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Greetings Defenders,

We’re finally ready to announce the next big step in Dungeon Defenders II — The Tower Royale Expansion! This expansion takes everything you know and love about Dungeon Defenders II and combines it with a never-before-seen battle royale game mode that’s sure to blow your freakin’ mind!

This expansion is a gigantic endeavor that really made us grow as a studio. With this growth, we needed to consult an expert to make sure our direction was right. Our new Battle Royale Consultant, Mitch Z. “xEyeDeeaGaix” Fortgrounds, had this to say about coming aboard and working on this expansion:

Hey everyone, Mitch here, or xEyeDeeaGaix for short! Joining the team and being able to bring my ideas to reality has been a dream come true. I’ve really enjoyed working closely with the Designers, Producers, Programmers, Marketers, Artists, and Janitors at Trendy Entertainment. I taught them a lot! This one guy, “El Darian” and the design team were insistent that “my ideas were bad and I should feel bad” but I forced them to push forward anyway! They all call me Mitch the Genius now, they look up to me and it really shows.

A little bit about my background, I’ve put about 3000 hours into both Fortnite and PUBG (6,000 hour total), so I know what it takes to really get a battle royale just right! While working on this project, I’ve been sure to study the best streamers and watch the ultimate ownage and fail compilations on Youtube. There’s a ton of work still left to do, a lot of Dr. Disrespect to research to make sure we get this just right. I hope you enjoy what we’re showing so far, back to you Lawiita!

Thanks, Mitch… There’s a ton in this expansion, so let’s get into it!

New Game-wide Mode:  Tower Royale

Tower Royale is a new game-wide mode, but what does that mean? Whenever you load into any mode or map, you are automatically in Tower Royale. No need to change settings, or select the option, we made that choice for you! Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s dig into the Redbull and Medpacks of this mode!

Increased Party Size on All Maps

Mitch informed us that four players in a party is old news.  We kept insisting that this breaks our game in every way, but he kept pressing that we were wrong and this was the right move. So now we have a hundred players in every game, including the town, and friendly fire is also enabled.  Except it’s not very friendly anymore, so it’s probably just PvP? I don’t know. Mitch did this.

New Town Queue

Mitch really wanted to provide the full experience for this game mode, so when you try to load into the town, you are placed into a queue that requires 100 people to join. Once the queue is full, you will airdrop into the Heroes Marketplace. Then, you’ll have 60 seconds to interact with NPCs and choose a map to load into before our new “Blue Zone” system becomes active.





The Blue Zone


For those of you who are not familiar with the Battle Royale genre, there is a giant bubble that protects players from poison/radiation. This bubble shrinks over time, and if you are outside of it, you take increasing damage.

If you are unable to make it out of the town in time and die to the Blue Zone, you are logged out and given the option to log back in and try again. To really commit to this change, Mitch had us remove the Private Tavern until after you’ve completed a map!

Once loaded into any mode or map, you are given 10 minutes to win before the Blue Zone absorbs the whole map. Inside the Blue Zone, enemies will gain health and increased damage, and anything player-related takes damage, including towers!

Mitch understands that this mode is not for all players, so he made us add an easy opt-out feature that he is going to cover later in this post, so continue reading!

PVP and Loot Importance:  Two Birds, One Stone

Mitch believes that players want PVP and loot to feel special and important. He decided that the important part of loot is not the stats, rarity or how it might change your playstyle.  The important part is the feeling that you might lose it all. Now when you play in an online session, a player can come into your map and fight you as you’re defending the core. If you kill the player, or they kill you, either of you are now able to be looted. They can take your items, and you can take theirs. It’s like Dark Souls, but way better.  Also your hero is permanently dead. We mentioned that permadeath is in the game now right? We didn’t? Augh, it’s not important.

FREE to purchase PAY FOR FUN PACK (1 of 7)

Mitch really wanted to allow players to choose how they play, with their wallets. In this first installment of what’s almost guaranteed to be a great success, he made us offer a wide array of purchase options for players to gain the greatest experience!

Premium Connection

Some players do not have the best connections, and he sympathizes with them. By purchasing the PAY FOR FUN PACK (1 of VIII), he made us guarantee we will not kick you from the game with our new server maintenance bot “Kick-o-tron”. You can feel secure that you’re well taken care of from any connection issue. No tricks.

Random Access

A lot of games these days offer “Early Access” into the game, which has gotten stale. Since this expansion is about breaking the mold and being a real game changer, Mitch decided to create Random Access. This means early adopters for the PAY FOR FUN PACk (1 of 9) are able to access the expansion early, but at random designated times each and every day. Sometimes the window is from 12:54PM - 1:08AM IST, the next day you might have a window from 1:20PM - 2:03PM GMT. It really makes every day an exciting and special event to just login!

