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[CG] Brittani


The time has come… We passed Microsoft’s Xbox Certification for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened!! With that, DD:A will officially be released and available to download on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles on March 17, 2021.

Pre-order for DD:A will be available on the Microsoft Store beginning March 3.

Qualifying Kickstarter and Xsolla Backers who chose “Xbox” as the platform for their Game Key reward will receive their digital game key in their emails prior to the launch date.

Players will receive a day one update available at download that will bring the Xbox version up to date with the current PC game. These launch-day features include 15 Campaign maps that can be played on 7 different difficulty levels, along with the addition of Rift and Hardcore Modes that will challenge even the toughest Etherian defenders. Xbox defenders can play alongside friends with up to 4-player online co-op. Also, we have a patch coming shortly after release that has even more quality of life and performance improvements that weren’t able to make it in our initial release!

Check out the official Dungeon Defenders: Awakened trailer for Xbox:

There are a few features that are still being worked on that will not be available at launch, but will be available in future updates:

  • Cross-Platform Saves ⁠— We know this one is disappointing to not see at launch. While we’re working to have this available to all players as soon as possible, this feature requires an extra certification from Microsoft. This would have pushed our launch date back even further and we really didn’t want to do that.
  • Various In-Game Backer Rewards — In-game rewards such as Item Names and Enemy Names will be ready and viewable after the first post-launch patch mentioned above!
  • Split-Screen Co-op — This is another popular feature that players are anxiously awaiting and it will be available as soon as it runs smoothly! Adding split-screen is a difficult feature to incorporate because the UI needs to run cleanly and efficiently on multiple views. Right now we’re not satisfied with the way our split-screen UI functionality is performing, so we’ll continue to improve this feature until we’re confident it will work the way it’s supposed to for all players. Don’t fret, it’s on the way!

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We can’t wait to introduce Dungeon Defenders: Awakened to our console defenders!

For Etheria!

Chromatic Games

[CG] Brittani


Have you ever wished you could show off your dungeon-defending side a bit more? Have you tried to tell your non-DDA friends about Etheria, but they just can’t “imagine” it? Well, we may have just the solution for all of you defenders. As a token of our appreciation — and in celebration of our upcoming Xbox release — below are downloadable mobile wallpapers of our four original Etherian heroes. Feel free to download your favorites or all of them, it’s our gift to you. Just be sure to let us know which hero you choose to feature on your phone first!

Apprentice Wallpaper


Squire Wallpaper


Monk Wallpaper


Huntress Wallpaper



**Bonus question for all of you die-hard DDA defenders - do you know in which map you can find these stained-glass beauties?

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If you liked these wallpapers, there’s more where those came from! Be on the lookout for more giveaways and FREE goodies over the next two weeks and make sure to follow us on our social platforms to learn about them first.

For Etheria!
Chromatic Games


Greetings Defenders,

The response to the Defense Council has been amazing! Defense Council access is selling quickly, and the sheer quantity and quality of feedback we’ve gotten so far has been incredible! We’re buckling down in the studio now to focus on some of the feedback we’ve received and will have a blog on some of our learnings next week.

In the meantime, we want to know: What can we do to make the Defense Council even better? So far our largest requests have been:

  1. Add PayPal
  2. Add Premium Currency Rewards
  3. Add an Upgrade Option
  4. Sell Dungeon Defenders II on Steam

So, without further ado.

  1. PayPal support is here! You can purchase Defense Council access using PayPal here!
  2. We’ve added premium currency rewards to the packages! Everyone who has already purchased access will receive this retroactively. Of course, it may be a while until we implement cosmetics and premium currency into the game, since we’re focusing on gameplay first! Shoutout to Reddit users Fliksan, Jarstult, Momochichi, & MrSmeeb for making us realize the importance of bundling these with the packages sooner rather than later.
  3. We’re looking into an upgrade option and want to provide this option for you in the future.
  4. We hear you! For now, even though the Dungeon Defenders II Pre-Alpha is played on Steam, our limited access Pre-Alpha is only available from our site.

[CG] Brittani



Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Preorder for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One has started!! You can head over to the Microsoft Store to order it now: http://bit.ly/XboxPreorder

If you’re not yet following us on Twitter or Facebook, today may be a perfect time to click that “Follow” button. Twitter and Facebook users have a chance to win a FREE copy of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on Xbox by simply retweeting or sharing our preorder posts. Luckily for you, we have the links to those right here:

While you’re here, watch our new gameplay trailer that was released today!!



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For Etheria!
Chromatic Games

Hey all! We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Sony to bring Dungeon Defenders II exclusively to the PlayStation 4! In fact, you’ll be able to play the game tomorrow on PS4 at the PlayStation Experience. If you’re going, be sure to stop by Sony’s booth to say hi. We’ll have various people at their booth all day showing off the game.

Stay tuned to our blog for more details on the PS4 version in the future. We still have a ton of work to do, but we’re excited to finally be bringing Dungeon Defenders back to a console. We’ve just completed our first controller pass (it needs a bunch of work!) and are exciting to dig into some other features, like local co-op and a controller-based UI. And yes, all of those features will also be coming to the PC version!

Greetings Defenders,
Welcome to the new forums! There's quite a bit of changes that had to happen in order to facilitate this move so please read everything to hopefully answer any questions you may have.
Logging In Email/Password Login: Your password did not carry over from the old forums and must be reset by going here: https://forums.dungeondefenders.com/lostpassword/ . Make sure to check your email junk/spam folders in case the reset email goes there. Steam Login: You must login with email first and re-link your Steam account to your forum account. Post Counts Since the new forum had to re-index everything during the migration, post count numbers will be to what posts you do have and not include any deleted posts, non-copied over old forum posts, or forum restore numbers. Messages Messages between members on the old forums were not moved to the new one. Sorry 😞 Threads with pages that show "There are no posts to show" Older threads that had deleted/bad spam bot posts in them were cleaned up which may cause the error message above. Once new posts are added or you go to an earlier page instead of last post should work fine. New forum posts started on the new forums will not have this issue. Reporting forum issues You can report new forum issues here: Forum Bug Reports. Titles/Ranks We're working on bringing back some custom groups and post count promotion fully. Right now after you make a post you should see yourself get the correct rank updated on your account. Thank you!
[CG] Brittani
After two weeks of awesome recreations of Dungeon Defender heroes, enemies, and all the things in between from our super talented community, we’ve made it to our final week of Fan Art February!
Before we let you loose for Week 3, we want to recognize one of our ADORABLE community submissions from MissHelenGD:

I didn’t know I needed a heart-filled Giraffe on a Treadmill pet, but now I don't want to defend without it!! 
Now onto our FINAL week of Fan Art February. Our last theme is Transmog Showcase Week! Show us your favorite Etherian-defending outfits and your baddest “walk-the-throne-room” look. As with last week, vote for your favorite submissions throughout the week and they may be featured on our own DD social pages.
Just a friendly reminder - please keep submissions safely in the “E” rating zone (or G-rated if you’re more into movie ratings style). Artwork should be safe for eyes of all ages, and you will still need to follow normal forum rules :)
Show us what’s been hiding in those hero decks!
[CG] Brittani
It's Week 2 of Fan Art February! 
Here is a non-Internet submission from last week that we HAD to share with you all:

This awesome Siren drawing is from Defender Erica. (Peep the signature in the bottom right.) Thank you for sharing your talents with this community!! 
Now, onto Week 2! 
With Valentine’s Day still on our love-stricken minds, the second week’s theme is Love is in the Air. Let’s see those Cupid-struck heroes, bosses, and giraffes.  As with last week, submit your works in the comments below and vote for your favorite submissions throughout the week and they (or you) may be featured on our own DD social pages. 
Just a friendly reminder - please keep submissions safely in the “E” rating zone (or G-rated if you’re more into movie ratings style). Artwork should be safe for eyes of all ages, and you will still need to follow normal forum rules :)
Give us those hearts!! (And likes)
[CG] HiggsBosonic
Lots of things happening this week across the entire Dungeon Defenders franchise so let's just jump into the details.

