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[CG] Brittani



As promised, we’re excited to show you all the latest additions and changes for Dungeon Defenders II in the Going Wild West Update! You’ll see some new maps, new challenges, new projectiles (have we mentioned GOATS?), NEW ENEMIES AND A NEW BOSS, and lots of other extra wild features. Let’s not keep you waiting any longer.... Read about all the changes Defenders will see in this update.

New Maps - The Wild West Region

If you watched our Friday Funday on July 16th you’d already know that we’ve introduced two new maps to the War Table - The Wildest West and Wild Westival! You can find both of these maps in the newest location on the War Table, The Wild West.

The Wildest West


The Wildest West map brings Defenders into the… well, Wild West. Gorgeous Saloons, desert sand, and rickety wagons warp you back to the simpler times. You know, when cowboys and cowgirls protected the land. Make sure to check out all the buildings, rooftops, and alleyways to find the best hiding spots for defenses as you take on the first map. Speaking of protecting the land, this update includes a new Cowgirl Gunwitch costume to match the new map theme! (Check her out in the update photo!)

Wild Westival


This second map may seem familiar to veteran DD2 Defenders. Welcome back to the (renamed) Wild Westival! This carnival-themed challenge adds plenty of extra activities to the normal mix of defending. Hop on the rollercoaster for a full view of the town, or enjoy the joyous screams of the spinning cups rider. (We promise they’re having fun…)

Chaos 8

A new tier!! We’re hyped about this big addition to DD2 that adds a new difficulty tier for Expedition, Mastery, Incursion, and Onslaught. To celebrate this new tier, we added SPIDERS to the mix. That’s right, the new enemy and new boss are webby, spindly spiders. Take them down quickly or their webs will leave a mess that’s sure to put a wrench in your defending plans.

A new tier also adds the potential for C9 gear drops after boss fights, but that’s super rare. We know you’re all up for the challenge, though.

New Boss - The Death Weaver Queen


As mentioned, the new Chaos tier welcomes a new big baddie to Etheria… the Death Weaver Queen. As you can see, she’s a BIG spider, so let’s hope none of our heroes are arachnophobes. Death Weaver Queen’s main attack involves shooting a web projectile that drops a web on the ground. These webs reduce towers’ attack rate, range, and damage.

New Enemy - The Death Weaver


Maybe you’ve already guessed based on the new boss Queen, but we’re giving a not-so-warm welcome to the new enemy in town - the Death Weaver. Again, they are spiders hoping to use their many (TOO MANY) legs to take down your heroes’ towers and grab the beloved Crystal. Death Weavers’ main attack will slow heroes on hit. To add to that fun, these spideys explode on death leaving a web that reduces towers’ attack rate, range, and damage. An excellent complement to their Queen.

New Shards

Think the new maps and enemies are neat? Wait until you see what this group of new shards is bringing to combat!

Celestial Power

  • Starfall gives x more star power per star.

Double Tap

  • Skeleton archers have x% chance to fire twice in succession.

Freezing Rain

  • Geyser Traps have a x% chance to freeze all targets.

Freezing Vault

  • Broom Vault will stun enemies for x amount of time.
  • Increases vault damage by x amount.

Gravity Bot Damage

  • Increases Anti Gravity Bot damage by x%.
  • Replaces Enhanced Launcher shard.

Juggernaut Hyper

  • Increases damage resistance by x%.
  • Increases HP by x%.

Venomous Strikes

  • x% chance on hit to poison a target for x% of your Hero Damage stat as magical poison damage each second for x seconds.

Mage Gambit

  • Increases your Ability Power by x%, but increases damage taken from enemies by x%.

New Mods

Runaway mine carts, shadows, and flying GOATS, oh my! We’re spicing up the mod game with new projectiles, like the shadow entity, the first-ever armor exclusive mod, and plenty of variations on attack damage, burn, and defensive skills to protect and defend Etheria.

Curse of the Rattlesnake

  • Primary attacks have a chance to poison enemies dealing an x% Hero Damage for x seconds.
  • Stuns enemies for x seconds after the duration ends.

Runaway Minecart

  • Primary attacks have an up to x% chance to spawn a minecart dealing x% of your Hero Damage stat and knocking enemies back.

Desert's Shadow

  • Once every 5 seconds, your primary attack spawns a shadow entity that bounces between nearby enemies dealing x% of your ability power as damage.

Radiant Heat

  • x% Chance of taking damage to spawn a flame shield that lasts for x seconds reflecting back x% of the damage as Fire Damage back to the target.

Midas Touch

  • On hit, enemies move at an x% reduced rate and burn for x% Hero Damage a second for x.

Snake Skin Armor

  • Gain x% more health.
  • Also, take x% less damage.

Goat Launcher

  • Once every 2 seconds, your attacks spawn a flying goat that explodes on impact dealing x% of your Hero Damage as damage to all nearby enemies.

New Pets

Who doesn’t love new pets?! We can’t think of a single person, so here we are with a list of new pets to be on the lookout for while grinding in Etheria.

Voodoo Pets

Apprentice Pet

  • Fires a Tornado toward your enemies, dealing 1850% magical Hero Damage and knocking up enemies for 5 seconds.
  • Drops from Prime 7 chests.

Huntress Pet

  • Fires a piercing Flaming Hawk toward your enemies, dealing 2000% magical Hero Damage.
  • Drops from Prime 7 chests.

Squire Pet

  • Fires a Beam toward your enemies, dealing 2000% magical Hero Damage.
  • Drops from Prime 7 chests.

Monk Pet

  • Fires a Chi Blast toward your enemies, dealing 2000% magical Hero Damage.
  • Drops from Prime 7 chests.

Kobold King Pets

Kobold King and Kobold Bling King

  • Throws a sticky bomb that deals 1000% hero damage on impact and spreads mini bombs to nearby targets dealing 500% hero damage.
  • Drops from Kobold Bling King Incursion chests.

Jackalope Pets

Normal Jackalope and Evil Jackalope

  • Nearby enemies take 1000% magical Hero Damage, deal 50% less damage, and take 50% extra damage for 9 seconds.
  • Drops from The Wild West Region chests.

New Material Shop


The Material Shop is now open for business! What is this Material Shop? A magical place where you can purchase materials using defender medals or gems to help round out any of the materials you’ve been farming to make all that wonderful loot you’ve been collecting even better! Stop by to see the merchant in the Town Hub!


As if we did not already introduce plenty of exciting changes to DD2 already, here we are with some balancing acts.


Abyss Lord

  • Defenses
    • Skeleton Archers
      • Increased attack cone range to 170 degrees from 160 degrees.


  • Defenses
    • Flamethrower Tower
      • Increased attack range by 25% (3000 from 2400).


  • Defenses
    • All Towers
      • Now targets the closest enemies.
    • World Tree
      • Now has 5 upgrades, with 4% extra range with each upgrade.


  • Defenses
    • Anti Gravity Bots
      • Active for 1 minute.
      • Increased damage calling by 25%.


  • Abilities
    • Ice Needle
      • Reduced damage scaling by 50%.


  • Defenses
    • Geyser Trap
      • Decreased recharge to 2 seconds from 4.
    • Blaze Balloon
      • Reduced DU cost to 40 from 50.
  • Abilities
    • Concussive Shots
      • Increased damage radius to 600 units from 300.
      • Increased damage scaling by 15%.


  • Defenses
    • Volcano
      • Upgrade scalar increased by 25%.
      • Decreased DU cost to 80 from 100.


  • Defenses
    • Ballista
      • Reduced DU cost to 40 from 60.


  • Charge Blast V2
    • Increased cost percentage cap to 100% from 95%.
  • Cthulhu’s Influence
    • Increased targeting multiplier to 100x from 10x.
    • Increased chance to charm enemies to XX from 3 - 27%.
    • Increased max time for charm to 12 seconds from 7 seconds.
  • Meteor Rain
    • Increased max ability power percentage to 1500% from 550%.
    • Reduced range by 50%.
  • Smashing Fists
    • Increased ability damage by 100%.
  • Encroaching Flames
    • Changed damage bonus by 125%.


  • All Anti Mods
    • Changed scaling to additive.
    • Updated max percentage values:
      • Enemy Species Specific (Orc, Warboar, Skeleton, and Goblin)
        • Increased percentage by 21%.
      • Enemy Trait Specific (Chaos, Support, Frost, Miniboss)
        • Increased percentage by 1.3%.
      • Enemy Type Specific (Ranged, Melee)
        • Reduced percentage by 18%.
      • Controller Servo
        • Reduced percentage by 28%.
  • Grave Infection
    • Increased damage to 6,000,000 from 2,000,000.
  • Lingering Hellfire
    • Now scales off tower damage.
  • Fiery Fangs 
    • Now scales off tower damage.
  • Fireblossom Blessing
    • Now scales off tower damage.
  • Drain Aura
    • Now scales off defense power.
  • Diverse Power
    • Increased by 8%.
  • Diverse Critical
    • Decreased critical chance by 40%.
  • Diverse Critical Damage
    • Decreased critical damage by 33%.
  • Drakenlord’s Soul
    • Reduced enemy slowing to 30%.
  • Pole Launcher
    • Projectiles are now AoE damage.


All Pets

  • Pets critical damage chance now scales with the equipped hero’s critical chance stat.
  • Pets critical damage amount now scales with the equipped hero’s critical damage stat.
  • Pet empowerment stats now scale off hero gear score.


  • Reduced attack damage by 80%.


  • All Polearms
    • Tightened the spread of the 3 projectile shot type.
  • Rail Round
    • Increased damage by 300% for all tiers.
  • North Pole
    • Increased fire rate to 3 shots per second.
    • Shots can pierce up to 6 targets.
  • Tsunamic Chlorophyte
    • Chlorophyte Arrows fire at 3 shots per second.
    • Tightened spread.
  • Tsunamic Jester
    • Jester Arrows fire at 5 shots per second.
    • Tightened spread.
  • Bling King Bow
    • Increased damage by 138%.
    • Now deals AoE damage.
  • Harbinger’s Fist (bow)
    • Now has the double shot type.
  • Harbinger’s Watch (staff)
    • Now has the diamond shot type.
  • Diamond Shot
    • I: Increased rate to 3 shots per second.
    • II: Increased rate to 3.5 shots per second.
    • III: Increased rate to 4 shots per second.


  • Removed the forced map on every 9th floor.
  • Added Title for reaching floor 999 of onslaught

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where range shards were double stacking on World Tree. 
  • Fixed an issue where the towers would stay up even when there wasn’t enough DU while using the Persistent Tower option.
  • Fixed an issue where the Snake Bomb shard did not work.
  • Fixed an issue where the Oily Harpoon shard was not oiling mobs.
  • Fixed an issue where the Explosive Finale did not work. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Heroic Power shard became less effective if heroes were swapped when first loading into a map.
  • Fixed an issue where the Drakenlords’s Soul passive was not slowing enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where a third Destructive Pylon could be obtained.
  • Fixed an issue where Brittle Mutator did not increase HP of a mob.
  • Fixed an issue with the consumable buffs lasting forever.
  • Fixed an issue where Concussion Shot was inconsistent and could hit heroes when walking forward.
  • Fixed an issue where the Accumulator mod did more damage than intended on World Trees.
  • Fixed an issue where shocking pets could not roll shocking abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where auto-equipping relics with a full inventory will delete them.
  • Fixed an issue where XP scaled too high after reaching 100K ascension. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Blood Moon Incursion weapons sometimes spawned with a hidden empty mod.
  • Fixed an issue where Nimbus would not Drench enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where Nimbus would sometimes not damage enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where the Serpent's Kiss shard did not inflict poison damage.
  • Fixed an issue where floor 480 of Onslaught was being censored by the profanity filter.
  • Fixed an issue where the Harpy’s Perch was able to attack without a World Tree nearby.
  • Fixed an issue where C7 Dark Awakening had the wrong enemy power level for the Chaos tier.
  • Fixed an issue where Unslowable enemies couldn’t be oiled.
  • Fixed an issue where Dread Bones wasn't dropping loot in Expeditions / Onslaught
  • Fixed an issue where the Boosted Blockade shard wasn’t correctly updating.
  • Fixed an issue with Node-type defenses giving extra mana when sold than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the Charge Blast V2 shard allowed you to get negative EV2 Heat.
  • Fixed an issue where the volume of The Drakenlord boss death sound was too loud.
  • Fixed an issue where Weapon Manufacturer was not showing it reached it’s rate cap.
  • Fixed an issue where the DPS calculation of the Weapon Manufacturer was not correct.
  • Fixed an issue where the North Pole mod was not dealing frost damage.
  • Fixed an issue where new players could get stuck in the first mission.

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[CG] Brittani




The time has come… Dungeon Defenders: Awakened passed Nintendo’s Lot Check process and is ready for release on the Nintendo Switch! Thanks to all of the great feedback from our PTR testers, we’re now at a place where we feel ready to announce more details on the release of The Lycan’s Keep update (formerly known as Episode One) as well.

The official release date for DDA on Nintendo Switch is August 4, 2021. But that’s not all... The highly anticipated free update “The Lycan’s Keep” will launch simultaneously on PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on August 4th, too; this update will be available on or soon after the launch of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on Nintendo Switch.

Pre-order for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on Nintendo Switch will be available on July 28, 2021.

Qualifying Kickstarter and Xsolla Backers who chose Nintendo Switch as the platform for their Game Key reward will receive their digital game key in their emails prior to the launch time on August 4th.

While you’re here, check out the official trailer for the release of DDA on Switch:

PlayStation Update

For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 ports, we don’t yet have a release timeline. We previously announced we’re aiming for DDA to be out on all consoles by the end of the year. That will still be our goal, but we need some more time to figure out what tasks we need to complete to get DDA through Sony’s certification.