Blue Zone Protection Shard

This is a new spin we’re taking on our shard system. By taking part in the PAY FOR FUN PACK (I of 10), you are now granted access to purchase this shard from our new Blue Zone Protection Shard Vendor, Garg (located in the Private Tavern for easy access). This vendor sells a shard that reduces all Blue Zone damage by 50%, it can be bought multiple times, and equipped onto every relic, and one into only one piece of armor (Mitch guided us to not make it TOO powerful)! This really helps players adjust to this expansion, especially those unfamiliar with the battle royale genre. This shard is sold for 1500 gems, but for the first two weeks of release, take advantage of the Eiffel 65 Shard Bundle Pack, which provides 10 Blue Zone Protection Shards for only 20,000 gems. Those are savings!


Bluer Zoner Protectioner Shards


Mitch gets that players may want a more laid back experience, and that the Blue Zone might be too much for them. He has you covered! The Bluer Zoner Protectioner Shard is sold by the Bluer Zoner Protectioner Shard vendor, Gerg, located in your Private Tavern, next to a vendor of the similar name. These shards have a price range of 3000 - 5000 gems, depending on how much you’ve already spent in the game. The benefit to these is that they not only protect your shards from blue damage, but also make your core immune if one is equipped!


Premium Wyvern Drops


In the PAY FOR FUN PACK (1 of 7), having the ability to purchase a call in for help not only raises the skill ceiling, but also just packs more action into every session. Once a wave, you can call in a Premium Wyvern Drop, gaining a wyvern that kills every enemy in that wave. This purchase is presented at the start of every wave for a really good price.  Every enemy killed will give you one Wyvern Token.


Paid Opt-in Optimizations


Some players value frames and performance during their experience, versus graphical fidelity with only a few FPS. While this may seem like an inferior way to experience things (it is), Mitch wants us to be inclusive. By taking advantage of the PAY FOR FUN PACK (1 of #), you have these additional Opt-in Optimizations to purchase:

  • 4k Shadows:  1003 Gems

  • 30 FPS:  2000 Gems and 400 DMs

  • First Try Start Up:  4000 gems and One Hero Card

  • 60 FPS:  One Juicebags Music Video

  • Live Action Graphics:  One Dreamanime Visual Novel of your life

  • Anime Graphics:  9001 Gems

You can return these optimizations at any time and receive 50% of the original cost.

Bag Locks

Are you just downright terrible at PVP? Fear not, Mitch wants you to enjoy the game your way. New Bag Locks that prevent non-paying players from looting your bags and taking your gear.  These are available for purchase from your local bag vendor.


Bag Lock Keys


Are you god-tier at PVP, but hate when you can’t loot from players that try to opt out? By purchasing the Bag Lock Key, you can now unlock those Bag Locks and have at all their loot! This vendor is in town next to the new bags vendor.


Bag Locks in Locked Chests


Are you still just downright terrible at PVP? Fear not, we want you to enjoy the game your way. For purchase from the bags vendor in town are new Bag Locks in Locked Chests that prevent Bag Lock Key paying players from looting your bags and taking your gear.  The Locked Chest vendor is in town next to the new Locked Bag vendor.


Bag Locks in Locked Chests Keys


Are you still god-tier at PVP, but hate when you can’t loot from players that keep trying to opt out? By purchasing the Bag Locks in Locked Chests Keys, you can now unlock those chests to unlock those bags and have at all their loot! The Locked Chest Bag Lock vendor is in town next to the new Locked Chest vendor.


Defender Packs


Mitch knows that Defender Packs could be way better. By taking part of the PAY FOR FUN PACK (1 of some), he wanted to offer the Gold-Encrusted Ancient Artifact Defender Pack (or GEAADP to save time). GEAADP (which stands for Gold-Encrusted Ancient Artifact Defender Pack for short) contains access to the newest content before any other Defender Pack. If you happen to get any duplicates in this pack, you gain 50 floors in Onslaught. 3000 gems. Buy it.

New Features

Mitch doesn’t want everything to be in the PAY FOR FUN PACK (1/7). He said something about avoiding pay-to-win, it wasn’t very clear. Now we’ll show you some features that originally were going to be stretch goals, but through Mitch’s tireless dedication to create a balanced game with a great experience and tons of content, we pushed out so much more. He was the wind beneath our wings throughout this expansion. We are contractually obligated to say that.

Over 50 New Heroes

Some of them are enemies too. The assets are free, so why not? To provide a good transition, Mitch demanded we not touch their numbers. You can check out their stats here.


Two Brand New Maps



Also from Paragon. Mitch demanded that we leave the scale of our heroes the same in these new maps.  Our heroes are so tiny now. Why are the new heroes so enormous? This isn’t how game development is supposed to be!  (Our tech artists are in our livestream room in the fetal position.)