DD:A Console Update
This year has been a wild ride, as humans and as a studio we have been presented with unforeseen challenges across the board. A ton of progress has been made on our console ports, and we’re nearing the finish line. Our initial focus for consoles was to get the game running on the Nintendo Switch, pouring months of engineering effort into optimizing the Switch and console experience. After incredible improvements, we are not satisfied with the overall experience on the Switch and have decided to change our focus in order to get a console version of DD:A into your hands as quickly as possible.
DD:A on the Xbox
Recently we changed our focus in terms of console work over to the Xbox One. Immediately we saw increased performanced and a better overall experience, which was really exciting. All of the hard work that we poured into the Switch version carries over into the Xbox version, and also later the Playstation version, so none of our work was wasted. 
We are working with Microsoft to target a Q1 2021 launch for the Xbox. As we progress through the certification process we will update the community on a more exact month or date. We need to get through “cert” first, then we can work with Microsoft to set an exact launch date.
What about the other platforms?
Once we are through the certification process for Xbox, we begin that same process with Playstation & Switch. So Xbox will be released first, followed by Playstation & Switch.
What about the new consoles?
We will be releasing DD:A on both Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles as hardware test kits become available. We’re waiting for the opportunity to jump quickly on getting into certification and releasing DD:A on this new hardware.
1.2 Update Check In
We are working on Update 1.2 polish, bug fixes, and entering our final phase of testing. We will have a launch date for this update for the community soon. While we have had quite a few people working on this update over the last few months, our primary focus as a studio has been on the consoles. We do not want to rush this update out, so are taking the necessary time to polish the systems and test it before release.  Rift Mode, Transmog, new accessories, and more are coming your way, as well as Trading, Reforge and the remaining in-game Kickstarter rewards in a follow-up patch!
Franchise Steam Sale
All of our Dungeon Defenders Games on Steam are on sale
Dungeon Defenders 1 
75% off across the board, base game, DLCs, Collection, and 4-Packs
If you have not had a chance to experience this classic, now is a great time to pick it up.
Dungeon Defenders 2
50% off of Steam packs
50% off in-game Gem costs of Heroes, Costumes, Shards & more!
With XP & Gold Event going on for the next 5 days, it is a great time to get back into DD2 and pick up some wares on the cheap!
Dungeon Defenders: Awakened
30% off the base game
With 1.2 Update around the corner, which adds rift mode and new progression, now is the time to pick up DD:A and get to the end game before all the rifty goodness hits.
Dungeon Defenders 2 Events!
From now through the end of the year we have some in-game events lined up. We wanted to provide our loyal DD2 players with some holiday treats. Beyond the 50% off in game sale that will run through the second week of January here is a schedule of events coming this year.
Nov 25th-30th: 4x Base XP & Gold December 5th: Double Defender Medal Saturday Dec 11th-13th: 4x Base XP  Dec 18th-21st: 4x Base Gold  Dec 24th-27th: Holiday Extravaganza: 4x Base XP & Gold, 2x Defender Medals
  Social Defenders
To get reliable updates on the future of DDA make sure to follow us on all our social media platforms:
Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums Keep an eye out for more info!
For Etheria!
Chromatic Games
[CG] Brittani
Hello Defenders!
Today is the official first day of Fan Art February! Last week we introduced the campaign in this post. The time has come to show off your DD-related artwork.
The theme for this week is: Spring Cleaning.
We know there are plenty of budding and professional artists in our community and this is your chance to unload all of the DD-inspired art you’ve been keeping to yourself! For the next week, you can submit your artwork below and the community will vote on their favorites by liking the comments featuring community-created artworks. The submissions with the most votes by end-of-day Sunday will be featured on Chromatic’s social media pages next week.
**To make sure everyone can safely enjoy and participate in the campaign, please keep submissions safely in the “E” rating zone (or G-rated if you’re more into movie ratings style). Artwork should be safe for eyes of all ages, and you will still need to follow normal forum rules
Now, show us your stuff!! (Featured is Britt’s one-of-a-kind piece of “art” created specifically for you all. Names for this fabulous artwork are also welcome in the comments.)

Beta has been out for a few weeks now, and what a ride it has been! As a studio, it is incredibly exhilarating to have a ton of the hard work that we’ve been hammering away at as a studio out into the wild. Between watching streams and youtube videos; discussions on the forums, Twitter, Facebook, Steam, and Discord; the plethora of feedback that’s been provided; and just playing the games ourselves with friends and family, it’s been an incredibly awesome experience. So let’s start with Beta in general!
Beta, What is it Good For — Absolutely A Lot
Our Beta launch was something that we were incredibly happy with. When putting something as complex as a game out into the wild has developers putting on a helmet, and strapping down everything, for the potential chaos that can come with a Beta that just aren’t able to be tested in an internal environment. We launched with relatively low issues: gameplay was working at a very high degree with little bug issues; crashes were low and easy to identify; lanes performed with little issues, and our testers computers didn’t burst into flames (that was a super huge one). We were able to address crashes and tweak some things to improve the Beta experience pretty quickly, releasing four patches in a very short amount of time — SIX DAYS!
Betas over time have taken a turn in the industry to have a large range in what that actually entail. Our version of Beta was the original approach, that is getting a functional build that is very representative of the final experience regarding the core gameplay loot: build, defend, fight, and get sweet loot. A lot of things performed correctly, and the gameplay, for a Beta, could not have been better for us! That said, we have received a lot of the feedback, and are still parsing through a lot of it. Things like UI art, character visuals/faces, Survival scaling, hero and tower balance, and more are on our radar. There’s a lot of feedback that we’re getting that was anticipated, so we’ve had plans to address these things for the most part. We received a ton of feedback regarding UI visuals, and we are going to be making sure to give it that Dungeon Defenders feel. What was in the Beta was focused on functionality, to ensure we didn’t waste any work making art that could lead to wasted work. Needless to say, there’s a lot of improvements that we’re going to be making, and your feedback has been incredibly helpful to validate our plans moving forward!

Pre-order and Backing
We’ve had multiple ways that Defenders have been able to get Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. Starting with Kickstarter, which then transferred to BackerKit, and finally ending on our current store. There were bumps along the way, many we are still sorting through (note: if you preordered through Kickstarter and BackerKit, with any issues, please reach out to preorder@chromatic.games, DO NOT if you purchased through our current store, that should be done through support@xsolla.com). These three phases were part of our total plan, but the bumps were a very large learning process and we are working diligently to make sure we provide everything we can to our supporters.
One of the things that we’re going to be doing is sending out beta keys to our BackerKit supporters who purchased the $25 copy of the game. The store outlined what was included, but there was some confusing messaging going out about the BackerKit store. Our higher paying backers have had access to the Beta for a while, giving them exclusive access, and now we want to open it up to show our appreciation for your support, and also to make up for any confusing messaging that may have been sent.
We’re also offering more rewards through our newest storefront. We don’t want to exclude people who backed early from these rewards, so we’re going to be doing our best to be as inclusive as possible:
First, anyone who purchased through BackerKit will be moved over to our current storefront in the coming weeks. We'll let you know when this change is made. This means that you’ll get what’s at the $40 tier, but also have the option to upgrade to a higher tier if you want to, instead of having to purchase an entirely new copy.
  Second, anyone who backed on Kickstarter at or above the purchase tiers on the new storefront will receive the rewards included in the new packs. For example, did you purchase the $75 tier on Kickstarter? You’ll receive everything included in the Prestigious pack, the costumes, titles, everything! Our goal is to make sure that when you’re purchasing Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, you feel good about the purchase, and that you’re getting awesome rewards with an awesome game. You guys help make the game, and we want to make sure you know you’re valued.

Beta Late Than Neva
We’re sorry for that pun. It’s terrible, but it had to be said. With preordering and getting beta keys, the vast majority got out, but there were some keys that weren’t properly transferred over, surveys were submitted late, etc., that lead to people not receiving their keys on time. One thing we’re going to do is extend the Beta into January. Here’s why:
You have provided a ton of feedback and we want to increase the window so that every nook and cranny is covered. We want Dungeon Defenders: Awakened to be the best game it can be, and a lot of the feedback you’ve provided has been instrumental in making sure that’s the destination we reach.
  We’re opening the beta to the $25 purchases, and some people didn’t receive their keys on time, or are still in process (please reach out to preorder@chromatic.games if you haven’t already), we want to make sure that players have enough time to experience the beta and provide their feedback. These two reasons alone make it very important for us to keep with our goals of being inclusive to all Defenders, and making the best game possible. We want and encourage you to continue to provide feedback. Maybe later this month, there maybe an update, maybe that expands on some stuff, and maybe fixes some issues you've reported, maybe probably maybe. As for January, we’re currently discussing adding more for players to experience, with there being a reflection of change via the feedback all of you have provided.

Another thing that should be in your inboxes in the coming week is a survey to those who have taken part of the Beta. While digging through all the feedback you’ve provided, we also want to get general sentiments and feedback about as many facets of the game as possible. To that end, to make sure we’re doing the best we can, we’re going to send out a curated survey for our Beta players. By completing the entire survey, we’ll be drawing 10 WINNERS to receive our Prestigious pack, giving you another copy to use for another platform, give to a friend to join you on your adventures in Etheria, or whatever you want!

New Stuff
Dungeon Defenders: Awakened isn’t just some simple port or remake. We’re adding a lot of content, and have some big plans for future content. People have seen some of the new rewards from the Beta, but we wanted to give you a quick sneak peek at some of the awesome weapons and pets that are coming your way:
New Weapons — Tech Rewards

With new rewards coming in, we want them to feel awesome. We also want them to feel awesome for ALL heroes. This is the Squire’s sword that you’ll be able to hunt down, alongside getting weapons for the Huntress, Apprentice, and Monk that are part of the future tech-based set.
New Pets

We have familiar pets coming back that many Defenders love, but we also have new pets to be earned. Currently called the Etherial Ancient, they are just one of the new pets that’ll help boost your character and pack a punch when fighting enemies.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
We've added an FAQ section to help address questions for current and returning Defenders. We'll be updating this overtime as more questions come in!
What’s Next?
We’re going to keep polishing systems and working. There’s a ton of feedback we’re actively working through, and are going to keep up to really make the game for our GLORIOUS Defenders. Keep throwing feedback our way, and know that even if you don’t get a response, it has been seen and that we’ll do our best to address it.
When it comes to communication, as we’ve acknowledged, have not been the best. We’re working on a few initiatives internally to help bridge the gap between our community and development. We’ve also been working through bringing on a full-time Community Manager, working with some fantastic candidates. Current plans have our new Community Manager joining Chromatic Games in January, and we can’t wait for you to meet her!
Chromatic Games is going to continue to work on doing things to the best of our ability. There have been bumps along the way, and while they can be frustrating, we want to thank you for sticking through it with us, as we grow into this new studio and are able to make awesome games for YOU! <3

Social Defenders
To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:
The entire team thanks you for trying to destroy the Beta. We’re grateful for all the tremendous feedback we’ve received so far (and more to come), and want to thank you for joining us on this journey!
For Etheria!
Chromatic Games
Update October 6th, 2016:  Patch 16.1 is now live for PS4!
Here are the notes for Patch 16.1:

Bug Fixes
Added a fix for Bonus Missions not rewarding Defender Medals if we've already used that mission in the past. This should fix this week's mission (but not reset it unfortunately).  Fixed the Pet Affection bug from The Journey Begins update.  Dark Torment towers should no longer spawn in the sky.
Additional Difficulties for Maps should now only unlock at the end of the Campaign.
The Obelisk no longer produces giant grey boxes when attacking with Call to Madness. Demon's Lair should show the correct iPWR now.

