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As promised, we’re excited to show you all the latest additions and changes for Dungeon Defenders II in the Going Wild West Update! You’ll see some new maps, new challenges, new projectiles (have we mentioned GOATS?), NEW ENEMIES AND A NEW BOSS, and lots of other extra wild features. Let’s not keep you waiting any longer.... Read about all the changes Defenders will see in this update.

New Maps - The Wild West Region

If you watched our Friday Funday on July 16th you’d already know that we’ve introduced two new maps to the War Table - The Wildest West and Wild Westival! You can find both of these maps in the newest location on the War Table, The Wild West.

The Wildest West


The Wildest West map brings Defenders into the… well, Wild West. Gorgeous Saloons, desert sand, and rickety wagons warp you back to the simpler times. You know, when cowboys and cowgirls protected the land. Make sure to check out all the buildings, rooftops, and alleyways to find the best hiding spots for defenses as you take on the first map. Speaking of protecting the land, this update includes a new Cowgirl Gunwitch costume to match the new map theme! (Check her out in the update photo!)

Wild Westival


This second map may seem familiar to veteran DD2 Defenders. Welcome back to the (renamed) Wild Westival! This carnival-themed challenge adds plenty of extra activities to the normal mix of defending. Hop on the rollercoaster for a full view of the town, or enjoy the joyous screams of the spinning cups rider. (We promise they’re having fun…)

Chaos 8

A new tier!! We’re hyped about this big addition to DD2 that adds a new difficulty tier for Expedition, Mastery, Incursion, and Onslaught. To celebrate this new tier, we added SPIDERS to the mix. That’s right, the new enemy and new boss are webby, spindly spiders. Take them down quickly or their webs will leave a mess that’s sure to put a wrench in your defending plans.

A new tier also adds the potential for C9 gear drops after boss fights, but that’s super rare. We know you’re all up for the challenge, though.

New Boss - The Death Weaver Queen


As mentioned, the new Chaos tier welcomes a new big baddie to Etheria… the Death Weaver Queen. As you can see, she’s a BIG spider, so let’s hope none of our heroes are arachnophobes. Death Weaver Queen’s main attack involves shooting a web projectile that drops a web on the ground. These webs reduce towers’ attack rate, range, and damage.

New Enemy - The Death Weaver


Maybe you’ve already guessed based on the new boss Queen, but we’re giving a not-so-warm welcome to the new enemy in town - the Death Weaver. Again, they are spiders hoping to use their many (TOO MANY) legs to take down your heroes’ towers and grab the beloved Crystal. Death Weavers’ main attack will slow heroes on hit. To add to that fun, these spideys explode on death leaving a web that reduces towers’ attack rate, range, and damage. An excellent complement to their Queen.

New Shards

Think the new maps and enemies are neat? Wait until you see what this group of new shards is bringing to combat!

Celestial Power

  • Starfall gives x more star power per star.

Double Tap

  • Skeleton archers have x% chance to fire twice in succession.

Freezing Rain

  • Geyser Traps have a x% chance to freeze all targets.

Freezing Vault

  • Broom Vault will stun enemies for x amount of time.
  • Increases vault damage by x amount.

Gravity Bot Damage

  • Increases Anti Gravity Bot damage by x%.
  • Replaces Enhanced Launcher shard.

Juggernaut Hyper

  • Increases damage resistance by x%.
  • Increases HP by x%.

Venomous Strikes

  • x% chance on hit to poison a target for x% of your Hero Damage stat as magical poison damage each second for x seconds.

Mage Gambit

  • Increases your Ability Power by x%, but increases damage taken from enemies by x%.

New Mods

Runaway mine carts, shadows, and flying GOATS, oh my! We’re spicing up the mod game with new projectiles, like the shadow entity, the first-ever armor exclusive mod, and plenty of variations on attack damage, burn, and defensive skills to protect and defend Etheria.

