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  • [CG] Philip

    Episode 2 Patch 1 Release live on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation!

    By [CG] Philip

    DEFENDERS, The long awaited Episode 2 Part 1 update has finally arrived! This update features a ton of new features and content such as The Summoner, Runes, Trading, New Defense Changes, 2 New Maps and more! Get ready as this is gonna be a long post! This update is currently out on PC Steam, Xbox and PlayStation! Unfortunately Switch will lag behind quite a bit until a later date.   The Outcast Summoner The Outcast Summoner, One of the most iconic heroes joins the battl
  • [CG] Andrew

    CM Andrew's Last Day

    By [CG] Andrew

    DEFENDERS, Hey all! I’m not really one for long, drawn-out, goodbyes so I’ll do my best to keep this short. I have recently accepted a position at another gaming company, and today is my last day at Chromatic Games. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your community with open arms almost a year ago. I have truly enjoyed my time here getting to know everyone, and doing my best to help in any way that I could make sure your voices were heard. I understand the timing here isn't great, espe
  • [CG] Andrew

    DDA Pre-Episode 2 Patch Preview

    By [CG] Andrew

    DEFENDERS, Recently we conducted a survey to gauge community perception regarding some of the potential upcoming changes in our first DDA Pre-Episode 2 patch. After going over your feedback, we have decided on several changes that we will be making in our next update that you can test in the upcoming PTR. Traditionally, we tend to speak more generally about theses changes, but today we wanted to champion some of the more specific feedback you have provided through our various channels!
  • [CG] Andrew

    DDA Pre-Episode 2 Patch 1 PTR

    By [CG] Andrew

    DEFENDERS, The Pre-Episode 2 Patch 1 PTR is now live, and we need help from our Defenders to test out these upcoming changes! As mentioned in the Preview notes, this PTR will be focused on the implementation of a handful of new features, continuing to improve the overall quality of life in DDA, and fine tuning some of the balance on defenses!   How to Join Are you excited to check out these changes early? Do you like giving your opinion in a meaningful way? Do you want an exc
  • [CG] Andrew

    DD2 Shifting Sands Update

    By [CG] Andrew

    DEFENDERS, Do you like new maps? Do you like some of your heroes getting some significant updates? If so, then we have the patch for you! In this update, we are bringing Tornado Valley to DD2 along with a bunch of new and updated abilities for the Initiate, Adept, Mystic, Series EV2, and Lavamancer. Let’s get into it.  New Region - Tornado Valley Fans of other Dungeons Defenders games will instantly recognize our newest DD2 region: Tornado Valley. This region will have 2 new maps, a

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    This is going to be a bit of a different PTR, Instead of testing new features this PTR is aimed at testing out early game changes. What that means is that going into the PTR you will be given a new profile and not a copy of your live game. Obviously this PTR is not going to be for everyone and this is really aimed at people who enjoy providing feedback to try and help improve the game.


    How to Join

    We want you to join the PTR! If you own Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on PC/Steam, check out our forum post that shows you exactly how to join!


    PTR Reward

    Given this is a smaller PTR test and the different nature of it we won’t be offering a new reward, but you are able to earn any of the previous PTR rewards if you are missing any. To get a reward you must play the PTR and fill out the survey located on the pause menu.


    You’ll be given the choice of reward in the survey. This includes the following rewards:

    • Forest Ally’s Wings
    • Eagle’s Wings
    • Crystalline Corgi
    • RGB Pumpkin Mask
    • A Giveaway entry for a Golden Corgi Pet Transmog


    Early Game Changes

    We've heard a lot of player feedback about the early game and so one of the main goals for these changes is to increase the difficulty of the early game to help better match the power level of players and entertain players who want a harder experience. At the same time our goal is also not to make the early game too difficult as some players do want a easier experience.

    That said here are the following changes

    • Hard is now unlocked from the beginning.
    • We’ve shifted all the difficulties down from Easy to Insane, What this means is the following:
      • Easy - The difficulty of what Medium used to be.
      • Medium - The difficulty of what Hard used to be.
      • Hard - The difficulty of what Insane used to be and slightly harder.
      • Insane - Is what Insane used to be but with higher enemy scaling to be a new middle ground between Hard and Nightmare.
    • Insane is now unlocked after beating Easy, Medium or Hard on Campaign Summit.
    • We’ve changed how progression unlocks work, the way it works now is the following:
      • If a map is unlocked on any difficulty, you can play that map on a higher difficulty without having to play it on lower difficulties first.  This should allow more freedom to play maps at the difficulty you want to without having to go back.
        • Example: If you’ve beaten The Throne Room on medium, you can play Endless Spires on any difficulty you have unlocked (Insane, Nightmare or Massacre) assuming you meet the requirements.
    • Removed gear level requirements until nightmare to allow players to equip the gear they are getting as they progress.
    • Decreased Nightmare Level requirement to 60 from 70
    • Decreased Massacre Level requirement to 80 from 83.
    • Added some new difficulty explanation popup for when you open the map select for the first time.
    • Maps are now hidden on the map select if you don’t have the difficulty unlocked and it explains why the difficulty is locked.
    • Increased IPWR on Swords and Polearms to help bring them in more in line with Staffs and Crossbows.
    • Greatly Reduced the amount of stats that item effects provide in the early game 
      • Ex: Armor was giving +50 Fortify on a piece that only gave +10 Fortify.


    Known Issues:

    • Rift Bosses haven't received health or increased difficulty changes.


    What’s Next?
    The PTR will run for over the weekend as this is a short playtest and doesn’t need long playtimes to test. After this we’ll look at the survey data and make any adjustments needed.


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