The PS4 patch contains these additional changes:
Fixed the issue where deleting a hero from the Hero Deck tab in the Inventory would always delete the first hero from the Hero Deck. Added the ability to allocate 50 SAS points with Triangle. (Sorry for the hand cramps!) Pet Rerolls now allow you to choose any stat rather than the first one.
Greetings Defenders,
Protean Shift Patch 3.2 is now live on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! We’ve been hard at work ever since Professor Proteus made his glorious arrival in Etheria! The feedback from all of you has been tremendous and we greatly appreciate it. We’re addressing requests that players have wanted both for a while now and recently with the Protean Shift expansion. Let’s get into it!
Multiplayer Bonuses
Defenders love playing together, there is strength in numbers after all. Previously, when playing in multiplayer settings, enemies became stronger, but did not offer any additional rewards for the harder challenge. This is a pain point that you as a community have voiced to us for a long time, and with gear in a much better spot, we now have a way to reward the increased difficulty!
Previously, when playing in multiplayer sessions, enemies gained additional health without offering any increased rewards. Now when teaming up with fellow Defenders, you now gain additional Gear from Victory Chests. You may be asking, “how much?”, and the answer is A LOT. Here’s the breakdown you can expect to see when playing with multiple Defenders:
One Defender:  Remains the same.
Two Defenders:  +125% additional Gear drops!
Three Defenders:  +275% additional Gear drops!
Four Defenders:  +425% additional Gear drops!
When playing solo, the Escape/Options menu shows:

When in a group of two:

This pattern increases the more Defenders in your session. To have our bases covered, Gear is specifically armor, weapons, and relics. These additional pieces of gear offer players multiple opportunities on finding perfect stats and Mods while taking on stronger enemies. This means you have more gear to use or sell, boosting Defender strength and our player economy substantially. As a result, we’ve slightly tweaked sell prices to vendors. With the increased loot drops, you’ll be making on average the same amount of gold when selling to vendors. However, we maintained previous minimum Player Shop sell value of items to offset this. You’re now provided more opportunities to sell more gear between one another to obtain greater mountains of wealth than ever before!
We were able to get these changes out now to provide a feature the community highly requested thanks to the feedback we received via a survey many of you participated in. One concern that several Defenders brought up was in regard to party control and functionality. These will be coming in our next Update among a slew of new features not too far from now. We’ll touch on some additional changes later on in these notes!
Material Vault
In Protean Shift, we introduced a good chunk of crafting materials for Defenders to have more control over their gear. There’s a ton of new materials and one bit of feedback that we’ve received quite often, is about storing these spoils of combat.

Enter the Material Vault! It’s a new vault that will be available to players that want to be able to store extra crafting materials. This special vault allows you to hold 999 of every crafting material and access to materials saved in your Material Vault regardless of where you are. Want to pump up the strength of your gear, or move some Mods around, but you put the materials in your Material Vault? You can now do it on the fly without pulling the materials out! When doing anything that requires crafting materials, Inventory Materials are used first before using crafting materials in your Materials Vault.
What’s Coming?

In our last Check-In post, we outlined some short, medium, and long term goals. In our next update, here’s a sneak peek as to what you can expect to see:
Onslaught floors are always one map floors.
Extra rewards as you climb through Onslaught.
Improvements to Ancient Power
Increased party control and functionality
As development continues, we’re going to be providing opportunities to test this content and earn “Tester Only” rewards, such as Betsy White, a true friend and confidant to any Defender.
Bug Fixes
Improved enemy spawn and pathing logic so enemies getting stuck in spawns will now have a better chance of finding their way out of the spawner.
Fixed additional cases where Berserker Orcs would get around blockades and walls.
Fixed an issue in Player Shops that caused a visual duplication while moving items.
Fixed an issue with Abyss Stone and Abyss Fountain giving an incorrect error message when there’s not enough mana available to use them.
Updated Shard Dust description to explain how it’s acquired.
Fixed a bug where the Jackpot shard increases gold reward upon wave completion.
Fixed an issue with comparison tooltips remaining when closing the Vault UI.
Fixed the text size of “LIST IT!” on 4k resolutions.
Fixed an issue with Gilded Colossal Fissure Shards receiving a negative increase.
Fixed an issue with Campaign Boot tinkering requiring an Iron Hammer.
Fixed an issue with Chaos V Boot upgrades requiring weapon crafting materials.
Fixed an issue with buy back items going to the wrong location in the inventory.
Fixed an issue where items claimed at the Scavenger while the inventory is full would look like it had been claimed but was still in the Scavenger.
Remember, if you run into any bugs, please let us know at our bug site. Also, check us out on social media for additional updates and game discussions with our awesome community:
We have much more on the way and will be spilling some beans in the coming weeks!
For Etheria,
The Dungeon Defenders II Team
October flew by, and November is here, which means we’ve got a slew of new things to show off and talk about! The Dungeon Defenders: Awakened PC beta is coming this month, with news on when it’s being released very soon. We’re currently working with our excellent PR partners on getting Dungeon Defenders: Awakened in front of as many Defenders as possible, so bare with us as we prepare to make this beta an explosive success!
While we’ve been working incredibly hard, today we want to show off the Huntress’s traps, some of the new gorgeous UIs, never before seen maps, and an update as to how as a studio we’ve been working on the game. Without further ado, let’s get into it!
Huntress Traps
We wanted to make sure that the Huntress’s traps conveyed that they were put together by an elf, using materials that are available to a being from the woodlands. There’s a lot of VFX and power that we’re going to be adding to these traps, but for now we’re going to show you what you’ll see as your creating a literal minefield for the hordes that are coming!
Poison Gas Trap

Proximity Mine Trap

Inferno Trap

Darkness Trap

Etherial Spike Trap

User Interface Facelift
One thing that we promised with Dungeon Defenders: Awakened was providing a cleaner User Interface, something that is definitely wanting when playing the original Dungeon Defenders. Our approach is to make things read well so that you’re able to discern the information you want, get your gear and character setup the way you want fast and efficiently, so you’re back in the fray and doing what you do best — defending Etheria!
The inventory in Dungeon Defenders has always been a big part of the gameplay, and we’ve made it look aesthetically pleasing, while also providing a ton of functionality. We’ll start off with showing the item box:

One thing you’ll notice is that there are Nintendo Switch inputs at the bottom. One of the biggest goals we had with the UIs for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, was to make sure that it played well with a gamepad first. If it plays well with gamepad, then we can easily make it play well with mouse and keyboard.
You’ll also notice that there is a filter tab in the top right. This filter is going to allow players to filter gear with multiple options! Filtering is something that players have wanted for a while, and we’re bringing it in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. Here’s a tentative list of what you can expect to be able to filter by:
Quality (Common, uncommon, rare, epic, etc.)
Equipment (Weapons, Helmets, Chests, Gloves, Boots, Pets, Brooches, Masks, Bracers, and Shields)
Armor Type (Leather, Mail, Chain, etc.)
and More!
Another important aspect of the game is being able to inspect a piece of equipment that you’ve received, compare it with a piece that you’ve got equipped, and decide if it’s an upgrade or not. Those were our goals with gear tooltips and comparison:

When making these tooltips, we made sure that we included the “worst case” scenario for when you receive an item. By that, we focused on what the absolute biggest an item tooltip would be, and this is the result. There’s a ton of information that we need to convey, and so we made sure to push things to their absolute limits in order to provide a clean and easy to read UI. It’s worth mentioning that the white circles and squares are where our icons are going to be going to represent each stat (they’re currently made, just need some slight adjustments).
We also are adjusting the names of stats so that they are able to be understood. These images are work-in-progress still, but these names are something we’ll be looking for feedback throughout our beta process. 
All of it together, here’s what you can expect to see when playing solo:

There’s still some iteration we’re going to be making (and currently are), but we’re very proud of where the UI currently is and can’t wait for you to be able to use it to its full potential!
There are a couple things that aren’t being shown here, but we want to give context to:
Abilities:  This will be where a hero’s abilities and towers are explained.
Runes:  This is the level up stat allocation area. Your stat updates are reflected in the character stats pane.
Character stats: This is currently getting polished , but will appear where the current item tooltip is in the above screenshot.
A lot of these pieces are coming together for beta. They have functionally been in our test builds as engineer art.
New Map? New Map!
Half of the maps in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened campaign have never been played before, and they help bring an all new epic feel! Two of our new maps are desert based maps, the ruins of a civilization that has long been gone. One of those maps, is tentatively called “Tornado Valley”, opening up to a giant ruined city:

The next map is a follow up to Tornado Valley, that we’re tentatively calling “Tornado Lowlands”. That’s most definitely a developer name, as there’s nothing low about this map. Be careful not to fall:

Studio Work
As a studio, we are churning through a ton of work. Recently our communication has not been as frequent as we’ve wanted and we’re progressing towards making it better. We’re currently expanding our workforce to help with this, but also are going to be working with our partners, including a PR firm, that will be getting updates and information out across our social channels, and into the hands of various game news outlet to really help Dungeon Defenders: Awakened blow up!
There are multiple goals that we have with Beta. First is to deliver on a promise to our backers, we want to be good on our word and you deserve to see what your support has created. Second, you’ll be providing really value feedback, both in terms of gameplay, but also from the metrics that we’ll be reading on the back end. Last, it’s a great milestone for us to achieve that really helps bring the game together and empower us as a studio to keep working hard.
After the beta, we are going to continue work on the game, up to the release in February. This means polishing systems, balancing gameplay, fixing bugs, and a lot more. The amount and quality of work that we’ve done in such a short time (a little over 8 months) is something that we’re incredibly proud of, and we use that pride to push us in these remaining months. What you’ll see in the beta does not mean it is final, and there’s going to be a ton of time put into making DD:A the best it can be!
Social Defenders
To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:
The entire team is having a blast working on DD:A, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on it. Stay tuned for more info!