Curse of the Rattlesnake

  • Primary attacks have a chance to poison enemies dealing an x% Hero Damage for x seconds.
  • Stuns enemies for x seconds after the duration ends.
  • Drops from The Wild West region

Runaway Minecart

  • Primary attacks have an up to x% chance to spawn a minecart dealing x% of your Hero Damage stat and knocking enemies back.
  • Drops from The Wild West region

Desert's Shadow

  • Once every 5 seconds, your primary attack spawns a shadow entity that bounces between nearby enemies dealing x% of your ability power as damage.
  • Drops from The Wild West region

Radiant Heat

  • x% Chance of taking damage to spawn a flame shield that lasts for x seconds reflecting back x% of the damage as Fire Damage back to the target.
  • Drops from The Wild West region

Midas Touch

  • On hit, enemies move at an x% reduced rate and burn for x% Hero Damage a second for x.
  • Drops from The Wild West region

Snake Skin Armor

  • Gain x% more health.
  • Also, take x% less damage.
  • Drops from The Wildest West map

Goat Launcher

  • Once every 2 seconds, your attacks spawn a flying goat that explodes on impact dealing x% of your Hero Damage as damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Drops from The Wild Westival map

New Pets

Who doesn’t love new pets?! We can’t think of a single person, so here we are with a list of new pets to be on the lookout for while grinding in Etheria.

Voodoo Pets

Apprentice Pet

  • Fires a Tornado toward your enemies, dealing 1850% magical Hero Damage and knocking up enemies for 5 seconds.
  • Drops from Prime 7 chests.

Huntress Pet

  • Fires a piercing Flaming Hawk toward your enemies, dealing 2000% magical Hero Damage.
  • Drops from Prime 7 chests.

Squire Pet

  • Fires a Beam toward your enemies, dealing 2000% magical Hero Damage.
  • Drops from Prime 7 chests.

Monk Pet

  • Fires a Chi Blast toward your enemies, dealing 2000% magical Hero Damage.
  • Drops from Prime 7 chests.

Kobold King Pets

Kobold King and Kobold Bling King

  • Throws a sticky bomb that deals 1000% hero damage on impact and spreads mini bombs to nearby targets dealing 500% hero damage.
  • Drops from Kobold Bling King Incursion chests.

Jackalope Pets

Normal Jackalope and Evil Jackalope

  • Nearby enemies take 1000% magical Hero Damage, deal 50% less damage, and take 50% extra damage for 9 seconds.
  • Drops from The Wild West Region chests.

New Material Shop


The Material Shop is now open for business! What is this Material Shop? A magical place where you can purchase materials using defender medals or gems to help round out any of the materials you’ve been farming to make all that wonderful loot you’ve been collecting even better! Stop by to see the merchant in the Town Hub!


As if we did not already introduce plenty of exciting changes to DD2 already, here we are with some balancing acts.


Abyss Lord

  • Defenses
    • Skeleton Archers
      • Increased attack cone range to 170 degrees from 160 degrees.


  • Defenses
    • Flamethrower Tower
      • Increased attack range by 25% (3000 from 2400).


  • Defenses
    • All Towers
      • Now targets the closest enemies.
    • World Tree
      • Now has 5 upgrades, with 4% extra range with each upgrade.


  • Defenses
    • Anti Gravity Bots
      • Active for 1 minute.
      • Increased damage calling by 25%.


  • Abilities
    • Ice Needle
      • Reduced damage scaling by 50%.


  • Defenses
    • Geyser Trap
      • Decreased recharge to 2 seconds from 4.
    • Blaze Balloon
      • Reduced DU cost to 40 from 50.
  • Abilities
    • Concussive Shots
      • Increased damage radius to 600 units from 300.
      • Increased damage scaling by 15%.
      • Now has the ability to bounce!


  • Defenses
    • Volcano
      • Upgrade scalar increased by 25%.
      • Decreased DU cost to 80 from 100.


  • Defenses
    • Ballista
      • Reduced DU cost to 40 from 60.


  • Charge Blast V2
    • Increased cost percentage cap to 100% from 95%.
  • Cthulhu’s Influence
    • Increased targeting multiplier to 100x from 10x.
    • Increased chance to charm enemies to XX from 3 - 27%.
    • Increased max time for charm to 12 seconds from 7 seconds.
  • Meteor Rain
    • Increased max ability power percentage to 1500% from 550%.
    • Reduced range by 50%.
  • Smashing Fists
    • Increased ability damage by 100%.
  • Encroaching Flames
    • Changed damage bonus by 125%.


