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Chromatic Games


Today we have an exciting new update which includes some huge changes we have been working hard on! There are two main features to highlight: Loadouts to customize heroes with new abilities and Map Choice which gives players the choice of which map and mode to go to next. In addition to these we have also made changes to game flow, balance, health, runes, weapons, and UI polish. Read on for the details or jump in the game and check them out right away!

Each hero now has at least 4 new abilities that are unlocked through a variety of quests and challenges. These new abilities are not intended to be complete replacements for the default ones but to enhance and give additional options to each hero. In addition to Abilities there are also two other types of Loadouts: Runes and Offhands.


These are alternate abilities for the Skill (Right-Click), Ability One (F), Ability Two (C), and Movement (Shift). Each hero has at least four new abilities but some have more.

These are two slots which allow players to choose some of their starting equipment and are also unlocked through quests like Abilities.


Starting Rune
Before this update each hero would unlock and automatically equip a new Rune with each Hero Level. This was called Hero Mastery but it didn’t provide the kind of customization that we were hoping for. Now each Hero Level will unlock a new rune and players can choose one to start with.

Starting Offhand
Offhands will no longer drop from chests in-game but instead are something players unlock and choose to begin the game. They can still be upgraded at the Void Shop’s Blacksmith or purchased at the Void Shop’s Shopkeeper.

Each now also has a unique base effect which gives it a specific purpose and allows for more control over the role of the hero.

All of the new loadouts need to be unlocked. Some are simple quests like “Complete 5 Runs on the Squire”. Others are more of a challenge like in the above screenshot of “Defeating any boss on Hard by only using Defenses”.

Map Choice
One of the major goals for this update is to give players a choice of which map to go to next and if they want something that’s more challenging but also more rewarding or to just pick their favorite map. 

With this players now must choose a portal to go through after each map victory. In Multiplayer the portal is chosen by the Game Host after all players are ready.


New Game Modes
Moving Core
A twist on the old challenge from DD1 and DDA. In DDGR it is different in that the Core will move between different stopping points where it is blocked by some inconveniently placed barrels. Luckily those barrels can be destroyed once the Core gets there. Unluckily the enemy is very attached to those barrels and will start attacking in order to defend them. Once all of the barrels have been cleared the core will continue on until it reaches the next stopping point or the end goal.

Warping Core
At the start of each wave and in between waves on Hard difficulty the Core will teleport to a new location. Chase it around and get there before the enemies do!

This is a brand new game mode to test out gameplay that isn’t centered on the Core. Navigate your way through three new maps avoiding traps, enemies, and then defeating a Mini-Boss at the end. These maps will only be found as a choice before the Boss map in each Act.


Each of these new game modes provides an increase in challenge and with it an additional reward!

While the Loadouts and Map Choice were the biggest focus in this update there are also a lot of other changes we have made to help bring the game closer to what we originally envisioned for it. These include changes to the basic game mechanics but also tweaks to balance and items.

One of the biggest changes previous players will notice is that there are no longer downtimes in between waves. The map will start after a countdown and then waves of enemies will come until it’s over with a final chest rewarded at the end.

With this we have also added a Pause function when the Escape Menu is open in single player.

In addition to the changes to waves there has also been a large amount of polish to everything from boss introductions to death cameras. We hope it provides a more polished and rewarding experience overall!

Another big change that players will notice is that Health will no longer regenerate after each map but persists between map transitions. There have also been various tweaks to Runes, Item Effects, Talents, and Health Drop rates in order to hopefully accomplish our goal of making Health feel more like a resource that must be managed.

Runes and Weapons
There are way too many various changes to list here but there have been changes to the balance of Runes and Weapons. Updates to the base effects on Weapons to make them all feel more unique and powerful.

We have also added some new Runes into the drop pool so look out for those!

One of the biggest changes that should be noticeable is that there will be more Runes and Weapons in the drop pool by default. Previously these would be unlocked through Hero and Account Levels but we didn’t feel like the default experience provided enough choices in Runes and Weapons. So with the addition of Loadouts into the Progression system we have made it so that most Runes and Weapons can drop.

UI Updates
We have also done an overhaul throughout the game on many different aspects of the UI in order for it to be more user friendly and generally polished. We hope that this provides a better overall experience but know there is still room for improvement so please let us know what else you’d like to see there!

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For Etheria!
Chromatic Games


DD1 Update 9.1.0

DD1 Update

This is another update that we had planned for February, but came out a bit later than expected, but it has a wide variety of new content, QOL, and fixes.

New Maps :
Lovers Paradise
-  Rewards: Bow of Hearts, Spear of Hearts, Heart Fragment (campaign only), a random Temple of Love accessory, and a chance for a Shield of Hearts
- Survival Pets: Cupid at Wave 25, New Hamster at Wave 30, Fluffy Dragon at map completion 
Crystal Escort: Wandering Heart
- Rewards: Staff of Hearts, Sword of Hearts, Heart Fragment, a random Temple of Love accessory and guaranteed a Shield of Hearts

New Items :
You can use 88 Heart Fragments on the new forge on the Tavern’s second floor to spawn a Crystal Heart
The new Hearts weapons do Love Damage. It’s generic damage that has pink damage numbers
The staff of Hearts, Spear of Hearts, and Sword of Hearts have a 10% movement speed increase 
The staff of Hearts right-click heals allies instead of doing AoE damage
Shield of Hearts heals a percentage of your health on successfully blocking damage
New Hamster, Steam Robot, and Cupid

Quality of Life :
- Removed the ship from Striking Tree and moved the spawn to the center of the map
- Gas and Darkness traps now reset when entering a build phase
- Healing pets no longer try to heal you when they can’t
-  You can now see the lab assault EV bosses on the minimap
- Added hysteresis to trip wire towers (buff beam, reflection beam, etc), which can be toggled with “Control + B”. This means they snap to the max length for each DU option
- Added more Ultimate++ armor seeds
- Staff left + right click charges to 70%
- Made most events unsellable. The only exceptions are Admiral Djinn, Blu, and Aladdin’s Wish
- Made the practice dummy more accurate the longer you attack it for
- Tentatively made all the skins that unlock on only Insane difficulty or under also unlock on Nightmare
- Made Summoner’s Overlord Mode ability not get canceled/prevented from use on map completion, letting people use it to pick up items that drop on the last wave
- Made it possible for weapons from this patch onward to have a fire rate higher than 10 shots per second
- Split screen status ( Hidden / Shown ) doesn’t get changed on in-game cinematics
 - True Boss Rush now has a working timer
- The upgrade tower ability now prioritizes towers that you have enough mana to upgrade
- Prioritisation of towers in the upgrade tower ability is now customizable from UDKCDTSettings.ini
- Added config option to bring back old upgrade tower behavior
- Shift/Ctrl upgrading a hero stat on cats now upgrades boost/range/number of players for you
- You now get an experience orb as a one-time reward upon getting the Ultimate Defender achievement
- Minimum lobby level requirement is now saved
- Level rewards are no longer automatically locked when they get added to your inventory
- Added unequip all button to hero info UI
- Call of arms now has an indicator when activated, similar to hero and tower boost
- Made unearned achievement appear first when inspecting the crystal

Bug Fixes :
- Added collision volumes where Boss Ev's usually get stuck on Lab Assault
- Removed collision from rocks under the map on Lab Assault so Boss EVs don’t get stuck
- Fixed kill volume on Spooktacular Bay killing auras and Krakens
- Fixed a bunch of miscellaneous collisions on Spooktacular Bay
- Expanded Overlord bounds on Spooktacular Bay
- Fixed roof collisions on Spooktacular Bay
- Added collision where ogres get stuck under the bay on Spooktacular Bay
- Potentially fixed copter ogres getting stuck in the air on Spooktacular Bay
- Fixed getting stuck when going to the roof on Spooktacular Bay
-  Made Mushroom and trees collisions smaller on Striking Tree
- Fixed invisible mushrooms on Striking Tree
- Fixed a bunch of minor collision issues on Striking Tree
- Added back the missing triggers for steam achievements from update 7
- Fixed a typo in one of the names for a Staff of Flowers core drop
- Fixed the old one not shooting fireballs
- Fixed bug where tower boosters would not always affect aura attack rates
- Fixed the broken report bug button to link on the pause menu
- All Update 9.0 weapons now have size randomization similar to Update 8.7’s weapons
- Melee pets now properly hit Kraken, Spider Queen, and Goblin Mech bosses
- Fixed Jade Serpent being white when dropped on the ground
- Pets that look identical can now both contribute to familiar related achievements (ex: robot from tinkers lab and alc lab)
- Fixed bug where pets that did the line of sight checks could never target the cruiser ship boss core
- Fixed broken links on the welcome screen
- Fixed issue where “toggle other players towers sellable” was impossible to select on a controller
- Fix for copter ogres getting stuck on one spot outside the map on Winter Wonderland
- Remade collision for trees on Striking Tree, stuck mobs and drops should be less frequent
- Possible fix for Jester Fool skin call-out animation with guns
- Made Pumpkin Snowman boss drop mana on Spooktacular Bay and Halloween Invasion

Balance Changes :
- Mini Kraken, Mini Genie King, Mr. Owl, Dice, Christmas Elephant, Mega Chicken, Forge Robot, and Tiger had their melee range increased
- Increased range for Wasp Pet and decreased melee range
- Removed ranged attack from Mega Chicken
- Limited upgrading Mega Chicken’s shots per second to 4, to avoid using upgrades when that wouldn’t do anything 
- Made Ult rates for Ember Pony and Fenix better
- Buffed Ember Pony damage multiplier
- Tentatively made Ember Pony float higher when equipped
- Karathiti Monkey buffed to be on the same level as Akatiti Monkeys
- Removed movement speed from Final Patch
- Made all characters and skins, with the exception of Jester, move 10% faster by default
- Decreased mana cost scaling of Squire’s Blood Rage ability
- Decreased the movement speed multiplier on Squire’s Blood Rage ability
- Increased damage scaling of Countess’ Call to Arms ability 
- Decreased mana cost of Countess’ Call to Arms ability
- Added a flat 20% speed multiplier to other heroes in Countess’ Call to Arms ability range
- Made base Series EV and Bounty Hunter EV skin have better-cast rate scaling than a jester
- Added Joust fire trail from Redux, it now scales with ability 2.
- Talay Mining Complex survival now has 35 waves. Added a Steam Bot pet to wave 25
- Made Hashat's Recurve max projectile speed upgrade be 75000
- Made Hashat's Recurve elemental damage type roll between only fire and lightning
- Buffed ember shield to be in line with other shields
- Added Black Knight and Black Bishop weapons to King’s Game
- King’s Game Survival now gives the Campaign weapon rewards
- Coastal Bazaar now has in-game trophies 
- Chests now drop more items when open after the first wave on maps
- Made Pirate Patch from Challenge: Pirate Invasion drop with colors
- Added Turkey Bracers to Challenge: Greater Turkey Hunt
- Buffed the following accessories to be in line with other end-game accessories: Pirate Hat, Pirate Patch, Defender's Cornucopia, Defender's Headdress, Gobbler Shield, Turkey Mask, Santa Hat, Santa Beard, Top Hat, and Bow
- Added for weapon rewards  Halloween Spooktacular on Nightmare
- Staff charge rate can now be upgraded to 128
- Made all Mr. Owl pets 30% bigger
- Reduced Coastal Bazaar survival difficulty
- Old generic Dragon Bracers now are part of the Spooky Accessory Set
- Armguards of Love now are part Pink Temple of Love Accessory Set
- Made Ember Crescent always spawn with 1 extra projectile
- Buffed mage towers drop chance to 15%
- Buffed siege mech drop chance to 80% and drops to 6
- Made Outlander Ranger flight time the same as EV 1.75 skin
- Removed movement speed from Calamity Blade
 - Changed type sort to consider armor set bonus types (pristine, mail..) before the actual slot type (helmet, gloves..)
 - Changed type sort to separate accessory types (hats, masks, shields..)
- Reduced Apprentice’s Fireball Tower attack rate, boosted tower damage, and gave it 25% extra projectile speed

[CG] Philip


Today we have a small game update and a handful of other events to talk about! This update contains the Early Game changes to make things harder. As well as Twitch Integration which will allow streamers to connect their twitch account to the game and let viewers vote on events to take place in game!