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[CG] Brittani


The Public Test Realm (PTR) is out now and there’s a lot for you to test (click here to find out how to get in). We’re going to be gathering feedback on and updating based on that feedback as we go! You may notice there is more in this update than what we have already announced (and we plan on adding even more as we get closer to launch), so we will frequently be adding to this list in order to get your feedback on additional elements and changes.


This is a PTR build. That means that things are going to be in a rough state, not finished, maybe a bit buggy, etc. It’s by no means a perfect representation of the game, or final in any means. Please take this into consideration when providing feedback. We’ve spent a lot of time working hard on getting this massive update going. We ask that you be respectful when providing feedback and understand that actual people put a lot of time and effort into everything you’re testing.


Through the escape menu, there is a link to a survey. You can fill this survey out and edit it over the course of the PTR.


For your time spent testing the PTR (we ask at least 30 minutes if possible) and filling out our survey, you will earn a brand new reward, Tester’s Eagle Wings:

Wings PTR.png

We are able to track your account, so don’t worry about adding any identifying information, we’ll get the reward automatically unlocked on your account when Episode 1 launches. To ensure it gets unlocked, there is a question on the survey that has your “PlayFab ID” (this is what we use for cloud storage and account saving). Do not edit whatever is in that field, otherwise the rewards will not be able to be applied to your account.

In future PTR tests, we will have additional rewards for your time. We really appreciate your feedback and constructive criticism, and our goal is to give something back. :)

Defense Rate Changes

Before we get into everything else, we want to talk about Defense Rate changes. Through our development with the Switch, and throughout our certification process, our game was not able to perform with the speed at which towers were attacking, effectively making releasing on the Switch impossible (due to how towers calculate enemy positions, priorities, tons of AI tracking, VFX being played, damage calculations, etc.) because of how many resources they took to make those processes work. As a result, we’ve provided a cap for Defense Rate that caps most towers at 0.50 shots a second.

This brings in Defense Rate overflow. Basically what this means is when you pump Defense Rate into a tower, that stat is rolled over into Defense Power instead. This means that while some towers will be attacking slower than before, they will be hitting harder to compensate for the Defense Rate cap (so the stat is not wasted). This includes any Defense Rate increase that you would get from boosting a tower using Overcharge or Speedy Gemstone for example.

We had to act pretty fast on this to ensure we can release it on Nintendo Switch. We discussed having two different versions (a Switch version with the lowered rates), but that just isn’t possible for us to maintain with a team of our size. Balancing it and making it fair would be impossible, and there might be metas where playing certain content on one platform may be easier than others, which is something we want to avoid entirely.

We’re looking to get as much feedback as possible here to make sure this change feels good while allowing us to fulfill our promise of releasing on Nintendo Switch.


The Rogue and The Warden are now available for testing!


The Mill, The Outpost, The Keep, and Foundries and Forges are all available for testing!

Item Effects

Our new system dubbed “Item Effects” have been added to gear (lower level pieces do not contain them) and are available for testing!

New Set Bonuses

New Set Bonuses have been added to gear and are available for testing!

Boss Tests

Test of the Demon, Mech, and Ancient have been added in a new game mode called Tests and are all available for testing!

Bonus Waves

In Nightmare and Massacre Survival, Bonus Waves are now available for testing (unlocked after beating Wave 25 Survival of each difficulty on Alchemical Labs, Throne Room, The Summit, and The Keep)!

The Lycan King

The Act IV boss, The Lycan King, is not available for testing at this time.

Rift Portals

Selecting Rifted and playing the new Act IV maps will have Rift Portals appear and is now available for testing!

Rifted Changes

Rifted enemy schedules have been changed to not include non-Rifted enemies and are available for testing!

Level Cap Increase

The level cap has been increased to 105 and is now available for testing!

New Accessory: Wings

Wings have been added to the game and are now available for testing! (you must complete one of the Boss Test maps)


Offhands have been added to drop tables and are now available for testing!

Hero Deck Changes

The Hero Deck size has been increased to six, as well as providing additional bonuses for heroes in the hero deck. This is now available for testing!

Crit and Crit Bonus

Critical chance and critical bonus have been added to swords and polearms and are now available for testing!

Secondary Ability Changes

The Huntress’s secondary is a grenade toss, and the Monk’s secondary now scales off level instead of weapon. Both are now available for testing!

Ammo and Reload

Ammo and reloading have been removed from the game and replaced with an exploding secondary on crossbows (you can rocket jump with it). This is now available for testing!

Projectile Speed

Projectile speed has been adjusted across the game and is now available for testing!

Build, Upgrade, and Repair Speed

These speeds have been adjusted across the game and are now available for testing!

Pet Changes

All pets have been updated, except “Giraffe on a Treadmill” and “Mista Mine” (these will get updated in a later PTR patch).

Known Issues/Work-in-Progress List


  • The Outpost
    • Combat/Build phase music
  • The Mill
    • Combat/Build phase music
    • Needs wisps
  • The Keep
    • Combat/Build phase music
  • Lycan
    • Tacmap image
    • Billboard image
  • Warden
    • Create-A-Hero select sound (currently same as EV)
    • Roots of Purity tooltip does not display a correct range
    • Roots of Resonance tooltip does not display correct range
    • Wisp Den tooltip does not display correct range
    • Shroomy Pit tooltip does not display correct range
  • Rogue
    • Spellbook
    • Create-A-Hero description
    • Create-A-Hero select sound (currently same as The Huntress)
    • Unfinished SFX on some Rogue abilities
  • Cinematics
    • Missing audio in Cinematics
  • UI
    • Stats panel isn't in its final form
    • Spellbook is missing some information
  • Pets
    • Mista Mine is not up to date
    • Giraffe on a treadmill is not up to date

Known Bugs

  • The Outpost
    • Gas/sludge can be inconsistent with dealing damage to the player while moving through it.
  • The Mill
    • Collision issues
    • Boundary issues
  • The Keep
    • Collision issues
    • Boundary issues
  • Endless Spires
    • Enemies getting stuck
  • Lycan
    • Subsequent howls are not faster than the original
  • Rogue
    • Melee attacks are missing when it should be on target and hitting.
    • Cannot sell / upgrade / repair on Keyboard and mouse
  • Weapons
    • Flamethrower doesn't continue firing if double clicked and held
    • Certain weapons appear too dark in game
  • UI
    • Ctrl+Shift does not work for assigning points
    • Stat tooltips on Clients may not always show
    • Defense Ability Bar will sometimes disappear on Clients when swapping heroes quickly
    • Ability cooldown countdown visual freezes after entering an menu
      • Countdown is still completed and ability is able to be activated
      • Icon resets after swapping heroes
    • Item Effects on Weapons might not show on tooltip for Clients
  • Other
    • Repair speed is taking longer than it should

What’s Next?

We’ll be updating the PTR based on feedback and bug fixes. Meanwhile we’re also still working on Nintendo Switch certification, as well as a DD2 update. We’re plenty busy at Chromatic, and are super excited to share with you this newest update coming to DDA!

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[CG] Brittani


We need YOUR help! Starting today, we’re asking for input from Defenders through our own Public Test Realm (PTR) build for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. The main goal for our PTR tests is to gather player feedback on game updates before releases—we want to make sure each of you feels a part of the development process. You get to try out new content and we get to make sure the new content works as planned by its release. Sounds like a win-win!

The PTR format is a bit different from our past testing system and current live-game action, so we want to break down what this looks like for those who are interested:

  • The PTR is only available for PC/Steam Defenders. Those interested in joining the public test realm must own the game on PC.
  • You will only be able to choose the Play Online mode. Sorry, no playing offline within playtesting.
  • The PTR will not always be available. We keep the build open for specific periods and if you try to join outside those times, it’ll shut down when you try to Play Online. We’ll let you know what these available times are for each testing cycle.
  • No changes will be made to your normal saves! (cloud or local) Your data is pulled down from the cloud and stored locally.
  • The build includes specific updates, not all of them. We choose specific features and changes that we need feedback on from the relevant updates, but these builds do not include ALL of the new content. We need to keep some of it a surprise! Check out what's in the latest build here.

Now to the important stuff. How do you actually become part of the testing crew? Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your Steam account.
  2. In your Steam library, right click on Dungeon Defenders: Awakened.
    PTR Step 2.png
  3. Select “Properties” from the menu that appears.
    PTR Step 3.png
  4. Once the Properties window opens, click “BETAS”.
    PTR Step 4.png
  5. In the BETAS window, click the drop-down menu for the “Select the beta you would like to opt into” prompt and choose “recruit - Public Testing Realm”.
    • Note: If you only see the “None” option from the drop-down menu, you will need to restart Steam.
      PTR Step 5a.pngPTR Step 5b.png
  6. Once “recruit - Public Testing Realm” is selected, you can close the window. The test build will begin downloading automatically and you’ll be able to enter the game once the download is complete.
  7. Testers can then provide feedback under the Discord section “DDA - PTR” on the Dungeon Defenders Discord server.
    1. Join the server: https://discord.com/invite/dd2
    2. New members will only be able to see the 📌COMMUNITY section. If you are a new member, you’ll need to go to the channel #-role-assignment-. Then, choose “DDA” at the bottom of the role instructions.
    3. Once the DDA channels show up in the server, find the section titled “DDA - PTR”. (This will only be visible when a PTR build is active.)
    4. Read through the #getting-started channel to learn more about the rules and expectations for feedback.
    5. Give us your feedback in the channel #ptr-bug-reports.
    6. Please keep in mind that we may not be able to implement your feedback by the release of an update, but we always appreciate your comments and suggestions.

We are SO excited to get this first build out to Defenders today. As an indie studio, feedback from you all is integral to our continued success with Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, and with your help, our upcoming update can be the best one yet.

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We’ve shared a lot with you over the last few weeks about all of the exciting additions and revisions coming to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened with the release of the Epsiode 1 update. It’s been a blast showing off our two new heroes, the Warden and the Rogue, along with introducing new maps and our new inventory and stats system on our Twitch dev stream each week. For this week, we shared some more goodies that will add to Defenders’ experiences.

Enemies in Rifted

After our last update where we reduced the number of enemies across the board to boost game performance, the experiences in Rifted mode were impacted more than we (and Defenders) wanted. Rifted was designed to challenge the most dedicated Defenders, but as the enemy counts reduced, this mode kind of felt like a punishment rather than an exciting challenge. The longer runs that resulted weren't an intentional design choice and we’re fixing that to make Rifted all it was meant to be.

How are we doing this? Rifted will no longer spawn any normal enemies! Only Rifted enemies will show up when you choose Rifted mode. The Rifted enemy counts, attack damage, and HP are staying exactly the same as they are now. You just won’t need to bat off the normies anymore. This means fewer enemies overall with the increased challenge from Rifted enemies, achieving our goal of having Rifted require more skill but less time out of Defenders.

Hero Levels

For all of you who feel reaching Level 100 wasn’t difficult enough, we’re increasing the level cap for all heroes with the Episode 1 release to 105. The best items in Episode 1 require level 105 to equip, meaning you’ll need to conquer many foes on your journey to utilize the strongest gear available!

What Else?

If you’ve been keeping up with our news, we’ve spilled a lot of beans over the last month. We’ve been paying attention to your feedback and can’t wait to show off all of our hard work to our GLORIOUS Defenders. We haven’t announced a release date for Episode 1 yet, but know that we’re working hard to get the awesome and exciting updates into your games as soon as possible. We promise we’re as giddy as you are to see and try out these changes!

Another important topic to Defenders is updates on console development. We want to reassure you all that DDA ports for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 AND PlayStation 5 are still very much under way. We’re working hard to get Nintendo Switch through the Lot Check process, while fixing bugs and prepping it to be live for you all while also knocking out Episode 1. The Switch version will be completed and released before PlayStation, and we are aiming to have DDA on all consoles by the end of the year.

Finally, we’re also working on an update for Dungeon Defenders II. We’ve got so much going on at Chromatic Games and we are making sure this stuff is ready to go before we ship it out, but we promise it’s on its way!

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With all the news on gear upgrades from last week, it may feel like we can’t possibly give away any more Episode 1 news, but you’d be wrong. Here we come with even more reveals with a brand-new game mode and some spicy additions to current play.

Developer Note: All of these things are subject to change by the release of Episode 1.

“Tests” Boss Challenges Game Mode

We’ve got a NEW GAME MODE! We’re calling this the “Tests” mode because it’s one defender being tested against one big baddy. The “big baddy” can be any of DDA’s infamous bosses, and you fight one-on-one to defeat them on their own map. One more small detail—you fight the bosses with zero defenses. Wait, there’s one more small-ish detail to add to that. You can’t use your heroes. You must choose to fight with one of two predetermined heroes. Don’t worry, they come with their own gear, too.

Guess it's time to hone those combat skills!

Now for the details of the fights. Each fight has a 3-minute timer, so you need to be skilled and quick. These fights should be difficult, but not impossible to beat. To help with this, you have one extra life during the fight. That means you can die once and everything is peachy. If you die twice, though… That’s the end of the fight.

Along with the extra life, each boss has three difficulty levels for you to choose from: Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III. Each boss is also equipped with a “deadly” mechanic that deals some serious damage. This should go without saying, but you definitely need to avoid being hit by the deadly mechanic at all costs. We warned you.

We’re sure there are lots of questions running through your head right now. What heroes can you use in these fights? What is this “deadly” mechanic you should avoid? What else did we leave out because we love keeping secrets? Well, here’s the breakout for each “Tests” battle.

