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DD2 Winter Wonderland Event



Winter Wonderland Event

The Dragonfall Winter Spectacular is now back with the decorated tavern/town with everyone's favorite Christmas tree. Sadly the Santoliches didn’t come back this year, but some new pets have migrated to Dragonfall during the holidays for you to collect as well as a new Chaos 10 Shard.

The Winter Town  and tavern has returned to dragonfall and hopefully not as long as last time!

Screenshot 2022-11-22 175251.png'

Screenshot 2022-11-22 175750.png

The winter tree has returned to give some winter themed goodies and pets through the daily present. 

Screenshot 2022-12-15 095109.png

Revamp Daily and Weekly Quests

The UI got a refresh that better matches other UI's in the game

Screenshot 2022-12-15 094656.png

  • Added New Daily Missions for Tornado Valley Region, The Wild West Region, The High Seas Region, DrakenFrost Region, and Lost Dungeon Region
  • Created new Weekly Challenges - Gobu Destroyer, Treasure Hunter, Incursioner, Big Game Hunter, Onslaught, Mad Scientist, Explorer, Civil Engineer
  • Moved all old Weekly Incursion challenges to Daily
  • Created new Daily Challenges for Griblok’s Horde, Return of Maldonis, Dark Awakening, Revenge of the Yeti, Dawn of the Blood Moon, Wyvern’s Den, Harbinger’s Warship, and Jester’s Revenge
  • Created new Daily Challenges - Gobu kills, Orc kills, Mage kills, General kills, Miniboss kills
  • Increased the amount of Defender Medal's weekly challenges given from 600 to 1200, and increased the requirements of some of the old weekly challenges

NUE Quest Line

This patch introduces a new quest line for new and old players that guides them through the different game modes of the game and has rewards throughout including Gold, Defender, Medals, Shards, a free bag, and a bank slot. This questline is an excellent example of new quest lines we want to do in the future. The quest line begins where the campaign ends, with the Dragonfall Savior quest kicking it off.


Screenshot 2022-12-15 092932.png

  • Added Winter WonderLand Skin Bundle IncludesReaper of Future Winters, Nymph of Yesteryear, Mournful Moorley, and Lord of Winter’s Bounty Skins
  • Added Winter Wonderland Flair Bundle includes Krampus Hat, Krampus Tail, Krampus Wings, Snowflake Wings, and Candy Cane Wings
  • Added Silver Dragonfall banknote to the emporium that gives 1,350,000 gold
  • Added Gold Dragonfall banknote to the emporium that gives 4,500,000 gold
  • Added Winter Wonderland Accessory Bundle including Elf Hat, Festive Antlers, and Gingerbread Mask
  • Added Winter Pet Bundle including Penguin Commander Egg, King Nutcracker Egg, and Snow Mage Egg
  • Added Individual Winter Pets to Tree
  • Added individual gold Winter Pets to Black Market Dealer
  • Added New Gold Ground Flair to Black Market Dealer


  • Changed the AI behavior of the pawn-based tower
  • Added linger to home time to offset some speed-based balance issues
  • Fixed an issue with pawn target updating for spawner towers
  • Fixed an issue where if flying pawns from the spawner tower used to look at target functionality it wouldn't reset to its original rotation on the idle state
  • Fixed elemental trait of the nimbus tower not being water
  • Changed nimbus to do water damage by default
  • Increased nimbus AoE range by 50%
  • Increase Flamethrower Damage by 25%
  • Increase Ramster Damage by 25%
  • Change max enemy count on The Lost Temple from 130 to 80
  • Freeze now has DR like all other stuns
  • Added a 40% slow for 2 seconds after the end of the freeze stun
  • Added a 40% slow for 2 seconds after the end of the shatter stun
  • Increased Mystic Dark Torment self Damage Multiplier from 1.5 to 1.75
  • Dark Torment Damage multiplier now works on Mystic Towers


  • Split the Head and face slot flairs allowing for more flair variations.
  • The end game loot chest now automatically opens.
  • Added timers and icons for Swap Damage, Swap Ability power, Swap Crit, Swap Crit Damage and Swap, Mana Gain Chip, and Mana Growth Chip.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed corrupted Polearm’s Projectile not procing on-hit effects 
  • Changed description of Explosive Blades
  • Fixed Physical Crushing Damage types dealing 0 damage to frozen enemies 
  • Fixed an issue where Poison Dagger throw Talent did not work
  • Fixed an issue where the navigation mesh was broken on Tornado Highlands
  • Fixed an issue where Cyclone Shaper wasn't dropping miniboss loot
  • Fixed an issue where the mercenary noble / default skin didn't have a dropped art from defender packs
  • Fixed an issue where the new initiate tower wasn't in new purchases of the Hypno bundles
  • Fixed an issue where the line of sight on the nether archers was too low
  • Fixed oil sometimes not affecting enemies with 100% tenacity
  • Fixed oil slow not being removed when ignite is triggered 
  • Fixed Mystic Speed Buff
  • Fixed Homing projectiles targeting blocking volumes on tornado valley
  • Fixed flight path on Saloon 
  • Fixed Double Lane pathing on The lost Temple where enemies could go out the wrong lane
  • Removed double loot drops on embermount 
  • Fixed Sand Storm, Cyclone, and Poisonous Tips would scale with Tamer’s Gambit
  • Fixed Sand Storm, Cyclone, and Poisonous Tips would double scale with Antis and Crits
  • Fixed an issue where Barbarian Lightning stance weekend enemies 10x more than intended 
  • Fixed an issue where Echoing shout would only scale turtle stance shout duration
  • Fixed an issue where Echoing shout would multiply duration by shard amount not add


For Etheria!

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