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  • [CG] HiggsBosonic

    Update 1.2 - Corruption of the Rift

    By [CG] HiggsBosonic

    DEFENDERS,We’ve been hard at work on great things here at Chromatic Games, and it’s time to let one of those things spread its wings and fly. Update 1.2 is now live and ready for you to hop right into! An insane amount of bug fixes, Rifted maps, Rifted enemies, new weapons, new gear, new accessories, transmog, and more are coming your way. Let’s cut the intro and get into it, there’s A LOT!   Update 1.2 - Enter the Rift We’re going to be splitting this update into two parts to make sur

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    Have you ever wished you could show off your dungeon-defending side a bit more? Have you tried to tell your non-DDA friends about Etheria, but they just can’t “imagine” it? Well, we may have just the solution for all of you defenders. As a token of our appreciation — and in celebration of our upcoming Xbox release — below are downloadable mobile wallpapers of our four original Etherian heroes. Feel free to download your favorites or all of them, it’s our gift to you. Just be sure to let us know which hero you choose to feature on your phone first!

    Apprentice Wallpaper


    Squire Wallpaper


    Monk Wallpaper


    Huntress Wallpaper



    **Bonus question for all of you die-hard DDA defenders - do you know in which map you can find these stained-glass beauties?

    Social Defenders

    If you liked these wallpapers, there’s more where those came from! Be on the lookout for more giveaways and FREE goodies over the next two weeks and make sure to follow us on our social platforms to learn about them first.

    For Etheria!
    Chromatic Games

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