the Gran Ma'ster now offers. Visiting her allows you to purchase Shards directly from her, from Campaign to Chaos VII. There is also search functionality so you can search for the Shard you want and cut down the hunt!


    Chaos VIII Shards are a new tier of shard, that some of you may have snagged before. We went through and found a way to make these shards feel like a good reward for climbing higher Onslaught, and have them compete with similar Shards. You can get them after a certain point in Onslaught, similar to when you start receiving Chaos VIII Ampoules.


    We want players enjoying Ancient Power as much as they can, and our big goal was making sure that Defenders could play content they found engaging, while working towards a specific goal. Enter Material Conversion. Material Conversion allows you to take a Pristine quality material and convert it to the same type of material of a lower quality. This makes it so that if you are climbing Onslaught, or playing higher Chaos, you're always gaining usable materials to acquire Ancient Power.


    That's not all though! As you play Chaos VII and above, you can take your Chaos VII Ampoules and convert them into CHAOS VIII AMPOULES! We want players upgrading and getting Chaos VIII gear, so this is a step towards making that process feel good and not entirely beholden to RNG. We’ll be using this as a basis for any additional changes/additions made to Ancient Power.



    One thing that we love is the ability to customize the heroes in Dungeon Defenders II. Weapons are part of the epic-ness (or silliness) that can really show off your own personal taste. This update provides over 30 NEW Weapons that are currently unobtainable. These weapons are gained by climbing through different tiers of Onslaught. The higher you go, the more epic the weapons become! These weapons scale upon opening the gifts to your progression (to a cap, like Chaos VII items). There's a ton to hunt down, and if you happen to get the same weapon repeatedly, no worries — you can trade it to your friends!

    Poison Mods in the form of Chips are coming with this update. This Mod can be find in Lost Temple for now. Poison can be applied to weapons to give them an additional damage over time effect. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! If earth damage is dealt to a poisoned enemy, they now become PETRIFIED, freezing them in place, turning them to stone, and causing their fellow enemies to attack them!

    We understand that a lot of Defenders that come to Dungeon Defenders II want to start the game off with their friends. This update includes the ability to complete the New User Experience (the first three tutorial levels) with friends. The flow has also been adjusted so that new Defenders get to town faster and instead of having to complete the tutorial maps first.





    • Towers
      • Hailstorm Tower
        • Increased damage scaling to 4.7 from 4.5 (5% BUFF)
    • Abilities
      • Arc Lightning
        • Increased scaling to 42 from 40 (5% BUFF)


    • Abilities
      • Two at Twice the Price
        • Increased scaling to 5.5 from 5 (10% BUFF)
      • Broomvault
        • Increased scaling to 37 from 35 (6% BUFF)
      • Broom Swarm
        • Increased scaling to 12 from 10 (15% BUFF)


    • Towers
      • Poison Dart Tower
        • Now deals Poison damage by default. This provides the same rules as other elemental damage towers, where Mods cannot apply a second form of elemental damage, but Shards can.


    • Abilities
      • Draining Strike
        • Increased scaling to 27 from 25 (8% BUFF)


    • Towers
      • Maw of the Earth Drake
        • Defense Unit cost reduced to 40 from 50 (20% BUFF)
        • Defense Health Scaling reduced from 225 to 175
      • Fissure of Embermount
        • Increased scaling to 2.2 from 2.0 (10% BUFF)
      • Oil Geyser
        • Health scaling increased to 0.2 from 0.1 (50% BUFF)
      • Volcano
        • Increased damage scaling to 9.51 from 9.31 (3% BUFF)
        • Increased range scaling to 1.5555 from 1.3334 (15% BUFF)
    • Abilities
      • Eruption
        • Increased Tower Defense Power scaling to 1.3 from 1.2 (8% BUFF)


    • Towers
      • Sand Viper
        • Increased damage scaling to 6.975 from 6.875 (2% BUFF)
      • Snaking Sands
        • Increased range scaling to 0.1534 from 0.1334 (15% BUFF)


    Abyss Lord

    • Power of the Knight (Gloves)
      • Increased damage boost scaling to 5 from 3 per level (66% BUFF)


    • World Tree McBufferson (Relic)
      • Increased shield bonus to 15 from 10 per level (50% BUFF)


    • Broomnado Power (Boots)
      • Increased damage scaling to 3.5 from 3.0 (17% BUFF)
    • Scatter Power (Chest)
      • Increased damage scaling from 3.5 to 3.0 (17% BUFF)
    • Snipe Critical Strike (Weapon)
      • Increased Critical Chance to 3 from 2 per level (50% BUFF)


    • Crumbling Stone (Relic)
      • Increased damage multiplier to 1.5 from 1.0 per level (50% BUFF)
    • Shattering Stones (Boots)
      • Increased detonation damage to 45 from 40 per level (13% BUFF)
    • Volcanic Might (Relic)
      • Increased stun chance to 2% from 1.5% per level (33% BUFF)
    • Volcano Mega Rock (Relic)
      • Increase Defense Power scaling to 200 from 150 per level (33% BUFF)


    • Lashing Power (Chest)
      • Increased damage to 3.5 from 3.0 per level (17% BUFF)
    • Split Vipers (Relic)
      • No longer removes ramp up damage (BUFF)
    • Debilitating Madness (Gloves)
      • Increased damage amplification to 3.5 from 3.0 (17% BUFF)



    • Fixed an issue with Pristine Motes not dropping correctly from Victory Chests (now drops a stack of five).
    • Fixed an issue with Shattequake triggering Mod effects based off the heroes equipped weapon.
    • Fixed an issue with poison sometimes not applying towards the Controller Burn mutator.
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed users to generate infinite mana with the Dryad.
    • Adjusted error messaging when players were pushed to the main menu from the tutorial maps.
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed users to generate unlimited defense mana.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed defense effects to stay after being sold.
    • Adjusted the messaging from the second tutorial map.
    • Adjusted messaging that indicated a map had not been unlocked yet.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to get infinite help.