For Etheria!

Chromatic Games
Our "boldest" contest is over, Defenders! Thank you to everyone who participated. Here are you winners!
Shiruettomiraju:  Because Thunder-O has no fear. None!
jmartinbsu:  Monk takes on Betsy, solo. In the air, no less...
Kenzo:  It takes real guts to stand this close to the Gra'an Master. I wouldn't do it...
Congratulations to our newest Snapshooters!
Next up: Derpiest! We want to see silliest screenshots you've got. From now until September 15th at 2pm EDT, go on a quest for the derpiest in-game screenshot you can take and submit it in this blog. We'll pick three winners on September 16th! 
To enter, take an in-game screenshot and upload it to Steam. Embed the Steam image in a comment below, along with a link to the image on Steam. Screenshots without Steam links will not be chosen.  You may submit as many images as you'd like, but please limit them to one per post. 
The Snapshooter Contest is judged by a panel of Trendy Community Team employees with absolutely no taste. Except for me, of course. But really, I just think  I have good taste. 
Here is a loose guideline on how we'll be judging the screenshots:
G.U.T. -- Genuine, Ultimate Tummy-feeling. If the screenshot tickles something inside our abdominal food synthesizers that makes us say “wow” or “good gravy,” chances are we’ll pick it as a winner. It's going to be very difficult, because nobody actually says "good gravy" anymore. I'm not even sure I want to say "good gravy."
No HUDs -- Screenshots with the Heads Up Display activated will score lower than HUDless shots. Press “H” to let the game shine. For real, Defenders. No HUDs.
Originality -- Don’t steal from other players. We’re watching you. In the event that a bunch of you have the same brilliant idea, we will only consider the first one. 
Alecto -- If you can incorporate Alecto the Relentless, one of the ancient greek goddesses of fury and retribution, into your screenshot,  you’ll earn extra points. How you’re going to do this with an in-game screenshot is beyond us, but we like to be surprised. A lot of extra points. SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT. 
You must have your Steam account linked to your forum account. All screenshots must be taken by the Steam account that’s linked to the forum account. Any entry that is stolen from another player will result in the permanent removal of your forum account.

Greetings Defenders,
We’ve been hard at work since our latest update and we’re ready to share some of what you can expect to see in our next update! We wanted to take a step back and focus on some more player-centric changes, and we’ve got a pretty hefty list of things we’re accomplishing. There’s still a lot of work for us to do, and while we’re not ready to show anything off yet, it’s the perfect time to talk about some of the things you can expect to see coming to Dungeon Defenders II!
Shard Acquisition
Shards are such an integral part to Dungeon Defenders II when it comes to empowering your towers with great strength to take out the waves of enemies constantly thrown at you. Currently there is a lot of RNG regarding which shards you get, and to help cut down the randomness, farming lower tiered content is the easiest way to go.
We don’t want that. We want you playing content you find engaging, while being able to acquire the Shards you want. The exact details cannot be spilled out here, but we’re working on concrete ways to get the specific Shards you want.
Chaos VIII Shards
They’ve been gone for a while, and the game has changed quite a bit since they were removed. We have taken a pass at them so that they fit into the current game and are something you want to get. You’ll be able to get them after a certain point in Onslaught, similar to when you start receiving Chaos VIII Ampoules.
New Weapons
There’s a lot of epic weapons that we’re going to be making available, some that have been available previously, and some you've never seen before. Players love to make their characters look unique, and while costumes, flairs, and accessories help accomplish this, weapons also play a big part in making your heroes look awesome!
Elemental Addition
We know a lot of you really enjoyed harnessing the powers of the elements, and we promised to add to this system. In the next update, Poison Mods will be added. While we’re not talking interactions yet, we wanted to let you know that we’re expanding on the list of powers you can combo to break apart your enemies!
Other Greatness
There’s still a decent amount to talk about, and we promise to get word out on things as soon as we can. This next month is going to be a crazy ride for all of our Defenders and we cannot wait to share with you what our 2019 is going to look like! We'll be doing at least one other update over the next month, and then go through our usual release of dev streams and previews. We’re wanting to really take our time with everything we're conjuring up and give attention to a lot of things that we believe you’ll enjoy.
Social Defenders
To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:
The entire team has had a blast making this content, we cannot wait for all of you to get your hands on our next update. Stay tuned for more info soon!
For Etheria!
The Dungeon Defenders II Team

Greetings Defenders,
We’ve been hard at work ever since Professor Proteus made his glorious arrival in Etheria! The feedback from all of you has been tremendous and we greatly appreciate it. There’s more coming in our next update, but there’s also more coming next week with Protean Shift Patch 3.2!
There are some nice quality of life features that are coming with next week’s patch, let’s get into it!
Multiplayer Incentives
Defenders love playing together, there is strength in numbers after all. When playing together, enemies get stronger, but there’s not any increased reward for that increased risk. Well not anymore! We have been testing and looking for ways to reward players without trivializing content. With this patch, when grouping with other Defenders, you will receive additional gear from the victory chest. This scales per player added to the session, meaning the more Defenders you play with, the more gear you receive. The more gear you receive, the higher the chance at getting perfect mods!
Material Vault
In Protean Shift, we introduced a good chunk of crafting materials for Defenders to have more control over their gear. There’s a ton of new materials and one bit of feedback that we’ve received quite often, is about storing these spoils of combat.
Enter the Material Vault! The Material Vault is a new vault that will be available to players that want to be able to store extra crafting materials. This special vault allows you to hold 999 of every crafting material, and you will be able to automatically use them when interacting with items. Want to pump up the strength of your gear, but you put the materials in your Material Vault? You can now do it on the fly!
On the Horizon
There’s a giant “wave” of stuff coming to Etheria in our next update that is sure to knock your socks off. Related to multiplayer incentives, we’re going to be providing Defenders greater control over the parties they start, something many of you have asked for is on it’s way. We can’t get into a ton of the stuff coming just yet, but give Elandrian’s Check-In a visit to get an idea for what’s coming!
Bug Fixes and Optimizations
As always, we’re going to be squishing a lot of bugs, increasing performance, and increasing stability. Remember, if you run into any bugs, please let us know at our bug site. Also, check us out on social media for additional updates and game discussions with our awesome community:
We have much more on the way and will be spilling some beans in the coming weeks!
For Etheria,
The Dungeon Defenders II Team
Today, we're putting the finishing touches on our latest Dungeon Defenders II update, The Harbinger Awakens, which you'll have in your hands tomorrow. For you, it must feel like your birthday. There's this great big gift waiting for you. You get to open it, play with the new loot, fight the new boss, and just escape into this weird, wonderful thing we're making. But we're on the other side. We're the gift givers. We’ve spent hours poring over everything you told us so we could find you the perfect gift. And now we have to wait for you to open it. Worry about if it's what you wanted. Wonder how we're going to top it next time. That's a lot of pressure.
But we like being your gift givers. Because you wonderful guys and girls have supported us through our first year of Early Access. That means a lot to us. We aren't a AAA studio with a huge budget. You're not going to see Dungeon Defenders II on some parkside bench or a billboard. We're a small team, and we only get to make these gaming gifts because you believe in us. You support us. We hope each and every one of you realizes that. You are the sole reason we get to wake up every morning, see our children off to school, head into the office and make video games. What an insane, crazy world this is where we get to make fun for a living. Thank you. Thank you so much for that.
We really hope you enjoy your gift. We'll see you online tomorrow.
- Isom
[CG] Brittani
Hi Everyone! My name is Brittani Sahm - the brand new Community Manager for Chromatic Games, and your personal insider to all the things going on in the studio. 
Who am I? Before finding my way to CG, I was (and still am) a professor of public relations. My favorite part of teaching has always been learning about and talking with students, and I’m looking forward to reaching even more people through the many DD communities I’ll be in contact with as your Community Manager!
I am a hit-the-ground-running kind of person, so the first thing I want to do in this role is learn as much as possible about all of YOU. The more I get to know each one of you, the better I can be in this role. There is a survey linked at the bottom of this post that brings up some of these questions: What are your favorite aspects of DDA? What are your favorite platforms for communicating with the devs? How many bad jokes can I reasonably make you listen to during my streams? (That is serious - Studies have shown that my jokes land 60% of the time, all the time.)
I am a people person, and I will take my role as a representative for CG and the community seriously because I care about, well, people!
I’ll share a bit more about my personal life, too. This may be obvious, but I am a gamer myself. If you look through my Steam or Switch libraries, you’ll find plenty of casual RPGs and simulation types of games (exactly what you’re thinking - Animal Crossing is in there), and my first gaming experiences involved playing anything Mario-related on Super Nintendo with my family. I love the nostalgic feeling I get when revisiting SNES Yoshi’s Island on my Switch now. All of this started with my parents’ love for video games that was passed down to me and my siblings - we grew up with my mom bragging about her sick Ms. Pac-Man skills from her arcade-playing days (she still likes to brag when she has a chance), and my dad making sure we had access to all the new consoles (we still have an Atari locked up somewhere).
Because I’m a gamer, I understand the importance of knowing what’s going on with my favorite games and studios and feeling like I’m heard if I have a question or issue. I like talking to people, so this is something I’m quite passionate about. That is my strength as a professor, and that will be my strength as CG’s Community Manager.
I could talk about myself for longer than you are probably willing to read, so I’ll stop for now and open the conversation up to you. What do you want to know about me?
I’m looking forward to learning more about and engaging with this great community! 
(On that note - If you have a few minutes to spare, please fill out the survey below. It would be a huge help for me to get to know more about the awesome Dungeon Defenders community.)
Dungeon Defenders Player Survey
With Man & Machine stealing Round One in a last minute victory, there are still two more rounds to vote in until you've chosen our new Hero -- The Barbarian, The Man & Machine, or The Mystic.