  • All Anti Mods
    • Changed scaling to additive.
    • Updated max percentage values:
      • Enemy Species Specific (Orc, Warboar, Skeleton, and Goblin)
        • Increased percentage by 21%.
      • Enemy Trait Specific (Chaos, Support, Frost, Miniboss)
        • Increased percentage by 1.3%.
      • Enemy Type Specific (Ranged, Melee)
        • Reduced percentage by 18%.
      • Controller Servo
        • Reduced percentage by 28%.
  • Grave Infection
    • Increased damage to 6,000,000 from 2,000,000.
  • Lingering Hellfire
    • Now scales off tower damage.
  • Fiery Fangs 
    • Now scales off tower damage.
  • Fireblossom Blessing
    • Now scales off tower damage.
  • Drain Aura
    • Now scales off defense power.
  • Diverse Power
    • Increased by 8%.
  • Diverse Critical
    • Decreased critical chance by 40%.
  • Diverse Critical Damage
    • Decreased critical damage by 33%.
  • Drakenlord’s Soul
    • Reduced enemy slowing to 30%.
  • Pole Launcher
    • Projectiles are now AoE damage.
  • Harden
    • Removed the health requirement
    • Nerfed damage resistance by 40%


All Pets

  • Pets critical damage chance now scales with the equipped hero’s critical chance stat.
  • Pets critical damage amount now scales with the equipped hero’s critical damage stat.
  • Pet empowerment stats now scale off hero gear score.


  • Reduced attack damage by 80%.


  • All Polearms
    • Tightened the spread of the 3 projectile shot type.
  • Rail Round
    • Increased damage by 300% for all tiers.
  • North Pole
    • Increased fire rate to 3 shots per second.
    • Shots can pierce up to 6 targets.
  • Tsunamic Chlorophyte
    • Chlorophyte Arrows fire at 3 shots per second.
    • Tightened spread.
  • Tsunamic Jester
    • Jester Arrows fire at 5 shots per second.
    • Tightened spread.
  • Bling King Bow
    • Increased damage by 138%.
    • Now deals AoE damage.
  • Harbinger’s Fist (bow)
    • Now has the double shot type.
  • Harbinger’s Watch (staff)
    • Now has the diamond shot type.
  • Diamond Shot
    • I: Increased rate to 3 shots per second.
    • II: Increased rate to 3.5 shots per second.
    • III: Increased rate to 4 shots per second.


  • Removed the forced map on every 9th floor.
  • Added Title for reaching floor 999 of onslaught

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where range shards were double stacking on World Tree. 
  • Fixed an issue where the towers would stay up even when there wasn’t enough DU while using the Persistent Tower option.
  • Fixed an issue where the Snake Bomb shard did not work.
  • Fixed an issue where the Oily Harpoon shard was not oiling mobs.
  • Fixed an issue where the Explosive Finale did not work. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Heroic Power shard became less effective if heroes were swapped when first loading into a map.
  • Fixed an issue where the Drakenlords’s Soul passive was not slowing enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where a third Destructive Pylon could be obtained.
  • Fixed an issue where Brittle Mutator did not increase HP of a mob.
  • Fixed an issue with the consumable buffs lasting forever.
  • Fixed an issue where Concussion Shot was inconsistent and could hit heroes when walking forward.
  • Fixed an issue where the Accumulator mod did more damage than intended on World Trees.
  • Fixed an issue where shocking pets could not roll shocking abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where auto-equipping relics with a full inventory will delete them.
  • Fixed an issue where XP scaled too high after reaching 100K ascension. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Blood Moon Incursion weapons sometimes spawned with a hidden empty mod.
  • Fixed an issue where Nimbus would not Drench enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where Nimbus would sometimes not damage enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where the Serpent's Kiss shard did not inflict poison damage.
  • Fixed an issue where floor 480 of Onslaught was being censored by the profanity filter.
  • Fixed an issue where the Harpy’s Perch was able to attack without a World Tree nearby.
  • Fixed an issue where C7 Dark Awakening had the wrong enemy power level for the Chaos tier.
  • Fixed an issue where Unslowable enemies couldn’t be oiled.
  • Fixed an issue where Dread Bones wasn't dropping loot in Expeditions / Onslaught
  • Fixed an issue where the Boosted Blockade shard wasn’t correctly updating.
  • Fixed an issue with Node-type defenses giving extra mana when sold than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the Charge Blast V2 shard allowed you to get negative EV2 Heat.
  • Fixed an issue where the volume of The Drakenlord boss death sound was too loud.
  • Fixed an issue where Weapon Manufacturer was not showing it reached it’s rate cap.
  • Fixed an issue where the DPS calculation of the Weapon Manufacturer was not correct.
  • Fixed an issue where the North Pole mod was not dealing frost damage.
  • Fixed an issue where new players could get stuck in the first mission.

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