Test of the Demon

  • Available Heroes:
    • Huntress Series
    • EV-A, with staves
  • Demon Lord specials:
    • Demon Lord is immune to damage unless stunned by the Generators
    • When Demon Lord is stunned, goblins and/or orcs rain from the sky
    • Deadly mechanic: Fireball

Test of the Mech

  • Available Heroes:
    • Apprentice
    • Series EV-A, with bows
  • Goblin Mech specials:
    • Mech has increased movement speed
    • Mech takes reduced damage from hits that don’t hit the weak point
    • Dark Elf Warriors periodically spawn
    • Deadly mechanic: Melee attacks

Test of the Ancient

  • Available Heroes:
    • Monk
    • Squire
  • Ancient Dragon specials:
    • When flying around the map, the Dragon can only be damaged by the Ballista
    • Wyverns spawn after Dragon is shot by the Ballista
    • Deadly mechanic: Fireballs

You’re probably asking yourself what the rewards are like for this new game mode. That’s a great question! Since we want to keep some of this a surprise, the answer to this is kept simple for now. For defeating each of the bosses at each of the tiers, you can earn unique rewards that are only available through Tests. With three different bosses at three different tiers in this game mode, there are 9 unique rewards up for grabs.

This type of game mode that gives Defenders a way to just fight bosses with only a hero is something we’ve seen people asking for. This is also something that’s easy for us to add and test out. It is a bit of an experiment for DDA, and if you all enjoy it, we’ll be sure to include it in all of our future episodes.

Speaking of other fun experiments… Our next section goes over the fun we’re adding in for fans of Rifted.

Rifted Portals

Another fun addition to DDA in Episode 1 is Rifted Portals. What the heck are portals?!

Rifted Portals are alternate spawn points for enemies that appear at set locations and times on Rifted Episode 1 maps. Enemies are removed from their original lane and ported to the alternate location. What defenses they miss along the way, nobody knows.

How do you deal with these pesky portals?? Lucky for Defenders, these can be destroyed by your hero. There’s a catch, of course. Portals cannot be destroyed by your hero’s defenses. So, choose your hero wisely!

An added benefit to destroying a portal is the loot that drops once it’s gone. There’s always that incentive to take it down. If you don’t destroy it before the wave is over, it will quietly disappear and a fresh portal will reappear on the next wave, but you won’t receive any loot. Gotta work for the goods.

Bonus Waves

Finally, let’s talk about Bonus Waves. These are one of those spicy additions we’re adding for late-game defenders who are itching for that extra challenge. With an extra challenge comes extra rewards in the form of a chance to get max quality gear from EVERY MAP. What’s the point of a Bonus Wave? To earn extra awesome gear, of course! And you should believe us when we say these rewards are extra awesome.

What Are Bonus Waves?
The basic explanation for these are extra waves that can be unlocked once defenders complete Wave 25 on any Boss map in Survival and Mixed modes at Nightmare and Massacre difficulties. All maps have their own Bonus Wave that unlocks once you defeat the boss within its respective Act. As you can imagine, enemies in this extra wave are faster, stronger, and tougher, but as we said, you’re rewarded for your hard work.

These Bonus Waves are purely opt-in, meaning you can choose to complete them on each map if you want — you don’t have to complete them to finish the map, though. Oh! Here’s a fun fact: Bonus Waves for Boss maps also feature the boss! Sorry, not sorry for that goodness. To note, Bonus Waves for Boss maps only appear after defeating the next boss. For example, you unlock a Bonus Wave for Alchemical Labs once you’ve defeated the Throne Room Nightmare/Massacre Survival Wave 25. We’ll spend the rest of this section going over how to actually access the dang maps and what goodies come from completing them.

Unlocking Bonus Waves
The tricky thing here is that defenders can only unlock Bonus Waves in each Act after completing Survival Wave 25 on the Boss maps on Nightmare and Massacre difficulties. We want to make sure Defenders are rewarded for attempting (and completing) more difficult maps, too. So, once you complete a Boss map, that boss’ named Bonus Wave is unlocked for all prior maps. For example, defeating the Goblin Mech at the end of Act 2 will unlock the Goblin Mech Bonus Wave for all Act 1 and Act 2 maps (minus the Throne Room and Endless Spires).

This gives Defenders freedom to choose the battle that’s appropriate for your style of play. If you want to skip over the Demon Lord and Goblin Mech maps, heading straight to Ancient Dragon to open the Bonus Waves for all three Acts, you’re able to do that. Here’s a handy example explaining how Bonus Wave unlocks work:

You, a glorious defender, complete the Alchemical Laboratory on Massacre Survival. With this great takedown of the Demon Lord, you unlock access to the Demon Lord Bonus Wave on all prior Act 1 maps.

If you, our GLORIOUS Defender, go on to complete Tornado Valley, you don’t yet have a Bonus Wave for that map. Quickly realizing this, you defeat the Throne Room on Massacre Survival, and this unlocks access to all prior Act 2 Goblin Mech Bonus Waves at Massacre difficulty, plus Goblin Mech Bonus Waves for all maps in Act 1.

There’s more we want to add that may make it into Episode 1, if not a future update. We want you to have multiple Bonus Waves to choose from (e.g. Demon Lord and Goblin Mech), where you’re only able to choose one of those waves to complete. So, in the case of the example above, when opting-in to the Bonus Wave on Deeper Well, you must choose to complete the Demon Lord Bonus Wave or the Goblin Mech Bonus Wave. Not both, or at least not in the same session.

You may be asking, “Why bother with these extra waves if they’re just tougher challenges?” Well, we left out some important pieces of information…

Loot Drops
We hope you’re ready for some AWESOME rewards because that’s what defenders are getting from these Bonus Waves. Many of you already know this, but it’s worth explaining again just in case some of us need a refresher. The quality of the loot drop from a map’s chests are dependent on a number of factors, including the game mode, selected difficulty, whether or not you’re playing on Hardcore and/or Rifted, and, of course, RNG.

These Bonus Waves are no different, but there are some small-ish differences to ensure the reward is equal to the work. We do this by increasing the loot quality of every Bonus Wave according to the level of the boss associated with the wave. Basically, Act 1 Bonus Wave loot drops will increase in quality after you defeat Demon Lord, and Act 1 and 2 Bonus Wave loot drops will increase (again) after you defeat Goblin Mech. Activating Hardcore and/or Rifted further adds to the quality of Bonus Wave loot drops on all maps.

That’s Bonus Waves, Defenders!


Like we revealed on our Friday Funday stream, Episode 1 ramps up DDA’s difficulty with a new Tests game mode, Rifted Portals, and Bonus Waves that reward you for your hard work. Once we have this content in place, we’ll be able to expand on it in future episodic content. This is just the beginning!! We can’t wait for you to try it all out and pick up some awesome gear at the same time.

We haven’t announced the release date for Episode 1 yet that includes all of these additions, along with the new heroes, new maps, and an overhaul of gear, but be on the lookout on our social pages. We love sharing that kind of exciting news on those pages first!

Console Update

We want to reassure you all that DDA ports for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 AND PlayStation 5 are still very much under way. We’re still working hard on getting Nintendo Switch through the Lot Check process, fixing bugs, and prepping it to be live for you all while also knocking out Episode 1. The Switch version will be completed and released before PlayStation, but we are aiming to have DDA on all consoles by the end of the year.

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[CG] Brittani


On the May 14th stream we continued our string of reveals. Previously we’ve shown off the new Maps (The Mill, The Outpost, The Keep, and Foundries and Forges), the new heroes (The Warden and The Rogue), some new weapons (The Woodland Set), and even the new enemy (The Lycan). Those are just some of the things being added to the game, but now it’s time to get into some of the new features coming to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. Let’s start with a big one — GEAR!


Gear is getting a major face lift in Episode 1, and for a lot of reasons. We’ve been taking a heavy look at what players are doing with gear, how well they understand it, and what that means for metas. Currently, the meta is boost-only to succeed. Boost builds are fun, but they shouldn’t be the only way to experience the game. We’re going to keep boosting viable, but we’re also going to add options to help give our ever-expanding roster of heroes and content more ways to be enjoyed and conquered (respectively).

Stat Changes

There’s a lot to unpack here, so first let’s get into the changes that are coming. We’ll focus first on what’s being removed, what’s being added, and last the additional systems that are added that are built off this new foundation.

Stat Removal

On our May 7th stream we talked about removing Ammo and Reload from the game as a concept so that heroes using Crossbow weapons weren’t hindered when choosing to play with a crossbow wielder. Here’s a total list of what we’re removing from items, and what’s going to happen with them:

Ammo and Reload Speed
As previously mentioned, they just weren’t fun mechanics. They punished early players and scaled so high they didn’t matter to late game players.

  • New: The Huntress gains the ability to shoot an arcing explosive that deals damage to enemies hit. If the Huntress is in the explosion radius, she gets launched based on her orientation to the explosion. Rocket jump!

This stat capped out at 100, meaning that a lot of players with 1000’s of agility because of gear rolling all the stats were getting punished for every decent agility roll on gear.

  • New: Agility cannot be upgraded, but instead scales from levels 1 - 50, with 50 giving the player the equivalent movement speed increase of 100 agility from before Episode 1.

Not all heroes who use swords block.

  • New: Block is an ability that statically scales based on the source of the attack, with smaller enemies taking less block resource and stronger enemies taking more.

Another stat that caps out pretty quickly and ultimately takes power away from gear.

  • New: Casting now scales based on your hero level up to a cap. The higher your level, the faster you build, repair, and upgrade defenses.

Charge Rate
Another stat that was a little too complicated to understand.

  • New: Now is baked into abilities that charge (i.e. Apprentice Secondary Attack)

More stats that people weren’t upgrading or cared to receive.

  • New: Now scales off specific weapons innately.

Melee Attack, Ranged Attack, and Elemental Attack
The difference between these has always been confusing as to which ones to upgrade for players. Veterans might understand what to do here, but it's not really clear. As a result:

  • New “Damage”: We’ve decided to just merge these into one type “Damage”. That means if an elemental weapon drops, there’s one source to upgrade that guarantees you’ll be doing more damage. This new approach will keep damage scaling the same as before.

Projectile Count (Polearms)
We removed this stat as it pretty much locked polearms to only the Monk, unless any hero we made in the future used ranged fire as their secondary stat.

  • New: Projectile Count for the Monk now scales with their level. Early in the game you have a single projectile, and then after a continued progression it’s permanently set to 7 projectiles.

Projectile Speed
Upgrading this actually made some weapons unusable because their projectiles moved so quickly that they would not hit enemies.

  • New: Now this stat is set on a per weapon basis, meaning some weapons shoot faster or slower than other types.

Skill and Boost
These two have been pretty hard to describe what they do for a lot of players, and they also lock us into this idea of new heroes always having both, or having to disjointedly say “ability two is for boost” or “Carnage on the Rogue scales from boost”. There’s a lot more we could get into here, but the TL;DR is that they weren’t intuitive.

  • New “Ability” stat: Ability is just Skill and Boost combined and are incorporated into the scaling of any ability a hero uses. Previously playing a boost Apprentice? Well now you can go drop mana bombs that pack a punch while keeping your boost build going.

That’s a lot of changes that were made as the result of us heavily investigating gear, looking at player profiles, watching streams, watching video guides, and surveying players. We really dug into what players want and the best way to provide that. We’re not stopping there. We’re going further. Let’s talk about some new stats that are coming.

New “Crit” and “Crit Scaling” Stats - Melee Only
This stat is not a new concept to players, but the way it's implemented might be. We wanted to give melee heroes a chance to compete with ranged heroes. Ranged heroes have projectile count that deals multiplicative damage that’s not split amongst projectiles, and get to send a barrage of attacks to enemies while not having to worry too much about taking an axe to the face. Melee heroes however have to focus on avoiding too much damage, getting in and out, and not having as high uptime on dealing damage.

Critical strikes help bring balance to this difference. Melee heroes do have the advantages of cleaving, but in the late game projectile counts more than make up for that bonus. Critical strikes are a chance for us to make playing a melee hero a lot more fun. Critical strikes only apply to primary attacks and not abilities. As this is a new stat coming in with a lot of changes, we want to make sure it's powerful enough to balance the scales. Wow, okay, that was a lot to write about stats, but these are huge changes coming to items that we really need to explain as a foundation. But wait, there’s even more — let’s get into some item changes!

Item Changes

Now that we have stats laid out, the presentation of these stats is going to change. As previously mentioned, a lot of players felt forced to only play with their defenses. We think that’s a great way to take on challenges in DDA, but it shouldn’t be the only way to play. Instead of forcing players to choose between a defense-focused hero only and a damage-focused hero only, we’re going to let you do both.

Stat Locations

Where stats show up changes within this update and we wanted to provide a breakdown of their new homes:

Hero Stats

  • Damage: Weapons, Pets
  • Attack: Weapons, Pets, and Offhands
  • Ability: Weapons, Pets, and Offhands
  • Vitality: Weapons, Pets, and Offhands
  • Armor: Helmets, Gloves, Chest, and Boots
  • Firing Solution: Crossbows, Staves, and Pets
  • Projectile Count: Crossbows and Staves
  • Critical Chance: Polearms and Swords
  • Critical Severity: Polearms and Swords

Tower Stats

  • Fortitude: Helmet, Gloves, Chest, Boots, Masks, Bracers, and Brooches
  • Power: Helmet, Gloves, Chest, Boots, Masks, Bracers, and Brooches
  • Def. Rate: Helmet, Gloves, Chest, Boots, Masks, Bracers, and Brooches
  • Range: Helmet, Gloves, Chest, Boots, Masks, Bracers, and Brooches

One thing we noticed was people were managing a lot of heroes to do multiple things, sometimes the same hero to build and another version of that hero to damage. There was so much that required you to have to set up and maintain, keeping you from taking down enemies for that sweet, sweet loot. This now gives you two options to play with at the same time instead of one. The note we made earlier with Ability letting you drop a Mana Bomb while also tower boosting? This lets that happen more.