Free Steam Weekend

Have you been curious to try the game before buying? Got a friend you want to convince to play? Well now is their chance! We’ll be running a free weekend for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on Steam! There will also be a sale for the game so if you decide to buy the game after giving it a try you can continue right where you left off in progression.

The Free Weekend will start March 9th at 10AM Pacific / 1PM EST and will run until March 13th at 10AM Pacific / 1PM EST.


Twitch Drops


What better time to offer some free cosmetic rewards than during a free weekend. We’ll be running our first ever Twitch drop campaign. All you have to do is connect your twitch account on our website - https://drops.dungeondefenders.com/ then watch any twitch channel streaming Dungeon Defenders: Awakened with drops enabled.

The following rewards will become available at specific times:

  • Starting Mar 9th - Mar 30 Watch for 1 hour and claim the reward Squire Guardian Pet
  • Mar 10th - Mar 30 · Watch for 1 hour and claim the reward Huntress Guardian Pet
  • Mar 11th - Mar 30 · Watch for 1 hour and claim the reward Monk Guardian Pet
  • Mar 12th - Mar 30 · Watch for 1 hour and claim the reward Apprentice Guardian Pet
  • Mar 13th - Mar 30 · Watch for 1 hour and claim the reward Crystalline Pizza Wings

Note: You will have to redeem the rewards in order and watch the required hours per reward.

Galaxy Costume Bundle


Store Link: Steam Galaxy Bundle

The Galaxy Costume Bundle will be releasing alongside the free weekend on March 9th at 10AM PST / 1PM EST! Explore the world of Etheria with these new cosmic themed hero costumes cosmetics. This DLC Bundle unlocks the above costumes through the Transmog UI accessible in the tavern through the Blacksmith or Escape Menu.

The Galaxy Costume Bundle applies to the following heroes:

  • Squire
  • Apprentice
  • Huntress
  • Monk
  • EV
  • Warden
  • Rogue
  • The Outcast Summoner
  • Guardian (once released in-game)


The bundle will cost $6.99 with a 15% launch discount bringing it down to $5.95 for the first week!


Game Update Patchnotes - Released 3/8/2023

Available on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation (Expect for Twitch Integration on consoles)

Twitch Integration

As many games have added, Twitch integration will allow streamers to link their Twitch account and have their chat vote on randomly chosen events to happen in-game. Events can be both negative and positive for the streamer and only happen in the combat phase.


Streamers will also be able to configure the amount of voting time, time between events, number of events per wave and whether they want to disable positive events entirely.


To use this feature, go to the Twitch tab on the options UI and link your Twitch account.

Early Game Changes

We've heard a lot of player feedback about the early game and so one of the main goals for these changes is to increase the difficulty of the early game to help better match the power level of players and entertain players who want a harder experience. At the same time our goal is also not to make the early game too difficult as some players do want an easier experience.

That said here are the following changes:

  • Hard is now unlocked from the beginning.
    • We’ve shifted all the difficulties down from Easy to Insane, What this means is the following:
      • Easy - The difficulty of what Medium used to be.
      • Medium - The difficulty of what Hard used to be.
      • Hard - The Difficulty of what Insane used to be and slightly harder.
      • Insane - Is what Insane used to be but with higher scaling to be a new middle ground between Hard and Nightmare.
    • We’ve changed how progression unlocks work, the way it works now is the following:
      • If a map is unlocked on any difficulty, you can play that map on a higher difficulty without having to play it on lower difficulties first.
        • Example: If you’ve beaten The Throne Room on medium, you can play Endless Spires on any difficulty you have unlocked (Insane, Nightmare or Massacre) assuming you meet the requirements.
  • Removed gear level requirements until nightmare to allow players to equip the gear they are getting as they progress.
  • Insane is now unlocked after beating Easy, Medium or Hard on Campaign Summit.
  • Decreased Nightmare Level requirement to 60 from 70
  • Decreased Massacre Level requirement to 80 from 83.
  • Added some new difficulty explanation popup for when you open the map select for the first time.
  • Maps are now hidden on the map select if you don’t have the difficulty unlocked and it explains why the difficulty is locked.
  • Increased IPWR on Swords and Polearms to help bring them in more in line with Staffs and Crossbows.
  • Greatly Reduced the amount of stats that item effects provide in the early game 
  • Ex: Armor giving +50 Fortify on a piece that only gives +10 Fortify.


What’s Next?

This is just the tip of what’s to come for the Dungeon Defenders franchise as a whole! We got updates for all the games around the corner. In regards to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened we have Episode 2 Part 2 coming which will feature the Guardian a new hero, 2 new maps, one of which is a boss map. Our goal is to get this into PTR playtesting the week of March 20th.


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For Etheria!

Chromatic Games


[CG] Brittani

After two weeks of awesome recreations of Dungeon Defender heroes, enemies, and all the things in between from our super talented community, we’ve made it to our final week of Fan Art February!

Before we let you loose for Week 3, we want to recognize one of our ADORABLE community submissions from MissHelenGD:

Giraffe Treadmill.png


I didn’t know I needed a heart-filled Giraffe on a Treadmill pet, but now I don't want to defend without it!! 

Now onto our FINAL week of Fan Art February. Our last theme is Transmog Showcase Week! Show us your favorite Etherian-defending outfits and your baddest “walk-the-throne-room” look. As with last week, vote for your favorite submissions throughout the week and they may be featured on our own DD social pages.

Just a friendly reminder - please keep submissions safely in the “E” rating zone (or G-rated if you’re more into movie ratings style). Artwork should be safe for eyes of all ages, and you will still need to follow normal forum rules :)

Show us what’s been hiding in those hero decks!

[CG] Philip
The Episode 2 Part 2 update is ready for PTR testing! This update brings a brand new hero to the Dungeon Defenders Universe, The Guardian! As well as 2 new maps, one of which will be the Boss Map, and lastly more Runes. This will wrap up the Episode 2 update as a whole as we prepare to look at what’s next for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened!
How to Join
We want you to join the PTR! If you own Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on PC/Steam, check out our forum post that shows you exactly how to join!
PTR Reward
You’ll be given the choice of reward in the survey including a new set of wings!. This includes the following rewards:

[New!] Egyptian Eagle Wings Forest Ally’s Wings Eagle’s Wings Crystalline Corgi RGB Pumpkin Mask A Giveaway entry for a Golden Corgi Pet Transmog
New Hero, The Guardian!

The Guardian is a protector of many ancient tombs and temples around the world of Etheria. With the Old One’s army rising up across Etheria, the Guardian has decided to join the heroes in their battle!
General Features
The Guardian is a melee hero that will use a Sword and Shield in combat. She will offer both defensive and support capabilities with her kit. With that said let's get into the abilities.
Primary - Basic Attack
Her primary attack is a melee attack with her sword similar to that of the Squire.
Secondary - Shield Slam
This attack can be charged up by holding the input and released at any point. The longer the ability is held the more damage that will be dealt up to a limit. Once released the ability will release a cone of damage in front the guardian hitting all enemies within range.
Active Ability - Divine Judgement
Divine Judgement is a powerful ability that will summon energy from above and come crashing down onto enemies dealing massive damage.
Buff Ability - Divine Protection
While active nearby heroes will receive additional armor. Additionally increases the guardian's movement speed and a portion of any damage the Guardian deals to enemies will be used to heal all nearby heroes inside the radius.
Defense 1 - Holy Bulwark (2 DU): The Holy Bulwark is still a WIP, as such in the PTR will be just a simple blockade for now. That said, our goal here is to allow the Holy Bulwark to protect nearby defenses by taking any damage they receive instead of the tower being hit taking damage. Defense 2 - Empowering Shrine (3 DU): This special shrine will offer nearby heroes additional damage and increased mana regeneration. Defense 3 - Owl Perch (3 DU): The owl perch is the most trustworthy ally to the guardian, and will fly around the battlefield going from target to target dealing damage to all in its path. The Owl will not stay on one target and will not hit the same target until it returns to the perch. Defense 4 - Holy Cannon (4 DU): The Holy cannon will shoot flaming cannonballs at targets dealing damage to a small AoE around the target but most importantly applying a stacking damage over time effect.  Defense 5 - The Obelisk (4 DU): The Obelisk is the support defense of the Guardian’s kit, when an enemy is within range it will apply a AoE Debuff around the target slowing targets within range, additionally the primary target will take damage over time.  
New Act 5 Maps!
The Forsaken Temple
This long abandoned underground city was once a great shrine to the Night Owl.The Heroes should be wary of what secrets and evil lies ahead.

This will be the new Act 5 Boss map, during the PTR there will not be a boss at the end of the map. We want to leave something for surprise for the full release.
Castle Armory
The Old One's forces have breached the Castle Armory, the Heroes must defend this area in order to keep the weapons from falling into the wrong hands!

This is a recreation of the original Dungeon Defenders map and will serve as the encore map for Act 5.
More Runes!
We are still in the process of making some of the new guardian runes but there are some additional runes that have been added for other defenses. Here’s the new ones and where to find them.
Reflective Screech - Siren Rune (Drops on The Forsaken Temple): This rune increases the range of the siren’s armor buff range per rank, additionally it adds a protective shield that will reflect projectiles from ranged enemies similar to reflect field.
Static Shock - EV Energy Cannon (Drops on Castle Armory): This rune will apply a slow to enemies hit by the Energy Cannon, each hit applies a new stack onto the enemy.
Empowering Ring - Warden Mushroom Circle (Drops on Castle Armory): This rune give heroes that walk into the mushroom circle a lingering damage and movement speed buff.
Raging Shrooms - Warden Shroomy Geyser (Drops on Lost Metropolis): This rune will give the shroomy projectile a chance to enrage enemies upon being hit.
Paralyzing Smite - Guardian Divine Judgement (Drops on Forsaken Temple): This rune will make enemies hit by Divine Judgement stunned for a limited duration.
Deadly Gaze - Guardian Obelisk (Drops on Castle Armory): This rune will make The Obelisk apply a DoT to all enemies within the obelisk's debuff range dealing a % of tower damage per second.
Known Issues / Missing Features:
Hopefully our goal is to add most of these into the PTR as we release various patches during the playtest.
The Guardian’s Balance is very much work in progress Defense Tooltips Lots of placeholder images for Guardian, Items, etc More Guardian Runes New map pets Boss Weapons drop but don’t do anything special currently The Holy Bulwark currently doesn’t have a special ability and is just a blockade currently Hotfix Note Location:
What’s Next?
The PTR will run for about a week or two as we collect data and make any adjustments needed before doing a full release. After this update is live we will likely be handling future updates differently, moving towards a smaller consistent update releasing features and content as ready.
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Chromatic Games
[CG] Brittani
It's Week 2 of Fan Art February! 
Here is a non-Internet submission from last week that we HAD to share with you all:

This awesome Siren drawing is from Defender Erica. (Peep the signature in the bottom right.) Thank you for sharing your talents with this community!! 
Now, onto Week 2! 
With Valentine’s Day still on our love-stricken minds, the second week’s theme is Love is in the Air. Let’s see those Cupid-struck heroes, bosses, and giraffes.  As with last week, submit your works in the comments below and vote for your favorite submissions throughout the week and they (or you) may be featured on our own DD social pages. 
Just a friendly reminder - please keep submissions safely in the “E” rating zone (or G-rated if you’re more into movie ratings style). Artwork should be safe for eyes of all ages, and you will still need to follow normal forum rules :)
Give us those hearts!! (And likes)
[CG] Brittani
We need YOUR help! Starting today, we’re asking for input from Defenders through our own Public Test Realm (PTR) build for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. The main goal for our PTR tests is to gather player feedback on game updates before releases—we want to make sure each of you feels a part of the development process. You get to try out new content and we get to make sure the new content works as planned by its release. Sounds like a win-win!
First, to update your save if you were in the previous PTR (skip otherwise):
Navigate to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\DDS\Saved\SaveGames You can paste that into the top of a file explorer (if you have a C Drive otherwise change the letter) OR Type %localappdata% in windows search bar and hit enter and find the DDS folder from there.  Delete the save labeled _PTR Relaunch the game and you should get an updated version of your live save The PTR format is a bit different from our past testing system and current live-game action, so we want to break down what this looks like for those who are interested:
The PTR is only available for PC/Steam Defenders. Those interested in joining the public test realm must own the game on PC. You will only be able to choose the Play Online mode. Sorry, no playing offline within playtesting. The PTR will not always be available. We keep the build open for specific periods and if you try to join outside those times, it’ll shut down when you try to Play Online. We’ll let you know what these available times are for each testing cycle. No changes will be made to your normal saves! (cloud or local) Your data is pulled down from the cloud and stored locally. The build includes specific updates, not all of them. We choose specific features and changes that we need feedback on from the relevant updates, but these builds do not include ALL of the new content. We need to keep some of it a surprise! Check out what's in the latest build here. Now to the important stuff. How do you actually become part of the testing crew? Here’s how:
Log in to your Steam account. In your Steam library, right click on Dungeon Defenders: Awakened.

