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DD1 Update Beta



The Dungeon Defenders 1 beta is now live! This beta will be altering .cbb save files so if you wish to copy over your current save locally make a copy of your dundefheroes.dun and add .cbb to the end of it in your save folder likely located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders\Binaries\Win32.


  1. Go to your steam client 
  2. Find Dungeon Defenders 1
  3. Right click the name
  4. Select properties
  5. Go to betas
  6. Choose the moosebetabranch from the drop down
  7. Enjoy

Screenshot 2022-09-28 093805.png

Beta Patch Notes : 

New Maps


The Striking Tree

  • Campaign Rewards - Staff of Flowers, Forest Rifle, Turtle Shell Scepter, Leaf Blade, and Elf accessory set

  • Survival Rewards - Jade Serpent, Fairy, and Jade Island. 

  • A generic version of all of this map’s weapons drop on survival for the map, the same way as Eternia Shard maps


Spooky Buccaneer Bay

  • Campaign Rewards -Demon Sword, Devil’s Spine, and new Spooky accessory set

  • Survival Rewards - Little Wizard, Evil Eye, and Pumpkin Skeleton on a Treadmill

  • A generic version of all of this map’s weapons drop on survival for the map, the same way as Eternia Shard maps

Challenge: Halloween Invasion

  • Rewards - Moon Staff, Witch’s Broom, and 2 accessories from the new Spooky accessory set. 1 set of rewards per account


Challenge: Tavern Incursion

  • 6 Player map in the style of Temple of Polybius.

  • One extra life per player on Hardcore up to 3 lives, with a button at the start to remove the lives for an extra reward

  • Rewards - Jeweled Bident and Calamity Blade. 1 set of rewards per account




  • Added a new mask drop to the map rewards

Arcane Library

  • Added Fedora accessory

  • New accessory set bonus for Fedora and Librarian Glasses

City in the cliffs

  • Changed survival quality to Aquanos quality

Challenge: Temple of Polybius

  • Polybius pets drop at map completion. They work like guardians but can be upgraded to boost up to 6 towers

Crystalline Dimension

  • Buffed accessories to max accessory quality

  • Made accessories only drop 2 times per player account

Crystalline Resurgence 1-3

  • Changed survival quality to Infested Ruins quality

Embermount Volcano

  • Buffed accessories to max accessory quality

  • Changed survival quality to Infested Ruins quality

Emerald City

  • Added Emerald accessory set

Flames of Rebirth

  • Buffed accessories to max accessory quality

  • Added Sword of Embers to challenge reward

Infested Ruin

  • Removed melee attack from Mini Wasp Queen Pet

Karathiki Jungle

  • Changed survival quality to Infested Ruins quality

Talay Mining Complex

  • Changed survival quality to Infested Ruins quality

Tavern Defense

  • Added Party Horn with the same quality as Librarian Glasses from Arcane Library

  • Buffed Party Hats to be on par with Fedora acc from Arcane Library

  • Confetti set bonus now needs party horn and party hat

The Tinkerer’s Lab

  • Changed survival quality to Infested Ruins quality

Tomb of Etheria

  • Added missing 10% bonus movement speed to spear of the new Kingdom

Winter Mire

  • Made Ban Hammer give a 10% movement speed bonus

  • Made Candy Cane give a 10% movement speed bonus

  • Made Winter Flame give a 10% movement speed bonus

Huntress, Apprentice, Squire, and Monk Guardians can now be upgraded to boost up to 6 towers.



  • Added Inventory Quality Sorting button

  • Ultimate Crystalline Defender and Experience Orbs are now both tradeable and droppable.

  • Added a Damage Number Size Slider

  • Improved Graphic Settings 

    • Native support up to 4k (3840 by 2160)

    • Support for changing graphic settings in-game (Low, Medium, and High)

    • Option to disable outlines

    • Ability to change the size of damage numbers across the entire game

  • Added item recovery on all maps

  • Players can send much longer messages now, up from 64 characters to 320

  • Added a built-in emulator to the game. Old emulators still work, so you can just keep using your current input settings.

  • New assignable bindings for controlling the built-in emulator. By default they are:

    • Bindings=(Name="F2",Command="ControlEmulatorPlayer1")

    • Bindings=(Name="F3",Command="ControlEmulatorPlayer2")

    • Bindings=(Name="F4",Command="ControlEmulatorPlayer3")

    • Bindings=(Name="F5",Command="ControlEmulatorPlayer4")

    • Bindings=(Name="F6",Command="QuickAddSplits")

    • Bindings=(Name="F7",Command="KickAllSplits")

    • Bindings=(Name="F8",Command="ToggleSplitScreen")

  • Added dropped armor Icons to the minimap

  • Added difficulty-based coloration to the harbinger mob

  • Added item censoring feature. It can be turned on or off on the options menu or with the default binding while in your item box/item info screen:

    • Control + C

  • Added boss timer skip feature. It can be used with the default binding:

    • Bindings=(Name="V",Command="BossTimerSkip")

  • The game now unpauses all emulator characters if anyone resumes while an emulator character is present to avoid getting stuck at the pause screen

  • Reduced save frequency for redundant data, such as scores causing a save whenever an enemy is killed during a wave

  • Added simple damage numbers feature

  • Overall game engine upgrade that should improve performance


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with Wasp pet, Spear of the New Kingdom, and Winter Flame on certain bosses

  • Fixed some spots that mobs end up stuck on infested ruins

  • Improved default network bandwidth and lowered network update intervals

  • Made Enchanted Bishop colorable

  • Removed double dropped equipment circle color on Spare Christmas Lights, Rudolph’s Spare Nose, and Rudolph’s Spare Antlers 

  • Fixed a bunch of invalid enemy entries in the player stats UI

  • Fixed an issue where the map list snaps to another location

  • Fixed Crystalline Dimension only dropping 1 accessory for host

  • Control + T no longer adds untradeable items to trade

  • Fixed Wasp enemies taking more damage than intended from Lightning Towers

  • Placed Crystalline Dimension back on Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards

  • Fixed black screen issue on poly


  • Removed Discord integration

  • Changed the ranked home screen to have more useful links

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