    • Shattering Stones, Explosive Poison, Snake Bomb, and Explosive Finale shards are not working correctly.
    • Crafting Materials are currently not tradeable.
    • Poison damage is not procc'ing correctly on Target Dummies.
    • The Wayfarer is still in his winter clothes, we’ll get him a new pair of clothes in our next patch/hotfix.
    • Poison Dart Tower does not have an attunement icon.

    To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:

    The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon!

    For Etheria!

    The Dungeon Defenders II Team


    Greetings, Defenders!

    A few weeks ago, a mysterious portal opened in Etheria. Today, we’re excited to reveal the portal’s secret: It’s a Terraria and Dungeon Defenders II crossover! This isn’t a one-way crossover, either. We’re adding Terraria content into our game, and Re-Logic is adding Dungeon Defenders content into Terraria!

    The mystifying portal of mystery spurred a number of wild guesses. Some of your conclusions were accurate (eerily so); some of them not so much. Our favorite was from a member of the Terraria community who thought Re-Logic was adding a flaming baked potato boss. The image of a villainous flaming potato won’t leave our head. Re-Logic, you have to add it to Terraria. YOU HAVE TO!

    So what’s coming to Dungeon Defenders II and when? We’re not adding a flaming potato boss (yet), but we do have something tasty cooked up for you:


    The Terraria Update

    The Terraria Update is scheduled to launch on November 15th. When it arrives, it’ll include:

    • The Dryad, a new Hero Balancing Corruption and Purity

    • A Decidedly Deciduous Map

    • An Ever-Watching Boss

    • A Bloodshot Enemy

    • Weapons For Every Hero!

      • A Purrfect Sword

      • A Bow of Seismic Destruction

      • A Great White Machine Gun

      • The Eat Your Green Beams Sword

      • A Staff That Came From the Moon!

      • This Book Really Cuts Us Up

      • Santa’s Favorite Staff

      • The Party Starter

      • We Have a Bone to Pick With You Gloves

      • This Knife Really Gets Around

    • A Howling Incursion

    • An Eclectic Collector

      • A morph dwarf by the wharf.

    • All of Your Hopes and Dreams

      • As long as all of your hopes and dreams are about Terraria coming to Dungeon Defenders II

        • And as long as it’s only the select things we’re bringing from Terraria into Dungeon Defenders II

          • And as long as your name is Ricky or Taneka. Only the people named Ricky or Taneka who had the specific desires of certain Terraria elements coming into Dungeon Defenders II will have their hopes and dreams fulfilled with this update.


    Reveals & Streams

    What does all of that mean? We’re sure you can figure them out, but if you need some help, keep an eye on our Twitter. We hear that Re-Logic has their own secrets to reveal, too.

    If you want to see the update before it comes out, mark your calendars for Friday, November 11th at 3PM EST for the Terraria Update Devstream. We’re going to show off the new Dryad hero, walk through the new map, show off the new boss, wield the new weapons and more.

    This Friday at 3PM EDT, we’re going to play vanilla Terraria on our Twitch channel! Tune in to hear more about the Terraria update and for your chance to win the Dryad!

    Try Out the Dryad For Free

    Speaking of the Dryad, we’re excited about an experiment we’re doing in this update. When the update comes out, you can try out the Dryad for free by visiting the portal in the Heroes Marketplace! We’ve setup a custom version of the Dryad to use in the new Terraria map, so you can test out all of her defenses and abilities before plopping down your hard-earned medals or your gems. It’s something you've been asking for with our new hero releases, and we hope you enjoy the experiment. We’re going to pay attention to the data to see how successful this is.

    The Second Phase to Release

    The Terraria Update marks Phase 2 of our journey to release Dungeon Defenders II out of Early Access. The goal behind The Terraria Update is to get lots of exposure for our game. More people playing = the more we can develop. We’re gathering lots of great data on our early game changes from Phase 1, and with this update, we’ll have more data to look at from other kinds of new players. And, of course, it’s just really awesome for DD2 to be in one of our favorite games, and Re-Logic is just as excited to see Terraria content in a game they love. (In fact, they’re the ones who reached out to us first! They have hundreds of hours in DD2! *fanboys*)

    After The Terraria Update comes Phase 3:  endgame changes. We’ll have more to share soon. Stay tuned.

    The Trendy Team

    Greetings Defenders,

    We have decided to delay Early Access to Dungeon Defenders II. This was not an easy decision, and I know many of you are disappointed.

    Let me explain.

    Originally, our plan was to follow the recent Early Access trends and release the game in a rough “pre-alpha” state with many features missing. Over the past couple of months, our team has been playing with our Councillors, analyzing their feedback, and a different conversation started. Simply put, we discovered that Dungeon Defenders is not the kind of game that benefits from a super unfinished early access like DayZ or Rust. To focus on delivering you a more complete, high-quality Dungeon Defenders experience from the beginning, we’ve decided to hold Early Access.

