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  1. Defenders!

    I can’t believe we’ve reached $350,000 and that we’re still climbing! We’re super grateful for all the support we’ve received so far, and we can’t wait to keep building this game.

    This is the last chance for everyone to back the Kickstarter so I just wanted to remind people what the perks are so you can spread the word!

    Being a Kickstarter backer comes with a lot of exclusive perks, but all our Backers get access to additional add-on products after the campaign ends on BackerKit. That means that if you’re a Backer, you can purchase additional T-Shirts, postcards, copies of the game, and more for the lowest price.

    Now I want to talk about the game!

    As you may have noticed, we’ve hit several of our FLEX goals and I hope we hit more! So I wanted to briefly talk about the ones we have hit, and even some that we haven’t yet.

    Localization Support

    This one is pretty simple, we want to offer the game in more languages, so we’re going to offer it in more languages! Huzzah!

    New Challenge Maps

    Challenges are coming back! In DD1 we called them Challenges, in DD2 they were Incursions, but in DDA they’ll be pure awesome. We’ll be bringing back some of the classic Challenge Maps, but this stretch goal is even more! With some of the new content that’s going to be in DDA, these will be accompanying custom Challenge Map versions with their own sets of rewards. We plan to have sick loot that comes from conquering these, so get your Stashes ready!

    For this next one, I’m going to let our Lead Designer, Mark Telfer talk a bit about “Massacre” Difficulty.

    Massacre Difficulty

    Hey Defenders!

    We just blew past another flex goal, and that means even more opportunities for us to create new and exciting content. Being the masochists that you are, you’ve decided to bring Massacre Difficulty into this world. Allow me to titillate your masochism with the doom you’ve brought upon yourselves. Massacre will be an intense challenge that will test the formidability of even the most seasoned defenders. This isn’t just going to be the same enemy schedules with some stat buffs slapped on. The enemies you’re going to face present brand new challenges that require some serious strategy and legendary skill. You thought Nightmare was hard? Pfft… Good luck!

    Mark Telfer
    Lead Designer

    New Enemy and Map

    This is an additional enemy and map threat that will be presented after the end of the campaign and at the end of the current progression. This will be one of the new hardest maps to beat, and a challenging enemy threat to accompany it.

    Customizable Tavern

    I want to clear things up that we still plan to have similar levels of tavern customization to DD1 in DDA. This stretch goal was to have even more control over where your trophies go, adding decorations, and really having additional customization options within your personal tavern. This stretch goal was for the extra of the EXTRA! Let’s HIT IT!

    Bonus Boss Fights

    We have a lot of awesome boss fights that we want to add into DD:A and you’ll be getting some of them with the base product, we just wanted to add more! This goal was for that! We still might add more as we continue to develop DLC’s or patches and content, but this was to get more at launch.

    I hope that helps give a little more context about the FLEX goals we’re trying to hit, and some more details about the game we’re trying to build.

    Let’s close out this Kickstarter with a BANG and get every awesome bit of content and features into Dungeon Defenders: Awakened!

    Thanks again for your support, from all of us at Chromatic Games.

    Colin “Elandrian” Fisher
    Creative Director

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