The end goal of all of this results in us balancing these items so you have the same tower or hero strength that you had before Episode 1, but now having the both. Your individual character’s strength doubles as a result of this, which is why you may have noticed “offhands” as a term describing where certain stats would appear.

This is a new item slot type that’s also kind of... not new. In order to really pack a lot of power into heroes and not bloat the strength of weapons, we decided to use a slot we have and make it more impactful. The Squire has a unique slot that has made it a little harder to balance him, and so looking at him we decided to unify this slot across all heroes. Now all heroes that do not dual wield weapons (Series EV-A and The Rogue) have an Offhand slot. These are as follows:

  • Ammo Pouch: Crossbow heroes
  • Shield: Sword heroes
  • Tome: Staff heroes
  • Whetstone: Polearm heroes

This is a lot of changes and balancing to improve player experiences and to open things up a bit when it comes to playing your hero in multiple ways. A lot of this is built upon a goal of ours: make gear more interesting. You may be wondering how removing stats, combining stats, and making stats native to heroes makes them more interesting. That part makes it simpler to understand what gear does and more ways to play for sure, but doesn’t really mean things are interesting. That’s where Item Effects come into play.

Item Effects

This is a new system that is coming to all gear in DDA. Item effects are unupgradable additional stats and effects that are applied on all your gear. For Episode 1, our goal is to lay it out as a foundational system that we are going to continue to build upon. The first iteration will be a bit simpler, with more complexity coming in future episodes.

What are Item Effects?
They’re additional effects that roll on your gear. There are a ton of these (with more added each episode) that should help boost your strength. Some only roll on specific item types, but this is something that’s easier to explain with examples than get into the weeds of it, so let’s look at a few types:

  • Stat types: These roll additional stats on pieces of gear that those stats could appear on.
    • Example 1 - “Increases your Power by X” rolls on armor and accessories.
    • Example 2 - “Increases your Attack by X” rolls on weapons and offhands.
  • Elemental Increases: These roll additional elemental damage increases.
    • Example 1 - “Increases your hero’s Fire damage by X%” rolls on weapons and offhands.
    • Example 2 - “Increases your defenses’ Fire damage by X%” rolls on armor and accessories.
  • On Attack: When using your Primary Attacks, these have a chance to activate.
    • Example 1 - “Your Primary Attacks have X% chance to Enrage enemies for Y seconds”.
    • Example 2 - “Your Primary Attacks have X% chance to explode, damaging all enemies in range. Y seconds cooldown”.

This is just a brief look into what item effects are, but this doesn’t even come close to encompassing all of them. Item Effects allow us to now drop gear that lets players continue to progress playing through with less random base stats, but then have the ability to fully customize heroes by hunting down the right effects that bring a lot more unique power.

How does this affect my current character?
Going into Episode 1, we will be updating everyone’s gear to fit within this new system. Your current hero strength and setup should be maintained very similarly to how you currently perform, with the added bonus of your damage heroes being able to build and your builder heroes able to deal damage. We’re also working on having some specific item effects be included on this new gear as well, setting you up for a ton of success when Episode 1 launches.

To make sure everything scales correctly, upgrades are going to be changing since stats are being altered. As a result we’re going to be refunding you a plethora of gold based on your upgraded gear and removing the upgrades from this gear. This will let you then choose where to spend your upgrades within this new system. While it might take some time, we’re doing what we can to make sure it’s as easy and doesn’t make you feel that your previous decisions lock you out from taking part in all these changes.

Oh, you think this post is long? That’s too bad, because there’s even MORE. Let’s talk Set Bonuses. We’ve got them, you want them.

Set Bonuses

This shouldn’t come as a surprise entirely, as we’ve talked about adding more set bonuses in the future, and that’s what we’re doing here. Set Bonuses are additional stats and functionality that you get out of wearing pieces of a specific set at the same time. Previously in DDA, the only set bonuses gave item stat increases or turned specific defenses into Fusion towers. They still do, but now there’s more!

New Set Bonuses
The ones you’ve collected so far are still included, but we wanted to add some additional opportunities for you to build sets and customize your characters. We’ve got these broken into two different types that either increase your hero power or your tower power. Here’s two examples:

  • Erupting Defense: Increase your defenses’ Fire damage by X%.
    • Armor Set, 4 Pieces
    • Like Fusion gear, your item stats are still increased, but by a lesser percentage.
    • This increase will make your Fire defenses your strongest defenses for this hero.
  • Thundering Assault: Increases your hero’s Lightning Damage by X%.
    • Weapons, 2 Pieces (Weapon and Offhand)
    • New to weapons, but plays off elemental weapons you acquire.

There are more set bonuses that are thematic to what we’ve laid out here, and even a few that aren’t. However, since set bonuses have been focused on towers primarily for a while, we’ve decided to add a bit more fun and flair with Hero Weapon Sets.

Hero Weapon Sets
We wanted to offer new sets that allowed players to take advantage of how active they can be if they choose to. These new weapon sets only work on a specific hero, and aren’t specifically aimed at changing their gameplay, but instead provide some more utility to their abilities. For now, we’ll give you a taste of one:

  • Protean Cannon MK II: Protean Surge deals X% increased damage and ensnares enemies by Y% for Z seconds.
    • Weapon Set, 2 Pieces (Crossbows and/or Staves)

This is something experimental that we wanted to put out there. They’re a ton of fun to use and let players come up with even more unique builds and choices on how they play DDA. We’ll be looking to expand this system as we release additional episodes.

How you see and interact with all of these new additions is incredibly important. So without further ado, let’s start talking Inventory improvements.

Inventory Update

DDA has a lot of stats and things going on when it comes to items, stats, set bonuses, characters, etc. It’s a lot to take in and isn’t currently explained in the best way. That’s where Episode 1 comes in.

New Layout
We’ve optimized our layout so that everything is together, making it easier to understand what you’re doing within your inventory.


Just from this image alone there’s a lot to see. One of the first things we’ll note is that items and equipped gear are now next to one another making it easier to equip pieces both with mouse and keyboard, as well as gamepad.

Next you’ll notice at the top there are a plethora of bags. We’re adding additional iconography that allows you to change the visuals for your bags, making it easier to know what each contains based on your personal preferences. That means that you need to have specific filters for specific bags. We’ve got you covered:


Now it’s easy to customize your bag, setting the name of the bag, the image, the quality of gear, elements tied to gear, weapons, armor, accessories, and more!


Oh did you want better sort options that are easier to navigate? YOU GOT’EM


The fun doesn’t stop there. We’ve just begun to pull back the curtains that are the wonders of the new Inventory. Want the ability to select multiple items and choose to lock, unlock, or sell them? BEHOLD, MULTI-SELECT:


Want better ways to inspect pieces of gear? LOOK A FEW PIXELS DOWN:
Developer Note: Crit and Crit Bonus are only applicable on Swords and Polearms. Grenade Launcher listed here is incorrect and will not be able to roll those stats.


“Irradiate and Detonate? That’s not straight forward, what the heck do those even do?” PAGE OVER TO ACQUIRE THE KNOWLEDGE YOU SEEK!


“All these new items are great, but I wish I knew what I was upgrading and what it did.” WISH NO LONGER, FOR IT IS A REALITY WITH THE INSPECT BUTTON:



Wow that’s so much for the Inventory! But wait, maybe you’re asking “Weren’t there other tabs?” and you’d be right. The way character stats are displayed and upgraded are all in one convenient location on the Stats Tab:


And last, but certainly not least, is the Abilities tab. This explains what your abilities and towers do for your selected hero. We’ll continue to expand on this feature in the future, but for now it should be made more clear what your heroes can do:



Alright we’re exhausted, there’s no way there’s more. Oh wait. There’s so much to take in here, a lot of things changing, and a lot of things being added. Previously we were asked about having limited choices in the Hero Deck that make all the new things we’ve shown before this post somewhat harder to desire. Then the next topic shall be HERO DECK CHANGES!

Hero Deck Changes

We anticipate the need for the amount of heroes needed to go down compared to what players use now (with a lot of these item changes), but we also want to make things a bit more open and diverse. As we talked about it, and with the plan to add more heroes, we knew we needed to make some changes. First, let’s talk size.

Hero Deck Size
Now four heroes is great and all, but based on survey results, 95% of our players use 6 heroes at most. As we said, we expect the amount of heroes to go down (by at least 1), so when choosing a max, we wanted to accommodate adding new heroes alongside what players use. This made the decision pretty easy for us. So, in Episode 1, the new Hero Deck size is going to be SIX HEROES!

Hero Deck Incentives
Currently there are three hero deck incentives that affect players:

  • XP Shared across all heroes in the Hero Deck (this is on the UI)
  • Active Hero towers’ gain 33% increased damage (mentioned in the tutorial)
  • Fusion Set bonuses activate (not mentioned in game).

We surveyed players asking if they’d like to have more incentives to use the Hero Deck, and so here’s what is changing in Episode 1:


Experience points being shared among all heroes in the Hero Deck is nothing new, except you have 50% more heroes now that will benefit from it.

Active Set Bonuses and Item Effects accomplish two things. The first is that we wanted to provide a space for players to make unique builds with specific customization. We’re adding a lot and by having this in place we make sure players don’t feel pressured to have every hero with every combination incorporated into a single build. The second is that we are going to be working on additional systems that take the item effects system and turn it from 10 to 11. If we did not place this restriction, we would be locked in with only the item effects in this first iteration.

Lastly, for Episode 1, we’re removing the restriction of “Active Hero” gaining increased Tower Damage. This means that all of your Hero Deck towers will be gaining a boost to damage. We’re currently working through the balance of what that percentage is, but the goal is to give you more power, try more diverse builds, and give you more ways to win.


There was a lot covered here and a lot of this stuff is subject to change until we have it out the door. We’re excited to get all of this tested and out to you, OUR GLORIOUS DEFENDERS. This is the standard of what you can expect with Dungeon Defenders: Awakened development and our episodic releases. A lot of this work is going to be expanded upon with future Episodes that we’re excited to work on and share with you!

What’s Next?

Believe it or not, this isn’t everything. Next week we’ll have even more reveals for the stuff coming into Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Episode 1. There’s even a new update for Dungeon Defenders II being worked on. We’ve got so much going on at Chromatic Games and we are making sure this stuff is ready to go before we ship it out, but we promise it’s on its way!

Console Update

We want to reassure you all that DDA ports for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 AND PlayStation 5 are still very much under way. We’re still working hard on getting Nintendo Switch through the Lot Check process, fixing bugs, and prepping it to be live for you all while also knocking out Episode 1. The Switch version will be completed and released before PlayStation, but we are aiming to have DDA on all consoles by the end of the year.

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For Etheria!
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[CG] Brittani


During our dev stream last Friday, we mentioned this week would bring the biggest news yet. We weren’t joking! We’ve finally made it to the reveal of the brand new, never-before-seen hero coming to Dungeon Defenders: Awakened in Episode One. A couple of weeks ago, we revealed the Warden, who happens to be the spiritual successor of the Dryad. Who will be joining her in Etheria? The second hero goes by… The Rogue!

Now that you have a name (which some of you correctly guessed on our Twitter and Instagram posts), guess we need to tell you more about this new hero. Have we built up the excitement enough? We sure hope so. Let’s get to the learnin’!

New Hero: The Rogue


As some of you super sleuths guessed (was it the ears??), the Rogue is a highly trained elven soldier. The catch—he’s the last remaining elite warrior from an ancient elven army, meaning he comes ready to battle enemies head on as a melee and ranged dual-wielding hero. As a combat-only defender, the Rogue is agile, dashing in and leaping out of battle as he sees fit.

A lack of defensive towers does not mean the Rogue is without protection. Going Stealth activates invisibility and his arsenal of devices combine to disable, enfeeble, and slow your enemies’ advances. Let’s dive into the details of these attacks, abilities, and devices.

Attacks and Primary Abilities

Developer Note: All of these things are subject to change in regards to balance, functionality, and visuals.

Weapons of Choice: Dual-wielding: Melee (Right hand) and Crossbow (Left hand)

Primary Attack - Melee Attack: The Rogue swings his equipped sword, dealing damage based on the weapon’s stats.

Secondary Attack - Ranged Attack: The Rogue fires his equipped crossbow, dealing damage based on the weapon’s stats.


Primary Ability 1 - Swift Assault: Dashes forward and deals AoE damage once reaching his destination.

  • From Stealth: Hero throws a single deadly knife at an enemy, dealing massive single-target damage.


Primary Ability 2 - Disengage: Throws a spread of daggers forward dealing AoE damage and applying Rogue’s Mark to all enemies hit during attack. The Rogue leaps backwards out of the danger, providing a gap between him and his foes.

  • From Stealth: Daggers deal more damage and pin enemies to the ground, immobilizing them for a short period.

Devices and Utility Abilities

The Rogue has been specially trained for direct combat—a “fighter” some may say—and brings a preference for battling enemies with some very powerful tools. With this battle style, the Rogue does not build defenses, but instead this lone warrior comes equipped with devices that act as mobile traps that deal elemental damage and apply debilitating status effects to all Marked enemies during combat, regardless of the distance between defender and enemy. The Rogue’s Stealth also comes in handy for those moments when defenders want to surprise their foes, escape danger, or mark enemies from afar.

Developer Note: We wanted the Rogue to play like no other pure damage characters that we’ve made in other Dungeon Defenders games. We wanted him to feel like there was strategy in his abilities, similar to placing towers. He’s designed to fill the role of a special enemy killer, focusing down the strongest foes with both consistent and burst damage when you focus a specific enemy (with nearby enemies taking some hits being an added bonus). For our first non-building hero, he’ll have a lot of big moments and strategies similar to when a tower is beating down enemies, except you’ll BE that tower!