  Select “Properties” from the menu that appears.

  Once the Properties window opens, click “BETAS”.

  In the BETAS window, click the drop-down menu for the “Select the beta you would like to opt into” prompt and choose “recruit - Public Testing Realm”. Note: If you only see the “None” option from the drop-down menu, you will need to restart Steam.

  Once “recruit - Public Testing Realm” is selected, you can close the window. The test build will begin downloading automatically and you’ll be able to enter the game once the download is complete. Testers can then provide feedback under the Discord section “DDA - PTR” on the Dungeon Defenders Discord server. Join the server: https://discord.com/invite/dd2 New members will only be able to see the 📌COMMUNITY section. If you are a new member, you’ll need to go to the channel #❗-role-assignment-❗. Then, choose “DDA” at the bottom of the role instructions. Once the DDA channels show up in the server, find the section titled “DDA - PTR”. (This will only be visible when a PTR build is active.) Read through the #getting-started channel to learn more about the rules and expectations for feedback. Give us your feedback in the channel #ptr-bug-reports. Please keep in mind that we may not be able to implement your feedback by the release of an update, but we always appreciate your comments and suggestions. We are SO excited to get this first build out to Defenders today. As an indie studio, feedback from you all is integral to our continued success with Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, and with your help, our upcoming update can be the best one yet.
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[CG] Andrew

We noticed during our Community Manager’s DD2 streams that the Abyss Lord could use a little love, so we are handing out a few buffs to your favorite underwater denizen! (Totally kidding about the stream thing. We are doing this for actual and legit balance reasons.) We have also found several more issues that we want to address and we are doing so in this patch. Let’s get into it!
This patch is now live on all platforms!
Abyss Lord Changes
Changed the Abyss Lord hero damage multiplier to 5
Changed the right click scalar of the Abyss Lord to from 3 to 2.
The Abyss Lord can now hold right click to auto activate their charged attacks (Helps prevents clicker spam)
Changed right click cast time to be a base 1.25 instead of 1.5 to match the animation better
Abyss Stone - Abyssal Stone now has a 10s cooldown, but the damage scalar has been increased.
Direct Command - Direct Command now has a 20s cooldown but can affect multiple towers at once within a radius, and affected tower abilities now scale off of their tower damage.
Abyss Fountain Heal - Changed healing fountain to a static heal percentage to allow it to be viable for all setups
Abyss Lord Shards
Power Overwhelming - Ability Power increased from 30% to 50%
Shattering Stone -  Now works correctly and has been buffed from 400% to 2500%
Added the ability for Squire and Countess to use axes
Added the ability for Flame Eater and Prickly Shield chip to roll on axes
Last Stand chip & Rise from the Ashes now give 1.5 seconds of invincibility after reviving
Protective Downgrade now gives 1.5 seconds of invincibility to the affected tower after reviving
Genie King’s Blessing Shard mana gain increased from 2 to 3
Reduced Elder Wyvern damage resistance buff by 10% for both regular and elite
Elder Wyverns and Ancient Wyverns can no longer buff each other
Increased Jester Box health on C9 Jester's Revenge
Increased C8 core and subcore health to Onslaught Floor 100 level
Increased C9 core and subcore health to Onslaught Floor 350 level
Changed C8 mastery to have a 50 ascension talent cap and C9 mastery to have a 100 ascension talent cap
Reduced the proc rate of the Double-tap shard to match fire for effect
Tweaked the Phoenix AI on Embermount
Reduced Elvish Artillery Cannon damage by 10%
Reduced the potency of Mercenary’s Mark mod from 200% increased damage to 150%
Increased Demonic Scythe passive damage by 300%
Increased Dagger Throw cooldown from 2 seconds to 8
Reduced Fan of Knives damage by 40%
Reduced Mercenary Melee Swing Multipliers by 30%
Reduced Backstab Shard by 14%
Increased Cooldown of Combat Preparation from 15 to 20 seconds
Adjusted Flak Cannon max rate from 2.0 to 1.5
Increased Oil catapult projectile AoE by 25%
Increased Elder Dragon Burn damage by 50%
Reduced Hero Damage scalar on Bouncing Phoenix from 1000% to 500%
Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue where some bosses weren't properly tagged as mini bosses
Fixed an issue where some mastery challenges weren't working
Fixed an issue where Call to Arms’ tower damage buff wasn't working on fissures
Fixed upgrade cost on Auto-Repair System being too high
Fixed the Display value on the Tamer’s Gambit shard
Fixed an issue where Valiant Charge and Sweeping Strikes were not hitting Siege roller weak point
Fixed an issue where Valiant Charge wasn't being counted for focused ap
Fixed an issue where bosses on the Wildest West could be counted twice
Fixed an issue on the Wildest West where you had to kill the entire final wave on C9 instead of just the bosses
Fixed an issue where the Golden Fenix wasn’t dropping the correct ability
Fixed an issue where the Golden Fenix egg name was incorrect
Fixed an issue with the Empowering Aura shard where it was reducing Ability Power instead of increasing it
Fixed an issue where the Adept / Apprentice Tornado VFX was scaling its size
Fixed an issue where rings could be synced to progression in player shops
Fixed an issue where the default card hero index was wrong in the hero inspect screen making the first hero card blank
Fixed an issue where controller inputs weren't showing the tooltips in the hero inspect screen
Fixed an issue where loot was dropping on the boss wave of Embermount
Fixed an issue where some Mana-related mods didn't properly work for the countess
Fixed an issue where the toggle loot popups didn't apply to certain popups
Fixed an issue where stackable items would switch selection focus on use on pc
Fixed several issues involving the Demon Lord boss fight where it would become impossible to complete
Fixed an issue where Jester Box on Jester's Revenge could be stunned
Fixed an issue where Powder Shot had the wrong chaos tier icon
Fixed an issue where Titanic Slam wasn't in the correct shard pack
Fixed an issue where pet reroll boxes were not stacking
Fixed an issue where the special death VFX wasn't working on Abyss Lord siphon
Fixed an issue where the lower chaos tier warning pops up on the same chaos tier items
Fixed an issue where the Inspired Shout shard was not giving Armor
Fixed an issue where the Cybermancer skin couldn't be purchased from the create a hero screen
Fixed an issue where the sticky bomb pet ability could hit friendly targets
Fixed an issue with the Mark of the Phoenix mod’s proc chance being over 100%
Fixed Hardened Servo tooltip at low levels
Fixed an issue where base xp values weren't correct on Wild Westival C8 / C9 expeditions
Potential fix for outside phased lanes on Wild Westival
Quality of Life Changes
Changed fissure target attack vfx
Towers and dummies now use a bigger integer to display cumulative damage over 2 billion
Sky Guard Towers now displays their projectile damage radius
Revamped all of Embermount Volcano’s lighting and post processing to help display death pits and various other features
Changed the collection UI to properly show map progression on certain challenges and updated descriptions on certain challenges
Changed the function of goblin insurance to a toggle and not a press and hold action
Reduced amount of enemies that can appear at any given time on Lost Temple. Should help with performance and a make things slightly more manageable.
What’s Next?
DD2 isn't all we are working on here at Chromatic. Behind the scenes we are working on so much awesome stuff that we can't wait to show you! For you DDA fans out there, Episode 2 is still coming along nicely, and our upcoming PlayStation release is receiving the last bit of polish for our May 3rd release! Make sure you are paying attention to our socials over the next week for possible additional beans.
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Chromatic Games
[CG] Andrew
Recently we have seen an increasing number of questions regarding the Dungeon Defenders Awakened PlayStation port. We felt that these questions deserved a more in-depth response so we sat down with one of our engineers, Lawson, and asked him directly!
Q. What's been the most challenging thing when developing for PS?
A. One of the difficulties we face with PlayStation development is that we are using a modified version of Unreal Engine. To be able to submit to PlayStation we had to manually upgrade our engine to be able to use Sony's new SDK (software development toolkit, basically all the tools to make our game work with their system). We’ve also recently moved to a new office, which added it’s own layer of complications. With Sony, we need to have a specific IT setup or the developer kits won’t work and it took us a month and a half to get this setup working, locking in IP addresses, getting proper network configurations setup, and more. Most of this process was out of our hands, so it took longer than we expected.
Q. What was surprisingly easy, if anything?
A. Doing the previous ports has allowed us to reuse a ton of work. Optimizations are one of those areas that really comes through with what we’re doing, and troubleshooting is a bit faster as a lot of issues that pop up are very similar to previous development.
Q. What are some things you think people don't realize are a thing when porting a game?
A. That it's not just as easy as getting a game on the console and releasing it. Releasing on a console requires a lot of work back and forth with the platform, in this case Sony. We have to integrate a ton of platform specific logic and each platform has its own set of tests we have to pass to be able to get it working. This means that the games on consoles should be a better product for gamers, but this comes at the cost of time. On PC we have none of these restrictions and can just release when we want.
Q. What's the weirdest issue you've run into?
A. The first time we started the game on PlayStation it was in black and white. For some reason the fire was still colored. It was actually pretty spooky. We also had a mesh that would appear randomly around the tavern then quickly disappear. So the tavern basically became a haunted house. 

Q. What goes into the porting process? 
A. In general for a port we need to make sure the game can run well and meet all of the platform requirements to release. These requirements can vary from platform to platform and change over time. It is like trying to hit a constantly moving target to get it on the platform. 
Q. How does this compare with porting to other platforms in the past?
A. With other platforms we didn’t have to manually upgrade our entire engine. The Switch required a lot of profiling and optimization work, which will carry over to the PlayStation.
Q. What part of bringing DDA to PlayStation do you most enjoy?
A. All my friends mostly play games on PlayStation, so I am really excited to be able to play DDA with them once this is finished. 
Q. Will this port work for both PS4 and PS5?
A. To get DDA to work cross-gen on PlayStation will take extra time. This requires more upgrades to the engine along with additional requirements from Sony. To get DDA out as fast as possible we will be releasing it on PS4. However, it will run on PS5 in backward compatibility mode.
Q. Is there any ETA on this going live?
A. Right now we are finishing up the multiplayer portion of the port. This includes preparing all of the documentation (icons, trophies, etc.) to submit to PlayStation. This part of the process is back-and-forth with PlayStation. We are waiting on the green light from then, so we don’t want to promise anything prematurely. Work is continuing as we wait on word from them to make sure we’re using our time as wisely as possible.
Q. Anything else that you would like DDA fans to know?
A. That the PlayStation port is definitely not abandoned and it's actively being worked on. This is a labor of love, and we are just as excited as the community to bring DDA to PlayStation. 
What’s Next?
We’re continuing work on Episode 2 with new maps, heroes, enemies, and more. We just teased out our first new map yesterday, with more being shown over the coming weeks. Make sure to stop by our stream this week to see more of this new map! 

There’s so much going on at Chromatic, not only do we have this PlayStation port going, we’ve got a lot we’re doing with Episode 2, new updates for Dungeon Defenders II, and so much more. Keep an eye on our social channels below as we continue to spill Episode 2 beans!
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Chromatic Games

With Man & Machine stealing Round One in a last minute victory, there are still two more rounds to vote in until you've chosen our new Hero -- The Barbarian, The Man & Machine, or The Mystic.

Vote Here: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/initiatives/45

Here’s how it works:

Three heroes will compete in a round-robin tournament. The hero with the most Influence Points from all three rounds together will be our next hero!
Every day, you’ll gain one Influence Point for logging into the game and another Influence Point for logging into the site. (2 Total Points per day.)
Use your points here and on our launcher to vote for your favorite hero(es). You can spend as many points as you’d like per round!
Here are the rounds and dates for voting:
Round 1:  Man & Machine vs. Mystic (May 14th to May 19th) Round 2:  Barbarian vs. Mystic (May 20th to May 26th) Round 3:  Man & Machine vs. Barbarian (May 27th to June 2nd)
This is Round 2:  Barbarian vs. Mystic.