New Enemy: Kobold Vaulter


The Berserker Orc gained notoriety for being able to leap over blockades, and Mitch insisted that it was our best Chaos enemy design. He really wanted to expand on this idea, being a former Olympian (or so we’re told), and he knew pole vaulting would fit in great.

Introducing the Kobold Vaulter. This armored kobold sprints towards your defenses with his Gobu Pole, clearing them in a single bound. Afterwards, this enemy sprints towards your core and cannot be slowed or crowd controlled in any way. Mitch wanted to give a pro-tip: build a second blockade way further behind your first blockade. This adds an additional layer of strategy he knows (not thinks) you enjoy already.


New Weapon: Guided Missile Launcher


Ready to rocket surf your way to victory? We’ve added the Redeemer from Unreal Tournament.  Yes. It’s literally just the Redeemer. We added collision to the top of the rocket because Mitch says “that’s what real games do.”


New Movement System: Vaulting


You can now vault over the many fences in Etheria while sprinting, without having to jump. This is very important for Floor 503+ in Onslaught. We’ve even added a new Ancient Power: Vaulting Speed Increase.


New Social Feature: The Always On Microphone


Communication is the key to playing any game. Mitch says that even a millisecond of delay when it comes to communicating is unacceptable. As a result, microphone activation is too slow so now microphones will always be on. To be a considerate teammate, schedule when your parent, guardian, or carer vacuums. Also everyone is auto-tuned.


Trading The Things That Count


There’s been quite a hubbub about adding trading to the game. This requires a ton of balance, but with Mitch’s “wisdom”, that balance has been attained. Following his patented “mental design doc”, we introduced his version of trading. In order to trade, go to the Petrinarian and buy all the Broccoli you want, it’s placed in your bag as a consumable now. Then hover over another player and press PageDown on PC, or by pushing down both joysticks+LB+RB+LT+RT to initiate the trade. You can then select how much Broccoli you want to trade. With this system, you can now barter how much your services are, or reward your friends for just being awesome. We heard your feedback, and Mitch delivered. You’re welcome! :)


New Justin.tv Integration



Streaming is how gamers really take a first look at games. Mitch showed us Justin.tv, and how important it was to really get players interested. There’s also a down-side: stream-sniping. When you link your Dungeon Defenders II account with your Justin.tv account, we can see if you are watching streams of someone you’re trying to gank. For every “honest” kill, you will get something extra. We call it our Stream-Snipe Preventing Buster and Rewarder. Do not log out of Justin.tv to avoid it, we’re using the honor system on this one. Mitch has promised you’ll do the right thing, he just knows it!


New Platforms

We love having the game on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Mitch says it isn’t enough, and we guess we agree. Here’s a sneak peek into where DD2: Tower Royale is going:

  • Nintendo Switch - April 20th, 2019

  • VR on Steam - November 3rd, 2018

  • VR on Virtual Boy - August 16th, 1995

Nintendo Labo



Mitch tells us the future of gaming is cardboard, and we reluctantly trust him. With the release of our Switch version, we are including an optional Nintendo Labo Squire Cannonball Tower to celebrate this transition. Welcome to the Age of Cardboard, in the future!


Miscellaneous Changes

  • Turkey was too powerful.

  • Terraria corruption was added to all maps, then swiftly removed.

  • Dryad was nerfed and buffed.

  • Tamagotchi functionality has been added.

  • Gary Busey voice-over added to our New User Experience.

  • Hardcore Permanent Death option added for each hero.

  • Mastery reworked into Novicery, with better rewards.

  • Mobile-only mode Offslaught added for playing on-the-go.

  • Smell-casting added to the Town hub.

  • Voice commands.

  • Arby’s-themed tower skins. Big Beef and Cheddar Cannonball Towers anyone?

  • Four Nightmare difficulties added per Chaos Trials tier.

  • Mirror Mode Map-wide Mutator every tenth Onslaught floor.


We want to make sure we get this just right, and allow Mitch to move on to making other games greater as well. The current release date is set to June 20th, to celebrate one year of our release. To ensure quality, he required us to not compress anything, meaning it will be an additional 106 GB patch, on top of our mandatory 4K texture pack feature that is 231 GB.

No More To Come

After this expansion, we believe the perfect game will exist. All games will seem meaningless, and we’re glad to have created an experience to cause such a reaction. This was all made possible thanks to Mitch. Let us know what your favorite feature is. We do not need feedback, because again, this is the perfect expansion.

For Mitch!


The Dungeon Defenders II Team and Mitch Z. “xEyeDeeaGaix” Fortgrounds the Genius

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