Passive - Rogue’s Mark: Marks are applied to a maximum of 8 enemies while using Swift Assault, Disengage, or attacks from stealth. The Rogue can then activate debilitating Devices on Marked enemies.


Device 1 - Arcing: Snares Marked enemies with nets of lightning, disabling their attacks and abilities, while causing attacks against them to deal additional lightning damage.


Device 2 - Napalm: Incinerates Marked enemies, dealing a large amount of fire damage over a short time. Enemies also take increased damage from other attacks and abilities from The Rogue while Napalm is active.


Device 3 - Noxious: Injects Marked enemies with a highly potent toxin that slows movement and deals poison damage while Noxious is active.


Utility Ability 1 - Stealth: The Rogue becomes invisible for a short duration. While invisible, the agile hero can Mark enemies with primary attacks, secondary attacks, and empower non-Device abilities. He cannot be targeted by enemies, but he can still take damage from their attacks if he gets within damaging range.

  • Riposte Buff: Using a non-Device ability breaks invisibility and applies a buff to the Rogue. This buff reduces incoming damage from all sources and deals his melee weapon damage back to attacking enemies for a short period.


Utility Ability 2 - Carnage: The Rogue throws a flurry of deadly piercing daggers, dealing AoE damage every half a second throughout its duration. Defenders can move while this ability is activated and it can be channeled until you’re completely out of mana.

  • From Stealth: AoE damage radius is increased and it breaks invisibility.

New Map: The Keep


Throughout the month of April, we’ve revealed one new map each week that’s being added to DDA in Episode 1 on our Friday Funday dev streams on Twitch. You’re definitely missing out on some of the best beans if you haven’t made it to a stream yet, but we can’t keep all the secrets to ourselves. So, LOOK AT THIS BRAND NEW MAP. It’s called The Keep and it’s as spooky in game as the picture suggests.

With the other three maps we’ve revealed as remakes of fan-favorites from other Dungeon Defenders games—The Mill, The Outpost, and Foundries and Forges—we wanted to save the best for last. These cursed grounds form a gigantic map. We mean that. It is HUGE. Don’t believe us? Watch the live playthrough from last Friday.


The Keep’s sheer size is a challenge in itself. Do you focus on pushing enemies into tight lanes to maximize AoE damage? Do you find the perfect hiding spot for your DSTs? Guess we’ll have to wait and see what The Keep has in store for defenders.

New Enemy: Lycan


Another big bean we revealed last week is the new enemy, the Lycan. As you can see from the picture, they’re certainly looking to bring more destruction to Etheria. Using the werewolf’s signature ability, “Howl,” the Lycan empowers himself and nearby enemies, while reducing the effects of incoming attacks.

Lycan enemies show up on each of the new maps, but they show up in earlier waves as you progress through Act 4. Are you up for the challenge? We sure hope so because Etheria needs you!

What’s Next?

We still have lots of exciting changes and updates coming to DDA that we’ll share with you all during our Friday Funday dev streams, including showing off the Rogue this week! We’ll post a reminder on social media, but make sure to head over to Chromatic Games’ official Twitch page this Friday at 3PM EST to hear all the juicy B E A N S we can’t wait to spill.

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[CG] Brittani

#MayThe4thBeWithYou, Defenders!

We know the power of the dark side is a constant temptation. To help you continue choosing the light, we’re giving defenders a FREE downloadable far-far-away themed wallpaper! Our heroes want to send a galaxy-sized “Thank You” for all your support in keeping Etheria safe through the years.


We’re feeling extra generous, so for a short time, all galactic-themed DD2 costumes (including the Very Far Away Bundle) are 50% OFF in the Emporium! The sale starts today and runs until May 5th at 8:00PM EST. The Emporium is the way… to great deals.

On top of these marvelous deals, one defender will win a code for DD2’s Very Far Away Bundle through our retweet giveaway! This galactic bundle features four costumes for our four original heroes: Dark Disciple Squire; Arcanatrooper Apprentice; Galactic Assassin Huntress; and Dark Shawl Monk. Make sure to head over to our Twitter post to “like” and retweet to be entered in to the giveaway.

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We’ve shown two maps in the past two weeks coming in Episode 1, and now we’re excited to present… ANOTHER MAP! Wait, sorry, we read that wrong, it was supposed to say A NEW DDA CHARACTER. Wow, that’s actually way cooler. Let’s get into it!

New Hero - The Warden


As hinted at in our April Fools Day “update”, we misspelled the hero name as The Andrew (an anagram for Warden, what a coincidence). A guardian of the forest that was banished to the realm our heroes find ourselves in, The Warden joins our roster to help push back the evils that stand in your way!

In our surveys and roadmap voting, the Dryad from Dungeon Defenders II was one of the most requested heroes. The Warden is her spiritual successor, using the powers of the forest to take down any foe that approaches. Let’s dive into the abilities and defenses for this guardian of the grove.

Attacks and Abilities

Developer Note: All of these things are subject to change in regards to balance, functionality, and visuals.

Weapon of Choice: Polearm


Primary Attack: The Warden swings her mighty polearm like a scythe clearing a field, destroying foes that stand before you in melee range.

Secondary Attack - Sprout: The Warden calls forth a sprout that erupts from the ground, dealing low AoE damage to nearby enemies, shooting a seed a short distance away.

  • Normal Form: Picking up the seed instantly regenerates 15% of the Warden’s mana.
  • Wrath Form: The seed grants increased damage and movement speed for 5 seconds.

Ability 1 - Mushroom Circle: Beckons forth a burst of mushrooms from the desired location.

  • Normal Form: Mushrooms heal allies within the circle, while slowing enemy movement speed and reducing attack rate.
  • Wrath Form: Enemies take damage while within the circle. After 10 seconds, the mushroom circle erupts, dealing damage and stunning all enemies within the circle.

Ability 2 - Wrath Form: Calls upon the power of the forest causing the Warden to surge with energy.

  • Wrath Form increases the strength of all The Warden's abilities and defenses while active, regardless of range.



Roots of Purity- Defense 1: Summons a blockade that can take a beating from enemies. Blesses the ground with the Zone of Purity around the roots that allows the Warden’s other defenses to be constructed. The Zone of Purity restores 1% HP per second to any hero within its coverage.

  • Mana Cost: 20 Build Mana
  • Defense Units: 1 DU
  • Wrath Form: The Zone of Purity becomes the Zone of Wrath, dealing damage over time to enemies within its boundaries, while also slightly reducing enemy damage.

Wisp Den - Defense 2: Opens a portal, pulling through three wisps that focus down enemies within its range, always prioritizing high-threat targets.

  • Mana Cost: 50 Build Mana
  • Defense Units: 4 DU
  • Wrath Form: Wisps become enraged, attacking enemies at a much faster rate.

Beaming Blossom - Defense 3: Grows a flower that collects solar energy that then goes crazy towards enemies within its range, shooting a continuous beam of pure solar energy that deals high damage before needing to gather more energy.

  • Mana Cost: 70 Build Mana
  • Defense Units: 5 DU
  • Wrath Form: The beam becomes magically empowered, piercing through enemies.

Shroomy Pit - Defense 4: A pit appears that spawns a Shroomy, a brave mushroom warrior of the forest. Shroomies don’t have a lot going on in their heads, and as a result they do two things. Idly stand still, and as they spot an enemy, charge legs first (they’re a bit off-balance) and explode into enemies, dealing damage in a large area.


  • Mana Cost: 40 Build Mana
  • Defense Units: 5 DU
  • Wrath Form: Shroomies enter their own Wrath Form, applying a damage over time effect to enemies hit by their explosion.

Sludge Launcher - Defense 5: Vines and logs are infused together, pulling in toxins from the ground, shooting out giant globs that explode on contact, dealing a large amount of damage to the first enemy hit and heavily coat them in sludge, lightly covering nearby enemies in sludge, slightly slowing them.

  • Mana Cost: 80 Build Mana
  • Defense Units: 7 DU
  • Wrath Form: If the Warden attacks heavily sludge-covered enemies, they can be stunned for 1.5 seconds.

We’ve discussed on stream quite a bit, which if you haven’t been watching you should join us on Fridays at 3:00 PM ET, the new maps and heroes we are adding to DDA. The goal is to bring back fan favorites, while also bringing in brand new additions. We’ve also got a lot of fantastic never used characters in our vault that we’ll be using as a foundation and reworking to give them new life as they make their way into DDA. The Warden is further proof we’re looking at adding in the things you, our GLORIOUS DEFENDERS, want to see in future DDA updates.


What’s Next

We’re going to be streaming The Warden THIS WEEK on April 23rd at 3:00 PM ET over on Twitch, showing off all of her nature-infused power. If you’re not able to make the stream, we post our VODs and a condensed version of the new info in a “Just the Beans” edit the following week on YouTube.

We’re also going to continue doing weekly reveals until Episode 1 is out in the wild, so there’s a lot to look forward to. With all of this going on, we’re still continuing our Nintendo Switch and PlayStation development. The console development takes the efforts of specific individuals, so while we’re showing off all the episodic content we’re working on, rest assured that we’re still diligently working on getting DDA onto the remaining promised consoles.

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Every day we inch closer to releasing a lot of the awesome hard work that many of us here at Chromatic have been focused on in order to get some great content out to you all. That also means we inch closer to revealing a new part of Episode 1. Oh wait, that’s today! Let’s get into it.

New Weapons - The Woodland Set

What would a new update be without new weapons? These aren’t all of the new weapons you’ll be seeing in Episode 1, but they are pretty friggin’ awesome! They are themed around the first two maps, being more focused on a living forest.


Bonus, there’s one in 3D. You’ll have to wait for the episode to release in order to see the rest!


Maybe they have something to do with our next hero? Nah, probably not. They’re just cool runic weapons from the woods, don’t need to think about it past that at all.

New Map - The Outpost

As previously mentioned, we’re focusing on remaking some of our previous maps with some changes to gameplay, while bringing in a brand new map as the boss map of the episode. The Outpost is following that formula. The Outpost is a remake of the Drakenfrost Resort map from Dungeon Defenders II, a map that not many people have had the opportunity to explore and defend. It hangs on a cliff, overlooking where you’ve previously come from, and acted as a barracks of sorts to keep soldiers of Etheria stationed outside of town, with a giant belltower to warn of incoming threats.


One of the things we wanted to do with these maps in this act is have a seasonal shift as you play through them. You’ll notice a dramatic shift and change in the season and tone as you progress onwards and fight the enemies that await.



These maps are some of our favorites visually, and there’s still some you haven’t seen. There’s so much you haven’t seen yet… Maybe we’ll shake that up next week a bit. Maybe. Probably. Just look out early next week for some B E A N S. That’s the “What’s Next Section”. Watch, we’ll put all of that there.

What’s Next

These maps are some of our favorites visually, and there’s still some you haven’t seen. There’s so much you haven’t seen yet… Maybe we’ll shake that up next week a bit. Maybe. Probably. Just look out early next week for some B E A N S. See, we did it. This is a callback to the previous paragraph. Something about these forests is driving us a little crazy.

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We’ve been talking a lot about what’s to come in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened future, teasing at various bits here and there, and by making this sentence even longer, we’re still teasing more just putting off the inevitable of what’s coming your way.

Real quick, let’s talk about how Ramsters came to exist. Hamster and ram? That doesn’t even make any sense! Oh wait, you probably wanted to talk about the first thing. Okay, time to talk about the first thing. Let’s get into it.


Now what the heck are Episodes? Well in short, they’re our FREE major content updates, but MCU was already taken (you may have heard of it), so Episodes it is! We covered the “in short”, so now it’s time to describe the “in long”.

An Episode continues the story of our heroes adventure but it also does a lot of other things, specifically they ADD A LOT OF NEW CONTENT.  But what is “content”, where does it come from, and does it truly exist? To answer in reverse order, yes it exists, we make it, and that first one is too philosophical, and we’re sure you want to get right to the good stuff.So let’s talk about what you can expect.

New Maps

In each episode of Dungeon Defenders Awakened you’ll be receiving four new maps that increase in difficulty off the base campaign. We’re following a formula for the new maps where we provide a brand new map as well as recreate three fan favorite maps. Maybe we’re going to show off the first one later on in this post (spoiler: we are).

New Enemy

With each episode, there will be a new enemy that comes into the fray. The new enemy will be similar to the nightmare enemies, bringing in new mechanics that you’ll need to thwart in order to achieve victory.

New Boss

The last map of each episode contains a brand spankin’ new boss. These are similar to the previous bosses, requiring more active hero combat to take them down. They will be thematic to the content that we’re releasing, as well provide unique and thematic loot.

New Heroes

Yes, that’s correct, PLURAL. Each episode contains two heroes, with one hero being a throwback to a previous hero, and the other being a completely brand new hero. These heroes are meant to stand on their own and feel wholly unique from one another.

New Gear

We’ll be providing a slew of new gear that continues to follow previous item progression. There’s also a ton of fun stuff we’ll be adding (that we’ll get into in the coming weeks), that we’ll continue to build off of. Stay tuned for more info!

New Features

This is going to be super nebulous, but there’s a lot of stuff we’re looking to add that really makes your journeys in Etheria a lot more exciting. More to hunt, more to do, more to conquer, more more more more more!

Quality of Life, Overhauls, and Polish

We’re going to be addressing a lot of systems in the game that were put into a “good enough” state for our release, and getting them into a “great enough” state, if that’s a thing. For our first episode, this means overhauling the inventory and item tooltips (which we’ll be showing off in the coming weeks).

Bug Fixes, Balance, Etc.

This is the stuff you normally see in patches, but of course it’ll be included in our Episodes as well. We’ll continue to get out patches to address these things.