The Barbarian. The ruthless brawler. The Barbarian is an unstoppable force that is yet to be unleashed on the Old Ones’ army. He prefers to rely on his own two hands and use his two weapons and a multitude of abilities to decimate hordes of enemies. Most heroes hide behind their walls and defenses; the Barbarian hides behind nothing.

The Mystic.The twisted sorceress. Magic has been around in Etheria for quite some time. There is however an older magic -- a darker, more chaotic magic nestled deep within Etheria.

The Mystic was once a thief, but now she carries inside her an ancient and dark serpent demigod. This demigod is the source of ancient and unimaginable magic that the Mystic wields. Most heroes have their defenses likened to their personality; the Mystic’s defenses are dark, twisted and represent the chaotic forms of the serpent god. She is a powerful ally on the battlefield, so long as she can control the fickle whims of her serpent lord.

Who will you choose?https://dungeondefenders.com/2/initiatives/45

[CG] Andrew
We are very excited to show off our progress on DDA Episode II by introducing our newest map: The Lost Metropolis! Defend your core from threats old and new in the shadow of structures from a forgotten civilization. (Bonus internet points if you spot the one true hero, Hammel, below) 
New Map: Lost Metropolis

What’s Next?
Here at Chromatic Games we will be taking time off to spend with our friends and families over the holiday season. That means tomorrow is the last Funday Friday stream of 2021! Make sure to stop by stream tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 17th 2 PM EST) where we reveal this gorgeous new map live! 
Before we go on our holiday hiatus, we also wanted to let everyone know that we have submitted a DDA build to PlayStation and are officially in the certification process! This process usually involves considerable back-and-forth, so we don't have an exact ETA but we continue to move ever closer to the release.
We still have so much in the works at Chromatic, and are very excited what's in store in 2022 for all of our Defenders!
Happy Holidays and New Year! See you in 2022!
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[CG] Philip
The long awaited Episode 2 Part 1 PTR is here! Players who own a copy on steam can access the steam beta branch and play the PTR to help us gather feedback and find bugs before release.
How to Join
We want you to join the PTR! If you own Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on PC/Steam, check out our forum post that shows you exactly how to join!
PTR Reward

Given the Halloween nature, the PTR reward will be a RGB Pumpkin Mask Transmog, as what’s more spooky than a bit of RGB.

If RGB is not your flavor, We’ll be allowing people to collect any of the previous PTR rewards in the past. You’ll be given the choice of reward in the survey. This includes the following rewards:
Forest Ally’s Wings Eagle’s Wings Crystalline Corgi Episode 2 Part 1
So we already did a long winded reveal of the vast majority of the features coming in this update, so this post won’t be going into details but will serve as a quick overview of the contents with any changes.
Click here to read the full post to get a better understanding.
The Outcast Summoner

The Outcast Summoner, One of the most iconic heroes joins the battle! In this PTR you’ll be able to create and try out the new hero along with all their abilities and minions. We are looking for feedback on the functionality and balance, as we are in the process of still getting Art, Animations, SFX and VFX all hooked up still.

Runes are a new feature that allow players to augment their defenses in new ways! These can range from simple additions to completely different abilities. Runes can drop from normal enemies at all levels of play as well as from victory chests. Each act has its own pool of which runes drop from enemies, and each map has a smaller subset of that act pool that drop in the form of a guaranteed drop from the victory chest. You can view where a rune drops on the rune UI itself, displayed as “Favored Map”
Since the Episode 2 Part 1 post we have since changed our minds about having generic runes in the game. This is mainly because we want players to feel like they can use the special runes designed for each tower without feeling punished for not using a generic rune that just gives them more power. We just think this provides a more fun opportunity to players and lets us continue to create more unique runes rather than balance the battle between unique and generic runes.
Currently there are about 54 runes in the game to playtest, some heroes and defenses are missing runes and we will be working on getting those in as time permits or before release of the update.

The long awaited feature is here. As described in the Episode preview post, players are able to send trade requests with one another using the party bar in the top right of the pause menu. Once a player accepts a trade request, the two players may offer up items and gold between each other and then confirm the trade once they feel like they are happy with the trade. 
Act 5 - 2 New Maps
With the first part of Episode 2 comes 2 new maps to kick off Act 5. After defeating the Lycan King, the heroes traverse a great desert uncovering forgotten locations along the way. The first 2 maps will be in the PTR and can be played. However they drop the same quality of items that would be seen on the keep, as we are still deciding if a quality increase before the boss / bonus difficulty is worth it currently.
The Bazaar
You’ll have to fight your way through the Bazaar in order to progress deeper into the secrets this desert holds!

The Lost Metropolis
Defend your core from threats old and new in the shadow of structures from a forgotten civilization.
Defense Changes
As outlined in the original post, there are 5 defense changes. The only difference between the post and the PTR is that we decided after reading feedback and playtesting that the combined Reflect field was causing more issues being the default EV defense, and as such we’ve made the original reflect field the default EV slot 2 defense. There is a rune to convert the reflect field into a blockade should you want to have that functionality back.
Auto Loot 2.0

In the PTR your Auto Loot filters will have been reset. You’ll want to take some time to play around with the new system and make auto loot profiles for the different kinds of items you want to be picked up. As long as an item matches 1 of the filters in the list it will be picked up. Do note you can only have 8 filters currently.

Auto Loot Filters also determine what Items get shown on your tactical map. We’ve even added a special icon for Runes, and a purple glow for any Fusion items. So make sure to be on the lookout for those.
This update is gonna bring a lot of balance changes to the game in the form of runes and other forms of balance tweaks. Due to the sake of time writing this post, There won’t be specific numbers, but will have those for the final post. Once the survey is out, there will also be questions for how you feel about those.
That said most defenses and abilities for Squire, Huntress, Monk, EV and Rogue got some kind of buff. So play around with those heroes and their defenses.
What’s Next?
The PTR will run for about 2 weeks, during this time we’ll see how the playtest goes, make adjustments, fix bugs and continue to polish up the features. After the PTR is over we expect to take about a week or so to finalize any remaining changes and then look at releasing the update.
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[CG] Andrew

We have been gathering feedback from our DDA community over the past week, and have the first round of results in. Using this feedback, we have put together a survey to help us drill down on some of the most important issues to the community. The new survey can be found here. Thanks again for taking the time to give us feedback!
[CG] Philip
This is going to be a bit of a different PTR, Instead of testing new features this PTR is aimed at testing out early game changes. What that means is that going into the PTR you will be given a new profile and not a copy of your live game. Obviously this PTR is not going to be for everyone and this is really aimed at people who enjoy providing feedback to try and help improve the game.
How to Join
We want you to join the PTR! If you own Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on PC/Steam, check out our forum post that shows you exactly how to join!
PTR Reward
Given this is a smaller PTR test and the different nature of it we won’t be offering a new reward, but you are able to earn any of the previous PTR rewards if you are missing any. To get a reward you must play the PTR and fill out the survey located on the pause menu.

You’ll be given the choice of reward in the survey. This includes the following rewards:
Forest Ally’s Wings Eagle’s Wings Crystalline Corgi RGB Pumpkin Mask A Giveaway entry for a Golden Corgi Pet Transmog  
Early Game Changes
We've heard a lot of player feedback about the early game and so one of the main goals for these changes is to increase the difficulty of the early game to help better match the power level of players and entertain players who want a harder experience. At the same time our goal is also not to make the early game too difficult as some players do want a easier experience.
That said here are the following changes
Hard is now unlocked from the beginning. We’ve shifted all the difficulties down from Easy to Insane, What this means is the following: Easy - The difficulty of what Medium used to be. Medium - The difficulty of what Hard used to be. Hard - The difficulty of what Insane used to be and slightly harder. Insane - Is what Insane used to be but with higher enemy scaling to be a new middle ground between Hard and Nightmare. Insane is now unlocked after beating Easy, Medium or Hard on Campaign Summit. We’ve changed how progression unlocks work, the way it works now is the following: If a map is unlocked on any difficulty, you can play that map on a higher difficulty without having to play it on lower difficulties first.  This should allow more freedom to play maps at the difficulty you want to without having to go back. Example: If you’ve beaten The Throne Room on medium, you can play Endless Spires on any difficulty you have unlocked (Insane, Nightmare or Massacre) assuming you meet the requirements. Removed gear level requirements until nightmare to allow players to equip the gear they are getting as they progress. Decreased Nightmare Level requirement to 60 from 70 Decreased Massacre Level requirement to 80 from 83. Added some new difficulty explanation popup for when you open the map select for the first time. Maps are now hidden on the map select if you don’t have the difficulty unlocked and it explains why the difficulty is locked. Increased IPWR on Swords and Polearms to help bring them in more in line with Staffs and Crossbows. Greatly Reduced the amount of stats that item effects provide in the early game  Ex: Armor was giving +50 Fortify on a piece that only gave +10 Fortify.  
Known Issues:
Rift Bosses haven't received health or increased difficulty changes.  
What’s Next?
The PTR will run for over the weekend as this is a short playtest and doesn’t need long playtimes to test. After this we’ll look at the survey data and make any adjustments needed.
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[CG] Brittani
During our dev stream last Friday, we mentioned this week would bring the biggest news yet. We weren’t joking! We’ve finally made it to the reveal of the brand new, never-before-seen hero coming to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened in Episode One. A couple of weeks ago, we revealed the Warden, who happens to be the spiritual successor of the Dryad. Who will be joining her in Etheria? The second hero goes by… The Rogue!
Now that you have a name (which some of you correctly guessed on our Twitter and Instagram posts), guess we need to tell you more about this new hero. Have we built up the excitement enough? We sure hope so. Let’s get to the learnin’!
New Hero: The Rogue

As some of you super sleuths guessed (was it the ears??), the Rogue is a highly trained elven soldier. The catch—he’s the last remaining elite warrior from an ancient elven army, meaning he comes ready to battle enemies head on as a melee and ranged dual-wielding hero. As a combat-only defender, the Rogue is agile, dashing in and leaping out of battle as he sees fit.
A lack of defensive towers does not mean the Rogue is without protection. Going Stealth activates invisibility and his arsenal of devices combine to disable, enfeeble, and slow your enemies’ advances. Let’s dive into the details of these attacks, abilities, and devices.
Attacks and Primary Abilities
Developer Note: All of these things are subject to change in regards to balance, functionality, and visuals.
Weapons of Choice: Dual-wielding: Melee (Right hand) and Crossbow (Left hand)
Primary Attack - Melee Attack: The Rogue swings his equipped sword, dealing damage based on the weapon’s stats.
Secondary Attack - Ranged Attack: The Rogue fires his equipped crossbow, dealing damage based on the weapon’s stats.

Primary Ability 1 - Swift Assault: Dashes forward and deals AoE damage once reaching his destination.
From Stealth: Hero throws a single deadly knife at an enemy, dealing massive single-target damage.
Primary Ability 2 - Disengage: Throws a spread of daggers forward dealing AoE damage and applying Rogue’s Mark to all enemies hit during attack. The Rogue leaps backwards out of the danger, providing a gap between him and his foes.
From Stealth: Daggers deal more damage and pin enemies to the ground, immobilizing them for a short period. Devices and Utility Abilities
The Rogue has been specially trained for direct combat—a “fighter” some may say—and brings a preference for battling enemies with some very powerful tools. With this battle style, the Rogue does not build defenses, but instead this lone warrior comes equipped with devices that act as mobile traps that deal elemental damage and apply debilitating status effects to all Marked enemies during combat, regardless of the distance between defender and enemy. The Rogue’s Stealth also comes in handy for those moments when defenders want to surprise their foes, escape danger, or mark enemies from afar.
Developer Note: We wanted the Rogue to play like no other pure damage characters that we’ve made in other Dungeon Defenders games. We wanted him to feel like there was strategy in his abilities, similar to placing towers. He’s designed to fill the role of a special enemy killer, focusing down the strongest foes with both consistent and burst damage when you focus a specific enemy (with nearby enemies taking some hits being an added bonus). For our first non-building hero, he’ll have a lot of big moments and strategies similar to when a tower is beating down enemies, except you’ll BE that tower!
Passive - Rogue’s Mark: Marks are applied to a maximum of 8 enemies while using Swift Assault, Disengage, or attacks from stealth. The Rogue can then activate debilitating Devices on Marked enemies.

