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  • [CG] Philip

    Episode 2 Patch 1 Release live on Steam, Xbox and PlayStation!

    By [CG] Philip

    DEFENDERS, The long awaited Episode 2 Part 1 update has finally arrived! This update features a ton of new features and content such as The Summoner, Runes, Trading, New Defense Changes, 2 New Maps and more! Get ready as this is gonna be a long post! This update is currently out on PC Steam, Xbox and PlayStation! Unfortunately Switch will lag behind quite a bit until a later date.   The Outcast Summoner The Outcast Summoner, One of the most iconic heroes joins the battl
  • [CG] Andrew

    CM Andrew's Last Day

    By [CG] Andrew

    DEFENDERS, Hey all! I’m not really one for long, drawn-out, goodbyes so I’ll do my best to keep this short. I have recently accepted a position at another gaming company, and today is my last day at Chromatic Games. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your community with open arms almost a year ago. I have truly enjoyed my time here getting to know everyone, and doing my best to help in any way that I could make sure your voices were heard. I understand the timing here isn't great, espe
  • [CG] Andrew

    DDA Pre-Episode 2 Patch Preview

    By [CG] Andrew

    DEFENDERS, Recently we conducted a survey to gauge community perception regarding some of the potential upcoming changes in our first DDA Pre-Episode 2 patch. After going over your feedback, we have decided on several changes that we will be making in our next update that you can test in the upcoming PTR. Traditionally, we tend to speak more generally about theses changes, but today we wanted to champion some of the more specific feedback you have provided through our various channels!
  • [CG] Andrew

    DDA Pre-Episode 2 Patch 1 PTR

    By [CG] Andrew

    DEFENDERS, The Pre-Episode 2 Patch 1 PTR is now live, and we need help from our Defenders to test out these upcoming changes! As mentioned in the Preview notes, this PTR will be focused on the implementation of a handful of new features, continuing to improve the overall quality of life in DDA, and fine tuning some of the balance on defenses!   How to Join Are you excited to check out these changes early? Do you like giving your opinion in a meaningful way? Do you want an exc
  • [CG] Andrew

    DD2 Shifting Sands Update

    By [CG] Andrew

    DEFENDERS, Do you like new maps? Do you like some of your heroes getting some significant updates? If so, then we have the patch for you! In this update, we are bringing Tornado Valley to DD2 along with a bunch of new and updated abilities for the Initiate, Adept, Mystic, Series EV2, and Lavamancer. Let’s get into it.  New Region - Tornado Valley Fans of other Dungeons Defenders games will instantly recognize our newest DD2 region: Tornado Valley. This region will have 2 new maps, a

Our community blogs

  1. Defenders,

    This update is available on Steam! Consoles are in the process of going through certification and will be released once finished. This update contains King’s Game, a recreation of the DD1 map, Player Titles and an overhaul to how special enemies spawn in the wave.


    While this update is a on the smaller side, our goal is to continue to break up large chunk updates into more bitesize updates that constantly improve player experience instead of having long periods between updates.

    New Map - King's Game


    This was a very popular DD1 map and has been highly requested to return to DDA. We’ve brought back the Dice pet as a map's pet reward. This pet will offer a lot of similar features to the original but with some slight changes to fit DDA’s design.


    We've seen feedback from players about bringing back some of the weapons from Kings Game and this is something we will continue to investigate, as well as potentially look into some new runes to populate the map rewards a bit more. 

    Player Titles


    Player Titles were a reward offered during our Kickstarter, BackerKit and Xsolla pre-order days. Adding this will allow players to display a title below their nameplate for other players to see when playing in multiplayer. We will be looking into distributing the special player titles in the near future, and will let players know once those have started going out.

    There are also a handful of player titles that are tied to achievements. That way if you didn’t get any of those rewards you will still be able to have access to titles. 

    New Schedule System

    A new schedule system to help evenly spread-out the special enemies throughout the wave, without the many flaws of the current system causing enemies to come out too quickly or delay the wave waiting to spawn. This should help with the issue players were seeing with having to wait for ogres or sirens at the end of the wave to spawn.

    Balance & Changes

    • Guardian
      • Owl Perch
        • Disabled attack rate overflow which was causing damage values to go higher than intended as the Owl Perch doesn't have a traditional attack rate and more of a reset time.
    • Fixed issue with Texture Streaming setting not enabling properly, this should hopefully help with some of the textures not loading properly.
      • This will be a monitored changed for any issues that may arise.
    • Fixed issue with Holy Cannon rune killing Rift Portals.
    • Giraffe now gives 20% Cast Rate.
    • Mista Mine now gives 30% Cast Rate.

    Tavern Storage (Postponed)

    While Tavern Storage was one of the features we had hoped to include in the update, during the PTR there were a couple of reported issues that needed more time to be investigated and as such we’ll be giving this feature a little more time to cook as we look into those. That said we are hopeful it shouldn’t be too far behind and our goal is to get it in the game when possible.

    What’s Next?

    We’ll be working on investigating the remaining issues with Tavern Storage and look at releasing that once ready. After that we’ll be continuing to make progress on our road map features. The goal being to release another smaller update hopefully by the end of June.

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