Supporter Packs

With each episode, we will be offering a supporter pack that players can purchase. These things offer cosmetic only items that apply to weapons and accessory slots. Since the episodes are free, we’re offering this as players have asked us for additional ways to support our development, and we thought this would be the most fair way to do so.

Episode 1

We’re going to be showing off pieces of the episode over time, and what better time than right after explaining what’s in an episode?! How about a piece of the first episode? Sounds like a good idea to us, so without further ado, here is the first map of Episode 1: The Mill.

The Mill


The Mill is the first stop the heroes make upon leaving the castle to continue their journey. They enter a bright and vibrant forest that used to be used to provide lumber and materials for building the castle and nearby towns. Though it seems calm and peaceful, an army of enemies awaits to prevent our heroes from pushing onward with their journey.



If you squint REALLY hard you’ll notice that this map is a remake of a fan favorite, and highly requested map, Mistymire. We made a couple of changes to make building defenses feel better, as well as modified some lanes to make things play out more smoothly. During the last wave, this map will also introduce our new enemy for the Episode. We’re wanting to make sure that as you play through the maps of each episode, you’re introduced to a new enemy over time while taking on potentially new mechanics depending on your game mode.

What’s Next?

We’re going to continue to reveal more and more about Episode 1 over time, with the goal of revealing something new at the end of the week, every week. If we run into any issues, we’ll let you know, but everything is coming together, so it’s time to start showing off some of our hard work. We hope you enjoy it!

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The Dungeon Defenders II update you’ve been patiently waiting for is here for Steam and Xbox (with PS4 releasing after we pass certification)! In our update preview post, we let you, our glorious defenders, in on some of our juicy secrets, but of course we had more up our sleeves. It’s time to throw away those parkas because winter is gone—don’t worry, though. Ol’ Peepers will be there to spread the gift-giving spirit YEAR ROUND. We also fixed a ton of bugs, nipped a bunch of exploits in the bud, and introduced lots of new bundles for heroes and items. Now, let’s get into all the deets!!

Winter is Over

The great thaw has begun and we will finally see an end to the polar vortex that ran amok on the Town Hub of our beloved Defenders. The Winterfest Tree and Father Winter have gone into hiding, the snow has finally melted away, and there appears to be a new character who has taken up residence here.

New Daily Login Rewards and Ol’ Peepers


Ol’ Peepers is a long-time friend of the Etherians and is finally ready to venture into the urban lifestyle this update. He’ll be delivering daily gifts and consumables for the low low price of 1000g to the good Defenders visiting the Town Hub ALL YEAR LONG. Along with the gifts you all normally expect to see when you log in daily, Ol’ Peepers will also have a chance to drop Carnival consumables. What kinds of Carnival consumables, you may ask? Check them out:

  • Trust me Disguise
    • Gives the player the ability to deal 1.25x more damage for a limited time.
  • Lucky Bunny Mask
    • Gives the player the ability to jump 1.5x higher for a limited time.
  • Rainbow 'Fro
    • Gives the player the ability to spawn cat projectiles for a limited time.
  • Snow Liger
    • Gives the player the ability to go 1.25x faster for a limited time.
  • Imperial Grin
    • Gives the player 25% extra damage resistance for a limited time.

Introducing Two New Shards and a New Pet

Keep an eye out for the Lava Warrior Shard and the Boosted Beam Shard, newly added to the game. The Lava Warrior shard generates additional lava charges on successful melee attacks, bolstering the abilities of our Lavamancer. While the Boosted Beam Shard will increase the damage boost given by the Buff Beam, an exciting addition to EV-2’s arsenal.

Also, hidden among the loot of the Wyvern Den Prime Incursion is a Crystalline Betsy!

New Bundles


Let’s get pumped for some ridiculously awesome hero bundles! We felt our current offerings didn’t meet all defenders’ needs, so we went back to the drawing board and came up with a more player-focused approach to bundling that will get you more bang for your gems. Have you ever wished for the Dryad to magically pop into your hero inventory, or had your younger sibling spend all your gems behind your back without adding the must-have Gunwitch? Well, you’re in luck because our All Heroes Bundle will get you both the Dryad AND the Gunwitch AND so much more.

If you’re adding new heroes to your plate, you’ll definitely need some skins to customize your vibe. There are several new hero skin bundles to choose from now, including “Heating Up” with Molten skins and “Out of This World” with Galaxy skins. Here is the full list of new bundles:

All Heroes Bundle

  • Contains the Abyss Lord, EV2, Gunwitch, Lavamancer, Mystic, Dryad, Initiate, Adept, Barbarian.
  • Available for 3,200 gems for a limited time.

Hero Skin Bundles

  • Legendary Guardian Supporter
    • Contains Guardian of Fire Huntress, Guardian of the Molten Citadel Squire, Guardian of the Dead Apprentice, Guardian of the Storm Monk.
  • Technological Upgrade
    • Contains EV2 Mark 3, Techwitch Gunwitch, and Cybermancer Lavamancer costumes.
  • Heating Up
    • Contains the Molten Master Abyss Lord, Molten Juggernaut Lavamancer, and Doomfire Regalia Adept costumes.
  • Out of This World
    • Contains Galaxy Apprentice, Galaxy Squire, Galaxy Huntress, Galaxy Monk costumes.
  • Very Far Away
    • Contains Dark Disciple Squire, Arcanatrooper Apprentice, Galactic Assassin Huntress, and Dark Shawl Monk costumes.

New Tower Skins

You asked for more tower skins, and we’re delivering with this Hypno Tower Skin bundle! We teased these on our social page yesterday and they’re now ready for defending. Look how perrrrrty they are (pic below) - how could you NOT grab these, like, right now? The bundle will include skins for all towers and defenses, so no excuses allowed.


We know defenders are yearning for more tower skins. Rest assured, we’re experimenting with other fun looks and hope to keep the good vibes going with more new tower skins in the future.

New Shards

The addition of the Shard Shop was such a huge success that we wanted to bring even more player-requested bundles to this space. Introducing brand-spanking-new bundles for the most in-demand shards in Etheria! Which bundle are you most excited to grab first?! That’s a serious question—we can’t decide which one to grab first for ourselves.

  • Starter Defense Shard Bundle
    • 5 Destruction, 5 Fortification, and 5 Defensive Critical Damage Shards
  • Advanced Defense Shard Bundle
    • 5 Deadly Strikes, 5 Defense Rate, and 5 Defensive Critical Strike Shards
  • Starter Hero Shard Bundle
    • 4 Speed Boost, 4 Construction, 4 Worm Scarf, and 4 Bulwark Shards
  • Advanced Hero Shard Bundle
    • 4 Critical Strike, 4 Inspiration, 4 Channel, and 4 Jackpot Shards
  • Golden Destruction Bundle
    • 11 Destruction Shards + 300,000g
  • Golden Fortified Bundle
    • 11 Fortification Shards + 300,000g
  • Golden Damage Bundle
    • 11 Defensive Critical Damage Shards + 300,000g
  • Golden Speed Bundle
    • 11 Defense Rate Shards + 300,000g

Persistent Tower Option

The excitement is real with this new quality of life update. With the Persistent Tower option, you can summon, upgrade, and sell towers by only activating each button once! We tested this out in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened and it’s been a huge success with the community. It was kind of a no-brainer for us to add it to DD2, as well. Can’t wait to hear how much you all love it!


This option will be on by default, but for those players who want to maintain the original tower placement/upgrade/sell experience, there is a menu option in Options under Gameplay called “Persistent Tower Interaction” that you can uncheck.

Balance Changes

We love hearing from the community about the good AND the not-so-good because it helps us make Etheria as enjoyable as possible for as many defenders as possible. With this, we’ve been listening to your feedback and fixed a bunch of bugs and issues reported by our dedicated defenders, and added in some fun elemental combinations to keep the game new and exciting for defenders of all levels. We also toned a few things down that were a bit too strong from overwhelming player feedback.


  • Maps
    • Onslaught
      • The Draken Lord no longer appears in Onslaught.
  • Mods
    • “Anti-” Mods
      • Damage has been reduced by 23%.
    • Controller Servo
      • Damage reduced by 16%.
    • Shocking Revelations
      • Is now “Stunning Revelations”
        • Now deals Magical Damage instead of Storm Damage.
        • Damage has been increased by 200%.
        • Now stuns for 2 seconds.
      • You can now include servos while using this mod.
  • Shards
    • Draining Strikes
      • Damage reduced by 75%.
      • Is now Multiplicative instead of Additive.


    • Pet damage now scales off Gear Score.
    • Rebalanced ALL pets!
      • Upgrades have been buffed.
    • NEW Crystalline Betsy Pet!
      • Can be found in The Wyvern Den Prime Incursion

    Elemental Combos

    • Fire and Oil Elemental Combo
      • Now melts enemy armor, increasing the damage they take from all sources by 25%
    • Ice and Earth Elemental Combos
      • No longer require crushing damage.
      • Hitting a frozen enemy with earth damage increases the earth damage dealt and also stuns them for 2.5 seconds


    Abyss Lord

    • Fiery Brimstone
      • Damage increased by 200%.


    • Defenses
      • Hailstorm Tower
        • Reduced the animation to have higher damage uptime.


    • Abilities
      • Siphon Stance
        • Base healing value reduced by 50%.


    • Defenses
      • Harpy Tower
        • Reduced the animation to have higher damage uptime.
      • Hornet’s Nest
        • Increased the number of hornets on a single enemy to 6 from 3.


    • Abilities
      • Piercing Shot Cast animation time reduced by 35%.
    • Defenses
      • Explosive Trap
        • Reduced damage dropoff by 35%.
      • Geyser Trap
        • Radius increased to 800 from 400.
    • Shards
      • Explosive Surprise
        • Damage radius updated to reflect Geyser Trap buff.


    • Shards
      • NEW Lava Warrior Shard
        • Lava Warrior Shard generates lava charges on successful melee attacks.

    Series EV-2

    • Defenses
      • Buff Beam
        • Increased the collision radius by 100%.
      • Reflect Beam
        • Damage done reduced by 80%.
        • DU cost per node is now 10.
    • Shards
      • NEW Boosted Beam Shard!
        • Increases the damage boost by the Buff Beam.


    • Shards
      • Unholy Fire
        • Damage increased by 81% and now scales off of armor.

    Bug Fixes


    • We have fixed several game-breaking exploits to make the DD2 world a better place. Like a lot of them. Like building way more than you should, getting too many hyper shards, upgrading exploits, and more.
    • Fixed an issue where Grave Infection and Frostfire Remnants were stacking.
    • Fixed an issue where players could kill other players in Hubs.
    • Fixed an issue where locked mods could be moved to other weapons.


    • Removed Gilding for Hyper Shards.
    • Fixed an issue where Grave Infection was dealing too much damage and dealing a second set of 1 damage ticks.
    • Fixed an issue where the Shackled mod did not work on normal Assassins.
    • Fixed a bug where the Geyser trap’s VFX was not scaling properly.
    • Fixed an issue where Ancient Power no longer resets Hyper Shard progression.
    • Fixed an issue where defenders could not play Floor 480.
    • Fixed an issue where Harpy Tower would continue to fire after being stunned.
    • Fixed a collision issue with Material Conversion Vendor.
    • Fixed Ascension Monk’s Boost percentage.
    • Fixed an issue where Oil Geysers were slowing Friendly players.
    • Fixed an issue with the shard shop persisting tooltips when the page changes.
    • Fixed a performance issue when using items with passives.

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    A new day, a new chance to talk about everything going on in hallowed halls of Chromatic Games. We’re still working from home, so some halls might be dusty or cluttered, but hallowed nonetheless. There’s a ton of exciting news for us to talk about regarding all of our work (some of it is meh, but who cares, it’s news anyways). Let’s get into it!

    Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

    It’s no secret that a lot of you are hungry for all the new things that we’re going to be doing. Internally, we discussed showing these things over time, to not only keep anticipation up for what’s to come, but to also make sure things were in a ready state to share so that it avoids frustration if the systems change to something else (things other studios do to avoid player frustration). We’re throwing that OUT THE WINDOW and we’re going to discuss the next episode of DDA in its entirety. Slap on your helmet, it’s going to get wild.

    Episode 1:  Swampy Jim’s Revenge

    Previously, Mistymire was a really adored map due to the scenery being very familiar with that of northern Florida (where we are based). We thought “what if we went DEEPER into the swamp” and did just that.

    New Map - Sludge Swamp


    Sludge Swamp is our new map. The entire map submerges all your characters and defenses in swamp and slows movement of both players and enemies, but it comes with a ton of elemental effects. For instance, due to methane leaks, any fire damage deals a larger explosion, that applies friendly fire. Electric damage stuns both players and enemies within an unknown vicinity. Poison damage can cause a sinkhole. It might be hard to see where traps are placed, but we felt that it was worth it for these awesome elemental effects.

    New Enemy - The Banjolier

    This enemy is an etherian who has been corrupted by the Swamp’s fumes and no longer recognizes humanity. Instead they only know of what they came into the Swamp with, most of them for some reason being banjos. The Banjolier begins to play his banjo, enraging enemies around him with how poorly he plays (he never took lessons). Please do not interrupt the Banjolier’s song, as he will ignore you and become even more enraged. The best way to deal with him is to give him the new “Swamp Pop” popsicle bait that is hidden throughout the map, and he will go on his merry way.