Device 1 - Arcing: Snares Marked enemies with nets of lightning, disabling their attacks and abilities, while causing attacks against them to deal additional lightning damage.

Device 2 - Napalm: Incinerates Marked enemies, dealing a large amount of fire damage over a short time. Enemies also take increased damage from other attacks and abilities from The Rogue while Napalm is active.

Device 3 - Noxious: Injects Marked enemies with a highly potent toxin that slows movement and deals poison damage while Noxious is active.

Utility Ability 1 - Stealth: The Rogue becomes invisible for a short duration. While invisible, the agile hero can Mark enemies with primary attacks, secondary attacks, and empower non-Device abilities. He cannot be targeted by enemies, but he can still take damage from their attacks if he gets within damaging range.
Riposte Buff: Using a non-Device ability breaks invisibility and applies a buff to the Rogue. This buff reduces incoming damage from all sources and deals his melee weapon damage back to attacking enemies for a short period.
Utility Ability 2 - Carnage: The Rogue throws a flurry of deadly piercing daggers, dealing AoE damage every half a second throughout its duration. Defenders can move while this ability is activated and it can be channeled until you’re completely out of mana.
From Stealth: AoE damage radius is increased and it breaks invisibility. New Map: The Keep

Throughout the month of April, we’ve revealed one new map each week that’s being added to DDA in Episode 1 on our Friday Funday dev streams on Twitch. You’re definitely missing out on some of the best beans if you haven’t made it to a stream yet, but we can’t keep all the secrets to ourselves. So, LOOK AT THIS BRAND NEW MAP. It’s called The Keep and it’s as spooky in game as the picture suggests.
With the other three maps we’ve revealed as remakes of fan-favorites from other Dungeon Defenders games—The Mill, The Outpost, and Foundries and Forges—we wanted to save the best for last. These cursed grounds form a gigantic map. We mean that. It is HUGE. Don’t believe us? Watch the live playthrough from last Friday.

The Keep’s sheer size is a challenge in itself. Do you focus on pushing enemies into tight lanes to maximize AoE damage? Do you find the perfect hiding spot for your DSTs? Guess we’ll have to wait and see what The Keep has in store for defenders.
New Enemy: Lycan

Another big bean we revealed last week is the new enemy, the Lycan. As you can see from the picture, they’re certainly looking to bring more destruction to Etheria. Using the werewolf’s signature ability, “Howl,” the Lycan empowers himself and nearby enemies, while reducing the effects of incoming attacks.
Lycan enemies show up on each of the new maps, but they show up in earlier waves as you progress through Act 4. Are you up for the challenge? We sure hope so because Etheria needs you!
What’s Next?
We still have lots of exciting changes and updates coming to DDA that we’ll share with you all during our Friday Funday dev streams, including showing off the Rogue this week! We’ll post a reminder on social media, but make sure to head over to Chromatic Games’ official Twitch page this Friday at 3PM EST to hear all the juicy B E A N S we can’t wait to spill.
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Greetings Defenders,
Welcome to the new forums! There's quite a bit of changes that had to happen in order to facilitate this move so please read everything to hopefully answer any questions you may have.
Logging In Email/Password Login: Your password did not carry over from the old forums and must be reset by going here: https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/lostpassword/ . Make sure to check your email junk/spam folders in case the reset email goes there. Steam Login: You must login with email first and re-link your Steam account to your forum account. Post Counts Since the new forum had to re-index everything during the migration, post count numbers will be to what posts you do have and not include any deleted posts, non-copied over old forum posts, or forum restore numbers. Messages Messages between members on the old forums were not moved to the new one. Sorry 😞 Threads with pages that show "There are no posts to show" Older threads that had deleted/bad spam bot posts in them were cleaned up which may cause the error message above. Once new posts are added or you go to an earlier page instead of last post should work fine. New forum posts started on the new forums will not have this issue. Reporting forum issues You can report new forum issues here: Forum Bug Reports. Titles/Ranks We're working on bringing back some custom groups and post count promotion fully. Right now after you make a post you should see yourself get the correct rank updated on your account. Thank you!
[CG] Andrew

It’s been a little over a month since we introduced the Mercenary, and that means the Winterfest season is upon us! In the spirit of giving, we are giving you a little bit of everything! We have some optimizations, a new tower, some cool new cosmetics, balance changes, and much more. Let’s get into it!
64-bit Client
We are adding a 64-bit beta client for potential fixes for many different crashes and general stability. Currently, a fraction of a percent of all Steam users are still on operating systems that can only play 32-bit games. For the time being, both versions of the game will be available to play in order to ensure there are no unexpected issues that arise with the new 64-bit client on PC. You can run the 64-bit client by opening Dungeon Defenders on Steam and selecting the appropriate client on startup.
Please let us know if you experience any 64-bit client only issues during your gameplay by taking this PC 64-BIT FEEDBACK SURVEY. We will announce when the 32-bit client will no longer be officially supported. We expect this sometime in 2022.
Winter Event
The Winterfest tree has returned for the holidays!

Daily Present Drops:
Random Single Shard Pack - 100% chance
Legendary Winter Weapon - 100% chance
Bunny Hop Shard - 100% chance
Jolly Santolich - 10% chance
Frostbite Santolich - 10% chance
Krampuslich - 5% chance
Every victory chest on Chaos 8 on all game modes has a 0.5% chance to drop a Nightmare Krampuslich pet! This also applies to Onslaught above floor 99.
New Cosmetics
Krampus Flairs
Have you been naughty or nice? Krampus knows. Grab this terrifyingly festive costume to strike fear into the hearts of all those who have misbehaved this year. Happy Winterfest!
Krampus Hat
Krampus Wings
Krampus Tail

(This cosmetic set will also be available in Dungeon Defenders Awakened)
Winterfest Flairs
While admittedly not the most aerodynamic, you can still show off your holiday cheer with these two new sets of Winterfest themed wings! 
Note: Do not attempt to eat the Candy Cane Wings.
Snowflake Wings

(This cosmetic also available in Dungeon Defenders Awakened)
Candy Cane Wings

(This cosmetic also available in Dungeon Defenders Awakened)
Material Drop Changes
All materials will now only drop from the victory chest.
Chaos 1 - 5 Plain Motes and 3 C1 Amps
Chaos 2 - 6 Plain Motes and 3 C2 Amps
Chaos 3 - 7 Plain Motes and 3 C3 Amps
Chaos 4 - 5 Shiny Motes and 3 C4 Amps
Chaos 5 - 6 Shiny Motes and 3 C5 Amps
Chaos 6 - 7 Shiny Motes and 3 C6 Amps
Chaos 7 - 5 Pristine Motes and 3 C7 Amps
Chaos 8 - 6 Pristine Motes and 3 C8 Amps
Abyss Lord
Skeletal Ramsters 
Increased their upgrade  scaling to be 15% per upgrade instead of 10%.
The slimes from the Slime Pit Tower have had their damage increased by 50%.
The targeting and pathfinding AIs of the Slimes have been improved.
NEW TOWER: Water Aura
Deals AoE water damage that drenches all enemies hit. Replaces the Flame Aura for Initiate.
New Shard: Water Jet - Decreases Max Targets by 4 but increases damage by x%.
Fissures of Embermount have had their damage increased by 18%.
Blaze Balloon
Increased their upgrade scaling to be 25% per upgrade instead of 15%.
The Fan of Knives ability can now be used while moving
Nether Archers
Decreased their upgrade scaling to be 15% per upgrade instead of 20% 
Nether Spiders
The targeting and pathfinding AIs of the Nether Spiders have been improved.
The natural death timer of Nether Spider and Slimes has been increased from 10 seconds to 20.
Explosive Spiders has been altered. Its name is now Augmented Explosions, and it can now additionally be equipped to the Slime Pit Tower as well as the Nether Spider Spawner. Its functionality is unchanged otherwise.
The targeting AI of pets has been revamped. They now automatically attack the target closest to the player, and can switch targets while attacking.
Pet damage is now affected by the hero's damage adjusting passives (Example: Anti-Melee).
Water Damage on pets now drench the initial target hit.
New Onslaught Schedules 
Arachnophobia - Includes Chaos 8 spiders and Death Weaver.
Carnival Extravaganza - Includes small ogres, big goblins, tiny kobolds, pie throwers, and fire, poison, and frost mages.
Army Of The Dead - Includes skeletons, skeleton orcs, zombie orcs, and zombie orc boss Treet.
Carnival Flyers - Includes carnival flying kobolds and normal flying kobolds.
Stabby Demon eyes - Includes Dark Assassins and Demon eyes.
Bug Fixes 
Fixed an issue where the mercenary couldn't be damaged by Goblin Siege Rollers and their rockets.
Adjusted Mercenary tower & Abilities descriptions to properly fit the F6 quick help screen.
Fixed an issue where the golden ship pet couldn't be properly evolved.
Fixed an issue where the Ascension health scaling on the Royal Guard Blockade was incorrect.
Fixed an issue where certain new Daggers were not dropping.
Fixed an issue where the size of the Draken Soul was incorrect on Mercenary.
Fixed an issue so the duration of Petrify is now correct when activated with Lingering Poison.
Poisoned Blades shard now correctly triggers Petrify.
Fixed VFX issues with the Spider enemy.
Dark Assassins have been removed from the Emp Zappers Onslaught lane.
Fixed an issue with the Mercenary Mark passive where it could only roll 1 or 10.
Mercenary's Mark can now only appear on Dagger weapons.
Fixed an issue with Nether Spiders and Slime Pit where their kill count was incorrectly incremented when a Spider or Slime exploded
The Tiki Mask's glowing eyes are now set correctly on the Mercenary.
Fixed an issue with the Heroic Boost Talent where it was increasing more than intended.
Fixed Single/Triple/Quintuple Chip not properly working on EV.
Fixed an issue where Spectral Arrows was not properly functioning.
Chaos 7 expedition is no longer a requirement for Onslaught floor 99 unlock.
The Flameburst Tower can now properly use the Flamethrower's tower skins.
Fixed the rotation of the elemental vfx of the Royal Dagger and the Noble Dagger.
Fixed issues with the Golden Dino Egg name and Amber Dragon Egg’s default quality.
(PC Only) Fixed an issue where GENERAL would be in all chat boxes.
Fixed an issue where the Mercenary did not have a bag icon.
Fixed an issue where Drakenlord’s Soul, Freezing Rain, and Frostfire Remnants did not properly proc Controller Servo / Chip.
Fixed Elvish Artillery Cannon not having a Tenacity stat.
What's Next?
We are very excited to bring these changes to you in our last update before the new year! From our family here at Chromatic Games to yours, we hope everyone has a great Winterfest season! We can’t wait to come back in 2022 and show you what we’ve got prepared for Etheria in the new year!
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Chromatic Games
[CG] Andrew
Today we are putting out a small, but very impactful, update where we are happy to welcome back the Session Browser on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox! (that feels reallllly good to finally type out btw) In addition to bringing back the browser, we are also enabling the DDGR hero costumes, changing the Dark Elf Warrior, and fixing some frustrating bugs!

Session Browser is back!
This feature is back, you’re once again able to find other Defenders to play with. We’re sorry it was gone for a while, but it was out of our hands and took a lot of work to get back up and running. This is currently live for Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox with Switch coming at a later date.

Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue Costumes!
As promised in our release of Dungeon Defenders Going Rogue, we’ve provided five free costumes that were released in DDGR for DDA! You should be able to select them through transmog once you have the update.