    This will allow us to create almost every feature we and our Councillors believe is important for a AAA quality Early Access experience before going wide. These features include the new tavern, solo play, bosses, item upgrading, new enemies, more missions, more loot, a refined UI... plus a ton of polish and tweaks that our Councillors have suggested to hero abilities & defenses, mana distribution and so much more.

    In a few weeks, we will also have an exciting announcement that will fill the gap between now and the Early Access release of Dungeon Defenders II. This will provide a different means to test our Playverse server architecture, which will allow us to iterate on the technology without jeopardizing the stability or ultimate quality of the launch of Dungeon Defenders II.

    Thank you for understanding. I want to reiterate my commitment to empowering the developers here at Trendy to realize their creative vision - and my commitment to you, our loyal fans, who are patiently awaiting your next visit to Etheria. Keep an eye on this blog for more DD2 updates. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at someone familiar:


    Darrell Rodriguez
    CEO, Trendy Entertainment

    From: Colin “Elandrian” Fisher, Creative Director

    What’s up, Defenders!  Welcome to our first post as Chromatic Games!  If you’re new to the community, an extra helping of “welcome” is in store for you.  If you’re a veteran Defender, then welcome back. Let’s get right to it!

    It’s been a wild ride these past couple months, but the cat’s out of the bag now!  There’s been a lot of news about our rebranding, new Kickstarter campaign, and what all of it means for you as a player.  I want to just take a brief moment to provide a little extra context about what’s going on. We’re #indieAF now, so it’s time to get the info straight from the horse’s mouth!  (Or maybe it’s beans time? Company beans? Who knows. Let’s do this.)

    So What Happened To Trendy Entertainment?
    For the more official take, you can check out the press release here.

    For the realest take, keep reading!

    In December of this past year, Augi Lye, one of the original founders of Trendy, came back as CEO to help return Trendy to its indie roots.  

    The development team and I worked with him to figure out how we can have a good plan to move forward and start creating Dungeon Defenders games in the way they were meant to be made: for our players.  One of the things we wanted to make clear was that Trendy was no longer really Trendy.  There’s brand-new leadership, a new creative direction, and new energy at the studio that was just waiting to be released.  So we decided that we’re not really Trendy anymore.

    Chromatic Games is our final form.  We’re over power level 9000 now, and we’re ready to rock.

    We’re not answering to external people anymore.  We’re in control of our own destiny. We were able to keep the majority of the development team around, but we had some people move on to newer pastures. We’re so grateful for their years of service.  We love and respect all of our previous Trendy family, but now the Chromatic team is focused on the future — and that future is to keep improving DD2 and crafting Dungeon Defenders: Awakened.

    What Does This Mean For Dungeon Defenders II?
    Dungeon Defenders II will keep going!  Development is going to slow down, but we still plan on maintaining limited updates and content.  What do I mean by limited updates? We’re going to be focused on smaller quality of life updates, bug fixes, improvements and some occasional new cosmetics.  When I say smaller QoL, I mean in the development time aspect — we still plan on our quality of life features to be super impactful for players.  

    We’re going to be releasing an update soon on all platforms that will have a vendor where you can get the Shards you’ve been looking for or looking to gild — a highly requested player feature!

    There’s some extra morsels of dopeness in that update as well.  Most of the changes are gameplay related. We’re trying to make the fixes and improvements that everyone has been asking for.

    Supporting Dungeon Defenders II will still continue to support the team at Chromatic and support our ability to continue to patch and grow DD2.  Our team is dedicated to figuring out how we can keep evolving the game in the right direction.

    We’re going to keep making Dungeon Defenders II better and better, just as we’ve been committed to doing in the past.

    So Why Dungeon Defenders: Awakened?
    I’m just going to begin by addressing the elephant in the room:

    “Elan, Dungeon Defenders: Eternity already happened.  Isn’t this just the same thing?!?”

    The short answer is no. The long answer is HELL no.  DD:E was a different product entirely. We have no plans to repeat history when it comes to that.

    We came up with Dungeon Defenders: Awakened as our first smaller-scope project as a new team. If we want to remain employee-owned/controlled (which is the dream!), we needed to prove that we’re the capable stewards and re-earn that trust before diving right into Dungeon Defenders III (which we have SO many slick plans for).

    Dungeon Defenders: Awakened started as a plan to do a modern remake of the original Dungeon Defenders for the Nintendo Switch, but then it evolved from there.  We didn’t want the game to feel like some sort of weird attempt at Dungeon Defenders: Eternity again. We wanted to make a new game, a new experience, a new story.

    As we began looking into what we could build with Unreal Engine 4, we found that we’ll need to rebuild a lot of the systems and code that supported the Dungeon Defenders games.  Fortunately, our engineers are rockstars. We’re taking a lot of the hard lessons we learned about building games over the years from DD1 and DD2 and now have the freedom to make these systems in newer, more optimized and scalable ways for DD:A.

    We don’t just want the game to look better in UE4 — we want it to run and feel better.

    We want controlling your character to feel “crispy.”  For some context on what that means, you should check out Ben Brode’s PAX Keynote from last year.  We love to draw inspiration from other games and developers, and that is one of my personal favorite talks that describes some of these key aspects of making games have that polished and responsive feel.

    Then when it comes to content, we’re exploring ways of using and importing some of our existing content in new ways that we can use as a springboard to accelerate development.  

    This is one of the things we show off in the Kickstarter.  Deeper Well is definitely still the same map effectively, but it has a completely new look and will play a little differently.  It will still be a familiar and recognizable location, but there are new things going on in these familiar spots and new gameplay that comes with it.