Vote Here: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/initiatives/45

Here’s how it works:

Three heroes will compete in a round-robin tournament. The hero with the most Influence Points from all three rounds together will be our next hero!
Every day, you’ll gain one Influence Point for logging into the game and another Influence Point for logging into the site. (2 Total Points per day.)
Use your points here and on our launcher to vote for your favorite hero(es). You can spend as many points as you’d like per round!
Here are the rounds and dates for voting:
Round 1:  Man & Machine vs. Mystic (May 14th to May 19th) Round 2:  Barbarian vs. Mystic (May 20th to May 26th) Round 3:  Man & Machine vs. Barbarian (May 27th to June 2nd)
This is Round 2:  Barbarian vs. Mystic.

The Barbarian. The ruthless brawler. The Barbarian is an unstoppable force that is yet to be unleashed on the Old Ones’ army. He prefers to rely on his own two hands and use his two weapons and a multitude of abilities to decimate hordes of enemies. Most heroes hide behind their walls and defenses; the Barbarian hides behind nothing.

The Mystic.The twisted sorceress. Magic has been around in Etheria for quite some time. There is however an older magic -- a darker, more chaotic magic nestled deep within Etheria.

The Mystic was once a thief, but now she carries inside her an ancient and dark serpent demigod. This demigod is the source of ancient and unimaginable magic that the Mystic wields. Most heroes have their defenses likened to their personality; the Mystic’s defenses are dark, twisted and represent the chaotic forms of the serpent god. She is a powerful ally on the battlefield, so long as she can control the fickle whims of her serpent lord.

Who will you choose?https://dungeondefenders.com/2/initiatives/45

[CG] Brittani
Hello Defenders! It’s [CG] Britt here to get you excited about a brand new campaign I’m running for the community throughout the month of February. I’m calling it…
For the entire month of February, CG pages will be soliciting different forms of Dungeon Defenders art from you - our wonderful and dedicated community. To be frank, I’m not what you’d call the “artistic” type - I really enjoy appreciating and sharing others’ great works, though. So, show us your skills! We want this all to be about you, our GLORIOUS community!
How will the campaign work?
On Monday of each week we’ll post a different art-related prompt on here and on Twitter and Instagram. Community members will be able to share their art for that prompt under the forum post for the entire week. At the same time, you’ll all vote on your favorites. The works with the most forum votes by Sunday evening will be featured on our Twitter and Instagram pages. We’ll include your social handles if you want that recognition, as well.
That’s it :)
Now, for the art schedule:
Week 1 (February 8-14) - Spring Cleaning. Here in Etheria there are no seasons, so every day can be Spring if we say so. Clean out your cloud and show us those DD pieces you’ve been keeping to yourself for too long. Week 2 (February 15-21) - Love is in the Air. Valentine’s Day usually only comes once a year in Etheria. Why not make 2021 special with a WEEK full of heart- and love-themed art? Week 3 (February 22-28) - Transmog Showcase Week! Let’s see your best “walk-the-throne-room” look. (We all deserve to feel great while defeating Mech.)  
What’s your first masterpiece going to feature?
Patch 16.2 is live now on PC & PS4! Here's what it contains:

Return of the Monthly Pets

The old Monthly Pets are back! You can find them in the Defender Medal shop.
These pets have been reskinned from their previous inclusion in the game, so long-time players have some cool collector’s edition of these pets.

New Bug Reporting System!
We've released a new community bug reporting site! You can find it at bugs.dungeondefenders2.com. We’re directing players who’d like to report a bug to this new site.
We wanted to open up the entire bug cycle - from finding, reporting, fixing and shipping - and give everyone more reassurance that we take all issues seriously and that submitting bugs is never a waste. It all matters, and we appreciate it each time folks take the effort to help us make the game better.
The old system had a bunch of flaws, some of which we couldn’t find a good way to fix. One of the biggest flaws was updating and tracking bugs from the public and player perspective. Once you submitted a bug, it would be gone and you’d rarely hear back from us unless we needed more information - this sucked because other players would submit the same bug, and with big issues, we’d see multiple submissions over multiple days and weeks, and with everyone reporting the same issue it’s easy to ignore little details that could be unique in each case or get lost in the pile.
Speaking of lost in the pile, it was very difficult to track all of our community bug submissions and difficult to understand which bugs required the most immediate attention. We receive reports on our forums, Steam forums, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, old bug reporting form, Twitch chats, private messages, support emails...it’s a lot to stay on top of, especially for our small team. It’s our hope that a public, more accessible site will allow us to gather bugs in one place and give us greater visibility into which bugs are currently causing the most frustration. It’s our goal to fix as many bugs as possible, but with your help, we can prioritize the most devilish ones first.
So this new system works a little bit like Reddit. You submit a bug, you provide the details and then it’s posted for everyone to see. You can upvote bugs that you think need the most immediate attention. You can also reply to a bug and add more details. This way other players can add their unique details all under the one umbrella.
Thanks for helping us squash those bugs!

PS4 Rendering Crash Fixes
This update contains a series of fixes that should address some of our longest standing crashes on PS4. To give you some context, one of our most common client crashes on PS4 was the result of functions on two separate rendering threads trying to access the same memory. This sounds simple enough at face value, but because of how multi-threaded rendering works, finding the exact moment when this occurs and the exact line of code that is causing it was quite the daunting task. These crashes have absorbed man-months of time since launch, with the most recent effort taking almost two uninterrupted weeks of Matt’s time. Interestingly enough, the only reason we were able to find this at all is that some other changes we did around improving our render pipe, exacerbated the problem to the point where we could gather enough data to track the problem to its source (in this case, two short lines of code).
We’ll be monitoring the crash report server closely to track the impact of these changes, but assuming all goes as expected, we’ll be excited to scratch this line item off our list.

Aiming Improvement
Projectiles should now move more towards the crosshairs. This is a subtle change, but hopefully it improves the overall accuracy of shots.

New Lavamancer Costume:  Risen Cinders

As seen at the top of this post! Available now!

Pet Ability Balance Changes and Fixes
Pet Abilities have been completely rebalanced from the ground up! With this rebalance, we wanted all pet abilities to feel much stronger when used, bringing all pet abilities closer to the impact level of abilities like Poisonous Tips. To hit these targets, we've significantly increased both the damage output and the cooldown of most pet abilities. Our goal was to make pet abilities stand out more from spammable hero abilities, so pet abilities are used less frequently but have a more profound impact.
Most pet abilities will see their cooldowns increased to 30 seconds, 45 seconds, or 60 seconds (a few outliers). In conjunction with these changes, the damage output of most pet abilities will be increasing substantially as well. For example, abilities on a 7 second cooldown that previously did 675% Hero Damage per attack now have a 30 second cooldown but deal an amazing 2,745% Hero Damage per attack!
The rebalance affects all 47 Pet Abilities, so go check out the new damage numbers and cooldowns!
Accompanying the rebalance are a number of fixes and other changes to pet abilities:

Pet Abilities that deal direct damage or apply damage-over-time buffs have had their damage significantly increased to better compete with damage multipliers like Poisonous Tips and Ghostly Wail.
Cooldowns have been increased on all pet abilities, generally being 20, 30, 45, or 60s (some rare outliers).
Simple abilities like Rock Throw have either a 20s, 30s, or 45s cooldown in most cases.
More potent or complex abilities like Poisonous Tips, Maelstrom, or Ghostly Wail generally have a 45s or 60s cooldown.
Pet Abilities with multiple tiers now have the same gameplay balance at all tiers.
The differences between the tiers are now visual only.
Different tiers are now named differently, so players can correctly reroll a pet ability to the desired visual tier.
Pet Ability descriptions have been entirely rewritten to better explain what the pet ability does and how it scales from Hero Damage.
Note that all Pet Abilities currently scale from Hero Damage; that’s not a change, we’re just making the scaling more apparent in the descriptions.
Future versions will likely change some pet abilities to scale from other stats, like Ability Power and Hero Health.
Visuals on a number of Pet Abilities have been increased/improved to better match their actual area of effects. A few abilities, like Fire Pillar and Lightning Grenade, have significantly larger effects.
Collision on various piercing projectiles has been revised (Stranglethorns, Bouncing Fire, Boulder, etc.). In some cases, the collision was too small, and in others, much too large. The collision now much more correctly reflects the actual size of the projectile fired.
Pet Abilities that use reflective shield mechanics (United Defense, Fire Shield, etc.) now reflect a useful amount of damage, and reflection damage is calculated before your resistances are taken into account.
Pet Abilities that deal damage over time now apply their effects at 1 second intervals to minimize the amount of damage number spam.
Numerous buff application bugs with all Pet Abilities, but especially Curse Aura and Hex, have been cleaned up. Buffs should apply more consistently and with consistent damage/lifespan results.
Pet Abilities that apply combo-able effects (Drenched, Oiled) have had their combo effects fixed and now properly scale from Hero Damage.
Projectiles on some pet abilities have been adjusted in speed/size/targeting to try and improve their ability to hit enemies (especially nearby, small enemies).
All effects that decrease enemy movement speed are standardized to a -40% speed decrease.
All effects that increase player movement speed are standardized to +50% speed increase.
Effects that previously increased both basic hero attack’s damage and added on-hit damage now ONLY add on-hit damage. This affects Poisonous Tips, Sandstorm, etc. The on-hit damage bonus has been increased in most cases to compensate.
Ghostly Wail’s damage bonus is now +100% at all tiers and its duration and range have been slightly decreased.
Dragon Protection is fixed; it correctly applies an absorbing shield to nearby Defenses.
Projectile arcs for certain abilities (Oil Spit, Lightning Grenade) have been improved to make aiming easier.
Lightning Grenade now detonates if enemies touch it.
Boulder now deals crushing earth damage.
Bouncing Lightning has been renamed to Chain Lightning and updated to use a projectile more similar to the Storm Gloves’s projectile.
Sparkle Party now deals damage as well as stuns.
Encouragement restores 75 mana.
Soothing Waters restores 300% Hero Damage as health.
Hex no longer causes damage over-time, to separate its effects from Curse Aura more clearly.
Tormented Thoughts no longer causes initial damage. It still causes damage-over-time and bonus damage when the enemy dies under the effects.
Gravebolt’s heal % has been decreased to offset the massive increase in the damage it received.
Plague Claw damage bonus per-hit decreased to +50% and now has the same maximum targets as other piercing pet abilities (Boulder, Ice Ball, etc.).

