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    The Lycan's Keep Update is Live for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

    By [CG] Brittani

    DEFENDERS, It’s finally here! The Lycan’s Keep Update is live on PC/Steam and Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch (as of August 24th, 2021). We’ve been testing, revising, retesting, and re-revising this update for a couple of months. Now, we can’t wait for all Defenders to experience the big (and small) changes to Etheria. We don’t want to keep you in the intro too long, so get scrolling! Read about all the goodies (and new baddies) included in The Lycan’s Keep Update.

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    Last week, we discovered a way that Defenders can unintentionally flag themselves as a hacker since the Lycan’s Keep Update in Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. Today, we’ll be sending out a hotfix for this and resetting the hacker status on ALL currently flagged accounts.

    What does this mean for flagged Defenders?

    After the reset, all Defenders who were previously flagged as a hacker, regardless of prior actions, will no longer be flagged. As long as defenders’ accounts are clean from hacking modifiers, they will be able to join public online games normally.

    How does a Defender become flagged as a hacker?

    Some Defenders may still be flagged after logging into DDA after the reset due to modifiers on the account. Defenders are flagged as hackers when our anti-cheat system detects, well, cheating.

    When a Defender is flagged, they can no longer join public online games but can still join lobbies with other flagged players. This does not remove the ability for non-flagged Defenders to (1) enter flagged friends’ games or (2) allow flagged players to attempt to enter friends’ games. If non-flagged hackers allow either of these events, they will be flagged as soon as they enter a game with a flagged friend.

    We have some ways to help you avoid this, though. Read on!

    How can you avoid being flagged as a hacker?

    The easiest way to not be flagged is by not using stat modifiers and not allowing in or joining an online game with a flagged Defender. While this may seem easy, we know there are times Defenders don’t read a pop-up prompt or click too quickly or even misread the warning prompts. To avoid these mistakes as much as possible, we have some checks and balances in place, including automatically rejecting defenders from joining hacked sessions. For this situation, a prompt pops up to let Defenders know that the session they attempted to join was hosted by a flagged Defender. Defenders are automatically removed from the game and must change their settings to remove this automatic kick. (Please don’t do that!)

    Sometimes flagged Defenders try to join online games from their friends list. When they do this, the host will receive a pop-up warning saying that a flagged player is trying to join the game. From there, Defenders will need to press “NO” to remove them from the game. Please do not click “YES”! All Defenders in that game will be flagged after the session.

    Where do I go if I want to appeal my hacker flag in the future?

    Moving forward, Defenders who wish to appeal the hacker flag on their account can fill out our Hacker Flag Appeal form here: Appealing Hacker Flag - Chromatic Games.

    Filling out this appeal form does not guarantee Defenders will have their flag removed, but it does allow us to look into your account to see why you were flagged. (Basically, we can tell the difference between joining a game with a hacker versus actually hacking the game.) It’s also not guaranteed that Defenders will hear back from us about their appeal or the reason for the flag. If your appeal is approved and we remove your flag, we’ll let you know. Otherwise, Defenders will not hear from us.

    Please do not spam our DMs on Discord asking about why you were flagged! We’ll refer you to this post from now on. :)

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