    This is what will allow us to make our aggressive October timeline.  By using the content and assets that we’ve been developing over the years, the content team can go CRAZY and make the game look and run amazingly well while our design team focuses on bringing the gameplay into 2019.

    Our goal is to bring Dungeon Defenders: Awakened to as many platforms and players as possible.  We want to make a game that everyone can enjoy, and enjoy together. It just takes additional support to get there, and that’s why we have our Kickstarter campaign.

    Why Go To Kickstarter?
    We JUST became fully independent again.  We want to build the game in a way that we can fully be in control of.  Obviously going to a publisher is an option that we can explore to get additional funding, but there’s always a bit of “loss” associated with that.  We’re really trying to move forward and make new games. We don’t want to have a publisher — we want to make Dungeon Defenders games that are fun, weird, engaging, meme-tacular, challenging, charming and magical.

    By going to Kickstarter, we can maintain FULL control over development and the future of the Dungeon Defenders franchise.  Your support here is VITAL.

    The “dream” is to add as much content to this game as possible and to make a game that you can enjoy as a solo player or as a co-op player, strategizing against new challenges, maps, defenses, and gameplay.  We love it when people make interesting builds that even baffle our internal designers. We love when people find cool ways to make defenses and heroes more powerful than we ever could have imagined. We want to give you more of that.

    So we need your help.

    In Conclusion
    We’re here to make a game that communicates our passion for Dungeon Defenders. We want to fulfill the expectations of our followers both new and old.  At this moment, we’ve had about a month of focused pre-production development time so far, and look how much progress we’ve has been made already!

    We can’t wait to give people more news and updates about Dungeon Defenders: Awakened as we make more progress. We’re focusing on having a player-first mentality be our driving force at Chromatic.  

    We’re here for you, if you’ll be here for us.

    Support our Kickstarter, spread the word, help us make the dopest Dungeon Defenders game of all time.


    As always, feel free to hit me up on Twitter:  @LordElandrian

    Welcome to our community.  Stay a while.


    Ascension Part II Notes

    Ascension Part II is here for Steam! Here are the notes:


    Two New Maps!

    • The Deadly Road:  Enshrouded in tales of ghost sightings and vanishing caravans, the Dead Road has been actively avoided by travelers since its discovery. Many brave souls have tried exploring the ruined catacombs in search of treasure, but none have emerged alive.

    • Temple of the Necrotic:  Deep in the woods of Etheria, there exists a temple built in the space between life and death. A powerful artifact has appeared inside of the structure, throwing the forces governing the living and the dead into total chaos.

    New Event:  Spooky 2015

    • Cut a hole in your chair and grab a bucket because you’re gonna s*** yourself with our first Holiday event. Maldonis the Dark has invaded Etheria, and he brought some ghoulish new friends with him. Be on the lookout for some seriously spooky secrets in each of the new maps!

    Steam Trading Cards

    • Added 15 Steam Trading Cards. Collect them all for Steam badges, emoticons, profile backgrounds -- the whole shebang. (That word seems a lot dirtier when you see it on paper.)

    Spooky Challenges

    • Complete the 8 new Challenges for a spooky surprise. You’ll need to act fast as these Challenges are only available for a limited time!

    Four New DPS Weapons

    • Added four new weapons, each with a unique DPS-focused passive.

    Auto-Collect Filters

    • Become the Bag Master. You make the rules now.

    • Tell your bags to filter in certain types of loot automatically during Auto Collect. For example, tell a bag to filter in all Legendary loot. All Legendary loot that is Auto-Collected from the ground will automatically go into that bag. That’s right, Champ. You’re the boss. The Bag Boss. That’s higher than Bag Master. You were promoted just by reading the patch notes.

    • Added 13 Auto-Collect filters to bags. The sky's the limit within these 13 specific filters.

    New Tavern Decorations

    • The tavern has been spookified. The Grumpy old man isn’t too pleased, but what do you expect.

    Dark Arts Apprentice Costume

    • 1600 Gems

    • 4 Mythical Accessories

    • Unique Heal, Spawn, Death and Mana Bomb Animations

    November Monthly Quest Going Live on 11/3/15

    • Title: An Etherian Pilgrimage

    • Description: This month's mission is stuffed with adventure! Go forth and gobble up tokens and pet food to get this month's pet!

      • Condition 1: Win 30 maps without losing a sub-objective!

      • Condition 2: Find 40 Turkey Legs From Pet Food Boxes

      • Condition 3: Earn 50 Wyvern Tokens!

    • Rewards

      • New Monthly Pet: Narwhagon!

        • Type: Dragon

        • Ability: Unified Defense - Create a shield that does damage to nearby and attacking foes.

        • Tier: Legendary

      • Wyvern Tokens: 40

      • Gold: 30,000

    New Premium Pet:  Autumeow

    • Available on Thursday!

    New Main Menu w/ New Music

    • Updated the Main Menu to reflect the current festivities.

    Updated War Table

    • We’ve added some quality of life improvements specifically for events.

    • New Quick Jump event icon found in the top right hand corner of the War Table. Click the Quick Jump to the event playlist.

    • New Spooky Event difficulties for the new Spooky maps.

    Skip Tutorial

    • Players now have the choice of skipping the tutorial on the first playthrough.

    Extra Notes

    • Pet Reagent Boxes now have proper mesh and texture representation in world. Still no loot beams.