Removed the Rifted Dark Elf Warrior Cloaking mechanic This means that towers will be able to target and attack rifted warriors without needing to be a fusion tower. Greatly increased the transparency of the Reflect Field’s texture to be less distracting. Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where Aim Assist was targeting defeated enemies Fixed a bug where Inventory Stats points would mess up when you swap heroes on the stat page Fixed a bug where XP/Radial Bars were not properly showing values Fixed a bug where applying stat points changes in some cases would get rejected and return to the unspent pool Fixed a bug where heroes would sometimes display -1 health Let us know if you see this in game. We believe we fixed this, but it’s hard to reproduce on our end. Fixed a bug where the secret room stairs didn't have collision, causing you to fall through  
What's Next?
We’re currently working on getting these patches for Switch. Because of the changes we had to make to multiplayer, the Session Browser requires custom setup on each platform with their own requirements. We’ll keep you posted as to when those are coming out. We are continuing to work on DDA, using your feedback to greatly influence the things we work on, with more surveys on the way to get more of your feedback. We’re wanting to get more small patches out between now and Episode 2 that address some issues that have been outlined as we continue our work. There’s also more updates for DD2 and DDGR on the way, there’s so much we’re doing that we can’t wait to get out to all of you!
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 A patch was pushed this morning to address some issues in the 9.0.0 release . 



- Added controller support for the emulator that allows the player use a controller to control all emulated characters (Keyboard key binds still apply for spawning) 

- Fix for accessories being able to spawn with more upgrades than intended
- Fixed Spooktacular Bay not giving random rewards to players besides host
- Fixed an issue where the anti cheat was kicking people with certain colors on character skins
- Fixed some emulator would break some key bind commands
- Fixed an issue where the map selection UI would update client UI's
- Fixed an issue where the map selection wouldn't recover from adding players 
- Fixed an issue where the gargoyle accessories were rolling lower than intended
- Fixed an issue where the elf accessories wouldn't show the number of upgrades when on inventory
- Fixed an issue where the elf crown icon was too large
- Fixed an issue where the core drops were not correct on then new maps
[CG] Andrew
In October of last year we released the Mercenary to an incredible reception (and a little surprise) from the community. After seeing this overwhelmingly positive response we collectively thought “Why don’t we make another new hero?” So we did. We are back today bringing you the new hotness: The Countess!
This patch is live now on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation!
New Hero: The Countess
If you have ever wanted to harness the power of Siege Weaponry, Fire, and Dragons then we think she may be the hero you've been waiting on!

Fury - Basic attacks also launch phoenix projectiles that deal fire damage to all targets in a line. Scales with hero damage and weapon swing speed.
Flame Surge - Slam your shield into the ground, summoning ethereal dragons that travel forward in a line and burn everything in their path.
Call To Arms - Rally yourself and nearby allies, increasing movement speed and damage dealt. Nearby towers also deal increased damage!
Valiant Charge - Charge forward, becoming immune to damage and heavily damaging all enemies in your path.
Holy Fire - Creates a flame barrier that reduces damage taken and heals over time.
Flak Cannon - Fires debris in a short wide cone with concussive force that knocks smaller enemies away.
Oil Catapult - Launches arcing flasks that damage and oil enemies in an area.
Dragons Nest - Hatches several baby dragons that seek out and attack nearby enemies with fireballs.
Elder Dragon - Summons a powerful dragon that burns all enemies in a huge area, dealing high burst damage followed by sustained damage over time. Only one per hero deck can be summoned.
Countess Hero Shards
Cataclysmic - You have a x% chance when landing on the ground to deal y% of your Ability Power as fire damage to nearby enemies.
Flame Cloak - After using Valiant Charge, wreath yourself in flames for 6s. While aflame, you take x% less damage and burn attackers for y% of your Armor.   
Fury Restoration - Restore x mana every time Fury scores a critical hit.
Fury Speed - Increases projectile speed of Fury by x%.
Heavy Armor - Increases armor by x%, but reduces speed by y.
Heroic Charge - Increases the damage of Valiant Charge by x%.
Holy Empowerment - Increases damage by x% while Holy Fire is active.
Holy Restoration - Increases the healing of Holy Fire by x%.
Inferno - Increases the damage of Flame Surge by x%.
Inspired Shout - Call to Arms buff increases armor and further increases damage by x%.
Melting Point - When the Countess deals fire damage to an enemy, there is a 20% chance to ignite their armor, causing them to take x% extra damage for y seconds.
Wild Fire - Increases the duration of Flame Surge’s fire trail by x seconds.
Countess Tower Shards
Lasting Conflagration - Increases Elder Dragon burn duration by x seconds.
Dragon Flare - Increases the projectile damage radius of Dragons Nest dragons by x%, and reduces damage falloff by y%.
Dragon’s Haste - Dragons Nest dragons’ movement speed is increased by x.
Buckshot - Increases the knockback of the Flak Cannon by x%.
Flare-Up - Elder Dragon has a x% chance to deal y% more damage.
Oily Overflow - Oil Catapult projectiles leave additional Oil on the ground for x seconds.
Powder Shot - Increases the Defense Power of the Flak Cannon by x%, and attunes it to fire damage.
Viscous Oil - The oil effect from Oil Catapult now slows enemies by an additional x%, and also slows their attack speed by y%.
Countess Mods
Flame Eater - +x% damage to ignited enemies.
Motherly Instinct - Increases the defense power of the Elder Dragon by x% for each Dragon’s Nest near the Elder Dragon.
New Difficulty - Chaos IX
A new chaos tier has been added to Expeditions, Incursions, and Mastery. Enemies in this difficulty are significantly more powerful than their Chaos VIII counterparts, so prepare accordingly before taking it on! With a new chaos tier comes a new enemy and a new miniboss to disrupt your favorite strategies.
New Enemy - Elder Wyvern
They may no longer be able to fly, but these Wyverns can empower nearby enemies, granting them resistance to damage and status effects! Specifically, enemies gain 100% Tenacity while within an Elder Wyvern’s aura, rendering them immune to many forms of crowd control. Players (but not towers) take damage while within an Elder Wyvern’s aura, and the Wyverns themselves have a short-ranged poison projectile attack.
New Miniboss - Ancient Wyvern
A golden, nastier version of the Elder Wyvern with more health and damage. Additionally, enemies have even higher damage resistance while within an Ancient Wyvern’s aura than within an Elder Wyvern’s aura!
Chaos IX Shards
Amped Charge - Increases the damage of Proton Charge by x%.
Atomic Madness - Atomic Launcher fires 2 extra shots in a small spread for x% of your Hero Damage.
Auto-Repair System - Restores x% of the affected tower’s Max Health every 5s. Only active during Combat Phase.
Beam Intensification - Increases the damage of Sword Beam by x%.
Blood Rage - Increases the damage bonus of Provoke by x%, and damage resistance by y%.
Bubble Beam - Sand Vipers have an x% chance on hit to bubble the target for y seconds.
Bunny Hop - Gives the ability to double jump, and increases your movement speed by x.
Chi Curse - Increases Crippling Chi Wave cripple effectiveness by x%.
Crippling Blow - Sky Guard Tower has a x% chance on hit to stun the target for y seconds.
Critical Empowerment - Increases your Hero Crit Damage by x%.
Electric Arcing - Increases the number of targets for the Lightning Strike Aura by 4, but does x% less damage.
Frenzied Swarm - Moss Hornet movement speed is increased by x.
Giant Harpy Feathers - Harpy feathers pierce through 1 extra target, even when not corrupt. Projectile damage reduction per pierce reduced by x%.
Hasten - Increases attack speed by x%.
Radiant Empowerment - Increases the damage of nearby heroes by x%.
Rainbow Flask - Increases the damage of Oil Flask by x% and has a chance to drench, ignite, or poison enemies on hit.
Run and Gun - Your primary attacks have a x% chance on hit to increase your movement speed by 600 for 3s.
Tamer’s Gambit - Pets deal x% more damage, but Hero Damage and Ability Power are reduced by y%.
Tank Gambit - Take x% less damage, but deal y% less damage.
Titanic Slam - The Colossus’ attack has an x% chance to be a massive overhead slam, creating a shockwave that deals y% of your Tower Health as earth damage and sends enemies airborne.
Vroom Polymorph - Vroom Broom polymorphs enemies around you when activated for x seconds. Can only activate once every 10 seconds.
The following shards have also been moved to Chaos IX: Augmented Explosions, Freezing Rain, Sharp Thinking, and Venomous Strikes.
Chaos IX Mods
Counter-Attack Chip - +x Hero Damage for 5 seconds after taking damage.
Counter-Surge Chip - +x Ability Power for 5 seconds after taking damage.
Dodge Chip - When taking damage, you have a x% chance to Dodge the attack and take 0 damage.
First Strike Chip - +x% Damage to Enemies above 90% health.
Swap Crit Damage Chip - +x% Crit Damage for y seconds after swapping in.
Swap Crit Chance Chip - +x% Crit Chance for y seconds after swapping in.
Chaos IX Incursions and Rings
Similar to Chaos VIII, Chaos IX has another set of Prime Incursions at an even higher difficulty to complete. Unlike Chaos VIII Primes, however, completing each region will not reward another set of Hyper Shards. Instead, each region will award a unique Ring equipment, complete with its own locked Mod. Rings can only boost hero stats, and will retain their upgrades and strength even through Ancient Power resets.
Prime I Reward: Ring of Speed Unique Mod: Blessing of Swiftness - Grants a 5% chance to Dodge an attack and take 0 damage. Additionally, gain x speed for each weapon attack kill (max 10 times); resets when damaged.  
Prime II Reward: Ring of Time Unique Mod: Blessing of Time - Reduces the cooldown of your abilities by x%, and increases your Ability Power by 10%.  
Prime III Reward: Ring of Poison Unique Mod: Blessing of Poison - Your primary attacks have a 30% chance to deal an additional x% Poison damage and reduce their armor by 10% for 3 seconds.  
Prime IV Reward: Ring of Water Unique Mod: Blessing of Water - Your primary attacks have a 30% chance to deal an additional x% Water damage and drench enemies. Maximum ability resource is also increased by 50.  
Prime V Reward: Ring of Regen Unique Mod: Blessing of Regeneration - Restores x% of your Max Health every 5s, and increases your Hero Health by 20%.  
Prime VI Reward: Ring of Earth Unique Mod: Blessing of Earth - Your primary attacks have a 30% chance to deal an additional x% Earth Damage, and damage taken is reduced by 20%.  
Prime VII Reward: Ring of Piercing Unique Mod: Blessing of Piercing - Hero projectiles pierce shields and do x% of their damage.  
In addition to Rings, completion of all Chaos IX Prime Incursions will reward one new Hyper Shard! Another copy of this Hyper Shard can be earned through the completion of all Chaos IX Mastery objectives.
Genie King’s Blessing - Gain x defense mana upon defeating an enemy, up to 100 enemies per Combat Phase.  
Chaos IX Onslaught Changes
Prestige level minimum floor requirements for prestige rank 32 - 50 has been changed to floor 299.
Completing a Chaos IX Expedition sets your completed Onslaught floor to 300 if not already completed.
Prestige rank 51-X minimum floor requirement has been changed to floor 320.
A new Onslaught lane, “Zerkers and Wyverns”, has been added to Onslaught floors 350 and above.
New Map - Embermount Volcano

A long-time favorite map, Embermount Volcano, has made its Dungeon Defenders 2 debut! Found in the Lost Dungeons regions, this fiery map poses brand new challenges… including a brand new boss! This map will also appear in Onslaught, but not in Mastery.
New Boss - The Phoenix
Anyone that has experience with Embermount Volcano in previous games in the series knows that it is home to the Phoenix boss, and this time is no exception. The Phoenix is an extremely resilient enemy, with a large arsenal of attacks to wear down its opponents! Defeating this beast on the highest difficulties will require patience and skill, but the rewards are well worth the effort.
Embermount Rewards
All Difficulties: Flame Warden’s Shield
Chaos I: 4 Plain Emerald Clusters
Chaos II: 6 Plain Emerald Clusters
Chaos III: 8 Plain Emerald Clusters
Chaos IV: 4 Shiny Ruby Clusters
Chaos V: 6 Shiny Ruby Clusters
Chaos VI: 8 Shiny Ruby Clusters
Chaos VII: 4 Pristine Citrine Clusters
Chaos VIII: 6 Pristine Citrine Clusters, a chance at Fenix Pet Egg
Chaos IX: 8 Pristine Citrine Clusters, a chance at Fenix Pet Egg, and one of the following items
Smoldering Axe
Bow of the Phoenix
Molten Dagger
Wyvern Rifle
Ancient Fire Mace
Ember Scepter
Phoenix Tail Spear
Flame Warden’s Shield
Flame Warden’s Sword
Ring of Fire
Embermount Unique Mods
Immolation - Slain enemies have a 25% chance to spawn fire on the ground, burning enemies near it for x% of your hero damage once per second over 5 seconds. Minimum cooldown of 1 second per spawn.
Internal Combustion - Enemies on death explode for x% of hero health as fire damage to all nearby enemies.
Mark of the Phoenix - Damaging enemies has a x% chance to give a 25% boost to damage, speed, and jump height for 5 seconds. Can only occur once every 10 seconds.
Phoenix Shot - Once every 2 seconds, your attacks spawn a flying Phoenix that bounces to 5 enemies, dealing x% of your Hero Damage as Fire damage to all enemies hit.
Rise From the Ashes - Upon death, return to x% Health and deal y% more damage for 15 seconds. Once every 80 seconds.
Blessing of Fire (Ring of Fire only) - Your primary attacks have a 30% chance to deal an additional x% damage as fire damage.
New Vendor
A new Town NPC, the Black Market Vendor, has been added! This completely legitimate salesperson will sell various expensive items, including:
Goblin Item Insurance - An uncommon goblin relic used at Professor Proteus to save your gear from total destruction. By using this item, you can safely transfer mods from one equipment piece to another without destroying the first one!
Fancy Golden Top Hat - Sold for the low, low price of 1,000,000,000 Gold! If you want a way to show off your riches, this is it. Only available for a limited time! Only for the fanciest of Defenders!
As time goes on, more items will be added to the Black Market Vendor, including new ultra-expensive flairs. Check back frequently for the latest!
New Skins