Bug Fixes
The Invert Y Axis now works properly for the mouse. (You’ll need to turn if off and then back on to get it to work again.)
Earthshatter Tower no longer requires line of sight to attack.
Upgraded Skyguard Towers now properly slow enemies.
Changed Idle Flow passive description to fit how the rest of our slow effect descriptions are written (slowed by X% instead of slowed to Y%). The actual slow amount did not change.
Fixed an issue with the Altar Assassins death sequence.
Fixed an issue where melee combos unintentionally increased pet ability hero damage scaling.
Cleaned up formatting on the Daily Mission UI to make it more legible.
Tempered Anger Skill Sphere description changed for clarity. It now says this:  “Mystic loses appeasement 50% slower and takes no appeasement damage when at 0 appeasement.”
Gun Witch animations while moving backwards diagonally no longer twitch noticeably while using a gamepad.
The Harbinger Huntress bow no longer shows grey boxes.
Crit Damage color is now properly applied to the correct damage number instance.
Adjusted the Mystic’s towers on the Create Hero screen.
PS4 - Item Enhancement VFX now shows up properly during upgrading.

Known Issues
The new defender medals pets are using the regular pet meshes in the Petrinarian.
(Intended) We’ve reset player custom keybinds so we don’t have any wonky issues. Sorry for the inconvenience and frustration.
There is a chance when loading into the Tavern or Heroes Marketplace that the Defender Medal pets will be shown as available for gold instead of defender medals. It’s a race condition that can occurs. You can’t actually buy them for gold as you’ll get an error message (inventory full) and transitioning can fix this.
[CG] HiggsBosonic
Today we released the PRIME INCURSIONS update on all platforms! We wanted to provide a challenge to our tested Defenders that was separate from Onslaught, and Prime Incursions are just that. There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s get into it!

What are they?
They are the highest and newest tier of incursions, selectable from the Incursions tab on the War Table. There are six different groups of incursions to play through that are releasing over time. You are able to play them as they are unleashed, the only thing that can hold you back is your own skill!
What are the rewards?
Prime Incursions have three different rewards associated with them.
Chaos VIII Ampoules
Each Prime Incursion has the chance to drop a Chaos VIII Ampoule. As you continuously progress, the Incursions get more and more difficult. As such, we wanted to increase the drop rate of Chaos VIII Ampoules to match that increase in difficulty. These Incursions can get pretty tough, which led us to making the hardest of these challenges have the highest drop chance for Chaos VIII Ampoules.
Chaos VIII Weapons
We’ve added a whole new slew of weapons with new weapon models that are only available through Prime Incursions. There’s over 25 new weapons to collect, sure to scratch that collector’s itch!

That’s not all there is to these weapons. Each weapon is upgraded to Chaos VIII, at the full 5/5 upgrade quality! That means they are perfectly upgraded, letting you focus on using Chaos VIII Amps to upgrade your relics and armor instead. Alongside these upgrades, we’ve curated these weapons to be what you really want. They have some of the most alluring shot and swing types many of you enjoy. ALONGSIDE THAT, included are curated mods specific to these weapons that really ensure these drops feel good and pack a punch!
Hyper Shards
Hyper Shards are something every player wants to boost up their arsenal. Previously, they were only acquired through Mastery completion, requiring a specific amount of Mastery Stars. Now, in Prime Incursions, you earn a Hyper Shard for every group you complete. There are six groups total, so if you complete all six of the groupings, you earn the seventh Hyper Shard as a capstone reward! This means you can now have up to TWO of each Hyper Shard in your ranks, pushing back the Old Ones forces more hyper-er than before.
When Do They Release?

Today we released the first two groups of Prime Incursions, Prime I and Prime II. Each of these groups contains 3 incursions, for a total of 6 to conquer. Every week, on Wednesday @ 9AM ET, we are releasing a new incursion. This is going until early November, giving you content to come back each week to enjoy. Here’s the schedule
Prime I & II:  TODAY!
Prime III Malthius:  September 4th
Prime III Power Surge:  September 11th
Prime IV Dark Awakening:  September 18th
Prime IV Return to Maldonis:  September 25th
Prime IV Bastille Master:  October 2nd
Prime V Altar of the Athame:  October 9th
Prime V Revenge of the Yetis:  October 16th
Prime V Spectral Assault:  October 23rd
Prime VI Dawn of the Blood Moon:  October 30th
Prime VI BETSY:  November 5th

New Costume
The Ascended Initiate is now available for purchase in-game at 800 Gems!

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For Etheria!
Chromatic Games
[CG] HiggsBosonic
We have some exciting news for DD1 fans! Ice has worked with the team behind DD1 Redux and found a way for CG to provide official branch support here on steam for the overhauled version of DD1. What’s DD1 Redux? Check out the summary, the story and the massive change log below. Shoutout to all of the fans who worked on this project, we are proud to support their work and provide a new opportunity for veterans of DD1 and newcomers alike!
What is Redux? Redux is a re-imagining of what is possible using the base form of Dungeon Defenders with no limits. The CDT updates were limited in balance changes, map changes, and types of additions. However without these limitations Redux could be designed differently. This time design is heavily influenced by player feedback from all aspects, resulting in an experience that may feel better for the player overall.

New features are far more extravagant than anything could ever have been done before, still maintaining the soul of how people enjoy the game most. Redux is filled with new content in the form of new maps, game modes, difficulties, quality of life changes, and other systemic overhauls.
Back Story from IHDC This project began before my CDT endeavor and the original idea was to make a different version of DD1 that I wanted to play. Ever since the official updates for the game (content-wise) have ceased I decided to pick up this project again. Picked it up again I did and every week Redux continually got more and more ambitious as more & more changes were added. I did all of this out of love for the community because I was afraid to see the game die. Lastly, I want to give my full thanks to CG, the Redux community, and especially Ice for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity.
Instructions: Right-click Dungeon Defenders - Properties
Click the BETAS tab
Click the drop-down and select DD1 Redux Official
If you do not see DD1 Redux Official listing please restart Steam

Save Handling: Ranked: When you first connect to Ranked on Redux you will get a 1 time only automatic copy from Ranked to Redux Ranked.
There is no method of Ranked to trigger this copy a second time. There is no method to transfer anything save related from Redux Ranked to the original Ranked save.  
Local: Your save will automatically copy from DunDefHeroes.dun to DunDefHeroes.dun.rdx and be your new save location. Attempting to copy from redux back to normal will likely cause data loss, missing items, broken stats and isn’t recommended.
Future Updates: Currently there is no specific date on a future update for Redux but there are plans to have them in the future as the Redux team needs and wants to add additions.
Q: Will redux ever replace the current live version of DD1. A: No. Due to the drastic changes and the original state of what DD1 is today the game is considered complete and in a stable state.
Q: How can I have both versions side by side? A: After downloading Redux you can navigate to the installation location on Steam (C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonDungeon Defenders) and copy this entire folder to a new location. Then switch back the beta branch to NONE - Opt out of all beta programs. Create a shortcut to the bigger exe file DunDefGame.exe in both folders and name them accordingly to which version you wish to launch.
Credits: IHDC – Creator
Mischief – Content creator & Master Mind
Gigazelle - Art & Game direction
Moose (Your friendly antler horse) - Q/A & Game direction
Kamil "Escev" - Q/A, Balance , Maths , & Game direction
Lolzcoolcat - Q/A , Balance , & Game direction
The Wild Emu - Art
Redux Testers - Q/A , & Balance

Now, onto the massive changelog and details of the work that went into this DD1 overhaul.
Changelog Towers  
Tower Upgrading Changes: Health/Damage Multiplier
Before        After
1: 1.1        1: 1.2
2: 1.2        2: 1.4
3: 1.3        3: 1.6
4: 1.4        4: 1.8
5: 1.5        5: 2.0
*LT, DST and Buff Beams not included

  Apprentice Magic Missile: Increase Projectile Speed Magic Blockade: Increased Health Scaling Fireball Tower: Increase Projectile Speed New Tower! SnowBall Tower: Throws an AOE Snowball that damages and slows enemies.  
Squire Spike Blockade: Increased Health Scaling, Aggro Generation, and Damage Scaling Bouncer Blockade: Increased Health Scaling and Damage Scaling Harpoon Turret: Increase Projectile Speed Bowling Ball: Increase Projectile Speed Slice N Dice: Increased Health Scaling, Damage Scaling and added Suction Mechanic New Tower! Mortar Tower: Shoots a bomb that deals AOE damage.  
Huntress Proximity Mine: Increased Damage Scaling Inferno Trap: Increased Damage Scaling Ethereal Spike Trap: Increase Damage Scaling and Rate Scaling New Tower! Oil Trap: Damages enemies and applies a debuff for a limited amount of time-based on the tower health stat that makes them take increased fire damage.  
Series Ev Proton Beam: Increased Damage Scaling Physical Beam: Increased Health Scaling Shock Beam: Increased Damage Scaling New Tower! SAM Unit: Fires a heat-seeking fire damage missile that explodes on impact.  
Barbarian New Tower! Damage Totem: Increases damage of nearby heroes (Scales off hero damage, radius scales off lightning stance) New Tower! Speed Totem: Added New Tower That Increases Speed of all heroes on the map. Multiplier scales with Tornado Stance.  
Summoner New Tower! Spider Queen: New Minion unit that can fire a range web attack and melee mobs also takes 10% reduced damage.

