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DD1 Update 9.1.2

DD1 Update

A small hotfix update to fix some things in the 9.1.1 and 9.1.0 releases along with some balance changes.

Features :
- Added accomplishment and trophies on the tavern for Arcane Lib, Dread Dungeon, Emerald City, Flames of Rebirth, Pirate Invasion, Spring Valley and Temple of Polybius, all on Nightmare only
- Added some new tables on the third floor of the tavern
- The tavern's item recovery should not affect items inside the tavern anymore
- You can now have 240 items on your tavern floor
- You can now trigger having tables on the empty center on the second floor of the tavern on the new Bucket and Mop on the basement

Balance :
- Made supreme and under eyes get more damage per upgrade
- Made bow of hearts unable to damage enemy cores - Moved pet rock back to wave 30

Spooktacular Bay :
- Moved west flight nodes closer to the map to avoid the volume djinns were getting stuck on
- Changed collision for last kraken
- Moved killzone so third kraken cant be killed with it

Buccaneer Bay :
- Added a box inside the opening closest to spawn to prevent the building camera to go inside the wall
- Moved all windows on main building a bit up
- Added a hanging shelf on top of the entrance closes to spawn
- Moved hay stacks down on the wall to let minions be built there again
- Made the ceiling collision prevent the building camera from going up

Lover's Paradise :
- Added killzone under forge to kill stuck mobs
- Made Boss Mech Gentleman take tower damage
- Made Boss Mech Gentleman target priority have towers at -1
- Made Boss Mech Gentleman force untargetable targets
- Fixed Lover's Paradise achievement typo

Bug Fixes :
- Swapped back Eye Patch to old archetype with coloring
- Fixed custom chest drops not always dropping
- Tentatively fixed an issue where a phoenix spawns when going into build phase on the Flames of Rebirth challenge
- Clamped tower range to max projectile distance, also made towers not target enemies that ignored tower damage
- Fixed slippery core and projectiles on Spring Valley
- Fixed issue with workshop maps that forced difficulty defaulting to easy
- Removed duplicate TI trophy on the tavern



DD1 Update 9.1.0

DD1 Update

This is another update that we had planned for February, but came out a bit later than expected, but it has a wide variety of new content, QOL, and fixes.

New Maps :
Lovers Paradise
-  Rewards: Bow of Hearts, Spear of Hearts, Heart Fragment (campaign only), a random Temple of Love accessory, and a chance for a Shield of Hearts
- Survival Pets: Cupid at Wave 25, New Hamster at Wave 30, Fluffy Dragon at map completion 
Crystal Escort: Wandering Heart
- Rewards: Staff of Hearts, Sword of Hearts, Heart Fragment, a random Temple of Love accessory and guaranteed a Shield of Hearts

New Items :
You can use 88 Heart Fragments on the new forge on the Tavern’s second floor to spawn a Crystal Heart
The new Hearts weapons do Love Damage. It’s generic damage that has pink damage numbers
The staff of Hearts, Spear of Hearts, and Sword of Hearts have a 10% movement speed increase 
The staff of Hearts right-click heals allies instead of doing AoE damage
Shield of Hearts heals a percentage of your health on successfully blocking damage
New Hamster, Steam Robot, and Cupid

Quality of Life :
- Removed the ship from Striking Tree and moved the spawn to the center of the map
- Gas and Darkness traps now reset when entering a build phase
- Healing pets no longer try to heal you when they can’t
-  You can now see the lab assault EV bosses on the minimap
- Added hysteresis to trip wire towers (buff beam, reflection beam, etc), which can be toggled with “Control + B”. This means they snap to the max length for each DU option
- Added more Ultimate++ armor seeds
- Staff left + right click charges to 70%
- Made most events unsellable. The only exceptions are Admiral Djinn, Blu, and Aladdin’s Wish
- Made the practice dummy more accurate the longer you attack it for
- Tentatively made all the skins that unlock on only Insane difficulty or under also unlock on Nightmare
- Made Summoner’s Overlord Mode ability not get canceled/prevented from use on map completion, letting people use it to pick up items that drop on the last wave
- Made it possible for weapons from this patch onward to have a fire rate higher than 10 shots per second
- Split screen status ( Hidden / Shown ) doesn’t get changed on in-game cinematics
 - True Boss Rush now has a working timer
- The upgrade tower ability now prioritizes towers that you have enough mana to upgrade
- Prioritisation of towers in the upgrade tower ability is now customizable from UDKCDTSettings.ini
- Added config option to bring back old upgrade tower behavior
- Shift/Ctrl upgrading a hero stat on cats now upgrades boost/range/number of players for you
- You now get an experience orb as a one-time reward upon getting the Ultimate Defender achievement
- Minimum lobby level requirement is now saved
- Level rewards are no longer automatically locked when they get added to your inventory
- Added unequip all button to hero info UI
- Call of arms now has an indicator when activated, similar to hero and tower boost
- Made unearned achievement appear first when inspecting the crystal

