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  • [CG] Brittani

    The Lycan's Keep Update is Live for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

    By [CG] Brittani

    DEFENDERS, It’s finally here! The Lycan’s Keep Update is live on PC/Steam and Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch (as of August 24th, 2021). We’ve been testing, revising, retesting, and re-revising this update for a couple of months. Now, we can’t wait for all Defenders to experience the big (and small) changes to Etheria. We don’t want to keep you in the intro too long, so get scrolling! Read about all the goodies (and new baddies) included in The Lycan’s Keep Update.

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  1. [CG] Brittani
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    By [CG] Brittani,


    It’s Brittani, following up with some news we announced on the stream today. It’s true - today was my last stream and next week will be my last week at CG. But don’t worry! I’m not leaving you all empty handed. A new CM will be here before you know it (he’s already part of the team, we’re just training him up currently :classic_wink:)...

    Thank you for welcoming me into the community, getting to know me, and making sure to always hit me with the tough questions :classic_tongue: Some of you know me as “Doc” because of my background as a college professor. I’ve decided to go back into the classroom after my time with CG comes to an end. I’m excited to use my experiences from my time here and with you all to liven up my lessons! My official last day as the Community Manager for Chromatic will be Thursday, September 30. Please feel free to keep in touch if you’re into that kind of thing. (And if I get around to accepting those Discord friend requests…)

    For Etheria!
    Chromatic Games

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