    • Costume shop mannequins have new costumes displayed.

    • Changed costume shop lighting.

    • Renamed Lightning Rod to Concentrated Cyclone.

    • Renamed the Tower Range stat to Defense Range.


    • Rebalanced the Squire Provoke Duration Skill Sphere to 2.0 / 4.0 seconds

    • Thorns Skill Spheres are now unique.

    • Mark Targets Skill Spheres now increase mark target maximum by 1 / 2.

    • Updated Steiner’s health in the Incursion.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Lane Billboards were showing the incorrect information or were placed onto the wrong lane.

    • Fixed an issue where the Immediate Message for server/patch maintenance caused the whole screen to blur.

    • Fixed an issue where pressing K wouldn’t change the message at the top of the screen.

    • Fixed an issue where the Flamethrower Tower caused less loot to drop from Special Enemies.

    • Fixed an issue where the Losing Social Score message would appear when a player attempted to leave after Victory or Defeat on a map.

    • Fixed a bug where cutscene sound wouldn’t play after the first play.

    • Fixed a render thread crash.

    • Fixed a crash related to a missing sound notification.

    • Changed the wording on Error 2003.

    • Fixed a few typos and reduced the length of Empowering Beam description.

    • Fixed an issue where some pet eggs that were hatched weren’t being removed from the Inventory.

    • Polished up some map collisions to make sure walking through the lanes is an easy and enjoyable experience.

    • Fixed an issue where some Ranged impact sounds were playing inconsistently.

    • Fixed an issue where the Mana Node interaction collision didn’t cover the little green spirit dude who floats above it.

    • Spelled reservoir correctly in Siphon Site D. Now you defend the RESERVOIR in Siphon Site D. That’s right, THE RESERVOIR. The RESERVOIR needs defending people….

    • Fixed a hole in Forest Crossroads.

    • Skeleton Goblin now has correct iconography in game.

    • Fixed an issue where heroes wouldn’t play their full spawn-in animation after death.

    • Resolved an issue with Griblok's "I'm out" animation not playing.

    • Resolved a bug where the Liferoot Forest Incursion Special Enemies would not spawn.

    • Fixed and updated several Skill Sphere descriptions.

    • Fixed an issue where there were duplicated stats in the stat manager.

    • Fix issue where some decals were not being applied to meshes.

    • Fixed an issue where the glow on the proximity mine was too dark in its deactivated state.

    • Fixed an issue where the outline effect when targeting certain objects was displaying incorrectly.


    Greetings Defenders,

    This Friday, Dungeon Defenders II will be available on Steam Early Access! We’re excited to welcome all of our new players into the game and continue to make the best Action Tower Defense experience possible!

    Steam Early Access will be available for $24.99. This will include access to Dungeon Defenders II, $30 of in-game currency and a set of 4 exclusive hero embellishments (currency and embellishments will be given to players as they are created/implemented into the game). We expect Dungeon Defenders II to remain in Early Access for at least a year. All of our Defense Councillors will also receive these new embellishments for free.

    We will also have an upgrade pack available. This upgrade will be $49.99 and will include $100 additional currency, 4 exclusive Hero Skins, an exclusive title, the 4 Tower Skins our Defense Councillors are designing, and an exclusive tavern decoration (goodies will be given to players as they are created/implemented into the game). All current Co-Op pack Defense Councillors will also get these new goodies. The rest of you will be able to upgrade to this pack on Steam to get all of those in-game extras and the new ones. For an updated list of what your Defense Council packages include (we’ve added a lot!), click here.

    Both of these will be 20% off for the first week Early Access is available on Steam!

    We want to thank all of you for your feedback in our last survey and blog post about our Steam release. This feedback really helped us decide the pricing and awards in these new bundles. We’re excited to be able to provide new goodies for all of our new and old players, while keeping the Defense Council exclusives… exclusive. :)

    We look forward to seeing you in Etheria on Friday! And remember: Tune into the The Game Awards on Friday at 9 p.m. EST for a world-premiere DD2 announcement!

    Edited 12/4/14:  Clarified that some of the goodies will not be made immediately available upon purchase. They will be given to people as they are created/implemented into the game. Sorry for the confusion!



    The Power Up update is now live on PC & PS4! This update includes the Gun Witch, buffs to the four original heroes, the new Game Browser and much more!


    • New Hero:  The Gun Witch!

      • As selected by you in our Influence Vote, the Gun Witch is here!

      • Using Broom Power, a magically regenerating resource, the Gun Witch has no need for blue mana and can use all of her powers at will. With abilities and witchcraft spells, the Gun Witch can fly from spot to spot, hovering in the air as she snipes enemies on the ground.

      • The Gun Witch Bundle includes the Black Magic Ops costume!

    • Game Browser

      • We’ve made a ton of changes to how you play maps and create games in the Power Up update. With the new Game Browser, you can now see every game being played. No more jumping blindly into a game hoping to find other players! Use the map, mode and difficulty filters to find the open games you want to play, or create your own. Entice players to join you by adding a custom name to your game. With the minimum iPWR filter, you can make sure the right people are joining your games.

      • To play a Private Game, select the map, mode and difficulty, and then select Create Game. On this new popup, you can choose to create a Public or Private Game.

      • The Game Browser replaces the old War Table flythrough screen, which should free up some memory.

      • This is a first pass on the Game Browser. We’ll add more filters and settings based on your feedback, and we’ll clean up some of the rough edges on the UI in a future update.