    New Boss - Swampy Jim


    Sludge Swamp is actually the sovereign territory of Swampy Jim. His lineage is that of royalty from Etheria’s past, but they moved out into the swamp for tasty fish and haven’t looked back since. Swampy Jim is very territorial and is going to be standing his ground to push out the Defenders from passing through into other lands, to break free of the realm they are stuck in. Swampy Jim drives a fan boat powered by a gator, named Roberta, that spins its tail fast to propel the boat. He flies by, trying to hit you with his pitchfork, “Delores Jr.”, to make you go on and git. We’re currently working with a certain voice actor (fans of Rick and Morty might know him) to get the VO to be the best you’ve seen with your own eyes. Some people might claim it’s the Scavenger from DD2, but it’s not. That character has a hole in his left shoe, not right which is the trademark to Swampy Jim.

    New Hero - Wall Eweeji

    We know that blockades fall off, so we decided to make a new hero that has incredibly strong blockades that you would be a fool not to use. Enter Wall Eweeji, a witch doctor/etherian plumber wearing purple that builds every type of wall you could think of:  blockade that doesn’t deal damage, blockade that deals damage, the big two. His abilities are focused on being able to run quickly specifically to defenses to repair them. Mama mia that’s a lot of fun!

    New Hero - The Andrew

    There’s a lot of war going on in Etheria, so we wanted a hero that was focused more on peace, love, and flower power. We have a local hippie in town named Andrew, and so we made a hero kind of based around him. Flowers that fight for you, roots that trip up your opponents, and something to do with mushrooms blowing up or blowing your mind? We weren’t sure what he meant by that last one, but we’re keeping our rating, so it won’t be too crazy.

    New Feature - Taxes


    A lot of people have wanted additional reasons for gold, and given that April is here, and that a lot of educational institutions don’t include proper finance education, we figured why not gamify it and help teach people about taxes. Now when you upgrade your items, you will have to pay the Etherian Tax, which is roughly 15%. This allows us to introduce a new feature, that addresses a problem players have outlined, while also being educational. Awesome!

    New Currency - Chromie Coins


    Now, we’re trying to stay as hip as we can with bleeding edge tech, and thus we invented Chromie Coins. Chromie Coins are a new crypto currency that you can earn by running DD:A all day and night, even when not playing, to mine for Chromie Coins. Chromie Coins can then be used to upgrade your gear and bypass the new Taxes feature. How do Chromie Coins work you may be asking? They just do. Onto the next paragraph!

    New Game Mode - Auto Partier

    Some of the gaming trends that have popped up through the past couple years have been autobattlers and party games. We mix Tower Defense and ARPG, so we thought, why not mix those as well. Introducing Auto Partier, a revolutionary game mode that lets you pick your character to complete various platforming and detective puzzles, and then it plays for you! We’ve built over 100 levels that the game gets to play for you. It’s an experimental feature, so please give us a ton of feedback. One thing that we will not be changing is that you can use Chromie Coins to increase your chances of winning, as it feeds the AI that plays for you.

    New Gear - Backpacks


    We’re potentially teaming up with JanSport to introduce a new slot in the form of Backpacks. It’s not only a cosmetic slot that lets you choose between 3 backpacks that have your hero’s name embroidered on them (using the new Embroidicon technology in UE 4.25), it also adds an additional 5 spaces to your inventory. You can also acquire the deluxe backpack through DLC that DOUBLES your inventory space. Now that’s a deal!

    New Company - Monochromatic Games


    Imagine all your favorite Dungeon Defenders games, but in black and white, with audio that is described on title cards, going back to the golden era of game making. Well Monochromatic Games has you covered. Coming in a summer, you’ll be able to use circular slice and then have a title card say “AHHHHHH” *swoosh noises*, the way games were meant to be made.

    There’s probably more coming, but we forgot about it, so for now let’s just assume that’s all there is. Wow, cool.

    Bug Fixes

    There aren’t anymore, we actually got them all with the last update, and any reports moving forward will flag you as a hacker/cheater.

    Dungeon Defenders II

    We’ve decided that we’re going to sell Dungeon Defenders II to the team that makes the Persona franchise dance games. Dancing with the Defenders is what they’ve outlined their project to be, and we’re onboard. Sorry, this means no more DD2 development.


    That said we will be adding defender packs that you can purchase through ebay only that give you all new cosmetics that you might be able to use in Dancing with the Defenders! Now that’s epic.

    Social Defenders

    We have social media and you can follow it. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Musically, Myspace, Friendster, Stickam, MSNMessenger OR AOL Instant Messenger (not both),  and also certain newspapers. Follow us for a chance to win!

    As always thank you for your support and time, we feed them to the support lord and time lord respectively. They hunger, but soon, the day of determination will be upon us.

    Chrome Games



    We’re bringing you some news of a game that you may not have seen us post in a little while about. That game is… DUNGEON DEFENDERS II.  That’s right, we’ve got some development going on for DD2 that we’re excited to share with you. Some of the stuff you’ll see in the short term, some stuff in the long term, and along the way we’ll be getting your input to help us out.  Let’s get into it!


    First things first, the Etherian Polar Vortex has ended and you’ll soon have access to a snowless Tavern and Town Hub. Now you may be asking “WHAT ABOUT THE GIFTING TREE!?!?!?!”. Well never fear, we’re adding in a new feller — enter: Ol’ Peepers.


    Ol’ Peepers is a gracious old kook who will grant players a daily login gift. We’ll go into more of what his gift contains, as it’s been adjusted to be more focused on gameplay with some cosmetic pieces here and there.

    Player Friendly Pricing

    We’re introducing a slew of bundles for players looking to support DD2 through the shop, and we’re experimenting with bundles that are focused on being very fair to you, our GLORIOUS Defenders. This means hero bundles, costume bundles, and even a new tower skin bundle that has tower skins new to the next update!


    We’ve taken a nice pass to get some buffs going to really focus on the gameplay. Some things that were rate capped due to animations? NO MORE! Oh, and give a hearty “welcome back” to the shocking revelations (now named Stunning Revelations) and water mod combo, now with 100% more balance but 1000% more fun than it currently is. Also something about pets getting buffed, who knows... maybe it's a rumor, probably not.


    Last but not least, we want to hear about what your favorite things are and what your thoughts are. Fill out this survey to let us know and really help us in future development, and by completing the survey be entered for a chance to win a FREE costume of your choice. Retweet the survey (link here) for an additional chance to win!

    Bug Fixes

    A TON of them, including a lot of fixes for exploits and unintended bugaboos that have plagued the heroes of Etheria. Nothing to write about just quite yet, but we got out the swatter and squished a ton of those lousy bugs.

    On The Horizon

    There’s a lot of stuff that we want to do, and as mentioned, your feedback will be more helpful. We’re wanting to add all sorts of new challenges, maps, shards, mods, characters, and more for you to overcome, explore, and master respectively (some of those words could be mixed and matched and still make sense).

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    To stay up-to-date on the latest news from Chromatic Games and the Dungeon Defenders franchise, follow us on all our social channels:

    For Etheria!
    Chromatic Games

    [CG] Brittani


    Things are getting exciting here at Chromatic Games! With the official launch of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, we’re celebrating with even more good news—a Day 1 Update with LOTS of exciting changes to both Xbox and PC (this will appear as 1.2.1 on Xbox, but it’s actually Update 1.3). Last week we teased some of the additions, revisions, and fixes included in this latest update in our Update 1.3 Preview post. Now that it’s here, let’s break down what you can expect to see in Etheria after you’re all updated.




    We’ve updated the tutorial! With the addition of new tasks and tooltips, any player can enter the Deeper Well to brush up on their defending skills. Even the most experienced defenders can reap the benefits of a new tutorial, too. Everyone who makes it to the end of the new tutorial is rewarded with the exclusive Summoner’s Hood mask to show off their mastery of the basics!


    You’ll also notice there’s a new objective tracker part of the tutorial. Expect to see this throughout the entire game in future updates!

    Massacre Additions
    After completing the tutorial, defenders can now test their skills in the new Massacre levels within Pure Strategy and Mix Mode. These new difficulties introduce immunity-granting Siren enemies to the game modes, and defenders are handily rewarded for their successes. Here are the new loot details:

    • Quality of item drops was adjusted in Pure Strategy to be equal to Survival mode.
    • Quality of item drops was increased in Mix Mode at Massacre difficulty.


    Enemy Counts
    To improve performance for all defenders across all platforms, we felt reducing the number of enemies on all maps in Survival, Mix Mode, and Pure Strategy would do the job. We specifically focused on lowering the amount of our weakest enemies first—goblins, archers, and wyverns—because they were jamming up the lanes and unnecessarily dragging out the time it took to complete waves. After we were happy with the improved performance from those changes, we moved on to lowering the enemy counts in Survival Mode. With fewer enemies, we also adjusted wave schedules, which should result in dramatically faster wave times. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to see in the improved Etheria:

    • 70% reduction in enemy counts for Wyverns, Archers, and Goblins on all maps.
    • 50% reduction in enemy counts for Orcs, Mages, Warriors, Kobolds, and Spiders on all maps.
    • Adjusted wave schedules to decrease wave lengths.

    Did you think you were going to get away with fewer enemies without any catches?? Of course you didn’t. We wanted to make sure the difficulty levels remained relatively the same even with the reduction in enemy counts, so active enemies are now beefier, meaning each enemy’s HP has been increased to compensate for the smaller crowds. With such a big change, we’re going to monitor the community feedback to make sure players are happy with the new balance.

    Nameplates are looking nifty now. We added missing nameplates above some enemies, heroes, and crystals, as well as cleaned up the general display of nameplates in game. Players should see a significant difference in the quality of the displays with this change and have a much easier time keeping track of enemy HP, a necessary feature to accompany the increased HP of enemies. Cleaning these had some nice performance gains for all platforms, so on top of looking great, they are also helping make the game run better!


    Damage Numbers
    Get ready for some new and improved damage numbers during combat! Last week we showed you what changes were to come in this area, and now they’re finally here. Players should notice clearer and more consistent displays of damage numbers when attacking, and fusion hits on Rifted enemies will stand out with larger number displays. Like nameplates, we hit some optimizations here as well, so your performance is better while it’s also easier to read damage numbers than before.

    Limited Login Event - St. Patrick’s Day Reward!

    While today is already a super special day for us at Chromatic with the official launch of DDA on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, we haven’t forgotten it’s also St. Patrick’s Day. To celebrate, we’re giving out a special green-themed goody to players who download Update 1.3 and log in to DDA by Monday, March 22. This special gift will be available for PC players today through Monday, while Xbox players will receive the patch with this cosmetic in a few days. We’ll make sure to let the Xbox defenders know when they should expect their gift!


    Steam Trading Cards

    You read that right - we’ve got Steam trading cards for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened now. Because we’re feeling generous today, here’s a sneak peak of a couple of the cards you’ll be able to collect:

    FG-5zHYuZzSlB26zkOx5CFfVAIXaWITVFD02BCDh t2Q_XtPeBcinBd1Ov3U_70nTOqvtal-plVG93xmi

    Bug Fixes

    Along with all of the exciting changes mentioned already, we also fixed a whole bunch of bugs that were bothering players (or helping them a little too much…). Here’s are the fixes defenders can see in the game.


    • Adjusted mask positions to better fit heroes.
    • Fixed an issue where Steam Family Share accounts could play Online.
    • Fixed an issue where “WASD” keys still functioned as movement inputs even when replaced.
    • Fixed an issue where multiple players simultaneously swapping in heroes with Gem boosts allowed them to stack.
    • Fixed an issue where accessories didn’t fade out when cameras switched to first person while players were backed up against a wall.


    • Fixed an issue where enemies were stuck in Magus Quarters.
    • Fixed an issue where enemies were stuck in Endless Spires.
    • Fixed an issue where enemies were getting stuck in the Throne Room.
    • Fixed an issue where Sirens would not attack heroes.
    • Fixed an issue where Skeletons would not show they had full health when resurrected by themselves.


    • Fixed an issue where defenses were able to be placed above the spawn door in Glitterhelm Caverns.
    • Fixed an issue where defenses were able to be placed near the bottom of Lava Mines.
    • Fixed an issue where some tooltips would not appear after cancelling the placement of multiple defenses.
    • Fixed an issue where the inferno trap was not affecting enemies.
    • Fixed an issue where leaving and rejoining a match to let players place multiple Fusion defenses wasn’t working properly.
    • Fixed an issue where the Gem pet boost flickered on and off periodically.
    • Fixed an issue where traps with Use Scale after swapping would have a very small scale.

    Known Issues

    • Some players are crashing on Xbox, we're currently investigating the issue.
    • Some clients on Xbox are having issues healing. We're currently investigating this issue.
    • Using gamepad, players are having issues selecting the pet and bracer slot.
    • On gamepad, when pressing R3 (right joystick), your character's attribute allocation can get reset.

    What’s Next?

    While we’ll be monitoring this release and update, addressing any issues that may arise, we’re currently hard at work on getting our other ports for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation out the door to many eager Defenders. That’s not all, as we’re also getting a ton of work done on brand new content, including heroes, maps, enemies, and so much more! We’ll be getting word out soon to give all Defenders insight into what’s coming for DDA, and maybe a tease or two along the way.

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    For Etheria!
    Chromatic Games

    [CG] Brittani


    In less than ONE WEEK Dungeon Defenders: Awakened will be released on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One!! We are so pumped for that release and we wanted to add to that excitement by sharing other big news from the studio — we’re also rolling out the release of Update 1.3 soon! We’re currently getting this update certified for Xbox, with our goal being to release the update for both PC and Xbox players on March 17, DDA’s Xbox launch date. Check out what’s to come...

    What’s New



    One addition to the game we’re really proud to introduce is the new tutorial! We felt the old tutorial had room for improvement, so we’re adding more explanations on essential game-play features (like the hero deck) and giving new DDA players a chance to experiment with different heroes and defenses. This is just the first of many tutorial revisions and additions we’ll be adding to the game to help our newest defenders learn all they need to know to defend Etheria!