Heroes Apprentice Overcharge: Increases damage and hero speed in addition to castrate, costs more mana Mana Bomb: Cooldown lowered to match Purity bomb cooldown Hero Damage Scaling: Matched Jester Hero damage scaling Fire Bomb: A fireball projectile that slowly travels to the aimed direction and explodes (Scales off Hero damage)  
Squire/Countess Bloodrage/Call to Arms: Reduced mana cost Joust: Added higher weapon damage scaling. Added fire trail (Scales off Hero damage) Blade Vortex Ability: Drops a set of Spinning blades that lasts for 10 seconds (Scales off Hero damage)  
Huntress/Ranger Invisibility: Now also grants movement speed increase Dark Shot: New Ability that makes enemies (and bosses) take up to 40% more damage (Scales off Hero damage)  
Monk/Initiate Fire Aura: an AOE effect around the monk that deals fire damage to any mob inside it (Scales off Hero damage) Remote defense boost: no longer requires the creator hero  
Series Ev Holographic Decoy: Increased damage, aggro radius now can be dropped while flying Electric Bomb: A grenade-like projectile that bounces around before exploding (Scales off Hero damage)  
Barbarian Lightning Stance: Now adds additional lightning damage to each attack based on your lightning stance stat up to 50% of the attack’s damage for melee and 35% for hawk stance. It also shoots a ranged lightning bolt in the direction you aim. Siphon Stance: Reduced resistance debuff Turtle Stance: Reduced mana cost Battle Leap: Added improved weapon damage scaling Battle Pound: Added improved weapon damage scaling  
Jester Confetti Cannon: New short-ranged burst shotgun ability (Scales off Hero damage) Wheel Of Fortuna: Change Damage all to only affect enemies once  
Summoner Summon kobold: New Ability that spawns a kobold suicide bomber dealing damage on explosion (Scales off Hero damage) Pet Boost: For the ability duration it increases self pet damage by 25% - 450% and caps at around 6.6k hero damage. It also increases the pet attack rate by 25% - 250% and caps at around 7.1k hero damage
Skins Added 4 new skins for the original 4 heroes on the Ascension Crystalline Dimension completion. They have the same bonuses and drawbacks as the Super Legendary skins New Crystalline Ninja Monk skin: ??? Pirate Barbarian from Halloween Spooktacular 3. They have the same bonuses and drawbacks as the Tavern Keeper Barbarian

New Maps & Rewards Halloween Spooktacular 3: New boss fight. Rewards: Pumpkin hat accessory. Vampiric Bone Sword, Vampiric Bone Spiker, Vampiric Grim Reaper, Pumpkinator 2000. All of these weapons apply lifesteal based on the weapon’s base damage stat. Eye of Devastation from Wave 30. Winter Wonderland 2: New boss fight, a new nutcracker mob that ignores gas traps. Rewards: Candy Cane, Winter’s Flame, Foam Sword. Nutcracker hat accessory. Ice Cube from Wave 30. Spooky Invasion Challenge: Pirate Invasion, but spooky. Rewards: Pumpkin hat accessory. Vampiric Bone Sword, Vampiric Bone Spiker, Vampiric Grim Reaper, Pumpkinator 2000. All of these weapons apply lifesteal based on the weapon’s base damage stat. Returnia Assault Pack: Assault missions on Mistymire, Moraggo, Aquanos, and Sky City. Completing all four in a row on Ascension yields bonus rewards. Return To Crystalline Dimension: Assault mission on the first four sections of Crystalline Dimension New rewards: 4 void shards and the Crystalline Dimension Set of weapons Town In The Cliffs: New Boss Fight. Rewards: Upgrader Djinnlet from Wave 35. Magic Sword(monk) and Spartan’s Sword from the campaign. Spartan’s Sword has a special effect called Spartan’s Rage which gives it a 5% chance per swing to deal 25% increased damage for the next 5 seconds. Magic Sword shoots a homing sword at the enemy you aim at. Crystal Cave: A crystalline cave. 1 core. 4 Crystalline heroes to fight as bosses. Rewards: Eternian Sword, Spear, Staff, Energy Cannon and Divine Shards Crystalline Griffon on wave 25 Crystal Pet Rock wave 35 No Towers Allowed: Crystal Cave: DPS only for the waves with a Kraken boss Great Turkey Defense Challenge: Defend the Turkeys! Rewards: Pet Turkey. Turkey accessories + new turkey bracers. Wandering Heart: New Crystal Escort Map Rewards: Spear, Sword, Bow, and Staff of Hearts. The Spear and Sword’s melee attacks have a 50% chance to charm enemies to fight for you for 10 seconds. Charmed enemies take 2x damage but deal 25x damage. The Staff’s right-click heals all nearby players for 100% of the damage that attack would deal. Halloween Assault Pack: Assault missions Halloween Ramparts: Rewards: Buffed Halloween Spooktacular weapons. Halloween Endless Spires: Rewards: Halloween accessories Halloween Shipwreck Ruins: Rewards: Vampiric Bone Sword, Vampiric Bone Spiker, Vampiric Grim Reaper, Pumpkinator 2000. All of these weapons apply lifesteal based on the weapon’s base damage stat. Completing all three in a row on Ascension yields a bonus reward.
Updated Maps & Rewards Palantir: New boss fight on Ascension, new rewards: Ice Pick, Ice Rifle, and Staff of Ice Emerald City: New green accessory set based on the Crystalline Dimension set. Set bonus of orbiting emerald shards. Tavern Defense: New accessory set with the Party Hat and Party Horn (new). Party Hat rolls buffed on Nightmare. Alchemical Laboratory: New Pet Mini Demon Lord found on Wave 35 (Ascension Only) The Throne Room: New Pet Mini Goblin Mech found on Wave 35 (Ascension Only) The Summit: New Pet Mini Ancient Dragon found on Wave 35 (Ascension Only) Aquanos: New rewards: Shield of Atlantis and Sea Snail found on Wave 30 ( Nightmare ) Wave 35 ( Ascension ) Sky City: New rewards: Pressurized Cog Shield and AirPlane found on Wave 30 ( Nightmare ) Wave 35 ( Ascension ) Great Turkey Hunt: New Pet Turkey. Buffed existing turkey accessories and added new turkey bracers. Greater Turkey Hunt: New Pet Turkey found on map completion Lab Assault: EVs now show on the map. Ascension Only: EVs will now teleport back up if they fall off the map. Pets and abilities can now be used. Can now drop every accessory in the game. Temple of Polybius: New rewards: These pets buff towers the same as a guardian would, but up to 6 targets instead. They are called Speedy Polybius (rate buff), Destruction Polybius (damage buff), Expansive Polybius (range buff), and Defensive Polybius (resistance buff). Ascension Guarantees 2 Divine Shards on non Hardcore and 4 for Hardcore   Sky o’ Love and Temple o’ Love: New rewards: Spear, Sword, Bow, and Staff of Hearts. The Spear and Sword’s melee attacks have a 50% chance to charm enemies to fight for you for 10 seconds. Charmed enemies take 2x damage but deal 25x damage. The Staff’s right-click heals all nearby players for 100% of the damage that attack would deal. Temple Of Water: New rewards: Trident found on map completion Crystalline Resurgence 1-4: New rewards: 1 Void Shard on nightmare 2 on Ascension Crystalline Demsnsion: New Rewards: 4 Void Shards on Ascension 8 Void Shards on Ascension Hardcore
Difficulty Original Campaign was balanced towards current nightmare endgame Shards Maps have been balanced to match the difficulty of Lost Quests maps on Ascension All mobs and bosses have had massive heath damage and speed buffs on Ascension  
New Enemy - Cyclops Shoots a ball of poison at a target that spawns an AOE poison damage cloud that deals damage over time  
Loot All pre-Lost Quests map rewards have received huge buffs to make them more viable in end game content All Lost Quests map rewards had their go-negative stat reduced by 50%. This should result in massively increased ult rates  
Survival All original campaign have infested loot quality All other maps have a new higher loot quality *moonbase is set to Kings game quality All survival pets now roll higher on ascension  
Tavern Keeper Shop Shop items will roll comparable to nightmare random rewards at their highest quality. Divine Shards can be purchased in the shop
New Qualities Divine: Divine armor gives you a 2.5% passive healing bonus and a 0.25% passive tower healing bonus every 5 seconds / 2.5% health bonus to traps and auras. This bonus is set to 15% instead of a full set of Divine armor. They spawn with higher stats, upgrades, and a set bonus of 1.5x instead of the 1.4x of Ultimate-Ult++. Divine Shards: New coal-like currency drops from the end of map rewards and tavern shop Void: Void armor gives you a 2.5% hero damage bonus and a 2.5% tower range bonus. This bonus is set to 15% instead of a full set of Void armor. They spawn with higher stats, upgrades, and a set bonus of 1.5x instead of the 1.4x of Ultimate-Ult++. Only armor and the items from the Void Forge can be Void quality. Void Shards: A new coal-like currency that is rewarded on Crystalline Resurgence maps, Crystal Cave (50/50 for Divine or Void Shards), and Crystalline Dimension.
Ruthless Massively Reduced mob count Increased Enemy Difficulty Decreased Enemy movement speed Lower mob spawn rate Increased Loot multiplier 10% points higher then hardcore