Bug Fixes :
- Added collision volumes where Boss Ev's usually get stuck on Lab Assault
- Removed collision from rocks under the map on Lab Assault so Boss EVs don’t get stuck
- Fixed kill volume on Spooktacular Bay killing auras and Krakens
- Fixed a bunch of miscellaneous collisions on Spooktacular Bay
- Expanded Overlord bounds on Spooktacular Bay
- Fixed roof collisions on Spooktacular Bay
- Added collision where ogres get stuck under the bay on Spooktacular Bay
- Potentially fixed copter ogres getting stuck in the air on Spooktacular Bay
- Fixed getting stuck when going to the roof on Spooktacular Bay
-  Made Mushroom and trees collisions smaller on Striking Tree
- Fixed invisible mushrooms on Striking Tree
- Fixed a bunch of minor collision issues on Striking Tree
- Added back the missing triggers for steam achievements from update 7
- Fixed a typo in one of the names for a Staff of Flowers core drop
- Fixed the old one not shooting fireballs
- Fixed bug where tower boosters would not always affect aura attack rates
- Fixed the broken report bug button to link on the pause menu
- All Update 9.0 weapons now have size randomization similar to Update 8.7’s weapons
- Melee pets now properly hit Kraken, Spider Queen, and Goblin Mech bosses
- Fixed Jade Serpent being white when dropped on the ground
- Pets that look identical can now both contribute to familiar related achievements (ex: robot from tinkers lab and alc lab)
- Fixed bug where pets that did the line of sight checks could never target the cruiser ship boss core
- Fixed broken links on the welcome screen
- Fixed issue where “toggle other players towers sellable” was impossible to select on a controller
- Fix for copter ogres getting stuck on one spot outside the map on Winter Wonderland
- Remade collision for trees on Striking Tree, stuck mobs and drops should be less frequent
- Possible fix for Jester Fool skin call-out animation with guns
- Made Pumpkin Snowman boss drop mana on Spooktacular Bay and Halloween Invasion

Balance Changes :
- Mini Kraken, Mini Genie King, Mr. Owl, Dice, Christmas Elephant, Mega Chicken, Forge Robot, and Tiger had their melee range increased
- Increased range for Wasp Pet and decreased melee range
- Removed ranged attack from Mega Chicken
- Limited upgrading Mega Chicken’s shots per second to 4, to avoid using upgrades when that wouldn’t do anything 
- Made Ult rates for Ember Pony and Fenix better
- Buffed Ember Pony damage multiplier
- Tentatively made Ember Pony float higher when equipped
- Karathiti Monkey buffed to be on the same level as Akatiti Monkeys
- Removed movement speed from Final Patch
- Made all characters and skins, with the exception of Jester, move 10% faster by default
- Decreased mana cost scaling of Squire’s Blood Rage ability
- Decreased the movement speed multiplier on Squire’s Blood Rage ability
- Increased damage scaling of Countess’ Call to Arms ability 
- Decreased mana cost of Countess’ Call to Arms ability
- Added a flat 20% speed multiplier to other heroes in Countess’ Call to Arms ability range
- Made base Series EV and Bounty Hunter EV skin have better-cast rate scaling than a jester
- Added Joust fire trail from Redux, it now scales with ability 2.
- Talay Mining Complex survival now has 35 waves. Added a Steam Bot pet to wave 25
- Made Hashat's Recurve max projectile speed upgrade be 75000
- Made Hashat's Recurve elemental damage type roll between only fire and lightning
- Buffed ember shield to be in line with other shields
- Added Black Knight and Black Bishop weapons to King’s Game
- King’s Game Survival now gives the Campaign weapon rewards
- Coastal Bazaar now has in-game trophies 
- Chests now drop more items when open after the first wave on maps
- Made Pirate Patch from Challenge: Pirate Invasion drop with colors
- Added Turkey Bracers to Challenge: Greater Turkey Hunt
- Buffed the following accessories to be in line with other end-game accessories: Pirate Hat, Pirate Patch, Defender's Cornucopia, Defender's Headdress, Gobbler Shield, Turkey Mask, Santa Hat, Santa Beard, Top Hat, and Bow
- Added for weapon rewards  Halloween Spooktacular on Nightmare
- Staff charge rate can now be upgraded to 128
- Made all Mr. Owl pets 30% bigger
- Reduced Coastal Bazaar survival difficulty
- Old generic Dragon Bracers now are part of the Spooky Accessory Set
- Armguards of Love now are part Pink Temple of Love Accessory Set
- Made Ember Crescent always spawn with 1 extra projectile
- Buffed mage towers drop chance to 15%
- Buffed siege mech drop chance to 80% and drops to 6
- Made Outlander Ranger flight time the same as EV 1.75 skin
- Removed movement speed from Calamity Blade
 - Changed type sort to consider armor set bonus types (pristine, mail..) before the actual slot type (helmet, gloves..)
 - Changed type sort to separate accessory types (hats, masks, shields..)
- Reduced Apprentice’s Fireball Tower attack rate, boosted tower damage, and gave it 25% extra projectile speed

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