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DD1 Update 9.0.1



:copter: A patch was pushed this morning to address some issues in the 9.0.0 release :copter:

PATCH NOTES :kobold:

FEATURE :apprentice_small:

- Added controller support for the emulator that allows the player use a controller to control all emulated characters (Keyboard key binds still apply for spawning) 

BUG FIX :goblin:

- Fix for accessories being able to spawn with more upgrades than intended
- Fixed Spooktacular Bay not giving random rewards to players besides host
- Fixed an issue where the anti cheat was kicking people with certain colors on character skins
- Fixed some emulator would break some key bind commands
- Fixed an issue where the map selection UI would update client UI's
- Fixed an issue where the map selection wouldn't recover from adding players 
- Fixed an issue where the gargoyle accessories were rolling lower than intended
- Fixed an issue where the elf accessories wouldn't show the number of upgrades when on inventory
- Fixed an issue where the elf crown icon was too large
- Fixed an issue where the core drops were not correct on then new maps

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