    PLUS, everyone who completes the new tutorial will receive a sweet reward in their inventory. We’ll share more about that at the time of the patch release ;)

    Massacre Mixed Mode and Pure Strategy

    At long last, we’re adding the Massacre difficulty to Pure Strategy and Mixed Mode game modes! Pure Strategy tests players’ defense-building strategies by removing hero combat from battle. With the addition of Massacre difficulty to this game mode, players will have to account for the Siren, an immunity-granting enemy. This will force players to figure out how to handle the Siren using only defenses before she’s able to boost the rest of the enemy field. In Mixed Mode, players will also see the Siren added to the enemy list, and will be rewarded appropriately with better loot drops than even Survival mode. Prepare those defenses, Defenders!

    Nameplate and Damage Numbers

    Like we mentioned during the dev stream last Friday, we’re making some big changes to the displays for nameplates and enemy damage numbers. These changes will add in some missing player and enemy nameplates, as well as increase the quality of the displays, including making the text and numbers clearer while dealing damage. Critical hits will feel more rewarding, with larger numbers to let you know when you’re doing that extra bit of damage. These numbers will be even bigger when you manage to snipe a weak point, so it's time to show off those skills!

    Check out how those in-game differences will look after the update:





    Enemy Amount Changes

    Game performance is an area we’ve been tinkering with for a while. To help boost performance, we decided that decreasing the amount of enemies on screen at once would be a great way to do that without impacting game-play too drastically. Most of the enemy reductions will come from weaker enemies, so you’ll see significantly fewer goblins and wyverns, for example. To compensate for the lower number of enemies on maps, all enemy strengths will be increased. Players will have a slightly different challenge with fewer targets, but this should hold the difficulty level.

    This enemy count update will impact game play on all maps and difficulties in Campaign, Survival, Mixed Mode, and Pure Strategy, meaning every player can go back and re-experience a brand new DDA!

    Optimizations and Performance

    With the decreased enemy counts and changes to displays while in battle, players should experience a cleaner battle, and especially so on the larger maps (e.g. Summit). Wave lengths will be reduced, and these changes will stem from adjustments to enemy release schedules and the reduced total enemy counts. Basically, we want to make sure every player feels they are being challenged, while also making sure the game runs smoothly and looks great all at the same time.

    Still To Come

    There are still many highly-anticipated features we’re working on and will add in future updates, including trading, cross-saves, and more. Once DDA Xbox release goes off, we’ll be able to spend more time prioritizing these features, while also working on our Nintendo Switch and PlayStation ports. We’ve shared some of the updates on these during our Friday Funday streams, but we want to get this down in writing for you all, too.

    We are just as excited as you to add trading to DDA, but we needed to step away from this project for a bit to focus on passing Xbox certification. After the Xbox launch, we’ll get back to work on making sure any trade system we add to the game is fair and safe for all players. Ensuring fair trades between players is a big task, but one we want to make sure is part of players’ experiences. Once we feel the system can’t be easily exploited, we’ll work toward adding support to setup sessions specifically for trading, buying, and selling items between players.

    We’re nearing the completion of the cross-save feature. It does require another separate Microsoft certification process, though, so the timing on that will depend on those outside factors. For the much sought-after split-screen feature, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us to make the UI and UX work well for all players during a split-screen session. When we add additional screens, the game has to work a lot harder to give each player their own unique area of play and we haven’t been satisfied with the way it’s all working together (or not working together…). When we’re happy with the way multiplayer functions AND looks, you’ll know!!

    Bug Fixes

    This patch will include a whole bunch of bug fixes too! We all know players’ favorite space to place DSTs is on top of the Glitterhelm doors, but you’ll have to come up with a new strategy now. We are fixing this bug and other similar placement-related issues on other maps. Lots of previously-stuck enemies will be given new legs, so they’ll make their way down the purple path once again. Along with these fixes, we’re addressing some exploits and inaccurate damage number displays.

    This is just a small preview of all of the revisions, additions, and bug fixes we’re planning in this next update, so stay tuned!

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    [CG] Brittani


    Have you ever wished you could show off your dungeon-defending side a bit more? Have you tried to tell your non-DDA friends about Etheria, but they just can’t “imagine” it? Well, we may have just the solution for all of you defenders. As a token of our appreciation — and in celebration of our upcoming Xbox release — below are downloadable mobile wallpapers of our four original Etherian heroes. Feel free to download your favorites or all of them, it’s our gift to you. Just be sure to let us know which hero you choose to feature on your phone first!

    Apprentice Wallpaper


    Squire Wallpaper


    Monk Wallpaper


    Huntress Wallpaper



    **Bonus question for all of you die-hard DDA defenders - do you know in which map you can find these stained-glass beauties?

    Social Defenders

    If you liked these wallpapers, there’s more where those came from! Be on the lookout for more giveaways and FREE goodies over the next two weeks and make sure to follow us on our social platforms to learn about them first.

    For Etheria!
    Chromatic Games

    [CG] Brittani



    Dungeon Defenders: Awakened Preorder for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One has started!! You can head over to the Microsoft Store to order it now: http://bit.ly/XboxPreorder

    If you’re not yet following us on Twitter or Facebook, today may be a perfect time to click that “Follow” button. Twitter and Facebook users have a chance to win a FREE copy of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on Xbox by simply retweeting or sharing our preorder posts. Luckily for you, we have the links to those right here:

    While you’re here, watch our new gameplay trailer that was released today!!



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    [CG] Brittani


    The time has come… We passed Microsoft’s Xbox Certification for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened!! With that, DD:A will officially be released and available to download on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles on March 17, 2021.

    Pre-order for DD:A will be available on the Microsoft Store beginning March 3.

    Qualifying Kickstarter and Xsolla Backers who chose “Xbox” as the platform for their Game Key reward will receive their digital game key in their emails prior to the launch date.

    Players will receive a day one update available at download that will bring the Xbox version up to date with the current PC game. These launch-day features include 15 Campaign maps that can be played on 7 different difficulty levels, along with the addition of Rift and Hardcore Modes that will challenge even the toughest Etherian defenders. Xbox defenders can play alongside friends with up to 4-player online co-op. Also, we have a patch coming shortly after release that has even more quality of life and performance improvements that weren’t able to make it in our initial release!

    Check out the official Dungeon Defenders: Awakened trailer for Xbox:

    There are a few features that are still being worked on that will not be available at launch, but will be available in future updates:

    • Cross-Platform Saves ⁠— We know this one is disappointing to not see at launch. While we’re working to have this available to all players as soon as possible, this feature requires an extra certification from Microsoft. This would have pushed our launch date back even further and we really didn’t want to do that.
    • Various In-Game Backer Rewards — In-game rewards such as Item Names and Enemy Names will be ready and viewable after the first post-launch patch mentioned above!
    • Split-Screen Co-op — This is another popular feature that players are anxiously awaiting and it will be available as soon as it runs smoothly! Adding split-screen is a difficult feature to incorporate because the UI needs to run cleanly and efficiently on multiple views. Right now we’re not satisfied with the way our split-screen UI functionality is performing, so we’ll continue to improve this feature until we’re confident it will work the way it’s supposed to for all players. Don’t fret, it’s on the way!

    Social Defenders

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    We can’t wait to introduce Dungeon Defenders: Awakened to our console defenders!

    For Etheria!

    Chromatic Games

    [CG] Brittani

    After two weeks of awesome recreations of Dungeon Defender heroes, enemies, and all the things in between from our super talented community, we’ve made it to our final week of Fan Art February!

    Before we let you loose for Week 3, we want to recognize one of our ADORABLE community submissions from MissHelenGD:

    Giraffe Treadmill.png


    I didn’t know I needed a heart-filled Giraffe on a Treadmill pet, but now I don't want to defend without it!! 

    Now onto our FINAL week of Fan Art February. Our last theme is Transmog Showcase Week! Show us your favorite Etherian-defending outfits and your baddest “walk-the-throne-room” look. As with last week, vote for your favorite submissions throughout the week and they may be featured on our own DD social pages.

    Just a friendly reminder - please keep submissions safely in the “E” rating zone (or G-rated if you’re more into movie ratings style). Artwork should be safe for eyes of all ages, and you will still need to follow normal forum rules :)

    Show us what’s been hiding in those hero decks!

    [CG] Brittani

    It's Week 2 of Fan Art February! 

    Here is a non-Internet submission from last week that we HAD to share with you all:



    This awesome Siren drawing is from Defender Erica. (Peep the signature in the bottom right.) Thank you for sharing your talents with this community!! 

    Now, onto Week 2! 

    With Valentine’s Day still on our love-stricken minds, the second week’s theme is Love is in the Air. Let’s see those Cupid-struck heroes, bosses, and giraffes. :classic_love::classic_love::classic_love: As with last week, submit your works in the comments below and vote for your favorite submissions throughout the week and they (or you) may be featured on our own DD social pages. 

    Just a friendly reminder - please keep submissions safely in the “E” rating zone (or G-rated if you’re more into movie ratings style). Artwork should be safe for eyes of all ages, and you will still need to follow normal forum rules :)

    Give us those hearts!! (And likes)

    [CG] Brittani

    Hello Defenders!

    Today is the official first day of Fan Art February! Last week we introduced the campaign in this post. The time has come to show off your DD-related artwork.

    The theme for this week is: Spring Cleaning.

    We know there are plenty of budding and professional artists in our community and this is your chance to unload all of the DD-inspired art you’ve been keeping to yourself! For the next week, you can submit your artwork below and the community will vote on their favorites by liking the comments featuring community-created artworks. The submissions with the most votes by end-of-day Sunday will be featured on Chromatic’s social media pages next week.

    **To make sure everyone can safely enjoy and participate in the campaign, please keep submissions safely in the “E” rating zone (or G-rated if you’re more into movie ratings style). Artwork should be safe for eyes of all ages, and you will still need to follow normal forum rules :Emoji_Huntress:

    Now, show us your stuff!! (Featured is Britt’s one-of-a-kind piece of “art” created specifically for you all. Names for this fabulous artwork are also welcome in the comments.)

    EV Fan Art Final.jpg

    [CG] Brittani

    Hello Defenders! It’s [CG] Britt here to get you excited about a brand new campaign I’m running for the community throughout the month of February. I’m calling it…


    For the entire month of February, CG pages will be soliciting different forms of Dungeon Defenders art from you - our wonderful and dedicated community. To be frank, I’m not what you’d call the “artistic” type - I really enjoy appreciating and sharing others’ great works, though. So, show us your skills! We want this all to be about you, our GLORIOUS community!


    How will the campaign work?
    On Monday of each week we’ll post a different art-related prompt on here and on Twitter and Instagram. Community members will be able to share their art for that prompt under the forum post for the entire week. At the same time, you’ll all vote on your favorites. The works with the most forum votes by Sunday evening will be featured on our Twitter and Instagram pages. We’ll include your social handles if you want that recognition, as well.

    That’s it :)

    Now, for the art schedule:

    • Week 1 (February 8-14) - Spring Cleaning. Here in Etheria there are no seasons, so every day can be Spring if we say so. Clean out your cloud and show us those DD pieces you’ve been keeping to yourself for too long.
    • Week 2 (February 15-21) - Love is in the Air. Valentine’s Day usually only comes once a year in Etheria. Why not make 2021 special with a WEEK full of heart- and love-themed art? :classic_love::classic_love:
    • Week 3 (February 22-28) - Transmog Showcase Week! Let’s see your best “walk-the-throne-room” look. (We all deserve to feel great while defeating Mech.)


    What’s your first masterpiece going to feature?

    [CG] Brittani

    Hi Everyone! My name is Brittani Sahm - the brand new Community Manager for Chromatic Games, and your personal insider to all the things going on in the studio. 

    Who am I? Before finding my way to CG, I was (and still am) a professor of public relations. My favorite part of teaching has always been learning about and talking with students, and I’m looking forward to reaching even more people through the many DD communities I’ll be in contact with as your Community Manager!

    I am a hit-the-ground-running kind of person, so the first thing I want to do in this role is learn as much as possible about all of YOU. The more I get to know each one of you, the better I can be in this role. There is a survey linked at the bottom of this post that brings up some of these questions: What are your favorite aspects of DDA? What are your favorite platforms for communicating with the devs? How many bad jokes can I reasonably make you listen to during my streams? (That is serious - Studies have shown that my jokes land 60% of the time, all the time.)

    I am a people person, and I will take my role as a representative for CG and the community seriously because I care about, well, people!

    I’ll share a bit more about my personal life, too. This may be obvious, but I am a gamer myself. If you look through my Steam or Switch libraries, you’ll find plenty of casual RPGs and simulation types of games (exactly what you’re thinking - Animal Crossing is in there), and my first gaming experiences involved playing anything Mario-related on Super Nintendo with my family. I love the nostalgic feeling I get when revisiting SNES Yoshi’s Island on my Switch now. All of this started with my parents’ love for video games that was passed down to me and my siblings - we grew up with my mom bragging about her sick Ms. Pac-Man skills from her arcade-playing days (she still likes to brag when she has a chance), and my dad making sure we had access to all the new consoles (we still have an Atari locked up somewhere).

    Because I’m a gamer, I understand the importance of knowing what’s going on with my favorite games and studios and feeling like I’m heard if I have a question or issue. I like talking to people, so this is something I’m quite passionate about. That is my strength as a professor, and that will be my strength as CG’s Community Manager.

    I could talk about myself for longer than you are probably willing to read, so I’ll stop for now and open the conversation up to you. What do you want to know about me?

    I’m looking forward to learning more about and engaging with this great community! 
    (On that note - If you have a few minutes to spare, please fill out the survey below. It would be a huge help for me to get to know more about the awesome Dungeon Defenders community.)

    Dungeon Defenders Player Survey

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