    • Reorganization of Campaign and Incursions

      • We’ve restructured the game into three game modes: Defense (previously called Campaign), Challenges (previously called Incursions), and Onslaught. All of these modes are unlocked from the beginning. Each mode now contains the following difficulties: Normal, Hard, Expert, Insane, and Nightmare I - IV. Thanks to your Influence Vote, Normal and Hard are both unlocked from the beginning, and the other difficulties unlock as your heroes’ level increases.

      • More reorganizations to come with our upcoming Strategy Revamp changes!

    • First Armor Set:  Armor of Storms

      • We’ve added our first armor set to the game! Armor sets can be worn by any hero. Each piece in a set has a unique Legendary Passive centered around a particular theme. This set is themed around lightning and storms.

      • This set is catered towards DPS heroes.

      • Gloves of the Storms:  

        • Smites of Lightning:  Attacks spawn a projectile that upon colliding with a target deals X% of your Hero Damage stat as damage and bounces up to Y times

      • Helm of the Storms:

        • Lightning Mana:  Increases your mana capacity by X with a Y% chance on hit to regen mana at a high rate for Z seconds

      • Chest of the Storms:

        • Taser Suit:  X% chance on taking damage to stun the enemy that hit you for Y seconds

      • Boots of the Storms:

        • Lightning Boots:  Increases movement speed by X. Upon landing, you deal Lightning Damage in an area around you dealing Y% of your Hero Damage stat as damage.

      • Each piece is located in the Victory Chest on different maps, so find them all!

      • We’ll be paying close attention to your feedback about this set, so please try it out and let us know what you think!

    • Unique Legendary Loot Update

      • In this update, we’re spreading out our unique legendary loot so almost every map has something unique to farm. Just like the recent Incursion weapons, these are guaranteed drops every time you win the map. Here’s a teaser of where you’ll find some of these items, but we’ll leave it to you to discover where the other items live:

        • Dragonfall Bazaar:  Toxic Shock Bow

        • Forgotten Ruins: Charge of the Harbinger Sword (DPS)

        • Liferoot Forest Incursion:  Armageddon Staff

        • Ramparts Incursion:  Purge Evil Polearm

    • Daily Mission Updates

      • Based on your feedback, we’ve made the following changes to Daily Missions:

      • Reduced the number of maps required to complete the Daily Missions from 5 to 3 and 3 to 2. Dailies are faster to complete now.

      • Reduced the likelihood of seeing Daily Missions that require you to win on maps in a certain area and increased the chance of seeing general “Win X Maps” Dailies.

      • Adjusted the number of Defender Medals given for Daily Missions so that completing Daily Missions that require you to win on maps in a certain area are more rewarding than the general Dailies.

    • Melee Update

      • In an experiment, we’re removing root motion (automatically moving forward while swinging) on the Medium Squire swords! It’s our goal that this change will give you more freedom and player control while melee attacking. Please try this out and let us know what you think. If you like it, we’ll apply it to the other Squire weapons and then to other melee heroes.


    A big balance focus of this update was bringing the four original heroes up to the level of our newest heroes! We’ll be paying attention to game data and your feedback for more tweaks and changes.

    As part of our hero buffs, we're updating some of our old passives to a new system, removing some passives and combining others into a single passive on a single item. As a result, we will be rerolling a number of passives. If the passive is getting updated to a new system, the value will be rerolled to either a higher or lower number than what you currently have. If the passive is being removed, it will be rerolled into another passive of a similar type (so if it’s a defense passive, it’ll be rolled to another defense passive). The end result should be that the four original heroes are on par with the new heroes, giving you more defense setup variety. From there, we’re working on changes in future updates to make the game more challenging and rewarding!



    • Pole Smash

      • Buffed damage significantly

      • Removed cooldown

      • Reduced to mana cost to 25

      • Falloff damage removed

      • Scales off of Ability Power

    • Chi Blast

      • Buffed damage significantly

      • Removed cooldown

      • Increased mana cost to 50

      • Falloff damage removed

    • Heroic Presence

      • Increased damage buff

      • Increased Heal Strength

      • Increased mana cost to 100

      • Cooldown is now 10 seconds

    • Shielding Wave

      • Buffed the Shield Strength to 2000% of your AP

      • Mana cost is 100

      • Cooldown is now 10 seconds


    • Lightning Aura

      • Increased Damage

    • Lightning Strikes Aura

      • Increased Damage

    • Boost Aura

      • Increased the amount of DP given to defenses by 25%

    • Sky Guard Tower

      • Damage increased slightly


    • Monk Harbinger Weapon

      • Pole Smash Fist (Passive)

        • Cooldown reduction removed

        • The two fists now roll their damage independently

          • First fist between X

          • Second fist between Y

        • Rebalanced stats to be more viable

      • Lightning Strikes Passive

        • Chance to proc is now variable

        • Damage from first fist is now variable

        • Area damage from smaller fists is now variable

        • Rebalanced to be more viable

    • Serenity Aura Range Passive

      • Only appears on gloves now

      • Value increased slightly since it’s only on gloves now.

    • Serenity Aura Slow Passive (Idle Flow)

      • Increased intensity of the slow

    • Betsy Weapon Passive

      • Slight change to do a chance on hit that secondary attacks will spawn a lightning area, dealing a portion of your Hero Damage stat as storm damage for a randomized amount of seconds.



