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  • [CG] Andrew

    Etheria Welcomes its Newest Community Manager: Me!

    By [CG] Andrew

    Hey Everyone!  I’m Andrew Bernard, and I’ve recently joined Chromatic Games as your new Community Manager! I’ll be working with everyone here to hopefully fill Britt’s shoes as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Thankfully, I’m coming into a well-established and close-knit community so I’m sure the transition will be seamless. I look forward to connecting with everyone!   A little about myself: I’ve been gaming since I was old enough to hold a controller, and I play most every
  • [CG] Andrew

    October 27th Episode 1 The Lycan's Keep Patch 2.1

    By [CG] Andrew

    DEFENDERS, Thanks to everyone who participated in the PTR over the past few weeks. Today we are happy to announce we are bringing those PTR changes live in our Episode 1, The Lycan's Keep Patch 2.1! In addition to the below changes from the PTR, we are also officially starting our Halloween login event. Anyone who logs into DD:A today through November 7th 11:59 PM ET will receive the Hallow's Evil Grin mask for their heroes!    Hallow's Eve Login Event From now until November
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    By [CG] LAWLTA

    DEFENDERS, Today we launched our Post-Episode 1 PTR to get some feedback from you, our GLORIOUS DEFENDERS, to help make DDA the greater every day. We’ve got some big hero buffs, changes to ability mana, secondary ability changes, and the Test of the Lycan being added. You’ll just have to guess what all has been changed. Actually, maybe we’ll just post the notes here. Yeah, that’s what we’ll do. Let’s get into it! How to Join It’s not too late to join the PTR build! We’ve received
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  • [CG] Andrew

    DDA Episode II Bazaar Map Reveal

    By [CG] Andrew

    DEFENDERS, We have been hard at work on DDA Episode II, and wanted to show off our colorful new map: The Bazaar! Here you will brave the onslaught from both enemies old and new as you protect Hammel the Camel (and sure, the core too I guess) at all costs! New Map: The Bazaar After defeating the Lycan King, the heroes traverse a great desert finally arriving at The Bazaar, the first map of Episode II! This map is a relic long forgotten, part of the same civilization that inhabited
  • [CG] Andrew

    November 10th PlayStation Port Update

    By [CG] Andrew

    DEFENDERS, Recently we have seen an increasing number of questions regarding the Dungeon Defenders Awakened PlayStation port. We felt that these questions deserved a more in-depth response so we sat down with one of our engineers, Lawson, and asked him directly!   Q. What's been the most challenging thing when developing for PS? A. One of the difficulties we face with PlayStation development is that we are using a modified version of Unreal Engine. To be able to submit to Pla

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  1. [CG] Andrew
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    By [CG] Andrew,


    Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful for you, and to show our appreciation we wanted to give back in the best way we know how: with a free steaming turkey mask! Anyone who logs in from now until December 8th will get our newest transmog, the Harvest Gobbler Mask! Don’t miss out!

    Thanksgiving Login Event

    Harvest Gobbler Mask (Gobble, gobble!)

    a1YDOKZ - Imgur.gif

    From now until December 8th, all defenders who login will receive the Harvest Gobbler Mask, unlocked through the Transmog UI. Make sure to hop on to get this absurdly tantalizing turkey mask before time runs out! Nintendo Switch players will get credit for this reward if they login during this period, and receive the cosmetic in our next Nintendo Switch patch.

    General Changes


    • Forest Ally Wings have been added for valid PC players that participated in the PTR and who filled out the survey

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed incorrect display format value for tower attack rates.

    What's Next?

    We are still working away on Episode 2, and will definitely be spilling some more beans in December! The DDA PlayStation port is still coming along nicely and will post more updates as we have them. 

    DD2 fans, we haven't forgotten about you either! We have more updates coming your way in the near future!

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