Tavern Void Forge: The Void Forge takes Void Shards to craft them into a Void Spear, Void Bow, Void Sword, or Void Staff. The “Feeling Lucky?” button allows you to get one of these 4 at random with higher quality. What could “???” be!? Divine Forge: The Divine Forge takes one Divine Shard and crafts it into 10 armor pieces of high quality. On average at least one of these will be Ultimate or higher quality. Tavern Changer: You can now change your tavern themes to any of the previous 13 Taverns! Check it out in the Options menu in-game to see them for yourself. Diamond Forge Update: Added the ability to exchange Coal for mana 1 coal for 10 Billion Mana Small Coal for 2 Billion Mana True Boss Rush Menu: Added new UI. Allows you to choose checkpoints and trade XP orbs for mana. 1 XP orb for 100 Billion Mana

Integrated Emulator Controls - F2 = Player 1 - F3 = Player 2 - F4 = Player 3 - F5 = Player 4 - F6 = Quick add Alts - F7 = Remove all Alts - F8 = Toggle Active Split Screens This hides the screens of your split-screen characters without removing them.
Pure Strategy Players are now capable of all normal actions in Pure Strategy, including attacking and being attacked by enemies Enemies no longer ignore/pass through players in Pure Strategy Hardcore and Iron Man may now be selected while playing Pure Strategy Enemy amounts and strength in Pure Strategy should now mirror Survival mode on all maps All chests in Pure strategy now give 2020 man on the first wave, regardless of starting wave number Upon starting the first Combat Phase in Pure Strategy, Defense Units and Minion Units will be reduced to 0 and remain there for the entire map Pure Strategy Rewards now match Mix Mode loot + bonus
New Mobs Cyclops: A new Mini-Boss mob on all Ascension maps that Shoots a ball of poison at a target that spawns an AOE poison damage cloud that deals damage over time Nut Cracker: New Mob only found on Winter Wonderland 2 this mob ignores gas traps and explodes on death Loot Goblin: Found on Mix Mode only. Drops a high number of items. Can drop Ascension version blade of the North, Snowball Launcher, North Pole, and Spear of Light
QOL Re-Roll System: Added a new feature that allows an Ultimate++/Divine/Void Armor reroll for the price of a Void Shard, beware, every reroll has 40% to curse the item instead. Inventory Sorting: Added a new feature to the item box that sorts the items based on their quality Armor visual update: Updated Visuals of every armor model in the game Graphic settings: Added 1440p option to the resolution list, added the ability to change graphics quality in-game, added the ability to remove the outline effect, extended the FOV range and added the ability to uncap fps. Item Effect Screen: Added a window that displays additional, previously hidden, item properties ( like movement speed, etc.) Boss Timer Skip: Added a new keybind ( n ) to skip incoming boss timers Item Recovery: Added item recovery to most maps that did not have it Auto Censor: Changes last digit of an Ultimate++/Divine/Void item stats to “x” when viewing an item. Ascended Defender: New Achievement Complete all maps + challenges Deeper Well - Glitterhelm Caverns unlocks 1000 inventory slots Damage Number Size Slider: You can change it from anywhere between 100% to 300%, the default in the live game is 200%.  
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Discord Twitter Facebook Instagram Twitch Forums

For Etheria!
Chromatic Games
It’s time. It’s FINALLY time. Oh good golly gosh, it’s finally time… BETA IS HERE! Today we launched the Beta, getting Dungeon Defenders: Awakened into the hands of Etheria’s brave Defenders. There’s so much to cover, that we’re not going to cover it all. We want you to discover all the beta has to offer on your own. Let’s get into it!

Beta Release
The current Beta is available to our Kickstarter Backers first. This is a promise that we made during our Kickstarter, and are going to make sure to uphold. Kickstarter Backers currently have advanced Beta access. On Friday, November 22nd, we are going to open up the Beta to everyone who has purchased the $40+ preorder packages.
Beta is currently scheduled to run for roughly three weeks! Starting on November 22nd and ending on 13th, this gives us a great window to gather feedback and be able to make necessary changes before launching in February.
Progress and data from the Beta does NOT carry over to the release of the game. Beta is used as a testing ground to make sure that the game is in the best possible state. Keeping data from Beta (ha, it rhymes) can cause major issues when updating to the release version.
If you did not receive a Beta key, and are a Kickstarter Backer, make sure you have filled out the surveys that were sent to your registered Kickstarter E-mails from "Backerkit". If that survey is not filled out, then the Beta key is not sent.
All pre-order and Kickstarter Backer keys have been sent out. If you are missing keys, please write to preorder@chromatic.games, using the e-mail you used for Kickstarter and/or BackerKit.
Remaining pre-orders will be handled through our new store located here. If you run into any issues getting a key ordering from this store, contact support the new support here (suppot@xsolla.com) or using the link on the receipt of your purchase.
Streaming and Content Creation
During the Beta, you are free to stream, make videos, or whatever content you want. We want Defenders to enjoy and share as much as they want when it comes to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened!
What’s Missing?
There’s a lot to cover what’s in a game. Patch notes usually say what’s new, but with so much of the game being new, we’re going to let you explore the game. Instead, we're going to outline what may not be in the Beta that we are currently polishing and iterating on to get in for release (we may be missing some things from this list as well):
Tactical Map
This is currently in a functional state. We’re going to be updating the map images, and make sure it’s a lot prettier come release.
Challenge Maps
We’re currently wanting to make sure that balance feels good across the map in general. Challenge Maps are coming your way on release!
There are a total of 15 maps in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. Not included in the Beta is Act II, Act III, and the Bonus Maps. Act I is the big focus for our beta test, helping us set the foundation so the rest of the maps bring the right amount of challenge.
Nightmare and Massacre are not going to be included in the Beta. We don’t want people beating all the hardest content during testing. Gotta have something scary hard for you to master on release!
With Nightmare not in the beta, Sharken, Djinn, Spiders, and Goblin Copter will not be spawning in a lane near you.
All of our weapons are not in the game. We have a pool of roughly 5 different weapons per hero to simulate the amount of weapons you would see during your playthrough of Act I on release. Weapon random colorization is also not reflected in the beta build, but will be implemented for release.
We’re going to be adding various improvements to the HUD. Currently we have it setup for beta to be functional. There’s a ton of work that we’ve done not in the Beta, but expect improvements on launch.
Currently we have placeholder armor models in. The final models are currently getting a last pass and will be sparkling and shining on release.
Set Bonuses
Set bonuses are working but may not currently be showing up correctly.
Split Screen
We’re testing base functionality currently, so split screen is not available during the Beta.
Spawn Immunity
Enemies are immune up until a certain point in spawn doors. Indicators are not included in Beta, but will be here on release.
We’re wanting to make sure that getting your friends into a match is as easy as possible, give hosts control over their sessions, and showing who’s in your party. These are currently not in the beta, and can be expected on release.
Currently not in Beta, coming on release. 
Twitch Integration
Currently being developed, it will not be in the Beta.
Game Modes
In the Beta we have Campaign and Survival. Other game modes are coming on release.

There are a total of four pets that are available during the Beta. On release, there will be much more!

Elemental Weapons
Some weapon elemental affinity visuals may be disabled, as we’re making sure performance comes first. Your weapons will be shooting flames and electricity during release.
Kickstarter Rewards
Kickstarter rewards, such as exclusive skins and portraits, are not available during the beta.

Mana from the original Dungeon Defenders is being split into three different categories. Currently in the game is ability and defense mana. Ability mana regenertaes over time, and Defense mana is gained from defeating enemies and completing waves. Currency in the form of gold is what will persist outside of maps, being used for trading between players and upgrading items.

Trading is currently not enabled during the Beta.

With currency not in the Beta version, you are unable to upgrade items.

Boss Fights
Boss fights are coming with release. These are big epic moments that we want to make sure are special for release.

Cross Saves
The beta is only available on PC, so Cross Save functionality is not part of the beta.

Currently you are unable to build defenses in the Tavern. As such, there are not any training dummies for you to beat up.

Defender Forge
We’re testing for functionality currently with our Inventory and Hero Deck systems. The Defender Forge makes its glorious arrival on launch.
New User Experience
This is something we’ve spent quite a bit of time on, and are going to refine. It is important for new Defenders to understand how to protect the world of Etheria, but it will be available on release.

Tower Inspection
A step up from what was offered in Dungeon Defenders II, tower inspection shows you the most pertinent information for your currently placed tower. This is currently disabled, and will be available at release.

Tower View
Another feature brought over from Dungeon Defenders II, where you are able to hold a button/key and see what the range of your defenses are. This is currently disabled, and will be available at release.

Gamepad Support
This is disabled for the Beta currently. We’re actively polishing the gamepad experience and did not want to provide it in an unpolished state.

Hero Customization
During the beta, the heroes will not be able to be customized in regards to color changing and costumes.

Auto Equip
This is a feature we are providing for Defenders who don’t understand the item system right away. This will come during release.

Level Requirements
During beta, there are no level requirements for gear. What you get is what you can use. Since we’re not having trading, we wanted to make sure getting gear was as fun as possible for testing.
Mana Chests
Mana chests are gone-gone-gone. Keep an eye out for end-of-wave loot chests.
Options Menu
The options menu is currently in a beta state and does not reflect every option that will be available upon full release.
The in-game cinematics are not part of the Beta.
Known Issues
A lot. It's beta, so there's a ton we're still working on. Music not playing correctly, audio playing from different parts of the map instead of where you are, UIs not working properly. There's a ton, but we're knocking them out super quick. Be sure to leave feedback in the DD:A Beta Discussion Forum.
Next Steps
We’re going to be monitoring gameplay and feedback that all of you provide. While polishing and finishing remaining systems for our February launch, we’re also going to be scouring feedback to make sure that we get the game into the best state possible. Nothing in the Beta is guaranteed to be final, and is going to be scrutinized heavily.
From now until release, we’re going to keep churning away to make sure DD:A is the best it can be!
Social Defenders
To get reliable updates on what’s to come, be sure to check out our social platforms for the latest juiciest beans to be spilled:
The entire team cannot wait to see you tear apart the Beta. We’re excited for release in February and thank you for joining us on this journey!
For Etheria!
Chromatic Games
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