    • Magic Missile

      • Increased damage

      • Increased max number of marked targets to 8

      • Removed cooldown

      • Reduced mana cost to 25

    • Tornado

      • Increased damage

      • Increased knockup duration

      • Reduced cooldown to 2 seconds

      • Max targets you can hit is now 10

    • Lightning Rod

      • Massively increased damage

      • Stun duration is now 18 seconds

      • Cooldown is now 10 seconds

    • Mana Bomb

      • Increased damage

      • Cooldown is now 10 seconds


    • Arcane Barrier

      • Buffed Arcane Barrier Health

    • Flameburst Tower

      • Increased Damage

      • Reduced AoE damage fallof

    • Earthshatter Tower

      • Earthshatter Tower is now single target and heavy damage.


    • Balanced the Halberd primary fire.

    • Slightly reduced firing rates on all staves and increased damage of attacks. Don’t worry:   There are still fast-firing staves.

    • Buffed secondary attack damage on staves.

    • Apprentice Harbinger Weapon

      • Arcane Barrier Passive

        • Removed health bonus given since base health of the Barrier was boosted

        • Increased damage effects

        • Increased DoT duration to 8 seconds

        • DoT damage scales separately from meteor damage

      • Mana Bomb Passive

        • Buffed to be more viable

        • The three passive values roll separately now (Shield Strength, DoT Damage, and Meteor Damage)

    • Frost Fire and Frosty Power

      • Frost Fire removed and replaced with Frosty Power

      • Frosty Power only appears on weapons now and replaces the Frost Fire passive

      • Increased amount of power gained to account for the loss of Frost Fire



    • Sword Beam

      • Increased damage

      • Increased VFX for 100% more WOW factor. Isom lervs Serd Berm.

      • Increased collision size to match new graphics

      • Scales with Ability Power

      • Reduced mana cost to 25

      • Removed falloff damage

      • Removed cooldown

      • Deals magic damage

    • Empowered Sword Beam

      • Increased damage

      • Increased VFX for 100% more WOW factor.

      • Increased collision size to match new graphics

      • Scales with Ability Power

      • Reduced mana cost to 25

      • Removed falloff damage

      • Removed cooldown

      • Deals magic damage

    • Provoke

      • Increased damage boost

      • Removed cooldown

      • Reduced mana cost to 50

    • Seismic Slam

      • Increased damage

      • Deals Earth damage now

      • Increased stun duration

      • Increased damage to enemies that are on the outside of the ability

      • Increased mana cost to 100

      • Cooldown is now 10 seconds

    • Block

      • Increased block strength from 40% to 65%, 90% with sphere.

    • Attacks

      • The Squire decided to focus a little more on arm day and some attacks in his combo chain have added knockback effects

      • We removed root motion from Medium Squire weapons. Try it out and tell us how it feels.


    • Spike Blockade

      • Increased health

      • Increased damage by 125%

    • Cannonball Tower

      • Increased damage by 40%

    • Heavy Cannonball Tower

      • Significantly increased damage

      • Reduced projectile speed

    • Training Dummy

      • Massively increased health

      • Increased damage by 100%

    • Ballista

      • Increased damage by 30%


    • Squire Harbinger Weapon

      • Provoke Passive

        • Increased DoT damage

        • Increased Seismic Slam

      • Training Dummy

        • Increased damage

        • Removed health bonus given since base health of the Dummy was boosted

        • Chance to roll the proc chance

    • Hearty Harpoon Passive

      • Now rolls only on Totems

    • Explodey Harpoon

      • Now scales with Defense Power and values adjusted slightly to give it a little girth.

    • Betsy Weapon Passive

      • Now deals a % of your Hero Damage stat as Damage instead



    • Concussive Shots

      • Increased damage

      • Damage scales with Ability Power

      • Reduced mana cost to 25

      • Reduced cooldown to 5 seconds

    • Sticky Nades

      • Damage increased substantially

      • Damage now scales with Ability Power

      • Mana cost set to 50

      • Reduced cooldown to 5 seconds

    • Oil Flask

      • Slightly increased damage

      • Increased the ignited oil damage and it now scales with AP

      • Increased oil duration by 4 seconds

      • Mana cost set to 50

      • Removed cooldown

    • Piercing Shot

      • Increased damage substantially

      • Damage now scales with Ability Power

      • Mana cost set to 100

      • Reduced cooldown to 10 seconds


    • Explosive Trap

      • Damage increased by 35%

    • Elemental Chaos Trap

      • Damage increased by 400%

    • Geyser Trap

      • Increased damage

      • Decreased attack rate

    • Blaze Balloon

      • Damage increased by 45%

      • DoT tick rate reduced slightly

    • Poison Dart Tower

      • Increased damage substantially

      • DoT applies quicker to targets

      • Changes targets after hitting

      • Increased the amount of love that iamisom gives this defense


    • Slightly reduced firing rates on all bows and increased damage of attacks. Don’t worry:   There are still fast-firing bows.

    • Huntress Harbinger Weapon

      • Concussive Shots Passive

        • Increased damage

        • The initial spikes and spike AoE scale separately with damage

      • Geyser Shard Passive

        • Increased damage

        • Can roll its damage and chance to proc separately.

    • Phoenix Call Passive

      • Phoenix Damage and Luck have been combined into Phoenix Call.

      • Values increased to accommodate for this change

      • Phoenix’s collision increased by 50% for more whammity wozzle.

      • Phoenix Damage and Phoenix Luck no longer appear on items

    • Poison Dart Passives

      • Towering Poison and Speedy Darts have been removed.