New Countess Skin - Dragon Commander
New Squire Skin - Dragon Captain
Make sure to check out the Emporium for a bundle with both of these hot new skins!
Dragon Commander Bundle - Countess and Dragon Commander skin
Dragon Kingdom Bundle - Dragon Commander and Dragon Captain
The damage dealt by many pets has increased significantly.
The Hero Damage scalars of Huntress, EV2, Adept, and Apprentice have been increased from 3.5 to 5.
The Hero Damage scalars of Lavamancer and Abyss Lord have been increased from 3.5 to 7.
The Last Stand Chip can now activate once every 120 seconds, instead of once per Combat Phase.
Pet Empowerment stats have been reduced by 50%.
Sky Guard Tower’s basic attacks now deal damage in a small area, instead of a single target.
Elemental Chips now work on Abyss Lord’s primary attack.
Abyss Lord’s secondary attack now scales with Hero Damage, no longer has a critical chance cap, and has an attack rate cap of 0.1.
Abyss Lord’s Fountain ability now scales with Hero Health instead of Ability Power.
Motes now drop in a 7 / 8 / 9 pattern. Example: Chaos 7 drops 7 motes, Chaos 8 drops 8 motes, and Chaos 9 drops 9 motes.
Bug Fixes
Fixed Buff Beam tooltip displaying unused stats.
Fixed an issue where Water Aura still had Flame Aura’s description on the Create Hero screen.
Fixed an issue where Moss Hornets wouldn’t target certain enemies.
Fixed an issue where Moss Hornets would occasionally teleport to the center of the map.
Fixed an issue where some enemies would get stuck in spawn.
Fixed an issue where Elvish Artillery Cannon erroneously displayed its Tenacity stat.
Fixed an issue where Heroic Power was not properly working after swapping heroes or spawning in.
Fixed an issue where Royal Guard Blockade’s attack rate scaling was incorrect.
Fixed an issue where Freezes would not proc Controller mods.
Fixed an issue where Elvish Artillery Cannon’s range was not properly 360 degrees.
The shard Thundering Call now functions properly.
Fixed an issue where Dark Mages could spawn skeletons on locations where Slimes or Nether Spiders had exploded.
Fixed an issue where you could not sell Jackalope and Golden Dino eggs.
The Mastery Challenge Entrapment now functions properly.
Searing Flame’s duration is now correctly set to 5 seconds.
Fixed an issue where you could fall through the map on the Wildest West
Fixed Stuck Flyer lanes on the Wildest West
Fixed an issue where the mercenary slam VFX was too large for clients
Quality of Life Changes
Practice dummies now show commas

Pet Food Boxes can now stack
Pet Evolve Boxes now stack 
Single shard and x5 shard packs can now stack

Added the ability to hide loot pop ups in the options menu

Winter has officially ended in Dragonfall, the Hub area has thawed out, and the Christmas trees have been packed away. With Winter’s end, Nightmare Krampusliches will no longer drop, and presents will no longer be available until winter comes again.
64 bit is now the default launch option for DD2. The 32 bit binaries still are being built with every update.
Default Location EX: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\Binaries\Win32
Mercenary price changed from 12000 to 10000 Defender Medals
Normally we try and stay pretty humble here at Chromatic, but we did bring the heat with this patch. The Countess, +1 Chaos, rings, and a new vendor are just a few things to be excited for. Ok, we are done patting ourselves on the back (for now). Time to get back to work!
We have so much going on behind the scenes here that we can’t wait to share with you. As always, we will post any and all updates to our social channels so make sure to follow us! Thanks again to all of our Defenders, see you again soon with even more content!
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[CG] Brittani
Things are getting exciting here at Chromatic Games! With the official launch of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, we’re celebrating with even more good news—a Day 1 Update with LOTS of exciting changes to both Xbox and PC (this will appear as 1.2.1 on Xbox, but it’s actually Update 1.3). Last week we teased some of the additions, revisions, and fixes included in this latest update in our Update 1.3 Preview post. Now that it’s here, let’s break down what you can expect to see in Etheria after you’re all updated.

We’ve updated the tutorial! With the addition of new tasks and tooltips, any player can enter the Deeper Well to brush up on their defending skills. Even the most experienced defenders can reap the benefits of a new tutorial, too. Everyone who makes it to the end of the new tutorial is rewarded with the exclusive Summoner’s Hood mask to show off their mastery of the basics!

You’ll also notice there’s a new objective tracker part of the tutorial. Expect to see this throughout the entire game in future updates!
Massacre Additions
After completing the tutorial, defenders can now test their skills in the new Massacre levels within Pure Strategy and Mix Mode. These new difficulties introduce immunity-granting Siren enemies to the game modes, and defenders are handily rewarded for their successes. Here are the new loot details:
Quality of item drops was adjusted in Pure Strategy to be equal to Survival mode. Quality of item drops was increased in Mix Mode at Massacre difficulty. Performance
Enemy Counts
To improve performance for all defenders across all platforms, we felt reducing the number of enemies on all maps in Survival, Mix Mode, and Pure Strategy would do the job. We specifically focused on lowering the amount of our weakest enemies first—goblins, archers, and wyverns—because they were jamming up the lanes and unnecessarily dragging out the time it took to complete waves. After we were happy with the improved performance from those changes, we moved on to lowering the enemy counts in Survival Mode. With fewer enemies, we also adjusted wave schedules, which should result in dramatically faster wave times. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to see in the improved Etheria:
70% reduction in enemy counts for Wyverns, Archers, and Goblins on all maps. 50% reduction in enemy counts for Orcs, Mages, Warriors, Kobolds, and Spiders on all maps. Adjusted wave schedules to decrease wave lengths. Did you think you were going to get away with fewer enemies without any catches?? Of course you didn’t. We wanted to make sure the difficulty levels remained relatively the same even with the reduction in enemy counts, so active enemies are now beefier, meaning each enemy’s HP has been increased to compensate for the smaller crowds. With such a big change, we’re going to monitor the community feedback to make sure players are happy with the new balance.
Nameplates are looking nifty now. We added missing nameplates above some enemies, heroes, and crystals, as well as cleaned up the general display of nameplates in game. Players should see a significant difference in the quality of the displays with this change and have a much easier time keeping track of enemy HP, a necessary feature to accompany the increased HP of enemies. Cleaning these had some nice performance gains for all platforms, so on top of looking great, they are also helping make the game run better!

Damage Numbers
Get ready for some new and improved damage numbers during combat! Last week we showed you what changes were to come in this area, and now they’re finally here. Players should notice clearer and more consistent displays of damage numbers when attacking, and fusion hits on Rifted enemies will stand out with larger number displays. Like nameplates, we hit some optimizations here as well, so your performance is better while it’s also easier to read damage numbers than before.
Limited Login Event - St. Patrick’s Day Reward!
While today is already a super special day for us at Chromatic with the official launch of DDA on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, we haven’t forgotten it’s also St. Patrick’s Day. To celebrate, we’re giving out a special green-themed goody to players who download Update 1.3 and log in to DDA by Monday, March 22. This special gift will be available for PC players today through Monday, while Xbox players will receive the patch with this cosmetic in a few days. We’ll make sure to let the Xbox defenders know when they should expect their gift!

Steam Trading Cards
You read that right - we’ve got Steam trading cards for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened now. Because we’re feeling generous today, here’s a sneak peak of a couple of the cards you’ll be able to collect:

Bug Fixes
Along with all of the exciting changes mentioned already, we also fixed a whole bunch of bugs that were bothering players (or helping them a little too much…). Here’s are the fixes defenders can see in the game.
Adjusted mask positions to better fit heroes. Fixed an issue where Steam Family Share accounts could play Online. Fixed an issue where “WASD” keys still functioned as movement inputs even when replaced. Fixed an issue where multiple players simultaneously swapping in heroes with Gem boosts allowed them to stack. Fixed an issue where accessories didn’t fade out when cameras switched to first person while players were backed up against a wall. Enemies
Fixed an issue where enemies were stuck in Magus Quarters. Fixed an issue where enemies were stuck in Endless Spires. Fixed an issue where enemies were getting stuck in the Throne Room. Fixed an issue where Sirens would not attack heroes. Fixed an issue where Skeletons would not show they had full health when resurrected by themselves. Gameplay
Fixed an issue where defenses were able to be placed above the spawn door in Glitterhelm Caverns. Fixed an issue where defenses were able to be placed near the bottom of Lava Mines. Fixed an issue where some tooltips would not appear after cancelling the placement of multiple defenses. Fixed an issue where the inferno trap was not affecting enemies. Fixed an issue where leaving and rejoining a match to let players place multiple Fusion defenses wasn’t working properly. Fixed an issue where the Gem pet boost flickered on and off periodically. Fixed an issue where traps with Use Scale after swapping would have a very small scale. Known Issues
Some players are crashing on Xbox, we're currently investigating the issue. Some clients on Xbox are having issues healing. We're currently investigating this issue. Using gamepad, players are having issues selecting the pet and bracer slot. On gamepad, when pressing R3 (right joystick), your character's attribute allocation can get reset. What’s Next?
While we’ll be monitoring this release and update, addressing any issues that may arise, we’re currently hard at work on getting our other ports for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation out the door to many eager Defenders. That’s not all, as we’re also getting a ton of work done on brand new content, including heroes, maps, enemies, and so much more! We’ll be getting word out soon to give all Defenders insight into what’s coming for DDA, and maybe a tease or two along the way.
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This post will provide an update on development in general, the next update for Dungeon Defenders 2, and the upcoming in-game Halloween event.  The event will start this Friday, October 14th, and the event will go until November 4th.
Halloween Event

The spooktacular theme is now back to DragonFall with all the spookiness you know and love.
Ol Peeper's Daily Gift

Ol Peepers is now selling a spooktacular crate along with a green defender pack every day during the spooktacular event.
The spooktacular crate contains :
New Chaos 10 Shard
Festive Carnival Fireworks
 Dragonfall Popcorn Machine
Trust me Disguise
Lucky Bunny Mask
Rainbow ‘fro
Snow Liger
Imperial Grin
Hastening Salve
Strongman Salve
Enduring Salve
Spellcasting Salve
Tower of Power Salve
Enduring Salve
Impactful Tower Salve
Impactful Hero Salve 
Lucky Tower Salve
Lucky Hero Salve 
Spooky Pumpkin Head - One-time reward cosmetic Flair.

Black Market Dealer

The Black Market Vendor now has another limited-time Flair: The Golden Spooky Pumpkin Head!

The mask factory was over stocked with old masks from a previous spooktacular event so we decided to bring them back for everyone to enjoy.
Development Update
I wanted to give a general update on all things DD2 development. It has been a pretty hectic few weeks with leadership changes, random back-end issues, internal build issues, and more recently the Xbox login issues that affected some of the development of the new patch. These hurdles also have impacted some of the transparency the game needs and hopefully, it can now change for the better. As all these hurdles have now been pretty much gotten over, the development effort for the next patch will start ramping up again to get it out as soon as feasibly possible.
What’s Next?
So as the title suggests, what is exactly next for dragonfall? It exactly hasn’t been a secret that Chaos 10 is coming toward the next update so how about we show / say some stuff that has been a secret. The next update is named “Mines of Etheria.”
Chaos 10
Chaos 10 is going to take a different direction this time compared to the other chaos tiers. While Assassins will be absent this time around, there will be three new enemies to take on instead of just one. We won’t be going into much detail about chaos 10 for now as it will be explained further at a later date. 
Hidden Caverns Region
Along with C10 this next update will be introducing a new region to the game with 2 new maps.
New Map : Crystal Mines

Inside the mountains of Dragonfall, there is a long-abandoned mine full of precious crystals and gemstones waiting to be excavated.
New Map : Lava Caverns

Deep below the ground lies a treacherous ancient lava cavern with mysterious crystals and signs of ancient magic.

A strange new individual has come out of hiding to aid in the heroes’ defense against the enemies of Dragonfall.
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For Etheria!
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This patch intends on fixing some issues in the game. 



- Added the ability to privately drop mana (default hotkey control + m)

- Fixed a typo in Evil Eye's description
- Fixed an issue where swapping weapons doesn't cancel the cast of the previous one causing weird projectile interactions
- Added new description to Devil Spine level drop variant

With great anticipation the new Dungeon Defenders 1 patch 9.0.0 update is now live! We are excited to hear about what the community thinks of this new development and the patch itself. A special thanks to the community member that helped make this new Development possible : Thales, Escev, Jeol, Tbolt, Moose, bee, Harry, Gigazelle, Alhanalem, Sam, and all previous CDT efforts in the past. A huge thank you to the community testers and anyone that participated in the beta!

This update has changes in the save file format and upon loading this update your save file will no longer be compatible with older game versions.
Patch Notes : 
New Maps
All new maps have trophies that you can unlock for your tavern, with a second trophy for completing on Nightmare.

The Striking Tree
Campaign Rewards - Staff of Flowers, Forest Rifle, Turtle Shell Polearm, Leaf Blade and Elf accessory set
Survival Rewards - Jade Serpent, Fairy and Jade Island. 
Generic versions of all of this map’s weapons drop on survival for the map, the same way as Eternia Shard maps

Spooky Buccaneer Bay
Campaign Rewards - Demon Sword, Devil’s Spine and new Spooky accessory set
Survival Rewards - Little Wizard, Evil Eye and Pumpkin Skeleton on a Treadmill
Generic versions of all of this map’s weapons drop on survival for the map, the same way as Eternia Shard maps
Challenge: Halloween Invasion
Rewards - Moon Staff, Witch’s Broom and 2 accessories from the new Spooky accessory set. 1 set of rewards per account

Challenge: Tavern Incursion
6 Player map in the style of Temple of Polybius.
One extra life per player on Hardcore up to 3 lives, with a button at the start to remove the lives for an extra reward
Rewards - Jeweled Bident and Calamity Blade. 1 set of rewards per account
Added a new mask drop to the map rewards
Arcane Library
Added Fedora accessory
New accessory set bonus for Fedora and Librarian Glasses
City in the cliffs
Changed survival quality to Aquanos quality
Challenge: Temple of Polybius
Polybius pets drop at map completion. They work like guardians but can be upgraded to boost up to 6 towers
Crystalline Dimension
Buffed accessories to max accessory quality to be on par with other maps
Made accessories drop twice for everyone, even split screens
Made shields drop like on Omenak, where they are a random additional drop
Crystalline Resurgence 1-3
Changed survival quality to Infested Ruins quality
Embermount Volcano
Buffed accessories to max accessory quality
Changed survival quality to Infested Ruins quality
Emerald City
Added Emerald accessories with it’s own set effect
Sandstorm effects now are disabled on ultra low and low graphics qualities 
Flames of Rebirth
Buffed accessories to max accessory quality
Added Sword of Embers to challenge reward
Infested Ruin
Removed melee attack from Mini Wasp Queen Pet
Karathiki Jungle
Changed survival quality to Infested Ruins quality
Magus Citadel
Buffed accessories to max accessory quality
Talay Mining Complex
Changed survival quality to Infested Ruins quality
Tavern Defense
Added Party Horn with the same quality as Librarian Glasses from Arcane Library
Buffed Party Hats to be on par with Fedora acc from Arcane Library
Confetti set bonus now needs party horn and party hat
The Tinkerer’s Lab
Changed survival quality to Infested Ruins quality
Tomb of Etheria
Added missing 10% bonus movement speed to Spear of the New Kingdom
Winter Mire
Made Ban Hammer give a 10% movement speed bonus
Made Candy Cane give a 10% movement speed bonus
Made Winter Flame give a 10% movement speed bonus
Huntress, Apprentice, Squire and Monk Guardians can now be upgraded to boost up to 6 towers.
Added Inventory Quality Sorting button
Ultimate Crystalline Defender and Experience Orbs are now both tradeable and droppable.
Added a Damage Number Size Slider
Improved Graphic Settings 
Native support up to 4k (3840 by 2160)
Support for changing graphic settings in-game (Low, Medium and High)
Option to disable outlines
Ability to change the size of damage numbers across the entire game
Added item recovery on all maps
Players can send much longer messages now, up from 64 characters to 320
Added a built-in emulator to the game. Old emulators still work, so you can just keep using your current input settings.
New assignable bindings for controlling the built-in emulator. By default, they are:
Added dropped armor Icons to minimap
Added difficulty based coloration to the Harbinger mob
Added item censoring feature. It can be turned on or off in the options menu or with the default binding while in your item box / item info screen:
Control + C
Added boss timer skip feature. It can be used with the default binding:
The game now unpauses all emulator characters if anyone resumes while an emulator character is present to avoid getting stuck at the pause screen.
Reduced save frequency for redundant data, such as scores causing a save whenever an enemy is killed during a wave.
Added simple damage numbers feature
Overall game engine upgrade that should improve performance
Changed Siege Mech (Omenak) enemies to have four equipment drop chances
Changed Magic Missile enemies (Magus Citadel) enemies to have two equipment drop chances
Guardians now won't try to boost an already boosted tower (unless their boost is better)
Ability cooldowns reset on entering build phase
Added keybinds to select heroes on the main menu hero selection screen (0-9)
Lowered poly teleporting trigger volume's retrigger delay
Bug Fixes
Fixed issues with Wasp pet, Spear of the New Kingdom and Winter Flame on certain bosses
Fixed some spots that mobs end up stuck on infested ruins
Improved default network bandwidth and lowered network update intervals
Made Enchanted Bishop colorable
Removed double dropped equipment circle color on Spare Christmas Lights, Rudolph’s Spare Nose and Rudolph’s Spare Antlers 
Fixed a bunch of invalid enemy entries in the player stats UI
Fixed an issue where the map list snaps to another location
Fixed Crystalline Dimension only dropping 1 accessory for host
Control + T no longer adds untradeable items to trade
Fixed Wasp enemies taking more damage than intended from Lightning Towers
Placed Crystalline Dimension back on Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards
Fixed black screen issue on poly
Fixed Ogres spawning slowly at the end of wave in Wintermire survival.
Fixed an issue where the omenak brooch showed up as bracers
Misc Changes
Removed Discord integration to improve game stability
Changed the ranked home screen to have more useful links

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Winter Wonderland Event
The Dragonfall Winter Spectacular is now back with the decorated tavern/town with everyone's favorite Christmas tree. Sadly the Santoliches didn’t come back this year, but some new pets have migrated to Dragonfall during the holidays for you to collect as well as a new Chaos 10 Shard.
The Winter Town  and tavern has returned to dragonfall and hopefully not as long as last time!

The winter tree has returned to give some winter themed goodies and pets through the daily present. 

Revamp Daily and Weekly Quests
The UI got a refresh that better matches other UI's in the game

Added New Daily Missions for Tornado Valley Region, The Wild West Region, The High Seas Region, DrakenFrost Region, and Lost Dungeon Region Created new Weekly Challenges - Gobu Destroyer, Treasure Hunter, Incursioner, Big Game Hunter, Onslaught, Mad Scientist, Explorer, Civil Engineer Moved all old Weekly Incursion challenges to Daily Created new Daily Challenges for Griblok’s Horde, Return of Maldonis, Dark Awakening, Revenge of the Yeti, Dawn of the Blood Moon, Wyvern’s Den, Harbinger’s Warship, and Jester’s Revenge Created new Daily Challenges - Gobu kills, Orc kills, Mage kills, General kills, Miniboss kills Increased the amount of Defender Medal's weekly challenges given from 600 to 1200, and increased the requirements of some of the old weekly challenges NUE Quest Line
This patch introduces a new quest line for new and old players that guides them through the different game modes of the game and has rewards throughout including Gold, Defender, Medals, Shards, a free bag, and a bank slot. This questline is an excellent example of new quest lines we want to do in the future. The quest line begins where the campaign ends, with the Dragonfall Savior quest kicking it off.

Added Winter WonderLand Skin Bundle IncludesReaper of Future Winters, Nymph of Yesteryear, Mournful Moorley, and Lord of Winter’s Bounty Skins Added Winter Wonderland Flair Bundle includes Krampus Hat, Krampus Tail, Krampus Wings, Snowflake Wings, and Candy Cane Wings Added Silver Dragonfall banknote to the emporium that gives 1,350,000 gold Added Gold Dragonfall banknote to the emporium that gives 4,500,000 gold Added Winter Wonderland Accessory Bundle including Elf Hat, Festive Antlers, and Gingerbread Mask Added Winter Pet Bundle including Penguin Commander Egg, King Nutcracker Egg, and Snow Mage Egg Added Individual Winter Pets to Tree Added individual gold Winter Pets to Black Market Dealer Added New Gold Ground Flair to Black Market Dealer Balance
Changed the AI behavior of the pawn-based tower Added linger to home time to offset some speed-based balance issues Fixed an issue with pawn target updating for spawner towers Fixed an issue where if flying pawns from the spawner tower used to look at target functionality it wouldn't reset to its original rotation on the idle state Fixed elemental trait of the nimbus tower not being water Changed nimbus to do water damage by default Increased nimbus AoE range by 50% Increase Flamethrower Damage by 25% Increase Ramster Damage by 25% Change max enemy count on The Lost Temple from 130 to 80 Freeze now has DR like all other stuns Added a 40% slow for 2 seconds after the end of the freeze stun Added a 40% slow for 2 seconds after the end of the shatter stun Increased Mystic Dark Torment self Damage Multiplier from 1.5 to 1.75 Dark Torment Damage multiplier now works on Mystic Towers QOL
Split the Head and face slot flairs allowing for more flair variations. The end game loot chest now automatically opens. Added timers and icons for Swap Damage, Swap Ability power, Swap Crit, Swap Crit Damage and Swap, Mana Gain Chip, and Mana Growth Chip. Bug Fixes
Fixed corrupted Polearm’s Projectile not procing on-hit effects  Changed description of Explosive Blades Fixed Physical Crushing Damage types dealing 0 damage to frozen enemies  Fixed an issue where Poison Dagger throw Talent did not work Fixed an issue where the navigation mesh was broken on Tornado Highlands Fixed an issue where Cyclone Shaper wasn't dropping miniboss loot Fixed an issue where the mercenary noble / default skin didn't have a dropped art from defender packs Fixed an issue where the new initiate tower wasn't in new purchases of the Hypno bundles Fixed an issue where the line of sight on the nether archers was too low Fixed oil sometimes not affecting enemies with 100% tenacity Fixed oil slow not being removed when ignite is triggered  Fixed Mystic Speed Buff Fixed Homing projectiles targeting blocking volumes on tornado valley Fixed flight path on Saloon  Fixed Double Lane pathing on The lost Temple where enemies could go out the wrong lane Removed double loot drops on embermount  Fixed Sand Storm, Cyclone, and Poisonous Tips would scale with Tamer’s Gambit Fixed Sand Storm, Cyclone, and Poisonous Tips would double scale with Antis and Crits Fixed an issue where Barbarian Lightning stance weekend enemies 10x more than intended  Fixed an issue where Echoing shout would only scale turtle stance shout duration Fixed an issue where Echoing shout would multiply duration by shard amount not add
For Etheria!
Chromatic Games
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