      • Explosive Poison has been reworked

        • Poison Dart Tower now does more damage. When a poisoned target dies, it detonates dealing a percentage of your Defense Power Stat as damage to enemies within a given radius.

    Other Balance Changes

    • Fixed a bug where the Nullify and Harden passives were increasing resistances more than what was stated. They should now be accurate.

    • The Abyss Lord’s Colossus and Skeletal Orc towers’ Critical Damage now scales with each upgrade, maxing out at 3.0.

    • Series EV2 Heat Dissipation updated

      • Sword/Staff canisters that were using bursts updated to have more-balanced Heat/second dissipation

      • Mega'Manus Projector Heat Dissipation decreased 42 H/s -> 18 H/s

      • Mcdooger's Heat Dissipation increased 10 H/s -> 15 H/s

    • Skill Sphere Changes

      • Chilling and Oiling Strikes have had their slows increased.

      • Oil Harpoon (Squire) no longer reduces Ballista damage.

      • Cooldown Reduction has a minimum proc time of once per second.

    General Bug Fixes

    • In order to fix the Series EV2 node placement bug, we’ve reset the Options/Keybindings.

    • Fixed a server crash that would happen if a player switches heroes quickly and continuously.

    • Fixed a bug that would cause players to get stuck in the Tutorial.

    • Fixed a bug where costume accessories in the Costume Shop could not be previewed before purchase.

    • Heroes will now properly resume auto-attacking after using abilities.

    • DPS and Attack Rate numbers on the Abyss Lord’s Skeletal Ramster should be more accurate now.

    • Fixed a bug where party leaders in a Private Game could kick themselves from a match.

    • Fixed an issue where selecting items for sale in the Inventory and closing the Inventory without selling those items would break the Inventory UI when reopening it.

    • Fixed a bug where new players would see the original heroes locked until the player moved through the heroes on the Create Hero screen.

    • Fixed an issue where Victory Chests would float in the air on The Buried Bastille.

    • Run N’Gun Skill Sphere now properly increases movement speed.

    • Chilling Strikes Skill Sphere now properly works on the Abyss Lord.

    • Abyss Fountain of Speed Skill Sphere now properly increases movement speed.

    • Fixed a bug where melee heroes could attack while in the Inventory.

    • Fixed an NPC dialogue box that was referring to Monthly Missions instead of Bonus Missions.

    • Fixed a VFX issue with the Abyss Lord’s defenses in The Buried Bastille.

    • Fixed an issue where enemies would get stuck on ledges on The Ramparts.

    • Fixed a VFX issue with Series EV2’s shadow in The Buried Bastille.

    • Correctly stylized “War Table” on the interact icon.

    • Fixed a VFX issue with the Abyss Lord’s Tomes in the Blacksmith shop.

    • Fixed missing SFX issue on The Bling King Incursion.

    • Fixed a Lightning Bug projectile VFX issue.

    PS4-Specific Bug Fixes

    • When a splitscreen player has the My Deck window open, the Blacksmith, Relic and Skill Sphere shops will now update the relic/weapon meshes and the window will now scroll.

    • When purchasing an accessory in the Costume Shop, the selection cursor no longer automatically moves to a different accessory, breaking UI navigation with the D-pad.

    • Turned down cutscene video volume and fixed an issue where cutscene volume was not responding to the volume sliders in the Options menu.

    • Fixed an issue where if a splitscreen playerhad an AFK timeout, both players would return to the Main Menu.

    • Fixed an issue where a splitscreen player could AFK timeout while the host player was in a menu.

    • Fixed an issue where, when a splitscreen player leveled up, the other player’s controls were locked until the Level Up window was closed.

    • Fixed an issue where, when in splitscreen, the Create Hero page was resized to where some info was off-screen.

    • Fixed an issue where heroes in the Costume Shop could not be rotated with the controller.

    • Fixed an issue where the L1 and R1 button icons did not appear in the Create Hero screen for switching characters.

    • Fixed an issue where pet stats were displaying as higher than intended during the Evolution screen.

    • Fixed an issue where if a splitscreen player tried to join after the Victory/Defeat cutscene, the splitscreen player was permanently unable to request to join again and the screen remained split.

    • Fixed an issue where the incorrect egg name would display in the Transform Pets UI when purchasing a premium egg.


    Known Issues

    • We’re still investigating the crashes that are being reported to us. We’ve dramatically decreased the amount of crashing, but there’s still work to be done!

    • Players can sometimes fall through the tavern/marketplace floor. If you restart the game, this should fix the problem.

    • The projectile spawned from the Gloves of the Storms passive does not work on the Abyss Lord and will not fire correctly when used with EV2 or the Huntress. Fix will be deployed in next update/patch.

    • Trying to join a game via the Game Browser when it’s already going can cause players to be not able to matchmake. Returning to the title screen and back will fix this. Fix incoming.

    • The Game Browser can sometimes take an extended period of time to remove a no longer valid session from the session list.

    • On occasion, loot data for a map will not load so all loot dropped will be of iPower 1. This can also affect Victory Chest. We’re currently investigating.

    • The Taser Suit passive will display with a radius stat of 0 but the passive functions properly.

    • PS4 - Splitscreen players (secondary) cannot navigate the Inspect Deck UI with the D-pad.

    • PS4 - In splitscreen, if the primary player is invited to a party the 2nd player does not join the party as well.

    • PS4 - The Splitscreen HUD can display on menus intended to take over the full UI.

    • PS4 - In splitscreen, the “Joining Game” notification does not display when a 3rd party member selects a map to play.

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